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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 2, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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nothing, so got to change the graphics and make them look different, better. >> we love you, mike. yore great. >> just don't say that too lo good morning, america. lo the isis terror plot just foiled this morning overseas. breaking news as we come on the air, three men taken into custody moments ago accused of plotting an isis-inspired attack, targeting police and churches in australia. caught on camera, the new video this morning shot by a democratic congressman inside one of those detention centers. >> and she doesn't have medicine. >> showing women huddled in sleeping bags, some separated from their children and the investigation this morning into a secret facebook group for border patrol agents, the posts joking about migrants' deaths. baseball tragedy. the investigation right now into the shocking death of 27-year-old pitcher tyler skaggs found in his hotel room. this photo taken just the day
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before. now the search for answers as tributes pour in. the crazy close call caught on camera. this young boy thankfully okay after falling between a train and the platform. how they pulled him free. rapinoe sends it in low. goal, u.s.! >> soccer spy-gate. as team u.s.a. gears up for today's is today's semi-final showdown with england, the new drama. the accusations of spying with a trip to the final on the line. ♪ how you like me now and teen titan. >> that's it. >> the 15-year-old american phenom who just beat venus williams at wimbledon. now taking the tennis world by storm. coco gauff's parents are joining us live right here on "gma." we do say good morning, america. you think her parents are just a wee bit happy? >> i think so. ughter.
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>> amazing. coco gauff is her name, just 15 years old, the youngest player to ever qualify for wimbledon's main draw. >> we're going to be talking about her a lot this morning because she deserves it. we are going to begin with breaking news. three terror suspects just taken into custody overseas accused of plotting an isis-inspired attack on churches and police officers in australia. abc's james longman starts us off with the very latest. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. a terror plot inspired by isis but thankfully foiled overnight in sydney, australia. three men arrested in raids across the city for planning attacks on a range of public buildings and embassies. two of the men, age 20 and 23, have been charged for being members of the so-called islamic state. now, authorities say their targets included police stations, embassies and consulates, schools, courts, even churches. the younger was monitored for over a year since his return from lebanon and police say he was planning to go to afghanistan to fight alongside isis there, the u.s.-backed coalition may have rectu
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the territory isis once held in syria and iraq but as these latest arrests show, their ideology is very much a global threat. and as australia continues to deal with the issue of returning isis fighters, the region is also reeling from far right terror after the march attacks on mosques in new zealand that killed 51 people. robin? >> such tense times. all right, james, thank you. now to breaking news on the border. there are new images this morning from inside one of those detention centers shot secretly by a democratic congressman. this at the same time that president trump has signed a $4.6 billion humanitarian aid package. will carr is there at the border for us. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the men and women who patrol this border are really under fire this morning for the first time since congress zeroed in on detention 235s facilities at the border and conditions there. one congressman smuggled a phone inside to show you images and he
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is comparing conditions to a prison. this morning, there are new images from inside two detention facilities on the u.s./mexico border. the videos secretly recorded by texas congressman joaquin castro who was touring the facilities with a congressional delegation. castro visited two customs and border patrol facilities along with a group of lawmakers on monday where he and several other prominent democrats complained of ongoing harsh conditions. >> what we saw today was unconscionable. no child should ever be separated from their parents. >> reporter: border patrol required the lawmakers to surrender their cell phones. castro managed to record this video at el paso border station number one, what he describes as a cramped cell. you could see several mothers seen huddled together with blue sleeping bags on the floor, many separated from their children and say they've been denied showers for up to 15 days. in response, congresswoman
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alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted these startling allegations. just left the first cbp facility. i see why cbp officers were being so physically and sexually threatening towards me. officers were keeping women in cells with no water and had told them to drink out of the toilets. this was them on their good behavior in front of members of congress. >> she doesn't have medicine. >> reporter: a senior democratic aid in castro's office says the women consented to the video because they wanted to get their stories out there. we've reached out to cbp for comment about the videos but they haven't responded yet. this after stunning allegations against some border patrol agents. the cbp now investigating a secret facebook group with roughly 9,500 members reportedly containing extremely offensive posts about migrants and democratic politicians. the posts circulated in a group called i'm 10-15, the radio code used by border patrol to report aliens in custody. >> we expect there will be a full investigation.
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i expect that there will be a congressional investigation. >> reporter: the investigative site propublica released the post showing disturbing imagery and comments, talking 16-year-old guatemalan who died in may and one reportedly said oh well. they've launched an investigation, they say, to determine whether agents participated in the group. >> don't let the actions of a few, be representative of the whole is what i would ask. >> reporter: some of those posts were so terrible they even made fun of that migrant father and daughter who drowned crossing into the united states. the agency's chief says that agents will be held accountable. whit? >> will carr at the border for us, thank you. now to the investigation under way into the sudden death of a major league baseball player, los angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs found dead in his hotel room in texas. the 27-year-old just entering the prime of his career. abc's eva pilgram is at angels
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stadium in anaheim with the very latest. eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the news of tyler skaggs' death a shock to so many, you can see a memorial building here and the team has actually put a tribute to him up on the stadium. he was scheduled to take the mound again on thursday. now instead his team is in mourning. major league baseball reeling from tragedy this morning after los angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs' sudden death. >> medics 41, truck respond. medical emergency. hilton town square. >> reporter: skaggs who had just pitched this weekend was in dallas for a series against the texas rangers. around 2:00 monday afternoon police were called to his hotel where the pitcher was found unresponsive. >> it's a possible death investigation. >> reporter: skaggs was pronounced dead at the scene. his death stunning friends, family and fans. the seemingly healthy 27-year-old posting on instagram a team photo just hours before his death. howdy y'all, #texasroadtrip. his rivals on the diamond as heartbroken as his teammates.
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>> he wasn't a guy i enjoyed having to go up against. he gave all the teams i coached fits. just awful to think that is not going to be around anymore. >> reporter: overnight the san diego padres and san francisco giants taking a moment of silence to honor skaggs. teammate and former roommate, center fielder mike trout, tweeting words cannot express the deep sadness we feel right now. our thoughts and prayers are with carli and their families. remembering him as a great teammate, friend and person who will forever remain in our hearts. we love you, 45. skaggs leaves behind a wife he married just seven months ago on new year's eve. and last night's angels/rangers game has been postponed. investigators say no foul play is suspected. no word on a cause of death at this time. robin? >> incredibly sad, eva. thank you. now to that summer scorcher. july 4th as you know just two
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days away, millions from the heartland to the east coast are feeling those searing temperatures. advisories are being issued right now. ginger, of course, tracking the latest. good morning to you, ginger. >> good morning, robin. you know, that's when we cross over into dangerous. when you start to see heat add v advisories pop up on the map. ft. wayne, indiana into northwest ohio and you could feel close to 100 degrees. it's hard when it's days on end. if you don't have air-conditioning and you're young or ole and exposed to temps in the 90s to 100s, it's going to be dangerous. then you look at this. and the jet stream stays in the same place. you're going to have storms along a stationary front but south this high retrograde sits along the gulf into the southeast. look at raleigh on the fourth of july, 103. 103, tallahassee. 104, mobile. you have to take time in and out on barbecues for sure, cecilia. >> triple digits on that map. ginger, thank you. we turn to the white house and those growing tensions with iran. officials there say iran has now exceeded its limit on enriched uranium. limits set in that 2015 deal
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abandoned by the trump administration. let's bring in our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in washington. martha, this is prompting a new warning from president trump. >> absolutely, cecilia. the president is now warning iran that they are playing with fire. president trump has said again and again that the u.s. will not allow iran to get a nuclear weapon but it is unclear what his next move will be aside from threats and his so-called maximum pressure campaign, cecilia. >> and, martha, the president also making headlines on another front, this one for his fourth of july plans. he's going to be giving a big speech, he says, on the national mall and word now that he's asked the pentagon to bring in fighter jets and military tanks? >> reporter: as you know, cecilia, ever since he saw the bastille day celebration in paris in 2017, trump has wanted a similar parade in washington and now we know what that will include and what it will not. the blue angels will perform. there will be an air force one
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flyover and other military aircraft and tanks stationed on the streets. the associated press caught an image of two abrams tanks on a railcar headed for d.c. trump had wanted them rolling down pennsylvania avenue. but 60-ton vehicles are not so good for roadways. so the two abrams tanks and two bradley fighting vehicles will be sitting stationary. the president said the display would also include brand-new sherman tanks but those were developed in world war ii and went out of service in the late 1950s. what we don't know, cecilia, is how much exactly this is all going to cost. >> that is the big question this morning. martha raddatz, thank you. whit? >> thanks. to the race for the white house now and the first post debate poll showing california senator kamala harris surging into second place in the race poor for the democratic nomination. joe biden still leading but down from 32% a month ago. harris now at 17% up from 8% a month ago.
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elizabeth warren also showing a big gain here. bernie sanders is the only other candidate in double digits. this comes as candidate joe biden's son hunter speaks out in a new interview, opening up about his personal struggles, including a battle with drug addiction, his relationship with his father and business dealings that have come under scrutiny. abc's linsey davis is here with more on that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, whit. an incredibly candid interview with hunter biden who really gets into the weeds about some harrowing experiences. he talks about drinking that started in high school, cigarette and cocaine use that started in college and he explains that he was a no-show at his dad's kickoff event because these negative stories started surfacing. the youngest son of former vice president joe biden now laying bare his struggle with drugs and alcohol, including at least five stints in rehab. hunter biden opening up to "the new yorker" in a new feature story at a critical point for his father where any surprises or family secrets could impact his campaign, saying i was in
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that darkness. i was in that tunnel. it's a never-ending tunnel. you don't get rid of it. you figure out how to deal with it. >> there are just too many examples i think in here of, you know, a person who's lonely and, you know, doesn't really have anybody to turn to and who, you know, is just suffering and struggling to try to get some control in his life. >> reporter: his addiction to cocaine led to a discharge from the navy. biden also describes a time he attempted to buy cocaine at a homeless encampment. someone put a gun to his head before realizing that he was a buyer, and biden opens up about his complicated relationships. after the death of older brother beau in 2015 from brain cancer sent him back to rehab, he separated from his first wife kathleen, eventually starting a relationship with beau's widow hallie biden. we were sharing a very specific grief. i started to think of hallie as the only person in my life who understood my loss. the article's author tells us
7:14 am
about the tight bond between father and son. the elder biden's calls and texts regularly interrupting "the new yorker" interviews. once while vice president biden helped his son during a period of heavy drinking -- >> he told his dad that he was okay when he wasn't. and it took his father, you know, taking a suburban and a very small secret service detail to his apartment literally to knock on his door and say, son, you know, i need you to get help effectively. >> reporter: then there's the matter of hunter biden's business dealings, allegations he leveraged his father's name to win business in ukraine and china where hunter accompanied his father on an official trip in 2013. upon hearing the news that president trump is investigating him, hunter biden recalls spotting a helicopter overhead telling his wife, i hope they're taking pictures of us right now, directing an expletive toward the president saying i don't care. here i am living my life. as for those overseas business dealings, hunter biden denies
7:15 am
claims that there was anything unethical and there has been no evidence that joe biden used his influence to help his son. but the watchdog group put it this way saying, at absolute minimum there's a huge appearance of conflict. >> this was no surprise to the biden campaign. they knew it was coming. >> the reporter for "the new yorker" said multiple times during his interview with hunter, the dad was calling and interrupting their conversation. it seems like this was the campaign's way of just trying to get out in front of this. >> yeah, linsey davis, thank you. >> all right, whit, now to team usa, that huge anticipation for today's world cup match-up, the u.s. taking on england. on the line, the finals. and there's some drama ahead of the big game. let's go to adrienne bankert who is lucky enough to be there in france and she has more for us. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: hey, good morning. so good to be with you. yes, the drama, a faux pas as the french would call it here ahead of the games and the americans in lyon are celebrating big time and we
7:16 am
actually hung out with megan rapinoe's mom, some of their biggest fans giving team usa a special message. this morning, a culture clash ahead of the world cup semifinals. england's coach calling out team u.s.a. for bad etiquette saying american staff was out of bounds after being spotted at england's hotel. >> not something that we do, send somebody around to another team's hotel. >> reporter: team u.s.a. said they were simply scouting potential locations to stay in for when they make it to the final, they say. some calling that arrogant. >> in terms of arrogance, it has nothing to do with us. it's planning and preparation for our staff. >> reporter: overnight u.s. women's soccer celebrated with a pre-party for all their fans. including some very special team vips. >> it's surreal. actually, it's surreal but i feel so proud. >> reporter: megan rapinoe's mother denise and ali krieger's mom debbie. >> do you thk is particular year is unique in any way? >> i do.
7:17 am
there's just so many movements going on right now for women that are so empowering. >> right when you think two world cups are great and then when you get a phone call you're like, oh, my gosh, your dreams do come true. >> reporter: england's coach says the french are now backing england as their second team expected to fill the massive lyon stadium. team u.s.a. needs their biggest fans cheering them on. >> u.s.a.! >> you got this. you got this, girls. >> reporter: okay, that was a really fun party. i wish i could have stayed up longer to celebrate with them. we've got to tell you we met alex morgan's mom and dad. they were hanging out at the party as well. one local french paper reports that 20,000 americans purchased tickets to see the games here in lyon. guys j. >> many more are calling in sick or will be watching from work. >> exactly. >> that was some party there, adrienne. >> boom, boom. nice. >> i was dancing. >> we know. we know that you were. >> she's got her disco voice this morning.
7:18 am
yeah. >> thank you, adrienne. we're following a lot of other headlines including that thrilling wimbledon win. 15-year-old cori "coco" gauff beating her idol venus. what she said to her moments after the match and coco's parents will join us live in a little bit. >> can't wait to hear from them. and the blockbuster fourth of july bargains on ipads, furniture and more. where to find the best deals even when hanging out at the beach. first back to ginger. >> here's something you don't see every day, an ef-0 tornado taking down trees. 80 mile per hour winds in portland, oregon. today it's billings over through bismarck that has to watch for the severe storms.
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cannot wait to talk to coco gauff's parents and we will in just a little bit. we'll be right back. right back. gauff's parents and we will in just a little bit. we'll be right back. they're branded by sweat, pride,
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♪ don't go chasing waterfalls ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls back on "gma," we are chasing waterfalls this morning with tlc. that's their ama performance in 2013. now they're here performing live. oh, i love that song and that video. remember that, t.j.? >> you've been dancing all morning. >> whit remembers that. yeah. >> yeah. >> you remember, you remember. they are here but they're not alone, whit. >> there's more. >> there's nelly. there's flo rida. they are all here together for an awesome mash-up. they're going out on tour but they're stopping here at "gma" first. >> you're going to have to hold me back from jumping on the stage. >> you got it. >> that is ahead. first the top headlines we're following. there are new developments in
7:31 am
the crisis at the border. new video this morning secretly recorded by democratic ngssn joo worothei children. some saying that they're not being given medicine they need. this as the president signed a $4.6 billion aid package. and millions from the heartland to the east coast are facing a summer scorcher. with the fourth of july just two days away, temperatures could feel like triple digits in parts of the midwest and southeast today. take a look at this. a close call. that child thankfully okay after falling off a train platform in australia, getting stuck between the car and the ledge, and passengers rushing in to help. authorities releasing the video as a warning for parents as the summer holiday rush gets under way. incredible. >> keep that in mind. thank you, whit. now to the teenage tennis phenom taking over wimbledon. that huge win beating one of her idols, five-time champ venus williams, in the first round. we're talking about 15-year-old
7:32 am
cori "coco" gauff taking the tennis world by storm. we'll speak with her proud parents in just a moment. first t.j., wow. >> robin, we have headline on top of headline here. first of all, venus williams lost in the first round of wimbledon. that's a big deal. she lost to the 313th ranked player in the world. that's a big deal. that player, though, is 15 years old, but it's a 15-year-old black girl born in atlanta, georgia, who only picked up a tennis racket because of the williams sisters. put all that together and it made for something pretty special at wimbledon yesterday. a five-time champ falls to a 15-year-old phenom. >> that's it. >> reporter: a symbolic upset at wimbledon. standing ovation. >> reporter: american cori gauff taking out venus williams in straight sets. >> it's a dream debut for the 15-year-old. >>rcthr th point.
7:33 am
>> she can't believe it. >> i think we just saw a star is born. >> reporter: and look at her proud parents, cory and candi, on their feet. >> my dad was just jumping up every time i won a point. i'm just so happy and so blessed. >> reporter: coco shared a long handshake at the net with her idol after the match. >> i was just telling her thank you for everything she's done for the sport and she's been an inspiration for many people. >> reporter: coco is the youngest player to make it through qualifying for wimbledon's main draw. and this was a storybook wimbledon debut. >> on the court i was not thinking about venus. i was just playing my game. >> reporter: 39-year-old venus had already won two wimbledon titles by 2004. that was the year coco was born. the teen is even younger than many of the ball kids. the drama played out before a packed house at the all england club. >> i saw the stadium yesterday, but it was completely empty. but i mean, it looks so much
7:34 am
bigger when there's actually people inside. >> reporter: in the end the 15-year-old outplayed and overpowered the veteran. >> great things are in store for this young 15-year-old. >> she did everything well today. served well, moved well. it was a great match for her. >> reporter: but in the middle of it all this breakout star still managed to hit the books. she even took a high school science exam during the early qualifying rounds. >> the test i got a "b." today i'll give myself an "a." >> okay, she's a kid. let me remind you, we see her on this world stage. she's a kid. some of her teachers didn't even know she played tennis up until now. and she found out she was playing venus through instagram. she said her agent sent her a text and said venus williams. so she had to go to instagram to find out that she was playing. she has another match coming up tomorrow against the 139th ranked player in the world. watch out for this young lady. >>wh'rto a fun moment yesterday. talk to. >> let's talk to proud mom and pop. joining us live now, coco's
7:35 am
parents corey and candi gauf. whoo! i can't even begin to feel what you're feeling and just how proud you are. but how is your daughter doing today after the big victory? >> i think she's doing great. she's, you know, resting, sleeping in and getting ready to go to practice in a little bit to get ready for her next match. so i think she celebrated and wanted to get ready for the next match. she still has work to do here. she has big goals so she's going to go after them. >> there's right. she's got to stay focused. i got to tell you, to hear she grew up idolizing venus and serena and being on the court was something she really could never imagine, much less beating them how was she able -- candi, how was your daughter able to stay so composed under that situation? >> well, that's one of the things we've been working on for a long time and i think she finally -- it finally has clicked in with her that if you just take one point at a time, one stroke at a time, one game at a time and just focus, breathe, move around and
7:36 am
everything will come together and it just -- it came together. >> how were you able to keep your composure because you were breathing and moving all around in the friends' box? what was that moment for both of you, corey, when she clinched that match? >> it was exciting. i guess you saw me overreact by jumping up. i'm used to team sports where we celebrate all the time. so i was pretty excited. >> yeah, because you're used to team sports because you played some ball, basketball at georgia state. your wife, candi, she was a division one athlete, track and field. so, you know, your daughter has some ability there with the two of you. she talked about how she at the net said to venus that she wouldn't be here without her. can you just -- both of you, can you just tell us the impact the williams family had on your family?
7:37 am
>> well, i think, you know, what the williams family did and mr. williams, he really paved the way for girls to think that it's possible because, you know, we hadn't seen many african-american women in the sport since xena garrison and precedes me. and it even so when they started winning and having success, it made it a lot easier to get into the sport and allowed us to be a lot more confident about a lot of us to choose that as a sport. we play basketball. she ran track and field and those sports were easy choices. but she fell in love with tennis. >> oh, gosh. don't sell yourself short. >> i really -- >> go ahead. >> i really like the relationship between the father and daughter. oh, i was just saying i like the relationship between the father and daughter. i respect my father very well and that's one of the things that i see that coco does with her dad and it's a great relationship that is bonding and i just love it. >> i know. and i know that, dad, you coach
7:38 am
your daughter as well. but let me ask you, candi, i understand that you knew early on how determined your daughter was. tell the story about when she was on the track trying to keep up with her cousins running. >> yeah. i took my daughter to one of myy were out there running around on the track and then she just gets up out of her stroller and just started running. but the problem was she just kept on running and kept on running and i got concerned as a mother like, you're going to pass out. but her determination was there and i saw that at an early age that she was destined to be something. >> and she is something else. so please give her our absolute best. i know she has more work to do. you guys are really composed this morning. we're really impressed how you're keeping it together this morning knowing what your daughter has just accomplished but, please, thank you so much. it means a lot that you got up and you joined us today and we wish you and your family all the best going forward. thank you.
7:39 am
>> thank you, robin. >> thank you, bye. >> you take care. they were good athletes now as well. but can you imagine -- you guys are parents. can you imagine sitting there in the box and seeing your daughter -- >> we have the father/daughter thing going on. i tear up when my daughter plays the piano in my own house. i would be a wreck at an event like that. >> they started so early. they talk about her composure. in a qualifying round she had "old town road" playing in her head and she's teaching herself to stay cool and calm under that pressure. that shows you she's a 15-year-old with that song in her head on that stage. it's a special moment for tennis really, and, again, we're getting her because of the williams sisters. >> yep. >> can't say that enough. >> great family, great story. coming up, the fourth of july deals you don't want to miss and how you can score some of them even while you're at the beach. beach. beach. [bottle opens] yay! [aahhh]
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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♪ and i need you now >> back with our "play of the day." that music, of course, can only mean one thing. some people will see a total eclipse of the sun today. maybe eclipse of the heart as well, and rob marciano is one of them. he is in la serena, chile, with more on that. rob, good morning. >> good morning, whit. we're calling this a great south american eclipse. it's the latest visible eclipse since the great american eclipse back in 2017. you remember that. we covered it from coast to coast. it was a 90-minute event of awe and joy. many making the trip down here
7:51 am
to see this one. we spoke to people from san francisco and seattle and dragged their families down here because they are hooked. today's event happens at 4:39 eastern time. you can watch it live between 4:00 and 5:00 on and 2024, texas and new york, is when it happens back in the states. we'll be there. >> than, rob. we'll be right back. joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain helps stop irreversible joint damage. and helps skin get clearer. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been some place where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. since enbrel, dad's back to being dad.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking developments at the border. the new video this morning shot by a democratic congressman inside one of those detention centers. women huddled in sleeping bags, some separated from their children. the latest details this morning. "boy meets world" star danielle fishel revealing her nightmare. her baby born four weeks early still in the hospital this morning. her emotional message and how her friends and family are supporting her. your kids or your job? "the new york times" piece going viral. the working mom who says she sometimes puts her career first, missing her children's birthdays and vacations for the sake of her job. why she says she does it for her family. hannah making a stunning ive. confession. >> i'm falling in love with you.
8:01 am
>> before sending three guys home, now one of the booted y, tflors speaking out only on . rida performing their biggest hits live and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> hanging out of a best friend's ride. i love that line. good morning, america. wonderful to have you with us on this tuesday morning. how about this, waking up with tlc, nelly and flo rida. >> could not get any better than that. they're taking over our studio. there they are making an entrance kicking off a tour but first performing rightere cannot wait for that. >> we never know what's going on upstairs when we're down here.
8:02 am
>> i know. >> didn't see any boots with the fur up there though. there's still time. i knew i forgot something when i left this morning. >> we're going to get upstairs in a moment. first these headlines to get to starting with those new developments at the border. democrats touring the facilities sharing new images inside. so let's go back to will carr who is there at the border in san diego. good morning again, will. >> reporter: and robin, the conditions inside those border detention facilities has sparked a lot of outrage and now for the first time we're getting a look inside. this morning, there are new images from inside two detention facilities on the u.s./mexico border. the videos secretly recorded by texas congressman joaquin castro who was touring the facilities with a congressional delegation. castro visited two customs and border patrol facilities along with a group of lawmakers on monday where he and several other prominent democrats complained of ongoing harsh w s tod w. unconscionable.
8:03 am
no child should ever be separated from their parent. >> reporter: border patrol required the lawmakers to surrender their cell phones. but castro managed to record this video at el paso border station number one. what he describes as a cramped cell. you could see several mothers seen huddled together with blue sleeping bags on the floor, many separated from their children and say they've been denied showers for up to 15 days. in response, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted these startling allegations, just left the first cbp facility. i see why cbp officers were being so physically and sexually threatening towards me. officers were keeping women in cells with no water and had told them to drink out of the toilets. this was them on their good behavior in front of members of congress. >> she doesn't have medicine. >> reporter: a senior democratic
8:04 am
aid in castro's office says the won ideo because they wanted to get their stories out there. weave rea weaveed reached out to cbp for a comment, but they haven't responded yet. at the same time border patrol agents are taking a lot of heat for an alleged secret facebook group. the agency's chief says that agents will be held accountable whether on or off duty when they made those posts. robin? >> all right, will, thank you. cecelia? we turn to that summer scorcher. the fourth of july just days away and millions of people across the country are feeling the heat. let's go back over to ginger who's tracking it all. hey, ginger. >> hey, cecilia. a lot are saying, yeah, it's july 2nd, of course it's hot. but it's so hot for days on end you start to see cumulative heat effects and that's why advisories are in place from ft. wayne todefiance, ohio. they'll feel like almost 100 today and there are still people who don't have air-conditioning. if you're working outdoors those are the peopl today.
8:05 am
104 montgomery. then it settles in even more to the south and jet stream stays far north and tallahassee will feel like 103, columbia, south carolina, 106 on the fourth of july itself. it's no real easy day in washington, d.c. it will feel like 100 on the fourth of july. just to give you a little note why you stay cooler up here, storms, could be strong to even severe that will make their way to pennsylvania as we get into the holiday. guys? >> all right, ginger, thanks so much. you know what else is hot, team oous u.s.a. they're on fire. as we know, it's the big day for the world cup, the u.s. women's soccer team is taking on england and posted this handwritten letter for your bosses out there thanking them if they let you watch the game and skip work, asking for help this time around. ask for help here are players kelly o
8:06 am
reading part of it. take a listen. >> for everyone that listened, every boss that listened, thank you for giving them the day off. we could feel the love and support. >> it was amazing. >> now do you want to be the boss of the year? >> do you? do you? >> or do you want to be a stone cold loser? no, you're going to be a stone cold lock if you give them tuesday, july 2nd off. >> pressure is on. you heard them, bosses. so much anticipation for today's match. you can watch the semifinals 3:00 p.m. eastern. megan rapinoe, what did she tell you yesterday? >> sorry not sorry. >> sorry not sorry. exactly. >> i'm not coming to work. >> love them. coming up, "boy meets world" star danielle fishel talking about her challenging birth, her baby born four weeks early. how she and her family are doing now. and preventing sun damage. how to turn back the clock on your skin even if you've already gotten a sunburn. dr. bowe is back. and it's getting hot in here. >> come on. ♪ why do i feel this way ♪ must be the money >> it's getting hot in here. i can't finish that line, though, on morning television. we got that live performance from nelly, tlc and flo rida. we'll be right back. back. ♪
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back here on "gma." wow! back here on "gma." would you listen to this wonderful audience that we have. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ baby you're a firework >> a lol to celebrate. >> i love to celebrate and tomorrow we have the very funny ellie kemper. she will be here live, but now it's time for some "pop news" with janai norman. [ applause ] >> good morning, guys. all right. it's time for "pop news" and we begin with neil diamond news and it is so good. so good. ♪ sweet caroline the singer's music is headed to broadway. yep, diamond's life and songs are being made into a musical.
8:12 am
that show will chronicle his rise from a poor jewish kid in brooklyn to one of the world's most successful singer biggest hits, classics such as "america" and you hear it -- ♪ swe c oh, oh, oh ♪ >> good job, guys. that was not planned. >> not bad. diamond says he's always loved broadway and the inspiration for many of his early songs actually came from shows like "west side story" and "my fair lady." the show doesn't have a name yet but we know it will be written by "bohemian rhapsody" writer anthony mccarten and directed by tony winter, michael mayor. for neil diamond fans out there let's hope there is a moment in the show for an audience singalong li w to america"? >> great tune. >> yes, very good. guys, that was so good. everybody joining in. impressive.
8:13 am
next to the cast of "spider-man," proving they're even bigger heros off the screen, they were out in force at the los angeles premiere of "spider-ma f fm home" last thursday but it's something they did earlier in the day that really made them super. surprising the kids at children's hospital los angeles after giving them an advance screening. stars tom holland, jake gyllenhaal, zendaya visited with the children, holland showing off some of his spidey skills signing lots of autographs proving he is a friendly neighborhood spider-man. then visiting the children throughout the hospital, taking pictures, giving high-fives and for all of you marvel fans, get excited. "spider-man: far from home" hits theaters today. yeah. >> no stunt double needed. he does his own tricks apparently. >> impressive, right? finally we have a new spin on a viral challenge. so it's called the bottle cap challenge where the goal is to untwist a cap with a roundhouse kick. the trick is you can't knock the bottle over.
8:14 am
that challenge gaining steam thanks to an unlikely source. look at this. singer john mayer giving it a go. look at this. slow motion makes it that much better. yeah, right. not bad. not bad. whit, you're not buying it. >> no. >> okay, how about this one? mayer then challenged actor jason statham. okay, this one is good. look at that. nailed it. so he does his own stunts after all. you guys are skeptical. >> i am. >> all right. so the challenge actually began in the mixed partial arts world so no surprise ufc champ conor mcgregor joined in on the fun. here's his. all right. there's the spin, a roundhouse kick, man. there it goes. and deejay diplo gave it a go too. his isn't quite so good. >> oh, come on. >> he tried though. so diplo decided to challenge harry and meghan, kevin durant
8:15 am
and obama. >> waiting for that one. >> not sure we'll see those videos any time soon. director guy ritchie, we'll see if he can spin some magic. statham can maybe give us some tips when he's here. you guys want to try it? [ applause ] >> i thought you were going to have whit do it. >> we need some bottle caps. >> janai, thank you so much. appreciate it. now to our "gma" cover story. actress danielle fishel opening up about her son's complicated birth. the "boy meets world" star calling it a nightmare, coming four weeks early and is still in the hospital with complications. abc's erielle reshef is joining us with that story. erielle, good morning. >> good morning to you, whit, and good morning, everyone. at 35 weeks pregnant any expectant mom is anxiously awaiting the moment she goes into labor but for danielle fishel it came with a major scare. now she's opening up about the mixed emotions in her first month of motherhood.
8:16 am
♪ boy meets world >> reporter: best known for her iconic role as topanga in the 1990's sitcom "boy meets world." >> have a seat. >> reporter: but this morning in an emotional instagram post actress danielle fishel is sharing her real-life personal trauma. her son adler born a month early thrusting the star and her husband into she describes as a nightmare we'll never forget. fishel revealing she went into labor with adler at 35 weeks writing, unfortunately after doing an ultrasound our amazing ob discovered fluid in his lungs that was not there during our last appointment only ten days earlier. the new mom adding, we still don't have adler home with us because the deeply good doctors and nurses in the nicu are working diligently to find out why the fluid is there and determine the best way to get it out. this has been the most trying week and a half of mine and jensen karp's lives.
8:17 am
doctors say that preterm delivery can present added challenges and more common than you might think. >> the last time the cdc looked at these rates of pre-term deliveries in 2017 they noted that one in ten babies were born pre term and that's going to be anywhere before 37 weeks. >> reporter: fishel crediting the support of family and friends for getting them through, saying he struggled with the decision to go public with the news. we are thrilled adler is here and we want to shout it from the rooftops but we know posting about his birth and its complications opens us up to prying eyes. and fishel ended her post with a plea for privacy and also says she looks forward to sharing sweet details about adler as soon as he's home. they still don't know when that's going to be but doctors tell us you can still bond with your baby when its in the nicu. and skin-to-skin contact is most important. >> those nurses and doctors, they perform miracles every day. cecilia, over to you. >> thanks, whit. we turn to that "the new york times" essay sparking some
8:18 am
debate about whether you should put your job ahead of your children. an author, a working mom writing that she sometimes makes that choice and opening up about it right here. >> you want me to be a stay-at-home mom? >> reporter: for so many mothers their working lives are not just jobs. >> why are you pushing me so hard? >> am i? >> yeah, you know this is not just a job for me. this is who i am. >> reporter: it's part of their identity. that's why lawyer, professor and writer laura bazelon says she feels no shame in sometimes choosing work over her kids. >> i struggle between my desire to do what is best for my clients whose lives are on the line and do what's best for my children who deserve a really present and engaged and loving mother. >> reporter: in her recent "new york times" article titled "i've picked my job over my kids," the mother of two wrote i prioritize my work because i'm ambitious and because i believe it's important. if i didn't write and teach and litigate, a part of me would feel empty. >> the pressures on mothers are different than the pressures on fathers. we're held to a different standard and so when fathers,
8:19 am
for example, go grocery shopping or show up in the middle of the day for an event everyone thinks it's so wonderful and fantastic. if a mother, for example, misses the midday event there's a sense of, well, why weren't you there? >> reporter: she admits sometimes making that choice comes with a price. >> i've missed my daughter's 7th birthday. i've missed my son's 10th birthday party. i've missed two family vacations. i've missed halloween. i've missed recitals. >> reporter: but she says a moment at her son's thanksgiving potluck at school reaffirmed her choices were not in vain. writing, in front of his class her son said, i appreciate my parents for being lawyers because they get people out of jail. this really helps me reflect, do the right thing and have positive role models. >> i think we need to support each other in the choices we make rather than being judgmental and then understand that there are so many ways to raise healthy, successful, resilient children.
8:20 am
>> all right. joining us now to talk more about it author and parenting expert rachel simmons. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is a really fascinating one. we talk about this so much, this so-called work/life balance and the author makes it a clear point. the author says the idea alone traps women and makes them feel shame. does this balance even exist? >> no. i think work/life balance is a fool's errand. i when i'm working feel like i should be with my daughter and when i'm with my daughter i feel like i should be working. i think millions of moms feel that constant guilt like nothing we can ever do is enough. >> you read this story and i wondered if a controversy would even exist if this was written by a man. yet a woman writing this story saying that she sometimes chooses her job over her kids makes headlines. >> like the writer's name is laura. if this were written by larry nobody would read it. nobody would publish it. it's unremarkable. i think it's because we still have a double standard for women. we're expecting them to be everything to their kids all the time and women are never going to be equal to men as long as
8:21 am
there's that double standard in effect. >> is there something to be said for making this decision? for a parent choosing -- i even hate to simplify it. she's not dismissing her children but making this choice to prioritize work. does that make them a better parent? >> i think that when i go out to work i'm showing my daughter that i'm a caregiver, but i'm also something else. i've got work that gives me purpose and i think that sends a message to her she can do the same. i also want to add that this is a very privileged choice. there are millions of women every day who don't have the choice to miss work, to go see an event for their children who could be fired if they did that. >> that's a really important point to make i think that is overlooked in conversations like this. a lot of people don't have the choice and so-called balance. you've got to go to work. the reactions to this piece were mixed. some people said right on. others were critical with the writer. parenting judgment happens all the time. what do you do? >> it comes with the territory. you don't get to be a parent without feeling judged or judging other parents. i was saying i broke a promise to my daughter. i said i wouldn't go away for the night for work in july and "gma" called and i came and i
8:22 am
feel guilty for being here, not to be meta about it. i also promised her her favorite baby-sitter but that being said this is a choice we're all making all the time. i have to make chases based on my values and be confident in those choices and that's all we can do as parents. >> i always say that your normal in your house is yours. you get to define that. >> absolutely. nobody gets to tell you what kind of parent to be. >> thank you so much. this is a great conversation. ginger, over to you. >> yeah, does it help if i say, hi, miles, hi, adrian. mommy is here. mommy loves you. is that good? let's do a little "gma" moment. let's go to north carolina. you know when a dog is hot and panting on the floor, well, 3-year-old everett has a great idea. >> aahhhh. >> everett, what are you doing? >> he says, well, he's hot. so monty was hot. thank you for sharing that with us. please go to my facebook page and drop your "gma" moment right there.
8:23 am
[ applause ] now to our series summer skintervention. board certified dermatologist and good friend dr. whitney bowe is back with a look at how you can prevent sun damage and how to correct it. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> so many times you try what you can but you still come away with a sunburn, and we know that the sun promotes aging. so what are we talking about here? >> it comes down to the uva and
8:24 am
uvb rays. so "a" for aging, "b" for burn but both types of those can lead to skin cancer which is why we're always looking at broad spectrum on the label of our sunscreen. >> we do what we can and think h kit with all the items you want to have on hand in case of a burn. so first let's dive right in. so guys, ibuprofen is great for anyone, great for reducing pain, swelling, inflammation. use the liquid for kids. acetaminophen does not do the trick. burns also leave you dehydrated. you want to drink lots of fluid. ideally you want to use fluids that are not attached to crepe and you want to have fluids that have lots of electrolytes in them but be careful about the sugars. a lot of sports drinks can be loaded with sugar, and we all know about aloe for a burn, right? but i like honey. but, guys, you can't just use any kind of honey. doitrom the farmer's market but medical grade honey. so you can order this online.
8:25 am
it's great. >> have you ever heard of that? >> it promotes wound healing. apply a thin layer. reapply it every six to eight hours. it goes through a special purification process. a burn is a wound. you can't just put anything on it. >> we have a video question. beth from minneapolis, here's her question. >> hi, dr. bowe. i love being out in the sun and i've been laying out for years, but i'm afraid it's catching up with me. is there anything i can do to help control the sun damage that's already happened? >> so, yes, there is a lot. there's tons of options. now things you can do at home, things you need to do in the office. on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you want to look for creams and serums that contain retinol or vitamin c. so if you really commit to this, months at a time you can brighten up the dark spots and reverse some damage and do peels. both at home, in the office, you know a little more pricey in the office but look at this before and after. this was done using a laser. so if you want more dramatic
8:26 am
results and know you got the budget on board for that, this can make a very big difference in the skin as well. it all comes down to your budget, what you're willing to spend, how quickly you want to see results and how dramatic you want those results to be. >> we can't overempathize about sunscreen. >> sun protection, wearing sun protective clothing. >> which you have a line of. >> sure do. the line is huge using those sun protective clothing. >> for kids too. >> my daughter is in it every day when she comes to camp. >> i'm her agent. i'm her agent. no, it's true. it's true. >> yes. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. look at your beautiful glowing skin. coming up, one of the biggest online dating days of the year is coming up. how you can ace that first date. [ applause ]
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♪ looking ♪ looking for some hot stuff all right, welcome back to "gma." time to kick off our summer of love series and this morning it's all about that first date. so according to, the sunday after the fourth of july, this coming sunday, is the biggest day of the year for online dating and we want to make sure you're all ready to take full advantage. >> exactly. the audience is going to participate. we've got bela gandhi of the smart dating academy is here with us. give us a step-by-step guide to find the perfect match. good morning, thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> let's get right to it. so a lot of people are really intimidated by this entire process.u ha bron it down in you call them the three ps. n a
8:31 am
pursue. first, pick the right match, then plan an active date and then pursue your match so you get the second date. >> good tips. >> so here's the thing, you say that people just make the wrong choice when they're doing online dating. what we'll do is get the audience involved and we gave them red flags. we've actually created a fake online profile for somebody so let's start out. his name is jared. here's what jared says. folks, if you notice any red flags raise those red flags to get involved. he says i never imagined i'd have to try online dating but here i am on human ebay. i'm not looking for anything serie-s. just getting to know people for the summer. don't want any drama queens. any red flags, folks? unanimous decision from the studio audience. >> there's so many red flags. nun one if he says he's not looking for anything serious,
8:32 am
you won't change him. he's not looking for anything serious. anyone says they're not looking for drama queens, guess what, they're the ones that are going to cause you the drama. >> don't put your flags down yet. we will put you to work. we have another profile. her name is heather. be careful of heather. she says i'm looking for a normal man. doesn't seem like there are many left. here's what i'm not looking for, unemployed, don't have your own house or car or lie about anything on your profile especially height. if this sounds like you, pass me by. if you're normal, message me. >> if you're normal. >> red flags? if you're normal, no, she's okay. i kind of like that. she sounds like she'd be a real hoot to go out with. super negative, judgmental. you want someone who is positive, fun and people show us who they are on their profile so i would pass this one that's filled with red flags. filled with red flags.
8:33 am
>> wipe right or whichever way, left. >> oh, yeah, sorry, go ahead. >> say you find a match. you see someone you actually like. how do you move forward? what's the next step? >> okay, so then you want to plan an active date. it's summertime now. instead of going to a wine bar or doing things you always do, go outside and plan an active date because when you're active, you can build adrenaline, you can build dopamine, both of which build attraction. my favorite summer date, grab a cup of coffee or something to drink and go for a walk outside. right? if you're in new york, go to central park. if you're anywhere, pick a new neighborhood. there's so many things that u can talk about that you're going to see while you're on a walk and when you're actually standing next to each other parallel, you tend to have more vulnerable more intimate discussions than if you're staring right into somebody's eyes. >> interesting, all right. >> super fun, easy date. doesn't cost a lot of money. >> great advice. good to know. also, we can't forget those of us who are already in relationships. anybody married in the audience here? you're not supposed to raise the red flag for the marriage. [ laughter ] that's a different problem.
8:34 am
for those of us in relationships, i'm married going on 12 years. cecilia has been married for a decade. kids at home. the summer is a good time to refresh. what are some good tips for date night? >> so one of the best things you can do is instill the practice of what i call a ten-second hug. right? so much of our physical chemistry especially for women is sparked by emotional chemistry so when you go in for that ten-second hug it sounds like an eternity but what happens you kind of melt into each other. you build oxytocin. it's the attachment hormone. ginger and i did one this morning, we were bonded for life. so ten-second hugs are great. >> just you've seen relationships work from online dating, right? i assume this works for a lot of people. >> tons. >> otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it. >> i started my company ten years ago. we've had thousands of success stories with online dating and the data says one in three marriages take place because of online dating. >> so there you go. you heard it here, guys. >> got to watch out for the red flags. >> yeah, watch out for the red
8:35 am
flags. tune in tomorrow for day two of "gma's" summer of love. jess mulroney is ambushing brides to give them the look of their dreams. coming up, a "bachelorette" update. one of the men were sent home last night. back here on "gma," so what bachel buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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back here on "gma," so what were you d back here on "gma," so what were you doing in the commercial break? >> i was doing a facebook book with tlc, flo rida and nelly. >> she was dancing. she was dancing. >> hot in here. >> we got the bachelorette. because there's a lot of reaction to last night's episode. tell us more about it. >> i think this was actually a franchise first. last night deli meat was thrown. uh-huh. and now there are just four guys left and hannah is getting close to handing out that final rose. there was. it was baloney. with hometowns just a week away, the exhales are getting longer. the lines deeper. >> my heart just fell through the earth. >> and the relationships even more serious. >> i love you. i love you. >> i'm loving this. i wish we had more of this. >> i feel like i'm falling in love with you. >> hannah revealing things with jed are heating up. >> i'm falling in love with you. >> just let me have my moment.
8:39 am
>> i'm so excited to find out what makes jed jed. >> but jed is not the only one falling in love. >> trying to come to you. i got something for you. >> you got me treats? >> tyler too. >> i have no doubt in my mind that i can be the guy getting on one knee one day for you. >> and peter. >> whoo! >> i love the sound of hannah weber. >> mike got his solo date but didn't get a rose. >> you're looking for your fourth lady and i know that i'm not that fourth lady. >> and luke p. remains the house villain. >> we have a 5'8" villain. >> like it disgusts me how fake he is. >> you are not going to mess it up! >> look at that. >> even after that baloney drop, hannah still choosing luke over garrett. >> i have to go with my gut. luke. >> for conner it was the end of the road too. >> i didn't want this to be good-bye. >> just the whole situation was
8:40 am
frustrating for me because so many cocktail parties were canceled. i did not get that second one-on-one date which was tough. >> while conner was hoping for more now all he wants is the best for hannah. >> there are a lot of good guys left for her and hopefully her and her husband is in that room. >> uh-huh, so my takeaways, mike better be the next bachelor and twitter agrees by the way. also i think this is the furthest the villain has ever made it in a sight. will luke p. survive the trip to his hometown? we'll find out next monday 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. that was a good ooh, robin roberts. heating up also on the beaches, can i just bring everybody a true ah and that is hollywood beach, florida, but let me tell you something, it already feels like 90 with the heat index. it's going to feel like 102 today. need to get in that water for sure. a quick look at the fireworks forecast across the nation. that heat in the southeast, but then a couple of those storms out to the south or the
8:41 am
summer is here and that means it is time to play ball but when summer is here and that means it is time to play ball but when you're at the stadium you don't want to strike out with your food choices. with the help of our sponsor king's hawaiian abc's rob marciano got a taste of some of the best bites on a recent visit to yankee stadium. ♪ >> welcome to yankee stadium, one of the most iconic ballparks in the world. this isn't just home to one of the greatest baseball teams ever, it's also famous for its food including our sponsor king's hawaiian, very own grill. their game day grub served not just here in the bronx but also at fenway park and dodger stadium. so i teamed up with chef ryan
8:42 am
scott to get a little taste of what they have to offer. first at bat this kahlua pulled pork sandwich. that looks like a massive piece of pig. >> that's a good way to put it. this is a pork butt, super inexpensive cut. so banana leaves. don't have them and can't find them, what you do is use foil. i'll take saul and pepper. really high and make sure i season it all the way around. when you put it in here put the fat side down. that way it doesn't stick to the banana leaf and the fat melts and put that liquid spoke over the top and cover with the banana leaves and goes for 24 hours at 250 to 300 degrees in your oven, five or six hours around 300. when it's done we shred it with barbecue sauce, super delicious. what we have is red cabbage, scallions and carrots and sesame seed and lime juice goes right over the top of these guys here, okay. a little teriyaki sauce, soy sauce goes inside there. >> looks so fresh and good. >> mayonnaise on the bottom, okay. a little mayonnaise on top.
8:43 am
you're going to put the coleslaw right on top -- >> it's sizzling. >> yes, so we have our kahlua pork on top. put that coleslaw on top. this goes together and you have our king's hawaiian hamburger bun deliciousness kahlua pork sandwich with coleslaw. here's one of my favorites,ed big lava chicken sandwich. fried chicken. take this barbecue sauce, douse it and make sure it's evenly sauced and dressed all the way around. do you smell it? >> it's fantastic. >> jalapenos and our last little dressing that goes on this great chicken sandwich. put the mayonnaise on top. i'll take this. watch this. here's our so doused and so gorgeous chicken goes right there, my friend. okay. then we're going to take crispy battered pickles, are you ready? >> that's what those are? >> go for it. >> take some havarti cheese, arugula on top of that and put this bun, the size of our head. it's incredible. >> here's the drum roll.
8:44 am
>> sweet, soft, fluffy, irresistible. >> this is so good! >> all right. i'm officially hungry. let's get your baseball fix and make sure you tune in to the home run derby monday, july 8th on espn. robin, you got no scrubs over there. >> huh-uh. we have some major, major musical talent. multiplatinum superstars nelly, tlc, tlc and flo rida. [ applause ] they are heading out on tour together this summer across north america and they're giving us a little preview. thank y'all for doing that. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> you'll get going in a few weeks starting off in tuscaloosa, alabama. >> yes. >> how has it been together? how has it been getting together? >> well, actually me and the girls have had a chance to go on tour before. i think with new kids, this is like our first time getting a chance to kick it with flo. >> australia. >> oh, australia, as well, yeah. >> yep.
8:45 am
>> so we've been -- >> he's a newbie. >> he's dressed for the part. >> oh, yeah. >> what's it been like for you? >> it's an honor, you know, to be amongst, you know, artists with -- who's definitely humble. all the hits and just excited to go on tour. >> we'll hear hit after hit after hit from all of y'all so who are you excited to hear? what song do you want to hear from nelly? >> "hot in here". >> getting hot in here. okay. [ applause ] all right. from nelly, what song are you looking forward to? >> from the ladies actually "no scrubs" and from my man, "low". >> oh, yes. i'm looking forward to "waterfalls." ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls yeah, yeah, yeah. how about you, flo rida? what hit you looking forward to hearing? >> "waterfalls" and definitely "hot in here."
8:46 am
"ride wit me." >> it's all good. >> yes. >> thank y'all. don't worry because when we come back you're going to hear them. yes, you will. and in just a moment they'll perform live on "gma." ent they'll perform live on "gma." ♪ "gma's" home run cooking is sponsored by king's hawaiian foods. irresistible since 1950. ♪ best friend's ride trying to holler at me ♪ ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea summer sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only june 26th to july 7th. ikea.
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8:48 am
i got to tell you studio is all abuzz. are y'all ready? are you ready for this performance, a mash-up of some of the biggest hits. give it up for nelly, tlc and flo rida. ♪ >> hi, y'all. [ applause ] ♪ a scrub is a guy that thinks
8:49 am
he's fine and is also known as a buster ♪ ♪ always talking about what he wants and just sits on his [ muted ] ♪ so, no, i don't want no scrub ♪ ♪ a scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me ♪ ♪ hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride trying to holler at me ♪ ♪ no scrub ♪ no scrub ♪ no, no ♪ a lonely mother gazing out of her window ♪ ♪ staring at a son that she just can't touch ♪ ♪ if at any time he's in a jam she'll be by his side ♪ ♪ but he doesn't realize he h n. ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to ♪
8:50 am
♪ i know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all but i think you're moving too fast ♪ ♪ i was thinking about her thinking about me thinking about us, what we're gone be ♪ ♪ open my eyes and it was only just a dream ♪ ♪ so i traveled back down that road will she come back no one knows ♪ ♪ i realize yeah it was only just a dream ♪ ♪ if you ever loved somebody put your hands up ♪ ♪ if you ever loved somebody put your hands up ♪ ♪ if you ever loved somebody put your hands up put your hands up ♪ ♪ if you want to go and take a ride with me so why do i live this way, hey must be the money ♪
8:51 am
♪ if you wanna get f why must i feel this way, hey must be the money ♪ ♪ oh, oh, sometimes i get a good feeling ♪ ♪ yes i can doubt that i leave i'm running with this plan pull me grab me i'll be the president ♪ one day january first oh you like that gossip like you the one drinking what god sip ♪ now i gotta work with you how many rolling stones you want yeah i got a brand-new spirit ♪ "snl" getting it done ♪ ♪ speak it and it's done i want to play back mama that knew i was a needle in a haystack a bugatti boy plus maybach i got a feeling it's a wrap ♪ >> put your hands up. ♪ i ain't never seen nothing that'll make me go this crazy
8:52 am
all night spending my dough ♪ ♪ had a million dollar vibe and a bottle to go them birthday cakes, flexible, professional ♪ ♪ drinking hold up wait a minute shorty get low ain't the same when it's up that close ♪ [ muted ] ♪ make it rain work it i'mma say that i prefer them ♪ i'm into that i love women she had them apple bottom jeans ♪ ♪ boots with the fur with the fur the whole club was looking at her ♪ ♪ she hit the floor she hit the floor ♪ ♪ next thing you know shorty got low low low low low ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack!
8:53 am
this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. during buick's fourth of july sales event, pay no interest for 76 months on most 2019 buick models.
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>> announcer: kick off your summer weekend with sabrina carpenter friday in a live concert from central park. it's sabrina carpenter friday only on "gma." presented by king's hawaiian. what a wonderful day. tlc, nelly, flo rida, thank you for that incredible performance. going out on tou them. have a great day. [ applause ]
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i'm alexis smith from abc 7 mornin let's check in wit mike nicco. >> here's a look at pier 39. look at that sunshine. the lack of a marine layer cloud. it's p beache small craft advisory south of the bay bridge at noon. 60s, 70s and 80s. below average and cooler the next two days before a slight warmin trend friday, saturday, sunday the toll plaza, a gorgeous start day. the meters lights on and remain on. we did have a crash on the should of of of of
9:00 am
time for live with kelly and ryan. we'll at 11:00 for midday >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan"! today, film and broadway star hugh jackman, and from the series "this is us," chrissy metz. plus, performing their hit "i'm hooked," why don't we, all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [upbeat music] ♪ >> ryan: hey! >> kelly: oh, hi. >> ryan: hello! hello! what's happening? hey there. ♪ hi, guys. >> kelly: hi. >> ryan: hi, ripa. ♪ [cheers and applause]
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