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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 10, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it is coming up on 4:30, if your just joining us, let's get an update on weather and traffic. >> hi, let's talk about the fog, thicken around petaluma and penn grove on 101 and it stretches into healdsburg and everybody else with low clouds out there. and you could see from the exploratorium camera, you couldn't see the top of the salesforce hour but it will hang around. temperatures 57 to 64 so starting off warmer so a touch warmer with partly cloudy conditions at noon. 71 to 75. we'll hang in the low to mid-60s at the coast and hit 76 to 84 under a mostly sunny sky for our bay and inland neighborhood and a comfortable evening in the way. 71 to 73. day two of the warming trend. 100s, may be possible this weekend. i'll talk about that coming up. first back to alexis with the
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traffic. >> i'll take you to the centra valley and check on speeds on 205 and 580. so seeing red fill-in, 35 miles per hour on 205 and it is not terrible and nothing blocking but expect the usual crawl and as mike mentions we have fog. golden gate is looking socked in. the zipper truck has been through so you have plenty of room on the southbound side and chp did issue a dense fog advisory around midnight. so want to drive for conditions. we have breaking news just into the abc 7 newsroom, the britain ambassador to the u.s. has just resigned. that announcement coming from the u.k. foreign office. his resignation come after diplomatic cables were leaked and published in a british newspaper showing that he called trump insecure and incompetent and described his administration as dysfunctional and inept. the president trump responded saying he wouldn't work with him and a resignation later today and he said his departure is the
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responsible course. new details on the viral video that shows a san francisco father calling police on an african-american man waiting outside of the building. >> i remember -- >> calling your friend on the call box and have them come down. >> they don't have to do that. you could just walk away. >> i'm going to call the police. >> daddy, don't. don't. >> that is christopher sucker called police and he wanted to explain his side of the story. >> reporter: san francisco resident wesley mitchell recorded this video when he tried to visit his friend for a fourth of july barbecue at this san francisco condo building. >> i'm going to call the police. >> call police. >> reporter: the recording which went viral showing the building resident calling police while his young son cried for him to stop. >> daddy, i don't like this. let's go. >> reporter: in a statement posted po medium he said he caught the door and tried to enter the building without using the call box and explained his
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father was murdered by a trespasser outside of his berkeley home when abc covered in 2012. >> i think chris did the right thing. >> reporter: this building resident who didn't want to be identified said he is head of the hoa security committee and working to reduce frequent break-ins and theft in the building. >> this is when san francisco crime and homelessness issues turn into a misunderstood race issue and that is not right. >> so i caught up with mitchell and what he thought. >> it shows how pole porrized people could be. >> do you think he was being racist when he called police. >> his actions show what he felt at that time but the best way to enter that is that my friend coming in, he never asked for i.d. >> reporter: michel told me it would be educational for them to sit down and talk. i'm kate larson, abc7 news. the east bay facing major
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work to repair the damage done after a car plowed into it. the vehicle went inside grace baptist church in oakland last night. the church is at 98th and walter avenue. paramedics took the driver to the hospital and it didn't end there. listen to what happened to an officer blocking off the the officer was inside of the vehicle when it got hit. it is unclear if the officer was hurt. he was taken to the hospital in a police cruiser. the driver of the car that hit the suv was also taken to the hospital. in the east bay, the oakland city council has unanimously approved a new policy for police searches of people on parole or probation. officers will no longer be able to ask about a person's probation or parole status during an interaction unless there is a threat to the officer or public safety. it follows a year of negotiations with the department over differences with the city police commission or how
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restrictive the policy should be into ghost ship founder derrick almena will return to the stand. on day two he said the landlord told him in an email the structure could be used for building studios, offices and residents. almena said he didn't know until the preliminary hearing one year after the fire that the building had been registered for storage only. he said he was deceived. but he did admit during cross-examination he didn't -- read the attachment of what the building could be used for. he's charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. a man san francisco police are calling the ride-share rapist. they linked orlando sazo on attacks on four women. investigators say he posed as a rider and they got a sample of his dna during a traffic stop last year and the "san francisco chronicle" reports the attorney has filed a motion to suppress
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that dna evidence. the former dixie school district in marin county is now going to be called the miller creek elementary school district. supporters of the name change argued the word dixie is linked to slavery and the confederate south. they approved the new name and voted to rename the elementary school from dixon to lucas valley elementary. a coach said boys teams are being treated better than the girls and he's going to court to fight for change. a delta airlines engine falls apart thousands of feet in the air. parts are left langling and all of it, as you could see, caught on video. >> a celebration for champions. in new york city for the ticker tape parade for the u.s. women's soccer team, that is coming up. now it is 4:36 and you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. let's check in with mike. >> hi, everybody. remember the warmer weather.
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there it is. up to 14 degrees warmer in places like novato. we'll start along the east bay shore where we have 61 to 63. homogenized air mass and moving around with mid 60s in concord and pleasanton and fremont, mountainview and san jose and los gatos, novato, 58 in san francisco, 59 in napa. the milder spots, 57 in pacifica. you could see the fog and the haze hanging around as we look to the west across the san mateo bridge and the fog is the big issue for driving this morning. mild to warm for mass transit and cloudy to sunny on the bay. east bay valley in the mid-60s and ending up in the mid to upper 80s as warmth is coming back and increasing sunshine today and on the peninsula after 9:00 as we reach the mid to upper 70s. and the clouds will hang around the south bay through about 9:00 and then a whole lot of sunshine and uer 8ea0 as head into e here is a slight chance of a
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100. i know you didn't want to hear that, did you? so alexis, you could take over now. >> we're off to a start on the roads. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. only slowdown is in the cash lanes. the first two days back from the fourth of july holiday, folks were using cash and it just looks like they didn't have many booths open. not as big of an issue today. so fast track, no delays and the carpool lanes should open up in a few minutes and a quick check of drive times in the green. westbound 80 and highway 4 to the maze and 11 minutes across the bay bridge to san francisco
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high pressure over the four corners and hot down south of palm springs. 110 to 117 and the warmth coming our way friday, saturday and sunday. keep an eye on that. 109 in palm springs. 97 in fresno. 90 in chico. and nearly that in sacramento. 80 with afternoon sunshine in los angeles and 70s and 80s in the sierra. mid-80s for friday and saturday and low 80s on sunday so get ready for warm sunshine in the sierra. here is reggie. new york city bustling with soccer fans as the cup winners are honored after a ticker tape
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parade. we are live in manhattan with the preps this morning. hi, andrea. >> reporter: lots of excitement and a lot of last-minute preparation outside of city hall. right now it is relatively quiet but within a couple of hours this place will be packed full of fans, celebrating the u.s. women's soccer team. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: team usa in celebratory song as they made their triumphant return home. and as they get ready to be honored in new york city. it has been a heroes welcome back to the u.s. after winning the fourth world cup title. fans packed into the gma studio tuesday morning for an exclusive first interview with the champions. >> do you like that word dynasty? >> yeah. if it fits together, put it on. >> 16 million tuned in to see nether
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win against aihe they donad 13-0 wit 26 goals in total holding the record for the most goals in a women's world cup and the one that sealed it all scored by newcomer rose lavelle. >> it is unreal and i think it is such a long journey for us to get here. >> reporter: and this morning the team will receive a ticker tape parade as they ride up the canyon of heroes through battery park to city hall, all the while showers with recycled paper. megan rapinoe, the team co-captain hopes this will spark a movement toward equal pay for women's soccer. >> i think the conversation needs to move from are we worth it or should we have equal pay and what can we do now? >> reporter: and the team has been here before for a ticker tape parade after the last world cup title. it ends at 10:30 outside of city hall where there is a ceremony and they receive the tickets to
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the city. >> thank you. after the parade the team will fly to l.a. to attend the espys. tracy morgan is hosting. watch it tonight at 8:00 here on abc7 news. accusation of discrimination against girls sports in hayward, the field mostly used by girl's team are unsafe and unkept compared to those used by the boys. they filed a title nine complaint and parents and young athletes claim poor field conditions make any young activity tough and they are convinced the issue is gender-based. >> it doesn't make sense. because the boys are definitely not better than girls. but so we are not better than them. >> hayward unified insists that it used voter-approved funds to renovate spaces including football and soccer and track and an audit found hayward unified in compliance with title nine. bus service will return to t
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center beginning this weekend. they reopen to the public last t beams. muni buses on five routes will use the center street level stops on saturday but there is still no transit service on the third level bus deck. scary moments for a plane full of people from atlanta to baltimore after the nose cone of an engine came loose. passengers say they heard a boom and then saw smoke during the flight yesterday. in this video, you could see that loose nose cone. the aviation expert -- one expert said losing this part of an engine is very rare and pointed out the airplane was not in danger because the planes can fly with only one operating engine. the plane made an emergency landing in raleigh, north carolina and nobody got hurt. >> can you imagine looking out of your window and seeing that? >> no. i can't. it's horrifying. i'm glad they're all right. >> me too. you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco has foggy conditions.
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>> one of the areas, the golden gate bridge. we'll keep an eye on it and i'll keep in touch with alexis, and find out if the chp issues a dense fog advisory because they're most likely to issue it, not the national weather service. and mostly sunny and building warmth and mild again tonight with patchy fog forming like this morning and the hottest afternoons are friday, saturday and sunday. so find some relief from the heat. possibly at the coast. here is a look at the cloud cover. and notice a few clouds will hang around in the bay by noon. just like they did yesterday. but you'll need the sunglasses there. and the clouds are clingy at the coach and keep you mild. the microclimate, mid to upper 80s, morgan hill, gilroy and los gatos and 78 to 82 for the south bay and 77 in santa cruz. and mild on the peninsula. low to mid-60s along the coast with upper 60s to low 70s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. 79 in san rafael. everybody else in the 80 the
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through north bay. 73 in oakland and hercules at 79 and castro valley 77 but into the east bay valleys, 82 in pleasanton to 89 in brentwood. tonight mid-50s to low 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, a whole string of 90s thursday, friday, saturday and sunday inland with low 80s around the bay. but look at 60s at the coast. by the time we get to monday and tuesday back to average. alexis. >> sounds good. golden gate bridge does have a dense fog advisory in effect this morning. so plan on driving for those conditions. we have one new issue on the board. westbound 580 before the 680 split in the dublin pleasanton area. blocking a middle lane. just initial reports. chp is not there yet and i'm not deing delays and i'll follow up in a few minutes. mass transit off to a nice
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start. trains for b.a.r.t. begin running in 15 minutes and central valley on time and normal service for a.c. transit. a court has ruled that president trump can't block people on twitter. so what does that mean for other elected leaders. and at&t is pulling "friends" from netflix. >> an appeals court ruled that president trump could not block critics on twitter. >> since he used twitter to conduct government business the judge said excluding team people to silence views violates the first amendment. now alexandria ocasio-cortez is facing two lawsuits for blocking people on twitter. at&t is going to start automatically blocking robocalls soon. >> customers have to say they don't want the call protect service, the free feature starts right away for new customers and in the coming monthsor exist b subscribers. and a huge shift in streaming video industry, at&t has pulled
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friends off netflix and the office that were recently the two most watched shows on netflix. >> those are two of my faves. >> those are your tech bites. >> have a great day. >> some people in the newsroom very upset about" friends" leaving. >> that surprises me. but people love watching "friends". >> i've never seen it. >> you should start. a beloved bay bridge grocery store chain is making a come back. sort of. when you could shop at and ronnicos again. >> and if you are donating blood, why there is a critical shortage in the bay area.
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on the gulf coast as we have a 90% chance of this tropical disturbance developing into a storm. and it has eyes on louisiana. look at this. from new iberia and alexandria up to texarkana and arkansas. and you could see the rainfall amounts between lake charles and lafayette. possibly two inches -- two feet of flooding rain. so we're going to have some devastating consequences of this particular storm. even if the winds don't pick up, it is the inland flooding from all of the heavy freshwater rain that is going to be an issue. reggie. the red cross is making an urgent plea for help because of a severe blood shortage. the agency said it has less than a three-day supply of most blood typeking
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for donors across the bay area. recent blood drives ended about 24,000 donations short last month and organizers say the problem is acute this time of the year because of summer vacations. >> well, right now, from the fourth of july weekend we're really having a shortage because there is a lot of people that are going on trips and gone out with the families. >> i donate as often as possible and they do really good job that reminds you when you are eligible again and i'm happy to come whenever it is needed. >> the red cross said it is especially short on type o but all blood types are needed. california's law requiring new cars have temporary plates and cut down dramatically on toll evaders in the bay area. drivers use the paper plates that came with new cars to go through toll gates without paying. toll renters cost the region a million dollars a month last year. the bay area toll authority said that in may that amount dropped to $250,000. bay area airports are
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getting a cut of new grants from the faa. here is a live look at san francisco international. getting $14.5 million for runway construction and $3.5 million will rebuild oakland international taxiway and roads. buchanan field near concord will get $3.7 million for runway lighting improvement. and livermore municipal will get $300,000 for taxiway reconstruction. let's take a look at what is going on. we have a summer spread developing today. we started at 65 at half moon bay. to average 67 in downtown san francisco. warmer than average by a degree or two in oakland at 73. walnut creek at 85 and same thing with antioch at 88. but this is going to grow as we head into friday. look at that. 66 in san francisco to 96 in antioch. to 92 in santa rosa. most likely the hottest day on saturday as we flirt with 100 in cloverdale and clear lake and
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fairfield and antioch and 90s in the south bay and 70 in san francisco. 77 oakland. and then we get to 70 in san francisco. 80 in oakland on sunday with mid-90s in the south bay. alexis. and good morning and back to the tri-valley and dublin, westbound 580 before the 680 split, close to hop yard, a two-car crash. sounds like that it is off on the right shoulder but i'm starting to see a little back-up fill in so keep an eye they may have to take a lane away and it does sound like a vehicle will need a tow truck and sending an ambulance as well. so that is a fluid situation. westbound 580, tracy into dublin, not terrible but we are in the yellow. 37 minutes for you. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 14 and no delays 85 at 101 to cupertino in the green at 15 minutes. a man who works to protect and serve is now using his off hours to save a life. concord police detective blake roberts signed up for bone
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marrow registry five years ago and he learned last week he's a match for a woman in canada sew travelled to a medical center in san diego to begin the process. he doesn't know much about the woman because of of of confide confidentiality and incredible story. andronicos is coming back. safeway is rebranding the bay area stores with the iconic name. safeway purchased it in 2016 and switched it to safeway community markets. the name isn't the only thing changing. it will feature more local food options and have upscale delis. two of the stores are in berkeley and san yes elmo. in pacifica, a restaurant near livermore beach will open as a taco bell canteena with a local menu and beers from local brewery and if you prefer something stronger there is a
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margaritas. the restaurant makes its return on saturday due to the scenic location it is occasionally referenced as the most romantic taco bell around. >> sure. >> right on the beach. >> it is a low bar. there wasn't a second most romantic taco bell around. >> i'm sure that is not true. all of the taco bell fans are sad. you're coming after them. >> romantic. >> it is right on the beach. >> okay. next at 5:00 a.m., oakland city council paving wait for a new skyscraper. the big-name company expected to move in. burglars hit a tourist with a car oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go.
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now at 5:00, an investigation underway in san francisco bay view neighborhood after reports of a double shooting. and a horrific crime. a man visiting a popular san francisco tourist spot with his son attacked with a car. also berkeley ranks the worst city for first-time home buyers. other bay area cities aren't far behind and that is not a surprise. good morning on this wednesday, july 10th. >> never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike is telling us not to be surprised by the fog and it is out there. hi, carl. >> good morning. and welcome back. not going to stay around very long except at the coast. the gray on live doppler 7. thick fog in the north bay, petaluma northward and san rafael and southward and seeing the marine layer clouds over 101. so at


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