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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 6, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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another earthquake near ridgecrest, felt throughout southern california, the central valley squeven in the bay area. >> it was centered in the same area as yesterday's 6.4 quake. >> this video just into our newsroom showing a massive fire at a mobile home park. multiple fires broke out in ridgecrest. we have live team coverage tonight beginning with abc 7 news reporter in the newsroom with new information and some of the best video we're seeing. >> reporter: that's right. this earthquake rattled california and caught several people off-guard in las vegas, fresno, and even san jose. pg&e says they haven't found any gas leaks so far in the ridgecrest area. there's been no reports of any bridge collapses yet.
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inside this marshall store in ridgecrest, california, agony can be heard as lights went off and glass shattered in the store and employees screamed for everyone to get out. customers ran out and young kids can be heard in the background crying while the fire alarm was going off. more than 170 miles away from ridgecrest inside the casino outside of palm springs, the lights in the casino began to sway back and forth like a cruise ship. customers can be heard running and yelling for cover. in this other video we can hear a woman running to boy pulling him away from a trailer that was moving nonstop just feet away from him in the desert. the earthquake was also felt in las vegas in the middle of the pelican versus knicks nba summer league game. the building shook postponing
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the game. now the san bernardino county fire district also reported this, reports of homes shifting, foundations cracking, retaining walls down and one minor injury. we've been getting reports of more than 2,000 households in ridgecrest without power right now. all the information we have right now is preliminary. more will develop in the hours to come. >> now, governor gavin newsom said tonight in response to another large earthquake in southern california he's activated the cal oes state operation center to its highest level. >> and here's a look at some of the damage in trona. these pictures coming from reporter reporter
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and state road 178 is now closed and cal t no estimated time of reopening. the ground was shaking at dodgers stadium. you can see the cameras swaying. some people got up out of their seats but the game proceeded as usual. >> seismologists say because this earthquake was a 7.1, the 6.4 that hit yesterday is now called a fore shock. >> it is clearly a very energetic system sequence, so there's no reason to think that we can't have more large earthquakes. >> our south bay crew felt da ight's earthquake in san decostillio joins us live. >> i have to say photo journalist scott arthur and i were sitting at the an jose bureau working on a completely different story when we felt that earthquake. initially i thought it was feeling just a bit dizzy but then i looked up and saw our
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light fixtures swaying. now, i want you to take a look at that video. of course nothing compared to the power people in southern california experienced but still quite shocking. now, we spoke with usgs officials in men park, and they said the, quote, big one is coming. we also spoke with people in the south bay where swaying chandeliers caught their attention. >> we're eating dinner and we could see the chandeliers moving and employees talking to each other. and i was like maybe it's the air conditioner but they were swaying. >> it was pretty scary especially what happened this weekend. >> this is more common hazard as you know from our own experience. and so the big one is scary, so if it helps you be less squared think about these things. they will come on more often. they're easy to recover from.
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>> seismologists say an earthquake of 6.0 would not be surprising. menton says we saw the power fluctuate because new data was constantly being updated. now others are responding online commenting on twitter and facebook saying they felt it in santa clara, menlo park and other areas like morgan hill across the bay area. now, we do have resources on how you can prepare and protect yourself in the case of an earthquake and visit and click on these stories. for now reporting live here in menlo park, abc 7 news. >> must have been a little scary to feel. >> right about now let's bring in abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian on more on the earthquake and really putting it into context. >> if you look at this graphic it'll give you an idea just how much seismic activity in this area since yesterday's quake which is now being called a
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preshock. and the areas of orange indicate seismic activity over the past 12 hours. obviously prior to tonights quake and the areas in yellow indicate activity over the last 24 hours. now, these areas in red indicate activity just in the last hour. you can see there's been quite a bit of after shock activity. but even more seismic activity over the last 12 hours or so extending beyond the epicenter of yesterday's quake, reaching up towards the northeast a bit. all of this measures activity of a magnitude 2.0 or higher. of course it's impossible to predict how much more activity will follow, but dr. lucy jones said tonight from cal tech there could be hundreds of after shocks following tonight's quake and it could go on for weeks or even up to a year. a very active event still, and we don't know exactly how strong the after shocks may be that follow tonight's quake.
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a stronger one than tonight's quake would make tonight a preshock. >> thank you very much. now, abc 7 news producer ken miguel was in palm springs having dinner at a friends house when the quake hit. >> we should explain ken is a bay area native and used to earthquakes but he said this one made him feel queasy. >> it felt like it kept going and going and going. just roll through. you could see the heaters on the patio swaying, the pool started to slosh, and it's just a constant rolling motion through the backyard. >> abc 7 news assimer ed walsh was inside palm springs international airport with the quake hit. he said in this video the shaking was quite significant. >> let's get a better look what's happening in ridgecrest itself. >> he's at a liquor store that just got hit for a second time. >> you could see their lights were off, kind of a ghost town. people were clearly evacuating
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trying to leave. we saw at a gas station for people who were actually trying to get gas. this is inside the r nvncodst yo may have seen in our story when it aired at 5:00 and 6:00 on action news. this is store where they did have significant damage very similar to this after thursday's 6.4 magnitude earthquake. however, today the scene very different. one of the owners said they had worked all day thursday to really get most of their stuff back up to restock their shelves. a lot of glass as you see broke then, but now as a result of that 7.1 earthquake, this is wine i'm standing in, these are bottles of alcohol here. you've got different glasses, different food, different merchandise scattered across the convenience store here. >> we've been sending push alerts via or free abc 7 news app. if you want breaking news alerts like this in the future download the app in the app store and enable push notifications.
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>> every earthquake is reminder for all of us to get prepared. you can find information on how to make an earthquake kit and create an emergency plan of your own all at a hit-and-run caught on camera. hear from the man behind the wheel of the car that was almost runoff the road. plus fourth of july sideshow spinning out of control in the east bay. what's being done to prevent a repeat this weekend. and continuing coverage of our breaking news of a ♪ ♪
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we have been tracking breaking news 10 miles outside ridge crest that's the site of yesterday's 6.4 fore shock. people have been posting videos on social media showing light swaying and water splashing out of swimming pools. some people as far away as the bay area reported feeling this one. there's been no reports of major injuries but apparently there is a lot of damage. in the east bay oakland police have stepped up patrols this holiday weekend to keep the community safe from illegal fireworks, gunfire and
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sideshows. reporting 125 illegal fireworks calls last night and this video here posted on social media shows a fourth of july sideshow with fireworks exploding overhead. officers arrested 12 people, toed 17 cars, issued 101 vehicle code citations and recovered 200 pounds of fireworks when they broke it up. >> chp always tries to keep its hands on the pulse of what's going on in oakland and this particular event was a large sideshow event. we do everything we can to shutdown the activity because it's highly dangerous. >> authorities estimate there were 400 spectators at that sideshow, some shooting off fireworks, others possible gunfire. the opd and chp are working together to crack down on-side show activity and say they'll be out in full force this weekend. a grass fire burning close to homes
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firefighters are investigating the cause. in the south bay san jose police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a bicyclist this afternoon. police found the 62-year-old cyclist lying in the road. police say he was hit by the driver of a white ford who sped away after the collision. the cyclist was taken to a hospital where he died. also in the south bay the sunnyvale department of safety removed a scale on one of the pumphe skimmer was completely invisible to the naked eye. only one pump was affected. officers recommend contacting your credit lender if you believe you're a victim. las gatos police today arrested a man accused of hit-and-run and reckless driving with the help of tesla technology and social media. atoasigas tesla x with his
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young son in the back seat when a truck sideswiped his vehicle. the tesla technology captured the hit-and-run as the vehicle nearly lost control as it sped off. >> having that technology with dash cams is so important and vital to making sure you're protected and your family is protected especially if god forbid something like this ever happens. >> he posted the video online in hopes of finding the driver and it worked. a tip led police where they found the truck and it's alleged driver. on the peninsula san francisco international airport has doubled the space where uber and lyft drivers can wait to pick up passengers. the added third lot on the north side of the airport. it's designed to help free up the current trafficmillbray ave. that's where ride share drivers have been picking up riding rid
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domestic passengers. >> we have to wait until the next ride comes up depending on how busy the airport is. it could be as much as half-hour or hour wait. so this is much better because the lots have a place for everyone to wait in one place without affecting the community negatively. >> drivers who used the lot today said an added bonus, nearby bathrooms. >> and a little blue sky out there didn't hurt either. >> all eyes on the weekend and of course the earthquake happening in southern california. >> we've got lots of blue sky coming our way this weekend. this is largest patch of coastal fog we've seen all night creeping up along the coastline. a little evidence of it here in the city right now as you look at the skyline from our exploratorium camera. 65 degrees right now in san francisco. 62 san jose, morgan hill, 66. 55 at half moon bay. here's a view at golden gate where there's an absence of fog.
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56 degrees right now in sant raw rosa. low t fairfield, concord and livermore. and the view looking westward across the bay. patchy fog near the coast overnight, sunny and mild and warm again tomorrow. much cooler pattern will settle in on sunday. overnight we expect to see a bit more low cloudiness developing. overnight low temperatures mainly in the mid-50s, and then tomorrow look for mainly sunny skies. here's our forecast starting at midnight. notice this little patch of fog doesn't grow very much. 7:00 tomorrow morning still holding onto parts of the coastline, then it'll burn quickly away from the coast giving us sunny skies tomorrow from coast to bay to inland. let's take a look at our projected highs for tomorrow. 66 in half moon bay, 68 here in san francisco. across the bay in oakland, 83 in san jose, up in the north bay 88 at santa rosa, and the inland
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east bay we'll see upper 80s to low 90s. now, looking ahead to sunday we can expect a sharp drop in temperatures. areas that'll hit almost 90 tomorrow will just barely make it on sunday. even cooler on monday with high temperatures well below the average for this time of year. and on tuesday we start to gain a bit of that warmth back. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. warming up tomorrow and cooling down sunday, monday, tuesday as well. and temperatures bounce back on wednesday, thursday and friday with highs during that period of time near normal for this time of year. this years aids walk san francisco is just days away and takes place july 14th in golden gate park. it benefits dozens of local hiv and aids programs such as project open hand and to register call or visit
1:27 am blue skies. continuing coverage of our breaking news in southern california of a
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all right, more now on that 7.1 earthquake coming out of southern california. you are looking at video of a rock slide on state route 178 between ridgecrest and bakersfield. it's an area of the highway that is closed right now. cal trans is there assessing the damage trying to figure out how to clear the road. so far there have been no reports of major injuries near the epicenter. the quake was felt strongly in southern california in los angeles, las vegas, fresno, also felt as far north as here in the bay area. so of course stay with and the abc 7 news app for the very latest updates and of course on abc 7 news tomorrow morning and we start at
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5:00. >> of course that's the biggest story coming out of southern california today but not the only story coming out. >> more shock waves coming from the nba. teams have just been informed the lakers and raptors that kuwai leonard has made his decision and he's going to the clippers. also oklahoma city going to trade to the clippers. so that clippers team is going to be dynamite next season. the newest warriors crash the summer league party, and hendricks will be seeing stars
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the oakland a's now have two all stars on the team. ppitcher liam hendricks has been added to the all-star roster. the a's in seattle to take on
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the mariners. third inning a's down 1-0 until franklin barretteo hits his first home run of the season. that ties the game at 1-1. in the seventh chris davis with a single. domingo santana had trouble playing the ball, gets by him. that's allows matt olson to score. a sack fly later in the inning. robby grossman adding some insurance in the ninth with two outs. two run score. that makes it 5-2. then the all-star comes in to shut the door. the a's win 5-2. second batter of the game. jose martinez hits it 433 feet to left, then paul goldschmidt hits a two run homer. four innings, four runs on six hits. the giants would come back to tie it in the third.
1:32 am
alex dickerson with his fourth of the year ends up in the cove. that ties the game at 3-3. st. louis, though, would get it back in the fourth. the cards go onto win the game 9-4. the warriors taking on the hornets. going up and throwing it down. third quarter now jacob evans between two defenders and the lay in, he had a dozen points. dubs up one. knocks down the triple. jordan poole led the dubs with 15 despite being 3 of 14 from the yard, and nice layup. warriors would fall to the hornets 93-85. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. multiple reports including espn he's head today the clippers along with oklahoma city trading paul george to the clippers. right off the top of my head it
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looks like they're the team to beat next season. >> well, the balance of power has shifted back to the west coast now. >> it is going to be interesting. >> and oh, yeah there's this team called the warriors. they play around here, too. >> klay thompson expects to be back after the all-star break. there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. it'it's crepe dayday for a family traditiony's. we started about 22 minutes ago
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and now we can continue that tradition at home with free denny's delivery. see you at thanks so much for watching. >> our next newscast is at 5:00 tomorrow morning. we will of course have continuing coverage on-air and online of that 7.1 earthquake that hit near ridgecrest. >> we'll have daytime video and see what kind of damage there is. right now on jimmy kimmel, sulean dion. good night.
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institute tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> drivers on a steep mountain road suddenly start to slow. >> yeah, we got to come to a bit of a stop. >> the shocker when they realize why. >> teachers show their stuff. >> these guys are good. >> see the conspiracy behind the cheers for one dancer thinking wow, they are really digging our performance. >> going down a slide on an electric dirtbike. >> that's a challenge by itself. >> unless you're a driver with an entire water park to explore. and looking for hi-tech help? >> turn off the living room light. >> it looks like the lights
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haven't been done yet. >> how a goofy voice makes all the difference. >> turn off the living room lights. >> okay. >> sweet. >> near the rocky mountain national park. >> been there, beautiful. >> you're right. it is absolutely gorgeous. as we start to take these turns, oh. >> slow, easy. >> yeah, we got to come to a bit of a stop. what? >> no, no. >> dude, did you just stop to peepee and uh-oh. you forgot you put your car in park. >> yeah, i don't know what they forgot to do but they forgot to put that brake on. >> painful to watch. watch people die inside. >> you can tell that is a pretty big rally. that car is probably still going. >> no, it's a wrap. it's a wrap for that car. you'll be happy to know nobody
1:37 am
is in the vehicle. >> not going to be able to drive out of there. >> dashcam owner in australia riding along. >> look out. >> suddenly. >> guys. what are you doing? >> wait, is this another car just rolling away without a driver? >> this one has a driver inside it. but the driver had a medical episode so this is where we're at. you kind of see the moment where it looks like they may have lost consciousness. >> started drifting. acceleration stops and they drift to the right. >> this seems like best case scenario though because had this thing kept going downhill, you see a curve coming up and tiny guardrail. who knows what is on the other side. this managed to stop him against that tree and nothing bigger happened. >> is he okay there? >> the person inside is okay. they weren't injured. the car however, met with the tree. you can get another car though. >> okay, this is awesome. one, because there is a sal ca
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club in israel. they've gotten a thousand followers on instagram and decided to celebrate with a little performance featuring some of their teachers. ♪ another duo comes out and they do their little performance. >> okay, girl. >> oh, yeah. these guys are good. . >> ross comes out here. she's dancing with her partner and he's guiding her along. she's dancing away looking all cute. this is my favorite move right here though. because as they're third dance partner joins them on the stage and then he twirls her around and stops. ♪ >> okay. >> that's sneaky. >> it was smooth move. >> one, two, three. one two three. >> she was probably hearing the
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cheers thinking they are really digging our performance. >> she's very good. at least extremely happy right now. of course, she says yes. he then puts the ring on her finger. they give each other a big hug surrounded by the love and cheers of their friends and family. . >> we like to dream about riding things if i could get access to that place. >> what place. >> this place. in wild water park in palm springs, even though this bike has two wheels, rider josh hill frequently uses just one of them. >> saves the others. low longs the life of the tires. >> great attitude. if your eye didn't tell you that giant block in the middle is not an engine, the sound will tip you off. itunds like big rc car driving around and are electric bikes going to shock you if you get them wet? the answer is
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itdoes a oxygen for combustion and works underwater. >> he finds himself at the top of a big hill. >> no, that's too steep, man. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, that's scary. >> josh makes quick work of the stair. no problem. >> and then sets himself up for this. >> okay. yeah. this is where we just go too far. >> oh. >> didn't quite work but no problem. he's fine. all he needs is a little bit of traction. put some of that sticky nonskid stuff on there. >> of course they did. >> yep, he gets up some speed and then boom. >> yeah. never am i riding career have i ever wondered about doing this. i'm fine. >> you might work up to it some day. do you want to see the entire thing, click on tv show or check it out using our mobile app.
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>> the real deal. >> technology, making everything easy and awesome. >> google, turn off the living room light. >> it looks like those lights haven't been set up yet. you can do that in the google home app. >> id accept that if the video didn't immediately continue with there. >> google turn off the living room light. >> okay, turning two things off. >> this video says my google home is acing weird and now i have to use this stupid voice to work the thing. >> are you serious? >> asked it what he wants it to do. it says you can't do that till he says google, turn off the living room light. >> feel like the developers of that thing slid something like that just to mess with people. >> you see it coming. and suddenly. >> turning two things off. >> what the
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[ bleep ] is wrong with that. >> i've got another one for you. technologically advanced garbage trucks making everything easier. >> takes one person to operate it. up to the side, a robot arm comes down, takes the trash and the can, too. >> oh, no. then the homeowners have to pay for that are. >> never mind that. somebody's got to pull that can out. >> don't think anyone's going to have to pay for it because they didn't catch it on video. it's one of those oh, well. >> now what. >> maybe use the silly voice. garbage truck, return the can. >> madison's learning her letters so -- >> that deserves a little two-step. >> why this little riding pro is a real g. >> yeah, baby. >> yeah, baby. >> dang, girl. >> and a man's caught hanging on for dear life. >> time is of the essence here. the moment he suddenly drops. >> oh, oh.


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