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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 17, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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this firewall in central washington state shows the difficult conditions firefighters are battling. this is caused by strong winds and intense heat. the power line fire is now two-thirds contained but not before it burned 1700 acres. no buildings are reported damaged or destroyed. following chilling new developments this morning in the murder of an american scientist and mother in greece. >> the suspect, the son of a priest, is now officially charged. police say he's confessed to the brutal killing. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: the first glimpse utrican biogissuzanne onhe
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walking into court, the 27-year-old is a father of two. the son of a greek orthodox priest now charged with eaton's murder. the suspect posted videos of himself exploring a cave similar to the one eaton was found in, used by the nazis as a bunker. police say he was spotted by a security camera near that cave and at first denied he was there on the day of the murder. police say under interrogation he confessed to spotting her walking, hit her twice with her car, and took her to the bunker where he raped her. she went missing july 2nd after going for a run, sparking a week-long search. police sources tell us the 59-year-old mother of two who grew up here in california fought ferociously for her life. she's said to have suffered extensive defensive wounds. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to matt.
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now to a bittersweet sr en their lives ended. >> herbert and francis delagel celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary last month. 71 years. 94-year-old herbert died at 2:20 friday morning, just 12 hours later 88-year-old frances passed away. their family released a statement saying, it's amazing how they were together for 71 years and now they're together in heaven. >> and their legacy includes six children, 16 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren, and three great great grandchildren. >> incredible. they were 16 and 22 when they first met in a cafe. they got married the next year. 71 years later. >> and their secret to a long, happy marriage? show your love and be there for each other. >> oh, my heart. >> love it. >> remember that. up next, the circle of life coming full circle. "the lion king" coming back with a superstar cast.
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beyonce' new video "spirit" premiered last night as part of a primetime special right here on abc. >> it's part of the countdown to "the lion king" live-action film that opens this week. the film's powerhouse cast is creating a buzz in the bey-hive. >> our friend robin roberts has the exclusive behind-the-scenes look. >> all these people said you'd hold my baby! ♪ >> reporter: people really, really love "the lion king." ♪
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they do the simba thing at sporting events. >> raise those beautiful babies in the air! >> hakuna matata. what a wonderful phrase. >> reporter: since its debut 25 years ago, hundreds of millions of people have seen and come under the spell of "the lion king." ♪ no worries >> i still like hakuna matata, when i put my phone on shuffle, these songs still come up. ♪ it means no worries when i was in school, i don't remember anyone ever using the phrase "no worries." and you hear it every day. ♪ >> reporter: now a new generation of fans is being introduced to "the lion king." director jon favreau gave me an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the new film during production. it's the same story fans have loved for 25 years, but favreau has used virtual reality to give it a whole new look, taking to it the next technical level.
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>> can you just explain to people? >> i'll try. it's hard. >> i know. >> it's kind of hard because it's never been done before. it's a mixture of technologies. we knew we had to make it feel like a live-action film as much as possible but there's nothing real in the movie. there's no real sets, there's no real animals, there's no motion capture, there's nothing but pixels. >> reporter: to keep the human touch the photography wasn't computerized. the cameraman operated a real camera linked to the virtual reality program. >> lion, lion, lion! >> reporter: i wanted to make the naturalism not just be in the technology, in the rendering, but also in the performance. >> hakuna matata! most people get a bigger reaction! >> did you envision when you were thinking about a warthog seth rogen? >> yeah, that was a pretty easy one. >> come on. >> that wasn't a hard piece of casting to do. his voice is great.
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a real laugh from him sounds even better than a staged laugh. >> ha ha ha! >> reporter: and in a casting coup that created buzz in the bey-hive and on social media world wife, nala is the one and only beyonce. >> simba, you have to take your place as king. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> it was important to the director that nala and that the females in this film were heroes. and he put nala right alongside simba in the big fight. and i thought that was really interesting and very real. because the women are, you know -- we're the fighters. >> reporter: from the joyful exuberance of childhood to the lessons of maturity, if you look beyond the adventure and the sentiment, "the lion king" is a story about life. >> hakuna matata! hakuna matata! hakuna matata! hakuna matata!
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hakuna matata! hakuna matata! >> slimy but satisfying. >> hakuna matata! >> it's a good one. and that special by our robin roberts last night was incredible. let's talk about how rare it is to see beyonce do a television interview. >> i know. >> twitter is also buzzing about it. and there are some hilarious tweets out there. one person said, i'm sorry, is she doing an interview? pigs flying? is jesus coming? beyonce doing an interview and dropping new videos on national tv, is it 2006 again or am i in heaven? >> when is the last time beyonce did an interview like that? >> and it's robin roberts who got it. >> right here, because disney's the parent company of abc news. we're going to keep talking to you about "lion king." >> and it's that good.
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♪ ♪ it's wednesday morning so you know what time it is? >> weird science. >> yes, it is. since we're celebrating 50 years since we landed the moon. >> whoo! >> we want to know how do they protect the moon rocks that were brought back? you know they had to bring some swag back. they brought some moon rocks. this is how nasa protects those walks. only five people in the world get to routinely handle these precious pebbles. the only way to reach the samples is by sticking already-gloved hands into another set of gloves, into another set of gloves, into another set of gloves that wave from the cabinet like zombie arms. these priceless samples are still offering fresh details about how the moon and the entire solar system formed and evolved.
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>> so no one even gets to actually touch it? sospace center ihoton.n nasa's >> oh, what do you think it would be like if they could touch it? will it keep your skin young forever? >> oh, the secrets of the moon rocks. >> is it actually green cheese? >> or they're just rocks. >> and from moon rocks to grasshoppers that you can eat. yeah. so people have been looking into the -- well, not the possibility, but look, you can eat some insects, okay? but some of them actually have higher antioxidant levels than some things you might not imagine. crickets pack 75% the antioxidant power of fresh orange juice. silkworm fat, twice that of olive oil. when researchers are looking into this they took away things you couldn't eat like wings and stings. they ground the insects up. they took out two parts, the fat and whatever they could dissolve good, a good alternative to meat and other products.
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>> "fear factor" was on to something years ago. >> ahead of its time. insects have a tiny carbon footprint compared to livestock. give up your drumettes and eat insects. >> i love drumettes. i'll be doing that until i'm old, in fact. speaking of until i'm old, there's a face app. apparently this was launched in 2017. the face app. it's back because they tweaked some things and they got better. eerily better. so everyone, i'm sure you guys are seeing it on your timelines. on instagram, on facebook. people are putting their now faces into this. so you've got the stars doing it, dwyane wade. that's eerie. drake doing it as well. oh, an old drake. >> champagne grandpoppy. >> apparently me as well jumping into this. >> what, the picture didn't even change, did it. >> oh! >> what? >> oh my god. >> oh my god. >> no. that looks like a handsome uncle of mine, actually.
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this morning on "wld presentrump'the language trump against four congresswomen of color as republicans come to his defense, and one democrat moves toward impeachment. extreme weather as parts of the country are hit with severe storms leaving people under water. in other parts of the country, some are bracing for extremely dangerously high temperatures. we're tracking it all for you. deadly plane crash. a plane flipped over and slammed into a hangar, killing everyone on board. what the cockpit voice recorder is revealing about the victims' final moments. plus it's world emoji day. apple and google are showing off the new emojis coming soon to our cellphones, including a waffle, flamingo, sloth, and one we'll all be using with these odd hours. it's wednesday, july 17th.
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good morning. >> what am i going to do with a flamingo? >> i don't know. >> i don't -- yeah, that one's an odd one. >> yeah. >> but a lot of them are coming out. >> yes. >> they're pretty interesting. >> we will get to that in just a bit. we begin with a resounding rebuke from house lawmakers officially condemning as racist president trump's attacks on four minority congresswomen. >> only four republicans sided with democrats to vote in favor of a resolution to condemn the president's comments. the resolution says the remarks against the freshmen lawmakers legitimize and increase fear and hatred of new americans and people of color. >> as abc's megan tevrizian reports, the president continued to target the women and claimed there's not a racist bone in his body. >> reporter: the house passing a resolution condemning president trump's tweets as racist. >> the resolution is adopted. >> reporter: the vote, largely
3:02 am
along party lines, only four republicans voting for it. congressman will hurd was the first republican to vote with the democrats in favor of the resolution. a bizarre debate on the measure on the house floor. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the american people. >> reporter: that statement igniting chaos. republicans objecting to the speaker, even using the word racist to describe the president's tweets, saying it breaks the rules. only a handful of republicans willing to condemn the president. >> it's dangerous. it's demeaning to our fellow americans. that's simply wrong. hs the onwht ke sbate rg. duly ect members of congress. if he doesn't meanheoemi
3:03 am
that means he doesn't like the people of michigan, that means he doesn't like my constituents in the bronx and queens. that means he doesn't like the americans who sent us here. >> reporter: both house speaker pelosi and senate minority leader schumer have called for congressional votes condemning the president. kenneth, janai? >> our thanks to megan. ahead of the vote the president urged his party not to show weakness and it seems like both parties on both sides of the aisle are following suit. there seems to be united front among republicans as well as among democrats. >> you did have four republicans who strayed away from the party, will hurd, brian fitzpatrick among those. there's a lot of reaction even on the senate side that was not part of this vote, but a lot of eyes and attention on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who refused to address the president's tweets directly even when a reporter asked him about his wife, who's an american citizen, the secretary in the president's cabinet who is foreign born but is an american citizen now.
3:04 am
and so -- but mcconnell did not address this. but did say that the tone of all of this is not good for the country. >> yep, that they should tone it down. after the resolution was approved last night, a texas democrat introduced articles of impeachment against president trump prompted by the racist tweets. >> the move by congressman al green could force the house to take up the issue this week despite opposition from democratic leaders. green has been pushing to impeach the president since 2017. house speaker nancy pelosi has not yet decided how to proceed. the justice department won't file civil rights charges against the police officer involved in the death of eric garner. >> it was five years ago that garner died. his last words "i can't breathe" became a rallying cry against police brutality. attorney general william barr decided there isn't sufficient evidence to pursue a civil rights case. garner's family is outraged. >> i'm going to stand outside and i'm going to scream it!
3:05 am
pantileo needs to be fired! >> you killed my son. and you won't get away with it. >> daniel pantileo, the police officer involved, has been on desk duty since garner's death 5 years ago. looked beyond the, quote, lies and inaccuracies surrounding the case. harlem residents demonstrated their displeasure. you see them marching here. organizers of this protest say they're planning protests nationwide. the president of planned parenthood has been ousted after just eight months on the job. dr. leanna wen posted on twitter that the group's board ended her employment at a secret meeting. she claims the board wanted more emphasize on political advocacy. wen's tenure coincided with efforts in several states to ban most abortions. planned parenthood has named an acting president. singer r. kelly is in a chicago jail after being denied bond by a federal judge. kelly spoke two words at a hearing yesterday saying "yes, sir" when asked if he understood the array of sex-related charges against him.
3:06 am
he pleaded not guilty. kelly is also facing indictment on separate charges here in new york. the judge's decision to deny bond means if convicted kelly could be in prison for the rest of his life. it was an outpouring of love and grief last night for the woman many in baton rouge, louisiana knew simply as miss sadie. >> sadie roberts joseph was a community leader whose body was found in the trunk of her car last week. family and friends gathered to honor rights joseph at the civil rights museum she founded. the vigil was held hours after a suspect was charged with her murder. abc's alex perez has those details. >> reporter: police announcing an arrest in the murder of beloved baton rouge civil rights leader sadie roberts joseph. >> we received so many phone calls from the community when they learned it was miss sadie. >> reporter: ron jermaine bell, a convicted sex offender, has been charged with first degree murder. >> we believe ron bell was a tenant in one of her rent houses.
3:07 am
we believe that he was behind several months on his rent. >> reporter: the 75-year-old's body was found friday stuffed in the trunk of her car. in addition to creating the city's black history museum, roberts joseph spent decades working to educate people. a shattered community and her daughter vowing to protect her legacy. >> for those who were and are angry, live a better life. give of yourself to your community. to make the whole better. >> reporter: the suspect has not yet entered a plea. investigators do not believe she was the victim of a hate crime or targeted because of her activism. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> and hats off to law enforcement down there who worked very quickly to identify a suspect, but just heartbreaking details as we learn more about what happened. >> because of her stature in the community, people thought a number of things about this and speculation was out there. and then this, over a rent issue, allegedly. so just really horrible and sad details of that.
3:08 am
turning to weather, it's going to feel like 100 degrees or more in much of the country today. >> the high temperatures in so many cities will be close to 100. 97 in washington, denver, kansas city, albuquerque. and the high humidity will make it feel even hotter. >> storms are keeping it cooler in the minneapolis area. more than 2 inches of rain fell within an hour. the flash flooding so severe that it even picked up parked cars and moved them a bit. >> residents of southwest arkansas are mopping up this morning after a storm caused creeks to overflow. the mayor of nashville, arkansas says four feet of water swamped their police station. >> about 250 miles to the east, a possible tornado knocked down trees in a memphis suburb and caused other damage. >> blame that and other storms in the nation's heartland on the remnants of barry. those storms are expected in the northeast late this afternoon. for those of you looking to
3:09 am
celebrate the new crop of emojis, today is your day. >> today is the sixth annual world emoji day. many of this year's new images are promoting diversity and include interracial couples, same-sex couples, and people with disabilities. users will be able to select more than 75 combinations of skin tone and gender. >> there's also a new yawning emoji that's generating a lot of talk. some people say they can't keep from yawning when they look at it. >> you know what, i -- when i wore that ponytail a couple of weeks ago i wanted to use an emoji, but all the ponytail emojis were blond. >> there's an emoji for you and you and you! >> i was waiting for this story, it's so funny. two of emojis when kenneth and i start texting to talk, one of us will send a cup of tea, the other ends an ear, it's like go, what you got? i got tea, what is it? >> why you telling our business? >> because it's so funny.
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>> it is funny. coming up, where to find free hot dogs on this national hot dog day. plus the man who won two big lottery prizes within a matter of months. his story ahead in "the mix." first, our first look at the private plane crashing near dallas with a family on board. dallas with a family on board.
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people on the beach in maryland had a front review of a scary moment. that plane right there, a small one, made an emergency landing feet from the beach in ocean city, maryland. it splashed down in the atlantic and came to a hard stop. the pilot was the only person on board. he is okay this morning. investigators say the plane had a mechanical issue. there are new images this morning of the deadliest plane crash in texas in 30 years. >> the small plane crashed just after takeoff. newly released video shows the aircraft trying to lift into the sky, then flipping over and slamming into a hangar. as we hear from abc's marcus moore, no one survived. >> reporter: the videos just obtained by our dallas affiliate wffa show the tragedy unfolding from multiple angles. the plane takes off from this small airport near dallas and once airborne a dash camera captures the final moments as the aircraft flies low over an airport hangar before appearing to bank suddenly to the left, flipping, then crashing.
3:14 am
a fireball erupts and black yoseemgey crs ruin to the horrific scene as bystanders watch from afar. the plane bound for st. petersburg, florida had 10 on board, including two crew members and a family of four with two teenage children. investigators with the ntsb have reviewed the plane's cockpit voice recorder and say 8 seconds before the crash you can hear a crew member mention a problem with the aircraft's left engine. the investigation continues. marcus moore, abc news, addison, texas. >> our thanks to marcus and our dallas affiliate, wffa, for obtaining that video that no doubt will help federal investigators as well as they try to figure out exactly what happened here. good news out of northern michigan. a 2-year-old who disappeared at a campsite has been found. >> gabriela vitali was discovered yesterday morning. police say she walked up to a
3:15 am
home a quarter of a mile from where she'd last been seen 24 hours earlier. she was given a cookie and water before heading to the hospital to get checked out. you know, we've not only heard a lot of stories about being getting lost in the woods but it's really the stories about these young kids. remember the one out in one of the carolinas who was missing, so young, 48 hours or something. the way these kids are so resilient. >> they are. >> really able to take care of themselves when it comes down to it and are found okay. heartwarming, so scary, but so glad that they're okay. >> it also shows the importance of parents talking to their kids about what do you do in this type of emergency. because i think i would have just probably been in the woods crying. but you know, these kids, they're finding help. this little girl walked up to a cabin where eight coworkers from axis financial were at a retreat. the man was just standing there, they saw her. picked her up, got a blanket around her, gave her some food, got her to safety.
3:16 am
coming up next half hour, scary moments at a beach. >> a little boy on an inflatable duck swept away from the shore. we have new details about the the incredible rescue. first, swapping the treadmills for twerking at 305 fitness. we'll catch you up to speed on the new craze coming up on "world news now." at 305 fitness. we'll catch you up to speed on the new craze coming up on "world news now." leaves a mark. it shows on your clothes. grit, dirt, and every stain the job throws at you. new tide heavy duty. designed for impossible stains.
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fireball. ♪ >> there's a reason we're jamming out to pitbull this morning. >> do we need a reason? it's pitbull. >> i mean, you're right. just like mr. 305 brings a bit of miami to his music, a new fitness craze is doing the same thing. >> we sent our will ganss to 305 fitness to work out the details. >> work out the details and work up a sweat worthy of miami, y'all. it's the latest in our "mind, body, swole" series and i hope you brought your dancing shoes because we're about to bust a serious move.
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>> let's go! four, three -- >> reporter: at 305 fitness, they're swapping treadmills for twerking. ditching pushups for posing. >> reporter: an intense cardio dance class. i mean, party. complete with a live deejay spinning in every class. a new fave for celebs like drew barrymore and hailey baldwin. when i decided to hit up 305 fitness in new york city, a certain bette midler was also ready to get her groove on. ♪ i won't tell you what to say >> i put a spell on you. >> reporter: seriously, that's bette midler. >> now the witch is back! >> reporter: a workout good enough for the divine miss m.? got to be good enough for me. founder and ceo sadie bringing the color, lights and a certain funky feeling to workouts across the country. >> i think that sets us apart is how simple and fun and just relentlessly rebellious and just that energy is super fun.
3:20 am
>> reporter: and yeah, some of the moves you do in the class certainly are relentlessly rebellious. but those dance moves are more than just good practice for your next friday night out on the town. >> here we go! >> on average when people have their heart rate monitors in class, they're burning 700, 800 calories in a session. >> wow. >> because it's super full body. you're working every part at once. and it's also incredibly amazing for your memory and for your cognition. >> reporter: classes range from 45 minutes to an hour, but the results are lasting. how has your body changed since starting 305? >> well, i never had like any kind of abs before, so these are really new. >> reporter: and squeezed in between those dance moves, a toning section when you grab some weights, working your muscles and your confidence. >> i am one bad beep! >> reporter: that self-empowerment is the beat that brings fitness junkies back to 305's classes again and again. >> and i feel like my purer self. i can just be free and
3:21 am
expressive.just have fun. >> reporter: fun, check. sweat, check check check. on top of all of that, nourishment for the soul too. >> what i hope that you and everyone gets out of this class is really feeling like where you are your best. it's enough. it's just about sharing this message that we are who we are, flaws and all, you can still love yourself. >> hey! ♪ >> 305 fitness currently has eight locations in the u.s. and is expanding to ten this year. they've also certified 200 instructors to teach all over the world, as far away as tel aviv. you can find the class closest to you on their website. >> a live deejay in every class, yeah. >> two things. you dancing and with the workout class, that's like me at every wedding reception. >> yes. >> number two, bette midler? >> oh, yeah. >> we just happened to be getting video of the outside and bette comes by? >> yeah, stay tuned for the video shot of me and bette and the amazing duet we filmed as well. >> wait what? >> that's next week. >> that is a fun way to work out.
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time for "the mix." and it is national hot dog day! we are just about, what, one month into the summer. >> yeah. >> and we are celebrating this nice summer treat. >> you guys, i am over here like an addict. ever since they sat these out my leg is bouncing, i'm tapping my hands. you have no idea how much i love hot dogs. but i don't eat meat anymore, i don't eat the mystery meat, but god, they smell so good. >> they tell you on the package what it is, it's not a mystery anymore. >> it smells so good. >> you can get a hot dog any way you want. the long ones, the short ones, the quarter pound ones, the wienerschnitzel. there's all types of deals today celebrating this hot dog day. 7-eleven, you can get one for $1. wienerschnitzel, five chili dogs
3:26 am
for $5. i'm trying to tell the people -- >> take a bite of the hot dog and tell me how it tastes! >> no. that's real messed up. >> just tell me how it tastes. >> do you want me to take a bite and blow my breath on you too? >> please. >> that's weird. that's weird. >> oh! >> come on, come on. >> you know what? stop it, stop it, kenneth. >> one bite. come on. >> no. smells so good. >> do it, do it. >> stop it! peer pressure, peer pressure. no, you vegans, you vegetarians, you stick to it no matter how many times we celebrate national hot dog day. lord. >> your crumpled paper there. >> i know. let me find my notes. a d s-floery for the second time in 18 months. >> what? >> yeah, talk about hitting it big. so the odds of winning the lottery just once are already astronomical. but this dad beat the odds. he won a $500,000 prize from a
3:27 am
scratchoff that he bought for 20 bucks last month. and he also won $100,000 from a $5 scratchoff in december of 2017. >> you know who's lucky? the kids who got to see the nhl mascot, the nj devil, in this moment. he's with the kids there. in jersey. birthday party. and then, wait for it -- oh! >> wait. >> crashed through the glass. >> what? was he just going to run into the wall? >> all the kids stop. >> yeah. because they know, if they hear that sound, like there's trouble. >> good thing he had all that padding right there. >> what was he doing? >> i guess he thought he was going to run outside. nope. >> that must be a big person in there. >> was there a person in there? >> no, no, no, it's just the new jersey devil, that's all. >> okay. >> speaking of playing, a pooch, a dog, and a swing. because, right? dogs are like kids. >> you know it's really hot out
3:28 am
there, so maybe that's a hot dog.
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.
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this morning on "world news now," bipartisan battle as democrats formally rebuke trump's racist attack on four congresswomen of color. hear who is coming to his defense. also this morning, remembering john paul stevens, the retired supreme court justice who led the liberal wing has died at 99. hear how he described his own legacy. new this half hour, a very unusual cocaine bust. >> police say this is how a man tried to smuggle a pound of the drug through the airport. street value of the drug, nearly $34,000. we'll give you a closer look. and it's exciting breaking news. new video from beyonce. "the lion king" star dropped a visually stunning music video
3:31 am
for her song "spirit." it's a very special cameo appearance. i got all the good bumps because all of that is coming up in "the skinny" on this wednesday, july 17th. ♪ >> the queen, she knows how to do it to you. >> just ahead of the big premiere for everyone to see. >> two days! >> dropping this video. >> two days! >> everyone's excited. it debuted last night right here on abc. we're going to show you even more coming up. it's going to be great. we do begin this half hour with a rare resolution from congress condemning president trump's tweets aimed at four lawmakers of color as racist. >> the house approved the measure last night largely along party lines with only four republicans breaking ranks. the president insists his comments urging the congresswomen to go back to where they came from were not racist, and he claims he's not racist either.
3:32 am
abc's mary bruce has more. >> reporter: president trump declared, i don't have a racist bone in my body. but the firestorm over his racist tweets is only growing. the president telling four congresswomen of color to go back to the countries they came from. at the white house, our karen travers pressing him since all four congresswomen are citizens and three of them were born in the u.s. >> when you say that the democratic congresswomen should leave if they're not happy, where should they go? >> it's up to them. go wherever they want. they should love our country, they shouldn't hate our country. >> reporter: the house voting on a resolution to condemn trump's comments. >> every single member of this institution, democrat and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets.king rejection ofs and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the american people.
3:33 am
>> reporter: that statement igniting chaos on the floor. >> request it be taken down. >> reporter: republicans objecting to the speaker even using the word "racist" to describe the president's tweets saying it breaks the rules. the president had urged his party not to, quote, show weakness. its leaders falling in line. [ inaudible question ] >> no, i believe this is about ideology. this is about socialism versus freedom. >> frankly, the majority leader is complicit in advancing racism in america if he doesn't even have the backbone to speak out against the most basic, basic line. >> reporter: most republicans have been trying to avoid the issue entirely. >> are these attacks good for politics, good for republicans? >> let's find out. first of all, i don't think they're attacks. >> they're not attacks? saying they should go back to their country isn't an attack? >> no. >> reporter: only a handful have been willing to criticize the president. >> it's dangerous. it's demeaning to our fellow americans. and that's simply wrong.
3:34 am
>> reporter: republican leader mitch mcconnell calling on everyone to tone it down, but declining to address the president's comments directly or to say if they were racist. >> the president's not a racist. i think the tone of all of this is not good for the country. >> reporter: and that resolution now passing in the house. democrats there forcing republicans to go on the record and say where they stand. just four republicans voted to condemn the president. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> mary bruce tracking it down, trying to get the answers there on capitol hill. at the same time white house counselor kellyanne conway had a bizarre exchange with a reporter while defending president trump's racist tweets. >> conway said the four congresswomen represented a, quote, dark underbelly in this country. when reporter andrew feinberg asked conway what countries the president was suggesting the lawmakers should return to, she fired back with a question of her own. >> what's your ethnicity?
3:35 am
>> why is that relevant? >> because i'm asking a question. my ancestors are from ireland and italy. >> my own ethnicity is not relevant to the question i'm asking -- >> no, it is. >> reporter: conway tweeted she meant no disrespect. she says she was trying to make the point that we are all from somewhere else originally. other news, retired supreme court justice john paul stevens has died at the age of 99. >> stevens was on the high court for almost 35 years. only one other justice served longer. stevens retired in 2010 at the age of 90. he was nominated by republican president gerald ford, stevens became known as the leader of its liberal wing. and two months ago he said president trump is, quote, exercising powers that do not really belong to him. he says i did the best i could and i didn't do well enough on many occasions. puerto rico's governor is refusing to resign amid increasing pressure and a scandal being called chatgate. >> governor ricardo rosello is apologizing for a profanity-laced chat which was leaked.
3:36 am
>> protesters have been demanding rosello resign from office, but he refuses saying he's done nothing illegal. the boat was rerouted to the british virgin islands which was already on its itinerary. most of the country is about to experience potentially deadly heat. >> accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso tells us which cities will be close to 100 degrees. >> a very hot wednesday on tap for so many here across the u.s., especially in the central plains where highs are going to be in the upper 90s, close to 100. even at the east coast with temperatures in the lower 90s. factor in the humidity, it's going to feel like triple digits from the carolinas down to florida. in this darkest shade of red, it could feel upwards of 110, not only wednesday but into thursday as well. excessive heat warnings in effect through saturday in some spots. and it's all because of this bump northward in the jet
3:37 am
stream. this ridge of high pressure creating sinking air. as that air sinks from higher up in the atmosphere down to the surface, it warms up and that's why it's going to be dangerously hot and we need to find ways to keep cool. >> all right, adam. experts now say that the time is now to get ready in case your power goes out during a heat wave. >> your supplies should include enough water, at least one gallon for every person in your house per day. also have a first aid kit and nonperishable foods that are ready to eat. >> also the kits should have a light source of some sort, a battery-powered radio. sorry, no tv when the power is out but find us other ways. and a whistle or bell. another idea for your kit, backup chargers for your phone or tablet. >> good tips there. >> you know, when it was cold we were all waiting for summer. we were wishing summer to come. now it's here. there's the heat. you can enjoy it but also make sure you're checking on elderly neighbors, you know. make sure you're checking on each other out there. >> that's a very good point to make.
3:38 am
obviously when it goes to tips people are like, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. but they're very important, especially about the water. and i think heat-related illnesses, they really obviously spike during this time in july. and so you've got to take care of yourself. police in spain say a man was trying to hide -- y'all, who wrote this script? -- more than a receding hairline under his toupee. >> he arrived in barcelona on a flight from colombia when police noticed him looking nervous. they pulled him aside, had him take off his hat, and saw his hair piece was riding a bit too high. >> just a bit. >> thanks to a one-pound bag of cocaine shoved underneath. he's being held on drug charges. >> okay, the line of the day goes to craig back here, trying to hide more than a receding hairline under his toupee, money. >> i think -- i'm not offended, right? no, i'm not, i'm not. >> too close to home? >> let's show that picture again.
3:39 am
>> how do they think it's going to work? >> that thing was high. >> yeah. right? with the toupee over it. oh, just -- >> sir, what is that on your head? no one will notice, no one will notice at all. >> walk right in. >> no big deal. >> just going to go through security here, go through customs. i have nothing to declare. >> tsa wants to feel all in your bun and your braids and this man thought he was getting through? come on. >> i have nothing to declare, including no hair. none. >> nothing. all right, much more to come this morning including how chance the snapper, the gator, was finally caught in chicago. new for you this morning, a dramatic duck float rescue. see how a toddler was saved as he was caught floating away. plus you've seen this video. the greatest showman singing "happy birthday" to a little girl. hear how her one wish became a reality in today's "skinny" on "world news now." "world news now."
3:40 am
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3:42 am
scary moments at a beach in northern indiana. winds pushed a little boy on that inflatable duck raft you see away from shore and his mother. his mom was grabbing siblings who had fallen in the water when the duck blew away. as people rushed out to help, the duck flipped over, sending the little boy into the water. a nearby boat rescued everyone. they're all okay. imagine how scary.
3:43 am
so here's a big update to a story we've been following for more than a week now. chicago can finally rest easier. the elusive alligator nicknamed chance the snapper has been captured. >> that hero florida trapper that reeled him in got a special honor last night. frank robb got to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the cubs game. because when you think of chicago you think of the cubs, right? no shade, white sox. >> big honor for him. abc's gio benitez is at the very lagoon where the feisty gator met his florida man match. >> reporter: we are here at humboldt park in chicago. this is where an alligator was hiding out for days and days and days. take a look, this is the lagoon where it was happening. they brought in an expert from florida to capture this, and he says that he was able to find him within the lily pads. i want to show those to you just so you can see how difficult it would have been to see the alligator hiding among those lily pads. that's where they say they were able to capture that alligator
3:44 am
at 1:30 in the morning. this alligator was quite the celebrity. chance the snapper, that's what they were calling that alligator here locally and a lot of people were coming around trying to catch a glimpse of this alligator. it was elusive and it was a fugitive on the run this gator. they were able to capture it at 1:30 in the morning. that's usually because these hunts happen at night because they're able to see those eyes come out of the water and that's likely what they were able to do here. but really it just took less than 36 hours for this expert from florida to capture this gator. so now that gator is safe. they're going to send that gator to a sanctuary, but they're not sure where that sanctuary is going to be, whether it's here in illinois or back in florida. they're working out those details, but for now chicago can rest easy. gio benitez, abc news, chicago. >> man. >> so that community's been on edge. days of searching. >> on edge. >> on edge! >> oed and you owhat w. ouounow what it to?
3:45 am
're rit.>>goown therand catch that gator. >> you know, florida man, quote-unquote, catches a lot of heat in the news. but look at these two florida men, huh? >> came through for chi-town. >> yeah, chicago, you can thank them later. >> now we need to see a picture of this chance the snapper and chance the rapper. >> yes. how about that. >> make that happen. >> please? all right, so the famed mona lisa has a new home this morning. >> but that new home, it's in the same building. the iconic da vinci painting is in a different room at the louvre. its usual home is undergoing three months of renovations. it's the first time mona lisa has been moved in 14 years. it hasn't left the louvre since 1974 when it was taken to russia and china. maybe she'll enjoy the new views from that other room. >> something tells me she's still just going to smirk at you. >> har har har, you're probably
3:46 am
right. isn't he so witty? when we come back, "modern family" star engaged. plus beyonce's new video for her song "spirit." we're getting in the spirit in "the skinny" because that's next. did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny it's time for "the skinny." we are starting with the new queen of pride rock. of course queen bey, beyonce, dropping a brand-new music video for her song "spirit." >> it debuted during robin roberts' "lion king" special. take a look and see if you can spot any familiar faces or places. ♪ whoa spirit watch the heavens open ♪ ♪ yeah spirit can you hear it calling ♪
3:49 am
>> if you guys want, we will just keep playing it. >> we can see you, blue. we see you, blue. >> you know we live for blue ivy cameos. >> we sure do. >> this song "spirit" is part of beyonce's compilation album "the lion king," out july 18th. >> did you notice the familiar place there? is that the grand canyon? >> the grand canyon? >> yeah, like -- so we think that she shot in some of the areas out in the desert. >> oh. >> did you not pay attention? >> i was looking but i wouldn't have guessed grand canyon, i would have thought it was all shot in africa. did you make that up? >> no, no google it. >> okay, fine. you googled it? >> a person who told me was stanley our teleprompter operator. stanley, you weren't making that up, right? >> somebody circle back and let us know on twitter. look, we need to know. now you called him out this guy. the next big disney movie
3:50 am
being remade into a live-action film is "the little mermaid." >> halle berry will be playing ariel, and we know who will play the role of prince eric. >> reports the role may go to one direction's harry styles. the prince didn't sing in the original animated film but there may be some solos for him in this one because our parent company disney not afraid to mix things up. to an adorable superfan of "the greatest showman" who got a birthday gift of a lifetime from the film's biggest star. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you >> that's hugh jackman singing "happy birthday" for her 7th birthday. she flew from florida to colorado with her mom to see jackman in concert.
3:51 am
>> and i was just shaking. i can't believe the man that was in "the greatest showman," he sang to me. "happy birthday" to me. i will never forget this time when he sang "happy birthday" to me. it was just awesome. >> awesome indeed. not only is jackman making all her dreams true from singing to her, but he gave her the drumstick from the show and retweeted her mom's video. >> so adorable, just like her. "modern family" is getting a bit bigger. sarah hyland, the actress from the abc hit comedy, is engaged. >> if her man looks familiar, you may recognize him from "the bachelorette." he swapped roses for rings, proposing on the beach. hyland sharing the happy pics on instagram. >> the couple initially exchanged tweets on twitter in 2016 before making things official in 2017. kenneth went ahead and googled that.
3:52 am
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♪ can't get away from that music. >> we missed it. the emmy nominations are in and the final season of "game of thrones" broke a record with their long list of nods. >> the show's leading ladies scooped up four of six nominations in the supporting actress category. they are not the only ones making history at this year's emmys. "game of thrones" is on fire, burning up the competition with a record 32 emmy nominations for its ground-breaking final season. >> these are the nominees for outstanding drama series. >> reporter: the 71st emmy award nominations are out. with this year's show featuring the widest array of first-time nominees since 2011, including mandy moore for "this is us,"
3:56 am
hugh grant for "a very english scandal," amy adams for "sharp objects," a nod to the peabody award-winning drama "pose." other highlights include "saturday night live," becoming the most emmy-nominated show of all time with a nomination for outstanding variety sketch series. and hbo setting a network record with its 137 noms, thanks in part to "veep." the final season is back in the running this year. >> and i proudly accept your nomination. >> reporter: julia louis-dreyfus, who won six best emmys for "veep." but one veteran, norman lear, becomes the oldest emmy nominee ever at 96 for abc's "live in front of a studio audience." ♪ those were the days also on the home team for abc, anthony anderson received a
3:57 am
nomination for lead actor in "black-ish." >> proud of you and your new summer job as a twitter nerd. >> reporter: and viola davis getting her fourth lead actress nomination for her role in "how to get away with murder." >> you couldn't win him over, could you, because it's too easy to play you. >> reporter: posting the news on instagram, adding that she's very grateful. and season six of "how to get away with murder" kicks off september 26th here on abc, the final season. >> "game of thrones," 32 nominations, the most for any program in a single season, beating a 25-year standing record by the nypd detectives. do you know what show that was? >> i don't know, tell me. >> great, will ganss, "nypd blue." >> don't try to block me. walt disney television, the parent company of abc news, 95 emmy noms. congrats, guys.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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making news in america this morning, a resolution condemning president trump's racist tweets passes in the house. the republican response this morning and the articles of impeachment that have just been introduced. gang crackdown. the charges announced against nearly two dozen suspected members of the ms-13 gang after a grisly killing spree. involving bats and machetes. why authorities are calling it medieval style violence. remembering the life and legacy of former supreme court justice john paul stevens. why he said the second amendment needed to be changed and his warning about today's politics. plus, a young girl is electrocuted in her family's pool. the danger is that often overlooked and the one safety tip that may surprise you.


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