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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 11, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> at least it's nice. >> no, it's not going to be. >> man i have a wild ride for you guys. this is a true conflict of emotions. what you want to hear and see. elephants, when you're on a safari. african bush camps and look what these people came across. it's more than just an elephant. >> oh, dude, are you kidding me? >> that is a skrjuvenile elepha but still a sizeable animal. >> we've seen lionesses take dune pretty big animals. >> and the cries from the elephant are heart breaking. >> oh. >> however, the lioness has cubs
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nearby who look very hungry. so whose side are you on as this plays out? >> you can't really take sides. you have to let nature be what it's going to be. >> and you can see the cat doing everything it can to hold on to the desperate meal. the cat is right in the eyes of the elephant. >> shake the devil off. >> the elephant survives this incredibly desperate attack. now to leave you with a cute taste in your mouth. we have a rhino mother and its calf. mom steps over no problem. the cute rhino is like -- >> the mom is going to threlet little one figure out for itself. >> don't iwork harder, work smarter. >> they say we spend more time
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with our co wiworkers than our families. a riley environmental services employee. >> i come in every day positive, try to make it clever. >> his coworkers say he has a candid personality. >> but they experienced something that could have completely killed his joy. >> me and my wife, april the 3rd, our house caught fire. >> it was devastating. >> it was in this moment he realized just how much his coworkersloved h. >> it s amazing the call. are you okay? >> they absolutely showered him with so much love. >> you have to come stay with us as long as you want. don't have to with worry about no hotel, no nothing. i will come and pick you guys up with tears in my eyes. >> they reached out about the
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pet and gave shelter to the cat as well. they is since got back to their normal lives. but he says it showed him so much more about the people that he works with. >> i guess with working in the hospital and sacrifice their time to help other people. >> the doctors and everybody are so passionate about what they do and it makes me feel good to know they're passionate and they put forth everything they can. >> courtesy off riley children's health. sitting pretty, actually. totally flying thoenover alps france. they have them selve as pretty cool krd. idea.
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because down below you can see a whole bunch off people on the peek. they're going to land and have a sandwich on the mountain top. >> they left about 6,500 feet and got up to about 16,400 feet before being able to come on down and land right here. the thing is you're not usually able to do this. unfortunately the reason they are able to do this is they credit it to climate change. because the temperature of the summit is the highest it's ever been recorded since records began 44 degrees fairen hietd. it's never been that height. there are some they've been able to ride so high to plump themselves on the summit of this enormous mountain. >>le. guy is in shorts and flip-flops. >> he's going to be making a documentary called "we need
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saveb the alps" and to do with stuff like this. who can forget the craze from a few years ago? du, du, du -- ♪ baby shark >> thanks for that, by the way. >> the original "baby shark" video got more than 3 billion views. if you wantb to incorporate th theme into your next party, they'll get you right there. you're going to need some sanded plywood, her instructions to shape the shark on to that pli wood and you use a pencil to mark where you're going to use the saw to cut. and look at that. once you've got it cut out --
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♪ paint the shark do do do >> if you can't beat them, join them. >> people uses to decorate around the stand, maybe shark balloons as well. [ laughter] >> daniel spots a special something. the backseat driver she can't help but love next. and a mountain biker's moving down a trail and how a flashy hitchhiker's going to crash his ride. >> please go. ooohhhh ♪ ooh ♪ give a little
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course.
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nobody like as backseat driver. unless you're a really cute bull dog puppy. >> oh, that is cute though. obviously a surprise for her. >> daniel left her glasses at home that day. so he decided to bring the glasses to her and her new dog is back there waiting for her. then she gets out of the car. big hugs and kisses all around. she goes crazy. they love english bull dogs. thisathse doing? >> he wants to ride up and he's like hey there. >> and is he confusing the
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camera lens for the it people? >> elwitwell, it's a retna scan. and he convinced his father in law so he had to check it out for himself. now we've seen a bunch but i guarantee never one like this. and they decided to try out down hill mountain biking for the first time ever. the chain break? just attacked me. >> a pigeon? >> it's not a pigeon. but as he was riding, jumped out of a tree, smked m. tisgrs just >> yep, okay, alex.
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go. >> pick it up, put it on handle bars and take it for a ride. >> he does take it for a ride. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'll share a quick ride. >> okay, cool. he starts making his way down hill when -- what's going on? >> it's on my head. >> oh, my god, please go. please get on the bike and start peddling. >> oh, my god. guys. >> this poor grous is watching the action. aun wants to get in on it. it hops off is em they don't slide very this thing is way at the top. >> it looks like this may be over. >> hops back on his bike, goes around the it corner, meets his buddie spins --
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>> hit me in the back off the head. grous, sorry. i stopped and i was pushing the bike over and she was riding on the seat. not just that. it was hanging round, trying to ride me. it roetd me for a while. you recognize these two faces from "stranger things." and they're taking a friendship test in this glamor entertainment video. >> i was in "the lion king" and she was in "any." >> so they've become really good friends over the years. they start with mind meld tests, see if they can guess what each other is thinking one word at a time. >> un with, two, three, 11. one with, t two, three -- >> sandwiches. >> one, two, three clothing. >> un, to, three necklace. >> one with, two, three bracelet.
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>> this next one they have to compliment each other. er >> you're very boy -- >> you're elegant. >> caleb, you give great advices. >> you make good sandwiches. you have great house parties. >> oh, kryes, i do. >> i really like this next un. it's the silent mirror where one has to mimic the other. it's adorable. >> here are their final thoughts. >> i think hardest part -- >> i with would say for me describing our friendship because it's not just one word or one sentence -- >> love you too. >> it's a card-throwing legend. >> that's so smooth. >> so how he's dealing out the
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sickest trick shots next. plus tourists take in the eiffel tower. >> and of course it's a beautiful image. plus the special surprise in the city of love. this is the best in town. what do you do for fun? >> not this. >> oh. what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. flohas it, i wanted the whole thing and she's right there. >> she's my ride. >> he has picks off you on his phone. >> very tasteful. red rover, red rover, send reese's pieces over. introducing new hershey's milk
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with age. goldbond. cute character skz solve thousands of puzzles. download for free today. ♪ in a world of skills, rick smith jr. was dealt a pretty cool hand. he's teaming up with carson from legendary shots. >> that's so smooth. >> you're just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cars throwing trick shots. ninja level. >> you never want him to beat it. >> watch this. throw it it at knight. >> oh, that's cool. >> but off this. >> here's something from the air. >> a blueberry. >> caught a blueberry in midair with a playing card. sg
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>> who are you? are you really human? through the shell or a cooked egg? >> through the shell. >> so then it's dangerous to hold the egg with your hand because if you can do that through a hard shell, you can do that through your hands. >> and carson has a couple of cuts on his fingers to prove it. it all is impressive and if you twubt watch the whole thing go to "right this" or use our mobile app. >> that would be pretty funny. >> they are asking for volunteers. >> cat is a soccer player. she's been a soccer player her whole life so it makes perfect sense as she goes to france. the girls are not just her girls. they're her soccer teammates. on this day she's going to have a 1 of her own but she's not expecting her man surprising her
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with the present. >> so he wasn't supposed to be there. this is a girls' trip. >> that's correct. he tells her how much he loves her and gets down on one knee because what better place to propose to your lady? whole families flew to europe. they with were able to pull it off. check out these pictures. they've been dating since high school at their prom, at their graduation and so it made sense that they start the rest of their life together. she is pregnant. they're about to learn the gender of their baby. now it's time find out what their gender is going to be. >> it's a boy. >> that is exactly right. and propose h
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and make the official. yes set up for a day at sea. but see how their epic plans got
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toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play.
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everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at head over to our website right this or use our mobile app. ch chinchilla so chill. ♪ now we know the guys like the seek discomfort. they're asking big questions
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like -- >> overcome sea for 24 hours at life raft? matt managed to find a life raft for sale. >> so they do take a rescue raft and see if they cannot die for 24 hours. >> mako sharks. >> what's that? >> more aggressive than a great white. >> it can't get any worse. >> just getting better and better. i mean it may have holes in it but hey. >> at least the weather's nice. >> no, it's not going to be. >> oh, my god. >> oh, >> we haven't even started yet. >> they're already fixing it
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>> it is cramped but at least it's not leaking. >> soaking wet. >> goes down. >> can you stop saying romantic. >> there are so many stars the ought wither moving around -- >> and just after midnight it all kicks off. [ bleep] >> they're surrounded. they can't see anything. maybe it's whales, maybe it's sharks. maybe we stay out the water. >> animals out there, and very little space to move. >> further they go down and eventually morning comes. >> oh, wow, thank you.
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>> just checking to see if you guys are alive and want to stay out here longer? >> now you check? >> where were you all night? >> good morning. >> while as much as we struggled and stayed sane without anything to do, ended up having a great learning experience in circumstances that remained out of our control. >> welcome to "millionaire," where it's our $100 million season. we have officially given away an overall total of more than $100 million, and we're celebrating with special guests, special episodes, and a lot of fun along the way. today's contestant, devon nichols from pensacola, florida, loves to jump around in the mosh pit at punk rock concerts. trust me, you do not want to get in this woman's way today as she goes for $1 million on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause]
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hi. >> welcome. hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you fired up and ready to go? [cheers and applause] they're ready for you. >> yeah. >> they're ready for you to win a lot of money. >> i'm ready to win a lot of money, too. >> so let's set up your board and get to it. fourteen questions between you and that $1 million. the three lifelines are there if you need 'em. your bank is empty. let's fix that. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] $500 starts us off. good luck. >> okay. >> hoping to evoke images of the ivy league, what famous fashion retailer was named for a preppy sport with an initial added because it looked nice on the page? >> i haven't heard of any brands called r. horse jumping, w. croquet, or a. lacrosse, so i'm gonna go with b, j. crew,
2:10 am
final answer. >> i love it when they just spray cologne in your face. yes, that's right! [applause] >> all right. >> $500--let's go for $1,000. >> okay. >> which of these was the name of one of rome's most legendary gladiators and not one of the "american gladiators" from the '90s tv show? >> those are some pretty creative names up there, but i definitely remember reading about spartacus, c, in high school, final answer. >> i miss that show so much. yes! [applause] $1,000. third question's worth $2,000. several u.s. presidents served as cabinet members before becoming commander-in-chief. five of the first eight presidents held which of these positions?
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>> well, i believe secretary of homeland security is a newer one, and i remember that thomas jefferson at one point was secretary of state, and he was the third president, so i'm gonna go with b, secretary of state, final answer. >> she knows her history and that is right. [applause] well done. >> all right. >> that brings us up to question number four, worth $3,000. >> okay. >> what theological virtue is also the title of george michael's classic debut solo album, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary? i have no idea what this album is, and i hate to use a thing this early--a lifeline this early-- >> but you wanna stay in the game. >> but i do. >> this predates you a little bit. >> it does, just a bit. so i'm gonna go ahead and ask the audience, 'cause i believe they'll probably know. final.
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>> all right, that's what these lifelines are there for, so, audience, if you would, pick up those keypads; enter your votes now. [percussive music] ♪ all right, let's take a look at the results, see what the audience had to say. >> all right. >> well, 88% say it's "faith." >> i'm gonna trust the audience and go with a, "faith," final answer. >> a little before your time, but right in their wheelhouse. that's right! >> [laughs] >> good job, everybody! well done. >> thank y'all! [applause] >> again, a well-used lifeline. get by those blindspots, stay in the game; that's the most important thing, especially as we head toward the $5,000 threshold. here's the question. according to a recent study, which of the following account for only 0.01% of all living things on earth?


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