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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 10, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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>> they are so popular. buying their >> "good morning america" starts right now. good morning, america. we appreciate you starting your day with us, and we're watching what's potentially a big storm developing in the gulf right now. on alert, the tropical threat brewing in the gulf strengthening today. florida, louisiana and texas on alert. our team tracking the very latest. new fallout this morning from the jeffrey epstein case. the multimillionaire charged with preying on minors, now calls growing for labor secretary acosta to resign for cutting a deal with the sex offender more than a decade ago. the president's response this morning. midair scare. caught on camera, a delta plane's engine blowing. this piece flying around inside. passengers told to brace for an emergency landing. the investigation under way. private health battle.
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the family of 20-year-old cameron boyce, the disney star who suddenly passed away in his sleep, now revealing the medical condition he had been living with. dognapped. a soccer star's plea. >> somebody broke into the house in l.a., took my dog from the house. >> after his pomeranian is snatched. now the fight to find lucci. swimming with the sharks. the rare footage caught on camera where these two great whites were spotted spinning around each other. ♪ i'm gonna take my horse and "gma" is on the road. live from texas, our "gma" rv rolling into michael's hometown of houston, to surprise an incredible young hero. ♪ ride till i can't no more ♪ livin' like a rock star got some rock stars in houston. good morning, america. let's make this a great one. this wednesday morning, and we're not just live from here in times square. nope, we are live on the road in texas as you saw. >> we want to meet you. we want to hear .
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our rv is traveling all across the country from oklahoma to dallas and now houston. >> take a closer look. yep, there's michael, lara and ginger getting ready for the big show in michael's hometown driving through the dark. we'll have a lot more in just a minute. >> we weren't supposed to believe they were really driving there, were we? >> for at least five minutes. >> look at this great crowd that is there to greet them. >> that's right. we're so excited. there will be a little crowd in new york as well. yeah, the ticker tape parade that you will be leading along with team usa, women's soccer championships. >> i know. there's going to be a big celebration at city hall. i don't have to have my parade wave ready. but you saw they were in our studio yesterday. they're having a great time. they're just having a ton of fun around new york, so i can't wait to join them later this morning. first to the morning's top stories starting with the tropical threat in the gulf packing heavy rain and the fear that it could cause dangerous flooding. rob is going to track it all for us and has the latest on its path.
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good morning, rob. >> good morning, robin. already starting to see a little bit of that flooding. this is a system that started in tennessee and drifted into the gulf of mexico, sarasota, florida, yesterday. 3 inches of rainfall. let me sh let me show you where it is on the satellite imagery. eastern gulf of mexico, developing tropical cyclone. could become a named system. it would be barry. computer models bring it abreast of new orleans in the gulf of mexico. water temperatures, 85, 86 degrees, so more than enough to get it going. friday a fairly strengthening tropical tomorrow. the computer models after that, here are the spaghetti plots. most of it going into southern louisiana with this, potentially as a hurricane. watches out but hopefully nothing more. the heavy rain we saw into sarasota. not a fast mover so ten inches of rainfall on the i-10 corridor. we're looking for somein and a storm surge. we'll look for wind as well. updates coming throughout the morning and, amy, over to you.
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>> we know you're on top of it, rob. thanks. we go to the fallout, new fallout from jeffrey epstein's arrest for sex trafficking underage girls. this morning the calls are growing from democrats and 2020 candidates for labor secretary alexander acosta to step down over his role in brokering that controversial plea deal with epstein more than a decade ago. chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas is here with all the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. the jeffrey epstein scandal has rocked palm beach, manhattan and now, the white house dealing with the epstein matter on two fronts as we are hearing from someone who spent time at his new york mansion at the center of the investigation. this morning, president trump standing by his labor secretary alexander acosta, at least for now. >> i feel very badly actually for secretary acosta because i've known him as being somebody that works so hard and has done such a good job but we'll be looking at that and looking at it very closely. >> reporter: calls growing for acosta to resign in the wake of the jeffrey epstein indictment.
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the disgraced financier charged with sex trafficking underage girls allegedly assaulting them in massage rooms inside of his $77 million manhattan mansion and $12 million home in palm beach, florida, as seen in this police video. some of the allegations in the new case also part of the investigation more than a decade ago. >> i pled guilty to solicitation of prostitution. >> reporter: but the wealthy money manager struck a deal with acosta who was the u.s. attorney overseeing the case at the time. epstein served just 13 months in county jail, allowed to work out of his office six days a week registering as a sex offender. critics say acosta chose not to indict in spite of evidence gathered by investigators. >> he beat it once with the extraordinary help of the government, and doing the entire thing in secrecy and under the cloak of darkness, which clearly we don't have this time. >> reporter: the labor secretary
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responding to critics tweeting the crimes committed by epstein are horrific and i am pleased that new york prosecutors are proving forward with a case based on new evidence. prosecutors say they do have new evidence this time around including nude photos seized in epstein's home, some appear to be of underage girls. vicky ward who covered epstein for "vanity fair" spent time inside the mansion. >> so, you know, he very much i think created his own world within his own homes. he wasn't moving out and about in the way that other people of his wealth and social status normally do. >> reporter: the government is seeking to seize that sprawling manhattan mansion. right now epstein is being held at the manhattan correctional center, home of the drug lord el c chapo and convicted at th at t e
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former trump campaign paul manafort. the president acknowledging he knew epstein years ago. the trump organization she has epstein was banned from mar-a-lago by donald trump himself after a falling out. >> i had a falling out with him a long time ago. i don't think i've spoken to him for 15 years. i wasn't a fan. yeah, a long time ago. i'd say maybe 15 years. i was not a fan of his. that i can tell you. >> reporter: now we should also mention it's not just democrats, but republicans who are putting pressure on the white house to investigate the decision not to indict epstein all those years ago. acosta for his part, is standing by his decision. george? >> you said the pressure is building. so we want to go to or senior congressional correspondent mary bruce for more on this. lots of calls from democrats for acosta to go. republicans holding their fire for now. >> reporter: yeah, george, there are these agreeing calls from democrats that say acosta simply has to go for that previous plea deal that led to that minimum sentence. now, of course, we have seen the president standing by his labor secretary but he is leaving a window open to possibly changing his mind and we have seen the president do that in the past. now, on the hill democrats say that he just has to go while republicans instead are demanding more information.
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they say a decision about acosta's future lies with the president. george? >> meantime, breaking news that came in just a couple of minutes ago. the british ambassador to the united states kim darroch has resigned in the wake of those leaked cables that were critical of the trump administration. >> reporter: yeah, and, george, this comes, of course, after the president said earlier this week that he will no longer deal with the uk ambassador after those leaked diplomatic cables showed that kim darroch called trump's administration inept and incompetent. trump, of course, then fired back getting personal calling darroch wacky and a very stupid guy. it seems now this morning the fight between the two have reached a tipping point and we have learned that the uk ambassador is resigning. george? >> mary bruce, thank very much. george, now to the search for answers after that accident on a cruise ship. questions are growing this morning after a toddler fell through a window. erielle reshef is here with that story for us, good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. their attorney says chloe's
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parents are beside themselves. now trying to piece together what happened to their little girl. the family claiming the entire tragedy could have been avoided. this morning an indiana family demanding answers after 18-month-old chloe wiegand tragically fell 150 feet to her death from this royal dk 11 of "freedom of the seas," when it was docked in san juan, sunday. >> this was just a terrible mistake. a terrible accident. although i do think it was a preventable accident. >> reporter: her family now fiercely fighting back against early reports she slipped from her grandfather's arms. saying chloe was playing with him near a wall of glass windows in a children's water park area seen in this video taken earlier this year. and he had no idea this window was open. >> i so vividly remember him telling me through tears, i thought she was going to bang on the glass. he let go for a second, and she was gone. >> reporter: according to her family chloe loved to look through glass. pictured here face against the boards at her big brother's hockey game. the puerto rican police
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commissioner saying investigators are interviewing her family members. the wiegands' lawyer claiming the cruise line should have done >> you're not supposed to have an enclosure -- an opening like this that has an opening greater than 4 inches, and this is a giant, gaping hole. >> reporter: royal caribbean telling abc news, we are deeply saddened. our hearts go out to the family. later saying in a statement we are assisting local authorities as they make inquiries. and we're told chloe's family is hoping to leave the island for indiana sometime today. their attorney says it's still too early to know if they'll file a lawsuit. they want to see the surveillance footage from that ship and say they have so many questions before they do that. >> it is so heartbreaking. our hearts certainly go out to that family. thank you so much, erielle. well, now to that crazy sight caught on camera. a passenger sharing this video from adele that flight showing part of the plane rattling around one of its engines, forcing an emergency landing. that's not something you want to
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see when looking out the window. david kerley has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: a frightening sight for passengers, an engine blown and the nose cone from that engine still tumbling inside. >> after we heard the boom we just saw all the smoke come up into the cabin, and that's announces engine loss and flight attendants start preparing passengers for an emergency landing. >> fasten your seatbelts, loosen your collars. remove ties and eyeglasses. >> reporter: each passenger asked by the flight attendant to show that they know the bracing position. >> the flight attendants will come through, make sure that you've got this position down. >> make sure your seat belt is really tight, as low as possible. when we say brace for landing put your -- yes, forward your head in your lap. >> reporter: quickly diverting for this emergency landing in raleigh-durham. >> we are declaring an emergency. >> reporter: as the jet landed in raleigh, those emergency vehicles respond. later finally landing in baltimore, the passengers recount their anxious moments. >> i just texted my mom, i love you. i texted my dad, i love you.
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>> reporter: quite the sight to see that engine nose cone from the end of the shaft still bouncing around in that engine. it's been taken off the aircraft being shipped to atlanta to figure out what happened and, george, they put a new engine on and that jet liner will be back in service later today. >> quick fix. david, thanks very much. we have the investigation now into a carbon monoxide leak that poisoned dozens of people at a motel in canada. abc's janai norman with that story. hey, janai. >> hey, george, good morning. there are so many questions. authorities want to know why so many people at that super 8 in winnipeg, canada, were exposed to carbon monoxide levels that were 20 times the normal limit. >> reporter: the calls came pouring in. reports of an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning inside a super 8 motel in winnipeg. >> the winnipeg fire paramedic service received a general alarm call from this location. >> reporter: authorities say nearly 50 people including staf hospital. more than a dozen listed in
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critical condition. fire officials say the leak originated from the motel's boiler room. the major scare set off an alarm that detected the carbon monoxide levels were nearly 20 times over the limit. >> none of the patients were requiring resuscitation. none of them were intubated or anything. quite invasive such as that. >> reporter: carbon monoxide, the so-called silent killer is odorless and colorless, causing symptoms from headache to nausea or worse. out of an abundance of caution, gas was shut off to the building while investigating the cause. >> we don't expect any fatalities from this. >> authorities are crediting an automatic alarm with saving lives. here in the u.s. by law, many states require carbon monoxide detecters, and while the decision to place them in each unit varies, that's
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something you always should ask about. >> janai, thank you. amy? a lawsuit facing one of the biggest and most well-known hotel chains, marriott, that could affect travelers around the world. the attorney general in washington, d.c. is suing the company accusing it of using hidden fees to bump up room costs. rebecca jarvis is here with more on this. i'm sure a lot of people are paying attention to this one, rebecca. >> oh, absolutely, amy. these hidden fees have become a big issue. they're frustrating and they can increase the cost of your bill by nearly $100. >> reporter: this morning marriott one of the largest hotel companies in the world sued by washington, d.c.'s attorney general. accused of bait and switch advertising and deceptive pricing practices on bookings made at, expedia, priceline and other travel websites. marriott which owns 30 brands including sheraton and the ritz-carlton, is accused of misleading customers and reaping hundreds of millions of dollars by charging hidden resort fees.
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the suit alleges those hidden resort amenity or destination fees can quietly increase the true cost of a hotel room by as much as $95 per room per day and can show up on your bill buried under the heading taxes and fees. marriott in a statement says, quote, we don't comment on pending litigation, but we look forward to continuing our discussions with other state ags. amy, a lot of states are now looking into this because it's become such a pervasive issue. >> while we wait for that to happen on capitol hill, what can consumers do in the meantime? is there any way to avoid these fees? >> reporter: there is a great website out there called and you can go there if you're going to a major city like las vegas or new york. check your hotel ahead of time to see if they impose these fees. another thing i recommend people do, call ahead. call your hotel, tell them i'm planning on staying with you, do you charge these fees? if you do, i'm going to cancel my reservation.
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that's a good way to force them to potentially take the fees off your bill. >> i like that. get ahead of it. all right. >> yes, absolutely. advocate for yourself. >> always. those fees do add up. >> they're very frustrating and they do. >> all right. rebecca, thank you. now we turn to the festivities getting under way right here in new york city to celebrate the u.s. women's soccer team after their world cup win. thousands of people are going to be lining the streets for this ticker tape parade. eva pilgrim is already down there at city hall. has more for us. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this area will be filled with die-hard soccer fans here to celebrate the now four-time world champions. they'll be marching through this area of new york known as the canyon of heroes. this is all part of a massive parade, similar to the one they got after winning the world cup four years ago, and will end at city hall where new york city mayor bill de blasio will present them with the keys to the city. today's celebration comes one day after the big homecoming the team got right here on "gma" and after that kickoff, the ladies kept the party going all day,
7:17 am
lighting up social media as they hung out on a rooftop pool in downtown manhattan and they were even treated to a sunset cruise on a $100 million yacht, robin. >> they are living large, eva. i got to tell you they worked so hard so they deserve everything coming their way. there is more excitement heading their way and more work to do as well, eva. >> reporter: that's right. they still have more work to do. the tournament may be over, but they are hoping for a victory off the field. equal pay, mediation with the u.s. soccer federation is supposed to begin here soon, but even before that, they are going to be very busy. today they're here right now on the east coast. they have to fly to the west coast to appear at the espys. that will be live here on abc starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and then there's a victory tour. they will play four exhibition games in cities across the country so that their american fans can see them kick it on the field and finally, robin, hopefully after all of that
7:18 am
they'll get some sleep. >> maybe then. i look forward to seeing you later. that's going to be a lot of fun. >> they are making the most of their moment. >> yes, they are. >> as they should. >> they really are. they are just being embraced by so many folks. >> good to see. >> it is. we're following a lot of other headlines including we have new details about the death of disney star cameron boyce. his family is now revealing his private health battle and dr. ashton is going to explain that ahead. also this morning, that soccer star's desperate plea to get his pomeranian back. there is a search right now for lucci. so sad. rob? more flooding across nebraska. want to show you this. where we will have severe weather potentially. especially east of nebraska. time now for your stormy cities brought to you by downy.
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good morning. i'm mike nicco. becoming sunny away from the coast where the clouds stubborn. almost average today. low clouds, patchy fog tomorrow tonight and the cool temperatures. wait until you see the weekend forecast. 60s coast and san francisco. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. mid 50s to low 60s tonight. the 7-day, a heat w w w w w w ww we're going to be heading ww live to houston and since michael is there, it's wednesday, amy so -- >> it's hump day. wednesday, amy so it's -- >> it's hump day.
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jeep wrangler. freedom to do it all. it 7:23. i'm reggie aqui. police are looking for the person who shot a 22-year-old man in his car. this happened near stanton avenue and giant road which is a residential area. officers tried to save him but it was too late. police say there were no other victims. they believe this was a targeted shooting. anyone with information is asked to contact the police. a look at traffic now. good morning. we're looking better in the east bay here. i want to say into oakland. northbound 880 around 980 a crash blocking one lane. that has cleared. chp removed that quickly. but we have some residual delays. 15 miles per hour your average.
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youan take 580 for an alternate. if you're continuing to the bay bridge toll plaza, looking average here. metering lights still on. only ones without a wait are the cool pool
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good morning. hope you're having a good one. it's milder with temperatures up to 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday putting most of us in the low to mid 60s. a few upper 50s in the coasts to san francisco. the commute, fog up in the north bay and along the coast. otherwise mild to warm on mass transit. cloudy to sunny on the bay with light breezes. the 7-day, check out the heat. 80s and 90s starting tomorrow all the way through sunday with free air-conditioning at the coasts. 60s there. new details on the death of camer
7:27 am
camer camer cameron boyce. his family revealing the cause of death. the news continues
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i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. ♪ i got the horses in the back look at that crowd there in houston. boy, up bright and early for our "gma" summer road trip. michael, lara and ginger joining them there getting out of our "gma" rv. we cannot wait. we know that they're going to have so much fun. we have some surprises as well coming up. as they say, everything is bigger in texas. so we've got super sized deals and steals. tory johnson is there as well. >> i hope they're doing some scouting for us as well. also this morning, we have an announcement related to houston and texas. >> okay. >> first, abc news is going to be hosting the democratic debate, the third primary debate in houston, september 12th and 13th.
7:31 am
democratic national committee is raising stakes making it harder for the candidates to qualify for the debate. we'll have a lot more details on the format and venue coming up. also we're watching tropical threat brewing in the gulf. could turn into a big storm. florida, texas and louisiana on alert for heavy rain and flooding. now, we turn to those new details about disney star cameron boyce and the private health battle he was facing before he passed away at just 20 years old. paula faris is here and has more on all this. good morning, paula. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. you know the family revealed that cameron boyce was being treated for a medical condition. we now know that that condition was epilepsy. overnight, the family of actor cameron boyce revealing the cause of the 20-year-old's death. a family spokesperson telling abc news, cameron's tragic passing was due to a seizure as a result of an ongoing medical condition and that condition was epilepsy. the young star was found unresponsive saturday afternoon at his home in los angeles passing away in his sleep.
7:32 am
for nearly a decade boyce was in the public eye and a fixture on family tv screens across the globe. >> jax only likes bad boys. look at you. i rest my case. >> reporter: the actor best known for his roles on "jessie" and as carlos, the present day son of cruella de vil in the epic "descendants" franchise. we're learning more about his private health battle. epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects nearly 3.5 million people in the united states in which nerve activity in the brain is disturbed causing seizures. every year 1 in 1,000 people with epilepsy die of sudep, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy which is the leading cause of epilepsy-related death. boyce was living with fellow co-star karanarr and actress
7:33 am
sophie reynolds having just moved in this may, according to his instagram post. brar tweeting his tribute on tuesday saying, you were the greatest thing to have ever happened to me. i love you so much, cam. wish i had more to say right now but i don't think words will come for awhile. reynolds writing, my family, my person, my heart. maybe someday i'd be able to put everything cam was into words but right now it just hurts a little too much. a philanthropist the actor fought against homelessness and the global water crisis. overnight, former first lady, michelle obama, recognizing that giving spirit on instagram posting, i was lucky enough to share a few moments with cameron boyce, enough time to recognize that not only did he have incredible talent, but also an incredible heart. beautiful tribute and as the family plans his funeral they are confident that he'll be remembered for trying to make the world a better place. boyce recently said as he was accepting an award that what you leave should be bigger than you and that's what we continue to hear, that narrative over and over.
7:34 am
he was all about elevating others. >> the tributes about him, just 20 years old and what he was able to do. >> huge impact. >> that's right. thank you, paula. >> dr. jen ashton will join us. family has confirmed epilepsy. people have heard about it but do they really understand what it is. >> this is a common cns disorder central nervous system disorder, robin. and as we heard in the piece, it's characterized by seizures and affects people of all ages, babies, children, adults, men and women. in terms what have causes it some people are born with it. sometimes it comes after a trauma to the head, a brain tumor, certain infectious diseases, electrolyte abnormalities but can be difficult to manage. about 70% of cases are managed well with medication. about 30% can be hard. >> how common is this condition sudep? what are the risk factors for it? >> here's the important thing, we heard that generally cited incidents of this sudden unexplained death is 1 in 1,000
7:35 am
for adults with epilepsy. that means of though 1,000, 999 will not experience this. when you talk about the pediatric population, it's even more rare thankfully. it's about 1 in 4,500 which means most people will not have to worry about this. we don't really understand what causes it but tends to happen more in people whose epilepsy is more refractory and more difficult to control. >> jen, what should people do if you see someone having a seizure? >> i think that's really the take home that can help a lot of people because many people will encounter someone having a seizure. the first thing is do not panic. you want to get that person in a safe and protected place so that they don't injure themselves during the seizure. roll them gently on their side to keep their airway clear, do not put anything in their mouth. remember that myth they'll swallow their tongue. that's not correct and can do more harm than help and then obviously you want to get that person to medical attention. >> jen, thanks very much. >> you bet. we move to the latest in the search for the stolen dog of a soccer star who was taken from
7:36 am
his l.a. home. t.j. holmes is here with the details. you're here with good news. >> this was supposed to be a dog missing story. now it's a dog found story. >> yay! >> we just got word moments ago that, yes, this pomeranian that caused so much of a stir on social media has, in fact, been found, and look. for a lot of folks, you have tens of millions of families with dogs in this country. you don't call them property or pets. you call them family members. imagine if one of them went missing. >> somebody broke into the house in l.a., took my dog from the house. >> reporter: the mystery of missing lucci has been solved. according to the lapd she was located early this morning. while no arrests were made she was at a crime millions heard about on social media after someone broke into the l.a. home and swiped her. lucci was missing after three
7:37 am
hooded individuals broke into his home shattering a glass door. he said he later discovered the thieves took a few luxury items, but he need immediately his dog was gone. >> i didn't see the dog greeting us at the door and everyone was like, yo, where is lucci. >> reporter: sturridge, upset and emotional told us, he thinks this was a planned dognapping. >> if you break into a house why would you take the dog? >> reporter: he says he'll do or even pay whatever to get her back. >> you know, i'm broken, man. it's just -- it's hard to explain it, but i've not felt like this before. >> reporter: pet thefts aren't uncommon according to pet finder, one of the largest online adoption websites in north america which says up to 2 million animals are stolen each year and only about 10% are ever returned. just last year this dallas firefighter was grateful after being reunited with his pup after this hard to watch video went viral. watch as the man seen here
7:38 am
brazenly reaches over the fence in broad daylight, grabbing a 10-week-old french mastiff pup. he ended up dog flipping or selling the stolen dog to a buyer who was none the wiser but within a day the buyer saw the viral video and "inside edition" was right there when the pup was returned home safely. now sturridge says he doesn't need all the answers. >> i'm not even trying to find out, you know, who did it. it doesn't matter to me. i just want the dog back. >> reporter: and apparently he does have his dog back. the lapd says they were not involved in the exchange, but someone started interacting with him on social media saying, is this your dog? and he was actually showing pictures of it. he says confirm it for me with markings or whatnot and that worked out. he has the dog back now. police do not believe the people that returned it were involved in the theft of the dog, but this might -- he was offering a reward. dosoucky 0are retued w lucci. >> lucky lucci. >> all right.
7:39 am
>> i could see it in your eyes it was coming. >> that was for you, t.j. >> you saw the wheels turning. >> it's a scary moment, robin. all right, coming up next the incredible moment caught on camera, two great whites swimming around each other off the coast of cape cod and what this rare footage reveals. reveals.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
what is believed to be the first footage ever of two great white sharks interacting. will leave is in will reeve is in dash. >> interacting? >> yes, interacting. you see those air quotes in chatham, massachusetts, with more. some might think that's more than interacting, will. >> reporter: amy, great white sharks tend to swim alone so this footage is really unprecedented, and it's giving researchers insight into those sharks' behavior as researchers grow more concerned as shark sightings increase around the country. as shark sightings around the country increase, this morning a groundbreaking never-before-seen moment caught on camera. what looks like a great white skirmish. >> i found the one shark which i followed for probably 15 minutes and then that's when the other shark came in the picture and they interacted with each other. >> reporter: photographer nate jensen filmed two great white sharks with a drone off the waters over cape cod. watch as a second shark begins
7:44 am
to emerge from behind quickly swimming toward the other's right fin. the two spin in a circle, and then part ways. the video exciting researchers giving them a glimpse into the animals' behavior. >> i believe one was probably coming into the other shark's territory but at first when i saw it i thought it was more of an aggressive stance. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this sighting just the latest of many this summer along the east coast with this massive great white spotted off new jersey. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: and in myrtle beach this four-foot shark swimming in the surf just feet from a family. in florida, a photo of this shark right behind children playing in the water went viral. >> i screamed at my wife closer to the kids to get everybody out of the water. >> reporter: more than a dozen sharks have been spotted on the cape. as researchers come to study the animals, public officis are concerned. >> in some areas i think it would be appropriate to put shark netting. we need to deal with it more forcefully and taking the matter
7:45 am
seriously and enacting legislation for the sake of public safety. >> reporter: as for those dozens of shark sightings off cape cod we're hoping there are more today far away from swimmers at the beach, of course, but by the boat that we'll be getting on in this marina in chatham we're joining shark researchers to find some sharks, tag them. we'll have and airplane flying above us to spot them and we'll have that coming your way exclusively on "gma" later this week, guys. >> just stay in the boat. >> i will. i will. i have no idea on getting out. >> good for you. he's been on shark patrol for us all summer long. thank you, will. coming up, we have our "play of the day" on the road in houston. [ applause ] we are back now with our ♪ i have heart disease, watch what i eat, take statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack could strike without warning,
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7:49 am
we are back now with our "play of the day" live from houston, so take it away, michael and welcome home. >> all right. thank you so much, robin. it's great to be home. great audience, great crowd and as we get ready for our surprises here in houston, we have got an inspiring high school football player from texas who got the surprise of a lifetime. take a look at 14-year-old quarterback calder hodge. he is a double amputee who wears prosthetics to play but he said it won't keep him from the game he loves. he was born without tibia bones but he's working hard to make
7:50 am
his dreams come true. first dream is college football and then he wants to make it to the nfl. you know, the espys, they heard about calder, and they just named him a 2019 honorary espn award winner. and our station ktrk surprised him with the award and he was completely blown away. and if there's ever any example that if you really want something to happen there's no excuses that you can't make it happen. calder, congratulations, enjoy that espy. it is well-deserved. everybody, stay right there. we'll be back with a lot more "gma" from houston, texas. that's right. ♪ all night long ♪ if you're going my way i want [bottle opens] yay! [aahhh] [label tearing] [bottle opens]
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welcome ba welcome back to "good morning america." i've got my friend peyton here. she's an aspiring meteorologist. we have been friends on twitter, online for a long time. peyton, will you help me do the weather? >> sure. >> we have some texas cities. let's start it out. you go for -- >> alamo, high of 102 today. >> and sunshine, right? >> yes. >> peyton, it's a little hot in texas. by the way, longhorn, 97 and sunny. great job. i think you got a future in this. all right. coming up right here on "gma," "deals & steals," texas style. this brought to you by planet fitness. local news and weather is next. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or "good morning america" is sponsored by progressive, making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance.
7:56 am
good morning. i'm reggie aqui. this is mike nicco with your forecast. >> let's look at what's going on. there's a look at pier 39. it's cloudy. it's a good day to do garden, head to the beaches. it's going to be calmer and milder and strong sunshine. here's a look at the high temperatures. 60s along the coasts. san francisco j 70s and alkts. the weekend is hot. all right. checking out the roads. richmond side of the bridge about a 20 minute delay on the approach for westbound 580. just the normal delay there before you get to that emergency road repair. westbound 80 highway 4 of the maize a crash blocking one lane.
7:57 am
gma on the road live from houston introducing you to an incredible everyday hero. another news update in about 30 minutes. you can always find us on our news app and have a great rest of the morning. honey, this gis ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. no one is going to have internet like this. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses simple. easy. awesome. want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered. or check out our other amazing speed options. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the severe weather threat at this hour. it could turn to tropical storm berry. louisiana and new orleans right in the path and the entire gulf coast on alert. new this morning, wendy williams revealing she's facing a new health struggle. her diagnosis and what you need to know. ♪ the circle of life new overnight beyonce drops a brand-new song just hours after ruling the red carpet. blue ivy right by her side at the premiere of "the lion king." ♪ and "gma" is on the road live from texas. our rv on the move from oklahoma to dallas. now rolling into michael's hometown of houston. we have one incredible hero we're here to surprise.
8:01 am
deals and super steals on wheels like we've never done before. >> the "gma" summer road trip. yee huh. .>> wait until you meet oliver, we're driving into wednesday on the great "gma" summer road trip and look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] we got spirit. yes, we do. all right, good morning, america from here in times square. we got a nice audience here in our studio. thank y'all very much for showing up. being here. well, how about that crowd also getting up early there in houston. joining our "gma" summer road trip. >> they arrived in our "gma" rv. there they were jumping out of the rv. michael, you've got a very, very
8:02 am
special guest with you this morning. >> i do, george. we have a very special guest here with us at our "gma" anchor's desk. a lot of special people in my hometown. some amazing people including my mom, louise strahan. >> hello, hello. >> mom is telling everybody, ginger, i love watching you, lara, i love watching you, "flea market flip." every time i come home it's amazing and my mom, me being her favorite son, she makes my fake sock it to me cake and she's so thoughtful she sent one to you guys too so we hope you enjoy the cake. >> you guys enjoy that. i'm about to sock it to michael too. >> what? >> while you are eating, one of the great fans -- >> you're going to sock it to me. >> i'm going to sock it to michael with this.
8:03 am
[ cheers and applause ] the fans gave us this. back in the day. >> whoa. >> whoo. >> sock it to you, baby. >> hey, the reaction in, that's good. >> serious, don't mess with michael. >> we know. it is so good to see your mom there on the set with you. >> i love my momma. >> tell her the cake is good. >> love you too. >> ah. >> not only do we louise but we had ginger getting to know the lone star state. ginger, you have been a busy girl. >> tavis a lot of miles. >> a lot of miles and rodeo. >> but inside the rodeo, inside the ring. you have no idea. a little terrifying but we' show everything to you. that's right. >> i thought that was you. >> in the tank, in the fence. it was still scary, all right.
8:04 am
so good. texas knows how to put on a show. i'm going to tell you right now? looking forward to that. >> yes, we are. >> back to you guys in new york. >> louise didn't even flinch when ginger was flipped on the ground. oh, that's what we do here in texas. we're tough. >> well, yeah, you know, my mom is the kind of mom when i was in football, i would get hurt and knew i had to get off to the sideline. my momma watches. you signed up for it. >> get on up. >> when ginger fell she's like, did you -- did you ever worry about me when i played. >> no, i didn't. same when your dad jumped out of the airplane. i didn't worry about him either. >> football was nothing to her. >> i love it. >> i love momma louise. >> tell us other stories. much more live from houston wt d caus dangerous flooding t
8:05 am
and back to rob tracking the latest for us. >> good morning. i'm glad ttast ginger being thrown off that bull. we need a full team in place. we could see something develop coulrain, about three of hat it so flooding there from this disturbance that actually started in tennessee, drifted south to the gulf of mexico and here it is, northeastern gulf developing tropical cyclone. a plane will investigate it and we'll get data to figure out what's going on. it would be called barry by this time tomorrow morning abreast of new orleans and friday morning slowing abreast of morgan city and after that models bring it to south louisiana but won't know exact limg the path until we get the data from the airplane. rainfall totals from ten plus inches along the i-10 corridor. anyone from houston all the way
8:06 am
to the florida panhandle needs to be on alert. "the lion king" reprior. wendy williams revealed her new health struggle. michael and lara, what else you got coming up there? >> well, you know what they say, everything is bigger in texas and that goes for "deals & steals" too with tory if that's right. savings on omaha steaks and so much more. we'll be back on "good morning america." live from texas. ♪
8:07 am
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8:11 am
[ applause ] welcome back to "gma." as you can hear we have a great audience here in new york city. [ applause ] thank y'all very much and also there is texas joining us for our big "gma" summer road trip, michael, lara, ginger, all there and, lara, you have a special "pop news." >> i do, robin. very special as you're about to see but we're going to begin with news on houston's own beyonce. >> yes. >> had a very big night last night that had us all feeling the love. l.a. last night.e new "hiin ther >> nobody's seen it. >> none of us have seen it. beyonce -- well, maybe eyes we who arrived with her lion cub blue ivy in matching outfits.
8:12 am
>> she doesn't disappoint. it was really wonderful collaborating with her. >> a new song called "spirit." >> donald glover who voices adult simba still overwhelm the go to the play this iconic role. >> it's kind of mind blowing. >> and seth rogen as everyone's favorite warthog warning there may be surprises. >> there is a lot of new comedic material in the film. >> beyonce's song you heard a little bit of it called "spirit" for the soundtrack getting major oscar buzz and this getting rave reviews, critics calling it visually stunning, beautifully crafted and many who have seen it say be prepared to cry. i think that's true. >> yes, my twins went to see it last night. they loved it. so it was inedlet' n >> "the lion king" in theaters nationwide july 19th. oh, by the way, we have some of the stars of "the lion king."
8:13 am
>> what. >> including seth rogen and billy eichner joining us on "good morning america" before the movie opens, so looking forward to that. then i want to bring back the story we did that got so much reaction. do you remember, well, first of all we although everything is bigger in texas. you know firsthand. but this story we did, so much reaction about some folks down here who heard about petco's policy that all leashed pets are welcome into any petco so they decided we'll try this out and they brought in their pet which just happened to be a 1600-pound steer named oliver. >> oh, wow. >> his horns barely clearing the aisle, a span of ten feet. quite a feat getting him in the sliding doors. they thank gosh somebody caught this whole thing on video. it's gone wildly viral. millions have seen it. guess what, "gma" actually has the same policy as petco.
8:14 am
i don't know if you know that. we allow all leashed animals on our set. so come on out, oliver. champion. >> oliver. >> wow. >> he's on his leash. hi, oliver. the one and only viral sensation. >> is that food? >> this is oliver's favorite food? let me ask you, you decided you would test out that policy. >> yes, ma'am. >> don'ten scared. don't be scared. oh, look at that tongue. >> he'll take it out of your hand. let me try one more. what if they had said no? were you concerned. >> we just wouldn't have went in if they said no. no problem. >> were you cracking up when oliver is in the aisles. oliver, just go for it. you deserve it. >> he doesn't like it. >> guy, a couple of fun facts about oliver. these horns weigh -- >> careful. >> they weigh 100 pounds.
8:15 am
>> wow. look at that. >> that will get you. >> each? >> do you think he wants some of michael's mom's cake. >> he won't eat cake. >> this is his -- >> you are going to give him some of my mom's cake? >> i don't want to test it out on oliver. how old is oliver. >> 14. >> is he a teenager? >> a middle-aged fella. >> did he enjoy his petco experience. >> yes, ma'am. >> are you going back. >> if they want us back we'll probably go back. >> i see petco's new marketing right here. we have to thank our new mascot for ow "gma" road trip. we'll head back to new york. we'lbrgim story. wendy williams revealing on air that she has been diagnosed with a condition called lymphedema, a swelling of the arms or legs. the latest personal issue she's facing and sharing pushily and
8:16 am
dr. jen is back it talk about it. you're going to show it. >> a little mini med school. a lot don't know what lymphedema is and they don't know what lymph and lymphatics are. in the lymphatics. it circulates two liters of fluid a day. that leaks out and swelling can be not just disfiguring and unsightly, incredibly painful. so this is a major issue. >> what causes it? >> some people are born with it. the vast majority, secondary lymphedema so comes as a result of various thing, trauma, surgery, you can see it with cancer. you can see it with obesity. and in terms of the treatment, it's really just compression devices like sleeves or stockings or a compression machine that basically massages
8:17 am
that fluid and helps place it back into the circulation but it's really painful. >> i've heard and many people suffer from this type of condition but it's not always because of this. >> this is the key point because people will hear swelling and say, my feet are swollen. the key with lymphedema, it's usually one side of the body not both but there are other conditions that can cause swelling, very, very commonly that usually affects both airports or leg, prolonged sitting, pregnancy, half our staff. salty diet, congestive heart failure, with age and obesity you can hear it but when you hear a celebrity coming forward talking about something like in that can be unsightly there can be a psychological, emotional, social component. >> wendy has been increasing awareness about so many things. >> she's amazing. she's making her mess her message. >> yes, she is. thank you. back to ginger now in houston.
8:18 am
>> they had the camera right there on the steer but, yes, we are here too and mrs. strahan, i got to tell you, houston doesn't only have the warmest welcome but you got some hot weather. >> well, you know, it's hot, but i stay out of -- they say old people need to stay out of the heat and i listen. >> but she's wearing a sweater. >> she's wearing a sweater. >> it feels like 85 degrees right now. it's going to get up to the higher 90s today and going to feel in the 100s. you're under heat advisory. that means nothing. >> right. >> that's nothing for houston. >> a lot say why are you coming to houston in july. they are also -- >> but the people of houston, this is nothing, they're troupers, they can handle it. they can handle it. [ applause ] >> between the steer and good morning. i'm mike nicco. becoming sunny away from the coast where the clouds are
8:19 am
stubborn. almost average today. low clouds, patchy fog tomorrow tonight and the cool temperatures. wait until you see the weekend forecast. 60s coast and san francisco. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. mid 50s to low 60s tonight. the 7-day, a heat w w w w w w ww and now it's time for our mega "deals & steals" texas edition. >> which means it's big. michael and momma, did you know your home state is our biggest buyer. more deals than any other state. tory is so grateful. let's meet some of the super shoppers that make it happen. >> everything is bigger in texas. including our "deals & steals." the longhorn state snatching up over 600,000 deals in the last year alone.
8:20 am
>> i may have had a small part. >> reporter: some of the biggest superfans are right here in houston like sheryl. >> i love tory johnson. >> and m favorite benefit makes a mascara bad gal when you want to go out and be a little >> reporter: superfan pam. >> pretty necklace and earrings are great for me because spark surveillance my favorite color. >> bring on the sparkle. >> good morning, america. good morning, tory. good morning, houston. ♪ life is a highway . >> tory johnson is here along with the "deals & steals" superfans that you guys just saw so, tory, let's not waste any more time. >> first up perricone, karen loves a lot of our skin care lines although i hear this lady loves a lot of our skin care too so we'll hook her up. >> i'm looking forward to having some. >> two amazing ones. detox mask, i want to send you
8:21 am
home with this and this multiaction firming mask from perricone, everything is a winner targeted to specific ski results. >> ssh in hf, everything 19 to $74.50. >> free shiping. >> go get them, karen. >> thank you. >> christie is helping us with this. so invisasox. they don't flip. this has a gel grip. not going to slip. it's also extremely comfortable, cotton spandex. it's like a premium no show sock. there is a variety of colors that come in sizes for men and women and you'll get a three pack. >> three pack. >> and christie our super shopper, what is the deal. >> only $7 for a three-pack.
8:22 am
>> someone is excited. >> 50% off. >> 50% off. >> free shipping? >> no. ish good t's talk about ov shapewear. this is from yummie. everything from this line is about comfortable all day control, but it's going to -- >> with a little hold. >> a little hug instead of squeezing and -- >> not sure that's your size but it's your color. >> give me some shape. >> we can accommodate that and we have a huge assortment of all of the different basic, everything from yummie is a winner. >> feels great too. >> it does feel great and so we got a big deal on this? are you ready, sheryl? what is the deal? >> it's 50% off. >> yummie is under $20. >> my mom is folding it and putting it back. >> louise, you'll get recruited for every trip. all right. jewelry, so jewelry is always a big winner.
8:23 am
you are completely decked out in our jewelry. pam has some jewelry on. what are you wearing, why do you love it. >> i'm wearing a layered necklace. you know i like my sparkle. >> it's pretty if she does. she buys a lot of our jewelry deals. >> yes. >> i understand that you are watching at all times. >> yes, all the time. >> with good reason. what is the deal? >> oh, wait. >> just so you know earrings and layered necklaces and little coin pieces like you're wearing. >> i love these. >> yes. >> you are always fashionable but she grabbed the pieces that are the most fashionable which doesn't surprise me. >> just to model for you. all right. are you ready for your moment, pam, what's the deal? >> yes. >> huge savings. these pieces are normally 30 to 75 but pam's cut them significantly, so these are awesome products. >> great gifts. great gift for yourself and finally. >> this is all about instant
8:24 am
stain remover. so it's all for the common stain so whether it is grass, chocolate, lipstick, berry, that kind of stuff and what's awesome about this deal you'll get two bottles for home use and ten packs for on the go. even if our studio in new york this is a favorite. sometimes guests come in, got a little something-something. >> not just guests. sometimes anchors too is there one thing we know about monica, another one of our superfan, super buyers, you look out for our green deals. >> yes, i love them. this one is great because there's no harsh chemicals. no peroxide, no chlorine, no bleach. >> awesome. thank you so much. >> normally a set is $28 but not today because monica -- >> hit it, >> that's a great deal. i need that. >> you tell me every time come on, be a better son. >> omaha steaks. another t.j. here. t.j., you know a lot about omaha steaks. >> i buy them every time they're on tory and i always buy them for my dad for christmas every year.
8:25 am
hi, dad. >> you do, right, because they make a great gift and great to have on hand. >> on hand and in a freezer and put them out when i'm ready for dinner. we all love a steak. >> thanks for being a super shopper. >> 0 to $160 but not today. today is -- >> $40 to $80 and free shipping. >> free shipping. >> yeah. >> whoo. >> a lot of assortment. >> yes, big assortment. you'll see it all online. >> all delicious. great deal, tory. thank you so much to all of these company, right. >> we partnered with all these companies on these great deals and you can get them on our website and, ladies, thank you all so much and, lara, tellous six super fans what they're going home with. >> there we go, thank you, dory. "gma" deals pass. what does this mean? tory is sending these women home with "deals & steals" from all month. >> that's big.
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8:27 am
good morning. i'm alexis smith. san francisco police want to find the two burglars two hit a tourist with their car outside the legion of honor museum. when the father started taking pictures of the thieves, they ran their get away car into him. he is in stable condition. police recommend not leaving anything of value in your vehicle. let's look at the roads this morning. we still don't have any major problems to talk about. we have a new crash in the east bay, northbound 680 before stone valley. two vehicles involved. at least one lane blocke southbound side onlooker delay through alamo. southbound 680 north of the 24 split, moving okay
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. when you step outside you'll notice it's warmer and more humid than this time yesterday. a lot of 60s out there. 50s at the coast. 70 in brentwood. the fog in the north bay and along the coast. the commute is quiet weather wise. let's look at the 7-day. check out the 80s and 90s away from the coastrtghudarougth eke. it will be hottest saturday. >> all right. thank you, mike.n abouines
8:30 am
the ne ♪ that's what we're talking about. the challenge is on and they are meeting the challenge with this great audience that we have here in new york with us. terrific. thank you all for being here and also that audience in texas. "gma" is on the road as you know live from houston. michael, lara, ginger are there. michael, this is all to honor a really incredible houston hero. >> yes, robin, we have so many incredible hometown heroes in houston. we're feeling the love here this morning from this awesome audience and crowd that we have here in the park. and we have someone here who is really special. we want to celebrate him. a 12-year-old boy who's made it his mission to feed those in need. let's give it up for math true reel and his mom tammy,
8:31 am
everybody. welcome to the show. tammy, welcome as well. this summer we've been traveling around the country looking for hometown heroes doing good things for their community and heard about what matthew here is doing helping others and now we want everybody else to hear about it as well. so take a look. >> that little boy can shop on a budget. he had a young woman walk up to him once and said i want to help but i only have a dollar to spare. matthew reached over, hugged her and said, ma'am, do you know what i can do with a dollar? >> reporter: you'll never meet a young man as generous as matthew. >> reporter: he was 8. we had attended a church function and they were making blessing bags to hand out. we drove up to a man and handed it to him and the man said god bless you little boy. he said, mom, i don't want a birthday party this year. i don't want presents. >> reporter: he wanted to feed those in nd dollars
8:32 am
eventually realizing those closest to him needed the help the most. >> he goes i think i'm supposed to be helping the kids by to school with. >> i met him and he talked about providing meals, healthy meals for families in his own school. it has spoken to other students to give to their community as well. >> reporter: setting an example for those around him, inspiring other kids to follow in his footsteps. >> matthew came and spoke to jack's cub scout group last fall and told us about his program that he started. >> i wanted to give back to every kid. >> reporter: and the impact of a 12-year-old turning a simple gesture into a movement, something we can all learn from. >> the least we can do is give them a can of food. we can take away some of that pain and hopefully when they're in a better place they'll feel the need to be able to pass that
8:33 am
on. [ applause ] >> and, matthew, you are a special young man and, tammy, you raised a special young son. you've done so much for the community. but you're not stopping there. what is your ultimate goal. >> so my ultimate goal is i want to -- so backpack program is where kids go after on friday, get food and bring it home to their families that are in need so i want to be the first student run backpack program where kids donate the food and then the kids in that school district get the food back. >> wow. >> tammy, as a mom, you must be really proud of matthew. >> i don't like to use the word proud. i hike to say humble. he looks at the world in a completely different way than anybody else does and to be able to walk in his shadow and see his care and compassion for those that are in need, it's an awesome thing. >> you know that starts as home. starts at home with you, thank you as well. we have a special guest here for you. >> uh-oh. >> houston mayor sylvester
8:34 am
turner is here. mayor turner. >> hey, matthew. how are you doing? hey, mom. >> take it away, it's always ours. >> we are so incredibly proud of you. you've done so much. we want to make this a special day. so as the mayor i proclaim july 10, 2019 as forever matthew reel day in the city of houston. [ applause ] >> you have your own day. you have your own day. man. did you ever think you'd have your own day? >> no. >> i don't have my own day. we're not done. everybody, take a walk with me. come on with me. [ applause ] so what we've been doing, matthew, we're going around the country. we meet a lot of incredible people and all these incredible cities. when we were in philadelphia we had hey man named charles and he was our hometown hero in
8:35 am
philadelphia and this is charles here and, you know what, we are share -- you are sharing yourself with the city of houston but we want to share you with the world so you are our hometown hero for the city of houston, okay. >> come on over here with me. >> right on the rv. >> put it right there. >> congratulations. >> how are you feeling? >> good. >> do you expect any of this when -- >> no. >> nothing at all. do you realize the impact you're making. >> uh-huh. >> keep on doing it. we're so proud of you and so happy to feature you on "gma." and so happy you represent the great city of houston, but not just houston but what the world should be and your face, of course, will forever live on our "gma" rv. >> great work. >> so great to have this
8:36 am
house -- >> we love america and ginger has more of it on this bad boy. >> we put on nearly 450 miles on this winnebago. that's right. we were rolling, a little slow. just yesterday and throughout texas you showed me a hooting and hollering good time. ♪ >> whoo. hello, texas. we made it to the mesquite rodeo. let's ride. who is this? >> measles. oh, that sounds frightening. here we go, measles. >> would you welcome from "good morning america," ginger zee. all right. >> that was a true texas welcome. so this isn't your first rodeo.
8:37 am
oh, my goodness. we are going inside. >> inside. >> the ring. >> going to come down from the ceiling and we'll get in that. aren't you glad you got this assignment? >> yes. >> ginger zee, are you nervous. >> i am nervous, yes. >> are you very nervous? >> guys, this is all that's keeping us from eight bulls. whoo. >> oh, no. oh, god. oh, god. okay. that's awesome. we did it. yes, team. michael is next. that's what i heard. a lot of people said, michael, it's your turn. i can't imagine him doing this. whoo. there is nothing like a good rodeo to get you hungry. and no better place to get some barbecue than the pecan lodge. i get a whole rib? >> yes. >> so a meat cheers.
8:38 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> and with that i can confirm that everything including barbecue is bigger in texas. that thing was like a flintstones deal. >> we have some food coming a little bit later in the show. >> we do and actually because i had that i wanted to share some of the barbecue back in new york. you got it? are you tasting it? that is some good texas barbecue. >> look how happy robin is. >> they can't even talk. >> robin has to finish chewing first. >> it's really good. >> it is good. ticker tape parade. all for team usa. >> 15 hours. >> who is on right now? >> they smoke it for 15 hours. >> it is delicious. >> i'm going to head out to the parade downtown because the world cup champions are going to be there. [ cheers and applause ] and -- i know.
8:39 am
we'll be around those hunky athletes and i'm stuffing my face with this good barbecue. if you cannot be there, i hope some of you can come down, you can watch it online at abc news live. [ applause ] we'll be back.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're back with a breakout star of the hit fx show "snowfall." damson idris is from south london but would never know it. he plays a budding drug kingpin from l.a. so convincingly that critics are calling him the show's greatest asset. that's pretty high praise there, damson. >> yeah, i really am amazing, yeah. [ applause ] >> after the show's success and continued success hopefully with the next season your name is starting to become a household one. how has your life changed since sthoefl snowfall. >> people think i sell crack for real which is interesting. >> that's a problem. >> i was in the grove the other day and this old lady came up to me, must have been 70, 75. i know you got beat up real bad the other day, baby, but you need to stop being a little chicken and get your money back. that's not how the crack game work, baby and walked off.
8:43 am
>> she just dropped the mic. >> great life advice. >> so i want to ask you because you took a very nontraditional audition for this one. it was pretty remarkable. the late great john singleton from boys in the hood, he took you to the heart of south l.a. what did he tell you when you got there. >> oh, man, so i showed up to john's office in south central and he was like, yeah, you know, we're not going to read. we're just going to take a walk. i've seen "boys in the hood." are we go to have a shootout and walked through south central. if you survive you got the role. i was petrified. and then having to stay in the accent and be american, all throughout the time with john and he's taking me up to people in the community. taking me to, you know, drug addicts, people in the community, he's taking me to homeless people and just introducing me, this is my boy damson, yeah, meet him and then
8:44 am
just walks off. >> and you got the role. in fact, i think we all want to see him in action. damson, in this clip your character finds his on again off again girlfriend just got no spellman university. >> congratulations. so i guess that means you're leaving us now. >> not till next month. classes don't start till september but i want to get settled. find a job. >> you got to be on the books 24/7. >> franklin, no. >> i mean to give you a graduation gift anyway. so you can focus on school. come on. it's the least i could do. >> whoo. look at you. [ applause ] now i hear there's a ritual on set. you like to touch everything. >> oh, man, yes. one of the rimpf walls i do, as soon as i get on the set i need my character to know he's been there before so i touch everything like i lie on the bed. i touch the switches, i do
8:45 am
everything. and the set designer is always like, damson, what the hell are you doing but, yeah, i have to. >> whatever it is you're doing, it's working. >> bless you. >> amazing job. damson idris, everyone. season three of "snowfall" premieres tonight on fx. thanks for being here. we're going to head back to ginger in houston. >> thank you. i have to introduce you this is my goddaughter alex. alex chambers, everybody. one of the many houstonians to look to travis herzog from ktrk. we just have to say we love you. everyone loves you. happy 13 years of being on. >> 13 years ago i stepped foot in the office and never dreamed 13 years ago i'd be standing here with ginger zee. >> jussie couple of chief meteorologists talking about a good morning. the low clouds and fog lift to a
8:46 am
sunny sunny today. 60s add the coast. check out the heat coming starting friday and lasting through thththththththththththth >> hey, ginger, begin earn, i th want to remind you your goddaughter's birthday is coming up on july 14th. our barbecue pit master challenge. my mom is going to judge. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back.
8:47 am
♪ every time i take a ride ♪ i feel alive with nowhere to go. ♪ i'm the king of the road. ♪ ya shimmer like gold. ♪ now baby let's ride. ♪ we got nothing but time. ♪ you get all the reaction. ♪ you're the main attraction. jeep grand cherokee. freedom to do it all.
8:48 am
♪ life is a highway [ applause ] >> we are hoping to crown bestwt barbecue in town. >> my mom, she's here to judge at our tasting table with the help of our new friend matthew
8:49 am
and, of course, ginger zee and let's meet our teams. steve and sherrice garden from southern barbecue and catering and they are facing off against josh scott from pizzitola's barbecue. let's hear it for josh scott. we'll get right to it. you guys, hold up on the tasting. steve and sherrice, what's on the menu. >> we got some of our texas slow smoke brisket smoked for 18 to 24 hours. how we do our seasonings and throw it on the pit smoker and bring one back. >> how do you make it. >> a little pepper and a little bit of seasoning salt, paprika, celery salt and throw it in together, combine it all together there and throw it on there real liberally there. >> liberally. >> real liberally. >> get it. >> and pat that down there and we'll take it to the smoker and
8:50 am
let it smoke overnight. and i'll bring one back. >> all right. so you're going to take one over there and bring one back. oh, that looks good. look at that. [ applause ] >> all right. >> i like the way you just reach in there like it's not hot but anyway, there you go. >> yi, sir, we're going to slice this up and it's going to be some good moist tender texas -- >> oh, look at that. look at the juices coming out and you guys, you have a baked potato and all of the fixings, dressings on the baked potato and add it on to that. >> michael, let me show you how to make it. >> i got to give the other team. >> it is loaded and put butter on there. put two big spoons, there you go. >> i'm putting everything. >> cheese. >> load it. >> that's not enough. >> now we got to put some meat on it. >> i got some bacon and other
8:51 am
stuff. >> momma. >> they're not even -- there you go. we'll finish this up. baked potato and throw the ribbon top of that. >> that's the cherry on top. >> that's to finish it. >> all right. liking it? you liking it? you could nod. i know you have a mouthful. okay. >> we'll get an answer eventually. now we need you to move on to josh scott. >> tell us what you got. >> josh is going to show you how it's done with a simple rub. >> salt and pepper and a lot of love on this pork spare rib. >> that's all you use, salt and pepper. you work at one of the oldest joints in town. you have your own twist. >> i take a regular sauce, 0-year-old recipe and to it i'd add headline now, dijon mustard and brown sugar. >> all right. >> wo winner. >> mix it all up.
8:52 am
>> how is it? good? >> so good. it smells so good. >> sdwrour secret thing you have this slaw on the side that also has meat in it. >> smoked cabbage and sausage and take it and smoke it on the pit. >> make sure you guys taste it because we are about to get a winner right now. >> mrs. strahan. >> will it be -- >> southern barbecue and catering. you all, matthew, was it good? all right. mom, you are going to call it. which dish is your favorite dish? is it southern barbecue and catering or pizzitola's, even though though both are delicious. >> we got tv. >> both are good. >> okay, the brisket. >> southern barbecue and catering. josh, thank you, man. pizzitola's, i'll come see you
8:53 am
when i come back. they have the trophy. be sure to check it out when you are here in houston. we'll be right back. thiswe also live withlling okat&t's internet "security." do you know the mother's maiden name? at&t! there's an army of weirdos outside. they're just trying to get on your network. why didn't you alert us? alerts aren't really my thing. what is your thing? ok, i am sensing a little hostility from you, janet.
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"good morning america" is sponsored by capital one. what's in your wallet? we want to thank you guys for watching and we have to give
8:56 am
texas aehank you to my home city of houston and all these great "gma" fans that showed up for us this morning. make sure you stay tuned, guys. >> find out where our next stop is. >> have a great day, everybody.
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lwho's armed with researchal hand finally ready to roll.t. we do it right, too. with huge savings on the brands you want. so, happy hunting.
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good morning. i'm alexis smith. let's check in with mike nicco for the forecast. >> hi, alexis. humid and warmer than average this morning. that's going to lead to good afternoon temperatures for outdoor activities no matter what you're doing. it's going to get a lot warmer. we're pretty close to average today with 80s inland. 60s at the coast. the 7-day, we'll stay in the 60s at the coast. 80s and even upper 90s around the bay and inland by saturday. >> all right. taking a look at the commute. we're looking pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza, maybe thinning out a little bit volume-wise, but the metering lights are still on. and we still have the crash in the danville area on northbound 608 before stone valley. a 15 minute delay in both directions. time for live with kelly and ryan. we'll be back at 11:00 for
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, one of the stars of the "jersey shore: family vacation"" nicole "snooki" polizzi. and then, tony baloney's very own. in performing, the incredible james tw! all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] >> ryan: oh, my gosh, .


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