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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 21, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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love it as much as you do. luckily i have a super secret weapon to help with that and she's stepping in to save the day for all of us. meet dr. whitney bowe, celebrity dermatologist. >> i love being outdoors, but i'm a dermatologist, a mom. so you have to be smart in the sun. >> reporter: shining a light on summer skin misconceptions. first of all, what are the biggest mistakes you see people making when they head outside in the middle of the summer? >> first of all, people don't reapply their sunscreen. you put it on in the morning, you have to reapply every two hours if your skin is dry, more frequently if you're swimming, getting wet, sweating. >> reporter: next up, don't be led astray by the spray. >> the only way that the sprays work is if you first spray it, then you have to rub it in. because when you just spray the skin, you end up missing large parts of the body. >> reporter: number three, your
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sunscreen can go bad if it's not scored correctly. >> throw it in the bag, throw it on your towel, you leave it in the car. and those sunscreen ingredients are baking in that heat. and they're breaking down. >> reporter: another summer sun superstition? >> a major myth is that if you have skin of color, if you have a dark complexion, you don't need to use sunscreen or sun protection. that is just not true. >> reporter: luckily dr. bowe has options for everyone's summer skin. ideas to keep in mind in addition to the typical sunscreen routine. clothing with a upf or ultraviolet protection factor. >> there's fabrics, sun-protective fabrics. look for upf 50-plus. that means that fabric has been tested in the laboratory setting to actually block out 98% of uva and uvv rays. anywhere that your skin is covered by the fabric, you don't have to apply sunscreen. >> reporter: some of that clothing is stylish. who wasn't swap the sunscreen for this chic coverup? next from outerwear to protection from the inside out.
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>> studies show that nicotinemide, a form of b-3, can significantly reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. this is the formulation i recommend, helio care advanced, order online. take this in the morning. it's not instead of sunscreen. but if you're applying sunscreen and you take this on top of it, it can dramatically reduce your risk of getting all that damage from the sun. >> reporter: but let's just say you forget to take your helio care or you didn't reapply your sunscreen. you fall asleep in the sun. one too many margaritas. it's happened. never to me. >> no, of course not. >> never to me. t no way. of a burn. what are our options if you don't have aloe on hand? dr. bowe's surprising solution? >> milk. we all have milk in our fridge. i have cold milk. mix it with ice cubes. put it in a bin.
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take a wash cloth and just get that nice and covered with milk. you wring it out. and then you drape the milk onto -- it's very cooling. it basically draws out the heat from the burn. it also leaves a little film of healthy fats and proteins that really help to promote and speed the wound-healing process for a sunburn. it's actually very healthy. >> have a great summer! i did all the tricks at the end there. another option to treat sunburn is medical-grade honey. add a thin layer over the burn. it will promote a moisture-balanced environment that helps the burn heal faster. >> whole milk will save your life every time. even though that melanin be popping, put on your sun block. you still need it. >> that was your backyard, that was beautiful. >> that was not my backyard, that was dr. b.'s backyard and i'm very grateful for the invite to that poolal iismmer.
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mingp, what r >> checking out this year's hottest summer fashion tricks. >> look, look! test test
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♪ summer summer summer summer and summer is officially here. whether you're headed to a fourth of july party or a beach bash, you can make a splash at any pool party without ever jumping into the dee ♪ summer summer summer summer and summer is officially here. whether you're headed to a fourth of july party or a beach bash, you can make a splash without jumping into the deep end. celeb stylist dennis kenny is here to show us how to heat up our wardrobe. >> thank you for having me. >> we brought the beach to you today. >> i know, i love it. we are ready to party the summer away and look fabulous. >> i am here for it. looking fabulous. talk to me about the big summer trends you're seeing this season. >> amazing trends. florals, prints, laser designs, neon, fun. i want you to think about the full cohesive look.
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not just the suit. the accessories, the mood. >> speaking of the mood, we have the models here to bring it. >> i got to bring it to the studio, of course. >> who do we have first over here? >> first, walking in fashionably late, gorgeous, oversized rimmed hat, it's stunning with a cover-up. it's beautiful for any body type. it flows, from vince camuto. then this one-piece i love. the plunge, deep drama, gold embellishment. please look at the shoes. please, cameras, get on these shoes. cork shoes, it's a must have. lengthening the leg and overall fabulous but chic. >> fabulous and chic and making a one-piece sexy, i love it. >> she can have her "titanic" moment in front of the ship. let's see the flow, let's see the flow, yes. >> fabulous. thank you so much. all right, who do we have next? >> the women cannot have all the fun. the guys, we've got to join in.
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here we don't have to reinvent the wheel, it's playing with fabric, lighten it up. it's hot so we go to linen. light aqua, turquoise. nautica has got it right. coral, this is must have particularly for the men. the marlin print plays off beautifully. i'm bringing the shoe game big-time. sandals, jelly sandals. >> jelly sandals? >> you need them in every color. >> at the beach those can get sandy, wet, you don't have to worry about ruining your shoes. >> exactly. someone sees you and it's a conversation piece, sparks fun and spontaneity. >> i love it and these colors make anybody look tan, whether you've been hiding in a studio all summer long -- >> you're darn right. complementary and a nice flow. >> i love it. >> here's the thing, black and white does not always have to be boring. so i wanted to kind of reinvent the basic black. you know how you do that? with a laser print and a beautiful embellished ruffled shoulder.
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similarly with a slender frame. bring out the ruffle and it balances and it's fabulous. a sarong, a sensible gold espadrille. this bag is going to sell out everywhere. a super-cute fisherman bag. you walk in right there, it's heads turning left and right. >> heads turning left and right. that bag really is fabulous. you're bringing the beach with you. >> people say, i can't wear the heel. bring a flip-flop in the bag, put them on at the pool and you're done. >> i want to bring everybody back out here. models, thank you so much for coming to our beach party. dennis, thank you. if folks want any more information where can they go? >> stylewithden on all social media outlets. i'll get you through summer and take care of you in the fall too. >> thank you so much, dennis, thank you, models.
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time now for our first summer "insomniac theater." >> this morning we start with another remake. "child's play" is a reboot of the 1988 slasher film with a high-tech twist. mark hamill stars as the voice of chucky, a smartdoll that becomes self-aware and turns demonic. >> andy, if you know something, you better tell me. >> something's wrong with chucky! >> chucky can connect to -- >> chucky is a toy. >> he could be anywhere! >> we have to stop him!
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>> good night, andy. >> oh, my childhood nightmares are coming back fast. "child's play" is scoring 67% on rotten tomatoes but critics pointing out the high-tech twist is no match for the old school chucky. i would agree. one critic writes, the director and writer reduced chucky to a malevolent -- automation, his dialogue limited to parodying back someone else's catch praises. being an a.i. with faulty circuitry, chucky 2.0 doesn't have the soul that made the original chucky such an unnervingly human abomination. >> i get what they're saying. >> this high-tech twist, again we see an example when it just doesn't match with the old school. >> yeah. no, that makes sense. next to a highly anticipated sequel from our parent company, disney. "toy story 4" has sheriff woody
2:57 am
taking bonnie's new craft project forky on a road trip adventure, trying to convince him why he should embrace being a toy. woody ends up taking a bit of a detour of his own. >> bo? come on, bo? >> bo? >> hi, there, my name is gabby gabby. >> we can't stay. >> yes, you can. boys? >> woody, behind you! >> bo! what are you doing here? >> no time to explain, come with me. >> we need to get back to our kid. >> aw, sheriff woody, always coming to the rescue. >> bonnie needs forky. >> who needs a kid's room when you can have all of this? >> wow. >> woody, aren't we going to bonnie? >> long after the contrived and misfired bits have faded, the brilliantly visualized action sequences and pinpricks of emotion stay with you. it's a summer of stupid sequels, "toy story 4" is a visually
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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. a military strike on iran stopped as it was being carried out. >> president trump had approved attacks on iranian targets, then reversed his decision. new details are just coming in. wicked weather. hail bigger than the size of baseballs are falling from the sky, and more storms are brewing today. we're tracking the severe weather forecast. plus it's summer summer summertime. summer begins in just a few hours. but there are dangers that come with the season. at the beach, at the pool, and even toys this time of the year. how to keep your family safe. and we're getting in summer shape. >> yeah, look at that. >> expert trainers are here in the studio with their best tips, including how to get your pump on. just before you get your suit on. because you gotta look good for the gram. it's friday, june 21st, the
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first day of summer, whoo! >> good morning, everyone. they had to bring in professionals to get us ready for summer. >> yes. >> and we've only got a few hours left before we kick off the summer solstice. >> you just wait. >> the longest day, 11:54 a.m. eastern time. >> yes, get out there and enjoy the sunshine. >> it's when we officially start summer. >> yes, #wnnsummer to tell us your summer plans. talk to us about summertime. >> we have so much fun ahead. and we're not dressed for it right now. >> you just wait. >> you've got to see what's happening under here. there's quick changes coming. >> he's got shorts on. we will get to all of that fun. but we do have to begin on a very serious note with breaking news about the u.s. response after iran shot down an american surveillance drone.
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>> sources tell abc news president trump ordered a military strike on iran, then called it off after a plan was already under way. publicly the president warned that the country will not stand for the shoot-down of the drone, but he also downplayed the attack, suggesting it may have been unintentional. iran released this video purportedly showing the moment its missile struck the drone, saying it took place in iranian air space. a claim the u.s. disputes. abc's martha raddatz has the details. >> reporter: iran claims they shot down that drone because it wandered into iranian territorial air space. but the pentagon and the white house have been very clear, they say that is categorically false. that the drone was in international air space when it was shot down. iran showed some pictures they say was their surface-to-air missile hitting that drone. that video has not been verified but it is a huge fireball seen on the screen.
3:03 am
president trump had an early warning for iran saying that they made a very big mistake. then he took a very strange twist saying, i find it hard to believe it was intentional, saying, if you want to know the truth, i think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it, miscalculation has always been a fear during this incredibly tense time with iran. but iranian officials themselves made it very clear this wasn't some rogue iranian officer accidentally firing a missile, iran shot that drone down on purpose. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to martha right there. she's been all over this and she'll have much more later on on "good morning america." iran claims the drone was shot down after ignoring repeated radio warnings not to enter its air space. >> as the president considers his next move, he huddled at the white house with senior officials and top lawmakers from both parties. some are calling on him to deescalate the situation. others are pushing for a military strike. abc's mary bruce has more.
3:04 am
>> reporter: president trump summoning congressional leaders to the situation room for an emergency briefing on iran. house speaker nancy pe think th wants to go to war. there's no appetite for going to war in our country. >> reporter: many republicans are also urging caution. >> continue doing what we're doing. military restraint. maximum pressure otherwise. >> reporter: but some of trump's top allies are encouraging the president to do more. senator lindsey graham says iran needs to get ready for some, quote, severe pain. >> all i can tell you, if you're not willing to stand up to aggression, you're going to get hurt. here's what i believe about donald trump. he's a dealmaker. he's trying to avoid conflict. but this is truly a defining moment for him. >> reporter: but the president says he's not being pressured into a conflict by his own team. >> are there members of your administration trying to push you into conflict? >> not at all, not at all. in many cases it's the opposite. i said i want to get out of
3:05 am
these endless wars. i campaigned on that. >> reporter: trump also campaigned on ending the iran nuclear deal, which he did last year. speaker pelosi says that's part of the problem. >> when we walked away from that, we lost some credibility with our allies. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden calls trump's iran strategy a self-inflicted disaster. now, coming out of that meeting, republican leader mitch mcconnell told reporters that the white house is engaged in measured responses. while democratic leader chuck schumer says he's worried that the president and his administration may, quote, bumble into a war. mary bruce, abc news, the white house. >> our thanks to mary there at the white house. administration lawyers blocked former white house communications director hope hicks from answering questions more than 150 times as she testified on capitol hill this week. >> that's according to the newly released transcript from the house judiciary committee, which is looking into possible obstruction by president trump. the lawyers claim hicks was immune from discussing her time working at the white house, but hicks told lawmakers she would
3:06 am
not accept dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government, contrary to trump's answer to our own george stephanopoulos. it's the first day of summer but for millions of americans the season kicks off with wind, rain, and hail. the national weather service in little rock offers proof. actual baseball-sized hail hit western arkansas. that ties a record for the largest hail ever there. the radar shows some rain lingering in the northeast, but conditions are expected to clear later today. also later today, severe storms are likely from the dakotas to the ohio valley and into the mississippi valley. some test trouble in a school district about 100 miles from charlotte, north carolina, has education officials apologizing. they say more than 400 high school juniors never got their a.c.t. scores back because their tests were never submitted. human error is being blamed. arrangements are being made for those kids to retake the tests free of charge. now to the nba draft. it seems the whole world, we knew former duke star zion williamson would be the number one pick the second he hit
3:07 am
campus last fall. >> last night it became a reality. the new orleans pelicans took williamson first overall, making the 18-year-old the face of the franchise. at number two former murray state star ja morant won't have to move far. he's now a memphis grizzly. with the number three pick the new york knicks took one of williamson's duke teammates, r.j. barrett. >> so exciting. again, i mean, so i was watching the video. i did not stay up to watch the draft. but seeing when they were talking to zion williamson right after, and he gets so emotional and was just thanking his mom and saying how much she sacrificed for him, it was a really sweet moment. his mom was there saying, we knew this was going to happen, we knew it was coming, but all that anticipation. seeing his hard work pay off. you see right there how excited he was. >> this is the moment so many of those athletes, their families, have been waiting for. and it came true last night for so many of them.
3:08 am
all that hard work, as you mentioned, just really paid off. and mom right there by his side. >> so much excitement ahead of them. for zion williamson, he seems like such a good guy. >> right. >> so we'll be cheering him all the way. >> new orleans, he can get muffuletta in new orleans. then beignets. go to that famous beignet place. cafe du monde. that's a good one. we're going to see zion with all that powder all over his face from the beignets. >> maybe. when in new orleans. brace yourself, barry mitchell. the barry mitchell. he's here for our live summer kickoff. >> polka! first, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. >> talk about a downer. later, if you're not exactly in tip top swimsuit shape, don't worry. we're checking in with a couple of experts who will show us how to get that last-minute burn. of experts who will show us how to get that last-minute burn. experts who will show us how
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ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering. a california teen is recovering after she was
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attacked by a sea lion. look at this video. she was standing in water about knee deep at pismo beach when that sea lion popped out of the water right there, bit her in the thigh. fish and wildlife experts say such attacks are extremely rare, and they say it's likely the sea lion was suffering from a form of poisoning that affects the animal's brain. scary there. dangers in the water. >> are you going to start this without showing the people we're ready for summer here? >> we at the beach, y'all. >> we at the beach having fun. i've got my inflatable here. >> yeah! >> we are ready. >> we are ready for summer. but dangers in the water are just one concern as we usher in the first official day of summer. >> so before you hit the sand, the surf, or even just the hiking trail, there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind. time for some summer fun in the sun. but first -- make sure you're covered and ready for potential
3:13 am
dangers. in ocean city, maryland in 2015, a bystander captured this terrifying video of wind gusts turning these umbrellas into projectiles. tip from the pros, make sure that beach umbrella is at least 16 inches down in the sand. >> you can either use a shovel to dig the hole deep enough to set the stake and pack it in, or once you drive the stake into the sand, rock it back and forth. that typically gets it deeper into the sand. >> reporter: in the water, know how to survive those dangerous rip currents. the powerful currents which can quickly pull a swimmer out account for more than 80% of rescues by lifeguards. abc's gio benitez with a potential life-saving demonstration >> instead of swimming toward shore, swim diagonally. >> reporter: experts say don't fight, just swim parallel to shore. also remember, beachgoers, you're not alone. >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> reporter: with shark attacks recently making headlines, know how to survive one. swim in groups. know first aid. fight back, like charlie winter did to save his daughter paige off the coast of north carolina.
3:14 am
>> i pulled her up. you could see the shark come up right with her. then immediately started beating it with everything you could. >> reporter: from the beach to the swimming pool, a renewed warning for parents when it comes to the kids. 76% of drowning deaths in each year involving children younger than 5, pool safety is key. in massachusetts, a consumer watchdog group displayed a variety of toys that can be hazards for kids. >> the water rings that fit around a child's waist can flip and a child's head can get stuck under the water. >> again, all those tips so important for safety. just to remember those. we want to have so much fun this summer but we want to make sure we survive the summer. >> absolutely, make it to see fall. good reminders there as we head to the official start of the season. we've got our cups ready. we have so much fun coming up today. >> these cups right here light up. you know we're going to have some fun. >> can we get something in here? >> that will make it really fun.
3:15 am
>> yeah. >> where's the brown stuff? >> the good stuff. the good stuff. first we got to get ready for summer. >> yes, we do. >> summertime fine. three quick workout moves for getting your beach body instagram ready. >> next half hour, the best places to take your beach body for your summer vacation. the destinations and travel tips to help you cool your heels without heating up your wallet. g up your wallet.
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♪ it's getting hot in here so hot ♪ ♪ so take off all your clothe ♪ it's getting hot in here so hot ♪ ♪ so take off all your clothes we're going to take off all our clothes for this next one right here. >> you see how quick we changed. >> gonna start working out. we are about to get hot in here counting down minutes to 11:54 a.m., the precise moment when summer officially begins around the world. >> if you didn't already have your beach bod ready, it's never
3:18 am
too late to start. joining us, jen omarosa and dale moss with surf yoga beer, a company that travels all over the world leading trips that center around healthy lifestyle. >> so you're taking us there to show us some moves folks can do at home or on vacation to get the body burning. what's first? >> just with everything we want to make sure that these are efficient and you have more time in the sun. so it's going to be effective. so i know jen's going to start off and take us all through that. >> everyone grab their weights. >> i need bigger weights, guys. about a 30-pounder, you know. >> it's all about efficient movements. >> okay, we got this, we got this. >> very efficient. basic, though. we're just doing the lunge. >> pretty basic, all right. >> down, knee, all the way down. >> we're not taking that much time. >> come on, yeah. >> you're going to alternate. you can do this for a minute.
3:19 am
if you're at home, maybe in your hotel room, you can -- oh, yeah, put on some tunes, go to the beat of the music. >> i got it. >> yeah! >> this is good stuff. >> right? >> good stuff. >> and the good thing is you can make this your own, but you don't have to go crazy fast. form is everything. you're going to feel the burn, which i know everyone feels it. >> because i may or may not be feeling the burn right now, can we move on to the next one? what's the next one, guys? >> for the next one we're going renegade row. a lot of people do these at different gyms. this is great because it works your entire body. and again, it's an efficient workout. and you can spend more time in the sun. so you're going to start in a plank position. we're going to add something to this. the weight, add a little bit more difficulty. we're going to get a nice base, keep our cores tight. we're going to pull with one. >> pull those legs up.
3:20 am
>> then put it down. pull the other one. add a little something-something in there, add a pushup in there. >> oh! >> look at that, we got it on. >> come on, janai! >> and the biggest thing -- >> come on! >> again, this is all about control, right? >> i'll keep the winter body! >> worth it in all aspects. this is a great one. it's difficult but you can make it your own. if that's too difficult, take the pushup out or start on your knee. row here, row here, then go into the pushup. >> there's so many variations for this. >> can i do other things with maybe this leg up? >> oh! >> oh, okay! >> don't hurt yourself, now. >> thank you, dale, for warning him. >> what we got next? >> can we take a break? >> what do we got? >> we have the plank up-down.
3:21 am
move your weights to the side. >> get that core. >> i've got to move my weights to the side. >> stop it. >> start in a proper plank, shoulder blades over your wrists. then you're going to go down to your elbow. down to the other. then back up the way you came. then opposite. now for this you want to keep your hips square. you want to make sure you're using your core -- >> a few seconds left. tell us about the surf and beer. you guys travel with people? and do this? >> so literally it's a community-building thing. there's been 50 trips globally. and the biggest thing is combining fitness, fun, and lifestyle. so it brings all aspects. and it's in some of the most exotic places across the globe. >> how can people get involved? >> you can find everything right there. check out all the trainers, celebrity trainers, everyone who's involved. >> guys, thank you so much for joining us.
3:22 am
we're ready. we are ready! we are ready!
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♪ you can feel it in the streets on a ♪ you can feel it in the streets on a day like this that heat ♪ ♪ i feel like summer it feels like summer because it's almost summer. >> yeah. officially summer begins today and it's time for our "summer mix" starting with the stonehenge celebration. take a look at this. we've got a livestream that shows the sun as it's coming up over the neolithic monument. people have been gathering there. as the sun comes up this morning the morning rays will shine directly into the center of the site on this summer solstice. >> ain't no party like a stonehenge party. it's been going for centuries as far as we know. how about this, an englishman spends two years and $44,000 to bring a tropical holiday paradise to his wife.
3:26 am
$44,000 to transform his garden into that tropical paradise. chris lodge is a construction worker, he wanted to do it for his wife who hasn't been able to go on holiday for six years. >> that is a staycation. >> that is. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. >> paradise in the backyard. >> we have paradise here for the start of summer. >> we sure do. and we've got a live summer polka, yeah! >> happy summer solstice, everyone. let's polka! ♪ no more homework no more school, children peeing in the pool ♪ ♪ that's the summer polka ♪ gritty sand inside your shoe insects make a meal of you ♪ ♪ that's the summer polka ♪ they're swimming hiking biking yes there's lots to be explored ♪ ♪ while kids stare at their phones all day indoors and say i'm bored ♪ ♪ feel the heat of the sun feel the pressure to have fun ♪ ♪ with the summer polka
3:27 am
♪ some sunscreen in your hair and eyes blazing car seats burn your thighs ♪ ♪ that's the summer polka ♪ hayfever worse than the flu toxic smoke from barbecue ♪ ♪ cough cough cough polka ♪ cop a glass of lemonade while resting neath the trees ♪ ♪ i don't mind the lemons but watch out for lyme disease ♪ ♪ at the beach you hear squish you stepped on a jellyfish ♪ ♪ that's the ow ow polka ♪ there's the friendly ice cream truck its music plays on cue ♪ but you're lactose intolerant, so no ice cream for you ♪ ♪ some like outdoor scenery i just bought a new ac ♪ ♪ that's my summer polka i stay indoors! ♪ with an ice cold mocha have a great weekend, happy summer, see you monday! mocha ♪ have a great weekend, happy summer, see you monday!
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this morning on "world news now," breaking news overnight. president trump ordering a military strike on iran. but then reversing his decision while the operation was under way. caught on camera, an alarming attack. a man rushes through airport security and ambushes tsa officers, sending some to the hospital. hear how they're doing. new this half hour, we're counting down to summer. just hours to go. >> today will mark the first official day of summer. if you haven't booked your vacation yet, we have you covered. it's friday, june 21st. the countdown is on, the first day of summer. ♪ hey hey a little beyonce, a little countdown to the summer.
3:31 am
>> a little bit, yeah. >> will is ready. >> on the beach, ready for this summer holiday. >> a little gilligan there, the skipper's hat on. >> yes. >> we are so excited. >> yes. 11:54 a.m. eastern time. remember that because that is when the summer solstice starts. it is the longest day of the year for anyone north of the equator. >> there you go. and you see that hash tag, #wnnsummer. use it, tweet us, facebook us, tell us your summer plans, tell us what you're looking forward to. >> we have so much fun planned this morning. we've already been crazy this morning. i've got a little glisten. >> there are wardrobe changes and everything. but will is over there just chilling, yes. >> yes. >> i'm really good over here. >> fair enough. >> we'll handle the news. we do start off with something serious. we begin this half hour with breaking news. word overnight that president trump ordered a military strike on iran, then reversed his decision. >> sources tell abc news those plans were already under way after the president approved the strike at the urging of
3:32 am
secretary of state mike pompeo and national security adviser john bolton. "the new york times" is reporting planes were in the air and ships were in position when they were told to stand down. >> tensions escalated when iran shot down a u.s. drone thursday morning claiming it had entered its air space and released this video purportedly showing the shoot-down. abc's martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: iran claims this is its surface-to-air missile streaking towards the u.s. drone at 7:30 p.m. eastern time, exploding on impact, a huge fireball filling the screen, the video is not verified. the u.s. military also releasing its own video of the stricken aircraft plummeting into the water. shortly after, iranian tv announces the shoot-down, claiming it was in iranian air space. its revolutionary guard corps stating, an enemy that violates our borders will not return and will be destroyed. the global hawk, one of america's most sophisticated
3:33 am
unmanned surveillance aircraft, its wing span as broad as a 737, took off from an air base in the uae hours earlier, monitoring the gulf of oman where recent attacks were carried out on oil tankers and over the strait of hormuz, that vital oil shipping waterway in international air space, says the u.s. when the drone was hit, the u.s. navy searching its partner through rough seas to the debris field to recover what they could of the classified aircraft. at 10:15 a.m., after president trump is briefed, he tweets this stern warning. iran made a very big mistake. just over an hour later, iran's foreign minister firing back on twitter, we don't seek war but we'll zealously defend our skies, land, and waters. at 12:15, the u.s. military weighs in, pinpointing where the drone was hit, some 21 miles from the iranian coast, well
3:34 am
away from the 12-mile territorial limit, in sharp contrast to the iranian claim the drone went down over its territorial waters. >> this was an unprovoked attack on a u.s. surveillance asset that had not violated iranian air space at any time during its mission. iranian reports that this aircraft was shot down over iran are categorically false. >> reporter: at 12:40, from the oval office, president trump with further warnings. >> they made a very bad mistake. >> reporter: but then a strange twist. the president seeming to question whether iran intended to shoot down the drone and even the significance of the attack. >> i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down. i find it hard to believe it was intentional, if you want to know the truth. i think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it. >> reporter: miscalculation has always been a fear during this incredibly tense time with iran.
3:35 am
but iranian officials themselves have made it very clear, this wasn't some rogue iranian officer accidentally firing a missile. iran shot that drone down on purpose. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to martha. president trump held an emergency meeting in the situation room with his top national security advisers and congressional leaders. >> the president insisted he's not being pressured into a conflict by his aides. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the white house is engaged in measured responses, but democrats criticize the president for withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal and said they're deeply concerned. >> i don't think the president wants to go to war. there's no appetite for going to war in our country. >> all i can tell you, if you're not willing to stand up to aggression, you're going to get hurt. here's what i believe about donald trump. he's a dealmaker. he's trying to avoid conflict. but this is truly a defining moment for him. >> gop senator lindsey graham there also said if the iranians are itching for a fight, they're
3:36 am
going to get one. now to the campaign trail where former vice president joe biden is looking to make peace with fellow democratic presidential candidate cory booker. >> biden called senator booker after they clashed over biden's remarks about working with segregationist senators. biden had pushed back when booker said he should apologize. booker told msnbc overnight they had a constructive phone call and felt biden understood his position better. biden also met last night with members of the congressional black caucus, a meeting scheduled before the controversy erupted. some of the members say they're not bothered by his comments. philadelphia's police commissioner says 72 officers are now off the streets after a watchdog group claimed they posted racist comments on social media. the commissioner says several dozen will be disciplined and some may be fired, moves the police union calls premature. the group known as the plainview project says it has also identified racist social media postings b claim are police officers in seven other u.s. cities. navy prosecutors are not dropping murder charges against
3:37 am
a s.e.a.l. commander despite a stunning twist in his trial. special operations chief edward gallagher is being tried for the death of a captured isis fighter in iraq. on the stand yesterday navy s.e.a.l. corey scott testified for the prosecution and said he saw gallagher stab the isis member in the neck, then scott claimed he killed the victim by cutting off his airway. prosecutors accuse scott of lying because he's been granted immunity. gallagher is also facing an attempted murder charge for allegedly shooting at civilians. police in charlotte are asking for the public's help to find these two bank robbers. surveillance video shows them inside a wells fargo branch two weeks ago. one of the suspects was pointing two pistols at bank workers while the second collected money. police haven't said how much they got away with or if anyone was hurt during that robbery. newly released surveillance video shows a man trying to rush through a security checkpoint at sky harbor airport in phoenix, punching and kicking tsa officers as they tried to subdue him. phoenix police on duty at the airport arrested the man who police say gave no reason for his actions.
3:38 am
the tsa is calling the attack unprovoked and brazen. we are tracking some stormy weather that's ringing in the first day of summer. >> a wind-driven wildfire is forcing hundreds of people from their homes east of phoenix. it's already burned through nearly 80 square miles of shrubs and grass. >> heavy downpours triggered significant flash flooding in southern new jersey where the water was waist-deep in some spots. >> the radar shows lingering rain in the northeast with clearing expected later today. also later on, a new storm system hits the dakotas, stretching to the ohio and mississippi valleys. >> it may be rainy but we're still going to celebrate the beginning of summer. >> we are. team usa's unprecedented march through the women's world cup has moved on to the knockout phase. >> americans shut out sweden 2-0 to win their group. lindsay horan got the only goal they needed in the match's 3rd minute. the u.s. finished with a group stage record 18 goals. they also didn't allow a goal. next up is spain on monday. >> keep going, ladies.
3:39 am
some of minnesota's finest answer the call of man's best friend. >> this furry guy, his name's jack. >> we got a jack too. >> not as fun as our jack but he's cute. wednesday he got hold of his owner's phone at their home outside minneapolis, turned it into a chew toy. through all the crunching jack managed to call 911. officers responded because it sounded as though it was a hang-up. st. louis park police say they gave jack some advice on how to use 911 and probably also gave him a treat. >> roof, roof, roof! lassie, is that you? coming up later in the "summer skinny," the road for zion leads straight to the big easy. but first where are you planning to go for your summer getaway, janai? we'll have some budget-friendly ideas if you're still on the fence. later, deals and steals. the "world news now" edition, we've got everything for cooling down and looking good. stay with us.
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ea hawai n back in our summemm f matter wt time of the year it is. >> hawaii, i caught that. but the time of year, today, is summertime. with today's official start of summer we're checking out fun in the sun getaway ideas that will warm your toes without overheating your credit cards. june marks peak travel season. but your best bet is booking for july and august. as those months tend to offer the best deals. so let's start with where to go. because of course it's all about location, location, location. consider places that are off-peak during summer months like mexico and parts of the caribbean. and destinations where the american dollar is worth more than local currency so your money goes further. as far as getting there, aaa says gas prices are expected to be lower this summer than last year, driving more than half of americans to hit the open roads for a getaway. if you're looking to save time there's plenty to get a sweet deal on flights. before you start booking, enable
3:44 am
private browsing when searching flights online. travel sites can track visits and hike fares based on your search. and make sure you search city, not airport. for instance, flying to new york city, you can choose from jfk, laguardia, or newark. >> traveling to a place like new york, boston, san francisco, all have alternative airports. and those can really save you money. >> reporter: and consider nearby cities, like flying into orlando and driving to tampa or vice versa, depending on price. buying a one-way flight from one airline and flying back on another carrier can lower costs. the days you choose to travel can make a big difference in how much you save. >> it's not the day that you actually do the search, it's the day that you travel. it's the tuesday departure and the saturday return. that's what matters. >> reporter: also factor in how much you'll pay to stay. experts suggest booking hotel rooms two to three weeks in advance, but alternatives like airbnb and homeaway can save money. while booking weeks or months
3:45 am
ahead is suggested, don't be afraid to look last minute. trust me, my family and i scored a deal to grand cayman less than a week before traveling in january. for aruba we planned ahead and got a steal three weeks in advance. and we booked flights to brazil using credit card points less than a month before takeoff. with the dollar worth nearly four brazilian reals, it made for a thrifty trip. one thing i learned on that brazilian trip is when you're traveling, try to pack only a carry-on. that way you don't need the extra time to check and collect bags and you're flexible if you miss a flight or you need to reschedule. also, if you're a parent of kids, exhaust them, wear them out before getting on the flight. run them around the airport, whatever you have to do. >> it was smart to have you do this summer travel story because you travel a lot out of the country. >> we try to. >> and an excuse for you to show pictures of yourself. >> that's exactly it, uh-huh. >> just go to the gram for that. why do you have to show them on the air there? >> it's my instagram feed right
3:46 am
here on "world news now." >> i do like how you exhaust the kids. >> yes. >> that's the only way parents can get some rest. >> if you want to relax, tire your kids out. >> good tips, janai. >> oh, thank you. >> i love it. when we come back, celebrities are already starting their summer vacations. and we're counting down to the death-defying stunt, so many stories above times square. olay ultra moisture body wash gives skin the nourishment it needs and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology. skin is petal smooth. because your best skin starts with olay.
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♪ skinny ju ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny it is time for the skinny! >> can we take a shot of this next to us here? will ganss in the pool, summer has started, everyone. what is happening right now? >> living his best life. >> yes, he is. for "the skinny" we're going to start with famous people on vacation. >> yes, so an american couple is set to descend on italy's lake como, so high-profile they'll be surrounded by a 300 foot exclusion zone.
3:49 am
we're talking about the obamas along with daughters malia and sasha. >> "the daily mail" reports the obamas will be hosted by george and amal clooney at their estate in a tiny village on lake como. the mayor of that village has l including that exclusion zone along with a big fine for anyone who breaches it. >> oh! >> not to be confused with beaches it. so next -- as you see this happening right now. next in the big headlines in the world of basketball. basketball phenom zion williamson is officially in the nba. the 18-year-old choked up and thanked his mother after being drafted number one by the new orleans pelicans. >> in the meantime, back home in spartanburg, south carolina, williamson's high school jersey has become the hottest thing. >> making south carolina proud. let's not forget which fan wore it first, zion superfan drake himself back when williamson was still in high school. >> why did your tone go down when you talked about champagne papi? >> because it's drake. i'm still recovering from the raptors and the nba finals.
3:50 am
spartanburg, we call it sparkle city. upstate of south carolina there. >> they are sparkling extra this morning for zion. >> next to the excitement that's building right here in new york city. >> we are counting down to nik and lijana wallenda defying death this weekend, walking five blocks on a tight wire 25 stories above times square, yikes. the world-famous daredevil is filling us in on the last-minute details. >> both of us are walking this cable. it is three-quarters of an inch in diameter, about 1,300 feet long, 25 stories up. we'll start on opposite ends, we'll meet in the middle. she'll actually sit on that wire, i'll step over her. she'll stand back up and we'll make it to opposite ends. >> the wallendas will walk that tight wire live sunday night at 8:00 p.m. here on abc. wishing them the best of luck. now to the thrills and chills heating up in hawkins, indiana. >> netflix has released its darkest trailer yet for season 3 of "stranger things."
3:51 am
and it looks like things are about to get real, forcing the gang to work harder than ever to keep the evil monsters from the upside down under control. >> what if he never left? what if we locked him out here with us? he'd want to attach himself to someone again. a new host. >> oh! >> i love it. season 3 of "stranger things" premieres on netflix thursday, the 4th of july. we can't wait for that. we've got summer viewing, we've got summer fun. will, move over. >> come in, the water's nice. >> the water's great! >> the water's nice! >> we're in the water! all right, coming up a special "world news now" edition of "deals and steals." >> whoo-hoo! >> the summer's hottest items and cooling off and saving the planet. you're watching "world news now." >> of course you are!
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♪ summer summer summer summer ♪ summer summer summer summer ♪ summer summer summer summer and in celebration of the arrival of summer, we're checking out some red hot summertime deals. >> red hot. you know tory johnson, host of gma's "deal and steals" who drops in weekly with our friends robin roberts and michael strahan. she left us this message. >> hello, insomniacs, it's tory thompson from "deals and steals." to celebrate the start of summer i've lined up a few special savings just for you. will, show 'em what we got. >> and will is here with eco-friendly products to keep your summer super hot, break it down. >> this is super exciting. first of all, thank you so much,
3:56 am
tory johnson, for hooking us up from bed as you saw. >> no kidding. >> let's get this show on the road. all about going green. so you guys know when we take our makeup off after the show we have nonreusable wipes. >> i don't wear makeup, this is all natural. >> of course, of course, right. in an effort to go green, our first item is the makeup eraser. you can keep your makeup removal quick and easy. wet the makeup remover with water and put it to work. it's reusable and washable. use this up to 1,000 times which eliminates the need for those disposable ones that we use all the time. >> and it's soft. >> oh my god, it's so nice. eco-friendly option, it's available in an assortment of sizes. normal cost for each makeup eraser is $12 to $35. tory hooked it up. our special "world news now" deal, 50% to 72% off, only $5 to $13. >> yes! >> that's a deal, that is a deal. >> i'm going to use this to prove that it works.
3:57 am
>> okay, go ahead. >> okay, do it. look at that. >> this is what he really looks like. >> oh my gosh, look at that. >> see? >> you did it. >> next deal we have the softy straws. you put an end to reliance on disposable plastic straws with softy straws, premium, food grade, easy to clean, reusable silicone straws. flexible enough for kids. they each come with a squeegee cleaner. let's get to the deal. normally $12, $13. our special "world news now" deal, 50% off, you pay $6 to $6.50, you guys. >> oh my goodness. >> that's pretty cool. >> right? >> good for the environment and they won't get soggy. >> exactly. and our final deal. lunch skins, replacement for traditional plastic bags. they're normally 11 bucks. our "world news now" deal, 50% off, you pay $5.50, and it's free shipping. >> oh my goodness! >> free shipping? >> yes! >> we can't ask for anything more, this is so awesome, will, thank you for these. >> thanks tory johnson. we pair with the brands. go to for more info, y'all.
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breaking news in america this morning, the showdown with iran. abc news confirming overnight that president trump ordered a military strike on iran but abruptly changed his mind at the last second. what was behind that decision? also this morning, the faa's urgent notice to airlines right now as tensions rise in the middle east. courtroom shocker. the decorated navy s.e.a.l. on trial for murdering a prisoner when a key witness comes forward claiming he, not the defendant, killed the prisoner. the fallout this morning. hoop dreams. >> zion williamson from duke university. >> basketball superstar zion williamson is selected first in the nba draft. his emotionare


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