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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 15, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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coming up on 4:30. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic. hi lisa. >> good morning to you. another beautiful look at the view from the east bay here where you can see it's breezy and clear. 57 in san francisco, 58 in oakland, 62 in san jose, 61 in morgan hill. really mild out there in some of our inland valleys. in the 50s santa rosa, 63 in livermore. as you step outside, some of you are mild, others will need the jacket. the coast could be a few degrees warmer in the 60s. we'll look at low 80s inland by noontime. upper 80s. that's the change today. coming down a couple degrees, out of the 90s for you in the inland valleys. looking at the commute this morning, looking great so far today. a live look at walnut creek. southbound 680 north of the 24 split, we have the really light volumes and very few incidents
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on the board. in fact, the one i told you about in the oakland area, sbounld 880 near oracle is cleared. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 14 minutes. save drive time. taking up to 15 minutes. northbound 85 highway 101 to cupertino. president trump's promised deportation sweep did not materialize as expected. there are no reports of i.c.e. raids in any of the ten cities udingan frcio. fear lingers among undocumented families. some are carrying cards that spell out their rights, like not having to answer the door in the case of an i.c.e. agent knocking. the eyes of america are not just focused on the ids rah. abc news spoke with congresswoman anna ash shew who visited a detention center in texas over the weekend. >> we need comprehensive immigration reform.
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i think border patrol is doing everything they can. they're a law enforcement agency. these children don't below in a law enforcement agency. they haven't committed any crimes. >> the congresswoman says the conditions at the center are inhumane. many members of congress wore face masks because of risks of bacterial meningitis. >> we've been following the story. we have a series of stories on our website. go to critics of president trump are firing back after president targeted four liberal congresswoman. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling the comments racist and xenophobic. he stated they should stop criticizing the government and, quote, go back to where they came from. it appears to be a reference of outspoken recently elected minority women including
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alexandria ocasio cortez, ian nah presley. senator kamala harris responded to the tweets. >> it is absolutely racist and un-american. it is an old trope, go back to where you came from. you might hear it on the street. you should never hear that from the president of the united states. >> senator harris also says, quote, mr. trump doesn't understand his possibilities and what the american people want. a man who pleaded no contest in a notorious murder case is expected to be sentenced. detectives say sean gallon confessed to killing a couple as they slept on a beach. that case went unsolved for two years. he admitted to shooting and killing his own brother. he'll likely receive three consecutive life terms when he's sentenced this morning. prosecutors in the ghost ship fire trial is expected to
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call rebuttal witnesses. derick almena was the last witness for the defense. almena and co-defendant max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter charges for the 2016 fire in oakland. prosecutors say they let people live in the warehouse... the coast guard crew will return to the home base in almena after seizing hundreds of millions of cain. you may remember this of the chase involving crew members of the cut ear monroe. crew members jumped into a moving semi submersible vessel. >> these vessels are very difficult to get on to, especially when they're non-compliant, there's no rails, no safety features. once they do get on board, they don't know what's going to be waiting for them down below. they open the hatch and you never know if these folks are
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going to be violent or if they're going to have weapons. >> the coast guard arrested five smuggling suspects and seized 17,000 pounds of cocaine, worth about $230 million on the street. it's 4:35. happening today, amazon prime day is in full swing already. deals are available to prime members only. >> that subscription costs $119 a year. you can sign up for a free one-month trial. abc news anchor dion lim shows how other stores are trying to compete. >> two-day parade of epic deals. >> amazon is promising over a million deals worldwide. >> you don't need to go shopping anymore. go to amazon prime. >> reporter: it's been such a success. last year amazon's website crashed. this year the online retailer is extending the sale to two days. it will launch as often as every five minutes, like $50 off the echo, up to 50% off select tvs
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and 40% off select toys. other retailers are trying to get in on the shopping frenzy, offering deals of their own. walmart running a competing sale and ebay and target will be slashing their own prices beginning on monday. be smart about your purchases, make a list of items in advance, set alerts and install browser extensions so you can track prices easily across multiple sites and make sure you're getting the best deal. >> reporter: dion lim, abc 7 news. apollo 11 began a historic journey to the moon 50 years ago this week. nasa is lon org with a blast from the path. start preparing for a possible nice wide strike. thousands of pop make aids walks -- >> it's 4:36 in the morning. >> good morning. waking up to live doppler 7
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without fog. that's a switch. day after day we've been socked in with the mist and drizzle. don't worry. that's coming for your tuesday morning. monday morning is nice and clear. 58 in sunnyvale. 64 in mountain view. we have more 60s in our inland eastbound, 62 in lafayette, livermore 63. 50s from saab baft bol, san francisco, san jose. sunny skies at the coast and around the bay. the sea breeze will be up and we'll continue to see a couple degrees tripled off our inland valleys. the fog comes back in earnest. a stronger onshore push. driving in mass transit, no problems. small craft advisory in and outside the bay today. maybe a little breezy for you. looking at the high temperatures on the peninsula at about 80 around mountain view and redwood city. south bay, low to mid 80s. even warmer, and overnight tonight more fog out there.
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for monday morning, alexis, i'd say it's not bad if i was paying attention, right? >> it really is not. off to a quiet start. having trouble finding stuff to talk about so far today. >> don't say that. you might jinx yourself. >> i know. i can always count on the tri-valley, central valley commute getting out of tracy. 26 miles an hour on westbound 205, 18 miles an hour once you make it to 50. usual volumes, not too terrible. we don't have anything blocking along that entire route. mass transit looking okay. b.a.r.t. trains begin runningality 5:00 a.m. we'll have normal service o♪ ozempic®! ♪ oh! oh! (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes
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good monday morning to you. in for mike this morning. looking at pretty warm temperatures away from san francisco with 90s and 100s in our central valley. 95 sacramento, 70 in monterey. notice a lot of sunshine today. as we look at santa cruz, if you're headed to the beach, why not, it's summertime. mid 60s in half moon bay. we have shine from bodega bay, numbers there in the upper 70s. happening today, a bail o r
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epstein, accused of luring dozens of girls as young as 14 to his luxury homes in new york and florida and paying them for sect acts. his lawyers say he should await trial on house arrest at his manhattan mansion. prosecutors say the evidence is growing stronger by the day. mario cuomo is ordering an investigation into the electricity outage that lasted for more than three hours on saturday night. you can see people excited when the lights came back out. the outage left people trapped inside stopped elevators and stranded in subway tunnels. the utility company that serves the city says a problem at a substation triggered the blackout. >> you just can't have a power outage of this magnitude in this it is too dangerous.
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the outage forced the evacuatio% of a jennifer lopez concert inside madison square garden. we said mario cuomo when it's andrew cuomo. mario is from the mario brothers. kaiser permanente employees may be ready for a strike. a strike would be one of the largest since a walkout at ups in 1997. the union says that talks just broke down on thursday. at issue are wages, benefits, worker safety and staffing. keiser says more discussions are planned. this week the nationnding. >> nasa restored mission control used on that historic day. abc news reporter maggie rulli
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has the story. >> ihe rested operations control room, it feels like that message just came over the speaker. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> reporter: july 20th, 20th, america becomes the first country to put a man on the moon. every decision had to be cleared through this room. flight director gene kevin durant says it feels like he's stepping back in time. the $8.5 million project recreated every detail. >> we lad to get the exact colors of coffee cups. the girl in charge of this spent hours and hours on ebay and antique shops. >> reporter: the johnson space center historic preservation
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officer says it took her team six years to make everything just right. >> you're telling history, so it notes to be exact. >> reporter: crant says it's near perfect. he's brought back to the raw emotion of that historic day. >> the emotional intensity of this day was almost overwhelming. it was the kind of thing that, it only happens once in your life. >> reporter: maggie rulli, abc news, new york. >> i was just telling you i've been to mission control before they restored it obviously it's really neat to see. the bay area is banning together to fight hiv and aids. >> aids walk san francisco raised more than $1.2 million from online donations alone this year. >> they've got to hear you in the avenues. how are you this morning? [ cheers and applause ] >> that's abc 7 news anchor dan ashley emceeing yesterday's event. >> until there's a cure, we still need walk for aids and need to help and support people
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living longer and healthier with more complex health issues. >> it raises awareness, brings people together so we recommit to ending this epidemic. >> our station is proud to be a major sponsor of the annual 10k walk an fund-raiser. donation support groups fighting hiv/aids. since 1987 aids walk san francisco has raised more than $90 million. >> awesome for everybody that showed up. there's typically fog over golden gate park. this morning, meteorologist lisa argen says not so much. >> that's right. boy, did it take a long time to clear parts of the marina and the golden gate bridge. it took until about 4:00. since then we have been cleared. the northerly gradient has picked up and is allowing for the fog, to push it offshore. the westerly winds moves onshore. just enough for the northerly push that we're clear this morning. we will be looking at cooler days as this system enhances our
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onshore flow, the breezes, the fog will grow taller. as we look at -- this is tropical storm barry that continues to be a rem nabt low, bringing in all the moisture from what was the hurricane a couple days ago, the second hurricane of the atlantic season. you'll notice all the rainfall up the ohio river valley. if you're traveling, delays in chicago, st. louis, nashville and memphis. lots of rain in the ohio river valley. mild, 62 in san jose, 61 in morgan hill. 50s from san francisco to oakland. 64 fairfield, 63 in livermore and looking some patchy fog. temperatures cooling throughout the week and the winds picking up. here is the way it looks along the coast. the winds gusting to 30 miles an hour, inside the bay it's breezy. tomorrow in the overnight hours, the winds are strong. look what happens by later on tuesday, we have wind gusts out
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there 20 to 30 miles an hour. in the south bay, low 80s today. looking at 70s in the peninsula, upper 60s in san francisco. the cooldown comes in our novatos today by a few degrees. >> good morning, lisa. looking at a very quiet start to the monday morning drive. i did mention earlier, the only incident on the board so far today was southbound 880 just past oracle arena in oakland. here is the caltrans camera in that area. you can see no slowdowns remaining. it sounded like it was very minor to begin with with no injuries. i don't think it was ever a blocking situation. we're looking great through that stretch. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, in the green, 17 minutes. 11 minutes across the bay bridge. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo in the green, ten minutes. spiderman far from home remains on top of the box office. >> the superhero film brought in $45 million. crawl and action comedy stuber
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barely made a dent in their premier weekend. spiderman was followed by "toy story 4," crawl, stuber, and all that will change when "the lion king" comes out. the popularity of amazon prime is drawing warnings of scammers. in today's tech bite, a warning ahead of amazon's prime day sales. >> security experts say shoppers should go directly to amazon on your browser rather than through an email. as you're shopping, amazon is promising more than $1 million over its two-day sale. >> those include up to % off tvs and up to 40% off select toys. walmart and other retailers are offering competing sales. this flying soldier stole the show at bastille day parade. >> france is looking into the fly board's possible military
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uses and has given almost $1.5 million to work on it. also notice he's carrying a rifle, multitasking. >> those are your tech bites. >> have a great day. >> i don't want someone with their finger on a trigger flying over me. >> i'm assuming that was a replica rifle. i was like oh, cool. oh, no. in other news meghan markle meets the queen. the london premier of "the lion king" is a star-studded event. >> excuse me? >> what occurred here. >> we'll show what happened during this terrifying ride on the rapids. >> this is where my mind goes any time someone invites me. shoe collectors gathering in
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. good morning. i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. a mild afternoon. 69 degrees. daly city at 66, even sunny there with 70 in the mission. 67 in the richmond, 71 in south city. notice no fog this morning. that changes for the rest of the week. in the north bay, the napa valley wine train has a new
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expansion plan that includes housing for employees. the owners plan to build a row tell and rail station. the napa valley register reports they want to build two apartment buildings with 55 units. the napa planning department is expected to weigh in on the plan by the end of the month. in the south bay, sneaker lovers bargain and haggle to add coveted shoes to their collections. abc 7 news was inside the drew collectors from across eo the bay area. >> sneaker-con only happens once a year in the bay area. a lot of shoes, a lot of people trading, buying. >> consolidating our items for bigger ticket pieces really. >> everybody loves sneakers in the bay area. we all do it to wear. >> one attendee tells us there are some shoes sold for thousands of bucks.
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>> what do you think, lisa? would you pay thousands of dollars for a sneaker? >> i'm telling you, personally probably not, but that's just my opinion. good morning everyone. live doppler 7 looking at clear conditions out there. so that's a bit of a bonus. you'll need the sunglasses, for the week ahead we're looking at the changes tracking this area of low pressure that's going to bring not only a taller and deeper marine layer, but mist and drizzle and the afternoon breezes. a clear start out there. breezy in spots. in the 60s in san jose. any action out there in terms of traffic, alexis? >> not really. i'm having to rely on my two standbyes that always provide at least a little bit of a slowdown before 5:00 a.m. looking at the cash lanes for the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like the left side of the cash lanes are starting to thin out a bit. otor tere.right si is congested. no delays if you're using fast track this morning.
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the other stretch of red we're seeing on our traffic map so far today is going to be getting out of tracy. westbound 205 to 580, 19 miles an hour, 16 miles an hour. that continues to fill in and slow down. take a look at your screen. i cannot. oh, my god, no. no. terrifying moments, this group of rafters plummeting over the waterfall. this happened over the weekend in pennsylvania. yikes. ten people had to be rescued. fortunately they're all doing okay. apparently they missed three warning signs before this happened and there was no guide on board. so they just -- >> what? >> that's what happens.>> no gu? >> there was no guide. they missed three warning sides and then they just -- that's a nightmare right there. but take a cross bones like don't do it. >> that means no, international
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symbol. >> everyone talking aboon premi disney's "the lion king." >> prince harry and meghan markle attended. beyonce congratulated the royals on the birth of their baby archie. >> that was bob iger, right? >> i think i can see his ear. >> disney is the parent company of abc 7. people were joking that she was meeting the queen, which is true. >> show me the lie. "good morning america" will have more on the royal premier this morning and an interview with director john fab borrow and seth rogan. tune in at 7:00 a.m. right after abc 7 mornings. >> coming up next on abc 7 mornings. this morning, president trump doubling down on his comments telling four democratic
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now at 5:00, a notorious murder case that went unsolved for more than a decade goes before a judge again today. what's expected to happen to this man accused of killing two people on a sonoma county beach. >> goodor


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