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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning on this thursday, june 20thment we're glad you're here with us. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is mike. >> guy, let's talk about what's going on with the cloud deck. it's a little ragged out there this morning as you can see from mt. tam. it's a little taller, in fact, expanding so much the moisture is thinning out. that's why we're finding hoelsz in the cloud cover and why we'll see faster sunshine today. the breeze that's bringing in the dryer air is going to temper that sunshine. today one of our coolest days moving forward. starting pretty much the same. low to upper 50s, even a few 60s out there. we barely get to 60 at the
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coast. we hang out around 70 to 73 at lunch, 73 to 77 during the afternoon hours. temperatures below average and already back into the 60s by 7:00. we'll talk about this weekend' heat coming up. here is alexis. good morning. looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza, always one of our busiest spots. car pool lanes are open, metering lights on at 5:21 this morning. we had a report of a crash on the other side of the bridge, westbound 80 at the 9th streett off-ramp. that's been a non-issue. i don't think it was ever taking any lanes away. a quick check of drive times. westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the red at 56 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard coming in the green at 17 minutes. in the south bay, no incidents to report. northbound 85 is looking good as well. highway 101 to cupertino. in the green at 16 minutes. tracking breaking news this morning. a sacramento police officer has died after a man with a wiefl shot her. >> it was an agonizing situation. officers struggled to get to her
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after she fell. the man just kept firing. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield joining us live in the news room with her ties to the east bay. amy? >> hi, natasha. she is from the east bay, grew up there. her fellow officers couldn't get to her for 45 minutes because the man was still firing his gun. it was a dangerous situation. they couldn't get to her until they could get an armored vehicle to the area. en in they were able to rescue her. 26-year-old tara o'sullivan later died at the hospital. she had been helping a woman, a domestic violence victim move some of her belongings out of her home when she was shot. the call came in as a disturbance between a man and a woman. police and the mayor announced o'sullivan's death after midnight saying there are no words to convey the depth of the sadness they feel. >> the captain shared that she had one of these bushelly personalities but was always willing to help. didn't know what she was doing a lot of the time, but had that willingness to help.
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clearly that calling to be a police officer and those traits followed her to want to do this job. >> the gunman held police off for about eight hours until a negotiator convinced him to surrender. the mayor said this is the department's first death in the line of duty in 20 years. live in the news room, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. that 26-year-old officer, tara o'sullivan was hired by the sacramento police department in january 2018. she entered the department's police academy last july. she was actually still in training and was scheduled to go out on her own in a couple weeks from now. she was a child development major at sacramento state. we sent out updates throughout the night including a push alert after the speck was arrested. you can get the latest on your phone by downloading the abc 7 news app. in the east bay a family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the pleasanton police department. jacob bauer died in police
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custody last august. the family is scheduled to announce their lawsuit at a press conference at 11:00 a.m. in oakland. vta workers could be going on strike. >> workers rejected the final offer for a labor contract. abc 7's jobina fortson live in san jose with what this means for commuters. >> reporter: good morning natasha and reggie. the union tells us their mem bevers overwhelmingly rejected that contract which means bus drivers and light rail operators could go on strike. they have to give 72 hours' notice. it's likely this will happen sometime next week if they decide to move forward with it. both the vta and the union have been in talks since last august about this. they reached 37 tentative agreements but can't seem to work out the issues over wage increases and the vta's push for
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union members to make larger contributions towards their pensions. they've been trying to finalize a new labor contract. the vta has about 1,300 classic employees in the union currently pay 1.9% of gross salary towards the 6% employee pension contribution. the vta pays the rest of that. non-union employees and employees hired after 2016 pay the full employee contribution. according to ""the mercury news"," vta would stop all light rail service if there's a strike and would bring in licensed bus operators from other transit agencies and provide operators to drive buses on some of the authorities' busiest routes. if the union decides to go forward, this would be the vta's first ever bus driver strike. jobina fortson, abc 7 news. the bill up for discussion in sacramento today that is expected to draw a big crowd. >> cruising to chase center.
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a proposal to bring ferry service to san francisco's new arena could be taking a step forward today. here is a look at what's coming at you over the weekend. much warmer temperatures, even in
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waking up in san francisco, heading outside. temperatures almost exactly where they were yesterday. 54 to 56 degrees. 56 in walnut creek and union city. see how the day will unfold as far as your activity planner. it will keep temperatures on the cool side of average. a good day to do yard work. increasing sunshine north to south across our beaches. small craft advisory north of the bay bridge and east of the golden state through the delta. east bay will hit the 70s by 11:00 and upper 70s with sunshine this afternoon. that's in the east bay valleys where we're just in the hundreds. peninsula, in the 60s through 9:00. total sunshine this afternoon and mid 70s. for the south bay, break out of the sunshine this afternoon -- out of the cloud cover this afternoon and head into the mid 70s. 69 degrees at 7:00.
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comfortable evening on the way. here is alexis. >> overall looking pretty good this morning. have not had major issues. a lot of cloud cover at golden gate bridge. no dense fog advisory like we had yesterday. the only advisory is a why wind advisory for the benicia bridge. pretty gusty for our north-south bridges, not so much the east/west bridges. a car stuck on the tracks at asean 1. they're stopped at livermore so they don't have issues with the vehicle towed from the tracks. still no estimate. they have to inspect the tracks. hopefully on the move again soon. right now a 40-minute delay. starting today in the north bay, don't alarm if you see smoke coming from 128. cal fire conducting a controlled burn between the monticello dam and winters. crews are working between 8:30 and noon every day.
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these controlled burns will hopefully help prevent potentially dangerous wildfires. a bill up for discussion in sacramento is expected to draw hundreds of people who oppose vaccinations to the capital. the vaccine bill gives public lelgtd officials oversight over doctors who glant more than five exemptions a year, also schools with vaccination rates less than 95%. lawmakers take comments from the public today. one island is considering ignoring the clock completely. new developments in the a story about a family scammed out story about a family scammed out of their life the third stair always creaked. and your mother told me all her life that i should fix it. now it reminds me of her. i'm just glad i never fixed it. listen, you don't need to go anywhere dad. meet christine, shs going to help you around the house. the best home to be in is your own. from personal care and memo care, to help around the house, home instead offers personalized in-home services
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welcome back. we have new developments in the story about the bay area scammed out of their life savings trying to rent a home. >> we virs told you about victor gonzalez and his family earlier this week. now we've learne that the person accused of scamming the family is at it again. gonzalez found another ad posted by the same person, and we know that because the phone number is the same. after a few texts back and fo h forth, the scammer gave gonzalez the code to a second property's lock box. so we informed the real property management company that a scammer was taking advantage of their listing. >> i didn't know that, but i'm also not surprised. these kind of scams have been going on for a long time, and
6:15 am
it's a real shame. i've had my tech person trace ip addresses all the way back to nigeria or somewhere in north africa or turkey, and it's just not much we can do. >> the president of park one properties says the scammer had to fill out a form with the driver's license number and other contact information to gain access to that lock box. we've connected the company will police and we'll let you know if there are any new developments. the community has been rallying to help the gonzalez family. we have a link to the family's gofundme page on our website. they have now raised more than $16,000. go to >> i love our viewers. a proposal that will give warriors fans another option forgetting to chase center once it opens in september is gaining momentum. the chronicle reporting that transit officials will hold a public hearing on a special evening ferry to games and concerts. officials are gathering information on how much they'll
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charge per ride. the city is building a temporary ferry landing with the goal of opening it by october 1st. if you're looking for one, you may want to stay away from an east bay city. a new report ranks fremont among if most unfaithful according to ashley madison, a canada-based website for people looking to have affairs. it says fremont is number five in the country for cheating. wallet hub declared fremont the happiest city in america. so you do the math. other california cities that made the top 20 cheating hot list include sacramento and anaheim? >> surely not. >> excuse me. >> the happiest place and one of the happiest cities. you tell me bhatsz goiwhat's go here, natasha. >> let's move on. if you're one of the people who
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has trouble coping with the recent change today light saving, wrap your head around what people on a norwegian island are facing, the sun doesn't set for 69 days of the year. people on the island of sommaroey say they want to go time free. they want to ignore the clock during the midnight sun period that lasts from may 18 to july 26. they say it would give them more flexible working hours during be productive, get more donement when it's in permanent night, just go to bed and chill. >> how would you know what your working hours are if you don't use the time -- >> work all day. >> yeah, come here when the sun is up, leave when the sun is down. i'll see you in 69 days. >> what a nightmare. >> i couldn't live there. >> but people say they also can't do this shift, mike, and here we are. >> and here we are. >> we can't, but we're still doing it. >> i'll take those 69 days in the winter when it's dark.
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>> just to hibernate a little, cozy up. >> interesting concept. i hope we follow up on that one. here is a look at what's going on. 6:18, under partly cloudy conditions, 58 degrees. definitely going to be brighter today. the breeze that's bringing in the drier air and creating the sunshine also going to put a cap on our temperatures. breezy in our hills tonight. don't forget we have the fire weather watch for lake and solano county. saturday will be our warmest if you want to head to the coast. shear a look at what's going on. you can definitely see that offshore flow thanks to the high pressure. remember the dent we showed you yesterday in the jet stream? that low is pushing the cooler air toward us. gray day for outdoor activities. do all the strenuous activities today before it gets hot. low to mid 70s on the peninsula.
6:19 am
60 to 64 along the coast. mid to upper 60s, 66 to 69 in san francisco. up in the north bay we'll have temperatures in the mid 70s to about 80 degrees. east bay shofr low to mid 70s. get the free air conditioning when you can. tonight under a clear sky, there will be a few clouds out there especially at the coast. low to mid 50s. summer starts tomorrow and starts to feel like it inland. 80s and 90s away from the coast saturday and sunday. and then next week, we get a pay back. temperatures below average by wednesday. alexis? >> sounds good, mike. we have one new problem in the santa cruz mountains. it's the countercommute direction. southbound highway 17 before you get to the summit, we have reports of a rollover collision possibly blocking both southbound lanes. they're sending emergency crews to the scene. you're heavy on that site. onlooker delay on the northbound side as well. that's the heavier side, the inbound side. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on
6:20 am
almost exactly an hour now, 5:21 the official time. a quick collect of drive times this morning. we've got our typical red getting out of the central valley. westbound 580 tracy to dublin will take one hour. westbound 4 antioch to concord yellow at 25. southbound 101 coming in from the northbound. i got an update on the a.c.e. rail situation. we'll talk about that next. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> ginger zee in new york city with a look at what's ahead on the show. >> great to be with both of you this morning. coming up here on gma we, of course, are following the breaking news, iran shooting down a u.s. drone saying they are ready forward. with tensions between our two countries already heightened, we'll have the latest here. new shark sightings on both coasts. authorities are trying to track them. we'll tell you how they zeer doing that to keep people safe. we're live high above times square with nik wallenda, the
6:21 am
man of the weekend as he gets ready for the dare devil walk with his sister. what exactly is going through his mind? you'll hear from him. one-on-one with keanu reeves. he's everywhere, action movies, rom comes, and now toy story 4. since we did a gem thing, can we do a side pony and do punky brewster. if you know the punky brewster song, i'll be impressed. >> that's amazing. she did it so fast, too. i wish i knew the punky brewster song. >> it's not even a hair tie. it's a bracelet of one of our stage managers. >> ginger, you're the best. we adore you. >> keep that look. it's working for you. >> it didn't work. i need more time. >> we need a stage manager who has a bracelet. >> a little charm bracelet. >> the robotic cameras don't
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wear bracelets. is sending people to mars important? a new poll reveals what many people really want when it comes to
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here is a look at our red hot a's after sweeping the orioles yesterday, inviting the rays from tampa bay to town. if you're going to alameda county fair in pleasanton, it doesn't get much nicer than this, 70 when they open the gates at 11:00. kids right free for a while, least 12 and under. check out the website for more information on that. top out at 80 this afternoon and drop out at 58. a kaiser family foundation looked at er and hospital visits in 2017, and many people who had medical coverage from large employers were still exposed to out-of-network charges amounting to thousands. researchers found 18% of er visits and 16% of in-network hospital stays came with at least one out-of-network charge. would you rather the u.s. space program focus on
6:26 am
scientific research or sending astronauts back to the moon and eventually to mars? according to a new poll, americans prefer scientific research. they want a space program that looks into potential affidavit roid impacts and groups robots to explore the cosmos, two-thirds of people surveyed say astroid and comic monitoring is really important. that surprises me. are you worried about that? >> now i am. that is very surprising to me. >> i know. sure, america. the airline seats of the future may be smaller than ever. >> oh, boy. these are standing seats. they're called the sky rider. they're on display at the paris air show. so you can lean on a bicycle seat-style ld cushion that sits hear than the typical seat. you are basically standing. it has 23 inches of leg room. the company that came up with this concept has been pushing the seats for a long time now. no takers from the airlines just
6:27 am
yet. >> okay. you know what this is like? the standup roller coaster? have you ever been on one? they're taking them out because people hate them. >> okay. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, bay area grocery market is set to make its stock market we'll go live to the dnasd
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sfloet ♪ >> oh, my. >> listen to the music. there we go. perfect timing. emery-based grocery outlet is going public. a live look at the nasdaq opening bell where they start trading under the symbol g-o. more of that coming up on morning money. i frequent this place quite a bit. grocery outlet. >> ♪ bargain market >> expecting more of that. >> there should have been puppets. >> that was the fanciest opening bell i've ever seen. >> multiple cameras. i love it. good morning on this thursday, june 20th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. ♪ mike nicco >> the best production value
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i'll get right there. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. >> i was hoping you'd sing it. a stout sea breeze. it's churning up the atmosphere and opening up the cloud deck. sfo, look at all that sunshine. temperatures the same this morning. they won't be this afternoon. barely 60 at the coast. 70 to 73 at noon, 73 to 77 at 4:00 and back into the 60s at 7:00. this is going to be very comfortable compared to the weekend. i'll show you the heat coming up. here is alexis. >> we've been looking pretty descend so far this morning. definitely filled in on the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 folks leaving hayward heading into foster city, nothing like yesterday's commute. i know we had the sig alert on the peninsula. it's just filling in. we're seeing the typical delays. better news for ace rail riders. the vehicle has been removed from the tracks near pleasanton
6:32 am
station. a.c.e. 1 is on the move. no speed restrictions on anything like that. a.c.e. 1 did leave livermore. fortunately others not impacted by this. if you're taking a later train, you should be in the clear. the man accused of shooting and killing a sacramento police officer is in custody. >> the end of an hours' long dangerous standoff. we've learned the 26-year-old officer who was killed has ties to the east bay. officer tara o'sullivan while trying to help a woman connected with a cliens call. amy hollyfield has more on what's been a long and heartbreaking night in sacramento. >> yes, she grew up in the east bay, graduated from sacramento state. she had only worked with the police department for about a year and a half. 26-year-old tara o'sullivan was trying to help a woman move some of her belong innings out of her home when she was shot. the call came in as a
6:33 am
disturbance between a man and a woman. police police were in a standoff with the man and he was still firing his rifle, they couldn't get to o'sullivan for about 45 minutes,ot uil they couldedle i area. she died later at the hospital. the mayor promised her family the city would be there for them every step of the way. >> this is a horrible night for the city of sacramento. to tara's parents and family and tara's fellow officers, i am so sorry. as a father of a 25-year-old daughter, i grieve with you. >> o'sullivan is described as having a bubbly personality who was always willing to help, who had big dreams and a big heart. police negotiators were able to convince that man to surrender after an eight hours' long standoff. live in the news room, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
6:34 am
>> such a tough night for so many people, thank you. we sent out updates throughout the night including the push alert after the suspect was arrested. you can get the latest on your phony time, download the abc 7 news app. this is the second time this year a sacramento area police officer has been killed in the line of duty. davis officer natalie koran nah was spot and killed while responding to a car crash. she graduated one year before o'sullivan. this is happening right now in san francisco, this waterline break flooding part of the city's lower haight neighborhood. this is on pierce street near page. you can see the rushing water ru flowing down the street. avoid the area if you can. developing news, authorities in san mateo county are ble for two homicides ine man is two days. the victims were both found along skyline boulevard about a mile from one another.
6:35 am
tuesday night san mateo county deputies were searching for additional evidence in the stabbing death of 32-year-old abdul malek nasher of pacifica. just before midnight they heard someone calling for help and found 31-year-old john pekipaki stufrg fr suffering from stab wounds. he did not suffer prize. his family says he also received a call from work. they say he was working for a towing company. >> he got a call to go over to that area and pick up a vehicle. and when john drove over there on highway 35, that's when it happened. that's when they killed him. >> deputies arrested 26-year-old malek desuki after he tried to run away from the scene. hearing from san rafael police after they released body cam video of an officer-involved shooting. the en counter happened last august. officers spent about 30 minutes
6:36 am
trying to talk to the man. they say he had a knife in one hand and a peer of sheers in another. he begins approaching the officers, they give him commands and shoot him with bean bag rounds. he sprints toward the officers, that's when they shoot him with their guns. this morning a lieutenant explains why the department is releasing the footage now. >> full transparency is how we're looking -- oubs in law enforcement it's important for the public to see exactly what happened. so they can make their own determination on the the force was necessary. >> the man survived and pleaded guilty to several charges. he was sentenced to more than three years in prison. the people of el sobrante with take a stand against a symbol of hate today. earlier we told you about a loam owner who installed this giant swastika in his front yard. neighbors say they found it offensive and will hold a vigil today. the event will begin at 4:00 at the corner of san pablo dam road
6:37 am
and apian way. b.a.r.t. is hosting a twitter town hall addressing one of passenger's biggest complaints, overcrowding. b.a.r.t. has a plan to increase the number of passengers, sofa no word from washington. now b.a.r.t. wants riders to put pressure on government leaders. b.a.r.t. will hold the race for space town hall on twitter between noon and 1:00 p.m. the fwiter handle to follow @sfbart. you can see all the stories on our website, we are tracking breaking news. vta bracing for a possible strike. jobina fortson is live with what riders need to know. >> at 6:37, a live look at the big board this morning. we're significantly up. we'll continue checking in a few moments. a special thank you to dub nation. where you can check out this
6:38 am
mural of klay thompson. first you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. looks like a nice one, mike. >> it is goingtnowe a few 60s, antioch, oakland, frem jose. 51 in los gatos, one o of the cool spots. in walnut creek, a little sunshine breaking through the cloud deck. make sure you take the sunglasses and wear the sunscreen. breezy on the north/south bridges all day because of the sea breeze. cool and comfy this afternoon on mags transit. on the water, it will be faster. small craft advisory from noon to 9:00. taking a look at the neighborhoods the next 12 hours, 58 in the north bay. mid to upper 70s this afternoon. comfortable 68 by 7:00. we really will get to the low to mid 70s in the east bay neighborhoods around 2:00. for the most part, a lot of
6:39 am
upper 60s there. san francisco will hang out in the low 60s for the better part of the afternoon hours with a lot more sunshine than we had yesterday. pretty comfortable today. we've got 80s and 90s, a little warmth at the beaches this weekend. first let's bring in alexis. are we continuing to see an uptick in the commute out there? >> yeah, no surprise as we get closer to 7:00. definitely getting busier. not too many trouble spots at the moment. i want to take you back to the santa cruz mountains southbound 17. crews are working on clearing up a rollover crash. not sure if the roadway is fully cleared. both southbound lanes were fully blocked for at least 20 minutes. hopefully we have one lane back open now. seeing onlooker delay on the northbound side as well. 20 minutes backup in either direction. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on at 5:21. once you make it through those, everything looks good the rest of the way into san francisco.
6:40 am
a quick check of drive times, southbound 101 santa rosa to t petalu petaluma, 16 minutes. castro valley to the maze, 14
6:41 am
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let's talk more about the breezes and what they mean to our fire concern. that fire weather watch for lake county which was added this morning in northern solano
6:43 am
county, starts at 1:00 today through 11:00 saturday. it will bring us clear nights ahead but also clear fire danger. you can see the breezes right along the coast as the cold front dips through. mid 60s in eureka and monterey. more sunshine and the near 70 degree temperatures in san diego and los angeles. down to 66 with breezy conditions friday, but rebounding to 77 and sunshine in tahoe sunday. we have breaking news. vta workers could be going on strike. >> overnight we learned that workers rejected the final offer for a new labor contract. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson live in san jose with what this means for commuters. >> reporter: i've been talking with commuters this morning. the idea for bus drivers and light rail workers going on strike has really left people feeling uneasy this morning. both the vta and the union have been in talks since last this.
6:44 am
they have to give 72 hours' notice before they go on strike. the vta and the union have reached 37 tentative agreements but can't seem to work out the issues over wage increases and the vta's push for union members to begin making larger contributions towards their pensions. according to our media partner, "the mercury news," vta would stop all light rail service if there's a strike and bring in licensed bus operators from other transit agencies and private operators to drive buses on some of the author's busiest routes. i talked with monique deer this morning who takes the bus and light rail every morning to get to work in santa clara. >> i have to be at work at 7:30 in the morning. i don't have a car ch i've never owned a car. it would ruin my life. i've lived here since 1968. so i've taken public transportation ever since then.
6:45 am
>> reporter: if the union goes forward with the strike, it would be the vta's first ever bus driver's strike. live in san jose, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobe bean nah, thank you. you have told us that housing is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to quality of life here. that's why we have made it part of our building a better bay area commitment. in the north bay there's a critical shortage following the north bay wildfires. now habitat for humanity is creating their own factory in rohnert park to build affordable homes right there. 100 families are on a waiting list. jasmine palmer says she never dreamed she and her daughters would ever own a home of their own. today she does thanks to hab tate for humanity. >> it gave me a whole other level of confidence and self-esteem and stability for my family and i. >> volunteers and students from santa rosa junior college will learn a trade by using
6:46 am
technology to design pre fab walls and roofing. with all this, habitat hopes to going from building 15 homes to year to 60. what do you think would build a better bay area? share your story online by joining our facebook group. a new source of brain food for you and your kids. two bay area dads spent the past year creating a product they say is good for the brain and appeals to picky eaters. mark brooks and jonathan wolfson co-founded brainiacs. they've added omega threes and co-lean. once kids out grow formula, they need to get the fatty acids somewhere else. >> talking to experts we found kids in america are getting about 20% of the omega threes they need. their brains are made up of that. 15% of their brain is that. they get it from foods, foods like salmon and trout. salmon and trout are not kids' favorite foods. >> brainiac products are
6:47 am
available on good eggs. on to your morning money report, grocery outlet is now a. >> t f vice chair rang the bell this morning. you can find them tlaeding under the symbol go. >> you can buy shares in slack. the san francisco company launched a direct listing, not an ipo. that means it will be immediately available for trading. it will not raise cash for the company but will allow employees and early investors to share their sale. the reference price is $26 a share. a live look at the new york stock exchange right now. trading is under way, up about 230 points this morning, some optimism ahead of the decision
6:48 am
from the fed. if you are looking for a unique summer job, grab the sunscreen and your favorite floatity. >> these are getting ridiculous. is hiring the first ever pool hop. your job will be to travel ab cross the country for two weeks in august and search for the most epic hotel pools. you also sip on fruity drinks, snap photos and sport a hotel robe. once you've checked out each pool, you report back to fans. the job description fans, quote, in case we weren't clear enough, lounge by the pool. it pays $10,000. you have to be at least 21 years old to apply because the aforementioned fruity drinks. what's the downside of this? >> this is great. i don't know. i can't think of one. >> shrivelled fingers. >> have to have your beach body ready at all times. >> every body is a beach body.
6:49 am
>> i spent half my childhood in a pool. >> did you? >> i'll leave the speedo at home. i'll bring the swimsuit and goggles and hat, flip pers and snorkel lt. >> i like this, mike. >> paint a nice picture. let's take a look outside and show you if you can do that this weekend. san rafael, it is mostly clear right now. a little hazy. temperature of about 55 degrees. more sunshine today, but the breezes will temper that. a little cooler today. summer solstice tomorrow, a little hot weekend. let's look at the cloud cover. if you want shine along the coast, through noon everybody else clears out. look what happens after noon, this dry air comes through and cleans out the clouds from north to south across the coast as we head into the evening hours. you can see the sunset in most neighborhoods. let's check out the temperatures this cooler air mass brings us,
6:50 am
76 to 79 in the south bay. 71 to 76 your spread on the peninsula. 60 to 64 along the coast today, mid to upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. 74 in oakland. 76 in fremont. the east bay valleys, upper 70s in the san ramon valley. low 80s to 83 in brentwood. tonight, low to mid 50s with less cloud cover because of that breeze that's going to bring us the high fining darer up in lake county and solano county. that will happen friday night. our warmest day at the coast will be saturday. a little cooler at the coast on sunday while the rest of us are still in the 80s and 90s. i do have confirmation now, a little more information about the crash that we have on highway 17. it's the countercommute side. southbound lanes before you get to the summit. rollover crash was blocking both lanes. the left lane is now open.
6:51 am
weave got about a 23-minute delay on the southbound side. not quite as long northbound. we have onlooker delay. some is the typical slowdown coming through the santa cruz mountains. emeryville, westbound 80 traffic normal as you head toward downtown oakland. we haven't had any major issues for the bay bridge commute so far this morning. quick check of mass transit. 57 b.a.r.t. trains in service, no delays. a.c.e. 1 still delayed about an hour. not sure if they'll be able to make up much of that time. that was due to an earlier vehicle stuck on the tracks in the pleasanton area. on the move now. shouldn't have further delays. 3, 5 and 7 are not impacted. normal service, no delays for muni. breaking news in the north bay, a police standoff in san anselmo prompting a shelter-in-place. this is on butterfield road and woodside drive. police say this started as a dispute between two roommates last night. one of the people barricaded
6:52 am
himself inside the home. at one point he showed officers a knife. we'll bring u you updates on our app and on new developments involving mountain view based waymo. they're launching a fleet of robo taxis in france and japan. they're preparing to launch an international self-driving ride share service. it's been testing robo taxis with a backup driver in phoenix, arizona. it's all about steph and aisha curry on abc 7. >> two new shows including first, holey molly. >> he still does that hand dunk gesture. steph curry producing and starring in this extreme mini golf competition series. he's going to be featured in every episode as the resident golf pro. holey moley premiers on abc 7.
6:53 am
aisha's new show is called "family food fight." >> it's a competition game show series where families of three go head-to-head in a battle to become america's number one food family. >> contestants showcase their best family recipes. on the line, first of all, bragging rights, but also $100s graham elliot and cat cora join aisha as judges. she was on jimmy kimmel last night. >> do you and your family cook with them, with the other -- >> no. >> that would violate your position as judge -- >> that would be so bad. we're fair here. >> here is the complete look at what's happening. steph's show premiers at 8:00 p.m. and then aisha's show at 9:00.
6:54 am
i actually wonder,s th has this happened before, where a husband and wife have back-to-back shows? >> you know what, this power couple is coming for us. i love it. >> come on currys. get riley. y'roer hoe. 'ow >> at 10:00 p.m. >> we can workthe name. have you heard of china clay? get ready for space jam >> klay thompson is one of the stars that will be part of the cast of "space jam 2." it will star lebron james, damian lillard, chris paul. a remake of the 1996 box office smash that starred michael jordan and bugs bunny. filming expected to start during the 2020 nba off season. >> i think it had "come on ride
6:55 am
that train". a mural thanking the warriors popped up in oakland. i shows klay thompson holding up the famous three goggles. it's located on telegraph and 43rd street. this is interesting. klay just happens to be looking in the direction of sflan where the warriors will be playing next season at the new chase center. up next, the seven things you need to know
6:56 am
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whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. we just confirmed a sacramento pla police officer killed on duty number two, the santa clara county transportation authority may face the first ever strike after the union overwhelmingly rejected the contract offered by vta. that rejection means drivers could walk off the job with 72 hours' notice. number three, b.a.r.t. wants to hear to you about overcrowding, a twitter town hall starting at noon. number four, iran says it is ready forward. the message coming after the country shot down a u.s. drone
6:59 am
it says was flying in iranian airspace. u.s. says the drone was in international airspace. seeing more sunshine than yesterday. it's a cool breeze off the ocean that brings us the sunshine and drops our temperatures a little below average. a lot of 70s this afternoon. one lane clocked southbound 17 around the summit due to a rollover crash. right lane is blocked. left lane is open. we've had significant delays heading sfwound and northbound with onlooker delay. number seven, woody, buzz lightyear and the rest of the gang are back. "toy story 4" hits theaters tonight. the original "toy story" came out almost 25 years ago. it was 1995, kids. disney is the parent company of pixar and abc 7. i looked it up on rotten tomatoes -- granted it's not out yet, so this is just critics.
7:00 am
98%. that's a good rating. >> we're going to go. >> thanks for watching this morning. guess what's up next? >> "good morning america" starts right now.good mniam breaking news as we come on the air, iran shooting down a u.s. drone this morning. escalating crisis. american authorities now confirming iran shot down a u.s. drone this morning saying it was flying in international airspace. iran firing back saying they're sending a, quote, clear message to america. flash flooding alert. water rescues this morning as drivers get trapped in flooding near philadelphia. now 52 million bracing for severe storms. also this morning as joe biden now faces new backlash for his comments about segregationist senators, the abc news investigation into biden's son. our reporter in ukraine trying to get answers. did hunter biden and his firm
7:01 am
make millis


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