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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 13, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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i'm luz pena in san francisco's mission district. at this time on a saturday night, streets will be packed and even this park with families. as you can see, it's empty. many families tell us they are concerned about tomorrow's raids. >> i'm lisa amin gulezian. i spoke exclusively with the father of a 2-year-old hit by a suspected drunk driver. >> warm temperatures continue inland this weekend, but a cooling trend is on the way. >> reporter: now news to build a better bay area, from abc7. >> tonight bay area families are preparing for possible immigration raids that could now be just hours away. >> in some san francisco neighborhoods, people are staying inside, hoping to remain safe. this comes as local leaders rally to make sure undocumented individuals know their rights. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. tomorrow's possible raids are
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expected to focus on as many as 2000 people who have been identified by president trump as a top priority for deportation. >> the raids are expected to happen in nine cities nationwide tomorrow. new orleans was original liz also on the list, but raids there may now be delayed due to a storm. >> there have also been recent immigration arrests in some cities like san diego, but those are different from tomorrow's possible operations. tonight, abc7 news reporter luz pena is in san francisco's mission district, a neighborhood where i.c.e. agents have knocked on doors before. > many undocumented immigrants there say they are scared and they might not go to work. luz? >> reporter: eric and dion, it's saturday night and this is not francisco's mission district. normally there would be street vendors and people chatting out here with their neighbors. as you can see, it's empty and quiet. >> hopefully it's a false alarm. i'm praying to god it's a false alarm. >> reporter: deanna is holding onto hope that raids won't happen in her neighborhood.
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her husband is undocumented and won't be going to work tomorrow. >> we didn't get to prepare if they do catch him, so we had to have our information not to open the doors and not to fill out no papers. >> reporter: on every corner the sense of uncertainty is almost palpable. >> we work at a preschool. the families, the streets are quieter because they're just -- you have to be safe. >> reporter: in this laundromat, this woman who preferred not to be identified said her sister and her two children are undocumented and staying the night with her. they're afraid i.c.e. knows where they live. the street vendor wants federal government to rethink the scheduled raids. i pray to god, have some heart. >> what the community needs is justice. >> reporter: immigration lawyers with the rapid response network say they are ready and want the undocumented community to know their rights.
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>> from contra costa, sacramento down to monterey, santa clara county, we have dozens and dozens of immigration attorneys at free cost ready to represent you. >> reporter: the rapid response network is informing the undocumented community to restrain from answering to any questions by an i.c.e. agent unless they have a warrant with their name on it. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> luz, thank you very much. now, earlier today city officials and union workers held events to inform people about their rights and take a stance against any possible raids. >> abc7 news reporter cornell barnard has this story. >> we do not know if i.c.e. will come into the city of berkeley. >> reporter: he told a crowd at the city sponsored rally berkeley is ready to protect undocumented residents from i.c.e. raids. >> we are a proud sanctuary city. our police will not cooperate in
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any way in a i.c.e. action. >> reporter: know your rights. >> when an i.c.e. agent comes to your door you are not required to open your door. we want people to understand that. >> people are feeling scared. >> reporter: carolina martinez says her community is uneasy about possible i.c.e. raids. she works with undocumented students at berkeley college. she remembers the fear she had when she was undocumented. >> if i saw police, it would scare me, or even to have friends. >> reporter: at s.f.o., union workers say they won't assist i.c.e. in any way. >> immigrant workers, you know, run san francisco. immigrant workers run this airport, and we are here today to say that as unionized workers we will not collaborate with i.c.e. in any way. deportations happening at s.f.o. >> reporter: meept congresswoman jackie spear and democratic colleagues return to a texas migrant detention center and found things have not improved one year later. >> it's inhumane. we've got to move these populations to other locations. >> we are not terrorists.
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>> reporter: vice-president mike pence toured a border facility in mcallen texas on friday. he conceded what he saw was tough stuff. meantime, back in berkeley, there were calls to close the detention centers altogether. >> close the camps now. >> reporter: the mayor says you can almost guarantee there will be protests if i.c.e. comes into berkeley. meantime the aclu has filed suit in federal court requiring all immigrant detainees have the right to a lawyer if they wish. in berkeley, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> it is important to know your rights, and we have resources to help. go to our website, action, for information on immigration and a list of local resources. >> a 2-year-old is in serious condition tonight after being hit by a drunk driver in santa rosa who left the scene of the crash. police have since arrested him. >> only abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian spoke with the little girl's father and lisa is now live in our newsroom. how is the family doing?
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>> it's a very hard time, eric, for the family. she was with her great mother when she ran away from her and into the street. the family meantime is devastated by what happened. >> i seen her last night. >> reporter: the family is still in shock after she was hit by a drunk driver in santa rosa. >> i'm very mad, right. i'm very angry that he was driving and that he was driving so recklessly. >> reporter: the suspected driver is hector lari 0, s, a man with four dui convictions and police say was also busted for another hit and run the week prior. soon after thursday's crash, police found him and his van at a nearby apartment complex. >> he should have stopped and said, hey, let's call 911. get some help for this little girl, please. help her. no, he took off. >> reporter: the day of the crash, she was with her great grandmother running errands. at one point they were getting into the car when the toddler ran away. then beverley heard the crash. >> a very loud thump, and then
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when i saw people screaming and running into the street, then i realized it was probably her. >> reporter: she was thrown several feet. she's on a breathing tube and has bruised lungs and head lacerations. she's currently being sedated and is in and out of consciousness. >> we're praying and praying and praying she's going to make it through. she's a strong little girl. she will. she will make it through. >> reporter: she is just 3 feet tall and loves to make people laugh. her family can't wait until she's home again. >> when you see her, she bright enz you up. any time we take her anywhere, everyone always falls in love with her. >> reporter: and the gofundme has been set up to help the family. if you'd like more information, just go to our website,, where we have a link to the page. in the newsroom, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> all right, we will continue following this story, lisa. thanks. concord police are searching for the person who shot a man in the parking lot of six flags
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hurricane harbor this afternoon. it happened before 5:00. police say the shooting happened after an argument between the suspect and the male victim. he was taken to john muir medical center where he is expected to survive. the gun has is described as a male with tattoos all over his backside. he drove off in a silver four-door sedan with front bumper damage. >> police identified two contra costa county men believed to be responsible for the killing of another man at a concord motel 6 last night. investigators are looking for 32-year-old adam renfroe of brentwood and 40-year-old robert brown of bay point. the victim has been identified as daniel schraeder. they searched the home believing they were holed up inside but not located. schraeder was found with a gunshot wound at 11:00 p.m. friday night. >> a san jose grandfather was left dead. police say the first responding officers to the home on montecito drive actually chased a car seen leaving the
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neighborhood. a car sped off, but officers stopped the chase out of safety. officers found an 84-year-old man dead inside the house. they found evidence that a home invasion had taken place. the victim's name has not yet been released. >> new at 11:00, a playground in alameda was badly damaged after what firefighters believe is a case of arson. alameda fire crews put out the fire atwood stock park on cyprus avenue after 3:30 this morning. the entire play structure and surrounding rubberized turf was in flames. crews responded to the same park to put out a fire in a garbage cann. when abc7 news arrived on the scene, a touching note asking for the park to be rebuilt had been posted on the fence. nobody was hurt. >> well, still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a massive power outage plunged new york city into darkness tonight. subways and times square signs went dark while they figured out what went wrong. >> some fishermen have quite the
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story to tell when they hooked this shark in the bay area. >> i'm meteorologist. the marine layer so shallow that the fog has cleared from the golden gate bridge. does this mean temperatures may warm up a little bit tomorrow?
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a massive black out today in new york city left the busiest parts of manhattan in the dark for hours. >> parts of mid town and the west side were powerless and paralyzed bid the outage and tonight the power is back on. >> here's abc7 news reporter megan with more from new york city. >> i don't think they can make it any darker in here. so hard to see. >> reporter: mid town manhattan and the upper west side, two of new york city's busiest neighborhoods, without power. more than 40,000 customers in
11:15 pm
the dark. some stuck in elevators in high-rise buildings. times square, going silent. those giant monitors usually splashed with advertisements and glittering bright lights, black. traffic lights suddenly not working. motorists using caution before proceeding through them. >> no power at 6th and 16th. >> reporter: some of the city's subway stations eerily pitch dark. trains still running. even at abc news where the news never stops, work ground to a halt. computers taken off line. mayor bill de blasio on the campaign trail in iowa assuring residents. >> all of our emergency personnel are being deployed to address the situation. it appears to be a limited power outage, but still affecting a meaningful number of people for sure. >> reporter: con edison saying a transmission line was to blame. ironically on this date in 1977, new york city also had a massive black out.
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megan, abc news, new york. >> in the east bay, one person has been sent to the hospital after a van crashed this afternoon into a cvs on moraga road in moraga. several people were inside that van. one person from the van was taken to the hospital. police say an elderly driver tried to park when his foot slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator. the building was not seriously damaged. >> we have some incredible video taken by a group of sport fishermen who hit the bay this morning and you won't believe what they managed to reel in. the fishermen were out in the bay near alcatraz when they said they hooked gigantic shark. the shark took the bait, chomping down hard on a fish car casa tachd to the hook. after a mighty struggle that lasted a minute or two, the fisherman cut the line and released the shark back into the bay. just two days ago, the san mateo sheriff's office said great whites were spotted off half moon bay. to quote a movie about sharks,
11:17 pm
"jaws," you're going to need a bigger boat. >> just glad it way gnawing carcass and not an arm or finger. frances and drew, how lovely of a toss. >> we're seeing some changes in the weather pattern. the marine layer so shallow and you can see it here with live doppler 7 and the satellite image. lots of clear conditions around the bay area. you see some clouds just off the peninsula coast, but even some clearing along the north bay coast. a live shot as we look toward downtown san francisco. clear out there tonight. it's currently 57 in san francisco. oakland 61. san jose 63deee de of 54 degree. look at this lovely beautiful view from the east bay hills looking out towards san francisco. it is just a gorgeous evening out there. temperatures still mild in the north bay. santa rosa, napa, petaluma in the low 60s. concord is still at 73 degrees
11:18 pm
right now, and they hit a high in the 90s today. and here's what you can expect with our forecast animation. so the marine layer is quite shallow, and you'll notice that we tend to see the fog move in overnight. but that's not going to be the case with the latest forecast animation. in fact, it just shows some limited clouds and some fog possibly along the peninsula coast by tomorrow. and then clearing out as well because of high pressure that's helping push the clouds away. so this is going to allow temperatures to warm up once again. overnight, we'll be mild and clear with most temperatures in the 50s. san francisco 56. oakland 57. san jose 59. and check out antioch at 64. that will be your low overnight. also if you're headed to the at morning. again, a few clouds out there. the walk starts at 10:30 a.m., already in the 60s. more sunshine in the afternoon. warming up to 66 with a slight sea breeze as well of about 15
11:19 pm
miles per hour. so that on shore flow will keep temperatures in the 60s. but for tomorrow look for another warm day, even hot as well. through morgan hill and gilroy in the low 90s. san jose 85 degrees on the lower part of the peninsula we'll find the low 80s. and really comfortable in san mateo at 76. pacifica in the 60s. so breezy at the coast with downtown san francisco coming up. so more sunshine. we should hit 70 degrees tomorrow. and look for mid-'80s in petaluma, sonoma, still some 90s through parts of the north bay like ukiah, clover dale, 94. the east bay will also be nice and mild. mid 70s to low6 degrees. fremont 80 degrees. plenty of sunshine, clear skies and hot weather will continue in the inland valleys. brentwood the warm est spot 95 degrees. livermore 90 degrees. here's a look at the week ahead. for the inland areas, we're above average. and temperatures will gradually start to cool through the
11:20 pm
workweek. and by next weekend, we'll be about 10 degrees cooler for inland locations. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so, another gorgeous day, hot inland, mild at the coast once again. the cooling begins and we'll notice temperatures gradually drop for inland areas by as much as 10 degrees around the bay. temperatures will drop by about 5 to 6 degrees, but at the coast, it's going to be cool all week long. maybe mid 60s by the end of the week. so not too much change there. >> okay. >> thanks, frances. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, they're not the youngest of suffers, but still, i hope i get this right, shredding the nar. >> had to use my english dictionary on that.
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life. to the fullest. on the peninsula, surfers
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took part in a benefit for nonprofit that benefits natural resources. abc7 news was in pacifica for the kahuna pahuna that brought together surfers age 37 and up. >> it's specifically designed for older surfers. it's a community event. it brings the surfing community here in the bay area together once a year in july. >> the event gives lifelong surfers a way to continue competing out in the open water with people in their own age group. >> oh, so that's shredding the nar. who knew. >> never heard of it. i just know hang ten. this is the right symbol? >> you're talking to the wrong guy. anyway, anthony is here with sports. i know wipe out. >> today the giants had a wild ride and would wipe out against the brewers. still to come, the giants fall short against milwaukee's best and seth curry can do it all.
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l >> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino >> should the giants trade mad bum? that's the conversation happening throughout the bay area. i say keep him. the giants have won eight of their last ten and are making a push for the wild card. my producer alex, on the other hand, argues even with the surge, they're still in last place in the division and still not at .500. so we must ask again, could this have been bumgarner's last start in a giants uniform? it would be tough to see that stare coming in another uniform. bottom four, giants up 1-0.
11:29 pm
bruins trying to tie it. pena deep to left center. kevin pi lar picks it up. brandon crawford throws to buster posey at the plate. mike mu stack is is out. he tags him just before his hand swipes the plate. giants down 4-2. pinch hitter stephen vogt, he's pleased with the moment. bottom nine, giants one strike away from extra innings, but reyes gives up the walk off double to ben. giants lose 5-4. a's and white sox, beautiful sunny day at the coliseum. a second batter of the game as matt chapman. he doubles off the right field wall to bring in marcus semien. just like that oakland has a 1-0 lead. just four batters later robbie grossman sends a sharp single make it 3-0. chris herman singles to right. 4-0. that ends the day for white sox
11:30 pm
starter dylan covey. the a's bring in one-time debt weiller and franklin greets him with a three-run bomb to left center. 7-0 a's after the first inning and they roll to the win 13-2. >> anybody can do damage any day, you know. we're not reliant on one guy every day to come in and produce. you know, it happened that we scored some runs up top today, but there's a lot of times where guys in the bottom lineup are carrying the team through the day. i think we take pride in being good one through nine. >> to tahoe for the american century championship, it's the celebrity golf turnlt. steph curry loves golf. maybe he doesn't love this shot on 14 from the spine straws. knocks it into the grand stands. steph can only laugh.couldn't d. the fans lov out the at otus rolls off the green onto the collar. playing partner justin
11:31 pm
timberlake can't believe it, but steph would miss the par putt. on 17 timberlake, hike, hike to aaron rodgers. steph runs the pattern, then goes over the middle. rogers throws the strike. he catches it in stride. steph just your average three-sport star. you know what, he's already looking forward to the next nba season. >> you get to game six of the finals, as a side accomplishment. we want to win, look forward to next year. it's going to be a different set up. we have a lot of cool if i dense with what we're going to be able to do. >> i had to gain a lot of perspective from the finals as well. i kept texting steph and telling him i'm ready to go, somebody gets injured, you know? i never got the call, so it's good to finally catch up with him. >> this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. so steph didn't need timberlake for basketball, but he might need singing lessons. he trails his father heading into tomorrow's final round. the loser has to sing karaoke
11:32 pm
next year. they may be warming up. me, me, me. >> bring back the jump in the lake, guys. >> more entertainment, right? >> that's right. >> you're his single voice. >> i'm tone deaf. i shouldn't have even tried that. >> thanks, anthony. >> much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. a central valley man has his car broken into, but manages to track down the suspect himself. how he used his dashcam to do it even though it was stolen and hundreds of miles away. >> bay area
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas.
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>> and i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines now, bay area families are preparing for possible immigration raids that could now be just hours away. some families in san francisco are staying inside, hoping to stay safe. immigration lawyers say they are ready and want the undocumented community to know their rights. the raids will target about 2000 people who recently crossed the border. >> the family of a 2-year-old in serious condition is praying for a full recovery after she was hit by a drunk driver in santa rosa. the man police say was the driver, hector larios, took off from the scene without stopping but has since been arrested. larios has four dui convictions. >> the entire play structure at the woodstock avenue was found in fire. >> now to barry, the first official hurricane this season
11:37 pm
in the atlantic, the hurricane made landfall as a category one. it has since weaken today a tropical storm. thousands are without electricity tonight and as abc elizabeth her reports, it could get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: barry making landfall, slamming into the central louisiana coast as a category 1 hurricane. >> i also want to caution everybody, this is just the beginning. i ask everyone to stay vigilant. >> reporter: the storm now no longer a hurricane, but authorities warning aid is on the move. still packing punishing winds and torrential downpours. morgan city hard hit with barry up rooting trees, damaging homes and property and at its peak, leaving the city totally dark. >> it's fragile now. major decision to shut the city down. we're 100% out of electricity at this point. >> reporter: a levee topped by the rising water, these horses now rescued after becoming
11:38 pm
stranded. >> you saw how deep the water was, almost to their necks. we knew we had to get them out. >> reporter: this levee in myrtle grove also overtopped, but according to officials, not a single levee along the mississippi river has failed. in new orleans, for the first time in history, all of the city's floodgates were closed ahead of the storm. >> it's been cool, breezy, a little smattering of rain yesterday, but not enough to amount to anything. >> reporter: some residents now breathing a sigh of relief, but the mayor stressing the danger isn't over yet. >> we are not in any way out of the woods, and we will continue to reiterate this today, tonight, and into tomorrow. >> reporter: and this iss t cyse mississippi river here in the french quarter, closed as a precaution, again, with barry still on the move. elizabeth her, abc news, new orleans. >> search and rescue teams are
11:39 pm
being sent from around the country to louisiana including from here in the bay area. today governor newsome deployed firefighters from here in menlo park as well as san diego and orange county. those teams will join several texas teams to assist emergency services in baton rouge. >> two people are wanted for pulling off a robbery in alameda that sounds like it was straight out of a movie. police say at about noon on thursday, a man lit a firecracker in the refrigerated beer section of a safeway store. they say the distraction allowed a woman to wheel a cartful of groceries right out the front door. the two suspects were seen in a compact silver suv. >> a busy street in concord is closed this weekend while crews remove a construction crane used in an apartment fire. abc7 news was there when the crane was being dismantled. all three lanes of westbound concord boulevard are closed between galindo street and mira vista terrace. the road is expected to open by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. the crane was used to help rebuild the renaissance square apartments which were under construction during the fire
11:40 pm
last year. more than $55 million in damage was done to the 180-unit complex. nearly 250 people had to be evacuated from nearby apartments. >> new at 11:00, a fresno man who had his car broken into in redding was able to help police track the suspects through his dashcam which was also stolen. >> reporter daly yurong has this story with our sister station in fresno. >> reporter: the video captured the moment the man swiped the camera. >> one of the items is a hat that says dad, my dad hat because i'm expecting. >> reporter: his wife will give birth to their daughter in november. a personalized water bottle printed with the baby's ultrasound was also taken. >> belongs to my wife and it's for my daughter, you know. it was very personal. >> reporter: when he returned to his northwest fresno home on monday, he started getting notifications on his phone. >> he went and he connected the
11:41 pm
camera to another vehicle and he was trying to figure it out. that's when i got a picture of his face. >> reporter: he kept every motion-activated video and alerted redding police. >> they were like, wow, you really know where they are? i'm like, yeah, i'm watching him live. and i have a gps location. pinpointing their spot. >> reporter: on thursday police moved in on these two people with his help. >> cops coming around. >> oh, my gosh. >> hands on the steering wheel. >> reporter: the man in the video told police he bought the camera for 30cks. officers are still looking for a suspect. >> he was able to retrieve some video from the camera and provided it to the officer. that's part of this case, but it was a pretty dark and poor quality, so it didn't have a whole lot of facial features. >> reporter: andy hodge of palo
11:42 pm
alto-based al kamm said their videos have led to theft arrests. >> the video not only got him breaking into the car but a few times after the camera because he didn't quite understand that this isn't a dashcamera like they've been building for the last few years. this is a next generation where it's connected like your phone is. >> i never thought i would go down the road of tracking down a person, locate him, communicate with the cops from two different cities, and try to get in and nailing down live on my phone. >> reporter: in fresno, daly yurong, abc7 news. >> the maker of that dashcam is based in palo alto. >> still a oabc7ews at 11:00, a california school superintendent is facing backlash for a campus shooting drill. but he's not apologizing. why some parents say the drill was too realistic. >> temperatures were pretty cool at the coast today and hot inland. tomorrow will be another gorgeous day with more sunshine.
11:43 pm
and enjoy it while you can because a cooling trend is on the way and i'll let you know coming up. >> this year's aids walk san francisco is tomorrow, july 14th, in golden gate park. >> the 10 k fund-raising park benefits dozens of local hiv and aids programs like project open hand and resource center. to register call ♪
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a central california school is facing criticism for an active shooter drill some called too realistic. this elementary school in raise incity had a janitor wear a mask and carry a fake gun. he ran through the hallways pounding on doors trying to get. no othe tchers or students were given any advance notice that it was a drill. one teacher sai sheho it might have actually been the real thing and is worried her students were traumatized by the
11:47 pm
simulation. >> i had one boy who was -- he was trying to be very quiet about it, but he was sobbing. you can imagine, i was upset and i'm, you know, a 48-year-old adult. but in the back of my mind, i don't know that it's a drill. i think, my goodness, this could really be happening. >> yeah, i'm sure a lot of people thought that. the superintendent who called for the drill is defending his decision. he says his goal is to save lives, and that means making the experience realistic. >> the fiery battle over the fame is sriracha hot sauce ended with the jury awarding $23 million to a pepper maker. the sole supplier filed a lawsuit over a breach of contract and fraud. underwood ranches had worked with the foods for three decades before a financial dispute led to the partnership collapsing in 2017. the foods plans to fight the decision and it is getting peppers from other farms. underwood is now producing its own sauces. >> turning to the weather, maybe
11:48 pm
hot and spicy. hot and fiery. >> i like any of those. except in my neighborhood. let's go to frances. >> we have hot and mild for you and we had it today. we'll see it again tomorrow. the marine layer is very compressed. you can see with live 2k07 letter 7 the cloud cover is already broken up. we have low clouds off the peninsula coast, but lots of clear conditions around the bay area. overnight lowes will be mild and clear. most temperatures in the 50s with the exception of antioch really hanging onto the 60s overnight. 64 there. san jose 59 degrees. tomorrow is going to be another gorgeous day with even more sunshine. so i think temperatures at the coast are going to warm up. for example, san francisco getting up to 70. we'll see really comfortable temperatures ed in the east bay. oakland 76. san jose 85 and still hot inland. some of the warm est temperatures in the mid 90s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. another hot day inland tomorrow. mild at the coast. and notice we'll have a gradual cooling trend throughout the week.
11:49 pm
it will be ten degrees cooler for inland areas, but not much change at the coast. >> still hot in your neighborhood. >> thank you. >> anthony flores is here with sports. >> we're going to cool things down because we have a pair of cool videos to show you. still to come, patrick ma hone with an awesome display of arm strength. and. get that out of here. get that out of here. derrick carr playing some oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> welcome back. look at that picture. lebron james looks happy. maybe that's because he has the lakers the way he wants them, ready to make a run at an nba tght. today the lakers introduced anthony davis their newest superstar. davis comes to l.a. in a trade with new orleans. he's considered one of the most talented players in the nba. a.d. and lebron give the lakers a one-two punch that make them
11:53 pm
the betting favorites in vegas. davis is pretty confident as well. >> a lot of players teaming up and kind of spreading that talent throughout the league, it's going to be a fun season. i like our roster. i like every player that we have, you know, from one through 15 -- 14. one through 14. so i'm excited about it and, you know, i'll put our roster up against anybody. i feel like that, you know, in the seven-game series we'll come out victorious. >> now, the warriors introduced alec burkes, the newest member of their team earlier this week. the 27-year-old guard averaged 9 points and four rebounds playing for three teams last season including the sacrament king. burkes was all set to sign with the oklah paul george demanded a trade to the clippers. once that happened, burkes realized okc was not the right fit so he decided to sign with the dubs. >> i'm from kansas city. that's very close to okc, so that's kind of a big factor,
11:54 pm
too, you know. coach billy and sam, they really, you know, i wouldn't seri consumer reportered but they talked to me the way i like the direction was going, but, you know, things change in the league every day. so you still got steph, klay. klay came out of my draft class. draymond. willie is here, he's from kansas city. i played with him in sacramento. i talked to steve kerr. he told me on it. >> well, pro athletes like steph curry are used to overcoming pressure in their sports, but this weekend, many of them are out of their element. hitting the links at the american century championship, beautiful day at lake tahoe. steph eagled a par 5 18th on friday. today the approach, real close to the rocks. but takes a nice bounce that sets him up again. you know steph. he has a chance to make a 3. he usually buries it, and he does. two straight 77s for steph. now, curry's dad del on 18 hit it in the water so he needs this
11:55 pm
long putt to take the lead. over steph in the tournament. guess what? money! steph loves it. the loser this year is singing karaoke at the opening dinner next year. they're paired up tomorrow along with ray allen. tony romo defending champion at 10 not for long, sets up the birdie which he will make. romo with two consecutive 70s and could be the first wire to wire winner in a decade. hey, he's treating this like a real tournament. for him it is. >> you're going to miss putts. i think the key is not to really get too emotionally invested in every putt that you make because you play the right shot, you know, you map it out before you ever tee off and you just stick with your game plan, and then execute the shot, if you're hitting it well enough, you'll have enough looks. some will go in. >> room, room, let's go racing. nascar under the lights in kentucky. it goes to overtime. last lap is a battle between the busch brothers. kyle and curt looking for his first one of the year.
11:56 pm
kyle in the yellow he's the advantage. these brothers do a little banging. both guys nearly lose it coming out of turn 4. curt recovers faster, wins the battle of the brothers. dives into the crew after taking his first checkered flag of the season. hey, check this out. chiefs quarterback patrick mahone showing off his arm. this is incredible. the nfl mvp throws it out of arrow head stadium. it's reportedly 260 feet high. to give you some perspective, that would have cleared coit tower with at least 50 feet to spare. what arm strength. that is impressive. but maybe not as impressive as this. not in my house. that's raiders quarterback derek carr rejecting one of his sons. hey, you know what he's teaching him 1234 y him? you have to finish up strong when you go hoop in the carr house. he's teaching them ball fake, ball fake. that's 3 years old learning the hardware. sometimes in basketball life is not fair. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino.
11:57 pm
>> question, mr. flores. has mrs. carr seen this footage? >> probably not. >> yeah, i think the rules of the game would be changed. >> yep. >> what you did not see is probably that child crying in a corner afterward. >> yeah. >> come on. >> that's what i'm saying. it's all fun and games. >> if mama had seen that, wouldn't be the only kid crying in the house. >> something tells me a few minutes later he lifted him up so he could slam dunk it and get the feeling ever making a basket. >> hope so. thanks, anthony. >> with
11:58 pm
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