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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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with everything they owned. to find the california dream. >> now it's a nightmare. all of their ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time.
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this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ i'm cornell barnard. a california dream turned into a nightmare for some new bay area residents. a trailer with all their belongings stolen from this street. >> i'm amanda del castillo in san jose where residents are fired up over illegal fireworks. >> and the hit show "big little lies" created a scandalous image for the monterey area. now the local film maker wants to expose the truth. abc7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> what was inside this trailer was a new beginning, a dream of a new life. >> but tonight the trailer, the memories and everything a couple owned are gone. stolen. >> abc7 news reporter cornell barnard joins us live in roanoke park with the story you'll see only on abc7 news. cornell.
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>> reporter: yeah, dion and dan, a lot of plans on hold for a couple who moved from sonoma county. all of their stuff stolen along with the cargo trailer. >> it's always been our dream. >> reporter: they say that dream was to live in the bay area, so they sold their home in florida and bought this 16-foot cargo trailer to haul their belongings cross-country. >> it had writing all over it, every side of it had writing on it from our friends wishing us well. >> reporter: the couple was living temporarily in an apartment until they could find a house. last thursday night, thieves broke off the lock and ripped off the trailer. >> i was in shock. i was hoping it was towed. >> reporter: family heirlooms were inside including the tools she planned to use to create art and a new career. >> everything. my whole life was in there. >> she stuck it all in a truck ask came out here to find her dream in california, and someone just snatched it. >> the things that mattered most to me are what somebody else is
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going to trash. >> reporter: the couple filed a police report and posted these fliers offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the trailer's return. >> give it back. give it back. >> reporter: now this couple doing their best to move forward with their california dream. >> the people that did this, they can't steal our souls, they can't steal our creativity, our minds. we own all of that. they just own our stuff and a lot of bad karma. >> reporter: yeah, bad karma for sure. we checked with rohnert park police tonight. so far no sign of the trailer. call police if you have information to help these folks. we're live in rohnert park tonight, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> cornell, thank you. you're looking live at the facebook mail facility in menlo park where hazmat crews continue to evaluate a suspicious package that twice tested positive for sarin this morning. they are using more sophisticated detection
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equipment inside the building. the plan is to recover and remove the package by placing it in a mobile containment device. the entire operation is not expected to be completed until after midnight. they've been there all day. emergency crews evacuated four buildings in the area around noon after a routine security screening found the package could contain that deadly nerve agent sarin. two of the five people inside the building handled the package. neither has shown symptoms which can appear within seconds to hours. facebook says it is conducting a thorough investigation. the fbi has also been brought in. >> new at 11:00, neighbors in san jose say they are dreading a 4th of july tradition, illegal fireworks. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live with the story for us tonight. and, amanda, some of the neighbors say they feel helpless. >> reporter: yeah, dion, that's why they're hoping the city's tool to track down any hot spots will put a stop to this illegal activity. but many admit it is hard to
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tell whether that resource is actually working. foremost, the 4th of july is synonymous with booming displays. bright lights and crackles concerned, the threat of fire to pets and people doesn't seem to be enough to stop illegal displays. >> we haven't going to convince the people who are already doing it to stop nlts they are afraid of getting caught and find. >> reporter: so the city of san jose and the fire department have reactivated an online tool for people to snap, click and report. users can upload up to five photos and videos as evidence of illegal use. the challenge, getting close enough to the action to capture adequate proof. >> it is ridiculous to ask citizens to go out and take photographs when the police have said it's dangerous for them. >> reporter: last year there were more than 1100 reports made through the online portal between july 1st and the 8th. in the end, the city issued just four citation ands 88 warnings. others suggest a completely different approach.
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they want the city to lead by example, by turning to tac. >> there are some really cool fireworks that are done by drones. >> reporter: it's a concept we saw last year during an independence day drone light show at travis air force base. >> we want to celebrate the 4th of july, let's use technology. let's do that, which seems a lot less harmful than, you know, what we have been using traditionally. >> reporter: if tech isn't in the future, residents say they'll stick to the online tool. there are three sanctioned shows here on the 4th in san jose. visit for those details. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> okay, amanda, thanks so much. the big question for many of us this 4th of july is will the weather cooperate with the legal fireworks shows. let's get a look now at the forecast. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sandhya. >> yeah, dan, you're going to have to pick and choose wisely as to whether the weather will coperate or not. let's look at an exploratorium
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live shot right now. looking at san francisco, and tonight that fog is really patchy. as we fast forward to the 4th of july, fireworks forecast looks like this. there will be fog near san francisco the entire coast line. a little bit around the east bay as you will notice. but inland areas will be nice and clear. here's a look at the temperatures. anywhere from the mid to upper 50s at 9:30 when those fireworks go off, so it's a good idea to grab a sweater or jacket. as we get closer, we'll fine tune in case the fog changes its mind. dan? >> we'll see. sandhya, thanks so much. president trump says tonight unless major changes are made in american border policy, massive deportation raids will begin this weekend. abc7 news reporter trevor ault has the story. >> reporter: president trump renewing his threat saying after the 4th of july, immigrations and customs enforcement agents will begin deporting thousands of undocumented immigrants. >> they're going back to their countries. they go back home.
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i.c.e. is going to be apprehending them and bringing them back. >> reporter: the president had previously said the raids would result in the removal of, quote, millions of illegal aliens, though an administrative official later said 2,040 people have been identified for expedited removal, but it was a call from speaker of the house nancy pelosi that reportedly got the president to institute a two-week delay. >> children are scared. you're scaring the childre of america. >> reporter: but with congress now on a holiday recess, a legislative solution is almost certainly not happening. instead, members of the congressional hispanic caucus visiting a detention facility in el paso which they described as dehumanizing. >> we need a system that works, that is humane, and that is compassionate, and that keeps families together. >> reporter: we are also hearing from a 12-year-old migrant child who herself spent a dozen days in a detention facility. in a video recorded by her attorney, she says children slept on the floor and were given little food.
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adding. some children were sick. there they said they'd take them to hospitals, but they wouldn't take them. those members of congress that visited the el paso detention facility were told some of the officers weren't giving water to some of the women detained there. instead telling them to drink out of the toilets. trevor ault, abc news, washington. >> bay area religious and immigrant support groups are preparing for the raids by hosting education sessions for the undocumented. abc7 news was in hayward at saint clement's church on calhoun church where dozens of people gathered to pray for their community and to take action. they are learning about valuable resources, their rights, and training on what to do if confronted by i.c.e. agents. >> we have to keep educating our community because we are up against, you know, a big monster and awe don't want any of our family members -- i don't want them to be separated. i don't want my nieces and nephews to be left without a
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mom. >> faith in action is encouraging undocumented immigrants to step in and help their neighbors if needed. >> developing news coming out of oakland tonight, police are searching for 12-year-old brianna zamora, you see her here. she disappeared after leaving home to meet a friend online. she left at 4:00 a.m. yesterday and may be traveling to reno or texas. please contact oakland police if you have any information about her. nike has pulled its independence-day themed sneakers after colin kaepernick complained it was offensive. it featured the betsy ross design with 13 white stars in a circle during the revolution. kaepernick said the flag is connected to an era of flachlery. the former 49ers quarterback hasn't played football since 2016 when he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial inequality. >> the baseball world is stunned by the sudden death of los
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angeles pitcher tyler skaggs. heartbroken fans left flowers and momentos outside angel stadium in anaheim tonight. 27-year-old skaggs was found unresponsive in his dallas-area hotel room today. police are investigating, but no foul play is suspected. >> well, a plane's engine stalled mid flight over the california desert and the gripping moment is all caught on camera. >> coming up, first responders say the pilot did everything right, both before and after the crash landing. >> and hit show "big little lies" has given the monterey ahead, a local film maker shares his plan to get to the truth. >> on ice, that truck is driving through feet of hail that fell in mexico. this time of year, what's behind the strange summe
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that incredible video was taken from a single-engine plane that made a crash landing in the mojave desert over the weekend. both the pilot and his passenger walked off the plane uninjured. the engine stalled mid-air and shutdown. firefighters say not only did the pilot do a good job putting the plane down, but he provided excellent instructions on where rescuers could find them. good heads up move. breaking news out of s.f.o., a pedestrian has died after a collision at the arrivals area of the internationtealrminal. two other people were badly injured. it happened when a truck pulled away from the curb. that driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. >> a film maker in monterey is taking his own spin on the hit show "big little lies." he wants to show what life is really like for moms on the
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monterey peninsula and is now casting real people for a new reality show. "big little lies" was filmed, in part, on the monterey peninsula. but aside from the scenery, the show doesn't really portray what it's really like to live in monterey. the hit show's high drama story line leaving many across the nation with the wrong impression of the central coast. but film maker done ham is hoping to set the record straight with the reality series. >> the show "monterey moms" is an idea that i had, very simply because of watching "big little lies" and seeing what "big little lies" isn't showing. >> done ham is in the casting process for a documentary series that will feature five real life moms living on the peninsula. >> i'm a teacher and i teach first grade. i have two kids and they're 5 and 1. so they keep me very busy. >> she's seen "big little lies," and like many mothers, can't
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relate. >> well, we certainly don't commute across the ridge to take our kids to school. that's not a thing. >> the mother of two says what the show seems to be missing is the kindness she feels in her town. >> i don't feel that the show portrays our community very well. and with all the drama, because there's not a whole lot of drama here and there is certainly no murders. >> d unh am said monterey moms would take a different approach showing the support they receive from each other and financial hardships of many moms. >> this is a documentary series. a documentary series about the lives of five mothers trying to survive on the peninsula. >> we should mention film maker d unh am has been in the reality show business for years working on animal planets rail wars that has never produced a program in monterey before. >> look at this.
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summer looked more like the tundra than in mexico. look at this. this is a truck traveling through an ice-covered street in guadalajara. ten people were treated for hypothermia after they got 5 feet of hail over the weekend. low pressure from the u.s. in combination with air masses along the mexico border contributed to this rare frozen storm. >> wow. >> unusual this time of year obviously. >> we are so fortunate not to have to deal with anything close to that. >> the question is what will we deal with for the 4th of july in terms of the fireworks, those legal fireworks displays. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> well, you're going to be seeing a combination of fog and sunshine on the 4th of july as is typical this time of year, dan and dion. that was wild stuff, 5, 6 feet deep. pretty crazy hail there in mexico. let me show you walnut creek. sunset 8:36 tonight, it was absolutely glorious. we saw a few high thin wispy clouds. fog has not been around much
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this evening. we've had a few patches and that's about it. those high clouds did make for a colorful sunset tonight from our walnut creek camera. let's check out live doppler 7. the fog is right near the san mateo coast and it's really just there in patches. the temperatures right now are all in the comfort zone. so let's check out those numbers. they're in the 50s and the 60s at this hour. i think it's great sleeping weather for all of you who are thinking about summertime and typically we do deal with some warm weather, especially inland. but not around this time of year. we're dealing with cooler than average conditions in the afternoon hours as well. we'll keep that theme going. live look from the kgo roof camera as we look at coit tower there. a stunning view from the sutro tower camera looking at downtown san francisco. here's a look at the forecast. cool with limited fog in the morning. breezy and cooler than average the next few days. it is going to be nice for the 4th. we will see typical areas that will deal with the fog. speaking of, it will be around
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first thing in the morning but not very widespread. very patchy at best. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s. out the door you may need a light jacket or light sweater. tomorrow afternoon, 64 in san francisco. 62 half moon bay. a little breezy at the coast. 78 in san rafael. san jose 77 degrees with sunshine 85 in morgan hill. now i want to take you to tahoe in case you're traveling over the next four days. bright and sunny tuesday, wednesday, breezy at times. even gusty over the higher terrain there. mid 70s, fine for the fireworks on thursday. it's going to be quite a show over the lake. still sunny and warm for friday. so here's a look. really quickly at hurricane painds of 100 miles an i hour. expected to intensify into a cat-4 hurricane wednesday morning. eventually weakening to a tropical storm, but just in case you're going to hawaii, keep an eye on that hurricane in case it reintensifies. accuweather seven-day forecast
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below average. cooler wednesday. as we head into thursday, fog and sun for the 4th. temperatures rebounding for the holiday weekend with upper 80s to low 90s friday, saturday and sunday. don't worry, low 60s right near the beaches. dan and dion, beautiful weather. >> great to be in the bay area. >> absolutely. >> thank you, sandhya. >> well, if you're single, this could be your summer of love. >> up next, the hottest state to find your match online. stay with us. >> and tomorrow on "good morning america," hear from the booted bachelor. >> and 90s r & b sensation tlc will join nelly and florida for an
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if you're looking for love, you may want to get on that
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dating app this sunday. >> says the first sunday after the 4th of july is traditionally the busiest day for dating apps. relationship therapists say it may be because a lot of new users are joining because spring is the most popular time for couples to call it quits. >> also summertime is often the time for activities, adventures. i could see that. >> yeah, learn something new every day, right? who knew that? >> and now we bring in chris. are you trying to tell me something? coming up in sports, hoops, and the latest free agency news break ups. relationships staying
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>> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the oakland a's off today, they begin a three game series
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against the a.l. central leading series tomorrow. the offense not a problem. fans were treat today a home run derby tonight. watch out for base balls. they're flying out of the yard. evan longoria, shot makes it 8-1 #. look at the panda's reaction. how happy was he? two batters later, austin slater called up today. solo blast to left center. 9-1 giants, 10-2 in the 8th. kevin pillar, playable. giants pound the padres 13-2. all the action in the nba the past couple days has been off the court with free agency. tonight we actually got some basketball to play in the summer league. warriors taking on the kings in the california classic. 12-6, that is dubs in the first off of the warrior miss. someone box out damian jones, slams it to put it back 18. i practiced two hours trying to get that name right.
11:30 pm
two dunks, the replay that is. here's the top two picks right here. eric paschall, jordan poole lays it in. dubs down four. jimmer ferdet. this is what they got him for hopefully. splash. he scored 14. warriors down five. jacob evans from distance, he had 18, led the team. not enough. kings win 88-77. three years two championships later, kevin durant on his way to brooklyn. the warriors showing their appreciation for k.d. today, the team releasing the statement saying no one is going to ever wear that 35 again. espn reporting kevan looney will stay with the dubs and agree to a three-year $15 million deal with the warriors. he gives the dubs some needed size in the frontcourt. klay is here to stay, according to espn. >> i'm not [ bleep ] leaving. the show goes on. >> that's exciting. five years, $190 million deal, klay will stay. he'll be out until after the
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all-star break, though, as he recovers from the torn acl. he got the new deal, new kicks dropping special sneakers designed in print from the east bay times. klay loves to read the newspaper so he has some sneakers honoring that. this is the abc7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. i was hoping he'd have a team abc 7 shoes. >> he got $190 million. >> he
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♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility.
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♪ all right. that is our report this monday. as always we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashleyful >> and i'm dion lim. right now on jimmy kimmel, kim,
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khloe and kourtney kardashian. >> have a nice evening. we'll see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from planet hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live in las vegas"! tonight, kim, kourtney and khlée kardashian, aunt chippy falls victim to april fools, and music from the killers, presented by walmart. with cleto and the cletones. and now, place your bets, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] how are you doing? that's very nice. thank you. hello.


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