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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 19, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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police in columbus, ohio, rescued a woman trapped in a car that police in columbus, ohio rescued a woman trapped in a car that skidded into a creek. the honda minivan went off a rainy freeway sunday morning and came down on the driver's side door. officers kept that woman calm until fire crews could get her out. she is expected to be okay. eight people in northern florida have been charged in a dogfighting conspiracy ring. >> federal prosecutors released aircraft surveillance video showing what they say is a dogfight in progress. they claim the dogfighting operation involved about 100 dogs. most of them have been recovered and are being cared for. suspects face up to five years in prison. so turning now to the west coast and the high-profile trial in san diego of a decorated navy s.e.a.l. charged with war crimes. >> special operations chief edward gallagher is accused of killing a teenage isis prisoner
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who was under his care in iraq. >> reporter: chief eddie gallagher walked into court hand in hand with his wife. he's charged with stabbing and killing a wounded isis fighter in may of 2017 during the battle of mosul. investigators say he celebrated after the murder, sending a picture to his platoon members with a caption that read "i got him with my hunting knife." he faces two attempted murder charged in the shootings of a noncombatant elderly man and a young girl in mosul. prosecutors say gallagher threatened to kill s.e.a.l. members who reported him. gallagher's lawyers call it a sham investigation saying there was no murder. gallagher faces life in prison if convicted. the trial is expected to last two to three weeks. he has pleaded not guilty on all counts. for abc new respect i'm vanessa van hefty in san diego. a personal injury attorney became his own client after a shark bit him during a morning swim.
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>> gene brooks, seen holding a land shark beer, said he felt the teeth sink into his arm sunday morning in georgia's wilmington river. brooks thinks it didn't do more damage because he's too bony. his words. he said he's taken the shark bites lawyer jokes from his friends in stride. >> oh my goodness, that picture, that shoulder, bit into it, imagine those teeth. my goodness. the shark attacks. >> the fact that he's obviously taking this a little -- with some humor there. it's nice. >> how to get through things. was that what you would do, just laugh it off? >> i would not laugh it off. >> you don't want to talk about it. >> uh-uh. >> don't show that picture of me with that land shark either, not funny. >> i don't want to be on the news! >> it's not funny. >> don't put me on "world news now" talking about my shark bite! >> i won't talk about it. >> we've been talking about shark bites. coming up, another shark encounter. >> we have the amazing story of survival from a teen attacked by
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a shark. why she's now being called the definition of hope and courage. that's next.
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♪ i got the eye of the tiger a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ because i am a champion and you're going to hear me roar ♪ and this morning we're hearing the roar of triumph from a teenager who fought off a off e asoforth carolina. >> 17-year-old paige winter sat down exclusively with abc's robin roberts to share her amazing story of survival. >> reporter: june 2nd was like any other day at the beach. >> we were all chilling. we were hanging out. we were making jokes. >> reporter: paige winter was swimming in the ocean laughing with her family and friends, just off the coast of north carolina, when the unthinkable happened. >> she's in bad shape. i mean, her leg is almost gone. >> how far away from shore were you? >> the deepest i got was like waist deep. and then i got pulled under water. sometimes you go to the beach with your family and they grab your leg under water as a joke.
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i was like, ha ha. really funny. ow. >> reporter: the terrifying realization. she was being attacked by a shark. its jaws clamping down on her, pulling her under. >> so then i like look up and i look around and i'm like, all of my family is still above the water right now. so then i start struggling and i'm like pushing with this foot away, and i like start feeling around, and i like feel it. >> reporter: the 17-year-old tries to fight it off. the struggle overwhelming. >> i like reach down under water and i try to like pry it off of me. and then i remember giving up for a second and i just started like laying there. and then my dad pulls me out of the water. >> reporter: paige's dad charlie is a firefighter and paramedic. >> i was like, dad, please help me. >> i heard, charlie, shark, get her. i turn around and that was it, she was under the water. >> under the water? >> under the water. >> and i think he's like, get off of her. at one point his energy like dropped. he's like, i can't, like i
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can't, man. and i was like, yes, you can, please help me. >> what did you do? >> you could tell where she was because you could see pink on the water. i dove in and i grabbed her. >> you saw the shark? >> oh, yeah. >> what did you do? >> after i pulled her up, you could see the shark come up right with her. he was staring at me sideways, just the biggest, blackest eye piercing -- just -- there's no negotiating with it. >> reporter: he remembers punching the shark as hard as he could, fighting it off, then carrying paige to shore. >> i was really aware, considering what happened. i never lost consciousness. >> reporter: the shark ravaged her hands. her left leg mangled and later amputated below the knee. now facing months of plastic surgery and physical therapy, paige's doctors cannot get over her positive attitude. >> i'm very happy that i was the one who got bit. i hate thinking about it, right? if it was my dad, i would not
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have been able to help. he would have died. he said that he -- i was talking to him about it. he's like, i would have been okay with dying, paige, i would just rather you get out of the water. and that was so tough to hear. because i love my dad. >> reporter: charlie too is still grappling with how close he came to losing his daughter. >> i was scared. i thought -- i thought she was -- i -- i thought i was -- i had moments left, that's all i thought i had. one of the reasons i thought it is because of how completely calm she was. not -- this is -- i remember thinking, this isn't good. this isn't right. i'm a dad. a dad. and i just wanted to take the moment in and hold her hand and tell her i loved her. over and over. because if you weren't going to be around for another five minutes, i wanted the last thing that you knew is how much i love you. >> what has been the most difficult time? >> it's tough. i'm 17, you know.
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being stuck in a hospital bed all day, not really able to do all the things that i used to do, not having a leg. it's really tough not to be able to help yourself feel better. i'm going to be okay. i'm going to do all that stuff again. they're going to fit me for a prosthetic. i'm still -- i'm still paigey. just a little different. got some pieces of the puzzle missing. that's okay. >> the shark didn't touch your spirit. >> it did not. >> still paigey, just a couple of pieces of the puzzle missing. she is incredibly optimistic. what she endured and her dad. the love of a parent, like to punch a shark. >> yep. >> and just be thinking, i want to tell my kid i love her as much as i can. >> the family, she's extraordinary, and we've been talking about these shark attacks. talking about the waters are warmer, coming closer to shore. shark attacks are still very
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uncommon and nearly a 1 in 4 million chance of getting attacked by a shark. but some big tips. always swim in a group. don't wander too far offshore. avoid the water at night, dawn, or dusk. don't go in the water if bleeding.
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♪ it is time for "weird science" on this wednesday morning. and we're starting with the study about women who live with plants. >> ah. >> yes, we're not talking about the women with a whole bunch of cats. they are great too. if you have a whole bunch of plants this study says that you live longer, happier lives. it was conducted over eight years of more than 100,000 women and increased mental health made up one-third of the benefits women experience from living around plants, in gardens, also lower mortality rate. >> do they still have families to drive them nuts as well? that's what i need to know. >> you're right. >> you tend to these plants,
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keep them alive, you're sharing the oxygen with them in the house. >> yeah. >> you talk to them to keep them alive as well. >> you know, that's probably true. if you've got a whole family and stuff, you're probably like, great, i have something else i have to feed and take care of. speaking of staying alive, have you ever wondered what happens to goldie the goldfish when you flush it down the toilet? >> don't they say the more space you give them, the bigger they grow? >> take a look at this guy right here, whoa! >> whoa. >> that is a big 14-inch goldfish caught near a treatment plant in the niagara river. new york state nonprofit pleading with the public not to flush their unwanted pets. apparently goldfish can survive year round in the watershed and can destroy the habitat of native fish. >> so what do they say you should do? should we ask p.e.t.a.? >> just swallow it. i think i saw that, somebody swallowed a goldfish for some reason, i can't remember. not time to think about it right now.
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>> hope it wasn't on this show. >> well, yeah, we have eaten a lot of things. >> kranch. how about this time lapse here captured of a microburst. >> oh! >> rolling across the sky above calgary, canada. you may think it's a tornado but it's not. >> yeah. >> microbursts happen when a thunderstorm begins to suspend water droplets and hail in its updraft. >> oh, bill nye the science guy. >> that's a big updraft right there. >> that's a pretty picture. but i would be scared. >> winds up to 100 miles per hour. >> yikes. >> a pretty sight, though. >> yowza. that's great. >> it's one way to get rid of the goldfish, though. >> yeah, you're right. a twin, poor little baby, he is confused because his mama is a twin. >> uh-huh. wait, wait, wait, wait -- >> are you my mother? >> wait, no -- >> wait. >> i've seen this before. >> are you my mother? he finally settled. but that wasn't his mama.
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>> he's like, that's not -- you're confused. but it's so cute, though. >> poor kid. >> you know what, he needs a denny's commercial as well.
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now," president trump's official campaign kickoff. >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term. >> it's a campaign that never really ended. what the president's focusing on now. fallout in phoenix. hundreds of people waited in line for a community meeting over a viral police encounter. what's next for this city on edge. also this morning, demanding answers. family members of people who suddenly died in the dominican republic want to know what went wrong. this as we hear from people sharing their scary stories of serious illness on the island. plus times square is getting ready for one of the biggest death-defying stunts ever.
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nik wallenda will walk on a high wire 25 stories above the ground. we're there live on this wednesday, june 19th. whoo, i'm scared of heights there, i can't do it. can't do it. >> not on a high wire. >> no, not at all. >> we'll be looking forward to that. >> you got an interesting history when it comes to nik wallenda and this show. >> i do, i do. >> can't wait to talk about that. not yet, not yet. we do begin this half hour with president trump kicking off his new campaign with the help of his old playbook. >> the president aired a list of familiar grievances at a massive rally in orlando, railing against the russia investigation, the news media, and hillary clinton, prompting chants of "lock her up." he addressed the crowd of 20,000 for nearly an hour and a half and ticked off his accomplishments, but offered no detailed vision for a second term. abc's jonathan karl was there. >> reporter: before thousands of
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cheering supporters, president trump formally launched his re-election campaign. >> we accomplished more than any other president has in the first two and a half years of a presidency. and under circumstances that no president has had to deal with before. nobody's done what we have done in two and a half years. >> reporter: it looks more like a movement than a campaign. >> whoo, trump! >> reporter: by the rainy afternoon, the line was extending as far as the eye could see. >> america first! >> reporter: before taking off for florida, the president took to twitter with a message aimed directly at his diehard supporters. saying, next week i.c.e. will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens. it's unclear what the president is talking about. a senior administration official told abc news the deportations described by the president are, quote, not imminent. >> immigration officials say they don't know anything about a planned roundup of millions of people -- >> they know, they know. and they're going to start next week.
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>> reporter: despite the hardline rhetoric on immigration, the president's signature campaign promise -- >> who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> reporter: -- remains unfulfilled. >> what about the wall? disappointed that's not built yet? >> no. i mean, it's getting built. i mean, if the dems would just knock it off, we would have the wall by now. >> reporter: his supporters here are still very much with him. >> as long as you keep this team in place, we have a tremendous way to go. our future has never, ever looked brighter or sharper. >> our thanks to jon karl. the president rattled off a number of things that sounded just like 2016. as mentioned, hillary clinton there, the russia investigation, and then the crowds were massive there in central florida. >> absolutely. and central florida along with the rest of the state will be important to president trump as he looks to be re-elected for a second term. we know he won that state back
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in 2016. but some recent polls showing that it may be more challenging this time around. >> the i-4 corridor that goes through central florida, they sometimes call that the swingiest part of the swing state. >> swingiest. >> yep, so the president now in miami where he is spending the night. back in washington, former white house communications director hope hicks is set to testify behind closed doors today before the house judiciary committee. but president trump has directed hicks not to answer questions related to her time as his senior adviser, citing executive privilege. hicks was one of the president's most trusted aides and her name is frequently mentioned in the mueller report. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan unexpectedly withdrew from the confirmation process amid reports of a volatile family history. back in 2010, shanahan and his then wife reportedly accused each other of domestic violence. he had a bloody nose and she was arrested. a year later their 17-year-old son was arrested accused of attacking his mother with a baseball bat. shanahan said he's stepping down
3:05 am
because he didn't want his children to relive a traumatic chapter in their lives. emotions ran high in phoenix at a community meeting about the controversial police response to the reported shoplifting incident. >> the couple involved attended the event at a church. they filed a lawsuit against the city alleging civil rights violations. >> the mayor said she's sick about the incident. she also announced police would outfit nearly all officers with cameras by the end of the summer. the hundreds of people in attendance cheered as speakers criticized police and their tactics. earlier authorities released new video they claim backs up their version of events. adrienne bankert reports. >> you better [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: just days after this controversial encounter with officers sparked outrage, phoenix police are releasing video from inside the store where they say a family was shoplifting moments before officers drew their guns. the video allegedly shows dravon ames taking merchandise without paying. he and their 4-year-old daughter talks to another woman who abruptly leaves. the 4-year-old walks out with a
3:06 am
large doll. >> we paid for the things we was getting and we left. >> reporter: but that video appears to show no one paying for anything. >> i can't put my hands up! >> reporter: minutes later officers stopped harper, who is pregnant, ames, and their two children, at gunpoint. >> when i tell you to do something you [ bleep ] do it! >> i am. >> i'm replaying those images of a barrel in my face over and over. >> reporter: the couple tells us their kids are traumatized. >> she's been having nightmares and like wetting the bed. she hasn't done that. >> reporter: the mayor and police chief have apologized. the couple says that nothing justifies how they were treated. the investigation is ongoing and those officers involved are on desk duty, though the couple wants them fired. adrienne bankert, abc news, phoenix, arizona. >> our thanks to adrienne. two cargo ship crew members are in custody in philadelphia in connection with one of the biggest drug busts in u.s. history. >> authorities seized more than 16 tons of cocaine from the ship. they say its value on the street
3:07 am
could be more than $1 billion. court papers allege that crew members helped load the cocaine onto the ship while it was off the coast of south america. an update on david ortiz's road to recovery. the red sox legend's condition has been upgraded to good by his doctors in boston. big papi remains in the intensive care unit of massachusetts general hospital. and police in the dominican republic have arrested an 11th person in connection with the shooting of ortiz. the man is accused of renting one of the cars used in the attack june 9th at a bar in santo domingo. ten other suspects are already in custody. prosecutors are expected to release new details in that case today. california's major utility is agreeing to pay $1 billion to towns and counties ravaged by wildfires. more than half the settlement is related to last november's camp fire, the deadliest in state history. a fire agency report last month said that pacific gas and electric's equipment caused that blaze. the settlement does not affect the billions of dollars sought in private lawsuits.
3:08 am
san francisco is getting closer to banning the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes. the city's board of supervisors endorsed the restriction unanimously. the ban may end up as a ballot issue in november. now to the weather. heavy rains continue to leave millions bracing for possible flooding. >> looking at the radar, flash floods are possible from tennessee up into southern new york. the same is true for texas north into nebraska. mother nature put on a show in west texas. storm chasers capture lightning bolts piercing the skies over abilene. accuweather's paul williams has more. >> good morning kenneth, janai. let's start off with thunderstorms erupting once again in texas, covering dallas, oklahoma, arkansas, missouri, the tennessee valley region, right into the ohio valley region with a mixture of showers and thunderstorms, and we're watching out for isolated thunderstorms throughout the dakotas going into eastern portions of montana. but severe storms will target dallas, little rock, springfield, missouri, nashville, st. louis, all the way up towards indianapolis with the possibility of 70-mile-per-hour gusts and large
3:09 am
hail. kenneth, janai? >> our thanks to paul there watching that weather system. a new poll may make you want to take a deep breath. and hold it for a while. >> but breathe. the survey by finds nearly 40% of 18 to 24-year-olds don't use deodorant. the numbers improve slightly with age. about 30% of 25 to 34-year-olds go without. that's about a third. apparently it's not that they don't believe in personal hygiene because their shower rates match most of society. they just don't think they need deodorant. you know when those people walk by you outside and you're just like, oh, you don't smell that? i smell it but you don't smell it? you can't smell you? >> okay, so i'm all for people doing whatever they want to do, as long as it doesn't invade my nostrils. >> that's fair. >> just don't get all up in these nostrils here. >> let's take a moment to talk about natural deodorants.
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that's something we experiment with in our home. >> you should try them. >> about what you're putting in your body, deodorant, other things that it could affect or cause. but natural deodorant doesn't always work. >> they don't. >> no. >> so keep trying. no, they don't, so keep trying, try other things. >> you want to get the toxins out of your body, you have to sweat them out before natural deodorant works. >> there's that debate about using certain deodorants starting at a young age, it cuts off your ducts, right? >> it cuts of your ducts. >> then it just -- you're not able to produce what's naturally the chemical natural blah, blah, blah. >> yeah. >> it's weird science already here. >> right. and on that note i'm just hoping that kenneth starts to wear some deodorant. >> whose armpits are exposed at all times over here? these are covered up. what about these? they're out. like michelle obama's arms. the highest-paid athlete of all-time, can you guess who it
3:11 am
might be? plus counting down to the high-wire stunts performed in times square. first the latest death of a tourist in the dominican republic. what we're finding out this morning. f a tourist in the dominican republic. what we're finding out this morning.
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a los angeles police officer survived after this spectacular crash with an suv. the impact sent the officer cartwheeling into a street in van nuys. the crash happened friday. the officer is still recovering from multiple broken bones. the woman driving the suv was treated and released. no word on who was at fault. we're learning new details this morning about the latest death of an american tourist in the dominican republic. >> the 55-year-old dad from new jersey was found dead in his hotel room after telling friends he wasn't feeling well. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: another american family is demanding answers after yet another death in the dominican republic. 55-year-old joseph allen, a father from new jersey, found dead in his hotel room this past thursday. his sister tells abc news that her brother was for the most part healthy. allen is at least the ninth american tourist to die in the dominican republic in the last 12 months at different resorts across the island.
3:15 am
the family of laila cox, a 53-year-old radiologist from new york, is also asking questions. >> nobody can give me a solid answer on how she passed away. everything is being misdirected and mis-skewed. i get new information every single day. >> reporter: it was just two weeks ago when nathaniel holms and cynthia day, seen here kayaking on the island, were both found dead in a d.r. resort. autopsies performed on the island said they died of respiratory failure and pulmonary edema. the husband of miranda warner says she died after drinking from a mini bar in her hotel room. officials in the d.r. say there are 2.7 million american visitors there every year and deaths are very rare. they remain resolute saying at this time there is no evidence that suggests the deaths are connected. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to linsey. as linsey was saying, the state department agrees with that telling abc news it has not seen an increase in the number of american deaths in the dominican republic. >> but a father and son from the detroit area say they've been seriously ill since their visit
3:16 am
there in april. they went for a senior class trip and were aware of the warnings about drinking the water, and they also knew other tourists had become sick and died in the dominican republic. >> i had heard about it, my parents warned me about it, don't drink the water, don't do anything like that. i continued to drink the water. oh, i'm not going to be affected, i've gone to mexico twice where the water has the same issue. >> both men thought their high-end resort was using a water filtration system. the father says he's been diagnosed with e. coli. the teen has not received a diagnosis just yet. coming up, the heart-stopping scene off the east coast. one group of fishermen, look at this, getting up close and personal with a great white shark. but first the stunt set to take place this weekend on live tv. we're live in times square next on "world news now." ws now." and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology. skin is petal smooth.
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♪ i'm up on a tight wire thinking about life and the funeral pyre ♪ ♪ putting on a show for you to
3:19 am
see ♪ a dramatic walk across the tight wire is set to take place this weekend high of new york city's most popular tourist destinations. >> we decided to send will ganss to try it right now in times square. will, are you on that tightrope? no? >> i tried, i couldn't reach it, you know. business as usual is going on this morning here in times square. you've got the cab racing down broadway. the neon signs. the broadway lights all around us. except this morning there is one thing that is a little different. look 250 feet above my head right now. i don't know if you can see that tiny, tiny wire stretching all the way down broadway as america gets ready for nik wallenda's next death-defying stunt. a wire just three-quarters of an inch thick, 25 stories above times square, stretching over five new york city blocks. it's nik wallenda's latest high-flying and death-defying tightrope walk.
3:20 am
he's crossed niagara falls and the grand canyon with no safety harness. >> winds are way worse than i expected. >> reporter: but now nik and sister leanna set to walk a 1,500 foot tightrope. this time in the heart of manhattan. nik on hand as 100 riggers and two cranes shut down times square to set up the high wire. >> it was definitely probably the most difficult rig i've ever had to do just because of all the pedestrians underneath and the obstacles of the city. >> reporter: this latest stunt coming only two years after this. nik's family, the flying wallendas, crashing 30 feet to the ground during a practice in florida. leanna suffering severe injuries to her face, not getting back up on the wire until now. putting her life on the line literally, along with nik, on live tv this sunday night. but where's that inspiration coming from? >> you know, it is -- it's just life. my great grandfather said, life
3:21 am
is on the wire, everything else is just waiting. for us it's true. >> reporter: waiting and practicing four to five hours a day at a facility down in florida, ready to tackle one more death-defying feat 250 feet above times square. that's right, guys. so thi after nik'igh wire in puerto rico. so nik and leanna saying that this tribute, this will be honoring their great grandfather once they complete this death-defying feat come sunday night. kenneth, janai? >> wow. >> yeah. well, and you know, nik wallenda's been doing this a long time. i saw him just over four years ago, april 2015. >> what? >> he was walking the orlando eye. >> you were there covering it? >> i was there reporting it, wftv did a story on it. and look at that. oh, straight hair. >> the orlando eye. where are the curls? >> the curls hadn't been freed
3:22 am
yet. "america this morning" actually ran that piece while t.j. was here. and be sure to catch the two-hour high wire live in times square sunday, 8:00 p.m., right here. re. and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? $9.95 a month for you too. if you're age 50 to 85, call now about the #1 most popular
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it works below the gum line and is clinically proven to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. gum detoxify, from crest. gums are good. so is my check up! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ time for "the mix" on this hump day. made it to the middle of the week, how about that. so highest-paid athletes. go. >> um -- lionel messi. >> yes, that's right. lionel messi. we actually reported this last week, right? that $127 million in the past 12 months. but apparently he's not the highest-paid athlete ever. that honor goes to a roman charioteer. >> oh. way, way back. >> b.c. time or something. the highest-paid athlete is a man by the name of gaius appuleius diocles, a chariot
3:26 am
racer in rome who apparently made $35 million in their monetary whatever form. >> whatever their monetary form is. >> it comes out today to $15 billion. he won -- >> were they paid in salt? thinking of the history books. >> his worth in salt there. he apparently won 1,400 races. >> well, then he deserved all that salt. >> the 4,200 four-horse races he competed in over a 24-year career. >> he earned his salt worth. sticking with sports, max scherzer is having a real tough week. you guys, this is hard to watch. bunting during practice, look at that ricocheted -- i can't even watch it. >> off the face! >> he broke his nose. oh! and you can see how much pain he was in, my goodness. he was -- he was due to start tonight. >> oh, oh! >> that's not good.
3:27 am
>> you know what's happening right now? i hear your reaction but i have chosen not to look at the screen. >> because what, because you know it's just -- >> because i'm squeamish. i just can't do it. >> that's hard to watch, poor guy. >> from that player to this tennis player who lost his racquet, but he starts with an impressive soccer tennis rally here. in the second set of his match against -- who is this person? >> kept going. okay. >> this is benoit pare. he lost control of his racquet -- >> is this legal? >> was left with no way to hit a return. instead of letting the ball drop he kicked it back over the net, sparking an amazing soccer tennis rally between the two players. just using his -- >> look, ma, no hands. >> it's tennis, not soccer. >> impressive athleticism nonetheless. >> i agree with that, jack.
3:28 am
>> but is it legal? >> but is it? how about this? something jack knows about, running marathons. but in colorado not all the runners are human. when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because...
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i stand before you to i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term. this morning on "world news now," campaign kickoff. president trump has officially launched his 2020 re-election bid in a key battleground state. we'll take you inside the orlando rally. also this morning the surprise announcement from the pentagon. acting secretary of defense withdrawing from the process to take the job permanently. hear what the president told him. new this half hour, oh baby. >> a mother of four had undergone a permanent birth control procedure, but she still got pregnant. the details about her surprising birth now being called miraculous. caught on camera, some fishermen getting this close to a great white. hear the once in a lifetime
3:31 am
experience from the two men themselves on this wednesday, june 19th. good morning, everyone. we're laughing because i said that i felt like -- let's tell them why we're laughing. >> that headline that we were just reading? >> oh, baby. it was about a baby. it should have been like, oh, baby. i'm like, oh, baby! i'm not sure what that second part was about. >> oh, baby! >> i think you got a little bit tmi about what happens with me on the -- will ganss, sorry. >> cancel the show. >> cancel it, we're done. how about we move on? the official launch of president trump's re-election bid sounding a lot like 2016 as he revved up a raucous crowd. >> the president is spending the night at his resort near miami after airing his grievances at a huge rally in orlando.
3:32 am
20,000 people filled the arena while those who couldn't get in watched the president's speech on screens set up outside. >> he mocked democrats and took aim at the media, the mueller report, and hillary clinton. abc's marci gonzalez was there. >> reporter: thousands of enthusiastic supporters packing this arena in downtown orlando.i can tell you. >> reporter: to hear these words from president donald trump. >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term. >> reporter: after an introduction by vice president mike pence -- >> it's on, everybody. time for round two. >> reporter: -- and first lady melania trump. >> he truly loves this country. >> reporter: the president sharing his 2020 campaign slogan. >> we're going to keep making america great again. and then we will indeed keep america great. >> reporter: and rallying against the media, the mueller report, and democrats. some who are vying to run against him -- >> crazy bernie sanders,
3:33 am
socialist government takeover. >> reporter: also still focusing on his 2016 rival -- >> lock her up, lock her up! e passheter: -- hillary clinton. hiary and her aides, deleted and acid washed 33,000 emails -- >> reporter: the president narrowly beat her in this key battleground state where he spent this evening touting his record -- >> the unemployment rate is the lowest rate it's been in over 51 years. >> reporter: -- and repeating a promise that's become a rallying cry -- >> build that wall! >> -- for his supporters. >> we are building the wall. we're going to have over 400 miles of wall built by the end of next year. >> reporter: and next up in the 2020 race, 20 democrats running for their party's nomination. we'll have their first debates next week south of here in miami. kenneth and janai, back to you. now to the surprise announcement from the acting defense secretary, patrick shanahan, abruptly removing himself from consideration to
3:34 am
take the job permanently. >> shanahan is disclosing a history of domestic violence around the time of his divorce nearly a decade ago. as we hear from martha raddatz, this is sparking new questions about the trump administration's vetting process. >> reporter: acting defense secretary patrick shanahan delivered the stunning and unexpected news to the president in the oval office this morning. he would be withdrawing his name from the confirmation process. although the president did offer to defend him. >> he is a terrific person, and it's a difficult time for pat. but he's going to take a little time off for family service and for working -- working things out. >> reporter: and it is his family that is at the center of shanahan's resignation. the acting secretary saying in a statement, i believe my continuing in the confirmation process would force my three children to relive a traumatic chapter in our family's life and
3:35 am
reopen wounds we have worked years to heal. a traumatic chapter involving charges of domestic violence less than ten years ago. "the washington post" reports police were called to the shanahan house to find him with a bloody nose. both shanahan and his then wife kimberly accusing each other of physical violence. police only arrested shanahan's wife. he later dropped the charges. >> i'd like to acknowledge my three children who have accompanied me here today. >> reporter: in 2011, an even more alarming incident involving his then 17-year-old son, will, in a violent altercation with his mother. abc news obtaining the arrest report which described will grabbing a baseball bat and striking the back of her head. police say she attempted to defend herself by firing his air gun pellets at him. the incident left her
3:36 am
unconscious on the floor with a bloody head wound, fractured elbow, and fractured skull. the president facing questions about when he knew about these incidents and why they didn't come out in the vetting process for the acting defense secretary. the white house naming a new nominee, the widely respected army secretary, mark esper, who will need senate confirmation. of course this comes at a time of escalating tension with iran. patrick shanahan just approved 1,000 more troops yesterday to the region. but the president tried to assure everyone about the situation in iran saying the administration is very well set. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> a number of top positions there in the pentagon now either in limbo or vacant. so our thanks again to martha raddatz for that reporting. administration officials say they were not aware of president trump's latest plan to crack down on illegal immigration. >> the president tweeted immigration officials would begin the process of removing millions of undocumented immigrants next week.
3:37 am
but a senior official tells abc news that the deportations described by the president are not imminent and hom such an operation. meanwhile the president is praising mexico for doing a good job now that its national guard troops are patrolling the border with guatemala. boeing has signed its first deal for new 737 max jets since the planes were grounded. the parent company of british airways says it intends to buy 200 of the max airliners for about $24 billion. the planes haven't flown since march following two crashes which killed nearly 350 people. problems with the flight control system were linked to both incidents. boeing is still working on a software fix. >> today on capitol hill, retired pilot sully sullenberger will testify to congress about the 737 max. active pilots, flight attendants, and airline representatives will also appear. prosecutors here in new york say an alleged mob hit last fall was a family affair. ttola wacull wleodlvester
3:38 am
murder conspiracy charges. he's accused of providing information about his dad's location to facilitate the hit. no motive has been given. some of the nation's largest cities are suffering from the biggest cases of worker burnout. >> a survey by the robert half temp agency found the burnout leaders are l.a. and orange counties in southern california. half the workers say they're pretty much fried. >> detroit, chicago, phoenix, and new york round out the top five. the world health organization defines job burnout as exhaustion, cynicism about work, and trouble doing your job successfully. >> so high cost of living, long commutes are contributing factors. long commutes, that's got to be why l.a. ranked top on that list. >> right. the long commute to get to the beach. >> right, right. >> right? >> to get to the mountains, all those fun things. >> taking the 405 to the 10 to the --
3:39 am
>> uh-huh. meanwhile in new york there are pizza rats, subway -- >> oh my god, i saw a rat tonight coming into the office, i was like, dang it, new york. >> last time i saw a rat on the street i said, kenneth, what are we doing running into each other? >> and i said, i'm bringing you your nightly coffee -- i don't know. coming up, the 3-month-old who defied all the odds and is now being called a miracle baby. plus the shark sighting off the coast of new jersey that puts "jaws" to shame. later in "the skinny," former first lady michelle obama doing team usa proud in an epic match of celebrity dodgeball.
3:40 am
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rescue teams saved a paraglider who crashed in the mountains outside los angeles. he was hurt after coming down on the steep hill in the angeles national forest yesterday afternoon. crews hoiste imedic helicopter him to the hospital. he is expected to recover. a subway thief in new york city is taking pickpocketing to a whole new level.
3:43 am
>> so watch this sneak attack. the suspect walked up to the sleeping victim, used scissors to cut open one of the pockets and grab the person's wallet and cellphone. police say the crook, who's still on the loose, then made about $70 in credit card purchases. >> we are definitely not into victim blaming, but we definitely want you to know you should not fall asleep on the subway. >> do not fall asleep. cutting pockets open? i don't think i've ever heard of this. >> they're getting more and more clever. more and more clever. turning to another frightening scene caught on police body cam. >> the suspect jumps back into his car and speeds away, dragging the police officer along with him at speeds up to 60 miles an hour. you have to see this. here is steve osunsami. >> sir, how much weed is in the car? >> there's no weed in the car. >> reporter: the driver pulled over in this traffic stop with expired tags and suspected of having pot in his car is in jail of much bigger charges, accused of trying to murder this police officer with his car. >> i see a little bit of shake
3:44 am
on your center console, all right? >> reporter: that's orlando police officer shawn murphy. you see him convince 25-year-old xavier askew to get out of the car on may 9th. the driver, now suspected of a probation violation, runs back to the car, puts it in gear -- >> stop, stop or i'm going to shoot you! >> reporter: races off with the officer hanging out of the window, holding on for dear life. >> dude, you're killing me, stop, stop! >> reporter: the police report says he was driving at 60 miles an hour and refused to stop. >> you're going to crash! >> reporter: he does crash into a parked car. >> dude, you almost killed me. >> reporter: the officer was able to tuck his legs into the car during the crash and avoid serious injury. he is back on the beat again tonight. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> good thing that officer's okay. our thanks to steve. one of europe's most influential leaders says she's fine, she just needed to drink more water. >> german chancellor angela merkel was visibly shaking as
3:45 am
she greeted ukraine's president during a ceremony in berlin. the two were standing in the sun. minutes later merkel appeared to be fine. the chancellor, who turns 65 next month, told reporters she was just dehydrated. meet 3-month-old benjamin who's being called a miracle baby. four years ago his mother had her fallopian tubes removed, totally removed. that's supposed to make pregnancy impossible. her doctors aren't sure how it happened. they did confirm the removal of the tubes was done correctly. mom tells "good morning america" she doesn't want to spoil benjamin, but she does hug him just a little tighter. absolutely a little miracle there. >> yeah. why is he rocking so hard there? the video was sped up. benjamin was like holding on. i'm talking about as mom's tubes were taken out and the egg somehow -- benjamin's like, i'm coming into this world. >> i want this life. you go, benjamin.
3:46 am
when we come back, how michelle obama, former first lady, led the u.s. to victory. and how adam sandler just set a new record. "the skinny" is next. and how adam sandler just set a new record. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
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3:48 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" starting with a smackdown for team uk by team usa. >> in a matchup for the ages on the "the late late show," james corden took on former first lady michelle obama in the uk versus usa game of celebrity dodgeball. look at her there. >> she got it. >> she nails harry styles in the groin, ouch, before ultimately overtaking team uk. >> at the end of the day, what's important is we showed kids that exercise can be fun. that's the big thing, honestly. i can't even remember who won or lost. >> oh, oh no, you lost. we won. >> honestly, i've no idea if that's even true. >> oh, it's true. >> nobody knows. >> yeah, we know. you lost. we won. it's okay.
3:49 am
>> like you needed another reason to love her. >> probably best victory since the revolutionary war between the uk and the usa. >> i would certainly say so. >> that was epic. it was hilarious. harry styles taking one to the groin is always funny. thank you for that, james corden. next, to a movement that's gaining momentum. >> nearly 25,000 people have signed an online petition for "time" magazine to name keanu reeves person of the year. >> the person who started the petition argues the "john wick" franchise star deserves the distinction due to his status as the most wholesome person alive. >> it's been recently reached reeves has been quietly running a charitable foundation to fund cancer research in children's hospitals. >> while "john wick" is still racking up profits, keanu is also in "toy story 4" and "the return of bill and ted" franchise. >> wait," bill and dead" coming back? >> yeah. "toy story," something about disney being the parent company of somebody, you know. next, to the father and son
3:50 am
duo who are taking their act national. >> we first met comedian d.j. pryor and his chatting tot two weeks ago in this video that went viral that looks like they're just chatting it up. now they're starring in a national commercial for denny's. >> that is good bacon. [ baby gibberish ] >> exactly, exactly why i come to denny's, it makes us feel better about that. mm, thanks. appreciate that. thanks. [ baby gibberish ] >> the bacon was amazing, you're right. >> i love that. >> love it. >> the ad ends with a heartwarming hug and the tagline "booths were made for quality time with dad." that's denny's. that is a good one right there. >> hats off to you, denny's. yes, slow clap for denny's and that amazing commercial. >> he's really having a conversation. >> he really is, and i bet that
3:51 am
bacon was delicious. >> now he's got to learn not to talk with his mouth full. baby steps. next to the new record set by adam sandler for netflix. >> the actor's latest film to debut on netflix, "murder mystery," has broken streaming records for the streaming giant. >> the film co-headlined with jennifer aniston was seen by 31 million accounts in the first three days. y'all don't have jobs? >> "bird box" did very well. also something like netflix, that's the place. >> oh my -- it really is. yes. across the pond -- oh. period. our next story. across the pond, what's said to be the queen's favorite event of the year. >> the royal family turned out for opening day of the royal ascot horse races with the queen decked out in baby blue with complementary -- what's that? complementary floral hat. there we go. >> duchess kate. >> the reason i stopped there,
3:52 am
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♪ they're the two most frightening notes on the musical scale and we all know what's coming when we hear them. >> it was quite a sight for fishermen off the jersey shore. our own will ganss is here with that frightening, scary, terrifying, horrifying story. ♪ da da da >> for seasoned fishermen this encounter with a great white was a thrill of a lifetime. for the rest of us it seems like something from a hollywood thriller. >> we're going to need a bigger boat.
3:56 am
>> reporter: one group of fishermen probably thinking the same thing during this close encounter off the coast of the jersey shore. [ screaming ] >> reporter: a great white shark getting up close and personal. >> we just saw like the shadow come up and we're like, what is that? then we just stuck it out and gave us a show. >> oh my god! >> reporter: jeff kerley estimating the shark was 16 feet long. jeff, brother scott, and their childhood buddies sean, ray, and steve, competing in a mako shark fishing tournament. >> pretty much that shark came in through that whole trail of bait we were doing. he went straight for the source. >> reporter: experts confirming this is an adult great white and isn't uncommon in the area. >> out of the water, out of the water now! everybody out! >> reporter: even for seasoned fishermen like these guys, check out this catch from a few years ago that won them first place in that tournament.
3:57 am
this great white is definitely the one that got away. you'd think that encounter might be enough excitement for one fishing tournament, but no. jeff, scott, and their buddies are back out on the water this morning seeing what else they might be able to reel in. >> oh my goodness. >> 16 feet long. >> can you believe it? >> apparently we need them to get these sharks, as many as possible, out of the water. we've been reporting on so many shark attacks lately up and down the coast. warmer waters, all those things. >> thankfully this was just caught on video, everyone was safe. just like -- just like we are right now, even though -- oh, oh -- >> wait, no -- i don't like this. >> don't worry, guys. don't look now, don't look now! >> you guys. >> who's in -- >> i don't know. >> that's matt. >> there he is. >> live for the day you get to put on a shark suit on tv. >> and get paid for it. >> right. >> we pay you, right?
3:58 am
>> better us here with this shark than on that boat with that one. than on that boat with that one.
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> stay with us for "good morning america." making news in america this morning, the race to 2020. >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term. >> president trump launching his re-election campaign with new claims about the economy, the border wall and a renewed attack on hillary rodham clinton. plus, first lady melania trump pays tribute to her husband. pentagon bombshell. the acting defense secretary steps down as cases of domestic violence in his past resurface. this morning, new questions about the vetting process. how did the white house not know? the drama in court as a decorated navy s.e.a.l. goes on trial for murder. the prosecution saying he was out for blood.
4:01 am
why his lawyer claims it was mutiny, not murder.


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