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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 5, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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nerves left rattle after the strongest earthquake in 20 years jolts southern california.
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>> in oakland, police are confiscating lots of illegal fireworks. >> in san francisco with thousands who are watching the fourth of july fireworks despite the fog. the news starts now. happening right now, you probably hear them. illegal fireworks are exploding around the bay area. abc 7 news reporter joining us now from the oakland hills. what are you seeing and hearing tonight? >> we definitely can't see anything and the fog rolled in, but we can hear the illegal fireworks. they started around six hours ago. from the oakland hills, the pops, bangs and booms are nonstop. those are the sounds of illegal fireworks as well as gunfire
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ringing out from oakland this fourth of july. >> we're hear like gunshot noises and kind of like a little fireworks, i guess. more of gunshots. >> this woman will keep her dog inside all night because of the commotion. these not the only one. >> i'm never happy my kitties are freaked out and people who had ptsd and experiences of gun violence and war, it can be hard. >> oakland police are out in force and patrolled specifically for the holiday. >> the biggest concern for the night is people getting injured from fireworks. people getting shot from gunfire as well as the fire danger. >> abc 7 news was there as officers raided a home and found illegal fireworks, drugs and a high powered rifle. they are brought to drop off areas like this one on
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international boulevard where they will store them and later dispose of them. >> the designated areas is a new thing. it allows officers to drop them off and get back on the streets quickly. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> in the south bay, a fire that may have been caused by illegal fireworks. as you see, more illegal fireworks in the background. witnesses say they were watching people light fireworks near i-680 and jackjackson. we sped up this video from near highway 87 in san jose earlier this evening. >> on the peninsula, the sounds and sights of illegal fireworks in san bruno. the video here was shot looking towards el camino real.
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san francisco firefighter his their hands full confiscating fireworks. all are banned within city limits. it was formed to deal with the issue. san le upon and row receive e re carb so large, they had 2,000 pounds of a storage shed into a cargo van after hours. that's when they were busted. the arsenal included fireworks that could have been fired 125 feet into the air. >> in true san francisco fashion, the fog stayed around for the city's big fourth of july fireworks show, but that didn't stop thousands from packing the piers for the pyrotechnics. amanda is live for us from pier 39 and it is still popping behind you. >> reporter: it is. happy fourth of july. a is something a lot of people expected. we did see that tonight, but it didn't stop the accept bragz.
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the first fireworks were sent to the sky from 9:30 from barges in the bay. one here at pier 39 and another closer to aquatic park. both prime viewing areas. tens of thousands braved the cold to fight through the fog. organizers say the number depended on the weather. we spoke with the visitors about their experience. >> i lit the fireworks and there could have been a little less fog in the way of seeing the fireworks. >> it was very entertaining, but most of the time it was just red clouds. >> it was loud and i saw the grand finale. it was amazing. >> what are did you like most about it? >> it lit up the sky and when it was pink. >> we really didn't see anything. >> mixed reviews, but this is far from the first time fog impacted an independence day fireworks display. we did get luck we the fireworks
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exploding above the thick layer of fog and some fireworks exploded just below the fog. the show wrapped up before 10:00 tonight and still the continuation of that mad dash home for a lot of people looking to find warmth. abc 7 news. >> looks like fun. get stuck in the traffic. things calmed down a little bit along the embarcadero. the fog has taken over. let's go to lisa. >> good morning or good evening to you. in the morning hours, we see the fog push across the bay. another surge up to about 2,000 feet. as it pulls back, it gets compressed. high pressure building in and the warmest day out of the next seven looks to be on saturday. we see widespread upper 80s to low 90s.
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look at the numbers on the coast. barely at 60 degrees. the typical summertime spread coming into play on saturday. tomorrow, friday, we begin the warm up. i have a look at the extended forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good, thank you. we are learning of a breaking news situation in bodega bay. the sonoma county sheriff said a deputy shot a man suspected of assaulting several people and stealing a vehicle near swan and harbor drives. he also assaulted officers before a deputy opened fire. the suspect and victims were taken to hospitals. their conditions have not been released. >> weave got ourselves an earthquake here. >> we are having an earthquake.
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>> nice sized earthquake. >> we just had an earthquake. >> there is the crack right here. >> we had a real giant shocker. >> it was intense. >> pretty scary. >> real live actual earthquake. >> boy, house fires, downed power lines, cracks in the road and more than 100 aftershocks. there were no major injuries, but flthere was moderate damage after the 6.4 quake. it was in the mojave desert. our sister station in fresno is live in ridgecrest with the latest. cory? >> a lot of people have a lot to be thankful for. there were no injuries despite that major earthquake. a lot of damage in stores. this is a store that you can see the mess left behind. wigs on the ground and even the heads they were sitting on and
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hair product. while the store might be closed, they will have a lot of clean up to do. >> fire works would be the most exciting part of the fourth of july in ridgecrest, but this was anything but ordinary for the town of 27,000. a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked the city north of los angeles early thursday morning and shook the house on her cameras captured the quake with the 6,000 pound forklift. >> i was panicking and i thought our house was going to come down and i knew that there was nothing they could do about it. >> lisa bowman said she walked out to see what happened. >> right when i was walking, it. they ended up falling. the scariest thing ever. it stopped. >> they felt the impact and this
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computer store in the historic part of town is left with thousands worth of damage to equipment. the owner said he was here when the ground beneath him started to shake. >> everything was shaking and i had to run to the door. it was intense. >> this video shows the moment it. you can see the owner trying to hold on to the wall to keep himself from falling, making it a rocky fourth of july that ended for those looking to celebrate america's birthday with loved ones. >> my husband and my boys are and we are all here, thankfully together. >> the damage and the mess left behind. before the 6.4 magnitude took place, the u.s. geological survey, a larger quake. they felt the more than 100 aftershocks today.
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no major injuries reported and so far power for most has been restored. lve here at ridgecrest. >> every earthquake is a reminder for all of us to get prepared. you can find information on how to make an earthquake kit and emergency plan. all at abc 7 nor cal. firefighters kept busy today and how they managed to keep the brush fires from spreading. from fly overs to tanks. president trump's salute to america was not without controversy. where folks were celebrating the fourth of july on the slopes. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> first a reminder that the aids walk san francisco is just 10 days away on sunday july 14th in golden gate park. it benefits local hiv and aids programs such as project open hand and positive resource
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were killed in a helicopter crash was flying from grand cay to fort lauderdale. they identified one victim as 60-year-old coal mining billionaire chris kline. no word on what caused the crash. pyrotechnics lit up the skies around the country. crowds packed the shores to catch that display. the biggest fireworks show in the nation. crowds in st. louis huddled under the gateway arch to watch and in chicago, a fireworks display over the navy pier dazzled spectator who is lined lake michigan tonight. in washington, d.c. a nonstop day of celebration. they saw the biggest fireworks display thanks to a $750,000 donation from two companies. president trump ramped up the traditionalal festivities even more with a salute to america event. tanks and armored vehicles took center stage with fly byes showcasing america's military might. he spoke from the lincoln
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memorial a big crowd highlighting the people past and present. >> we remember all share a truly extraordinary heritage and we are part of the greatest stories ever told, the story of america. >> the salute to america was not without controversy. critics say it was a partisan event since vip tickets were given to gop donors. firefighters in the south bay rushed to put out at least three fires that broke out at the same time across san jose this afternoon. at least two brush fires broke out along highway 87 and a garage fire spread to dry grass on the hill at the same time. >> i seen smoke when i was driving and it was right here when the apartment complex is and it's the whole back hill where the weeds are and it's all catching on fire. part fire burned 35 acres and a big response to firefighters from several agencies got it under control.
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in the east bay, the spectacular fireworks show capped up a fun day for residents. thousands crowded college park for a show that was accompanied by live music. organizers call at this time best fireworks show in all of contra costa county. earlier in the east bay, one of the biggest parades west of the mississippi dazzled spectators in alameda. many were community groups and many residents staked out spots early and changed lawn chairs to parking meters and reserving the very best spot how about this. some folks spent the fourth skiing in shorts. squaw valley and mammoth were open and squaw will stay open through sunday. you will be able to ski until august. they only stayed open that late into the year twice before. with that, not that we are talking about snow and conditions for the weekend, let's go to lisa.
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>> it has been cooler than average. we had a well defined marine layer and you can see a nice view, but that fog making its way across the bay over into san leandro and it is creating issues along the coast. we are going to see our wind reversal somewhat to allow that marine layer to get compressed tomorrow. that brings a warmer day at 90 degrees inland with upper 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast and sunshine there. the warmest day should be on saturday. look what happens on suspected. it's like summer disappears as we drop at least 10 degrees. a live look outside and live doppler 7, we can see the fog from the marin county coast to san mateo and making the push around 80. as it does hug the shoreline, we get the typical summertime spread but in the upper levels of the atmosphere, it's a pesky
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area of low pressure for at least a week that capped the temperatures and allowed heat from penetrating the bay. 67 in concord. 61 in san ramon. 63 for friends in livermore. 54 downtown and at the coast. it's cooler at the shoreline and it's mild compared to yesterday. warmer by 7 degrees in concord and livermore. a live look at the golden gate bridge where you navigate into the fog and pushing across the bay and sunny and warmer into your saturday. a much cooler pattern begins on sunday. overnight lows with the 50s and waking up to the gray sky into the east bay like emeryville to san leandro and livermore. temperatures in the 50s and at the beaches, it is cloudy now, but throughout the afternoon, we will get clearing and stinson beach in the 60s. 64 ocean beach and sunny at 72. if you are headed to the
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mountains, it looks nice and the warmest days will be tomorrow and a few more clouds into the weekend. low 70s by sunday. mid 70 no, sir san mateo. you get mid 80s. still remaining breezy at the coast. 67 downtown and the seven-day forecast featuring the warm up tomorrow continues into tuesday. sharply cooler on sunday. download our app and wouldn't you know it, we are below average monday and tuesday. it looks like by the end of the week, we should see numbers coming back up. enjoy that warm upcoming our way. >> this is average for this time of year. >> yeah. >> take it. tomorrow on "good morning america," sabrina carpenter♪ babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait.
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>> this imp promptu fireworks show prompted response from the fire department. is it exploded in south carolina this morning. the containers were being used as storage from a fireworks
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store. they stocked up when they caught on fire. it was beautiful in a dangerous way. >> fireworks at the coliseum and they were and sane. just ahead, an explosive day at the play and joey chestnut does it again. how many he gobbled up to win a
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the bay area has seen its sare of dynasties. the giants, warriors and stay with me, you can add joey chestnut to the list. the pride of san jose proving he is the top dog at nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. >> he will fight until he's the last man standing on the earth. his cause is the cause of injury and one nation under got,
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indivisible. >> with an introduction like that, he has to win. chestnut began on a pace. almost 40 hot dogs in the first four minutes. 74 and 10 set by chestnut last year. he began to slow down, but it was no competition. he won by 21 dogs, finishing with 71. three off the record and the emcee didn't hold back in praising the champion. >> he surpassed the kings of egypt. there is nothing in this earth that is not now a monument to this man. >> i was going for 75. i love to get a new record. they wanted a record. they are out here in but hopefully next year i will figure out a way to do it. >> the women's champion won the 6th straight, eating 31 hot dogs. both get $10,000 and all the
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anti-acid they need. the orange and black did not play a scheduled game on the fourth of july for the first time since 1941. afternoon fireworks and still able to get out to the ballpark. not anymore. the straight away center and top six. the a's get defensive and making it look so easy. starts the 5, 4, 3 double play. one-run game with the bases loaded. going, going, gone. they now won seven of the last den games. the lakers andwaiting on kawhi k
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people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems. if you were born during these years, the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. thanks for watching, everybody. seth roggin is on jimmy kimmel. have a wonderful rest of your fourth of july. @@vvvvvvv
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we are having a blast with viral videos fit for a fabulous fourth of july. it is one of the most beautiful symbols but what happened when a bald eagle could use a little help. if you can't wait to celebrate we have got some fireworks to tide you over. she is in the mood to -- see who else is n grandma finally gets to eat some of that holiday barbecue. the moment she gives in shares. the chef was watching across the beach when he came
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across a bald eagle. t pped to touch those. >> a little bit later they got to hide grand. the woman slowly gets closer than she goes for it. r the second time is a charm. there you go. they are then able to carefully pick it up and taken to a great. now you would be happy to know it is recovering. if you want to see more of your national bird looking wonderful you can look at the live live you get some looks at this beautiful bird. if you enjoyed that you can always go to


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