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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 24, 2019 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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stunts. this one, it had my heart. >> my palms are sweaty watching it again. >> will, on the ground as they crossed over each other, i mean, people were like -- >> we were all just -- like holding on to strangers. we were all in it together in times square. >> a group event. >> so much fun being out there and certainly watching. now to the campaign for president. democratic candidate and south bend mayor pete buttigieg is facing his biggest challenge yet. >> he faced harsh criticism from hundreds of residents during a public meeting to address the fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer. abc's tara palmieri has those details. >> get the people that are racists off the streets. >> reporter: an angry and hostile crowd facing
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presidential candidate and south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg at a town hall over a shooting of a black man by a white officer. buttigieg remaining calm while facing the intense crowd. >> i don't fear nobody -- >> thank you, ma'am. that is their last day on the street. and i would love to be able to finish -- i'd love to be able to finish reply if that's okay. >> reporter: the shooting happened last sunday when officer ryan o'neal shot and killed eric logan. >> another unit here, guy threw a knife at me. >> reporter: claiming logan had a knife and ignored repeated demands to drop it. o'neal never turned his body camera on. in south bend it is the officer's discretion as to when to activate them. >> while body cameras were implemented across the department, obviously there is enormous frustration, which i share, that they were not there when we needed them most. >> can we have an officer step over to this area, please? >> reporter: the community is outraged.
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>> how are you supposed to trust this mayor when a young man got killed over there? >> reporter: claiming african-americans have not been protected from potential police misconduct. one woman escorted out in frustration. mayor buttigieg came off the campaign trail and faced the face of constituents squarely blaming him. the deceased's mother confronting the mayor. y'all d about me or my son or none of these people out here. it's time for you to do something. if you can't do it, step your [ muted ] down. i'm tired of talking now and i'm tired of hearing your lies. >> right, amen. >> reporter: we asked buttigieg about his city's brewing tensions and his leadership. >> but you're running on your record. so how can you do that when you have so much division at home, yet you claim you can unify the country? >> we've got a lot of challenges at home, and these issues aren't easy. part of how you earn your paycheck as a mayor is to walk
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into no-win situations. but we've done a lot of work, we've got a lot of work to do together. >> reporter: mayor pete buttigieg told reporters after that contentious town hall he still plans to attend the democratic debates. tear wra are a palmieri, abc news, new york. now to a political standoff in oregon where republican lawmakers are boycotting the legislature in hopes of blocking a climate change bill. the statehouse was shut down saturday because of a militia threat. republican state senators don't have enough votes to kill the bill so they're trying to run out the clock until the session ends. some of them left the state after the governor threatened to have state troopers round them up. they'll now be fined $500 for every day they miss. breaking overnight, a terrible headline from the u.s. border with mexico. authorities in texas say the remains of four people, three of them children, have been found. they were located in a wildlife area on the banks of the rio grande. the local sheriff describes the victims as two infants, a toddler, and a 20-year-old female. an fbi investigation is getting under way. this morning growing concern over the conditions at migrant
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holding centers housing unaccompanied children, now being compared to torture facilities. we're getting disturbing details describing kids living in filth with no season or toothbrushes. abc's lana zak has more. >> reporter: these images show what inspectors call dangerous and unsanitary conditions at this migrant holding facility for adults in el paso. but we're hearing from a daughter and a lawyer who interviewed children at two other texas customs and border protection centers. they say they witnessed inhumane scenes. >> this felt worse than jail. >> reporter: dr. sevier examined infants and children being held in mcallen, texas. speaking exclusively to abc news she described what she calls akin to torture. lights on 24/7. many reported no access to basic sanitation. babies drinking from the same unwashed bottles for days. >> the conditions at these facilities are placing them at increased risk for infection, disease, and death. >> reporter: attorney warren binford, who interviewed
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children at this facility in clinton, texas detailed equally dire conditions. children left to care for each other. >> they're sleeping on concrete blocks. there are open toilets in the room. there is no soap. these children are being held in a completely inappropriate facility. >> reporter: last week federal judges scolded administration attorneys who argued that the conditions are adequate. >> i find that inconceivable that the government would say that that is safe and sanitary. >> reporter: the vice president pressed if the trump administration is doing enough for the children in its custody. >> aren't toothbrushes and blankets and medicine, basic conditions for kids, aren't they part of how the united states of america, the trump administration, treats children? >> of course they are, jake. it's one of the reasons why we continue to call on congress to give dhs, customs and border protection, additional resources at the border. >> reporter: the president had this to say -- >> we're doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. >> reporter: we asked customs and border protection for a response. they said that they have limited
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resources, but that they worked to provide the best possible care to everyone in their custody, especially children. and they say that all allegations of civil rights abuses or mistreatment are taken seriously. lana zak, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to lana there shedding some light on a disturbing scene. we have an update on the recovery of retired red sox star david ortiz. a statement over the weekend said big papi is out of the intensive care unit. ortiz arrived at the hospital two weeks ago after being shot in his native dominican republic. what was once billed as the world's greatest toy store is coming back from the dead. a former toys "r" us executive says a half dozen smaller versions of the store will open by the end of the year. the plan has been in the works since earlier this year. toys "r" us shut down all its stores last year. new stores will reportedly have play areas and other experiences. ugs only a mama could love. battle for the title of world's ugliest dog. >> beauty was way more than skin deep in petaluma, california.
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19 dogs battled for the ugly title. and you see it was tough competition. some wore sunglasses. more than a few had spiked hair. only one, only one of the contestants came away with the $1,500 grand prize, scamp the tramp and his proud owner yvonne. >> scamp has finally gone from scamp the tramp to scamp the champ! >> oh, love it. yep. scamp is a therapy dog. >> for who? >> yeah, for anyone who could love that face. he was rescued in 2014. he volunteers at his local airport, elementary schools, senior centers -- it's like he goes and the kids are like, oh god! >> poor scamp, bless his heart.
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>> would you allow your son to be in daycare and scamp comes in? >> we brought in some therapy dogs, get that thing out of here! oh, poor scamp. >> you leave scamp alone, he's a champ. >> scamp won, he is a champ now. >> right, i mean -- >> my goodness. >> you're talking about that spiked hair and everything else? people should see you when you walk in here before work. >> you know it. i'm going to give your bald head self that one. leave me alone. >> okay. coming up why the creator of the usb connector is now apologizing for his convention. plus the growing crisis over the declining population of bees and butterflies.inconvention. plus the growing crisis over the declining population of bees and butterflie plus the growr the declining population of bees and butterflies. the message this morning from one pint-sized scientist. mattress, bedtime is no longer simply the time you go to sleep. it's time to switch off and catch up. enjoy me time, and we time. 40 winks or 8 hours solid. the leesa hybrid mattress combines two technologies to
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several buildings in south bend, indiana were destroyed or severely damaged by this possible tornado. a daycare center was among those buildings, but it wasn't occupied at the time. and amazingly no injuries were reported. overnight tornados and other severe storms are possible from this system as it moves into michigan and northern ohio. also in indiana, a catholic high school is squaring off against the archdiocese. >> that school is refusing to
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fire a teacher who's in a gay marriage. here is erielle reshef. >> reporter: it's a stark break from the catholic church. a jesuit high school in indiana standing by a gay teacher. >> our decision, trying to do the right thing by our teacher and by our community. he's a long-time valued member of the school. he's an excellent teacher. highly qualified. >> reporter: the school saying the indianapolis archdiocese sent a letter demanding his employment be terminated because he's married to a man. brebeuf preparatory refusing to comply. >> why can't they teach in a catholic school if they're doing a great job, if they're fully capable? >> reporter: the archdiocese issuing a decree. they revoerked the school's status at a catholic institution. telling abc news this is not about sexual orientation, rather, it is about our expectation that all personnel inside a catholic school abide by all church teachings. a prominent jesuit priest praising the actions of the school. >> i think what brebeuf has done
2:47 am
will provide a template or roadmap for some schools. >> reporter: the school hopes for reconciliation with the archdiocese. in the meantime the jesuits say they plan to appeal this decision up to the vatican if necessary. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. coming up, the new alarm being raised about the bees and the butterflies. >> and the very important message we're hearing from one young expert.
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♪ staying alive staying alive feel the city breaking and everybody's shaking and i'm staying alive staying alive ♪ the bee gees know a little thing or two about staying alive. the same can't be said unfortunately for many real bees. >> experts are raising a new warning about how it's wreaking havoc on our ecosystem, even threatening -- >> i sold it, can you? >> here's abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: the workhorses of pollination, fertilizing flowers and crops, over 30% of the food
2:50 am
americans eat is spawned by honeybees. recently the population of these vital pollinators is dropping at an alarming rate. we went to the only standalone invertebrate zoo to look into it. >> there are a lot of factors that play into the decline of bees. lack of habitat, also insecticide use. >> what about climate change? >> some of it has to do with when plants bloom. if you're a bee and you come out in april, and now because of the change in climate it's blooming in march, you've missed your window. >> reporter: those plants struggle to bear fruit. into the hives i go with zookeeper sarah triplett. >> wow, look at all those bees. >> the young bees can excrete this wax out of glands on their abdomen. and they'll form it into these cells. and then the bees will leave the hive and go collect nectar from flowers. >> reporter: those negative factors now disrupting this very necessary pollination process.
2:51 am
>> if you don't mind, the bees are kind of freaking me out. i'm going to check out the butterflies. >> okay, that sounds good. >> reporter: these other pollinators facing similar fights. wow, look at this, this is amazing. >> pretty cool, huh? >> very cool. how many butterflies do you have flying around in here? >> over 1,000. >> over 1,000? >> reporter: from all over the world. our resident butterfly expert, 8-year-old zelda oaks, recognizes the importance of these animals. >> what would you tell other kids that are maybe afraid of bugs or don't like bugs? >> i would tell them that bugs usually are helpful to people. and you can help them help you. >> zelda's pretty awesome there. >> absolutely. see, it's always the kids. it's always the kids helping lead us into the future. >> they're going to save us. coming up, what's 29 degrees and wet all over, janai? >> how about a natural polar plunge in the month of june? >> what? >> we'll tell you where this happened. see if you can guess during the commercial break. >> let's take the plunge together on this story.
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>> it's all you, friend.
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because your best skin starts with olay. it's time for "this happened" on this monday morning. something we all know and use, those usb cords. >> uh-uh. i use floppy disks. >> oh, stop it. >> i don't use those things. >> how often when you're trying to plug in a usb you get on it the first try? >> about 50%. >> you're only saying that because you've got a 50% chance, i bet it's a lot lower than that. >> probably. >> yeah. >> they're really hard to get in there sometimes. >> they are, they are, they are. >> jam it in -- >> now the guy who invented it is saying there may have been a better way. he said that he would have thought about, you know, making them reversible so either way you plug it in, it works. he said that would have doubled the cost of the technology because it would take all these double wires and circuits and
2:56 am
all this and that. but there is actually a newer version. it's called the usbc, which is reversible, that just hasn't been widely adopted yet. this man who invented it is apologizing. >> sometimes i go to the computer and i just stare at it and i look and see which side has the gap, then i flip it that way. >> my eyes still don't know. i'll look and i'm like -- >> a hammer trying to get that thing -- >> a hammer, knocking it in there. >> he was, he was. >> to get those secret files for my plan. >> in the computer. hey, so this happened. if you saw our big friday summer show, we were celebrating the start of summer. >> summer! >> 11:54 a.m. eastern time on friday. well, remember, north of the equator, summer. below it, winter. >> oh! >> here in antarctica, workers marked the winter by plunging into the ice in swimwear. it was 9 degrees below, the temperature of the water minus
2:57 am
29 there. this is the australian antarctic program based in, you know -- there at some research stations going in. taking an icy, icy dip. it>>hadp he ave thequor. some lions, you know, they got to practice just in case a lion ever escapes a zoo. then this happened. >> wait what? >> this is the lion that escaped the zoo. >> it would be easy to catch that lion. >> uh-huh. and, you know, so they're practicing. it's a drill. >> rrrr! i'm trying to get out of here! >> that lion -- >> i'm getting out this way! >> -- is a staffmember. they've got to practice just in case he gets out. >> this is red rover, red rover, let the lion come over? >> quite a drill. those lions are so not impressed. if you're not impressed with those lions, this bear, it also was not impressed. it got locked in a closet there. black bear accidentally got in there.
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let me out of here!
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this morning on "world news now," danger at the ballpark. >> it has happened again. a fan hit in the face by a foul ball. see who is now speaking out about the need to better protect baseball fans this summer. also this morning, tensions with iran expected to reach a new high today. the president promising new economic sanctions as punishment for shooting down an american drone. breaking overnight, extreme weather making a mess of air traffic in dallas and spawning a tornado in the midwest. accuweather is standing by. and don't look down. maybe you saw it here on abc. the wallenda siblings walking 25 stories above times square even passing each other at one point. you'll see how it ended, because we're live in times square on this monday, june 24th.
3:01 am
oh my goodness. i was so scared. i didn't know what was going to happen. my palms were sweating. my heart was beating out of my chest. >> yeah. >> the b.e.t. awards were crazy! >> that was a nice turn there, you got me. >> oh, you mean the wallendas, oh. >> yeah. >> you know about cardi b? >> we will get to all of that, so much coming up this morning. thank you for joining us. we do begin this morning, the first monday of summer, with another frightening fan injury in major league baseball that brings more calls for change. >> a woman is in the hospital after taking a line drive to the face at dodger stadium. she was sitting outside the stadium's protective netting. after two highly publicized incidents weeks apart, many say the sport has to do more to keep fans safe. overnight renewed calls for more protective netting after this. >> bellinger rifles it foul just beyond the protective netting -- >> reporter: a fan in the fourth row at dodger stadium was struck in the head.
3:02 am
the slugger showing concern and mouthing the words "smoked in the face." that fan was given an ice pack at first and bellinger even checked on her between innings, but she was then rushed to a hospital for tests. all major league stadiums have expanded their protective netting to at least the far ends of the dugouts. but even since that change a woman died after being struck in the head by a ball at dodger stadium last summer. last month a young girl was hit by a foul ball in houston. the white sox and nationals are extending their netting to the foul poles but so far they're the only teams to make that change. >> yeah, maybe just to protect the people in the first row, i don't know. but yeah, that's a scary situation. >> i think that definitely, you know, talks like that need to intensify. >> reporter: one thing those nets may not stop, the fans. this woman rushed the outfield to hug bellinger in the ninth inning.
3:03 am
so we've been in baseball season for a few months now but we're in the summer months where more people are out of school, out of work, they go to these baseball games. people are asking, why now? why are we seeing these incidents? apparently people checking their phones or watching their phones instead of watching the game. >> distracted. >> distracted. we don't know what happened with this woman at dodger stadium before she was hit. still very scary and people need to obviously pay attention. also enjoy the game and look up for safety reasons. >> right. last week we saw what a bad bunt could do to max scherzer. these balls come off the bat upwards of 100 miles per hour, you don't have much time to react, so be careful out there. now to the rising tensions with iran facing even more pressure after shooting down an american drone. >> president trump plans to impose a new round of sanctions today and we now know the u.s. carried out a cyber attack against iran after cancelling a military strike. abc's rachel scott has the details. >> reporter: shouts of "death to america." ringing out in iran's parliament. a sign t rimwill not b
3:04 am
its head. despite this warning from john bolton, the president's national security adviser. >> neither iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake u.s. prudence and discretion for weakness. >> reporter: and this show of force. the white house quietly carrying out a cyber attack, disabling software on iranian computer systems used to control rocket and missile launches. that plan in the works for weeks, possibly months. president trump, though, sending mixed messages. saying he could strike a new deal. >> if iran wants to become a wealthy nation again, become a prosperous nation, we'll call it let's make iran great again. >> reporter: minutes later not ruling out a military strike. >> mr. president, are you still considering military action with iran? is it still on the table? >> always on the table until we get this solved. >> reporter: the president breaking from some top advisers, including bolton and secretary of state mike pompeo, calling off a planned military
3:05 am
retaliation for the downing of a u.s. drone with just minutes to spare. tehran still insisting that drone crossed into iranian territory. the foreign minister tweeting out these coordinates claiming to show that drone was over sovereign waters. the secretary of state blasting the maps as iranian misinformation. with major additional sanctions just hours away, pompeo signaling the u.s. not backing down either. >> the world should know that we will continue to make sure it's understood that this effort that we've engaged in to deny iran the resources to foment terror, to build up their nuclear weapon system, to build up their missile program, we are going to deny them the resources they need to do that. >> reporter: the president is hoping those economic sanctions drive iran to the negotiating table. but it takes two to make a deal, and so far the regime has been silent. the vice president said he was not aware of any outreach from tehran. rachel scott, abc news, the white house. >> our thanks to rachel there.
3:06 am
president trump has put a hold on plans to conduct raids across the country to deport undocumented families. the president announced the delay after a phone call from house speaker nancy pelosi asking him to call off the raids. but trump said he will move forward in two weeks if lawmakers fail to work out an immigration deal. sources say immigration officials were concerned about the safety of officers because too many details about the raids have been made public. democratic presidential candidate and south bend mayor pete buttigieg got an earful from residents at a meeting about a fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer. >> get the people that are racist off the streets. >> buttigieg was interrupted countless times by members of the community. he's calling on the justice department to investigate the death of 54-year-old eric logan. he was killed last sunday by south bend police officer ryan o'neal, who claims logan was trying to break into cars and had a knife which he refused to drop. abc's tara palmieri asked buttigieg about tension in his
3:07 am
city and his leadership. >> you're running on your record, so how can you do that when you have so much division at home, yet you claim you can unify the country? >> well, we've got a lot challenges at home and these issues aren't easy. part of how you earn your paycheck as a mayor is to walk into no-win situations. we've done a lot of work, we've got a lot of work to do together. >> buttigieg says despite the anger in south bend, he will attend the first democratic debate in miami. he'll be part of thursday night's debate. federal investigators will be in hawaii looking into the repair and inspection records of the skydiving plane involved in a deadly crash. the aircraft went down friday and burst into flames shortly after takeoff. all 11 people on board lost their lives. the same plane suffered a lot of damage in another accident three years ago. the ntsb will investigate repairs made to the plane and whether it was airworthy. overnight we learned a french citizen was the pilot. he would have turned 43 today. a arr s accident near
3:08 am
pueblo, colorado. more than a dozen other people aboard the bus were injured, ti bridge support and went into a ditch. the driver is one of the fatalities. he was thrown from the bus. the church group was returning from a convention in denver. turning to weather now, severe storms are impacting millions of us overnight from north texas to indiana. >> the greatest threats are the heavy rain and flooding, but large hail, damaging winds, and tornados are also possible. >> operations were stopped at the two dallas airports because of two weather problems, a lightning strike knocked out communications with a radar facility, and the strong winds made other airport operations too dangerous. >> a possible tornado damaged buildings in south bend, indiana, including an empty daycare center. some roads are closed by debris. >> many roads are closed in southern missouri because of flooding. at least one house and a bridge were swept away in the town of anderson. the good news is no one was injured. >> let's get the detailed
3:09 am
forecast from accuweather's daji aswad. good morning, daji. >> good morning, kenneth and janai. we continue to track out severe thunderstorms for today across the great lakes all the way down into portions of alabama as well as georgia, and these storms will be bringing the likelihood for some damaging wind gusts. the low pressure system associated with this storm continues to press its way out to the north and east. drier conditions come into play for nebraska, kansas, as well as portions of missouri. we start to notice wet conditions rolling through pittsburgh and d.c. kenneth, janai? >> daji, thank you. a short flight turned into a long night for one passenger. she was trapped in an empty airplane. >> tiffany o'brien says she dozed off on a 90-minute trip from quebec city to toronto on air canada this month. when she woke up, the plane was empty, cold, dark, and parked far away from the terminal. o'brien couldn't call for help because her phone was dead and there was no power on the plane. she eventually found a flashlight and alerted a baggage handler who got her out. >> i wonder how this could
3:10 am
happen. >> yes. >> she's wondering the same thing. >> you think cleaning crew or flight crew, somebody. >> someone. so the statement says from the airlines, yes, this customer was left on our aircraft, we're still reviewing this matter, so they don't have any additional details to share.>> and the wom seat isn't back and the tray is down, the flight crew takes notice. yet you miss a person trapped on the flight. >> oh, snap, a little shade there. >> but she does have a point. >> she does. >> you could be passed out or sleeping, but if that seat is back? >> you're like, whoa, okay. >> excuse me, are we landing? >> that woman was getting some good sleep. they must have been like us, insomniac, passed out. like you on a trip on friday going somewhere. >> that's hilarious -- are you
3:11 am
making fun because it was you passed out? >> yes, definitely. >> was anyone on the train from d.c. to new york this weekend? did you see kenneth passed out? >> i had my neck pillow, had a sleep mask. >> shades. >> knocked out. >> it was that kind of look. coming up, the man who won an $80 million lottery jackpot and is now forced to share it with his ex-wife. and the heart-stopping performance high over times square. what we're learning this morning about the wallendas' latest death-defying feat. but first the police officer who defied death to save the lives of a 3-year-old and her grandmother.
3:12 am
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th this cargo ship was sunk on purpose off the coast of ft. pierce, florida. the 180-foot vessel had been seized in a cocaine bust. it was donated by customs and border patrol officials to be used as part of an underwater artificial reef. crews pumped it full of seawater to send it to the ocean floor. quick shout-out to ft. pierce, florida. friends and family of a university of utah student are hoping for the best after she disappeared following a lyft ride. >> 23-year-old mckenzie lueck hasn't been heard from since texting her parents last monday after landing in salt lake city. she took a lyft to an address in
3:15 am
north salt lake city but since then, nothing. the disappearance has her friends baffled. >> i just have no idea what happened to her, where she is. nobody does. and it's pretty terrifying. >> lueck had just attended her grandmother's funeral in california. according to lyft there wasn't anything unusual with her ride. police don't have any information indicating she's in danger. in missouri a police officer is being hailed as a hero for what he did for a little girl and her grandmother. >> as erielle reshef shows us, that officer braved the flames of an intense house fire, putting his own life on the line to save their lives. >> reporter: a rookie officer's body camera capturing that daring rescue. >> watch out! >> reporter: you can see flames shooting out of this missouri home. [ baby crying ] panicked screams from the basement. >> i ran up to the window. and they were just saying, help, help. basically tried to kick the window in --
3:16 am
>> reporter: la tanya hart and her 3-year-old granddaughter trapped inside. >> gas lines. i didn't know if something was going to explode. i was trying to get everyone away as fast as possible. >> reporter: officer daniel rodriguez breaking the window to get to them. reaching in, grabbing the toddler, and handing her to neighbors before rushing back. >> hey, watch this kid, watch this kid! >> reporter: managing to pull hart out just in time. her home condemned, but hart thankful she and her family escaped unharmed. >> love you, mr. officer, thank you, thank you for helping us get out of there. >> reporter: officials say that fire started in the front of the home and is considered accidental. officer rodriguez is just 25 years old. he's been on the force less than a year. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> the family very grateful there, obviously. >> as you could hear from the grandmother. >> as they should be. they've lost everything, but they have their loved ones and that is a good thing this morning. >> absolutely. thanks to that police officer. coming up in our next half
3:17 am
hour, the out-of-control hot air balloon that went down right into a crowd. what we're hearing this morning from eyewitnesses. but first the wallendas and one of their most daring and dramatic stunts live over times square. that's next on "world news now."
3:18 am
3:19 am
♪ you're simply the best better than all the rest ♪ there is no question this morning that nik wallenda and his sister lijana are simply the best. >> 25 stories over times square above tens of thousands of spectators, the daredevils pulled off their most dramatic stunt yet. our own will ganss joins us from times square. >> reporter: it's a very different times square right now. actually crews are taking the wire down. all of broadway is closed to traffic. there are still folks watching what's going on here. yeah that's because just a few hours ago, nik and lijana wallenda were right above my
3:20 am
head, 25 stories above times square, taking that death-defying walk. a death-defying stunt unlike anything the world has ever >> how's the wire feeling, lijana? >> solid. >> reporter: nik and lijana on a wire 250 feet above times thist stunt only two years crashing 30 feet to the ground. lijana's injuries severe.he hig until now. thousands on hand to watch as nik and lijana attempted this, walking that 1,300-foot tightrope. >> here in times square i have all the distractions of the city. the key to wire walking is not getting distracted. every distraction you can imagine is right down there. >> reporter: the brother and sister duo overcoming those obstacles. wind, bright lights. meeting in the middle of times squire on that high wire. the moment when nik stepped over his sister, hearts stopping. but when both completed the walk, nik first, then lijana,
3:21 am
times square breathing a collective sigh of relief. >> yes! >> i was on edge. >> oh, looking up and seeing them right above us was so insane. >> reporter: brother and sister embracing after yet another flying wallenda death-defying feat. that's right, and as soon as he was back down on the ground, nik wallenda is already talking about his next death-defying stunt. get this, guys. he says he wants to cross over an active volcano. kenneth, janai? >> oh my goodness, active volcano? a big thanks to will in times square. >> it's got to be easier to go over that volcano than the elmos of times square. >> the elmos, that's hilarious. hopefully it's not a volcano like popo. >> those elmos trying to take a picture. >> who that lives here goes to times square? >> i love in new york, i'd never go to times square, that's for tourists. >> when was the last time you went to times square? when you went to coldstone. >> to get ice cream.
3:22 am
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time for "the mix" on this monday. we're going to start with a lottery dream. >> oh! >> you know, we love hearing these lottery stories. >> wishing it was us. >> wishing it was us. >> yeah. >> you go get that winning ticket. you realize you won. and then it's worth $30 million for a michigan man, then he realizes -- i'm in the middle of divorce proceedings and now he has to split that winning jackpot with his ex-wife. >> oh ho ho, the burn! >> yes, so the michigan man's name is rick zerasko in suburban detroit. oh, not as much as he could be, says jack. has a share of the $30 million he won from a mega millions drawing he won in 2013 with ex-wife mary beth. the couple were in divorce proceedings at the time of the win but the divorce wasn't final until 2018.
3:26 am
>> i was going to say, couldn't he have waited longer to turn that in? >> no, you got a certain time. >> yeah. >> he couldn't wait. >> mary beth knew. she was like, oh. >> uh-huh. did you turn the ticket in yet? >> who told mary beth? >> did you turn the ticket in yet? oh my goodness. >> who told mary beth about this? so now -- but i'd say 15 million is better than none at all. you won $15 million. invest wisely. >> but #cheapertokeepher. >> oh! love that. >> well, maybe they'll reconcile after this, who knows. >> no, i think they're going to take their $15 million -- >> never see each other again. >> there you go. >> fair enough. so speaking of love, right? a rhino has just given birth to a 123-pound baby rhino. >> what? that's a big baby. >> imagine a baby that big, yeah, i know. guess how long this -- you don't have to guess, i'll tell you -- how long this rhino was
3:27 am
pregnant? they have one of the longest gestation periods of all mammals, 488 days. that's a good year and four months without sushi, without wine. not being able to sleep well. so hats off to this mama taji. this is taji's fourth calf, second born via artificial insemination. only the third successful birth of a greater one-horned rhino. >> this is all at the buffalo zoo. good for them. >> they do great work there. 123 pound baby. >> that's a big baby. >> a big old baby. >> hope that baby will make friends like this otter made some friends. and this man. >> and this man. >> right here. this otter and this man. >> sees the otter jump out of the water onto a deck in alaska. so he says -- >> hey, we oughtta be friends. >> oh, ha ha. >> you were going to say it. >> she always -- oughtta knew you were going to beat me to it. >> you should have.
3:28 am
>> oughtta knew it.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," dangerous storms are moving through parts of the country. strong winds and lightning bringing operations to a stop at two dallas airports. your monday forecast coming up. president trump takes aim and prepares to impose new this morning on "world news now," dangerous storms are moving through parts of the country. strong winds and lightning bringing operations to a stop at two dallas airports. your monday forecast coming up. president trump takes aim and prepares to impose new economic sanctions against iran. this as he's now blaming a surprise question for his failure to endorse his vice president's expected 2024 run. new this half hour, a hot air balloon out of control. >> coming down in the middle of a crowded festival, knocking people down. now hearing from those who were there. and it was a night of big moments and big performances at the b.e.t. awards. who stole the show both onstage and on the blue carpet later in "the skinny." it's monday, june 24th. ♪ ronjo ronjo the police won't let me go you better run as fast
3:31 am
as you can ♪ b.e.t. on abc. >> did you have to -- you could have warned me if you were going to start like that. i heard the little chuckles in the back. come on! i mean, he's right, though. >> did we get some awards? it was a big night. >> it's too early. it was. >> it was a big night. happy monday. we hope you enjoyed your first full summer weekend. >> yes, glorious, glorious weekend. >> it was great weather in much of the country but we do begin with the nasty weather in the center of the country. a line of storms stretches from north texas into indiana. >> hundreds of flights at two dallas airports were canceled by a pair of problems. lightning struck a radar facility, knocking out radio communications, and high winds made takeoffs and landings too risky. >> several buildings in southwest indiana were destroyed or damaged likely by a tornado.
3:32 am
thankfully no injuries were reported. abc's rob marciano has more. >> reporter: powerful storms barreling through the heartland. five reported tornados across four states, including texas and colorado. the storms already blamed for two fatalities this weekend. take a look at this new video. strong winds snapping a flagpole in illinois. winds whipping across that state as well, tearing down the football bleachers at manford high school. in missouri a flash flood emergency declared there. torrential rains turning roads into rivers, swamping a local business. concertgoers in kansas scrambling to safety as lightning strikes near a country music festival. we're seeing this dramatic rescue. to save two people from a raging river in kent, ohio. >> she's got to be numb, frozen, scared.
3:33 am
>> reporter: one woman falling out of her kayak, desperately holding on to tree branches for 30 minutes before finally being rescued. that woman very lucky to make it out alive. the severe weather threat on monday gets into the ohio river valley before scooting out into the atlantic. during the day on tuesday, a much quieter weather pattern thereafter. rob marciano, abc news, new york. >> and as rob was saying the storms are moving toward the ohio valley, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to those areas. >> let's check in with accuweather's daji aswad. good morning, daji. >> good morning, kenneth and janai. we continue to track out severe thunderstorms as we start off our new week from the great lakes into portions of the deep south. it's also going to translate into the northeast. behind this storm system drier conditions come in for omaha, kansas city, even dry conditions in towards oklahoma city. but we start your morning off pretty wet for houston, texas. we'll be looking at blinding downpours for your morning commute. kenneth, janai? >> daji, thank you.
3:34 am
turning now to the showdown with iran as president trump appears to impose new economic sanctions against iran today. we're learning the u.s. launched a cyber attack on iran taking aim at their military computer systems. that's after the president called off a military strike in retaliation for the shoot-down of a u.s. drone. in an interview with nbc news, the president said he's willing to speak with iran with no preconditions, and he warned about the consequences of a war. >> i'm not looking for war. and if there is, it will be obliteration like you've never seen before. but i'm not looking to do that. but you can't have a nuclear weapon. you want to talk good, otherwise you can have a bad economy for the next three years -- >> no preconditions? >> not as far as i'm concerned. >> meanwhile the president confirmed vice president mike pence will definitely be on his ticket in 2020. trump recently declined to endorse pence to succeed him, but now insists he was just taken by surprise. >> so why'd you hesitate in endorsing him -- >> because it was a surprise question. i did not even think of it, so far out, i mean, it's so far
3:35 am
out. that would be the only reason. now what happens in 2024, i don't know that mike is going to run, i don't know who's running or anything else. >> the president also praised pence, calling him a terrific vice president and a friend. meanwhile, democrats are preparing for their first 2020 debates this week after introducing themselves to south carolina voters. 22 candidates descended on the great state of south carolina. it will hold the first primary in the south starting with congressman jim clyburn's fish fry. they refrained from attacking one another but took aim at president trump. polls show joe biden, bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren on top. south bend mayor pete buttigieg left the campaign trail, returning home to deal with the fallout of a fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer. one person who witnessed the crash of a skydiving plane in hawaii says the wreckage was engulfed in a, quote, insane amount of fire. overnight we learned the pilot was a french citizen who would have turned 43 years old today. a final report on what caused the crash could take up to two
3:36 am
years. abc's will carr reports from oahu. >> reporter: federal investigators are on the scene after that devastating crash that killed 11 people. some had family members watching in horror on the ground after the flight took off for a sunset skydive when something went terribly wrong. >> you heard the motor, the engine of the plane, then you hear pop. then you knew right then. >> reporter: rick and gail silverson witnessed that fireball explode and raced to the wreckage. >> there's nothing we could have done. there was nothing left. there wasn't a sign of anybody in that plane. >> reporter: as we're learning more about the plane's checkered past, for the first time we're seeing that twin engine beechcraft on a flight prior to friday's crash. according to ntsb, in 2016 the plane sustained substantial damage on a skydiving flight where the plane stalled and spinned, forcing the skydivers to jump out of the plane during the emergency. the pilot recovered before
3:37 am
crashing. nobody was hurt. >> when it comes to paying passengers on an airplane, there should be a reasonable assumption of safety. >> reporter: friday's crash is the deadliest civil plane crash in the united states since 2011. at least six killed worked at the oahu parachute center, all well known in the community. >> it just wasn't quite real until i saw it. >> reporter: casey williamson was a videographer. his family says his smile and love for life was contagious. larry lamaster was a father. his family posted, he was doing what he loved. michael martin, who friends say lived to skydive. federal investigators have been combing through that wreckage behind me. one big question is how much weight was on board? the ntsb tells me legally 13 people, including the pilot, could have been on that flight, but they want to know if it was overloaded. on oahu's north shore, will carr, abc news. >> our thanks to will. another fan injury has renewed calls for more protective netting at major league baseball stadiums. >> a woman was hit in the face yesterday at dodger stadium. the shot off the bat of l.a.'s cody bellinger sent her to the
3:38 am
hospital. it comes a few weeks after a child was hurt in houston. washington and chicago white sox are extending their netting to the foul poles. some big-time drama at the women's world cup in france. england moved into the quarterfinals with the 3-0 win over cameroon. host france is also in the quarterfinals after a dramatic 2-1 victory over brazil. >> and the u.s. women are back in action today against spain. a win means they would face france in friday's quarterfinal. the americans haven't given up a goal so far in the tournament. that's one of the reasons some publications are calling them quote the best women's soccer team ever. today's match starts at noon eastern time. >> wow. well, i mean, i obviously would say they're the best team ever. that's just because usa. >> they're doing great. >> yeah. >> jack, you're back there clapping. so what you -- >> weigh in, jack. >> go ahead. >> ready to go today. looking for a big performance
3:39 am
from the americans. i know who we're going to blame -- >> who? >> -- if united states loses, they're going to blame you. >> why would they blame us? >> for bringing up the whole best team in history. >> oh! >> wow. >> that hurts there. >> we all know who's at fault if it all goes bad over there, oh-oh. >> see how he just took it so negative? >> it wouldn't be us. >> that is the widely referred to kiss of death at a major tournament. >> can i take it back? >> can we delete it? can we censor it? >> no, you're on the record now. >> apparently we rerecord this. all right, fine, whatever, whatever. good luck, ladies. coming up, how the wallendas outdid themselves last night 25 stories over times square. plus the frightening moments for a crowd of spectators as a hot air balloon crash lands during a town festival. plus mary j. blige is just one of the artists who brought down the house last night at the b.e.t. awards. wn the house last night at the b.e.t. awards.
3:40 am
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know and when i really want to amp it up we use k-y yours + mine. tingling for me and warming for him. woah... get what you want.
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cake in the conference room! showing 'em you're ready to be your own boss. that's the beauty of your smile. bring out the best in it with crest 3d white. crest removes 95% of surface stains... in just three days. siblings from a famed daredevil family took a stroll high above times square in a breathtaking event seen here live on abc. nik and lijana wallenda walked
3:43 am
across a 1,300-foot wire stretched 1,000 feet in the air. both wore safety harnesses to comply with new york city laws. it was lijana wallenda's first walk since breaking multiple bones in a 2017 fall. we'll have more in our next half hour. some high-flying moments didn't end so well over the weekend at a festival in missouri. >> an out-of-control hot air balloon crashed into a crowd of spectators gathered on the banks of the mississippi river. here's abc's will reeve. >> reporter: this is the heart-stopping moment a hot air balloon with passengers aboard comes crashing down. >> they were struck by what? >> they were struck by one of those balloons. >> reporter: it happened at the hannibal bicentennial celebration in missouri. watch as the balloon loses control attempting to land. its basket swept into the ground before barreling through a crowd of spectators. as the balloon gets closer, you can see one of the passengers
3:44 am
trying to steer. then suddenly it drops, hitting a tree, then the ground. >> he started dropping like really slow. scraped, hit a tree, it's coming down, oh-oh, oh-oh, there he went into the crowd. >> reporter: witnesses reporting only minor injuries after the harrowing incident. >> it was pretty rough. they were trying to grab the baskets and the baskets were kind of falling onto the people, trying to get it steady. it seemed pretty sloppy, yeah. >> reporter: this isn't the first close call for hot air balloons. back in 2017, passengers aboard this balloon making a water landing in orange county, florida. and just last year, the frightening moment this balloon collided with some power lines in howell, michigan. hannibal, missouri officials released a statement saying in part that the balloon was being flown by an experienced balloonist and that thankfully no one was seriously injured and the event continued. will reeve, abc news, new york. >> the hannibal, missouri
3:45 am
bicentennial released a statement about the incident saying in part the person flying the balloon was an experienced balloonist and thankfully there were no injuries. when we come back, the hottest performances at the b.e.t. awards. >> and the brand-new tv teaser for "the lion king." ♪ haa tavenia >> "the skinny" is next. >> "the skinny" is next. tavenia ♪ >> "the skinny" is next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny just gimme t ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" on this monday morning starting with the big night at the b.e.t. awards. >> last night was jam-packed with high-energy performances in l.a. this year's awards also doubled as a celebration of late rapper nipsey hussle, gunned down back in march near his clothing store in los angeles. he was honored with the humanitarian award. >> mary j. blige won this year's lifetime achievement award, and tyler perry took everyone to church, accepting b.e.t.'s ultimate icon award. >> it's all about trying to help somebody cross.
3:48 am
while everybody was fighting for a seat at the table, oscars so white, y'all go ahead and do that. while you're fighting for a seat at the table, i'll be down in atlanta building my own. because what i know for sure is that if i could just build this table, god will prepare it for me in the presence of my enemies. >> really took them to church. >> quite a message there from tyler perry. and also there rapper lil nas x brought his country/rap crossover hit to the stage rocking out a performance of "old town road" along billy ray cyrus -- >> and in that yellow fringe jacket. >> yeah, the two brought nearly everyone to their feet, including cardi b. >> oh, and speaking of cardi. she kicked off the show with an explosive performance of her new single "press" before winning album of the year. >> let's see some more of that, go ahead. play that. turn that up. ♪
3:49 am
>> that's a good way to end her weekend. she had a rough start to the weekend. >> she had a little rough one. >> you know what, a good end to the weekend, cardi. mary j. blige also performed. outside the theater, it was the fashion that took center stage on the red carpet. >> even the red carpet itself got dressed up in light powder blue in honor of the late nipsey hussle. >> level up singer ciara was red hot, and look at this, dramatic mini dress. >> that's pretty cool. singer lizzo wore woodgrain and tweeted out, quote, no, i'm not a branch at all, look, baby, i'm the whole damn tree. >> the whole tree. >> i did not see that in there. okay, kenneth. john legend threw it back to the '70s in this silver and gray, showing lots of chest. >> yes. >> okay, deep "v." deep "v." ♪ all of me loves all of my chest ♪
3:50 am
♪ i will put it out for you >> hit those notes. speaking of hitting those notes, because we're feeling the love tonight. >> our parent company, disney, "the lion king" turns 25 years old today. it comes -- yes, slow clap for that -- it comes as disney dropped a brand-new tv teaser for its remake featuring "can you feel the love tonight" performed by donald glover and the queen, beyonce. >> look at the stars. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> the great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. ♪ the peace the evening brings >> those kings will always be up there to guide you. ♪ the world for once in perfect harmony ♪
3:51 am
♪ with all its living things >> and so will i. >> here for all of it. >> yeah. >> "the lion king" hits theaters nationwide on july 19th, less than a month to go. >> well, that is beautiful, i loved every bit of it. at this point i'm still trying to figure out if i can be beyonce's assistant. >> oh my gosh. did you see the twitter trend? thread. thread, that's what it is. >> asking if you can be beyonce's assistant? >> and you have to choose like this -- >> y'all, trust me, look it up. i made it pretty far. until i got -- i got fired initially, then i made it pretty far. >> yes. >> i thought she'd want to go for a swim, y'all. >> i thought she'd want to get ready in the car, but no. celebrities can't buy everything. >> a passenger captured this video on a recent 10-hour flight. panthers quarterback cam newton appeared to offer a fellow passenger $1,500 to switch seats. >> newton apparently wanted more leg room, but the man said, no, who's this? i'm just kidding. he didn't say who's this.
3:52 am
apparently for that guy, the leg room worth the $1,500. , and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? $9.95 a month for you too. if you're age 50 to 85, call now about the #1 most popular whole life insurance plan, available through the colonial penn program. it has an affordable rate starting at $9.95 a month.
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whoa, who's this? >> do you remember the rag doll i told you about? >> the cowboy? >> yep. >> no way! >> don't stare. >> i'm totally staring. >> totally winning at the weekend box office. our parent company disney's "toy story 4" taking in an estimated $118 million. >> coming in a very distant second, "child's play." so the makers of that film, probably horrified. our parent company's live action remake of "aladdin" now into its fifth weekend in third. >> a very distant second place, yeah. it wasn't a hollywood production but a carefully choreographed surprise inside a hospital north of syracuse, new york that left one high school senior in tears. >> when his friends found out he couldn't make it to his senior ball, they brought the party to him.
3:56 am
here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: the tears started even before the big reveal. 19-year-old elijah barron in a tuxedo and wheelchair, spending his senior year battling bone cancer. the tears elijah says are because he knows what's about to happen. >> i was like crying before i even left the room. i felt good that they would do that just for me, take time out of their day. come to my ball. >> reporter: too weak to attend the senior ball, doctor's orders. >> look at this, senior ball! for elijah! >> reporter: his classmates brought the ball to him. inside of his hospital. everyone in formal attire. everything from a selfie booth to photo props, even a sit-down dinner. a rite of passage for every graduate of liverpool high school in upstate new york. the special ceremony, his mom's idea. the children's hospital said go for it, even buying supplies. >> mom, she's always been my superhero.
3:57 am
>> reporter: elijah returning the favor, putting on his own show at graduation. one more surprise. elijah walking across the stage to get his diploma. >> i have one of the greatest warriors ever. he's a very strong individual. and i love him. >> strong family. strong community there. >> yeah. >> and you know, sometimes we report on bullying and negative stories when it involves these young people. to see this and how that -- i think that's so special. >> high school students going above and beyond for a friend and a classmate. love seeing stories like that and a big thanks to tom for bringing it to us. stay with us, more news is next. can go
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the showdown with iran. president trump imposing new economic penalties on iran today just as secretary of state mike pompeo arrives in the region. his message this morning. worst than jail. an exclusive interview with the doctor who compares one immigrant detention facility to torture. what she saw. plus, the breaking news overnight, two toddlers and an infant found dead along the texas border. major league safety concerns. >> just beyond the protective netting. >> no, no. >> yet another fan rushed to the hospital after being hit by a foul ball weeks after a similar scene. should more be done to


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