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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 24, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the showdown with iran. president trump imposing new economic penalties on iran today just as secretary of state mike pompeo arrives in the region. his message this morning. worst than jail. an exclusive interview with the doctor who compares one immigrant detention facility to torture. what she saw. plus, the breaking news overnight, two toddlers and an infant found dead along the texas border. major league safety concerns. >> just beyond the protective netting. >> no, no. >> yet another fan rushed to the hospital after being hit by a foul ball weeks after a similar scene. should more be done to plus, another candidate enters the race for the white house. the 25th democrat jumping in.
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an airline passenger's real-life nightmare waking up all alone. the plane dark and no w and the death-defying high-wire act. >> i'm just fixing the pole. it's too short. >> behind the scenes at the wallendas' feat, 25 stories over times square. the new images and what they overcame. good monday morning, everyone. we begin with president trump imposing a new round of economic penalties on iran today. >> he's turning up the pressure hoping to force hawn into a new round of talks after he called off a military strike last week but the regime is not budging. iran lawmakers sunday chanted death to america. just moments ago the head of iran's navy issued a new warning. >> abc's trevor ault has the new developments from washington. trevor, good morning.
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jai, kenth escalated sharply k when iran shot down a surveillance drone and the naval chief said they're capable of shooting down more spy drones. this comes as the administration is trying to negotiate a deal but president trump is still saying a military strike is on the bl with tensions high between iran and the united states, today the trump administration says it's rolling out new sanctions targeting iran's economy in an effort to force them to the negotiating table. >> if iran wants to become a wealthy nation again, become a prosperous nation, we'll call it let's make iran great again. >> reporter: the president saying he called off a military attack on iran after learning how many iranians would have likely been killed telling nbc -- >> i'm not looking for war, and if there is, it'll be obliteration like you've never seen before.
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but i'm not looking to do that. >> reporter: the president says he would be willing to talk to iran with no preconditions. his top adviser saying a deal can be reached but new video from inside iran's parliament shows lawmakers chanting death to america. [ chanting ] abc news has learned that while president trump called off those strikes against iran on thursday, the white house did quietly green light a cyberattack the same day, disabling software on computer systems used to control rocket and missile launches. secretary of state mike pompeo meeting with allies about containing iran. >> this effort we engaged in to deny them the resources to build out their nuclear weapon system and missile program, we are going to deny them the resources they need to do that. >> reporter: iran continues to insist the american drone they shot down was flying over iranian airspace but the united states says
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it was clearly ininternational airspace and they'll be willing to present proof to a u.n. security council. >> the u.s. requesting that closed door u.n. meeting a few days ago, trevor ault, thank days ago. you. for the third time in less than a week a police officer shot and killed in the line, michael lansdorff was shot in a suburb. the suspect allegedly trying to cash a bad check now in custody. a rookie police officer was killed in sacramento, california. the following night an officer was shot while chasing a suspect in mission, texas. republican state senators are boycotting the legislature to block a climate change bill. the republicans don't have enough votes to kill the bill so they're refusing to show up. they're hoping to run out the clock until the session ends. some of them even fled the state after the governor threatened to dispatch state police to round them up. while i've been in four states in four days and i'm at a safe location currently, and i believe that the state place do
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know where we're at but we're beyond their reach at this point so we'll continue to stay out until we have a negotiated settlement. >> oregon's statehouse was shut dunn saturday after reports by militia groups opposed. all pending bills now on hold. state senators will be fined $500 for every day they miss. a developing story from the southern border. border patrol agents in texas have found the bodies of four people, two infants, a toddler and woman along the rio grande in an area known for human smuggling. investigators believe they may have died by dehydration. that comes from allegations of mistreatment and they're using words like torture. uncertainty is sending fear through many communities after president trump postponed immigration raids. [ crowd chanting ] protesters in los angeles directing their anger towards president trump's threat to launch new deportation operations.
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>> saying he's going to -- do these massive deportations one day and then one day he's not, the fear he's putting in our community is not okay. reporhe hours after president trump delayed raids by i.c.e. targeting more than 2,000 people and family units who had already received final orders to leave the country. the president tweeted, at the request of democrats, i have delayed the illegal immigration removal process for two weeks. >> our families are still in danger. our families still need to be united. we still need a solution that will cover everybody. >> reporter: abc news has learned the president called off the raids after house speaker nancy pelosi urged him not to go through with it. this week congress will consider a plan to send $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to the border where facilities are overwhelmed with a record number of families. >> this felt worse than jail. >> reporter: dr. dolly severe examined infants and children in mcallen, texas, and compared the conditions to torture with
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babies drinking from unwashed fluoresce lent lights on 24/7. >> the conditions at these facilities are placing them at increased risk for infection, disease and death. >> reporter: attorney warren binford, who interviewed children at this facility in clinton, texas, says children are left to care for each other. >> they're sleeping on concrete blocks. there are open toilets in the room. no soap. >> reporter: when asked about the dire circumstances the president blamed democrats. >> we're doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. the democrats aren't even approving giving us money. where is the money? you know what, the democrats are holding up the humanitarian aid. >> tough to hear some of those details. in response customs and border protection say they have limited resources but they work to provide the best care possible. investigators in hawaii are looking into the history of the skydiving plane involved in the worst civilian aviation accident in the u.s. since 2011. the plane burst into flames friday while crashing after takeoff killing all 11 people on board.
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there are questions about whether the plane was overloaded. overnight we learned the pilot was a french citizen who would have turned 43 today. the same plane was involved in a midair scare three years ago when it stalled and went into a spin forcing the skydivers to bail out. investigators want to know if damage to the plane was repaired correctly. this morning, more extreme weather is slamming the midwest. a possible tornado has touched down in south bend, indiana, destroying or badly damaging several buildings including a day-care center but the good news is no one was injured. the heavy rain triggered a flash flood emergency in southwest, missouri destroying this bridge. now let's take a look at your monday forecast. good morning, we are tracking out severe thunderstorms from detroit all the way down to nashville, tennessee looking for flooding concerns. as you head back on the back side, drier conditions for
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bismarck, oklahoma and low pressure will continue to press its way into the east as it does so we're looking at wet conditions through the mid-atlantic region but high pressure further to the north so boston looking fabulous as you start off your monday. i'm your accuweather meteorologist daji aswad. coming up, one very lucky lottery number. but first yet another candidate is running for president. we'll introduce you to the 25th democrat to enter the race. plus, new information on the comeback plan for toys "r" us.
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♪ ain't that a shame the man who co-wrote the
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words to the fats domino classic "ain't that a shame" has died. rock & roll hall of fame bartholomew is credited with discovering him. he was 100 years old. yet another presidential hopeful has joined the very crowded field. former pennsylvania congressman joe sestak just became candidate number 25. the retired three-star admiral says he waited so late to announce because his daughter was fighting brain cancer. another candidate south bend indiana mayor pete buttigieg says he will attend thursday's debate following a heated town hall meeting about the death of a black pan in his city. buttigieg listened as south bend residents angrily called for changes in the police department after 54-year-old eric logan was shot by a white officer. the officer claimed logan had a knife that he refused to drop. abc's tara palmeri questioned buttigieg about his leadership on the issue. >> but you're running
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record but how can you do that when you have so much division at home yet you claim you can unify the country? >> part of how you earn your praycheck as a mayor is to walk into no win situations but we have a done a lot of work to do. >> buttigieg is calling for the justice department to investigate eric logan's death. in business news toys "r" us is making a comeback. a former executive is resurrecting the famous store one year after it closed 700 u.s. locations. the new stores will be smaller and a half dozen are set to open by the end of the year including at least two just in time for the holidays. expect to see lines of people claiming lottery prizes in north carolina. that's because the winning pick four number this weekend was 0, 0, 0, 0. >> ooh. >> and there are more than 2,000 winning tickets. that's going to cost the state $7.8 million beating the old record set when the winning number was 1, 1, 1, 1.
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>> lucky people. >> a lot of winners. coming up, the high-wire stunt over times square. we'll take you behind the scenes for the most exciting moments from the wallendas' groundbreaking stunt 25 stories in the air. but first a major league scare at a ballpark. yet another fan is rushed to the hospital after getting hit with a foul ball. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+ / her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections
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♪ [ cheering ] now buy your family three blue diamond almond breeze products and receive a free toy story 4 movie ticket thanks mom. sfx: slurping see disney-pixar's toy story 4 now playing. rated g blue diamond almond breeze back now with another fan injury in major league baseball. a woman was rushed to the hospital after taking a line drive to the face at dodger stadium. >> she was sitting outside the protective netting. critics say the sport must do more to protect fans. overnight renewed calls for more protective netting after this. >> bellinger rifles it foul. this beyond the protective netting. >> reporter: a fan in the fourth row at dodger stadium was struck in the head by a foul
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ball hit by l.a. star cody bellinger mouthing the words smoked in the face. that fan was given an ice pack at first and bellinger even checked on her in between innings but was rushed to a hospital for tests. all major league stadiums from the league have extended it to the far ends of the dugouts, but even since that a woman died after being struck in the head. just last month a young girl hit by a foul ball. the white sox and nets are extending them to the foul poles. after the incident at dodger stadium there appears to be more support for more protection. >> maybe just to protect people
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in the first row, i don't know. that is a scary situation. >> i think that definitely, you know, talks like that need to intensify. >> one thing it may not stop is the fans. this woman rushed the outfield to hug bellinger in the ninth inning. >> adding to the concern more fans are doinging down at their phones during the game. one report found since 1998 there's been a 12% increase in the number of foul balls hit during those games. the passenger in a terrifying hot air balloon credits the pilot. the balloon barreled through the crowd at a festival in missouri. that knocked several people to the ground as you saw. the pilot wearing yellow there steered the balloon at the last second to avoid several people and you can see passenger christina smith's arm hanging down after the basket hits the ground. >> i just felt like the balloon go down and he's like, okay, and he's turning on both burners trying to get us back up over the next tree and then we just -- the air grabbed us and pulled us down. he just started screaming get out of the way. get out of the way. get out of the way. >> the pilot is described as experienced and all injuries were minor. high-wire acrobats nik wallenda and his sister are celebrating their historic live stunt over times square. they spent 36 minutes walking between two towers last night
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as a massive crowd watched from below. owl will ganss was among them. >> thank you, jesus. glory to you, father god. >> reporter: a prayer 25 stories above new york city. nick and lijana wallenda defying death again. >> it was a lot harder getting on the wire. >> reporter: starting a quarter mile apart on opposite ends of times square. the brother and sister walking a steel wire less than an inch wide. only two years after this, the fall nearly ending lijana wallenda's life breaking every bone in her face. her return to the wire nothing short of miraculous. two times higher and four times longer than anything she's ever done. >> i was worried that i was going to be more nervous. but what i said is real, the fear really is gone. >> reporter: but this moment when nik had to step over lijana so they could continue their high-flying walk stopping hearts in times square. the city that never sleeps falling silent. but after 36 minutes they did it.
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>> how did you do that? >> reporter: even nik himself surprised by what surprised him. >> maybe the biggest surprise was the wire was as stable as it was. >> reporter: he and his sister beating the odds returning to the wire in front of a live tv audience but for the flying wallendas, it's where they belong. >> fear kind of gripped me for a little bit after the accident, and it's gone. i was home. >> home for sure. nik says his next stunt, he will walk over an active volcano on a tightrope. >> just incredible. lijana there, she was so inspirational. all that she's been through and to be able to do that just incredible. >> yeah. >> she said at one point the fear gripped her. well, it gripped all of us. >> that is correct. up next in "the pulse," the airline passenger who woke up all alone inside a plane. how she got out. plus, the nfl quarterback who wanted to upgrade to first class. what he offered other passengers. and a new sneak peek of "the lion king" featuring beyonce. e m my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy.
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♪ it's time to check "the pulse" and begin with a woman who says her nap on a short flight ended in a nightmare. >> tiffani o'brien dozed off during an air canada flight on a flight from quebec to toronto. when she woke up, she was still trapped in her seat, but was alone in the bark. the plane was in a remote area and her phone was dead and managed to open the door but it was a 40-foot drop. she found a flashflight in the cockpit and flagged down an air canada worker.worker air canada says it's reviewing
4:24 am
the matter. we have another story from a plane. this involving cam newton. >> newton was seen offering a first class passenger $1500 to switch seats before a flight from paris to charlotte. he was in paris for men's fashion week. >> but the passenger turned down the money, so newton who was 6'5" slowly made his way back to his coach seat. >> in that nice shirt. >> i got to go back to coach. today marks 25 years since "the lion king" first hit theaters and we're feeling the love. >> our parent company disney has released a new teaser for its upcoming remake. beyonce and donald glover performed their rendition of "can you feel the love tonight." ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> the great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. ♪ the peace the evening brings >> those kings -- >> beyonce in the voice of nala and glover, simba. the movie hits theaters july 19th. >> then we can finally hear -- [ singing in foreign language ] from lions to bears imagine you open your closet and find this guy. >> a black bear climbed inside this mud room closet inside a
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. making news right now at 4:27. another scary reminder of the fire season we're in. a grass fire burns dangerously close to homes in the east bay forcing some families to evacuate for a time. first san francisco and now another bay area city is ready to ban e-cigarettes. livermore city leaders want to go a lot farther. sickness, fifth and overcrowding. activists saying what they say are deplorable conditions of hundreds of migrant children detained. thanks for joining us on this monday, june 24th. >> we lad a very summary weekend. curious what the week has in store. >> temperatures will dip delow average for a while, the cooling trend. look at the temperatures as you step outside. 51 in santa rosa, the same thing
4:28 am
in palo alto. we have mid 60s, san jose 64. mountain view, 63, 61 in livermore, 60 in concord. we have a few 90s hanging on, ukiah, lakeport, fairfield, concord, antioch. mid 80s for the rest of the neighborhood. 70s around the bay. low to mid 60s around the coast and san francisco. let's get a check of the commute. we have a problem on the san mateo bridge, at least we did. someone changing their tire on the right shoulder. chp arrived, took away the right lane, giving protection there. it looks like the flashing lights are gone. looks like that's no longer an issue. as you can see, traffic did not back up much in the area either. we have one lane blocked. cruise are working on cleaning up an overnight crash, northbound 101 at sierra point. tow trucks are on the scene and they should be done with that
4:29 am
shortly. we're in the green and we should stay that way. we'll check on drive times next. developing news in free mon where an evacuation is over for homes near a gas fire. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in fremont this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a hillside that was on fire. we spoke with a resident who says he has always worried about this hill. last night they saw those concerns become reality. the fire started about 10:00 last night. we've got video that someone posted on twitter. it was taken from a car as it was passing the area. you can see how this fire lit up the night. they did evacuate a small number of homes near mission boulevard in the niles district of frem t fremont. those people have been allowed to return to their homes. they did get this fire out after it burped about 15 acres on a steep hill. this was just north of blazedale way. that's what police were telling
4:30 am
us. people in the area say there was a huge response. they saw so many firefighters and police officers in the area. they just pounced on it and got it out pretty quickly, in just a few minutes. no one was hurt. no damage has been reported. so this was a close call basically, quite a fire drill as they were able to get on this quickly and knock it out. they did evacuate some people just in case. live in fremont, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. firefighters rushed to save boats from a fast moving brush h fire in the delta. east contra costa county firefighters had trouble getting to the fire because it was burning in marshland covered in overgrown grass. no boats were damaged by the fire. we update you now with weather and


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