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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 8, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, border battle. president trump lashes out after a new report details the squalid conditions at border detention facilities including rampant disease. why the president is dismissing the new allegations, plus, trump responds to a leaked memo from the british ambassador calling him inept. southern california on edge. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my god. >> what scientists are saying about the potential for another big quake and the top concern right now for so many homeowners in the quake zone. team usa does it again. >> that's it. u.s. wins their fourth world cup. >> what makes this world cup win so special? the obstacles the team overcame and one player's elementary school with a touching tribute
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to their stormer student turned world cup star. new details on the environmental damage caused by this massive fire at the jim beam bourbon warehouse. fertility mix-up. the woman who claims she's given biomnelse's baby. thwst. anfaversy. utor pnk? firs melania h pki good monday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we begin with president trump dismissing a new report about squalid conditions for migrants detained at the southern border calling the claims phony. >> the president is praising border patrol agents and blasting a "new york times" story that claims disease is now spreading among children. abc's trevor ault has the new details from washington. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth and janai. we've heard from visitors at these detention facility,
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members of congress, pediatricians, and they have talked about what they call are horrifying conditions but this latest report cites border patrol agents, current and former, that say the cells are cramped and there are outbreaks of diseases. now, president trump is waving off those reports. he does say there is a problem at the border and they're overcrowded at their facilities but he is saying this is the fault of the democrats and says this latest report is a fabrication. with both political parties now calling border conditions a crisis, president trump continuing to defend migrant detention facilities and the border patrol agents who run them. >> now, i look at things and they -- i saw visually i have people there that told me the job that they are doing is incredible. >> reporter: this as a joint investigation from "the new york times" and "the el paso times" cites unnamed border patrol agents who saw outbreaks of scabies, shingles and chicken pox spreading among the hundreds of children who were being held in cramped cells. the president dismissing that
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report. >> "the new york times" story is a fabrication. >> reporter: just days ago the government releasing photos from inside texas holding facilities showing dangerous overcrowding. acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan said reports of inadequate food and water and unclean cells are unsubstantiated. >> i know what our standards are and i know they're being followed because we have tremendous levels of >> reporter: democratic congresswomcongres congresswoman rashida tlaib says they conflict. >> they are under a lot of trauma and they are in a facility that is dehumanizing. >> reporter: as this unfolds a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows only four in ten americans approve of the president's handling of immigration. now, this friday the house oversight committee has scheduled a hearing to question administration officials about questions at the border
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including mcaleenan but it's not sure if they will show up. janai, kenneth. >> trevor, we will be watching. thanks for joining us this morning. in the meantime, president trump is criticizing the british ambassador who reportedly described him as inept and insecure. president trump told reporters that ambassador kim darroch has not served the british people well. the daily mail published the comments saying they were in diplomatic memos that were leaked. the british government has not challenged their authenticity. now to earthquake fears in southern california. thousands of aftershocks have jolted the region. authorities are telling residents now is the time to prepare. this morning, southern californian edge as we s1 magni earthquake that hit this weekend. the water sloshing out of this pool. this woman struggling to stand. >> we spoke to a lot of residents who are very concerned and that's why we've been trying to push, if you're not prepared right now, you should
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be getting prepared right now. >> reporter: this video shows a 2-year-old dangerously close to a swaying trailer. >> get up, get up. get up. >> reporter: it was the largest quake in 20 years. hundreds of residents packed into the town hall last night to hear from authorities who say the aftershocks are slowing down but could continue for months and warning now is the time to prepare. >> they have had a significant psychological impact. we're going to have a lot more issues and we're going to have a lot stronger shaking. >> reporter: california's governor is urging local governments to strengthen building codes. >> we all have a unique role and responsibility to prepare individually to be prepared for the next earthquake of magnitude even greater than 7.1. >> residents are now assessing the damage from collapsed walls to cracked foundations. some choosing not to return home. >> my ceiling is cracked halfway through. i have a crack going up my wall so it's not just safe for us to go home. so at this point i'm just homeless. >> reporter: many people don't have earthquake insurance because it's too expensive. meanwhile in nearby cities including los angeles 150 miles
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away, the shaking of the earth is a reminder that the so-called big one could be next but experts say the odds have not increased with these latest quakes. >> people should not be concerned that the earthquakes in ridgecrest increased the chance of an earthquake in the los angeles area. it's just too far away. >> and dr. jones says aftershocks around ridgecrest will eventually drop to once a day and then once a week. now to team usa. they have done it again. the women's soccer team celebrating their fourth world cup championship posting this picture overnight. look at that celebration and now they're getting ready for a triumphant return home. overnight the american women singing their way into their hotel in france. >> we've got the four stars on our chest. >> reporter: even the hotel staff cheering their arrival. >> unbelievable. i'm totally speechless. everybody has been trying to ask me to put it into words and there's no words. >> reporter: star megan rapinoe, the world cup's highest scorer
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>> goal. u.s. wins. >> reporter: but it was rose lavelle who was the hero of this game clinching the 2-0 win over the netherlands. just four years ago she was watching the world cup final while eating pizza with her college friends. >> we've just put so much work in the past couple years and getting to see it come to fruition. >> reporter: her elementary posting her dressed up as mia hamm for a school project. the school says now it's lavelle that girls can look up to and be proud of. [ chanting ] meanwhile, more fans are voicing their support for the players and their ongoing lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation claiming gender discrimination. a spokesperson for the players saying sunday, these athletes generate more revenue and garner megher tv ratings but get paid y it is time for the federation to correct this disparity once and for all. >> that's it.
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u.s. wins their fourth world cup. >> reporter: world cup organizers recently announced the pot of prize money will double to $60 million for the next tournament. that's still far less than the $440 million in men's prize money. but for now it's all joy and celebrations. the players' families joining them in france all hugs. new york city already announcing a ticker tape parade wednesday to officially welcome the world champs home. and as for that pay disparity, opponents of the lawsuit argue that it's actually the men's tournament that makes more in revenue and that's why they say men are paid more. president trump has tweeted his congratulations to the team. co-captain megan rapinoe has said she will not visit the white house if invited. breaking overnight, the suspect in a road rage shooting in houston has surrendered. police say the man fired into a truck on july 4th setting off fireworks inside the vehicle seen on surveillance at a gas station. the truck was carrying a family of four including two children
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who suffered serious burns. time now for a look at your weather for this monday morning. all beaches along mississippi's gulf coast are closed because of a toxic algae bloom. officials say river flooding earlier this we're was likely a factor. some dramatic video from the storms. look at this lightning hit that racing sailboat tied up in boston saturday. the owner had to drop out of a race sunday. looking at today's forecast a heat advisory is in effect for parts of the south. it will top 100 degrees from dallas to houston and new orleans. mid-90s for the rest of the deep south today. coming up, a bear takes a car on a joyride. we'll see the damage. also ahead, new details on the fire at this jim beam warehouse and the environmental damage the bourbon is causing. plus, the explosion that ripped through this strip mall
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in florida. how one man escaped just in time. later, the surprise
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we're back with a young deer visiting a beach on lake michigan. it stood there as the waves rolled in, in some cases just inches from people on the beach. everyone seemed calm as the deer just passed by. and this is a car in colorado after a hungry bear got in through an open door. police say the bear shifted the car into neutral sending it rolling 100 feet downhill. they're keep your doors locked. investigators are trying to determine what caused this massive explosion at a strip mall in south florida. 23 people were injured. that explosion destroyed a vacant pizza restaurant and damaged nearby buildings
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including a gym across the street. one survivor says he dove under his car to avoid getting hit by flying debris. >> i was thinking, you know, now i could be in an ambulance or in a hospital or a plastic bag. it was so close that i'm blessed. >> crews found ruptured gas lines at the scene. they're trying to determine whether the ruptured lines actually caused that explosion. the police union in tempe says it's encouraged by an apology by starbucks after six police officers were asked to leave one of the coffee giants' stores. the officers bought drinks and were standing around when a barista asked them to leave or move away from a customer who was not feeling safe in the officers' presence. starbucks called the incident unacceptable saying the officers should have been treated with respect. thousands of fish have died after a fire at a jim beam bourbon warehouse in kentucky. officials say this blaze
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left a 23-mile-long alcohol plume in the kentucky river and that plume is expected to reach the ohio river. 45,000 barrels of alcohol were destroyed in that fire last week. a new record at the movies this weekend. "spider-man: far from home: took home $185 million at the box office. that's the largest six-day opening ever for a tuesday release. the movie also earned a record $39 million on opening day. i saw it this weekend. >> i was going to say you said you loved it. >> it was a good one. >> there you go. coming up, 15-year-old tennis star coco gauff faces her toughest test so far. but first a fertility mix-up. the sudden death of a 20-year-old disney star. ♪ all the color in, all the color in the world ♪
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crowd at his london concert that he needs a kidney transplant. he says he already has a donor. he's taking a break to prepare for the operation in september. we turn now to the sudden death of a disney star at the age of 20. cameron boyce died in his sleep from a seizure. >> he was best known for his role in "the descendants" franchise. abc's paula faris has more on his shocking death. >> reporter: this morning tributes are pouring in for actor cameron boyce. ♪ it's your day turn it up now's your chance ♪ ♪ it's time to get up on your feet and dance ♪ >> reporter: as a young generation of fans that watched him on the disney hits "jesse." >> boy, am i beat. time for bed. >> it's 3:00 this the afternoon. >> is it? >> reporter: and "the descendants." ♪ if you want to make it make it. >> reporter: his unexpected death on saturday afternoon.
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the actor passed away in his imdie a >> reporter: his family releasing a statement to abc news saying it was a result of an ongoing medical condition for which he was being treated. the world is now undoubtedly without one of its brightest lights but his spirit will live on through the kindness and compassion of all who knew and loved him. boyce posting this portrait of himself on instagram just hours before his passing. condolences have been pouring in across social media. >> hey, you're a fader. >> reporter: adam sandler who played his on screen father in "grown ups" writing on instagram, just the nicest, most talented and most decent kid around. a philanthropist at his core, boyce worked to fight homelessness and bring attention to the global water crisis. paula faris, abc news, new york. >> what a great talent gone far too soon. our thanks to paula there. now to the surprise arrest of billionaire jeffrey epstein due in court in new york today reportedly to face sex trafficking charges. investigators raided his manhattan mansion after his arrest. he is accused of preying on underaged girls. one of his accusers spoke about an alleged encounter with
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epstein when she was 14. >> that's what was weird was because even at that time for me, you know, i was 14, i had braces on, like i remember standing in his kitchen and like -- and he also had a lot of girls there all the time. >> the arrest comes as epstein's previous plea deal stemming from similar charges was already under scrutiny. he served only 13 months in jail. he has ties to both president trump and former president clinton, and his plea deal was arranged by the man who is now president trump's labor secretary. a new york couple is suing a fertility clinic claiming they gave birth to twins who are not theirs biologically. they say they spent $100,000 on treatment at the los angeles clinic. the asian couple were shocked when the non-asian babies were born in march. the infants also not related belong to two other couples who were clients at the same clinic. the lawsuit claims the couple was forced to give up the babies and they do not know what happened to their embryos.
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turning to sports now, american tennis phenom coco gauff is getting set for her toughest test so far at wimbledon. the 15-year-old plays her fourth round match today against an opponent from romania who won last year's french open. over the weekend goff suffered her first wimbledon defeat losing her doubles match with partner jay clarke. good luck, coco. up next in "the pulse," why a statue of first lady melania trump is causing controversy. also ahead, a new way to get kids to finally put down their phones. plus, why team usa's world cup win is so significant for so many americans. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye.
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begin with the scenes of celebration as team usa won the world cup. >> fans watching in big groups from coast to coast were roaring as the americans beat the dutch, 2-0. when it was over many women spoke about the team's impact beyond the field. >> the women's team, they're like superheroes to me. i cried like every single goal. they're awesome, yeah. it's so empowering. it's absolute magic to see them up there. >> also how much they love each other. i don't know. it's so good to see like a group of women supporting each other and lifting each other up. it makes it all the better. >> yes. >> girl power. earlier we mentioned a ticker tape parade will be held wednesday in new york. the 2015 world cup championship team is the only other women's sport that has ever been honored with such a parade. >> love celebrating then. some parents are trying to turn back the clock to the good old days before the smartphone. >> they're now hiring coaches. that's right, hiring coaches to help them raise kids who can go phone-free. >> "the new york times" says the coaches are charging up to $250
4:24 am
an hour to teach parents how to encourage their kids to engag eg in simple activities like throwing a balorpi. hey, guys, pay me. pay me. pay me. yeah. how about this, some people in slovenia are not happy with the latest tribute to the most famous export. >> it's a statue of melania trump carved by a chainsaw artist on a tree in her hometown. >> the american who commissioned it wanted to open up a dialogue. >> certainly opened a dialogue. finally, mariah carey taking on the bottle cap challenge that's going viral online. no one has done it with as much flair as mariah. taking it to a whole other letter. >> dressed in a glittering corset and does a few martial arts move before hitting that and puts her famous vocal
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making news right now at 4:27, crime scene tape blocks off part of san francisco's mission district. we'll have a live report coming up on the police investigation under way. team usa now taking on the iofter winning the world cup in a fight for equal rights. here is a live look outside of the bay bridge threw our south beach camera this morning. i know a lot of you are just getting back to work today. you should expect drizzle on your morning commute. welcome back to your normal life. it's monday, july 8th. >> it's going to be okay. i noticed the spitting on my windshield, not enough to use the wipers. >> lucky for you. i had to use them. my commute is a lot longer than yours, too. >> true. >> let's talk about what's going on outside. a misty morning for a lot of us
4:28 am
out there. temperatures in the 50s and breezy just about everywhere. here is the way it breaks out. some of the cloud cover never goes away around the bay and into the east bay hills. look at the temperatures. low to mid 60s in san francisco. richmond, oakland, 67 in san mateo. barely in the 70s in palo alto and fremont and mid to upper 70s in the south bay, east bay and north bay. 59 at the coast. summer, gone for a while. we'll try to find it coming up. here is alexis. good morning, mike. we're off to a quiet start. i think that will change. a lot of folks heading back to work after a long holiday weekend or maybe a full week last week. solano county east bay 80 near cherry looks like any delays if
4:29 am
you're heading that way should be okay. that's the countercommute direction. bay bridge, quite a backup in the cash lanes. no issues if you're using fast track and car pool lanes should open up in about 15 minutes. san francisco police confirming to abc 7 news they are investigating a deadly shooting right now in the city's mission district. >> you'll see on the map the activity centered around and cap. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live on the scene. >> reporter: we just learned from police that an adult male was shot and killed. there's still crime scene tape blocking off this bit of the sidewalk. we're on 24th in between south van ness and cap. most of the police officers have gone home. let me show you the video of what it looked like earl her in the evening. police did not receive any phone calls that this happened. they got notice from the shot
4:30 am
spotter system in this area. it was activated, letting them e out and found the man who they say they tried to a le scene. so they did pursue it in case the person inside that car was or were involved in the shooting. they say they lost that car while they were pursuing it. no arrests at this time. we wanted to get off this information. we got the information from police that someone was shot and killed in san francisco's mission district. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. starting today b.a.r.t. will begin a pilot program to phase out paper tickets. only clipper cards sold at a downtown berkeley station. passengers can still use the paper tickets across


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