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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 11, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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a cup. >> okay. >> three feet wide. >> i don't make the rules. >> i don't think that will fit. >> the answer is never blue raspberry. >> oh. >> no? >> fighting words. good morning, america. we sure appreciate you starting your day with us. we need to tell you about some mandatory evacuations under way right now. the new warning this morning. louisiana facing a state of emergency as that tropical system strengthens. already bringing flooding and water spouts to the gulf coast. now concerns it could become a dangerous hurricane. ginger has the very latest. border battle. the new report this morning, the trump administration set to launch nationwide deportation raids as soon as this sunday. thousands of undocumented immigrants targeted. under fire. embattled labor secretary alex acosta speaking out about that deal he cut with convicted
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sex offender jeffrey epstein. now a florida prosecutor at the center of the case is coming forward to say acosta is not telling the truth. international murder mystery. the manhunt now under way after that american scientist and mother of two was found in greece in that cave-like bunker. cover-up controversy. the texas doctor saying she was humiliated on a plane, told this outfit was inappropriate. forced to wear a blanket to get on board. she's now telling her story on "gma." great white wonder. the scientists saying wind and weather could be driving shark attacks. an abc news exclusive this morning. our will reeve right there on the water. >> oh. got it. ♪ and what a night at the espys. the world cup champs crowned queens of the night. former duke star zion williamson on top and what saints quarterback drew brees said about his wife that got dwyane wade in trouble. ♪ i can blow your mind and good morning, america.
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hope you all are doing great this thursday morning. what a night at the espys. i want that riddle answered. >> we'll get the answer to that shortly. how about the women's soccer team. em night and a big day because you, robin, got to celebrate with those champs before they headed to the espys at their big parade here in new york city. i understand the mayor had some trouble finding you. >> i was emcee. >> where's robin? >> there she is. that's the way to say, hello, mayor. >> chest bump. >> you know, that's what you do. >> that's what i do when i see bill. >> at a sporting event. we'll tell you more about that, but we want to get to the latest on that tropical threat growing in the gulf. a state of emergency has already been declared in louisiana and mandatory evacuations are going into place at 6:00 a.m. as the system brings flooding rain, strong winds to the gulf coast. there are fears it could become a hurricane as soon as tomorrow. ginger back from houston tracking the system for us.
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>> hey, good morning to everyone. i have to take you straight to the gulf coast because we've got what looks like a disorganized mess in the gulf but later today it should become barry. that's why we have hurricane watches up from cameron over to new orleans. flash flood watches from lafayette to mobile, biloxi, pensacola even. this is going to be a rain event. i cannot emphasize that enough. it is extremely slow moving and it's going to drop up to 20 inches of rain. this is the current path. new orleans on the right side, it should become a hurricane by tomorrow night into early saturday and make landfall early saturday. and it's a worst case scenario for new orleans. that right side the worst of it and that's why we got rob marciano right there in norco. >> good morning, ginger. take a look at this. look at all this water. the midwest all the rain this spring is trying to drain into the gulf of mexico. this is the spillway. over 150 gates trying to divert about 10% of the mississippi river flow into this basin,
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which is normally dry. i mean some of the roads here have been flooded out for weeks. the last thing this area needs is a tropical anything in the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: a state of emergency declared in louisiana as the tropical threat in the gulf organizes overnight. >> we know it's going to be a big storm, a significant rain and storm surge event. >> reporter: as parts of the region could get up to 20 inches of rain into the weekend. the wind and rain from this tropical system already slamming cities, submerging the famed french quarter of new orleans and forming waterspouts. areas of the crescent city drenched with eight inches of rain in just three hours. now nola is bracing for more. >> be safe, be smart. take care of your neighbors. take care of yourself. >> reporter: the mississippi river projected to reach 20 feet. its highest level in nearly 70 years. people here taking no chances. louisiana officials closing over 200 floodgates on the river in preparation as they face the levee system's biggest test since katrina. mandatory evacuations under way near the mouth of the mississippi river. residents stocking up on
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supplies and sandbags and oil companies in the gulf are already pulling workers off rigs. the army corps of engineers telling me they opened the spill way for the second time. that has never been done and opens up issues to the ecology and the issues with the fisherman. the goal take the pressure off the levee system and keep the river at a level so it doesn't overtop in places like new orleans. ginger? is >> rob, thank you so much for being there. i want to start off here just showing you exactly where the center is. it's about 125 miles south-southeast of the mouth of the mississippi, again, timing takes it late tomorrow night into early saturday on shore. storm surge, we're talking three to five feet. flash flooding, tornadoes can spin up easily out of this anywhere in those outside bands up through mississippi, even the florida panhandle and watch this. the heavy rain will make its way all the way into arkansas. we're talking 6 to 10 inches in this yellow area but 10 to 20 that includes lafayette, baton
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roorleans. this could be devastating for the gulf coast, george. >> they are getting braced. okay. thanks, ginger, very much. the latest now on the jeffrey epstein scandal. as he faces new charges for trafficking minors, the white house is standing by labor secretary alex acosta who signed off on a secret plea deal for epstein as a prosecutor back in 2008. acosta held a press conference to address the questions, and our chief national affairs correspondent, tom llamas was there. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. secretary acosta fiercely defended his actions but now the former top state prosecutor says acosta is trying to rewrite history. this as some of epstein's victims tell me they still don't understand why he got such a sweetheart deal. this morning, the white house signaling labor secretary alexander acosta will likely keep his job. the embattled acosta defending his decision to offer jeffrey epstein a plea deal back in 2008. >> we were trying to do the right thing for these victims. >> reporter: many of the victims who said epstein sexually
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assaulted them in massage rooms said they had no idea the government had cut a deal with the disgraced financier. they said they went to you looking for help and didn't hear back from you until it was too late. do you owe them an apology? >> so, you're raising the issue of victim notification. the career prosecutor in this case had a difficult decision to make and she didn't make it alone. >> reporter: acosta refusing to apologize. >> simply put, the palm beach state attorney's office was ready to let epstein walk free, no jail time, nothing. >> reporter: but now that former state attorney is firing back saying mr. acosta's recollection of this matter is completely wrong. the u.s. attorney's office produced a 53-page indictment that was abandoned after secret negotiations between mr. epstein's lawyers and mr. acosta. >> i'd like to respond to all your questions today. however, under the advice of
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counsel i intend to take the fifth. >> reporter: epstein did go to county jail, but only for 13 months, and he had to register as a sex offender. court documents show more than 30 women accused him of sexually abusing them as teenagers. the deal he cut with acosta's office allowed him to plead guilty to a lesser charge. the victims were never able to confront epstein in court. >> i really just wanted to like be like, hey, do you remember me? of course not because it's been so many other girls you couldn't even put on your hands like, oh, yeah, i remember that one. i ruined her life. >> reporter: at the time epstein formed a legal dream team to beat this case including former independent counsel ken starr, former o.j. simpson lawyer alan dershowitz and florida power attorney roy black. acosta has said in the past epstein's lawyers appealed to the doj to drop the case. did someone at doj tell you or order you to cut a deal with jeffrey epstein? >> his attorneys certainly filed
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several appeals with main justice. the agreement did not change. >> reporter: so the big question, why did acosta keep this deal secret? he says part of the agreement involved epstein paying money to his allege ld victims and prosecutors felt at the time they were actually protecting those victims by keeping them in the dark. this way, epstein's attorneys couldn't attack them for instance, for being money hungry, but a judge ruled acosta's office got it wrong. they should have let them know because by keeping them in the dark, they violated their rights. george? >> tom, thanks very much. let's bring in dan abrams for more on this. you heard acosta right there saying no apologies. this is basically the best he could do. >> yeah. the three problems he has is number one is that court ruling that said that they violated the law by not informing the victims and that's a big one because he's not really addressing it. basically saying the court got it wrong, fair enough. number two, he's not answering
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what is the new evidence in the indictment? he started the press conference by talking about, i'm thrilled the southern district of new york brought these charges because of the new evidence. you read the indictment from the southern district of new york and they're referring to incidents from 2002 to 2005. these don't sound like new incidents. they sound like old incidents that he could have prosecuted. and, number three, is the issue you mention which is why not just say, you know what, yeah, in retrospect, we should have been a little tougher on him, in retrospect we shouldn't have made this deal but at the time based on everything we knew it was the best we could do? he's not even willing to say that. >> he has the dispute with the state prosecutor who says it's not true they were basically letting jeffrey epstein off. >> you know, that's devastating because the heart of his argument is, i got a better deal than the state could have gotten, that the state was ready to let him go with no jail time and we the feds came in as the heroes in this and we forced it into a situation where he would get an 18-month sentence. the state prosecutor who was in charge at the time saying that's just not true and he is making i
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he is saying since when do state prosecutors decide what the feds do? it's the other way around. cay in charge. e ones who are >> he did have this 53-page draft indictment. >> right. the one thing he's saying which is true is that you do cut deals sometimes that are ugly. sometimes they involve trying to protect the witnesses from having to testify, not having to roll the dice at trial, et cetera. but there are a lot of other factors he's not addressing. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. amy? to the latest on a battle over the border. "the new york times" reporting this morning that mass deportations could start as early as this sunday. this as we hear emotional testimony on capitol hill about conditions at detention facilities. mary bruce has more from washington. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, amy. after promising them for weeks immigration and customs enforcement is now reportedly gearing up for those mass raids of migrant families, possibly as soon as this weekend. this morning, the trump administration is reportedly preparing to move forward with the president's promise of sweeping deportations.
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lell >> reporter: now according to "the new york times," the raids targeting at least 2,000 undocumented immigrants in ten cities could begin as soon as this sunday. the news adding fuel to the immigration fight. >> translator: my beautiful girl is gone. >> reporter: on capitol hill wednesday a mother's anguish laid bare. yazmin juarez detailing the, quote, neglect and mistreatment she alleges caused her 19-month-old daughter mariee to die, shortly after being released fri i.c.e. custody. >> translator: my daughter is gone. the people who are in charge of running these facilities and caring for these little angels are not supposed to let these things happen to them. >> reporter: lawmakers listening, the pain visible on their faces as juarez explained how she fled violence in guatemala in search of a better life only to watch her baby girl succumb to a treatable lung infection that she says was not
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properly diagnosed. juarez is suing the u.s. government. an i.c.e. spokesman tells abc they are unable to comment on the specifics of the case, but says the agency, quote, takes very seriously the health, safety and welfare of those in our care. while democrats tried to shine a light on reports of dire conditions, these are the images the administration wants you to see. cameras allowed in to a recently opened facility in texas where teens are waiting to be placed with sponsors. unaccompanied minors laughing, playing soccer, reciting the pledge of allegiance. now, this morning democrats here in the senate plan to unveil new legislation intended to boost support for these children and families along the border while the president continues to defend these facilities saying they are, quote, clean and good and run beautifully. george? >> mary bruce, thanks very much. we turn now to a close call for dozens of foreign students visiting boston when their bus caught fire forcing them to evacuate on a busy highway. david kerley has the story.
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>> reporter: the question this morning, what caused this frightening scene on the side of a highway just outside boston? a coach bus engulfed in flames just feet away, nearly 20 international college students. they were on that bus moments before watching in shock as the vehicle ignites, everyone on board making a safe escape. >> the smell was pretty bad and the fire was getting bigger and bigger and almost like half of the bus was burned, already burned. so i was really scared. >> reporter: firefighters using axes to crush the bus windows out, allowing water from their hoses to reach inside and stop the rapidly spreading fire. hours later the bus was still smoking. the interior completely charred. >> everybody was away from the bus when we got here. they were very definitive of the amount of people that were on the bus. we went in to check just to make sure. >> reporter: the driver saying he thought he had blown a tire and pulled over to check it out and saw smoke rising from the back of the bus.
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>> we had military cadets on the bus and they got us to safety very quickly. >> reporter: the students were for a summer english program. they waited next to the highway until another bus picked them up and took them back to campus. quite a scene along that highway in boston. at this point the bus company has taken the bus back to the shop. they're going to try to figure out exactly what did cause that fire, george. >> thanks very much. robin? turning now to the espys, a big night celebrating top athletes including the new world cup champs. they made it to l.a. last night in time to claim some of the biggest awards. t.j. holmes is here. >> robin, remember, they just won the world cup sunday in france. and since then they've had a ticker tape parade, got tickets to the city, throw in a couple of pool parties, came to "gma." >> don't forget the yacht ride. >> yes, thank you, george and made it to l.a. to pick up what i would call probably the no-brainer award last night but there plf lahtdn't see coming.
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>> reporter: on one of the biggest nights in sports, 23 iconic women were the biggest stars. >> the women's national soccer team! >> reporter: the world cup champions added two more awards to their list of accolades. >> sorry but this is probably the second best trophy we won this week. >> here's to the next world cup in another four years. thank you. >> reporter: the night was about recognizing the sports world's best and brightest like drew brees who delivered what some are calling the most valuable husband moment. >> first and foremost i'd like to thank my wife. [ applause ] i love you so much. i fall more in love with you each and every day. >> that led to a tricky situation for dwyane wade. >> thank you to drew brees. because of what you said to your wife on stage, my wife looked at me with a death stare. [ laughter ] and said if i don't say something up here, the car ride home is going to be long. >> reporter: game changing
7:17 am
newcomers graced the stage like zion williamson winning best college athlete. >> thank you. i love duke. wish i could have stayed a second year but i had other things to do. so thank you. >> reporter: but on this night that was dedicated to incredible athletes it was coach rob mendez born without arms and legs that inspired us all. >> so for anyone out there not sure if they can do something -- it could be in sports, it could be in your job or your life - whatever it is, i'm here to tell you that you can do it. you've got to be passionate. you've got to work at it, but it can happen, and i'm not done yet. [ applause ] >> oh, wow. >> there's a lot of award shows every year. this is the only one i'm guaranteed to cry at because there are poignant moments like that. i'm going to leave this with everybody today. when you go into your office, he said look at me. he said i want you to look at me. focus on what you can do instead of what you can't and you really
7:18 am
can go places in the world. take that with you. he said, i could not play football, but i could coach, and that's what he's doing. that's what he's doing. great moments come out of the espys. >> i couldn't agree more with you. laughli laughing and crying at the same time. >> that's beautiful. >> thank you, t.j. >> you got it, guys. new developments in an international murder mystery, the manhunt is under way in greece after that american scientist was found in a cave-like bunker. and how the wind and weather could predict shark attacks. our will reeve on the water with an exclusive but first back to ginger. wait, so now i'll have to doing shark attack forecasts. let's look at the severe storms. i can promise you that. later today, parts of pennsylvania, washington, d.c. by 4:00 or 5:00 the i-95 corridor. watch for damaging wind possibilities. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, the heat index forecast sponsored by walgreens. forecast sponsored by walgreens.
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good morning. i'm mike nicco. becoming sunny away from the coast and a few degrees warmer than yesterday. look for partly cloudy and patchy fog again tonight. and the weekend, a little heat wave for the inland neighborhoods. today mid to upper 60s. coasts into san francisco. 72 at richmond. 80s mainly inland. tonight mid to upper 50s. check out the three days of heat. we won't have you do what you did about hump day. >> because it's thursday. >> we can try if you want. >> we'll be right back.ay ausethur . ausethur . >>e can y ifretchy waistband
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ask your doctor about ibrance, the number-one prescribed, fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. good morning to you. a new york times report says san francisco will be one of ten cities targeted during ice raids this sunday. president trump initially proposed the raids on undocumented families last month but delayed them. he said he wanted to give lawmakers more time to work on their immigration proposals. and governor newsom's wildfire bill is creating a new 21 billion fund to compensate victims of wildfires caused by power lines. let's get over ath wi cck of>>o. no major issues. loing at fgy goln gfaidas iknow
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advisory. you're going to be dealing with really low visibility if you're coming to or from marin county. about a 23 minute drive south on 680. earlier crashes cleared to the shoulder. >> thank you. and mike nicco has a q
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good morning. check out your temperatures. 5 degrees comer than yesterday. dangerously dense fog around half-moon bay through the entire morning commute. mild this morning. hot for mass transit. on the bay small craft advisory south of the bay bridge. check out the mini heat wave friday, saturday, and sunday. and coming up on gma an
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exclusive with scientists who said they may have figured out how to track dangerous sharks.
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is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. that's wonderful news. state farm. we're tagging a shark. oh. got it. >> welcome back to "gma." you are looking at scientists off the coast of cape cod as you heard will reeve just say tagging sharks trying to predict and prevent attacks by looking at the wind and the weather and, yes, will was out there with them. he has that exclusive coming up. we hear he did stay on the boat, although that looks a little precarious where he is. >> that does. >> hi, will, stay safe. >> must have been a fascinating day. we'll have more on that coming up. we're following headlines right now including that tropical system strengthening in the gulf. mandatory evacuations are under way in parts of louisiana where they're facing a state of emergency and there are some concerns this could become a
7:31 am
dangerous hurricane by tomorrow. "the new york times" reporting mass deportation raids could begin as soon as sunday targeting thousands of undocumented immigrants. the president expected to address that and the questions over census and citizenship this afternoon. and there you see it right action. the semifinals this morning. >> look at her. she is just strength and power. this bear might represent that as well. crazy moment caught on camera. a dog named riley taking on that black bear that got into a bird feeder you see coming to the rescue charging the beer. we'll see that dog in just a moment. oh, there. oh, yeah. >> here it comes. >> boom. >> yeah, go run away, bear, yeah. see you later. the homeowner says riley frequently comes in to protect the kids. now he definitely owes riley a steak dinner. i would say he earned that. >> wow. >> something to see. we'll turn to new developments in that international murder mystery involving an american scientist in greece. authorities there now believe
7:32 am
she was the victim of foul play. james longman has the latest for us. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is a deeply tragic story. it was thought that suzanne eaton had gone out for a run and had an accident but now detectives say that she was killed in a brutal attack. this morning, an international mystery deepening in greece as police across the island of crete hunt for the killer of a married mother of two. authorities confirming to abc news that american molecular biologist suzanne eaton was the who was found dead nearly a week after she was reported missing was the victim of a criminal act. an autopsy revealing the 59-year-old died of asphyxiation. her body found here, an abandoned cave-like bunker that once stored ammunition for the nazis in world war ii. her friends and family releasing statements overnight. her son wrote, "my mother was a remarkable woman." she lived her life with few regrets. another writing, "it is
7:33 am
heartbreaking to write about suzanne in the past tense. many of us feel our lives were enriched by having suzanne as a colleague and friend." it's unclear whether eaton was murdered here or left hidden by her killer. the urgent search going on for days as authorities and her family used dogs, drones and helicopters. a research scientist she was visiting the greek islands for a conference, disappearing on july 2nd after it appeared she went out for a run. in a facebook post she is described as being physically fit and a black belt in tae kwon do. the search for her killer now under way. because her body was found so deep inside those tunnels it's thought her killer probably knew the area pretty well. detectives from across greece are taking part in this investigation. robin? >> thinking of her family, james. thank you. amy? now to the texas doctor who says she was humiliated on an american airlines flight forced to cover up so she could get on the plane. she believes race played a role and paula faris is here with that story. good morning, paula. >> good morning to you, amy. good morning, everyone. she is african-american. the two flight attendants who
7:34 am
asked her to cover up also african-american. amy, as you pointed out she is completely humiliated after what she is calling the walk of shame. >> reporter: this morning a passenger who was briefly removed from an american airlines flight the speaking out after she says her romper was deemed too risque for the airline. >> i was so humiliated, i walked down the aisle with my head down. i didn't want to see another passenger's face. >> reporter: dr. tisha rowe says late last month she and her 8-year-old son headed a flight from jamaica to miami when she was approached by a flight attendant whom she says was african-american. >> a flight attendant stopped me in the aisle and said, we need to talk to you up front. >> reporter: the family physician says that she was then removed from the plane and asked repeatedly if she had a jacket. >> i'm like, okay, what is going on? you have pulled me off the plane to ask three times do i have a jacket.
7:35 am
in a tropical climate? >> reporter: wrapping herself in a blanket provided by the crew she walked back to her seat. later posting these pictures to twitter writing, here is what i was wearing when @americanair asked me to deplane for a talk. at which point i was asked to cover up. she believes there was racial and body discrimination at play writing on facebook we're policed for being black. our bodies are oversexualized as women and we must adjust to make everyone around us comfortable. >> there were definitely other passengers on the flight wearing tropical attire, short shorts, one was also a mother, also traveling with a child and she said, you know, no way. and she looked at my shorts. she looked at her shorts and she said, well, your shorts are longer than mine and no one said anything to me. >> r garnering thousands of likes and
7:36 am
sparking backlash towards american airlines. on tuesday the airline issued an apology and a refund but rowe says she wants an explanation. >> i will be empowered to dress the way that i feel comfortable, dress the way that i feel appropriate. if you are going to have a dress code, it should be applied equally to every person, to every shape, to every race. >> now, all we could find regarding american airlines' dress code is a very vague reference in their conditions of care to dress appropriately, not wearing anything offensive. american does plan on hiring a chief inclusion and diversity officer. as we just said they issued an apology and full refund but dr. rowe says it's not enough. they need to hold everyone to the same standard. you saw what she was wearing. she was in jamaica. >> jamaica to miami. >> who has a jacket in jamaica? i'm sorry. my blood is boiling. it's ridiculous. she was perfectly appropriate. >> your blood is boiling.
7:37 am
can you imagine how she felt? she said she was completely humiliated. >> to walk back down that aisle. >> with a blanket covering her. >> make it for all. if you're going to have a dress policy on a flight, okay, fine, but it's got to be for everyone. >> consistent. >> yeah. >> head scratcher there. thank you, paula. coming up, great white wonder. how scientists are using the wind and weather to predict shark attacks. that exclusive is next. at if yos and migraines a month? botox® prevents headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® injections take about 15 minutes in your doctor's office and are covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life- threatening condition.
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exclusive now about how scientists are trying to predict and prevent shark attacks by tagging sharks and monitoring their movements. will reeve is on boat off the coast of cape cod where they are doing the work. good morning, will. >> reporter: george, good morning. not the best weather today. the conditions are a big foggy but apparently there are ideal or at least predictable conditions for shark attacks based on their behavior. at least that's the theory of two scientists as a part of their documentary "forecast shark attack" on nat geo shark fest next week. we went out and found some sharks and saw whether the conditions affected them. after a series of shark encounters off the carolinas in 2015, these two scientists went on a mission. >> coming in fast, too fast. >> reporter: now dr. greg skomal and national weather center meteorologist joe merchant are
7:42 am
showing us firsthand how they're testing a revolutionary new theory on forecasting shark attacks. joe believes a weather condition called a sea breeze may set off a predatory chain reaction bringing nutrient rich deep water closer to the surface attracting tiny marine life that feed on the nutrients. those small creatures attract larger fish which in turn attract the ocean's largest predators, sharks, on the hunt for prey. at the same time sea breeze conditions make for great beach days drawing sunbathers into the water. >> we can use the weather to indicate what sharks are doing, we might be able to predict whether or not a shark attack can occur. >> i'm really excited to work with greg to show him my hypothesis is correct, that the wind and weather have an effect on where shark location is. >> reporter: they say sea breeze at the sites of many of those attacks was a factor. lead the way. so far the two have gathered data in the bahamas and today the research continues in cape cod. what are we hoping for? >> we'll get out of this inlet here and that's the primary
7:43 am
hunting area for the white sharks and we're hoping we'll see one and then get a tag in it. >> what level of confidence do you have that one day you'll be able to forecast when sharks are going to be near humans? >> i am very confident. >> reporter: up above a spotter plane stalks our target. >> so he's at 10:00, 9:30 right now, the plane, and he's right over a white shark. >> so you're working in tandem with a plane who is seeing the sharks. >> right. >> so we are going as fast as we can to find the shark that the plane spotted from above. >> reporter: finally i see it. a nine-foot great white shark just feet from an isolated beach. this is close to where humans would be. oh, my god. look how big that is. greg takes his tagging pole and waits for his moment. >> we're tagging a shark. oh, wow. got it. ooh, there's the fin. >> reporter: once the tag is in
7:44 am
it we'll start learning from that fish. >> one thing we're trying to do, is get a sense of what drives the behavior of these sharks. certainly it could be water temperature, or weather conditions. so we're testing all these various factors to see if there's any patterns including joe's ideas that drive the behavior of these sharks. >> reporter: sharks like james, a 14-footer and a regular at this beach every summer. >> he's dead ahead. this is a nice, big fish. this is a real shark. >> oh! [ bleep ]. >> reporter: there have been dozens of shark sightings this summer and many more around the country. the ultimate goal of joe and greg's partnership, to make people smarter and safer about potential attacks. nat geo's shark fest kicks off this sunday and runs for three whole weeks and on thursday, july 18th you can watch greg and joe in "forecast shark attack," george. >> what was the moment like when you first saw that great white? >> it was mind blowing. it was surreal. you can't really comprehend. this animal, this creature
7:45 am
you've seen your whole life growing up, but just to be feet away -- i mean, look at this thing i'm on right now. i'm above the ocean and you're standing here and there's this apex predator just swimming languidly and peacefully right below you. it's really special, and it reminds you of the power and beauty of nature. >> sure does. >> power and beauty of nature. >> special would not be the word i would use, but amazing. >> well done, will. >> i was on the boat so it was powerful and beautiful. if i was in the water it would have been a different story. >> a different word. >> skipper john keeping us safe here. >> good crew you have with you. great job, will, thank you. coming up, wait until you meet coach drake. coach drake, it's our "play of the day." ♪ bad to the bone he's bad to the bone. come on back. the doctor's office might mejust for a shot.o but why go back there when you can stay home with neulasta® onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection.
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7:50 am
one person tweeting, if this little dude told me to get it together i'd lose it. he does take his job seriously. >> look at that. >> yeah, but he is a 6-year-old. he is a 6-year-old after all. >> he's been watching a lot of baseball. >> yeah. >> he loves the detroit tigers and i hear he busts a move. look how respectful that he's there. but, yeah, he -- he is a 6-year-old after all. flossing like that. way to go, coach. way to go. coming up, we got a sneak peek behind the scenes of "the lion king." but now... it's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings, with oxi boost and febreze odor remover. smelling is believing and gain flings can hiyah karate stink too. gain flings. seriously good scent and if you love gain flings, you gotta try the dish soap.
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7:53 am
the only thing that brought any kind of solace was the ability to hand her a device so she could call her family and let them know that she was okay. (vo) there for you when it matters most. join us and get up to $650 when you switch. that's verizon. welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." let me introduce you to 13-month-old alice. a future tap-dancer. listen.
7:54 am
so sweet. her mom lori tells us she watches "gma" every morning. when the audience claps, she claps. we love it. thanks for being a part of our family. coming up on "gma," the major ivf mix-up. the parents suing after they found out someone else had their child. all this brought to you by verizon wireless. your local news and weather is next.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by sleep number.
7:56 am
good morning to you. mike nicco has your forecast. >> hi, everybody. check out this view from santa cruz. on our way to 81 degrees. if you're thinking about going to the pool later, strong sunshine out there. breezy at the beaches and best early if you exercise especially inland where we hit the 90s around antioch. 70s around the bay and 60s along the coast into san francisco. check out how hot it is saturday and sunday. a three-car crash blocking one lane just pushed off to the right shoulder. you can see the long stretch of red that is also impacting westbound state route 12. and walnut creek south of 680, a
7:57 am
northbound crash near olympic boulevard in the clearing stages as well. >> thank you so much. coming up on gma, the lawsuit after a major ivf mixup. hear from the parents who found out their child was born to the wrong mother. and we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. tropical threat. the new warnings at this hour as a storm system on track for the gulf coast gets stronger. could it become a dangerous hurricane? buckingham palace break-in. a 22-year-old man climbing over the massive gates in the middle of the night on the loose on palace grounds not far from where the queen was sleeping. questions now about her majesty's security. stunning ivf mix-up. the parents speaking out for the first time after a stranger gave birth to their child. the fallout now and what's the future for their biological child? would you hire a coach to get your kids off their screens you can set rules for devices this summer. now this is how you walk a red carpet.
8:01 am
the handstand in heels by one of r ld moment at the espys. ♪ i think i wanna marry you just married. 52 couples one from each state all saying "i do" just hours ago. now they're taking over times square live as we break down the biggest bridal trends of wedding season and look who is saying -- >> all: good morning, america! that is happening right outside of our window. we'll be out there shortly. good morning, america on this thankful thursday. happy friday eve. look at katelyn again. this is how you rock on the red carpet. >> in heels. look at that. >> beautiful. >> i know coach val, ucla, very proud of her. i love when they came here.
8:02 am
we're excited. we have as we just saw so many happy couples here this morning. newlyweds, yes, they all just had the day of their dreams getting married in central park on wednesday. >> wow. >> that's a lot of brides and grooms. summer, as we all know, is a big time to tie the knot. great tips on finding the perfect look for your special day coming up. >> a couple of good days. some news to get to starting with the tropical threat bringing flooding rain and heavy winds to the gulf coast. fears it could become a hurricane as soon as tomorrow. so we want to go back to ginger who is tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> the biggest fear, the rain. how much water is going to pile up on that southern mississippi river right into new orleans, which already had six to nine inches of rain just yesterday. those images show you with the waterspout what is to come. a precursor for the weekend. timing mostly tomorrow night through the weekend, right now 115 miles south-southeast of the mouth of the mississippi river, should become barry later today. flash flood watches from pensacola, florida, right through gulfport, biloxi, baton rouge, lafayette, hurricane
8:03 am
watches and a storm surge watch because of three to six feet of storm surge in the worst possible area because as it becomes a hurricane tomorrow night into early saturday, new orleans finds itself on the right side. that's where the heaviest rain and surge will be and in this current track, we're concerned about flooding, potentially even the tornados that come onshore and again 10 to 20 inches of rain. >> thanks very much. >> i'm in contact with my sisters already, new orleans and down there in the gulf coast and they're all -- you know, this is that time of the year. >> getting ready. now to that break-in at buckingham palace. an intruder scaling the gates while the queen was there asleep. lama hasan is outside the palace with the latest. good morning, lama. >> reporter: and good morning to you, robin. this was a stunning breach in security and could have been a very close call with the queen in residence and asleep at the time. a 22-year-old man managed to scale the big gates at buckingham palace in the early hours of wednesday morning and
8:04 am
managed to wander about for a good four minutes before police swooped in and arrested him under suspicion of trespass. at the time the man was unarmed and police still have him in police custody, and he is still being questioned. now, at this point they are not treating this as a terror incident. issnir te security has been breached here at the palace. it has happened several times over the years, most famously 37 years ago when michael fagan broke into buckingham palace and into the queen's bedroom and he had a conversation with her for ten minutes before being arrested. fortunately the queen was unharmed. still quite terrifying. as you imagine with this latest incident many questions are now being asked about security here at the palace. guys? >> questions that need to be answered, i'm sure. lama, thank you so much. coming up here, an ivf mix-up. parents are suing after discovering their child was born to the wrong mom. and summer "deryaconndas bargains starting at $5. then our bridal bonanza, 52
8:05 am
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♪ ♪ go crazy crazy ♪ cake by the ocean we had an extra long audience shot because you just got out here. putting on the mic and everything. >> i have to confess i couldn't
8:10 am
find my shoes. so i'm wearing sandals right now underneath the desk. a little wardrobe crisis. you can't even see my feet. all that for nothing. now you can. >> it was great. it was great for the audience to see that. wonderful to have you all with us on thursday. [ applause ] it's a good day to be here because of "deals & steals." [ cheers and applause ] just sayin'. also tomorrow we have inspirational update from that 17-year-old paige winter. remember she was brutally bitten by a shark in north carolina. she is telling us about her next chapter. she is back home and she's got still a long road ahead of her. she is such a brave and resourceful woman and can't wait to give you an update on that remarkable woman, paige winter. [ applause ] she is something. have you had enough time? are you ready? >> i am ready.
8:11 am
are you guys ready? >> let's do it. >> all right. it's time for "pop news," everybody. [ applause ] we're going to start off with a royal playdate. prince william and prince harry went head-to-head at a charity polo match outside london yesterday. and the best part was their adorable cheering section. check it out. it was made up of kate, george, charlotte and louis as well as meghan and 2-month-old archie. now, this marks the royal cousins' first public playdate and it looks like they had a great time. here's george and charlotte playing on the sidelines, a little soccer action. but prince louis continued his streak as the show stealer. check him out waving at his little cousin with mom's sunglasses. too cute. such a little character. >> he is. >> after the match we also got another look. got to love the zoom in. after the match we got a look at prince harry in dad mode hanging with meghan and archie before everyone headed
8:12 am
mission gone viral. ashley was about to stop on the subway when she dropped one of her airpod headphones on to the track. >> on to the track? >> yeah. she tweeted this photo writing while i'm understandably shattered i'm proud of myself for not lunging after it and becoming the first ever airpod-related subway death. so she bid her airpod farewell and called it a day, but when she came back the next day, it was still there. so that's when she decided to launch the recovery mission going full macgyver and went to a store, grabbed a broom, some duct tape and guess what, it actually worked. there's the airpod. ashley is now successfully reunited with her earbud. i'm just hoping she washed it before she used it again after that. >> for her sake i do too. finally a special ending to "pop news." robin, i know you had a busy day
8:13 am
yesterday. y you emceed the women's soccer celebration downtown. some might not know you stopped into wabc for a bone marrow drive supporting those who were needing a natural and those offering to be a match for someone in need of a transplant. so i just wanted to highlight you, and sort of ask you what that was like. [ applause ] >> so grateful to the wabc family for holding a drive like that. i was very blessed. my sister was a match but only 30% of the time a family member is a match. so you need the goodness of somebody from their heart to be on the registry. 70% of the time you're relying on people on the registry. so it d to see. there was a reunion like somebody who donated and the donor and recipient met for the very first time. >> it's so easy. >> all it takes is a swab. >> so easy. about 14,000 americans need a bone marrow transplant each year.
8:14 am
less than half of them get one. so, so important to do it. i was inspired by you. i'm on the registry. >> thank you good. >> thank you, robin. thank you for all you did. >> except for you being late. >> zinger. >> why we love you, robin. now to our "gma" cover story. an ivf mix-up. a couple is suing after they say a complete stranger unexpectedly gave birth to their child and someone else's. we are hearing from them this morning and adrienne bankert has their story. >> reporter: this morning, an ivf mix-up. the parents of a child born to the wrong mother are speaking out for the very first time. >> in no way, shape or form i thought that someone else was carrying -- actually delivered my child. >> reporter: in a newly filed lawsuit, anni and ashot manukyan of glendale, california, allege that cha fertility mistakenly
8:15 am
implanted their embryo along with the embryo of another couple into the womb of a complete stranger who carried the two boys to term and gave birth to the babies in new york. neither child was a genetic match to the new york couple. >> that this could happen, that there aren't checks in the system that prevent this from happening, this is the worst nightmare that you could have as a customer of a fertility center. cha needs to be accountable. >> reporter: the couple in glen dale says they only learned about the ivf confusion a month after their baby was born after they said cha fertility asked them to come in for a dna test, and broke the news to them the following day. >> i almost fell to the ground. i felt my heart beating outside of my body. i was hysterically crying and lashing out. >> reporter: the fertility fail started when the new york couple also suing cha say they were implanted with two embryos. sonograms showed they were having twin boys. even though the embryos
8:16 am
implanted were all female, they say that doctors assured them the sonograms were wrong. ultimately the new york couple did have two boys born on march 31st. in their lawsuit they allege another unmistakable red flag arose during that childbirth. the couple both asian were surprised that the boys did not appear to be of asian descent. they say that dna tests quickly confirmed neither parent was related to the newborns and that the babies were not related to each other either. we've reached out to cha fertility, but they have not responded. now anni and ashot say they weren't able to meet their baby until he was about six weeks old and they filed a separate lawsuit in family court to recover their biological child from the new york couple and were granted custody in may. >> she thought she was carrying her children. so she loved them as much as we love our children, you know. so we were all victims. >> it's adrienneanrthere andr.
8:17 am
>> well, let me take you through the process because any time you have high technology with some human involvement there is the potential for human error and that's what it appears like in this case. in this process when a frozen embryo is removed from a cryotank and then thawed it has some identifying number on it, a bar code, a serial number, a medical record number. that is verified and identified by two pairs of eyes. think nuclear submarine so obviously there was a mishap there, not once but at least twice. >> we all know that so many couples use this technology, are currently going through ivf treatments. should they be worried? >> i think this is an example where we have to think of the numerator and denominator. there are about 400,000 babies born with ivf assistance in this country every year. this is a rare to zero event. it is a nightmare scenario. the bar is set extremely high in this industry and they have zero tolerance policy for mistakes. so i will tell you this is the
8:18 am
worst case scenario for the parents and all the providers involved. >> i did cover something like this a few years ago so it has happened before. is there anything the couples can do? >> just make sure your facility is sart accredited and using board certified doctors and ask about their statistics and again high risk, high reward, high stakes. >> all right, dr. jen ashton, thanks as always. george? we take a look now at something new parents are trying to cut their kids' screen time. a story we saw in "the new york times" how they're hiring coaches to help kids become less dependent on their devices. deborah roberts has the details. hey, deborah. >> hey, george. before you roll your eyes in judgment, let's be honest. so many of us parents are in a constant battle with our kids over their screen obsession. b'y household so some parents have decided that an outside expert voice is the best way to rescue their kids from the clutches of technology. >> guys, breakfast. guys. >> reporter: does this look familiar? >> okay, no, that's it.
8:19 am
everybody, gadgets down now. >> reporter: your entire family tuned out glued to screens. the owens of bellevue, washington, sure recognize it. >> they were pretty addicted. >> the right decision for them is to stay on it and to stay on it. >> reporter: 13-year-old jenna, 12-year-old grace and 9-year-old with their smartphones and tablets. >> i like to watch netflix. i like to play some games. >> when they would tell us to take it off, we would get mad. >> that was a big thing, and a problem in our family. >> reporter: like so many of us, the owens were at their wit's end. desperate they turned to a former teacher to help them reclaim a normal life. she's one of a growing number of consultants being hired by families to swoop in and rescue zoned out kids from their device addictions. >> we as families have to adapt and modify and change as we go and as our kids develop and, of course, as technology changes. >> reporter: for a fee between
8:20 am
$150 and $200 an hour, she hunkers down with screen-weary families. if you're wondering why parents are paying for something they have the power to do, sonia owen admits it's not that easy. >> i would just want to be like, okay, all done and grab it out of their hand, but that never went well. >> reporter: in fact, research shows that kids can develop a kind of dependency on screens. so to get ahead of the problem, the american academy of pediatrics recommends that all kids limit their screen time. other suggestions, media-free time during dinner or in the car, and media-free zones such as bedrooms. and as the owens learned from their consultant their kids' screen time should be earned not given. >> they have to either have their laundry done or have the dishes done or walk the dog and then by having that as their incentive we usually don't have to ask twice. >> reporter: now they're seeing more of this. kids just being kids riding
8:21 am
bikes, walking the dog or playing. a few changes that have had a huge effect on this family. >> i would definitely say it's brought our family together more. >> a nice change but as parents we know it can be tough to set down firm rules when your kids have friends who are doing something completely different, which is why some parents have joined movements such as the wait until 8 pledge, which is connecting parents who vowed to put off giving their kids phones until eighth grade. but as parents we've got to set an example and a study found american adults spend more than 11 hours on various screens and media every daorge. you were just saying. >> most important lesson to remember. >> you don't have them at the dinner table. we don't either. hard to do. >> thanks very much. let's go to ginger. comes tos from pittsburgh.that anybody have a birthday or recently a birthday? and if so, yeah, okay, are y
8:22 am
in denial about your age? well, so is malia. >> malia, are you 2? >> no, no, no, no. >> malia, are you 2? >> i count that as denial of age. poor malia. we love that one. good morning. i'm mike nicco. becoming sunny away from the coast and a few degrees warmer than yesterday. look for partly cloudy and patchy fog again tonight. and the weekend, a little heat wave for the inland neighborhoods. today mid to upper 60s. coasts into san francisco. 72 at richmond. 80s mainly inland. tonight mid to upper 50s. check out the three days of heat. got to get to it. sizzling summer "deals & steals" and tory is back with huge
8:23 am
savings that start off at $5. >> just $5, baby. so these are adorable from rockflowerpaper. they are beach totes, very lightweight. fun, we also have lightweight these amazing little kimonos to wear as a scarf. we have supermodels from the audience. they walked in this morning. these girls are from gulfport, mississippi, here for a girls weekend. >> i'm sorry, they're from where? >> gulfport, mississippi. >> they're from gulfport, mississippi. >> and when they walked in i said we need you guys to model and they froze and realized, like, we're in big, bad new york city. we can't say no, and there they are. normally $15 to $49, all of these slashed more than in half, they start at $7.50. up, bandi. this is not your granny's fanny pack.
8:24 am
even though we have a model for this one -- perfect. perfect. [ cheers and applause ] so ginger has everything in there. >> i have a lip gloss, a phone, i've got -- >> oh, my. >> i have so much makeup in here. i don't know what i plan on doing with this. >> if she was out with her kids or on a cruise or at a concert to go hands-free and have confidence all of your stuff is right there, that's a good thing. normally $34, today slashed in half, $17 and woman owned, made in america. >> woman owned, made in america. >> again, our model. >> yes, our supermodel is still here. so marlyn schiff -- after the show i'm buying these for lara. totally lara's style, these kind of earrings, the beaded, enamel, everything from here is just awesome and lightweight. normally $36 to $48, also slashed in half, $18 to $20. big selection. yes, okay. >> thank you. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> stay with us.
8:25 am
>> stay with us. >> modgy. this is modern and edgy combined. a couple of things here. one is this awesome little dog bowl. >> i love this. >> you can just -- you can carry it just like this. as soon as you put water in it, it's sturdy. look at these, these little things here, drop one of these straight into that little luminary and it's a flameless -- it's a flameless alternative to candles. you set the mood. everything from this company is awesome. lays flat but creates a mood, 10 to $15, today, $5 to $7.50. >> wow. >> always looking for lucas. >> lucas. taking care of him. imagine you just came back from a celebration with soccer stars and you'd like to have some champagne but amber wants wine, but it's a school night so you only are going to do a half a glass each. >> one glass. >> okay, even one glass.
8:26 am
even one glass. so then what do you do with the rest of the bottle? this allows you to preserve the bottle. it will keep the freshness, the quality, the taste for up to weeks and so it's an awesome way to preserve. normally -- you choose wine or champagne. normally $160, today slashed in half, $79 and free shipping. >> free shipping. finally, popcorn. >> that's all i need to say. popcorn. six quarts of popcorn and fun to watch and flip this over and eat it right out of the bowl. normally $40. today, 20 bucks. >> you've done it again. wait a minute. we have partnered with all of these companies on these great deals. you can get them on our website and everyone here is going home with products from marlyn schiff and rockflowerpaper. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
good morning. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui. voters will decide whether to overturn a ban on e-cigarette sales in san francisco. there was a measure certified for november's ballot on wednesday. a group backed by san francisco based juul started the campaign to overturn the ban. last month city supervisors approved banning the sale of nonfda approved e cig products. dense fog for th golden gate bridge commute. looks like we've got some low visibility there. take it easy. increase the following distance. you'll have to have a longer reaction time. finally getting the all clear for the crash in fairfield
8:28 am
westbound 80 off on the shoulder for a while. i think we had one lane blocked. about a 15 minute delay. there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
8:29 am
good morning. let's look at the temperatures. already seeing 70s where the sun is out in clear lake. the rest of us in the 50s and 60s with cloud cover mainly dominating the bay. we have a small craft advisory south of the bay bridge this afternoon. it's going to be hot.
8:30 am
mid to upper 90s midland tomorrow through sunday. >> mike, thank you. beautiful couples that are out here. it will all make sense, all make sense in just a moment. we welcome you back to "gma." we have something special that we'd like to share with you. can you believe it's been 25 years, 25 years since "the lion king" first hit theaters and now we're a week away from the release of the disney classic and i am so excited because ahead of the premiere with the help of my production company, we're giving you a star-studded, primetime special next week with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, intervstusi look at a scene from the movie, and here is a sneak peek. take a look. [ applause ] >> what could bring together -- ♪ -- and inspire millions around
8:31 am
the world. ♪ >> "the lion king." >> "the lion king." >> "the lion king." >> "the lion king." >> i mean, it's spectacular. >> there's no words. ♪ hakuna matata >> announcer: now this tuesday night -- >> you got to have some matata but not too much. >> celebrate the magic of "the lion king." >> it's always been magical and it just got more magical. >> it's unbelievable. >> announcer: in a television event. >> let's talk about the cast. >> it's really fantastic. >> exclusive behind the scenes. ♪ hakuna matata ♪ hakuna matata >> announcer: new interviews, new details. >> they got beyonce but they're like who is playing timon. >> announcer: holding nothing back. >> i'm a crusade for the hyena. that's a very refined cackle. >> boom. >> the music just hits you. >> announcer: from elton john.
8:32 am
>> where is she? robin? hi, gorgeous. >> announcer: to beyonce and donald glover's new epic masterpiece. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> beyonce and donald's take on it, i literally teared up. >> announcer: you won't believe what we're about to show you. >> i don't think anyone has ever seen this besides us. >> announcer: and for the first time anywhere, see the exclusive unreleased scene from the new "lion king." >> how did you do it? how did you do it? >> announcer: the most anticipated movie event. >> when you're able to be part of something that you know is going to be a moment for the world. >> it's fantastic. >> in 24 hours, 224 million people viewed the trailer. >> announcer: you may think it's too good to be true -- >> but it's true. >> announcer: "the lion king," can you feel the love tonight with robin tuesday
8:33 am
night at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. [ applause ] >> i'm telling you, my team and i, we went to a screening earlier this week in new york. it is incredible. it is so special. so entertaining and you're just -- because it's virtual reality. >> the trailer gives you chills. >> i got schil chills too. i can't wait. >> we have many great guests joining us live on "gma." the director jon favreau. i don't know how he did it. seth rogen, hysterical. billy eichner, hysterical. we're so excited they will be here. be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. eastern to see the behind-the-scenes special before "the lion king" hits theaters next week. >> appointment television. >> as is this. >> yes. that's right. we're at the peak of summer. i think we all know what that means, it's wedding season. if you don't ask me ask these 52 couples in times square because they alln wedny in a b we all part of the tlc series "say yes to the dress," america. the host, of course, bridal designer randy fenoli is here
8:34 am
with us. >> thank you. >> i have a question for all of you, ladies and gentlemen, was it the day of your dreams? [ cheers and applause ] i kind of thought they were going to say that. randy, not only did you officiate the wedding which was i'm sure a pretty remarkable thing but you also took each of these ladies shopping to find their dress. how did you make each one so unique for each individual for 52 brides all at once? >> amy, let me tell you something, to get one bride to say yes to a dress is a feat. and we did 52. one from each state, puerto rico and d.c. and it was amazing, i traveled to ten of the states and met ten of the brides personally. we brought them to new york and even though it was a mass wedding, i wanted each and every one of them to be -- to feel like they were the only ones in central park and i have to say these brides are the most incredible women on the planet. [ cheers and applause ]
8:35 am
you know how personal hair and makeup is. >> yes. >> to a woman and there were about ten that were having meltdowns yesterday and just like -- >> i see some people nodding. >> just like miss congeniality when they rush in to help sandra bullock, they were rushing in doing hair, i've got lipstick. there was so much love yesterday and it just warms my heart. >> and all look beautiful. i know you're here for so many brides out there all looking for the perfect wedding dress and you have the top three trends you're seeing this summer and so we're going to start with your first one. it's a cape, so let's bring out our first model. >> because a lot of brides want sleeves, but you really can't -- [ applause ] you really can't raise your arms with sleeves, so this gives you a bit of a coverage, and this is detachable. >> so elegant. >> my design actually and it's detachable so if you want to take it off afterwards you can and it's reasonably priced at $2,400. >> and very unique. i've never seen anything like it.
8:36 am
>> thank you. >> we have got our second model. you call this kiss, of course, keep it simple sister, right? >> right. >> we won't say. >> brides are either going really, really super simple or over the top. kleinfeld kollection. gorgeous, understated, elegant. >> it looks very comfortable too. >> very comfortable. >> she says, it is. i can see that. all right. >> light, airy, breezy. >> our last model coming out, all about colors. are brides moving away from the traditional white. >> it depends on their skin tone and every bride wants to be a little different but really they're either going really, really simple or really opulent over the top. this is by hayley paige with a beti blinged out bod e boddess and a tulle skirt. >> i hear you say that the high neckline is in this year. >> you know, the high neckline. they've got the slit is in. you name it. it's in. look around. 52 brides and 52 different looks.
8:37 am
>> they are all gorgeous dresses so any last-minute tips for anyone picking out the dress if you don't know which to pick. >> always choose the dress that makes you feel the most beautiful because when you feel beautiful, baby, you wear it differently. right, ladies? [ applause ] >> i love it, i love it. >> do you feel beautiful? [ chanting "yes" ] >> randy fenoli, thanks. our thanks to the glam squad. for helping our couples look so great this morning. you can get more tips for these bridal beauty tips on our website, "say yes to the dress" returns with all new episodes starting saturday, july 20th. >> yes. >> on tlc. we'll be right back.
8:38 am
itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
8:39 am
8:40 am
resting, testing, one two three, can you all hear me? my name is rabbi manny shevitz and i'm pleased you invited me to be with you today, and i prepared a few words for this important occasion. >> we are keeping the wedding theme going here this morning. you know the voice. you know the look. senator bernie sanders. >> but i'm already married, happily married. >> that wasn't the only movie you were in. that was about 20 years ago. where did this come from? >> films, they came to burlington.
8:41 am
my wife and i ended up -- she was head of youth directors. we got involved in the film. you have a political reason to bring it up as well now. you're running now for president for the second time. it's a tight competition now. one of the things we're hearing from voters they know you have plans and passion. they want to know more about you as a person. do you accept that critique and what do you do about it? >> well, i think two things, i think, of course people have a right to know about who you are as a person and your family and your life. i think sometimes the media goes overboard on that and does not pay enough attention to what you are trying to do to transform the country, you know, so the issues i talk about are health care for all people, you know, you may like me, or you may not like me, but the truth of the matter is every american is entitled to health care as a human right. >> you're addressing that by going -- 20th anniversary of when you rode a bus with
8:42 am
americans to canada and shed a light on the issue of prescription drug prices. you're also proposing medicare for all. you know the critique that is out there right now on your plan that is going to require raising taxes. it's going to require doing away with the private insurance companies, and the political critique for a lot of democrats you're pushing the party too far to the left. >> the critique is coming from the insurance companies and the drug companies who will spend tens and tens of millions of dollars to maintain a dysfunctional health care system which makes huge profits for them while 80 million americans today either have no health insurance or are underinsured with high deductibles and high co-payments. furthermore as i hope we'll diuspay by far the highegs so, of cours they're doing just great but meanwhile we are spending as a nation twice as much per person as other people of other countries around the world who well, first of all, people do
8:43 am
not like their health insurance companies. what they like is their doctors and their hospitals. the truth is that right now millions of americans cannot get the doctors that they want because their doctors are not in their networks because to pay out of pocket costs. under a single payer system every american will have freedom of choice with regard to the doctor you want, with regard to the hospital that you want. and that is the strength of the medicare for all system. >> you've also been addressing income inequal. all the candidates are putting out new plans to address racial i equali-- inequality and the w gap for african-americans. we're seeing the debate over reparations, over busing. this morning you have an essay in "the washington post" where you say the straightest path is through the 1%. what do you mean by that? >> what i mean by that, we have two issues. number one, you have three people in america if you can believe it -- this is called oligarchy. meanwhile in the midst of that you have massive racial inequalities where the average
8:44 am
white family has ten times more wealth than the average black family, massive disparities in education, red-lining in housing, financial services and so forth so as a nation we have got to address both issues. we have to deal with the overall issue of inequality in america. we have to deal with the racial inequality as well. >> and does that include reparations? >> it includes focusing attention on the most distressed communities in america which are often minority communities. >> this campaign is different from the last time around. you don't have a single focus. do you see -- do you think you're going to have trouble breaking out of this pack? >> well, i'm feeling really good. we have received now 2 individual campaign contributions averaging $19 apiece. i think that's an all-time world record in terms of the number of individual contributions. we have over a misdemeanor volunteers. we're very strong in grassroots activism in the early states so feeling very good. i think our message is that we
8:45 am
cannot continue an economy in which the rich are getting richer when corporate america whether it's the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, whether it is the military industrial complex. they're doing phenomenally well yet half of the people in the country are living paycheck to paycheck and have 500,000 americans sleeping out on the streets today. we need an economy that works for everybody, not just the people on top. >> senator bernie sanders, thanks for coming in. if you want to renew your vows we can take you outside. let's go over to ginger. >> manny, like that one. how about we do this? i want to go to florida. see that lightning strike. look at it come out of the top of the cumulonimbus and strikes outside the storm. you don't need r a little fog along the coasts. temperatures warmer this afternoon. check out my 7-day forecast. a little mini
8:46 am
and now we have to head over to our team with and now we have to head over to our team with a story about princesses. >> thank you, ginger. as the country celebrates the world cup win, we have a closer look at a camp that is inspiring and empowering young women athletes founded by former world cup tramp julie foudy and they're teaming up with disney's dream big princess campaign to support a group of incredible young women. take a look. [ chanting ] >> reporter: i believe that we will win, a chant heard from young female athletes from 14 different countries. the athletes participating in the julie foudy and espnw sports leadership academy, and it's not yourt your typical summer camp. girls get a chance to play sports and learn leadership skills. >> my idea was to try to change gender inequality. >> reporter: it's to empower the next generation of women to
8:47 am
dream big. >> i love that. one, two. you can go out there and dream literally crazy dreams. people will tell you they're crazy, and you'll come back and we'll tell you, no. you're just courageous. >> my dream goal to go to the university of connecticut and be a professional basketball player. >> mine is to be an obstetrician. >> i want to go to uconn and be a starting point guard and then go to the wnba. >> reporter: this year, the camp partnered with our parent company, disney's dream big princess campaign. >> we're getting there. >> reporter: to help them on their path to success. >> whoo! >> playing basketball really helps me stay focused on my dreams. it helps me stay out of the wrong crowd. >> i feel like when i'm on the court i'm home. >> when they leave and they go back they realize, yes, i'm playing basketball. yes, i'm flaying soccer. yes, i'm a great lacrosse player but beyond that i have a voice that i can speak up and i can do
8:48 am
things that i probably never thought of before. >> hard work on three. one, two, three. >> hard work. >> it's been a life-changing experience because i definitely improved my leadership skills. >> i think the biggest message i want them to take away is to raise their hand. take a step forward, to be courageous and bold because when you get out of your comfort zone, we always say that that's where the magic happens. >> amen to that. get outside of your comfort zone. wonderful to see tamika catchings, former university of tennessee and wnba star. coming up, more fun at the espys with the world cup champs.
8:49 am
8:50 am
welcome back to "gma." we have a little more from the espys. it was a fantastic night filled with exciting and inspires moments honoring so many top athletes. our sponsor century 21 was there to celebrate some of the people
8:51 am
who had their greatest year ever. >> reporter: the best and brightest of sports and entertainment, dazzling on the red carpet as they come together for the 2019 espys, celebrating the year's best moments in sports. >> alex morgan. >> reporter: alex morgan, fresh off her team's world cup win, adding more to the trophy case, taking home best female athlete. >> it's been such a whirlwind but i think it's just a testament to this team and how much we lift each other other. girls look at us on the top of the podium or at the top of the stage and on top of the world and they're like, oh, my god, they've never had hardships or they forget, yeah, you forget but i feel like i've learned so much more from my failures than my successes. >> reporter: it was also a big night for our sponsor, century 21. the ceo hitting the red in support of the breakthrough athlete award.
8:52 am
>> century 21 loves the spirit of the breakthrough athlete award with naomi, christian, aaron and saquon. such a cool award. they are relentless in the way they go about delivering in their sport every day. the same way our agents trying to deliver the dream of home ownership in our day-to-day business. >> and the espy goes to -- >> saquon barkley. [ applause ] >> reporter: "gma" was one of the first to congratulate saquon barkley on the win. >> when my name was called just like, ooh, you just won an espy. >> reporter: and so many others like gymnast katelyn ohashi who won her first espy for best viral sports moment. >> it was really nerve-racking, like, i was, like, oh, and i'm cold so i felt like i was already shaking and you shake more when you are nervous. i was, like, okay. catch your breath. it's fine. >> reporter: and zion williamson honored for his breakout collegiate performance. >> one of those things where you look at mom and say, mom, this is yours. you do what you want with it. >> so exciting. all right.
8:53 am
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8:56 am
sharing a portion of your thursday morning with us and so >> they were so beautiful and having so much fun there. a big thanks to kleinfeld's and the glam squad for getting all those 52 couples together. >> have a great day, everyone. together. >> have a great day, everyone.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. mike nicco has the look at the forecast. >> a beautiful shot from santa cr cruz. 81 today. 80s inland. wear your sunscreen. burn time about 15 minutes. better early if you're exercising because of the temperatures. only warmer from here. look at the mid to upper 90s friday through sunday inland. low 80s around the bay. >> emeryville westbound 80 past powell, a 2-car crash. sounds minor on the shoulder. a little heavy as you come from from the elsa rido area. >> now time for live with kelly and ryan and we'll see you again
9:00 am
at 11:00 a.m. for midday live. you can always find us on our >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, "world news tonight" anchor david muir. and wild and wonderful experiments courtesy of science bob. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hey, guys.


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