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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 24, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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it sounds like a broken down version. >> like a spare piano and gorgeous vocal tone in there. >> not a broke version, a broken down version. i don't want the beehive after me good morning, america. severe weather on the move. more than 50 million at risk right now. overnight this tornado tore through south bend, indiana, destroying a day-care center and lightning knocked out power at a major airport. a flash flood emergency in ssouri neighborhoods underwater. where the storms are heading next now. happening now, secretary of state mike pompeo arriving in the middle east just moments ago as iran issues a new threat this morning. crisis at the border. the president calls off sweeping immigration raids for now after a plea from nancy pelosi. this as new details emerge about the migrant children being held in those camps. one doctor who went inside compares them to, quote, torture facilities. abc news exclusive.
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out of control, the hot air balloon crashing into a crowd. now the passenger revealing what the pilot did to prevent a catastrophe. >> the one-two comes home. danger at the ballpark. another fan hospitalized, hit in the head by a dodger's foul ball sitting just outside that protective netting. ♪ i'm on top of the world and high-wire heroes. nik and lijana wallenda pulling off an incredible stunt, 25 stories above times square. the heart-pounding moment they crossed each other on live tv. >> i'm gonna do this. what do you think, new york city? >> and now the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage you haven't seen, and wait till you hear what's next. their first interview right here on "gma." ♪ i kept on falling short and good morning, america.
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times square always full of surprises but nothing like last night. michael, you were there for all of it. how terrifying was it? >> i did not sleep last night, george. i think nik and lijana were the only ones who slept. they were calm. it was one of the most incredible things i have ever seen and a testament to getting past your fears. they are here today. cannot wait to talk to them. wow, i did not sleep. still shaking. >> you didn't want to get out there with them? >> get out there? i was standing on the building scared let alone on a high wire. >> as you said, nik wallenda and his sister were more than 200 feet above ground. it was incredible walking on a wire. listen to this, just three-quarters of an inch wide and they revealed some clues about what's coming up. all those details when they're here live talking to you in not too long. >> you can try it. they leff the wire up. no, that's not going to happen. we're going to move on now,
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guys. we'll start and we again with those dangerous storms on the move bringing twisters and flash flooding to the midwest. now 50 million are bracing as the system is heading east. ginger starts us off with the very latest. good morning, ginger. >> michael, amazing images coming in from south bend, indiana late last evening. people were in their cars leaving dinner and this is what you end up seeing, a tornado right behind that cvs. this was 1 of more than 200 severe storm reports in just the last 24 hours. >> holy, [ bleep ]. oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: an up close encounter with a tornado in south bend, indiana. debris swirling in the violent twister right in front of the driver of this car. >> no [ bleep ] way. >> reporter: watch this light flash behind the cvs before the power goes out. a daycare center in indiana hit hard. half the building unrecognizable. thankfully no one was inside and
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no injuries. 2020 presidential candidate pete buttigieg tweeting the city was assessing the damage and, quote, thankful that as of now no injuries have been reported. while indiana dealt with that tornado, flights at both dallas airports came to a temporary ground stop because of severe storms and a lightning strike cutting communication. >> communication system for air traffic control has been restored. >> reporter: at this marina in gilbertsville, kentucky damaging waves. these boats were filed on top of each other. a flash flood emergency declared in southwest missouri. a home once stood on this foundation before being swept away. water filling the town of anderson after 6 inches of rain fell in just 6 hours. unfortunately more of that to come. severe thunderstorm warnings popping in mississippi throughout the morning along this line. now what will happen, the atmosphere will settle down then recharge for the afternoon and evening and that's why anybody from kentucky through west virginia, ohio, even eastern michigan down to north georgia needs to watch for damaging wind, hail and, yes, tornadoes today. >> another rough day. thanks very much. the latest on the crisis with iran. that regime making new threats
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to down american drones as the white house prepares to unveil a new round of sanctions. and secretary of state mike pompeo now in saudi arabia for talks. our chief white house correspondent jon karl tracking new developments. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning. the president says he will impose those new economic sanctions later today as the iranian military says it will strike again if any u.s. aircraft enters iranian airspace. more defiance from iran. as a private iranian news agency is quoting a top iranian military official saying his forces are capable of shooting down more american drones. although the president called off his planned military strike, abc news has learned that the white house quietly green lighted a cyberattack on iran disabling software on computer systems used to control rocket and missile launches.
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this morning a spokesman for iran's foreign minister saying that was, quote, a big mistake, and is contrary to international law. president trump says he made his last-minute decision to call off the military strike when he was told how many iranians could die in the attack. >> everybody was saying i'm a warmonger. and now they say i'm a dove. and i think i'm neither. if you want to know the truth, i'm a man with common sense but i didn't like the idea of them knowingly shooting down an unmanned drone and then we kill 150 people. i didn't like that. >> reporter: the drone the iranians shot down is a sophisticated surveillance aircraft that cost some $130 million. national security adviser john bolton and secretary of state pompeo had urged the military strike to retaliate. but the president said he is not looking for war. >> john bolton is absolutely a hawk. up to him he'd take the whole world on at one time. i was against going into iraq. >> reporter: bolton's tough talk
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took center stage in israel sunday. >> neither iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake u.s. prudence and discretion for weakness. >> reporter: the president says if it comes to war the u.s. will, quote, obliterate iran. but what he really wants is talks aimed at a new deal to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons. >> if iran wants to become a wealthy nation again, become a prosperous nation -- we'll call it let's make iran great again, does that make sense? make iran great again. >> reporter: iran insists that the drone it shot down was flying over its airspace. the united states says it was clearly not flying over iranian airspace but international airspace and the u.s. is expected, george, to present evidence to that effect later today before the u.n. security council. >> jon, iran threatening to restart their nuclear program. of course, north korea has a nuclear arsenal right now, and the president is continuing to
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try to cultivate kim jong-un. >> reporter: he sure is. we learned that he sent another letter. they've been having this back and forth with letters. the president sent another personal letter to kim jong-un. the north korean news agency there released that photograph of kim jong-un reading the letter. and, george, listen to how they characterize it. they said the letter is of excellent content, and talked about the extraordinary courage of president trump, saying that kim jong-un would, quote, seriously contemplate the interesting contents of that letter. of course, the big question is will there be yet another summit? >> and what is that content? they know. we don't. jon karl, thanks very much. cecilia? okay, george, another headline out of washington this morning. it's the battle over immigration. in some of those detention centers holding children as young as 2 months old. witnesses who have been inside are now using words like torture to describe the conditions there. this as president trump is putting on hold his plan for
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nationwide deportation raids, at least temporarily. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce joins us from capitol hill. mary, you learned that speaker nancy pelosi got in his ear on this one. >> reporter: yeah, cecelia. the speaker personally lobbied the president not to go through with this and he's holding off for now, but trying to up the pressure, giving lawmakers two weeks to act on immigration or else he says he will go ahead with those sweeping raids, but the pressure is also growing on the president now to do something about what is being described to us as absolutely dire conditions at these facilities along the border. this morning, president trump's mass deportation operation on hold but not off the table. just hours before i.c.e. agents began nationwide raids to round up families who are in the u.s. illegally trump tweeted at the request of democrats, i have delayed the illegal immigration removal process for two weeks. abc news learned the president called off the sweeping raids after a phone call with house speaker nancy pelosi. she urged him not to go through with it calling the raids heartless and warning they would inject terror into our communities. trump's about-face comes as congress this week considers a
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plan to send $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to the border where a record number of families are now being detained. the facilities overwhelmed. >> this felt worse than jail. >> reporter: speaking exclusively to abc's lana zak dr. dolly sevier said children are being held in conditions she called inhumane, calling it comparable to torture facilities. >> the conditions in these fas facilities are playing them at increased risk for infection, disease and death. >> reporter: she was granted access to the ursula facility in mcallen, texas, after a flu outbreak there sent five infants to intensive care, and she witnessed a complete lack of basic sanitation. babies drinking from unwashed bottles for days. bright fluorescent lights on 24/7. attorney warren
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interviewed children at a facility in texas and said they're left to care for each other. >> they're sleeping on concrete blocks. there are open toilets in the room. there is no soap. these children are being held in a completely inappropriate facility. >> reporter: but when asked about the conditions, the president blamed democrats. >> we're doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. the democrats aren't even approving giving us money. where is the money? you know what, the democrats are holding up the humanitarian aid. >> reporter: now democrats this week are moving to pass billions of dollars in humanitarian aid, and michael, we did reach out to customs and border patrol, and they say they have limited resources, but, quote, work to provide the best care possible for those in their custody especially children. >> all right, thank you so much, mary. now to new developments in that tragic plane crash in hawaii. 11 people killed when their sky dying plane went down shortly after takeoff. abc's will carr has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: heartbreak in hawaii after 11 people died in a terrifying plane crash. >> we saw a big explosion and covered in black smoke. >> reporter: that fateful flight took off on a skydiving
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adventure at sunset but something instantly went wrong. >> there's nothing we could have done. there was nothing left. there wasn't a sign of anybody on that plane. >> reporter: abc news learned the pilot was 42-year-old jerome renck, a french citizen and father whose brother says he will be sorely missed by anyone who's ever met him. this morning we're learning the plane was also involved in a previous midair incident. this video shows the same aircraft in 2016 filled with skydivers. according to the ntsb, the pilot lost control. you can see those skydivers falling forward and then bailing out after the plane stalled, going into a dangerous spin. >> out, out. get out of the [ bleep ] plane. >> reporter: pieces of the plane fell off in midair. >> i saw something fall down from the plane like a sheet or something. i don't know what it was. >> reporter: amazingly nobody was hurt but the plane sustained serious damage. >> we will be looking at the
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quality of those repairs and whether it was inspected and whether it was airworthy. >> reporter: at least six of the victims worked for the oahu parachute center. larry lemaster was a father. his family said he would never want one person to waste a s single moment of their life mourning his. friends say michael martin lived to skydive and follow his adventurous heart. and we're really hearing that about so many of the victims. the pilot of the plane was supposed to turn 43 today and the crew, we're learning, really loved to skydive and had a real zest for adventure. george? >> such a tragedy, okay, thanks very much. to the race for the white house. democratic candidate pete buttigieg off to a fast start, but now facing a firestorm in his own community. the mayor of south bend, indiana, was confronted by angry residents after the fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer. our chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas is here
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with the story. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. you will remember when you sat down here with mayor pete on "gma" he said he was qualified to run for president because he's dealt with tough issues in the past like racially sensitive officer-involved shootings. well, it's happened again in his city and this time the tension is mounting. >> give the people -- >> reporter: this morning mayor pete buttigieg trying to balance a city on edge with his quest to be president. on sunday, facing outraged residents in his hometown of south bend, indiana. the meeting called to address the shooting death of eric logan by a white police officer. >> people are not heard. that's why you're getting the reaction you're getting. >> reporter: buttigieg remaining calm even while being constantly interrupted byired up constituents. >> that is their last day on the street. i would love to be able to finish my reply if that's okay. >> a guy threw a knife at me. >> reporter: the officer claims
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logan, who was allegedly breaking into cars, had a knife and ignored repeated commands to drop it. but the officer didn't activate his bodycam. >> i don't fear nobody. >> thank you, ma'am. >> reporter: now residents are demanding action and the democratic candidate coming off the campaign trail to answer questions. logan's mother even confronting the mayor in front of cameras. >> i've been here all my life and you all didn't do a damn thing about me or my son or none of these people out here. it's time for you to do something. if you can't do it, then step your [ bleep ] down. i'm tired of talking about it. i'm tired of hearing your lies. >> amen. >> reporter: we asked buttigieg about his city's brewing tensions and his leadership. >> these situations aren't easy. part of how you earn your paycheck as a mayor is to walk into no win situations. but we have done a lot of work. we have got a lot of work to do together. >> the timing of this critical
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issue for his city is tricky. he insists his campaign for president will go on telling reporters yesterday he plans to participate in this week's debate and continue to serve his community to the best of his ability. but, guys, he's three days away from the first primary debate. incredibly important. it's likely to come up in the debate. >> no question about that. real test for a young candidate. tom, thanks very much. >> tensions high there, tom. thanks. we turn to another accident at the baseball field. a fan at dodger stadium hit in the head by a foul ball. this latest incident once again raising safety questions about extended netting. abc's paula faris is here with more. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. it happened just beyond the dugout and just beyond that netting raising the question whether major league baseball is doing enough to protect its fans. >> bellinger rifles it foul. >> reporter: another baseball fan hospitalized after being struck by a ball. it happened sunday afternoon. a line drive hit by los angeles dodger slugger cody bellinger striking a woman during the first inning in their match-up against the colorado rockies. the fan would was seated four rows from the field and outside the protective netting was
7:17 am
immediately treated in the stands but 15 minutes later was seen headed to the hospital for further testing. this incident coming just one month after this little girl was struck in the face at a cubs game. the 4-year-old fan hit by chicago's albert almora jr.'s foul ball. the stadium watching in horror. >> you've got some guys that everybody is high on down there. >> that went sizzling off into the stands. >> reporter: an emotional almora had to be comforted by a stadium security guard, but these incidents are now raising questions about protective netting at baseball games. according to major league baseball, all 30 team stadiums are required to have protective netting that extends from behind home plate to the end of each dugout. both the woman and the little girl were sitting just outside that shielded area. last month the chicago white sox became the first mlb team to announce they're extending the netting all the way to the foul
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posts. the nationals are taking similar steps. it's up to each team to determine what they want to do beyond the dugout netting. >> should be safety first. >> absolutely. i think the players would agree with you on that one. >> okay, paula. thanks very much. we have some exclusive behind-the-scenes moments you didn't see from that thrilling high wire walk right here in times square. nik and lijana wallenda are here live. that's up next on "gma". the hot air balloon crash caught on camera. the passenger now speaking out. what she says the pilot did right to avoid a catastrophe. first, back over to ginger. >> and more images of severe >> and more images of severe storms. like we couldn't even fit all of them. this was happening in ellsworth, kansas, and the cars there, you could see that tomorrow in northern missouri, des moines over to peoria, illinois. i showed the one today. tomorrow we'll have it again. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, the select cities brought to you by febreze air effects.
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the wallendas are here live. we'll be right back. >> the wallendas is here live. we'll be right back. ay to somebody living with hiv?
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it feels weird to be on this side of the camera for sure. [laughs] five people are dead after a murder-suicide. four victims were shot in kramer's court. police found two more murder victims and the suspect dead what's believed to be a murder-suicide early this morning. let's go to alexa with traffic. >> good morning, reggie. this is the bay bridge toll preys where we have a crash in lane one before you get to the
7:24 am
metering lights. doesn't impact the car pool lanes too much. we have normal delays on the approach through the maze. much better news in san francisco. park were presidio back open.
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7:26 am
. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> it's about 10-degree spread this morning. 51 in santa row is a. cool to warm mass transit. on the water, breezy. the nineties are gone after today. look at the 80s are gone after tomorrow. spring weather wednesday and thursday. reggie? >> thanks, mike. coming up the we are live in
7:27 am
times square talk about the behind-the-scenes moments from their incredible high-wire walk only on gma. another update in about 30 minutes. you can always find us on
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at pure leaf, real tea leaves we blend the finest tea leaves and brew them at a lower temperature for a smooth delicious real brewed iced tea. i'm alex white, pure leaf tea master. our thing is tea. this is tight. hold on. >> you're good where this is tight. hold on. >> you're good where you're at. >> welcome back to "gma" and, boy, that's the heart-pounding moment nik wallenda crossed over his sister lijana on a wire 200 feet above ground in times square last night. for a moment that scared everybody. the two pulling off that incredible stunt on live tv, and they're here right now. we're going to speak to them in just a moment. cannot wait for that. i know i didn't sleep. i don't think nik got out of times square until 5:00 a.m. >> they look remarkably calm for what they went through. >> more calm than anybody else. following a lot of other headlines. 50 million in the path of severe weather as multiple storms move
7:31 am
east after bringing tornadoes and flash floods to the midwest. homes in missouri are underwater. we'll look at that right know. secretary of state pompeo in the middle east this morning meeting with allies as iran issues new threats to down american drones as the white house is preparing to unveil new sanctions. excited about this one. it is a big day for the u.s. women's national team facing their toughest test yet at the world's cup taking on spain in the first game of the knockout round. the winner will face host nation france in the quarterfinals. we are rooting them on. they're killing it. >> go, usa. more on that incredible high-wire stunt. nik wallenda and his sister lijana crossing over each other 25 stories above times square as millions watched on live tv. i was up there as they did it and we're going to talk to the wallendas in a moment only on "gma" this morning. but first t.j. holmes has a look at that daring walk. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: okay, good morning. let me first start with this. whew. okay. okay, that was a little -- some scary stuff there. this was a unique spectacle, the likes of which we haven't seen
7:32 am
before. something that was happening right there in times square where people were gathered and you would think it was something like new year's eve when you see the crowds down there. people usually gather in those crowds to see that ball drop on new year's eve but the last thing anybody wanted last night was to see anything or anybody fall. >> if you can make it in new york, you can make it anywhere. >> reporter: this is the moment we have all been waiting for. nik wallenda and his sister, lijana, walking across times square. >> so much blood, so much sweat. >> sweat. >> and more tears than i have ever put into a walk. >> reporter: 25 stories off the ground, starting at either end of a 1,300-foot steel wire, only three-quarters of an inch thick. adding to the tension, this heart-stopping moment when nik and lijana needed to cross each other.
7:33 am
>> hi. >> reporter: lijana straddled the wire as nik walked towards her unhooking one of her safety tethers more than 200 feet above the crossroads of the world below. >> this is tight. >> you're good where you're at. >> hold on. >> you don't have to move. i'm going to do this. what do you think, new york city? what do you think, world? >> reporter: nik made the crossover but the brother/sister team isn't in the clear yet. just as lijana goes to stand up -- >> that wire is really solid. >> i hooked this pole in wrong. hold on. a problem with her safety tether. >> i'm fixing the pole. it's too short. i hooked it in wrong. >> reporter: she was able to unstrap and re-strap the pole, finally able to stand and start walking again. >> good job. you're amazing. >> wow. >> reporter: and throughout the journey. >> how are you doing, lijana? >> yeah, i'm good. >> reporter: they took us along as they offer each other encouragement. >> good job. >> reporter: lijana even singing. ♪
7:34 am
>> reporter: and sharing her faith in this moment of tribulation. >> in jesus' name i've got this. in jesus' name. >> reporter: the walk higher and farther than anything she's done before marking lijana's first time performing on a wire in more than two years since this horrifying accident. and nik seen here clinging to the wire but lijana not so lucky. >> my worst nightmare was before this. >> reporter: the moment nik reached his platform, he rushed downstairs and jumped into a car to get back across so he could wrap big sister in his arms captured in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video. there was a lot of healthy conversation last night on social media about the event and some people said, you know what, they were tethered. so where is the danger? i think i speak for the wallendas when i say, well, you try it. strahan? >> you know what, i'm not and there's still danger with the
7:35 am
tether if people didn't understand that. hello, nik and lijana wallenda, and i'm happy to see you on the ground. lijana, this is your first big performance since the fall a few years ago and when you got to the edge of that building and you looked out, what was going through your mind? >> oh, man, you know, of course, you get butterflies and a little sick to your stomach. what am i about to do? what is wrong with my family? but then i remember all the training and how hard i worked and you have to fall back on that. you know, i knew my ability. i knew i could do it, you know, i was well trained. >> take us through the first steps. the first steps seem to be the hardest. >> they are. the first steps -- i had to kind of lift my pole to get around some of the steel sticking out of the building so that was a little bit -- a little harder. and i'd say about the first probably 20 feet, i was a little shaky in the legs, you know, but then it really becomes home. i remember this is what i love. this is what i have done my whole life, and it truly becomes home. it's sort of -- it's peaceful, you know?
7:36 am
>> and you start out at one times square. nik, you started at two times square a little ahead of lijana. what went through your mind as you stepped out on the wire? were you more concerned for yourself or for your sister? >> i was more concerned for lijana. i've done this a long time and at a high level and i was very concerned about that first step for me as well. it was just because to access the wire was so difficult. i went up the evening before and realized that it wasn't going to be quite as easy as i thought. so not only was i thinking about myself, but what the guys needed to do in coaching them on how to grab her when she needed to get off. >> now to the part of the walk that left everybody speechless, breathless, whatever you want to call it. the crossover. when you squatted down. you said you practiced 25 times in a row to make sure you could do it. how was it to do it on the wire high above times square with the crowd underneath you? >> again, you know, i was a little bit nervous about it, but -- and i remember that i did it 25 times.
7:37 am
come on. this is flawless. >> what people didn't realize is my balancing pole started to slide down. i was wearing lululemon pants and i'm used to practicing it in jeans. my pole started to slide down, and i lost grip of it for a second, and that's why she said, are you okay, nik? she saw me teeter a little bit. i was worried about her standing back up. >> you had this dialogue on the wire. i think everyone expected to be quiet. silent. complete focus, but your focus seemed to be communicating with each other, and also with your father who was in the studio watching on the monitor. and you mentioned -- this blew my mind. you were on wire the, lijana, and you mentioned the accident. >> yeah, yeah. >> when you did that did you know you were over it? >> over the accident? >> yes, that you were comfortable. >> i feel like i conquered it.
7:38 am
it didn't -- it didn't -- it didn't consume me, the accident. i could have taken that fear from falling and never walked the wire again. i could have walked away but i wouldn't let that fear conquer me, you know. so i pushed through. >> we heard you, nik. you mentioned so much about fear when you were walking. if people would let go of their fear how much they could accomplish, that so much is possible. is that your message to people? >> absolutely, yeah. that was what that walk was all about hopefully encouraging and inspiring others to overcome their greatest fears. our society is gripped by fear and we're held back from our greatest achievements because of that fear, and it can be silly fears. ours happen to be related to what we do because of that accident or was. and i think lijana is living proof anyone can overcome anything, any challenges they face. >> how was it when you ran back to two times square to meet up with your sister and you saw each other and had that hug after you completed this? how was that feeling? >> i get goose bumps thinking about it. to be honest with you, when i got down on the street just to look up at her walking it was mesmerizing to me to see her up
7:39 am
there after everything she had to overcome to get there. i wanted to stop and take it all in. i didn't want to walk up there and meet her. don't get me wrong, i wanted to meet her but i wanted to take it in. i did for a moment and hauled butt so i was waiting for her when show arrived. >> how was it for you when you saw him waiting? >> it was amazing. it was -- it just felt triumphant like we didn't let this horrible thing happen to us rule our future, you know. >> and the question everyone is asking now, what's next? what do you do next to top this? >> about five years ago buzzfeed did a profile on me, and in that i said i wanted to find a volcano to walk over and i found my active volcano and that's what i'll be doing next. >> a regular one isn't good. you need an active one. >> yes. >> nik and lijana, thank you both for a sleepless night last night and a breathless night last night for a lot of people.
7:40 am
really amazing what you both accomplished, and i love the message. do not let fear hold you back. we're so happy that you guys joined us here on the ground on "gma." >> thank you so much. >> thank you both. and george, i'm coming over there to sit next to you. >> another thing we learned today. do not play, can you top this with nik wallenda? coming up, we have a dramatic hot air balloon crash caught on camera. the passenger is speaking out here on "gma." ot air balloon crash caught on camera. the passenger is speaking out here on "gma." o more work? every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! can someone turn on the ac?! no? oh right.. ...'cause there isn't any. here- (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. without you, we wouldn't have electricity. our hobby would be going to bed early. (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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with the capital one savor card ♪ you earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. so when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? ♪ back now with the crash of a back now with the crash of a hot air balloon at a missouri festival.
7:44 am
it careened out of control and knocked down bystanders. this morning we're hearing from one of the pages in the basket. will reeve with the story. hey, will. >> reporter: hey, george. the video of this hot air balloon literally crashing a town party is as dramatic as it is heart-stopping, and we spoke to the passenger who was hanging on for that wild ride. this morning, exclusive details from a frightened passenger and an eyewitness to that rogue hot air balloon crash this weekend. >> i just felt like the balloon go down. >> reporter: two people inside this balloon as it barrels through the crowd at the hannibal, missouri, bicentennial celebration. the pilot in the yellow shirt, slamming into a post as passenger chris smith's arms scrape the ground. >> you can feel the air pull us down and he was trying to get us back up in the air and we just then all of a sudden we just hit the ground and i flopped out of the front of the basket. >> and they were struck by what? >> they were struck by one of those balloons.
7:45 am
>> reporter: watch as this woman carrying two children is hit from behind and knocked down. stephanie haught said it came within feet of hitting her 6-year-old daughter. >> it was really scary having something that there was no way of stopping coming directly in your path. >> reporter: the balloon had launched just minutes earlier before things went wrong. >> that's coming in hot. >> reporter: the passenger says the crash landing would have been much worse if not for the pilot. >> those people were not looking at the balloon and he just screamed at the top of his lungs for everybody to get out of the way. it could have been a lot worse if he wouldn't have said anything. just tried to continue to land, we would have landed on people. >> reporter: ultimately only three people in the incident including the pilot were left with minor injuries. the faa and ntsb are now looking into the incident. eyewitnesses tell us there were gusty winds in the area that day that caused two other balloons to nearly slam into buildings while trying to land, just balloons everywhere. >> so if you want to still go up in a balloon after all that,
7:46 am
what can you do to protect yourself? >> you can use common sense, research who the company and the pilot are, to make sure they are legitimate. this pilot did have experience, which probably saved a lot of lives or a lot of injuries at let, andust make sure that if you think something's wrong, speak up. don't get in unless you feel totally safe. >> makes a lot of sense. >> do your homework. thanks, guys. coming up, a little leaguer with a big "play of the day." oh, got it. oh, got it. here's the story of green mountain coffee
7:47 am
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7:49 am
♪ when you haven't got a prayer ♪ ♪ you've got a prayer in memphis ♪ memphis! ♪ then i'm walking in mphis ♪ ♪ walking in memphis ♪
7:50 am
♪ this song makes perfect ♪ you must whip it this song makes perfect sense. you'll find out why. we're back with our "play of the day" and the little shrug slugger you did not want to underestimate. take a look. he was up at bat. a swing and a miss. he's trying so hard. the cameraman is laughing, cracking up but he gets some sweet revenge. take a look. boom. oh, what did he do? ouch. j.c., the cameraman saying i laughed at the kid for this whiff and he made me pay with a flying bat to the face. ouch. don't throw your bat. >> don't laugh at him. >> don't laugh at him. he's a cutie. just got a career in baseball coming up. coming up -- >> suspension in baseball. >> suspension in baseball. the instagram proposal going viral and the question this morning, was it a surprise? or was it staged?
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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good morning, south bay, let's get up and get going. >> i'm reggie reggie from abc 7 mornings. mike nicco has a look at today. >> hi, everybody. here's a look at t t t t t t bridge. the breezes will pick up on the bay. 60s along the coast. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. that's our last day of 90s. look at those spring atms wednesday and thursday. >> taking a look at the san mateo bridge, looking better here past the toll plaza. but westbound 92 between 880 and the toll plaza still very, eh, residual delay from an earlier disabled vehicle. westbound 80 highway 4 to the
7:57 am
amaze and southbound 101 to sfo. the mom who went to extreme lengths to have a baby after she was told she was too heavy to get pregnant and what all women should know this morning. we'll have another update in 30 minutes. check us out on our news
7:58 am
...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. more than 50 million in the path of severe storms at risk for damaging winds, large hail and twisters. this tornado tore through south bend, indiana, overnight and lightning knocked out power at a major airport. flash flooding in missouri. ginger tracking the path. new this morning, iran crisis. secretary of state pompeo arrives in the middle east for talks with allies as iran issues a new threat. high-wire heroes. nik and lijana wallenda pulling off that death-defying wire walk 25 stories above times square. what they told us right here this morning in their first interview after their jaw-dropping stunt. new this morning, the
8:01 am
groundbreaking new drug to help women with low sex drive just approved by the fda. some calling it viagra for women. what you need to know. celebrating jute judith krantz. her stories of sex and shopping read by millions from "scruples" to "i'll take manhattan" turned into high wattage miniseries starring valerie bertinelli and julianne moore remembering the beloved author this morning. are you ready for the new "spider-man"? zendaya is here and far from home as we say good morning, america. ♪ bang bang there goes your heart ♪ and good morning, america. hope your week is off to a great start. >> yes, we do. we have a story a lot of people have been following, that very viral proposal across multiple countries, over multiple days, all playing out on instagram, but there are a lot of questions about the surprise and whether
8:02 am
it was all really staged for money and sponsors. that's ahead. a lot of questions on that one, but first you have got a lot of news to get to starting with that weather. 50 million people bracing this morning. let's go back to ginger who is tracking it all. hey there, ginger. >> hey, cecilia, good morning, everyone. you see images once in a while we show you from a storm chaser's perspective. this is regular folks out enjoying their sunday evening and as many tornadoes happen, it was a sunny day, and they need that heat for the atmosphere. then that happens. look at the debris and the transformer blew behind that cvs. another angle. a different family that captured the debris flying in an upward motion then we talk about what was happening in southwest missouri. six inches of rain in just six hours. so they had a flash flood emergency. there was a home that used to be standing on a foundation there just washed away. i think that type of rain already happening in parts of the south this morning from houston to nashville. this line has had severe storms with it. if i take you here that will start to die down. what happens it will stabilize itself and the heat of the day
8:03 am
will start to make it unstable again. it will recharge and then you end up seeing from pittsburgh to cleveland, back down through west virginia through northern georgia, damaging winds, tornados and hail in that area today. right there, today, george. >> it is a big area. thanks very much. the crisis with iran. new threats from iran this morning as secretary of state mike pompeo arrives in saudi arabia for talks on building a coalition against iran. want to go back to our chief white house correspondent, jon karl with the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. secretary of state pompeo's visit to the middle east with u.s. allies comes amidst more defiant from iran. a top iranian military official is quoted this morning saying that iran would do it again, that if any u.s. aircraft of any kind crosses into iranian airspace, iran has the capability and willingness to shoot it down again. meanwhile, president trump says that there will be more sanctions imposed on iran today as the u.s. is prepared to present evidence to the u.n. security council, that that
8:04 am
drone, a $130 million u.s. drone that was shot down by the iranians, was in international airspace, not over iran. george? >> jon karl, thanks very much. michael. fresh off that unbelievable high-wire stunt i had a chance to speak with nik and lijana wallenda earlier about their adventure and what happened during that daring crossover 25 stories above times square. take a look. >> i was a little bit nervous about it, but -- i remember that i did it 25 times. come on. this is flawless. >> what people didn't realize is my balancing pole started to slide down. i was wearing lululemon pants that were slippery and i'm used to practicing in jeans. i lost grip for a second and that's why she said, are you okay, nik. she saw me start to teeter a little bit. >> yeah. >> it freaked me out for a second, and i was able to hook her back in, and everything was fine. i was worrying about her standing back up. >> it freaked all of us out. nik revealed what's next. he is looking to do an even more death-defying stunt by walking over an active volcano.
8:05 am
>> i would watch it. >> would you do it? >> i would not do it. i would watch it. coming up, the new drug some are calling viagra for women. what you should know. laras upstairs. >> we are kicking off the week with julian edelman, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] so happy to meet him. i'll talk to him coming up. "spider-man's" zendaya is also with us and as you just heard, the best audience. "good morning america" will be right back. don't go anywhere. [ applause ] ♪ with the capital one savor card you earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. so when you go out, you cash in.
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8:10 am
welcome back to "gma." welcome to our terrific monday morning audience. give yourselves a hand. [ applause ] now also you'll be meeting zendaya from "spider-man" coming up. tomorrow her co-star tom holland spider-man himself, is going to be on. [ applause ] now it's time for "pop news." thank you so much, george. good morning to you all, and to you. we begin with a big night at the b.e.t. awards. host regina hall kicking off the show in l.a. by channeling beyonce. look at that. complete with marching band and all and then let's get to it, rihanna presenting mary j. blige with this year's lifetime achievement award. blige then performing a medley of her biggest hits, just wowing the crowd. another big winner, tyler perry taking home the ultimate icon award and there was a moving moment, the late rapper nipsey hussle who was gunned down back in march honored last night with a humanitarian award but the moment that got the crowd on
8:11 am
their feet, lil nas performing his rap country crossover hit for the crowd. this was a moment. look at that, alongside the one, the only billy ray cyrus. [ applause ] the show got great reviews. a good time was had by all. today, guys, marks the 25th anniversary since "the lion king" first hit theaters. [ cheers and applause ] our audience is very excited about that we are certainly feeling the love this morning thanks to this new trailer for the upcoming live adaptation. check out beyonce and donald glover. their version as simba and nala singing the movie's theme song. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ ♪ the peace the evening brings
8:12 am
♪ the world for once in perfect harmony ♪ ♪ with all its living things [ applause ] >> wow. on a lighter note seth rogen and billy eichner voice timon and pumbaa, hoping they'll sing "hakuna matata." we will learn when it hits theaters july 9th. tickets go on sale this morning. [ applause ] also in the news, the queen of hollywood, meryl streep celebrating a big birthday, number 70 over the weekend. her "big little lies" co-star reese witherspoon sharing this photo of the oscar winner writing, quote, sending big birthday wishes to this remarkably talented woman. meryl, it was an absolute dream getting to work with you and streep's longtime friend cher posting this message with her usual smattering of emojis.
8:13 am
my darling mary louise, her real name -- i don't know if you know that, but i made it sound like you would know that. anyway, her real name is marilu lu -- mary louise. anyway, happy birthday. you were light years ahead of us. you are a gift. you are my friend. that's a nice note to get. fellow oscar winner viola davis perhaps put it best, happy birthday to a person whose heart, kindness and bravery is beyond compare. happy birthday, meryl streep, from all of us at "good morning america." [ applause ] finally, very excited to share with you the results of the 31st annual world's ugliest dog contest. it's always a huge hit held in petaluma, california. 19 fantastically frizzy droopy bow-legged beauties, all of them perfectly ugly but in the end three stood out. in third place, from falmouth, maine, tostito.
8:14 am
[ applause ] wow! what a beauty, in second place, wild thing. i think i love you. [ applause ] serious hair care product needed. it's hard to believe that wild thing didn't land in the top spot but in the end it came down to scamp the tramp, everybody. [ applause ] this year's winner. there you go. that's a better indication. a street dog from compton, los angeles, before being rescued five years ago. this beauty now works as a therapy dog visiting hospitals and senior centers making people smile wherever he goes. one person describes scamp as a happy hairy watermelon. [ laughter ] scamp the tramp now scamp the champ. [ applause ] really is.
8:15 am
love is blind. you guys we'll turn to our "gma" cover story. it's a medical breakthrough for won struggling with low sexual desire. the fda has just approved a new drug called vyleesei to heighten a woman's sex drive. dr. laura berman is here to tell us all about it. good morning to you. good to have you here. [ applause ] >> good morning. >> so experts say that 1 in 10 women are affected by low sexual desire. this drug for women, a lot of people say was a long time coming. >> long time coming. this is such a huge issue that affects the quality of life of so many women and their relationships and we're 20 years behind men. there's only been one other fda approved medication that, you know, had a lukewarm reception because of some of the side effects and contraindications so this is huge news for women that our sex lives and desire is finally important enough to get
8:16 am
some things through the fda for the medical causes. >> you say 20 years, and viagra was approved more than 20 years ago, so like we said, a long time coming. >> a long time coming. >> that is at the root of this? what causes this? >> this is why i think it's taken so long is that we're -- women are beautiful complicated creatures. it's our blessing but it's also kind of a curse sexually and so when you're looking particularly at women's sexuality it's like a ven diagram, the emotional factors, relationship factors and medical factors, happening all at once, and interacting with each other in a really nonlinear way. so how she's feeling about herself, her body, the person she's with, how close she's feeling, as well as her body and the medical aspects that are going on, are all important. and you have to look at it like a giant picture puzzle. >> there is a lot at play there. >> yeah. >> how does this new drug work? >> well, it's believed to
8:17 am
stimulate the dopamine production so in a new relationship when you can't get enough of each other you're actually making a lot of dopamine and as a therapist what i often have couple does when they want to kind of create more desire is go do adventurous things out of their comfort zone because that stimulates dopamine. this treatment stimulates dopamine as well. >> what do we know about potential side effects? >> well, the main side effects reported are headaches and nausea. about 40% of women had nausea although very few of them, you know, only, like, 19% dropped out of the trial. so it wasn't so bad. 80% to 90% of them want to keep going after the clinical trial. the main thing is high blood pressure. it can increase blood pressure, so if you have high blood pressure or any heart issues, you definitely want to be very careful and maybe not take this, but you want to talk to your doctor, as well as your sex therapist. >> good we're talking about it. >> yay, women. it's about time. >> michael, back to you. >> all right. i got it. now to that influencer couple's engagement going viral on instagram. the elaborate propose that spanned multiple countries over
8:18 am
multiple days has many people wondering if the sprise is really just a stunt and, amy, you have more. >> reporter: yes. a lot of people wondering that, michael. the popular fashion influencer took her nearly 200,000 followers along the extravagant, 72-hour engagement journey traveling around the globe, and as the hunt for love unfolded, so did the shoutouts to numerous brands, many to wonder if the whole thing was just staged. it had all the makings of a fairy tale proposal. the sobbing, the dancing, the bended knee, a chateau in france. gabriel grossman a vp at morgan stanley popping the question to his longtime girlfriend the fashion influencer and director of brand partnerships at goop, marissa fuchs, aka, the fashion ambitionist. capping a three-day long
8:19 am
scavenger hunt that took her from new york city to the hamptons to miami and paris but the proposal started to generate skepticism when a highly produced advertising pitch was leaked that showed how grossman may have been hoping to score some sponsorships for the romantic moment. brian peterson is an advertising executive who saw the deck. >> her friends and fiance, they put together a professional deck that had all the details. a hashtag in there. she knew a deck existed but i don't think we'll know for sure. >> reporter: grossman along with help from a social media expert and friends of fuchs, had been offering the engagement to marketers at various brands and agencies but claims his bride-to-be never knew about it. they both maintained the proposal was a surprise for her. fuchs tells "the new york times" i was completely and utterly in shock. i was so mind blown that this was happening. grossman told "the new york times" he paid a little under $50,000 himself on dinners, hotels and flights but did end up scoring handouts from fly wheel, glamsquad, and a discount
8:20 am
on jewelry from jade trau. he paid $4,000 for the pieces but would have been retailed $10,000 or $12,000. >> as the space is getting me and more competitive, the influencers, they need to be more personal and do things to reach audiences in a way that they wouldn't think of before. >> reporter: the couple's story showing how influencers continue to push the envelope in a world where personal or intimate moments can become opportunities to try to monetize. >> did she know or did she not know? and that is what brands are really coping with today, they're trying to make sure they're still authentic. >> now this epic scavenger hunt ended with a wedding ceremony in paris with marisa's grandmother's emerald cut diamond ring. however, as of right now, none of the couple's posts on their social media accounts are using the hashtags ad or sponsored. goop said it was only associated with the bride's personal brand and was entirely separate from goop. i'm exhausted after this story. >> if it is an ad you do have to disclose it.
8:21 am
>> exactly. and authenticity is what people are looking for in these days. >> all right. >> who knows? we might never know. >> make your own decision on that one. now over to ginger. what you got? >> can we get a discount? i'm kidding. i'm kidding. how about we do a little "gma" moment? this one is just a question for you, right? what's better than one dog? two. aww. there's an even sweeter story. the older dog is the one underneath. a new puppy on top. he just lost his best friend. also a burmese mountain dog and they got a new one. we just love this, covering up your friend. keeping it happy on a monday and cuddly. please t
8:22 am
a "gma" health alert about weight and pregnancy. a woman told she was too heavy to undergo ivf, so she underwent gastric bypass surgery, and still struggled. we first saw the story in "the new york times." take a look. >> reporter: gina had been trying to get pregnant for four years. >> if i had a choice to have a baby and have to cut off a limb i would do it. that's how upset i was an that's how much i wanted to have a family. >> reporter: but accord to go -- >> reporter: but according to her doctors, it wasn't going to happen. >> i couldn't conceive because i was, you know, very heavy, very, very fat. >> reporter: when conceiving naturally didn't work her and her husband looked into doing ivf.
8:23 am
multiple fertility doctors declined to help her get pregnant because of her weight offering no other explanation. at 317 pounds gina not only suffering from the heart of break of not having a child but the pain of being called fat. >> i had heard all those negative comments from the first two physicians, i just had to change my body. >> look at the train. >> reporter: gina says there was no reason to refuse her. her blood pressure and cholesterol levels were normal. but thinking that lowering her weight was the only solution she opted to have bariatric surgery to lose the weight. but even then she was unable to get pregnant. virginia kohl-smith chronicling the story. >> the message we need to get out there is that you can have a healthy pregnancy at any weight. >> reporter: her journey leading her to a new facility and fertility doctor who had another approach. trying an iui, increasing the number of sperm to reach the fallopian tubes. >> iui is a less invasive
8:24 am
treatment than ivf, and that's how i conceived logan. >> reporter: giving birth in 2018, a dream finally realized. all right, so let's bring in dr. jessica shepherd, an ob/gyn and you deal with fertility issues with your patients all the time. >> all the time. >> how do you explain this connection between weight and fertility? >> we do know there is a correlation when we look at weight and infertility, and i think what we do know from the american society of reproductive medicine and the society of reproductive technology is they really haven't made any recommendations when we look at fertility treatments and declining for women who might be obese. so the real issue, it's not necessarily just getting pregnant when we have infertility. it's also staying pregnant. >> yep. >> and also having a healthy pregnancy and we want healthy mom and baby at the end. >> absolutely. i want to talk specifically about gina for a second. her story being dismissed by doctors because of her weight. do you hear about that? is that common?
8:25 am
>> yeah, you know, her story is actually not unique, and that's unfortunate. so when we look at a physician and a patient relationship, the real heart of the matter is the emotional aspect of it. for anyone who walks in with a health condition or, you know, for infertility in this matter, you want to walk away, and that patient wants to feel empowered and motivated to do the things that they need to do, and that's not how she felt. gina felt she was dismissed, and that's the type of relationship we don't want to see in a relationship, but also walng away from the situation. what can she take from it? she felt, you know, defeated at that point. >> i was very surprised to hear that not one doctor, but this was happening to her. so let me ask, do you have suggests for our audience who might be struggling with weight and fertility? what can they do right now? >> i think when we look at weight and infertility, i think this is something that affects one in eight couples, infertility so it is a common thing we see when women walk into our offices but what we want them to take away, we want them to be healthy and overall
8:26 am
healthy and not to focus on things that are going to make them feel defeated such as doing fad diets but look at it from a mind/body connection, and what are they doing the take in the fact that i have infertility, and i need to lose weight, and every patient should be empowered to get a second opinion. >> thank you so much you so much. great tips. really appreciate it. coming up, everybody, zendaya is with us live. [ applause ] we'll be right back. it's great stuff. thank you very much. it's great stuff. thank you so much.
8:27 am
. good morning. san jose police say five people are dead after a murder-suicide that began last night. four victims were falgtszly shot at a home in habbitts court. officers rescued two victims and took them to the hospital where they later died. police found two more murder victims and the suspect dead from what's believed to be a suicide. >>we do have a dense fog advisory in place for the golden gate bridge. definitely doing with that reduced visibility. a quick check of traffic on the
8:28 am
maps here. northbound 101 before bay shore boulevard, a new crash involving a motorcycle blocking the two on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now the queen sleep number 360® c4 smart bed is now $1,299. save $400. only for a limited time .
8:29 am
let's take a look at the temperatures outer from mid-50s. even 73 in brentwood where we'll hit 90 again. look at the visibility, one to two miles across the north bay
8:30 am
valleys because of the fog. quiet weather wise. check out the temperatures, just falling off the table. >> all right. okay with me. we'll have ♪e'll have ♪ the way you make me feel welcome back to "gma" and as you can see we have a great audience in here with us on this monday morning. [ applause ] and we have a great guest to bring out. she is an actress, singer and social media sensation with more than 56 million instagram followers, well, now she's starring in the new movie "spider-man: far from home." please welcome zendaya. [ applause ] >> good to see you. >> good morning. [ applause ] >> how are you? >> i'm great. how are you? there you go.
8:31 am
>> thank you, thank you. >> welcome back. >> welcome back. and we have a monday moment for you. we dug into our archives. >> oh, geez. >> you know what's coming? "gma" archives back to 2011, and this is your first appearance. this is your first appearance on the show. >> i remember that. >> i remember it too. >> you remember that. you remember those moves. >> it was my first time in new york actually and the night before this i stayed at my cousin and my niece with me and we stayed up all night like playing around the whole night and next thing you know it was like 4:00 in the morning and i was like i have "good morning america" in like an hour -- oh, my gosh and it was like my first time being on a major thing like this so, oh, i was -- yeah, i was running on fumes at that point. [ applause ] >> but that's when you were -- you were on your first disney show back then but now you are a bona fide movie star. yes. [ applause ]
8:32 am
>> stop. >> and you mentioned your niece there and so i'm curious. with your niece and nephews, do they give you more love for disney show or for being a movie star? >> you know, i don't think they care at all. that's the thing is like i think anyone can relate -- i think it's probably similar to like if you have kids and they don't care about the parents -- >> you're still dorks. >> yeah. it's the same for me. i try to get them to talk to me and be the cool aunt, and they're like, please leave me alone so it's like we're all in the same boat. they don't care. >> can i ask about "spider-man"? it sounds like you had quite the sets. you guys shot in prague, you shot in london, venice, just to name a few. i mean when you got that call, you must -- >> not bad at all, right? >> of the three do you have a favorite? >> you know, we spent a large portion of our time in london which was really nice. i've never spent such a large portion there before like and
8:33 am
really just being able to experience things and we did actually have like a lot of time off because when he's off doing spider-man stuff we had time to explore the city and stuff like that and i occasionally got out of my hotel and actually did things which was wonderful and also the show shoots in so many like, you know, historic landmarks and stuff like that so it was kind of crazy to just be shooting and running away from monsters we can't see yet because they're going to be put in there at some point and like look around and be like, oh, wow, we are at the tower bridge right now, you know, like so it was -- yeah, an incredible experience. >> the producer said in one scene you're in venice covered in pigeons. >> yeah. yes. >> sounds like you did that more than once. >> you know, they -- that was not in the script. [ laughter ] i got there and john the director was like, yeah, so we're going to put some seeds on you and let the pigeons go for it.
8:34 am
i don't know if you guys know what it's like out here in new york but seeds times pigeons times me equals a disaster. and it was -- i mean i was terrified but i handled myself. >> good girl. >> i kept it, you know, composed but it was -- >> you won't forget that moment. >> yeah, i'll never forget that moment. i've gotten over my fear of pigeons since then. >> i don't know if we have the pigeon scene but are you ready to see some of the movie? [ cheers and applause ] >> therefore i have value. >> no, no, that's not what i meant at all. >> i'm messing with you. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> you look pretty too. >> oh, my gosh, opera glasses. >> so cute. >> can i -- >> want to go in on a pair? >> you mean sit next to each other? >> yeah. >> are you in position? >> no. >> okay, no. you don't want -- you just don't -- >> i didn't mean that. [ applause ]
8:35 am
>> and i was telling you i saw the movie last friday. ok my twins. they're mad you're here and they're not. you're fantastic in this movie with tom parker who -- tom holland who plays peter parker in "spider-man." tom parker. put them together. he will be here tomorrow. >> okay. >> is there a little something we can ask him? a little insider question? >> usually people like to avoid asking him questions because he likes to overshare sometimes. >> yay. >> key plot lines that people aren't supposed to know. i would try to avoid asking him anything too -- you know what i'm saying. >> now we know exactly what to ask him. >> he will ruin the movie but, yeah, no, i'm trying to think of a good question other than -- i don't know. just ask him something awkward, i guess because that's what we do really good in this movie is just lots of awkward moments between the two of us. [ applause ]
8:36 am
>> the last i saw you was may on the steps of the met and you looked beautiful. >> thank you. >> we just want to share with everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was unbelievable. >> thank you. >> with the magic. >> it was disney magic. >> it was. i mean the theme was camp so we wanted to go a little -- go out there so it was incredible. there was a team of people that worked with us and tommy hilfiger who constructed this dress. it had to be like literally coded and put together and it's robotic basically because it got bigger so i was literally wearing a machine and i had two guys with me that had little control panels that basically had to go off to the sides and soon as the cue was made they had to do their little thing then it -- then the magic happened. >> movie magic. >> movie magic. [ applause ] >> i tell you, you impress with everything you do. >> thank you. >> we love it when you are here. make sure you go see "spider-man: far from home." it's in theaters on july 2nd.
8:37 am
zendaya, everybody. coming up, olivia munn is here live. so don't go anywhere. we'll be right back be more "gma." [ cheers and app
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ we are back now with one of my favorites, olivia munn and you know her. yes, from "the daily show," from "magic mike" and from "the newsroom." >> now starring in "the rook." so happy to have you here with
8:40 am
us. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. [ applause ] >> we're going to start out with a little monday motivation. we saw your workout. it takes you all around the world. your work takes you all around the world but you still manage to work out no matter where you are and we saw -- check out this photo you posted about one of your workouts. >> well, that's my -- corrine is my trainer from "x-men." her husband was my fight coordinator and she's one of my best friends now, and she came with me to italy to film there and keep me in shape. >> is that the most interesting place you've ever worked out? >> yes. yeah, that's -- that day i pulled my hamstring, for real, this doesn't foal right because she was just making me do those kicks over and over and over but -- >> looked good though. >> impressive. >> thanks, guys. [ applause ] >> so the new project "the rook" is based on a book series. is it true the director didn't
8:41 am
want you to read the books before you started? >> because the books were -- you know, the show was inspired by the books and the books were more ya and this was more adult and they wanted us to not get too married to certain ideas. i read them anyways so because you can't tell me not to read. i don't know how you can regulate that by the way. >> do you guys want to see a clip? >> yeah. [ applause ] >> obviously know a lot more about this investigation than they're telling anyone. at least more than they're telling me. >> you think they're hiding something. >> i think you all are. so what's the big secret? >> how do i know i can trust you? >> why wouldn't you? you know why i'm here. you know what i want. the question is why would i trust you? >> because what i'm about to tell you will give you the ammunition to have me fired if not arrested.
8:42 am
>> ooh. so intense. i have. >> i've they have seen that. >> the show is described as a supernatural spy drama but there is a lot of action and you're a black belt. >> yes. >> in tae kwon do. >> does that come in handy on the set? >> well, you know, this -- my character has extreme strength so -- when you have extreme strength you don't have to exert a lot of energy. >> oh, i don't know but -- [ laughter ] i'll take your word for it. >> but it came in handy when you have to -- when you just have to be physical. there was a lot of running in this show like i'm running a lot. >> you like running? >> no. [ laughter ] i don't -- if there was a fire i'd be like kind of like mall walking out of here, oh, god. okay. like i -- it takes a lot more me to run. i have to get paid to be running. [ laughter ] do you like running? you can't -- >> no. i barely like walking. i try to get people to carry me everywhere. >> how is that -- >> every time i hear somebody
8:43 am
having a heart attack in a marathon, i am like, see, that's why you don't rupp. one guy is like, heart attack. yes. >> so we hear you have a supernatural way of healing yourself from onset injuries. >> well, it is all based in science but i do magnet therapy and i use biomats and stuff and about five years ago i got into just like the science of youth and trying to understand what we can do to repair our bodies and, you know, when i was doing "x-men" i was doing all my own stunts and fighting so i was training nonstop, and i got really injured and i had to repair myself really fast, so i used, like, magnet therapy. you have to do some of that stuff as well. >> i just lay in bed and hope it goes away. [ laughter ] >> does it work? >> olivia, it doesn't work. >> i can help you. >> i'm desperate right now. >> i can help you i always love being around you. you're so amazing and an amazing
8:44 am
actress. you got to see this show "the rook" premieres this sunday on starz. check out olivia munn, everybody. [ applause ] ginger, what you got? >> i am at this point just googling magnet therapy because i want to look like olivia munn. how about we look at what it looked like in oklahoma? this is in lawton, my friend rob thomas shared this photo with us. just gorgeous mammatus clouds and i think they're being blown away. beautiful post storm and want to take you to the heat. if we didn't say this, i know you've been hot in the southeast but talking 104 feels like there for tampa. so you know we are all about grilling this summer with our sponsored king's hawaiian.
8:45 am
we have been asking you to share your photos with us. sara from bloomsburg, pennsylvania, shared this picture of amelia helping to grill steak and chicken. good job, amelia. that was for her dad on father's day. please send us your grilling pictures and you get a chance to win a trip to the disney aulani resort in hawaii. yeah, just for sending a photo in. that easy. go to sweepstakes. this morning we are celebrating the life of best-selling author judith krantz known for her racy novels that sold millions of copies around the world, entertaining so many of us, and inspiring a generation of writers. >> reporter: judith krantz crafted a world of steamy literature intrigue. her chart topping romance novels, ten in all selling more than 85 million copies. featuring powerful heroines krantz telling "gma" back in 1988 she was nothing like her characters. >> basically i was not reckless. i didn't have that kind of
8:46 am
willingness to go all out after what i wanted that my heroines do and i think i live vicariously through them because of that. ♪ >> reporter: the novelist's work translating into tv ratings from the miniseries "scruples." >> have you no scruples? >> not a one. >> reporter: to "i'll take manhattan" starring valerie bertinelli and featuring oscar winner julianne moore churning out book after book rough by one every two years and talked about her rigorous writing schedule with "gma." >> about 14 months of every 24 months i spend writing. i'm like a hermit. i go to work every morning at 10:00. i have a half hour lunch and then i come out with a new book. >> reporter: krantz's work remembered lovingly by her many fans, including jennifer weiner. >> her stories were wonderful and they were as delicious as ice cream on a hot day. >> reporter: krantz leaves behind two sons and a lasting literary legacy.
8:47 am
judith krantz was 91 years old. she will be missed. michael, what's coming up on "strahan & sara"? oh, yeah, you know what, lara, we have patriots star julian edelman and he's here next on "gma" but he's going to stick around after "gma" and he's going to shoot "strahan & sara" with keke and i. plus we have an exclusive interview with the cast of "the hills" and we have a workout. >> we got to work out? >> yes. >> i got to work out? >> yes. >> i got to work out. we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:48 am
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♪ how you like me now we are back now with my good friend new england patriots three-time super bowl winner and mvp, julian edelman, yes. [ applause ] he has a brand-new documentary about his journey called "100%: julian edelman." thank you for being here, my friend. good to see you, man.
8:50 am
and the new documentary, "100%: julian edelman," this like takes you back through one of the toughest types in your life. you're coming back this last season from an acl injury. what made you want to relive that on film and let everybody see your journey back? >> i think it was because when you get hurt, if you've ever been hurt as an athlete you're in a lonely spot. you're kind of isolated and, you know, this kind of gave me an opportunity to work on something else, you know, my creative side and i've been approached about i by a bunch of -- numerous people to do a documentary, and what better way to do it than go out and make my own and do it the way i wan to do it, and kind of just go with it. >> you control it. you do it yourself. i like that. [ applause ] okay, "100%: julian edelman," people are going to say, are you 100%? >> i think -- i think it's more of a metaphor. everyone is striving to be 100%. i don't know as a football player you can always -- can never be 100%.
8:51 am
>> true. >> it's such a physical game. but that's what you're striving for and, you know, i think i'm still striving for it. >> in this doc, you say you and your father are tight and have a relationship, he's helped you. encouraged you throughout the years and you clown around a lot but there's also another side to all of this. we'll take a little clip at that. let's check it out. >> he'd be anywhere he wants to be. jules can do anything he wants to do when he puts his mind to it. last thing he needs is me. >> no. not true. >> i think it is. >> no. >> got a little emotional. what was going on there? >> i think it's just part of my story is my father. you know, he didn't get to live the life that i've lived. he didn't have a father. he didn't have guidance and he's my hero for that because he's instilled me with all these life
8:52 am
goals and life lessons and as a kid, i had him to lean against. he didn't have someone to do it, and for him to be able to do it without, you know, that guidance, you know, it just -- it kind of brought something to me. everything i've done in my life is my parents are a huge part. my mom is involved, as well so but with my pops it was a very special moment. >> special relationship. special moment and your father kind of said it all. this father's day tweet was your father's day tweet was always in my face, wouldn't have it any other way. dad's always in your grill. >> always. always in my grill. he's always trying to make something harder than it is and he's just the stand-up guy frank. >> just an excuse to show you with no shirt on. i got to say, man, you have three super bowl rings, you're a super bowl mvp. all earned. doing things and working hard and all pays off in the end and
8:53 am
"100%: julian edelman," my guy right here, and the show premieres this friday on showtime. make sure you check it out and you're hanging out with us later for "strahan & sara." my man is not going anywhere. we're not either. [ applause ]
8:54 am
i've been waiting my whole life for this. ♪
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you ready? are you? ♪ woo. ♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by entyvio. [ applause ]
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>> this was a great start to the week. [ applause ] >> have a good day, everybody. day, everybody.
8:57 am
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good morning, bay area. >> good morning, let's check in with mike nicco for the forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, everybody. still have fog to kennedy with in the north bay. that's your only real issue. we will have a high uv index, breezes on the bay. 60s to 90s, but look at this, today is our last day of 90s.s. very spring-like. >> checking out the roads. we have one problem in the east bay taking you to southbound 880 past 238 near a street. we have a two-vehicle collision, sounds like a sedan is stuck underneath a big rig so they're clearing that. that is blocking the right lane and traffic definitely heavy in
9:00 am
the area. no incidents to report in the south bay. here's 280 and 17 where the lanes are heavy. we'll be back at >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, from the series "black-ish" and the film "beats," anthony anderson, and recording artist and author, timbaland. plus, summer is here, and we have tips to beat the heat. also, a performance from music superstar melissa etheridge, all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ryan: this way. [mellow pop music] [cheers and applause] hi, guys, how are you? hey. hello. hi.lo.


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