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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 10, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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a white man caught on video calling 911 on an african-american man, tonight,
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both sides of the story. >> i'm lisa amin gulezian in santa rosa, some teenagers hanging out, drinking and partying, possible fire hazard? >> i'm amanda del castillo, athletic coach is blaming the school district for treating the girls worse than the boys and going to court. breaking news in oakland, car plows into grace baptist church. completely into the building. driver taken to the hospital, condition not known. but listen closely to what the str t wed could probably hear that. police suv and car hits the vehicle. officer was inside at the time of the collision. paramedics were seen pulling up
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to help. not clear if he was hurt but was taken to hospital in police cruiser. driver of the red car also taken in in ambulance. learning of possibly first death from one of last week's ridgecrest earthquakes. sheriffs office in nye county nevada seays a man was found ded under jeep he was working on. last seen day before one of the aernl kwks. pa rump, north of ridgecrest, and earthquakes were felt as far away as las vegas. >> call your friend on the call box. >> don't have to do that, just walk away. >> going to call the police. >> yes, just call the police. >> san francisco father calling police on black man waiting in building lobby. abc7 news reporter kate larsen spoke with the man holding the
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cell phone and joins with new details. >> it's all about context. two men with both unique perspectives who dealt with one incident in very different ways. >> going to be the next person on tv. >> wesley mitchell started recording this cell phone video when he tried to visit friend for fourth of july barbecue in venice avenue condo building. >> going to call the police. yes, call the police. >> recording shows him calling police while young son called for him to stop. >> daddy, i don't like this, let's go. >> appears to be african-american. >> statement says caught the door and tried to enter the building without using the call box, and explained his father was murdered by trespasser outside of his berkeley home. >> i think did the right thing.
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>> head of the hoa security committee, working to reduce break-ins and theft in the building. >> san francisco crime and homelessness issues turn into misunderstood race issue. it's just not right. >> african-american was the victim, i can be next time. >> works valet and witnesses confrontation. >> against guy like he's the cop. >> i caught up with mitchell, what he thought of the viral reaction. >> it actually shows how polarized people can be by looking at one video, two sides to the story. >> do you think he was being racist when he called police? >> i think his actions show exactly what he felt like at the time. but my friend coming in, never asked him for i.d. >> mitchell told me it would be educational for him and christopher to sit down and talk. in newsroom, kate larsen, abc7
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news. new details, two burglary suspects in san francisco accused of running down a man taking video of them. were breaking into cars in parking lot of legion of honor. tourist from oregon had window smashed and starting taking video as man broke into second car. he's in the hospital tonight with serious injuries. attorneys for man prosecutors call the ride share rapist say the police obtained dna without a warrant. accused of attacking four women over five years. pick them up waiting outside bars or clubs. he says he's not guilty and public defender says police made up reason to pull him over to get dna using a dui screening . ports they've filed to
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suppress the evidence. partying teenagers, people are nervous. lisa amin gulezian talked with scared residents. >> reporter: what's worrying the residents is hillsides, fire ravaged the area in 2017. >> we evacuated the night of the fi fire. >> reporter: lost home that night, fire season is here, nervous. >> windy day or see people smoking out here, we get nervous, kind of traumatized for what happened to us. >> reporter: when teenagers party at top of the world, it's bound to be anxious night. beer bottles, cups and trash, all evidence of what happens here. also go down the path to check out view, midnight to 4:00 a.m. after a night out july 1st, teen
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died in car crash. still it's smoking that happens during the partying that concerns most residents. >> using lighters and throwing out cigarettes and cigars in the brush. we're pretty concerned about the potential for, you know, 2019 fire. >> i definite live would say people do smoke up there a lot. smoking spot for teenagers. >> reporter: santa rosa police are trying to quell the problems. >> we understand the frustrations of the residents and santa rosa police department is committed to make sure they're not revictimized. >> reporter: cruising on a regular basis. former dixie school district in marin county is miller creek. supporters of the change say
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dixie is linked to slavery in the confederate south. east bay, accusations of discrimination against girls sports at high school. fields mostly used by girls teams unkempt compared to those used by boys. coaches are taking legal action. >> with women's sports on the international stage, local coaches are stepping up to take action against what they're calling sex discrimination within tennyson sports. >> look up to those women asking just for parity to be treated the same, it's on, let's do it. >> fields mostly used by girls on and off season, poor field conditions make any activity tough and convinced it's gender based. >> it doesn't make sense, boys are definitely not better than
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girls. but still we are not better than them. >> hayward insists it used voter approved funds to renovate fields used by all athletes, but refiled the complaint, claiming sex discrimination against girls and second against national origin, unfair treatment because of the race and ethnicity. >> baseball field is all nice and softball field, there's cracks in it. >> really dry. >> question why bond money is not used for fields for girls but district says neither baseball or softball fields were included in audit lists. found hayward in compliance with title ix. amanda del castillo. our nation will celebrate
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the world cup champion women's soccer team with a parade in new york city, no less. u.s. women's fourth world cup victory. just thrilling. most of any women's soccer team in the world by the way. after the parade in new york will fly across the country to the espys in los angeles, tracy morgan will host on abc7. join us for that. east bay small business owners in emeryville don't know yet if they'll have to pay the nation's highest minimum wage. $16.30 an hour, either keep, repeal or let voters decide. wage hike into effect july 1st. >> just a total shock. shows you how crazy things have gotten. >> one san francisco resident has had enough. what burglars did after breaking
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into her home. beloved bay area chain is making a comeback. sort of when you can shop at & ronko's again. and small packet five years ago could help save a life. meteorlogist sandhya patel, your morning could begin with this fog, mist and drizzle. first "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thank you dan, strongly urge you to watch tv all night tonight. >> quite an ensemble, method actor i guess. >> this is what we wore
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as you know, abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area. that includes focused reporting on issues like housing, quality of life and crime. for one woman those issues converged and pushed her to breaking point. abc7 news reporter has more from san francisco. >> a real fixer upper, you had to have vision. >> reporter: called this historic house in the castro
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home the last 12 years. >> i do love it. >> reporter: so do the french tourists who came by to see where a singer composed one of their country's songs. >> historical landmark. >> reporter: but came home to find home missing items and heroin and hypodermic needle on table. >> just a shock. shows how crazy things have gotten. >> reporter: used her dishes to have meal at her table. >> will they be caught, if so, prosecuted? if prosecuted, guilty? >> reporter: after living in city decades. >> i'm done. done with san francisco. city has become too chaotic.
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it's a cesspool, no hope in sight. >> gotten biggest most powerful security system i could get. >> reporter: and hired someone to watch her house at night, former sfpd officer and private investigator, didn't want to show his face. >> it's like night of the living dead tlt out here, four or five people looked in my car as i was waiting. >> reporter: says keeping watch is band-aid. >> you have to hire 24 hour security for home and physically have them stand outside. only thing to protect your property in san francisco, at least this area. >> reporter: still optimistic. >> want to keep the diversity and improve it, but we need to have some better law and order. we do. >> reporter: we reached out to police today, didn't have
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updates, haven't made arrests. abc7 news. andronico's is coming back. safeway says the name will return to four bay area stores by end of the year. shortly after safeway purchased them, switched the name to safeway community markets. two in berkeley, others in los altos and san anselmo. five years ago concord police detective blake roberts signed up for bone marrow donor registry. he's a match for woman in canada, began the process immediately. learn more at nice job, blake. well done. weather, windy and cool today, will that continue? meteorologist sandhya patel is
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here with the forecast. >> warming trend got under way today and carry through the workweek and weekend. mt. tam, it was breezy. breeze with us and fog. marine layer making a big push tonight. just a blanket of fog. live doppler 7, we have it around not just near the coast but around the bay as well. visibility fluctuating, three miles in half moon bay, nine in petaluma. water vapor imagery, seeing summer rain in the pacific northwest, the system spinning will continue, for us squeeze out a drizzle towards tomorrow morning. keeping visibility on the low side because of the fog. estimate of what you can expect, visibility low along the coastline, general idea, 8:00
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a.m., still low, down to mile in oakland, fremont. noontime hours, we see improvement. morning commute planner. driving, watch out for drizzly, foggy areas. light chop if you're taking the ferry and it's going to be gray and misty walking, be prepared for that. show you a look at temperature trend for livermore, inching closer to average. end of the workweek, seeing low to mid-90s inland. exploratorium camera, it's fuzzy because of the fog. temperatures are mild. 50s and 60s, a little muggy. what you'll encounter for the commute, that's the golden gate bridge, socked in. areas of dense fog tomorrow morning and warming trend continues, hot inland friday to sunday. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. is most of the fog and drizzle.
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50s, 60s, comfortable. tomorrow afternoon, warmer inland, mid to upper 80s. near the coast holds in the 60s with fog and still breezy conditions. overall a nice pattern. accuweather seven-day forecast, if you like the heat, temperatures going up. low 90s thursday, friday and saturday, mid to upper 90s inland and eases sunday. coast with the fog and sea breeze never gets hot, low to mid-60s, comfort zone. cooler monday and tuesday. if goats could fly, why these animals are getting flown to new home. and this year's aids walk is five days away, sunday july 14th, golden gate park, i'll be there, hope you will be. project open hand and positive
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resource center. register, 415-615-walk or visit
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baseball's midsummer classic has been dominated by american league. heading into tonight, won six straight all-star games, looking for number seven. bay area all-stars, giants will smith, oakland's liam hendriks, matt chapman. clayton kershaw on the mound, brantley to left center, houston teammate come on down, 1-0 american league. walker buehler on the mound,
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ground ball, gary sanchez. liam hendriks in relief, cruising right along, bryant, can i help you? just looking. trevor story swinging. but charlie blackmon got hold of this one, 2-1 game. but hendriks gets back on track and strikes out home run derby winner pete alonso. walk. later in the frame, xander bogaerts, 6-4-3 double play. in relief, joey gallo, 4-1 american league. big swinging bad. mike moustakas, one-run game, pops it up, catcher james mccann, great play, hangs with it, american league hangs on 4-3. moving on to basketball. athletes using social media to
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break their own news, k.d. no different when decided to go to brooklyn. announced on the boardroom instagram page. seems normal until you dig deeper. this tweet from "new york daily news" writer, committed to brooklyn via instagram before he met with the team. call that interesting. move we all saw coming, due to salary cap, but official. warriors have waived shaun livingston. he did solidify that backup point guard position. won three titles in five years. role reversal at wimbledon, senior invitational, do this? go from umpire or news anchor and doing sports? that's what is this is. not as easy as it looks, i couldn't could your job or sandhya's, talk about umpire
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. that's our report. appreciate your time. for sandhya patel, chris alvarez, i'm dan ashley. right now on jimmy kimmel, donald glover. foggy in emeryville, good night.
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>> peacock. showing out to get some attention. we see it in the animal kingdom, we see it in the human animal kingdom. that's what's going on in this first video here. this first video, dude sitting on his bike at a red light. >> don't do it man. >> he's going to do it. he starts revving up, the smoke starts building. ladies, aren't you more attracted to him, i know i am. >> i'm so much less attracted to him. >> how can he make himself look cooler. >> take off, do a wheelie, you're going to look amazing. >> oh! >> yep. >> what else can you say, you deserve it. >> you certainly got more attention coming your way. looks like baby driver has grown up and had some kids. >> oh! >> and keeps going. the outrageous drin


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