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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 19, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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fake strawberry taste. >> we were saying, you keep that, we'll good morning, america. breaking news, a rocket attack. workers at a major u.s. oil company being evacuated. exxon now getting workers out of the country after a rocket attack targets an oil facility in iraq. this as tensions escalate between the u.s. and iran after the attacks on those oil tankers. white house shake-up. president trump's pick for defense secretary suddenly stepping down amid revelations about past domestic violence in his family. also overnight, president trump officially kicking off his re-election campaign for 2020. >> tonight i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the united states. >> and firing up the crowd with
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attacks on the media, on hillary clinton, who is not even running, and his promise all over again. royal collision. prince william's convoy involved in a car accident seriously injuring an 83-year-old woman. what the duke and duchess are saying this morning. baseball brawl, the brutal fight breaking out at a little league game. police searching for the man seen attacking several parents as their 7-year-olds watch from the sidelines. the great white encounter. a massive shark leaping out of the water right off the east coast right up to this boat and this morning, we're now hearing from those on board. ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ an abc news exclusive. one-on-one with duke superstar zion williamson. the basketball phenom on the verge of becoming the top pick in the nba draft. don't buy that smile.
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he's got that killer instinct. what he has planned for the biggest stars in the nba, only on "gma" this morning. good morning, america. good morning to you two. >> good morning, michael. >> good to be here. >> can't wait to see you go one-on-one with zion. i don't mean the interview. i mean the court. >> would i challenge him to that? you'll hear his response. he's a confident young man. wish him well. first a lot of news to get to including the latest on the breaking news overnight, a rocket exploding near that oil facility in iraq. a abc's martha raddatz has more. she's there in washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we have the first images from iraqi tv of the aftermath of the attack. this was a katyusha rocket leading in the middle of a housing facility of an oil drilling site in southern iraq where several international oil companies operate including exxon mobil.
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the attack wounded three iraqi workers, and exxon is now quickly evacuating 20 foreign workers, including americans. this is of course, raising alarms because of the increasing number of attacks in the region, attacks the u.s. blames on iran. not only those attacks on the oil tankers near the strait of hormuz but the u.s. has already removed hundreds of diplomatic personnel from iraq because of unspecified threats from iran and right now we have more than a thousand additional troops heading for the region to provide added protection to the forces already there and to protect u.s. and allied interests in this very volatile part of the world. david? >> all of this unfolding this morning. martha, thank you. we turn to the other major headline overnight. president trump officially kicking off his re-election campaign in the key battleground state of florida last night. a full house there. thousands on hand amid new polls that show some democrats running including joe biden holding quite a lead in florida in head-to-head match-ups with the president. of course, plenty could change
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and our chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl, is li i must win, jon, if the president wants a second term. >> reporter: no question about that, david. the president kicked off his campaign here with a huge enthusiastic crowd, a new slogan and a speech that sounded like it could have been given during the last campaign. the president made it official at a raucous rally in orlando. >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the united states. >> reporter: he has a new slogan -- >> keep america great. >> reporter: but he's fighting old battles. [ chanting "lock her up" ] >> reporter: he spent so much time attacking hillary clinton -- >> 33,000 emails deleted. think of it. >> reporter: it seemed for awhile as if he were getting ready to run against her again. as the speech went on, the president made dark, unfounded attacks against democrats.
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>> our radical democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice and rage. they want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. >> reporter: he fired up the crowd with the signature promise from his last campaign -- [ chanting "build the wall" ] >> the wall is moving along. it's moving along rapidly. it's beautiful. i changed the design. it's stronger, bigger, better and cheaper. >> reporter: in fact, there have been only 45 miles of wall built so far, all of it in areas that already had a barrier. but as the president runs for re-election, he has something he didn't have the last time, an unquestionably strong economy to run on. >> and together we will make america wealthy again. >> reporter: one thing striking about this speech was how little he talked about his potential 2020 democratic rivals. he only mentioned two of them by
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name, bernie sanders and joe biden, and david, both of those references were short and in passing. >> the other striking thing, jon karl is already out there covering the race for 2020 all over again. here we go, jon. thanks so much. >> reporter: you got it. it's going to be a long one. >> it will. michael, over to you. >> just getting started, david. and now to the latest on the shakeup at the white house. president trump's pick for defense secretary suddenly resigning amid revelations about past domestic violence in his family. abc's terry moran has more in washington. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this is a stunning development. patrick shanahan has been serving as acting secretary of defense for months and as you say it was widely expected that president trump would nominate him to lead the pentagon but when these disturbing incidents arose from the sad and bitter breakup of his marriage years ago, shanahan withdrew. shanahan delivered the news to president trump in person who later praised his pick for defense secretary. >> he is a terrific person and
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it's a difficult time for pat, but he's going to take a little time off for family service and for working things out. >> reporter: and it is his family that is at the center of shanahan's resignation. "the washington post" reports that police were sent to the shanahan house in 2010 for a domestic violence call. both shanahan and his then wife kimberly were accusing each other of physical violence. shanahan had a bloody nose, and police arrested only kimberly. he later dropped the charges and they divorced. but there was an even more alarming incident involving the couple's then-17-year-old son, will. >> i would like to acknowledge my three children who have accompanied me here today. >> reporter: according to a police report from 2011, will beat his mother with a baseball bat after an argument. the reports saying that will knowingly and intentionally shoved and pinned his mother to a wall, swinging the bat multiple times and striking the back of her head and torso, causing serious bodily harm,
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including a bloody head wound, fractured elbow and fractured skull. well, after that attack, patrick shanahan came to his son's m h scttack as, quote, senton post," oso e to spend time at a florida sheriff's ranch, was put on probation and he graduated from college last year. robin? >> terry, thank you. this morning, a big hearing on capitol hill will raise the issue of reparations for slavery. this on juneteenth commemorating the end of slavery in the u.s. chief congressional correspondent mary bruce is covering it all there. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. as the nation commemorates the end of slavery the hill today will be examining this question of reparations. actor danny glover and author ta-nehisi coates will be here to testify on the issue and the lasting impacts of slavery. reparations are an issue that have come up recently on the
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democratic campaign trail. but here on the hill, the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell does not think reparations are a good idea, and raised eyebrows with this explanation referencing president obama. take a listen. >> we've, you know, tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation. we have elected an african-american president. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell went on to reference the fact by saying that no one alive is responsible for slavery, and it would be hard to determine who exactly to pay reparations to. robin? >> his statement raised a lot of eyebrows to say the least and, mary, also today house democrats are hoping to have a breakthrough when it comes to obstruction of justice by interviewing hope hicks? >> reporter: for the first time lawmakers here will have a chance to question a member of the president's inner circle since the release of the mueller report. hope hicks will be grilled here about those alleged incidents of obstruction outlined in the report and i'm told also about the hush money payments paid to
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stormy daniels. hope hicks is a familiar face by the president's side as his former communications director and close aid. she witnessed much of the president's behavior during the campaign in that first year in office. her name is actually one of the most frequently mentioned in the report. robin, there are a lot of questions here about how forthcoming she will be. the president directed her not to answer questions about her time as one of his senior advisers and that will likely not go over well with democrats. robin? >> we'll see what happens today. all right, mary. thank you. david? in the meantime, we'll turn to the severe weather. the dangerous driving stretching this morning from the plains to the northeast. heavy rain, damaging winds and flooding and even possible tornadoes. ginger is here tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, david. yes, we have it all, and we have a state of emergency in west lafayette, ohio. looking at pictures from clinton, ohio, where there are evacuations. 6 to 8 feet of standing water thanks to the flash flooding. this morning, evacuations are ongoing in towns in ohio, thanks to the training thunderstorms. wichita, kansas, also picked up close to 6 to 9 inches southeast of them. flash flooding a big deal all across the stationary front that's barely moving.
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champaign, indiana through dayton, ohio, all the way to new jersey and pennsylvania, more flooding today. then the tornado part of it. kinsly, kansas, one of three reported tornadoes. a quick look at who has to watch for those. dallas, northeast texas there through arkansas and southern indiana, michael. >> thank you, ginger. overnight reports of prince william's convoy involved in a car accident, seriously injuring an 38 da-- 83-year-old woman. stephanie ramos is in london with more. good morning to you, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, michael, from london. we are getting reports overnight that the duke and duchess of cambridge's convoy was involved in a road accident. here's what happened. a police motorbike leading the royal motorcade which was traveling to a royal event from windsor, hit and injured an 83-year-old woman who tried to cross the street in south london. the 83-year-old has been identified as irene minger. she is in the hospital with severe injuries but according to her daughter her condition is stable.
7:12 am
kensington palace, they say this morning that the duke and duchess are, quote, deeply concerned and have sent their now, the response from the duke and duchess was actually pretty swift unlike the palace's reaction when 97-year-old prince philip collided with a car last january. he was criticized for being slow to contact the passenger he injured. now guys, this is the fourth road incident involving a member of the royal family in the last seven months. police are of course, investigating. robin? >> stephanie, thank you. now to major developments this morning in the david ortiz shooting. authorities in the dominican republic expected today to reveal why the retired red sox star was attacked. victor oquendo is there and has the latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's now been more than a week since david ortiz was shot in the dominican republic and later today we expect to hear from prosecutors who have been putting this altogether all along. we hope to learn two of the big missing pieces to this puzzle, the motive behind the attack and
7:13 am
who ordered it. an 11th suspect under arrest in connection with the plot to assassinate the former slugger. sources say that he rented one of the cars used in the shooting. police are also looking for another suspect who they believe paid the hitman to carry out the not necessarily the one who ordered the attack. robin, we expect to get a lot of answers to these questions. >> hopefully so. victor, what's the latest on pig papi's condition? >> reporter: well, he's still in the hospital but the good news is he is improving. we heard from his wife. she released a statement saying that doctors have upgraded his condition to good. tiffany ortiz went on to say that david's journey to good health has been bolstered by the many expressions of love that have come to us from across the globe. your support has lifted his spirits tremendously during this challenging time. robin? >> good to know his condition has improved. vict victor, thank you. david? now to the new fallout from that viral video showing officers pointing their guns at a couple and their young
7:14 am
children. a meeting was held overnight to confront the mayor and police chief and adrienne bankert was right there in the room. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning, david. mixed reaction to this around the country, but in a phoenix courtroom, a unanimously angry crowd that gave a standing ovation to the couple that police suspected of shoplifting. as many as 25,000 residents, activists and community members packed into this church to confront phenix city leaders. >> nobody should ever try to justify what happened that day on that video. nobody. >> reporter: the panel which included the mayor and chief of police came face-to-face with dravon ames along with his pregnant fiancee iesha harper and their young children. the family now at the center of a police controversy made public in this video many say is a demonstration of excessive force. police officers are caught on camera shouting at the family at gunpoint. >> when i tell you to put your [ bleep ] up -- >> i can't.
7:15 am
i have a baby in my hands. >> reporter: police say the couple had been shoplifting which led to this confrontation. their 4-year-old daughter walking out of this store with a doll no one had paid for. >> they're trying to hurt us because she took a doll. mass murders gets walked out without a scratch. without a scratch. [ applause ] >> reporter: ames' attorney says nothing can justify that police response. >> let's say they took every single item from that store. does that justify police brutality? no. >> reporter: many in the audience used this latest case to address other frustrations with phoenix police. >> i'm shaking right now because i can't imagine that happening to me or my brother. >> i'm deeply sorry for the events that led us here today. >> reporter: at one point the police chief is booed, urging the angry crowd to listen. >> real change doesn't start with the police department. real change starts with our community.
7:16 am
>> reporter: both the police chief and mayor have vowed to have more community meetings like this in the future. guys? >> all right, adrienne, thank you. >> emotion behind all of that. >> yes, indeed. >> aa little league game in colorado. police are now searching for the man who punched several parents, and abc's eva pilgrim is here with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, guys. these kids' baseball game got ugly. the parents going at it and the reason? a call for one of the players batting out of order. tempers flaring involving 7-year-olds. instead of celebrating good sportsmanship parents turned into poor sports. >> what is happening? >> reporter: the brawl caught on camera broke out on the field at westgate elementary school after a call made by the umpire, who was just 13 years old. >> it's disgusting. i highly doubt the rockies had any scouts there during the game. >> reporter: in the video, watch as one man comes up from behind
7:17 am
to throw his arm around another person before nearly half a dozen parents rush to the fence throwing punches. parents barely getting their kids to safety as this man in a white shirt and teal pants is seen grabbing another gentleman's shirt and hurling punches at him. >> right now. >> reporter: then as other parents are fighting that same man in the white shirt and teal pants, sucker punching a man again and knocking him to the ground. >> this cannot happen. >> reporter: this morning police in lakewood, colorado, now asking the public to help them identify that man in the teal throughout the video.t >> kids look up to you, my kid does. if you don't lead by example, what do you expect the future to be? >> we're talking about a 7-year-old baseball game, 7-year-olds. it's the parents who need to grow up. >> reporter: several parents were hurt, one of them seriously. police say some were cited but no arrests have been made yet. it's hard to watch that video. i mean, they're just going at
7:18 am
each other. >> with kids around there. >> they're 7. >> 7. >> the parents are. >> the umpire was just 13 years old. >> it's just kids. >> and the parents are acting up. >> we know how we feel about it. thank you. a lot of other headlines this morning that we're following, including that really close encounter with a great white off the northeast here. we're hearing from folks on that boat. look at that. so close. also, this morning our exclusive with superstar zion. doesn't even need a last name. zion. he's going to tell us how his life is about to change before the nba draft. that's coming up. now back to ginger. >> okay, how about i show you -- we talk about a lot of rain, but you don't remember about erosion. look at this family's driveway gone thanks to all of the rain and, yes, there is more where that came from. right around that stationary front, the area that's been so tortured by water, southern indiana, kentucky getting another 6 inches. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, the stormy cities sponsored by liberty mutual.
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hi there. lee surely cloud cover. it's going to take its time getting back to the coast. summer solstice friday and building summer heat this weekend. for today mid to upper 60s. coasts into san francisco, richmo richmond, low to upper 70s in the bay. tonight look at the cloud cover. temperatures in the low to upper 50s. the 7-day forecast, the coolest day this hump day. hump day.
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good morning. this is what you're going to run into when you step outside. mid 50s to low 60s. let's talk about what's going on as far as later on today. temperatures hit the 60s along the coast into san francisco. we'll have a few 80s in our east bay valleys. for some of our warm spots. and you could say if you're commuting it's pretty nice. just a little gray. here's the 7-day. summer solstice friday. it's going to feel like it saturday and sunday. coming up, an exclusive. an 18-year-old basketball star
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(vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. simba, you h simba, you have to take your place as king. >> welcome back to "gma." you are listening to the lion queen. yeah, you have to see how beyonce is getting ready for the world to see the new version of the disney classic. that's coming up in "pop news." >> a lot of anticipation for that. >> oh, yeah. >> can't wait for that. also much more ahead this morning. the headlines we're following right now -- breaking news, rocket attack on an oil facility in iraq raising alarms this morning because of the increasing number of attacks in the region. exxon now getting workers out of that country. also now president trump kicking off his re-election campaign for 2020, and firing up that crowd in florida. going after hillary clinton
7:31 am
again even though she's not even running this time around. take a look at this. tennis match in germany turned into a showdown of soccer skills. look at this. look at this. so you don't have your racket so what do you do? he just starts -- this is not easy to do, people. >> no. >> impressive volley. >> are you kidding me? >> finally fell. >> wow. >> but anything, anything to try to win the point. by the way, it doesn't count just in case you were wondering. >> that's going to be an olympic sport in ten years. >> i pulled a muscle watching that. >> nice. all right, first this half hour that stunning close encounter. this was incredible. the great white in the northeast. a fisherman capturing video of the massive shark chomping on their fish bait. gio benitez is tracking it all. incredible, gio. >> reporter: that's right, david, just incredible. we're talking about a great white shark 16 feet long, spotted just off this coast here and this morning, those fishermen say they've never seen anything like it. it was an up close encounter that fisherman jeff crilly says he will never forget.
7:32 am
>> after, like, clearing everything up and ready to go home, and then we just saw, like, the shadow come up, and we were, like, what is that? >> reporter: crilly says he and a group of friends were fishing off the coast of the jersey shore when this 16-foot great white shark approached his boat. the great white tearing off the bag of bait before swimming away. >> that shark came in through that whole trail of bait that we were doing and he went straight for the source. >> reporter: but a separate encounter in georgia wasn't quite as exciting for 64-year-old gene brooks. >> it was like a big pop. it came up and hit me on my shoulder. >> reporter: over the weekend he says he was swimming by his home when a five-foot bull shark clamped onto his arm. >> when i looked at my hand or my arm, and picked it up, this flesh was torn here. >> reporter: this month alone, north carolina has seen three separate shark bites. 17-year-old paige winter lost her leg while swimming in waist-deep water, speaking with our own robin roberts in an exclusive interview.
7:33 am
>> this situation has urged me to learn more about sharks. i didn't do something directly to the shark but i was in his water, you know. that's his house. >> reporter: an incredible young woman right there, and listen. we have said it before, but it's worth saying again. stay out of murky waters, and make sure you are not swimming at dawn or at dusk. that's when these sharks are most likely to be out. guys, back to you. >> you can see the shark's eye, like the father told you yesterday in that interview. >> yes, indeed. gio, thanks very much. >> thank you. now to an abc news ce tget rey th death-defyinstt above times square.d s team worked through the night, rigging a high wire between two skyscrapers, but it proved to be more challenging than they ever imagined. t.j. holmes is outside with more details. t.j., i thought we were going to see you up oth we giving your report. >> reporter: no, you did not think that because, you know me better than that. there's always the hustle and bustle going on in time's
7:34 am
square. with all the busy moments, people, if they would take a moment to look up, you would see a wire above times square. all the action on the ground usually but plenty of action above because not just one but two people are going to walk that tight rope through times square. the clock is ticking. days before the wallendas will attempt to walk a wire between two high-rises, live in sometimes square, abc news has learned that rigging that wire that nik and his sister lijana will walk across came with unexpected difficulties. >> it's always changing. so it makes it a nightmare because you don't know what's going to be happening. >> reporter: the executive producer of sunday fight's show tells us installing the wire this week proved more challenging than nik ever imagined and that nik's team will be making adjustments to it all week because there is zero room for error. they have been training for the worst possible conditions using wind machines with 90-mile-an-hour winds, and preparing for torrential downpours using hoses blasting water. only lightning or strong winds
7:35 am
could thwart their attempt. >> nothing compares to this. >> reporter: the stunt is the first time the brother/sister team will perform together live since 2017 when lijana and four other performers were severely injured falling off a high-wire while rehearsing to break a guinness world record. >> i broke a rib, punctured my right ear canal, broke nuclear through my left humerus. i broke my left calcaneus, but the big one was every bone in my facefo o othbit challenges of her life. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm a little nervous because the wire moves more than anything i've been on. >> reporter: keep in mind there will be a tricky part where they have to come together and cross each other in the middle of that high wire. i did hear from ginger about the weather on sunday for the event. should be fine, no high winds or heavy rain even though they prepared for the worst. guys? >> you heard lijana say she's nervous. >> how about you? >> i'm nervous as well. join me and erin andrews for
7:36 am
this event called "highwire live in times square with nik wallenda." it's sunday right here on abc. boy, heights not my favorite. >> you just have to host it? >> you're like this. >> i'm the nervous one. yeah, i shouldn't be. >> not at all. coming up our exclusive one on one with zion. the 18-year-old basketball phenom talking about tomorrow night's nba draft where he is projected to be the number one pick. >> number two. you're number one, robin. >> ah. >> come on back. robin. >> ah. >> come on back. and hit a papier-mâché unicorn to get stuff you want. just become an aarp member! your aarp membership comes with access to more of what you want. like learning about the latest tech, health tips, nights out at local restaurants, help planning your getaways and more. so take off the blindfold and join today. because ya know, it's easier without the blindfold. there's lots of stuff in there, and today could be your day to explore it.
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all right, looking forward to this. the abc news exclusive, robin sitting down with 18-year-old zion williamson, zion as everyone calls him. >> right. >> college basketball sensation whose life is really about to change. predicted to be the first pick in tomorrow's nba draft. pretty heavy stuff for a teenager. >> it is, david. he has always had a basketball in his hands. you can just tell that, but there is so much more to zion than what you see on the court. he is a grounded young man who knows where he came from, and where he's going. >> look out. the windmill with the left hand. >> reporter: he's 6'7", 285 pounds of jaw-dropping athleticism. >> oh, my goodness. he was three feet above the rim to hammer it home. >> reporter: the gravity-defying dunks throwing fans into a frenzy, and moves so fast his shoes can barely keep up.
7:41 am
>> slipping and injured is zion williamson. >> how many people can blow out a shoe on a court? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: at just 18 years old, zion williamson is being called the future of basketball after an explosive freshman year at duke university. he declared for the nba draft in an emotional instagram post this april. >> i hope to pursue my next dream and declare for the 2019 nba draft. >> reporter: and tomorrow he is widely expected to be the number one pick at the nba draft. >> how high can you go? >> everyone is saying with the first pick the new orleans pelicans are going to say your name. what goes through your mind when you think about that, number one pick? >> i never saw myself as even being a top three, top four pick and for people to think i could go one means a lot to me. my hard work is paying off, but i just want to get drafted, period. >> number one picks, lebron, shaq, zion.
7:42 am
going by first name only, don't even need a second name, i mean, those are some big shoes to fill. you ready? >> those are some big shoes to fill but i'm not looking to fill those. i'm just looking to be the best zion i can be. >> i know you're aware that the new orleans pelicans traded anthony davis. so if, indeed, you are the number one pick, you will be the face of that franchise. are you ready to take on at your age a role like that if it should happen? >> gosh, who said that? i'd be the face? i think i'd be ready because i just love this game and i'm a competitor. whatever i'm doing, i want to win. i think the same for the players that are already there. >> when is the first time you had a basketball in your hands? >> probably before i can quite remember. >> reporter: zion was just 5 years old when he told his mother he wanted to be a professional basketball player. what was it like being coached
7:43 am
by your mom? >> i stand by this to this day. she was the hardest coach i have ever had. don't let the mom word fool you. be in the car ride home after my middle school games and i would be like that was a great game. my mom would be like, good game? you missed a pass there. you didn't shoot it there. her being my biggest critic was the best thing for me actually. >> reporter: and it paid off by the time he was in high school. he was already garnering legions of fans. even drake posting a picture sporting a then 16-year-old zion's jersey. how do you stay grounded with everything coming your way? >> there are times when this wasn't here. there were no interviews. there were no fans. the gym was empty. actually, when you are in a gym, you were in on outdoor court, me and my stepdad and think when it was just me and my step dad. >> but then you walk in the door
7:44 am
here -- [ cheers and applause ] i didn't even know you were here. i could hear that you were here by the reaction from those young kids and i know that you spend time with kids. why is that so important to you to do that? >> because i was a little kid at once and, you know, having the chance to meet an nba player or even a college player when i'm like 5 or 6, i mean, i know it would mean a lot. so just to talk to one of those little kids or sign something, i try to do as much as possible. >> reporter: who has helped you to get to where you are right now? >> my mom and my stepdad. they have been there since day one. they have always told me that i can achieve my dreams. i thought you were going to say check ball. don't make me embarrass you. >> he is definitely ready. he's going to go far in the nba. that's the mentality you have to have. you're not going to play nice. don't buy that smile. he has that killer instinct. who are some players in the nba right now that you look to as a role model to help you at this next level?
7:45 am
>> i mean, gosh, i won't view them as a role model when i get there. >> oh, okay, i love that. >> but people i have respect for, lebron, because since day one, he had the highest expectations and he has exceeded all of them, on and off the court. russell westbrook, i love the tenacity he brings. and kawhi leonard because he don't say much, he just handles his business and goes on about his day, and i respect that so much. >> hours away from now your life is going to change. >> i don't see it so much as my life changing. i'll still be playing the game i love. i feel like with the circle i have around me that they'll keep my life the same as it has always been, just probably more people calling my name. >> he didn't google me and see my game. >> google, man. >> i loved how he responded. >> me too. >> i love it. such respect. he is so down to earth. he is so humble.
7:46 am
his family was there as we did the interview, and his 5-year-old brother was draining shots on the court, but he -- i told him that he had been nominated -- i broke some news to him. i said you have been nominated for an espy for best college athlete and he was like, wow. you're about to be number one draft pick and that's his passion for everything that he does. >> i love how he handled everything. he seemed to grounded and so ready. 18 years old, and he's so ready. >> respect. >> yeah, right, confident, not cocky. >> you better google robin roberts, zion. >> the older i get, the better i was. [ laughter ] you can see more of my exclusive interview with zion on "nightline" and the nba draft on espn tomorrow night starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. better tune in early so you don't miss zion. >> that's right. coming up, everybody, we have our "play of the day" on this hump day. we'll be right back. ♪ this is how we do it ump day.
7:47 am
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♪ this is how we do it we are back now with our "play of the day," and the police are giving football stars a run for their money. that's detective darren edwards speaking at a press conference in australia when a man being chased rushes the scene and without skipping a beat edwards tackles him to the ground. that's what you call a gator tackle. take out the legs. i got to say bad place to make a run for it near the police
7:51 am
station. don't do it in front of a police press conference. >> note to self. >> we'll be right back, everybody. that's our "play of the day. ota ."erod who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place a little down timeetim can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. i looked for realed ingredients for real taste. absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives. knorr selects
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7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by ge appliances. good things for life. things for life.
7:56 am
good morning. here's mike nicco. >> thank you. hi, everybody. the gray is going to hang around longer today. that's going to make it cooler. a great day to do yard work. temperatures range from the mid to upper 60s along the coast. 80s inland. the hottest days are saturday and sunday. we have a problem in the east bay. treatment area, it sounds like a hit and run investigation involving a motorcycle and another vehicle. so the mission boulevard on and off ramps to 680 are causing problems. avoid that area if problem. a lot of clouds as mike mentioned.
7:57 am
meters lights are still on. coming up, the mom who had a procedure so she would odds. we'll have another abc news update in about 30 minutes. you can always find us on our ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, a rocket n evuatimerin workers out of the country as tensions rise between the u.s. and iran. the latest at this hour. also this morning, royal wreck. prince william and kate's convoy involved in an accident on their way to windsor castle seriously injuring a grandmother. what the royal couple is saying this morning. the shocking story of one mom who had a medical procedure so she wouldn't have any more children finding out she was pregnant. now she's opening up about the moment her miracle baby came into the world. dr. ashton is here. just how rare is it? ♪ hear me roar beyonce's roaring into her new role in "the lion king."
8:01 am
an exclusive look at how she's dressing up her part as nala and what she's saying about sharing the experience with her kids as we say, good morning, america. ♪ whoa oh oh oh oh you're going to hear me roar ♪ we do say good morning, america. i do believe we made it to wednesday. how did that happen? >> yes, we did. >> you know what, it's going to kick off our epic "deals & steals." two days of tory johnson. 29 bargains on everything from portable grills to beauty products, and the best part, they are all eco friendly. >> that's great news. >> going green and saving some green. we love that. >> i see what you did there. the latest on the news breaking overnight, a rocket i global affairs correspondent martha raddatz there in washington. good morning again, martha. >> reporter: good morning again, robin. this katyusha rocket landed in the heart of oil drilling facilities in southern iraq, several international oil
8:02 am
companies including exxon mobil are operating there. the rocket hit a housing facility for some of the workers wounding three iraqis and we are learning one of them was seriously injured. so as a precaution exxon is evacuating at least 20 foreign workers including americans. this is, of course, alarming because of the increasing number of attacks in the region, attacks the u.s. blames on iran. not only those attacks on the oil tankers in the gulf of oman but the u.s. has already removed hundreds of diplomatic personnel from iraq because of unspecified threats from iran. a katyusha rocket landed near the embassy in baghdad just last month, and right now we have more than 1,000 additional troops heading for the region to provide added protection, robin. >> added protection. martha, thank you. david? we turn to that major headline from overnight. president trump officially kicking off his re-election campaign in florida. let'ig bk hief
8:03 am
white house correspondent, jonathan karl. he is in florida with the latest. good morning again, jon. >> reporter: good morning, david. the president kicked off his re-election campaign down here in orlando before a huge and enthusiastic crowd. he had a new campaign slogan but a speech that sounded like it could have been delivered during the last campaign. he went after hillary clinton repeatedly mentioning her more than any of his potential 2020 rivals. he touted the economy, but he also told the crowd that attacks on him are essentially attacks on them. >> this election is not merely a verdict on the amazing progress we've made. it's a verdict on the un-american conduct of those who try to undermine our great democracy and undermine you. >> reporter: it was striking how little he talked about his 2020 rivals. only mentioned joe biden and bernie sanders by name and both
8:04 am
of them only in passing. david? >> how many days left until 2020? all right. jon. >> keep him busy tonight. >> absolutely. all right, everybody. coming up, we have the latest on how the royal convoy was involved in an accident an ou is morning. became pregnant with a miracle baby after she had surgery to prevent her from having any more children. audience we have upstairs, and we'll be joining them right after this. [ applause ] what started at my dining room table, has grown into a serious operation. that's why i chose the spark cash card from capital one. with unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy why wouldn't i get this card?! i redeemed $115,000 in cash back in just one year which doubled our marketing budget last summer and i saw 69% growth year over year. my spark card is more than a credit card. it has actually helped me grow my business. what's in your wallet?
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8:09 am
all, thank y'all for your service. of all these people, you went over there and hugged that woman right there. what you got going on? >> we made eye contact, and she was just giving me that clap. >> is that all it takes? >> she has a gap in her teeth like i do. >> i knew there was some connection right there. welcome to you all. >> yes, yes. [ applause ] tomorrow -- tomorrow we can't wait to see what tom hanks and tim allen have to say to "gma" about "toy story 4." that is tomorrow. >> two fun guys. but right now, how about a little "pop news" with janai? [ applause ] >> how about it. we've got a lot of fun today, guys. we begin with an exclusive from "people" magazine showing the two lion queens. look at this picture of beyonce who voices nala in the upcoming "the lion king" film.
8:10 am
bey is standing there broadway star kenda winter who currently plays nala in the broadway version of "the lion king." maybe she got tips from her. maybe. >> maybe. >> beyonce saying in a recent interview with own, quote, "the lion king" is something i grew up watching and so excited for my kids to see it. of course, thee kids that her and jay-z have. that photo is featured in the upcoming magazine with carrie underwood for certainly 100 reasons to love america. the new issue of people hits newsstands friday and "the lion king" debuts july 19th. >> i can't wait for that. [ applause ] >> one of my favorite movies. i love "the lion king." >> hakuna matata of course, but i love -- ♪ hey ya >> it's over just like that. >> pleasing the cabs, you get into the cab and sing the song. >> on thet.>>'ve heard about yo
8:11 am
[ laughter ] tonight at 6:30. now, since the moment we first showed you taylor swift's new video for her song "you need to calm down," swifties have been dissecting every single phrase. >> they always do. >> they always do, and now we're getting the back story on that quote, hanging on the wall. so it says, mom, i am a rich man. turns out swift was paying tribute to one of her idols. that quote belongs to none other than the cher. >> i love that. >> so the icon, cher, took notice, tweeting that still from the video and adding a story behind it saying mom wanted me to calm down, stoch stop working so much. one day she said for some unknown reason you should settle down and marry a rich man. without thinking, i said, mom, i am a rich man. it wasn't about rich or a man. it was about equality.
8:12 am
taylor responded writing when you have a song about being calm, and the video has a shared kwoid in quote in it that says that, you're not able to be calm anymore. >> that's true. that's true in i love that, though. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> yeah. in my spirit. >> three shares of health. >> absolutely. and finally, wonderful news for our dear robin. yeah. lifetime channel announcing they are greenlighting the first movie under the robin roberts presents banner. [ applause ] it's called "kidnapped." it is a true story of a young woman who discovers at the age of 18 she was abducted as a baby and the family she knows isn't actually hers. it's set to star emmy award winning actress niecy nash, and raven simone. >> there they are on set. >> there they are.
8:13 am
you see them there. they'll be playing mother and daughter. it's followed by the real people depicted in the movie. what drew you to this? >> she is a remarkable woman and can you imagine everything you thought was real was not? the way she handled it with such grace, and both families and just showing you what it's like to be in that kind of situation, what you can learn from it, and i'm very excited about the companion documentary too, because we'll see where she is now, what she's doing right now. i won't be here next week because i'll be on set. i'll be on set in vancouver. >> whoa! [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. if i had hair i'd be flipping i. >> congratulations. >> can't wait to see it. >> like the way that sounds. robin roberts presents. that's fancy. i like that. >> this is home. this is always going fob my home. >> we know that. our "gma" cover story, that
8:14 am
car accident involving the royal convoy seriously injuring an 83-year-old woman. we'll go back to stephanie ramos who is in london and has the latest with what the duke and duchess are saying this morning. stephanie, good morning again. >> reporter: david, good morning to you. we have heard from the palace and they are concerned by the incident, and they may even visit the injured woman if she's willing and able to receive royal visitors. overnight, reports of another royal road accident. a police motorbike leading the duke and duchess' motorcade, injuring an 83-year-old woman as she tried to cross the road on monday. someone who saw it all happen tells "the sun" newspaper his bike hit her, and she pun around off her feet and fell badly on the floor. police confirm to abc news they're investigating the incident adding that the 83-year-old identified as irene mayer is in the hospital with serious injuries, but her
8:15 am
condition is stable. kensington palace released a statement this morning saying that the duke and duchess are deeply concerned and saddened by the accident. their royal highnesses have sent their very best wishes to irene and her family, and will stay in touch throughout every stage of her recovery. >> they have reached out to the family, to the woman and they sent a note and some flowers and they've obviously made it clear they intend to maintain that contact. >> reporter: the duke and duchess responding swiftly, unlike the palace's reaction when 97-year-old prince philip collided with a car last january. he was criticized for being slow to contact the passenger injured in the crash. this is the fourth road accident involving a member of the royal family in the last seven months. the royals were traveling from london to windsor to take part in the garretter day procession when the accident happened. a busy time on the calendar with william and kate also attending royal ascot yesterday seen here riding in a carriage, perhaps a safer form of royal transport.
8:16 am
in the opening procession of the grand horse racing event. noticeably absent this year, meghan, the duchess of sussex, who remains on maternity leave. here's an interesting fact. royal convoys don't usually stop if they have been involved in an accident for security reasons. they keep driving. so will and kate wouldn't have known about it until they arrived at windsor. both keeping a close eye on the woman's recovery. she is in stable condition, but the woman is 83 years old, so everyone here is very concerned. >> rightfully so. wishing for a full recovery. thank you. now that miracle baby. one woman defying the odds and she had her fallopian tubes removed. amy is here. this is pretty incredible. >> it's incredibly rare too, and most people have never heard of anything like this happening. elizabeth ko had a medical procedure after having three children. getting pregnant after that is much less likely than even being struck by lightning, but that
8:17 am
one in a million experience expanded her family. >> reporter: this morning, a miracle baby. missouri mom elizabeth kough giving birth to a son after undergoing what she thought was a permanent birth control procedure. >> i was getting to that age where maybe i should think about not having any more children. >> reporter: four years ago 39-year-old elizabeth, already a mother of three, made the decision to have a bilateral salpingectomy, a surgical procedure to remove both of her fallopian tubes to prevent her from getting pregnant again. >> my doctor said it was one of the most effective birth controls, if not, the most effective birth control out there. >> reporter: but then the surprise of her life. she got pregnant. >> i was just kind of shocked because that wasn't supposed to happen. >> reporter: elizabeth took a home pregnancy test and tested positive. wanting answers, she then went to get a second opinion. >> we went to the hospital, and they did an ultrasound and they told me that he was in my
8:18 am
uterus, and he looked fine. he looked healthy. everything was a normal pregnancy. >> reporter: according to the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists, when it comes to a partial removal of a fallopian tube, the rate of pregnancy is less than 1%, and for a full fallopian tube removal like elizabeth, almost unheard of. >> he was incredibly unlikely. the probability was very low of me ever having this baby. >> reporter: but elizabeth doesn't call him her miracle baby. instead, her kids are calling him their angel baby. >> he's big and strong. he is a healthy baby boy. >> this is so rare, david, that only a few other cases have been written or that the doctors are aware of. elizabeth is a planner and says it wasn't in the plans but after beating all these odds she says her baby's life is pretty normal. >> pretty normal. he looks pretty happy. >> he looks very healthy. >> and healthy too.
8:19 am
quite a story to tell him when he grows up. robin, you're with dr. jen to talk about this. >> dr. jen, how is this possible? >> so rare but an example of how a lot of pregnancies are unplanned. that doesn't necessarily mean they're undesired, so let's go through some basic anatomy here. basic gyn anatomy. this is how fertilization normally occurs in the fallopian tube where the egg meets the sperm, and travels to the uterus. when the tubes have been completely removed that highlighted red circle is the only way that fertilized egg can get into the uterus and the way with think that that happens if you look at this little demonstration, this is how we cut off that opening from the tube to the uterus surgically when we take out a tube. sometimes a little opening will develop, and that causes a patentcy. >> and this is more common? it is all the rage in gyn. a plethora of reasons we would
8:20 am
take it out starting with cases of ivf. sometimes before a woman goes through in vitro fertilization we remove them baas they're thought to cousin fcause inflammation that could reduce the effectiveness of ivf. there could be damage from infection or a tubal pregnancy, and we move the tube to dramatically lower the risks of ovarian cancer, 70% starts in the tube and it is a form of permanent birth control. when i was a resident we used to cut or tie the tube. now we literally remove the tube. >> what do you tell your patients when it comes to birth control? >> that the only way to 100% prevent a pregnancy is with total abstinence, and i want you to look at these failure rates. these are what we call typical failure rates with common forms of birth control. birth control pills, 9%. 9 out of 100 women can get
8:21 am
pregnant on the pill. condoms, 17% failure rate. then you go with things more effective like an iud, less than 1%, tubal ligation, 1 in a thousand. male vasectomy, less than 1 in a thousand, but no such thing as 100%. >> thank you, jen. >> you bet. >> ginger? our "gma" moment today, you know when you are having a good time, and you realize somebody's taking video of you? well, watch this. [ baby laughing ] >> she almost said hey there. 1-year-old norah. we just thought that was so sweet. please send your "gma" m hi there. lee surely cloud cover. it's going to take its time getting backo coast. mmer solstice friday and building summer heat this weekend. for today mid to upper 60s. co int san francisco,
8:22 am
richmo richmond, low to upper 70s in the bay. tonight look at the cloud cover. temperatures in the low to upper 50s. the 7-day forecast, the coolest day thisen now to our wedding now to our wedding season series and this morning the top questions you need to ask your significant other before one of you pops the question. becky worley is back and she put some real couples to the test with a spin on the classic newlywed game, this is the nearly wed game. ♪ >> reporter: a game to test you on how well you know your spouse. but why not find out about your loved one before you walk wound the aisle? we're calling our version the nearly wed game. let's meet our contestants. first up, bobby and marlene. next, steven and christina, and finally, phil and ali.
8:23 am
marlene, what would bobby say the one thing is you guys don't agree on? >> it's a very small thing. >> bobby, you would say? >> room temperature. >> nice. >> reporter: steven and christina said what to eat for dinner, steven says food. >> we agree on almost everything. i would probably have to say, what to watch at the end of the night. >> what did you say? >> food. >> food. >> reporter: from food to family. marlene and bobby. marlene, what would bobby say is the adjective that best describes his family? >> high strung. okay. all right. >> all right. wow. >> oh, my god. >> i love them to death. >> they are high strung, yeah. >> steven and cristina? >> loud. >> for his family i would say loud. >> loud. >> loud. >> reporter: next question. steven, what would christina say is the chore she loves to hate most?
8:24 am
clean the toilet. >> let's see it, christina. you do know that the more chores you do, the more sex you have. that is a proven fact. d on that topic -- >> ali, would you say of your sex life that you make just the right amount of whoopee, not enough, or too many requests for whoopee? >> i'm going to say the right amount. >> bobby and marlene synced up but not enough whoopee. >> steven, too much whoopee. this is actually an item for discussion. everyone wins when you know your sweetheart better. thanks for watching "the nearly wed game." >> big thank you to becky worley for that. we got to bring in psychotherapist dr. jenn mann and there are three discussions in particular that you say you need to have before you pop the question. and we're going to start with parenting. what do you need to discuss with
8:25 am
your potential parefore >> first of all, people need to talk about, what are your parenting philosophies? even before you're a parent, you have lots of opinions. whether it is the family bed, vaccinations, discipline, spanking. also couples need to talk about what is the division of labor going to be. what do you expect of each other when it comes to diaper changing. who is staying home? who is working? all of that sort of stuff. what traditions were important to you that you want to carry on? we make a lot of assumptions about our partners, especially when we have things that are very similar, similar backgrounds. we have to talk about these things. >> and division of labor. let's talk about that. are men pulling their weight around the house with the chores? >> not so much. >> really? >> 62% of couples say it's important there is an equal division of labor. men have come a long way where they used to be. the studies show they only do 33% of the work. what we know is that the first two years of a marriage -- the
8:26 am
negotiations couples do in that first two years sets a pattern for the fru chuture and is one e big determine nant resentment, especially from women. >> the more chores you do, the more whoopee you have. >> for sure. a lot more whoopee when you do chores. >> intimacy. what is important for the couple to discuss? >> it's important for couples to talk about health issues coming down the line, changing bodies, menopause, performance issues and all that sort of stuff, but also in order to have a healthy long-term relationship, check in with each other. i have sex inventory that couples should do to keep things spicy. >> all right, doc. get a copy of her book available now. we'll be right back with "deals & steals."
8:27 am
good morning. bart has a new parking option. it will allow car poolers to pull right into the permit parking zones in they're willing to use bart's app. right now the feature is only available at four stations. warm springs, dublin pleasanton and antioch. a new crash at second base 680 blocking the three left lanes. that's all the details we have. that's backing up through the area and still a traffic alert in the area of fremont. 260 ramps closed due to a hit and run crash. injuries. an investigation is
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. a cool and mainly gray start with upper 50s to mid 60s. the gray is hanging over the san mateo bridge. not much for drizzle or fog. let's look at the 7-day. cooler tomorrow. look at the temperatures. a little bit below average. friday summer starts. it will feel like it's saturday and sunday. >> thank you, mike. we'll have another abc 7 news
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes. the news continues now with gma. ♪ welcome back to "gma." great to have you with us on this wednesday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us too on this wednesday morning. >> guess what it's time for? "deals & steals." this is an event counting down to a whopping 29 deals over the next two days. >> whoopi. >> whoopi i i i i 12 deals and more than half are debut this morning. >> that's right. including this first one. two different things here. this is this one trolley set that comes just like this. you would keep this in your car, your home, wherever you are and when you get to the grocery store you soap it into the cart
8:31 am
and one is insulated for your frozen items so then you go from the cart to the car to the kitchen. >> velcro. right to the kitchen. >> so nice. >> we've got these bags because you know the role of plastic. >> i'm a little hungry. >> you undo the plastic and you put your fruits and vegetables in and that plastic, you toss, you throw it away. not with these. you get a set of nine of these. all different sizes. >> i can't open the other ones. anyone else have that problem? >> i just rip them open. 25 to $50 today slashed in travel to 12 to 25. >> wow. [ applause ] >> this is awesome. instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil bee's wrap is terrific. certified organic cotton with
8:32 am
bee's wax and it's malleable to the warm of your hand and form around a bowl, a lemon, piece of snack, sandwich. reusable so you don't have to worry about useless plastic. >> wow. what's the deal on this. >> retail slashed in half depending on the set and she is you choose starts at $7.50. >> this is so call. >> rume and continuing with the no plastic alternatives and come just like this. teeny, that's the largest size and have the smallest size, awesome patterns. you get three different one, small, medium large, so teeny so you can always have one with you. the pattern is more. normally $30 thash what's a big one. normally $30 for the trio. today it's 15 bucks so great to store every day. >> three for 15 bucks.
8:33 am
three? >> shoes when you're walking. >> these are durable and carry a lot. >> they're cute. >> okay. i'm really excited about this. it is a one-time use grill. it is a one-time use grill. portable. disposable. biodegradable. made from am b-- bambo-- bamb--- rocks and allow you to grill up to 60 minutes. >> you can leave it. >> three it away choose. you can recycle it. compose it, trash it, no matter what. [ applause ] >> ready in five minutes. >> so all the guys were talking about going taming. this is for them. >> for three regularly $45, today three, $22.50.
8:34 am
>> i'm on line to buy that myself. >> better for the environment h is awesome. mark cuban invested in this company on "shark tank" so you know it's a winner. it is solar lanterns so you can get lighting anywhere you are. and you can choose just light or choose the kind with the larger built in so solar power charging for your devices and fold, packet like this, 18 to $07 regularly slashed in half, 9 to $30. >> for camping and hiking and finally this, every single one of these is made from recycled plastic. it's also recyclable so end of use you can repsych many it. this set is awesome. this ocean set was made from plastic collected at coastlines so that plastic -- charming sea life and instead it's turned into awesome toys for kids, even
8:35 am
their packaging is green e ecofriendly so everybody from this company is awesome. makes parents feel good about what they have in front of them. >> organic play-doh. >> what's the deal. >> 15 to 44 and slashed in half so your green toys start at $7.50. watch this. six deals down. we have six more deals to fly through a little bit later. [ cheers and applause ] coming up -- right now. the future of medicine that gores are using to care for their
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ back with our "deals & steals" go green event. tory johnson did back with two days of eke quo friendly products, a total of 29 deal, the next thick are all about >> beauty, yes. [ applause ] so this is my first one making its deals debut. this is great for a facial massage. >> you have one of those? >> don't test my beauty routine, robach. >> how do you get that he gets that gorgeous skin.
8:39 am
eye serum that's awesome. it's okay but it's for under your eyes. this simple serum. amazing. everything about this company, it is green, california living inspired and also rooted in french luxury beauty. so it's got the best of both worlds and everything is all natural, certified organic, 16 to $98. everything slashed in half, starts at 18 and -- >> free shipping? two favorite words this. is a great one too. everything here is clean beauty. we've got clean sea salt. this is a new product. body polish i love. kind of exfoliator but leaves skin glowing and all their bath relaxg s venate the bodyemi. they're soothing. >> this is revive with coffee. you got a coke number one. >> for intense hydration is what
8:40 am
it says, for intense hydration. that's good. 18 to $70 regularly. >> what's so funny? >> slashed in half, 9 to $30. [ applause ] >> this is awesome air products. this company is called good dye young. they go from temporary, so we've got temporary paste right here you can just easily put into your hair. four to six weeks depending how often you wash. their slogan unapologetically loud hair color. it's about inspiring your creativity. i think we have a supermodel here. >> my dream come true if she has the pate in her hair. she's going to wash it out. >> my daughter said she was thinking about doing somepink. >> that's a perfect way to test
8:41 am
it. everything is cruelty-free. fragrance with essential oils so good for your hair ingredients which i also love. >> i love what that says, beautifully on shoobnoxious. 19 to $15 today. we've got 14 options from this company. it's a wellness brand that is all powered by plants so everything in here, that's -- their manuka honey cleansing bar, awesome. the vitamin c 15. whoops, wrinkle repair serum. you don't need this yet but maybe one day. carrot seed soothing facial oil. all is good ingredients. no silicones or artificial fragrances. you'll feel good about putting it on your face. that's what i love bit. normally 29 to $114 so slashed in half and starts at $14.50.
8:42 am
really good stuff. this is a "gma" favorite but two new products. their brand-new all natural -- natural deodorant so that means -- >> does it work. >> it works. it has no aluminum, no baking soda. no cholt. we have a lot of fragrances to choose from, shampoo and conditioner bars because there's no plastic bottle that goes to waste. it will condition like regular conditioner, no plastic waste. all are terrific. made in california. >> how great they smell. >> i'm smelling bamboo charcoal. that is amazing. >> salted citrus. >> you think i'm joking. $10.50 to $60, all individuals and sets, slashed this half, $4.50 to $28. >> we got to move on, robach. we got to stop over here. >> the sniffers. that's good. this is from night.
8:43 am
this is 100% eco silk pillowcase, mulberry, all mulberry silk and great for your hair and skin but also great for the environment. >> anti-bedhead, breakouts, sleep lines, i won't have sheet marks on my fate now. normally $110. today 40 to $50 and finally -- >> free shipping, everybody. tory, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you guys know we partnered with all of these companies on these great deals. you can get them on our website, and the great thing about "deals & steals," everyone is going home with all of these amazing products you see right here from eight different tampas. 12 deals down and get ready for more deals tomorrow. 17 more to go. and we're done with the deals and now ginger, you're hanking out with sara and kiki. >> yes, i was going to say.
8:44 am
you get sara and kiki? what else is going on. >> the hilarious gabrielle iglesias and sherri shepherd and an everyday hero helping veterans. >> my personal struggle with acne and how to get yours under control. tune in. >> all your secrets. >> letting them going, child. >> thank good morning. you'll need the sunglasses a little bit later today and that means temperatures are not going to be quite as hot this afternoon. our coolest days are thursday and tuesday, but look at the we go to what could be the future of medicine. doctors using augmented reality for their for their patients and verizon is leading the way for making this possible with
8:45 am
cutting-edge 5g technology. this is augmented reality like you've never seen it before. >> we're using augmented reality to improve surgical precision. >> reporter: doctorshr mori and osama choudhury with this. >> we no locker have to picture it but directly see how it will be in the patient themselves. >> reporter: it's advanced technology that may impact the future of medicine made possible thanks to our sponsor verizon who partnered with them to power 5g. >> it is a technology that has high speeds and high bandwidth and medicine is a field that consumes a ton of data. technology like this will allow us to get into the hands of doctors and patients more reliably every day. >> it can help some people sometimes, it's worth dealing.
8:46 am
>> reporter: innovate now personal after his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer six months ago? your diagnosis of cancer was to me the most attention to detail can save you. >> it will revolutionalize medicine, no doubt. >> reporter: thanks to 5g, the possibilities are endless. >> this is just the beginning of this. these are the formative years of all of these technologies. [ applause ] >> coming up right here on "gma," singer/son
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we are back with the singing to strangers" features kelly minogue and bob
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dylan. here he is with his track "singing to strangers." ♪ who am i i wonder why i spend my life singing to strangers ♪ ♪ who are you what can i do to make you see that i am not a failure ♪ ♪ all i can do is try my very best to entertain you ♪ ♪ all eyes on me again but i do to see ♪ ♪ it's only me can't you see ♪ how have i only now realized
8:50 am
what it's all about how did i not know how to sing ♪ ♪ when all i ever did was shout ♪ ♪ all i can do is try my very best to entertain you all eyes on me again ♪ ♪ but i don't believe there's anything to see it's only me can't you see ♪ ♪ i'm singing to strangers ♪ all eyes on me again but i don't believe there's anything to see ♪
8:51 am
♪ hey hey hey, oh, my, my ♪ oh ♪ all eyes on me again but i don't believe there's anything to see ♪ ♪ it's only me, can't you see ♪ i'm singing to strangers, strangers, strangers ♪ [ applause ] >> thank you so much.
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>> announcer: it's that time of year again, time to break out the grill and celebrate summer. we're sending one winner on an hawaiian aed venture to aulani. go to swee enter. sponsored by king's hawaiian. tomorrow, it's the big payoff for "gma's" two-day "deals sal epic event. >> they have something for you. >> what's the deal? >> announcer: 17 more deals, go green by saving green tomorrow
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on "gma." [ applause ] we want to thank jack savoretti. that was beautiful. >> thank you so much you so much for having me. >> you can catch him on tour this summer. >> thank your daughter, by the way, your 7-year-old came up with the title for that album. >> she did. >> ah. [ applause ]
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good morning. i'm alexis smith.
8:59 am
let's check in with mike nicco for the forecast. >> we'll start by taking a look at the golden gate bridge. faster sea breeze today means slower sunshine. cooler temperatures for all of us. it will be breezy on the bay. a little bit of a spread from the upper 80s to near 90 in the east bay. 80s in the south bay. near eighty in the north way. 60s at the coast and san francisco. summer starts friday. it will feel like it's saturday and sunday. >> we'll head back to the trivalley where we have a crash. two vehicles involved. three possibly four lanes now blocked and the backup is getting close to 50 and the mission boulevard ramps to and from 6 80 closed due to an investigation. we'll be back at 11:00. you can find us on our news app >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, film, television, and now broadway actress, keri russell.
9:00 am
and one of the stars of the hit drama "grey's anatomy," kim raver. and a lesson in intermittent fasting, courtesy of jorge cruise. plus mark consuelos takes a seat at the co-host's desk, all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos. [upbeat music] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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