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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 18, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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sugar-coat it. it's hot out here. we're not okay. >> he likes the beatles because of the wide range of the songs they perform with. so they decided to play one of the classics, "here comes the sun" in the school talent show. at first it looks like he is trying to gain confidence. that's what his teacher is there for. she's helping him prep. and the crowd is waiting patiently. as he gets ready to put on quite the show. ♪ here comes the sun ♪ here come the sun ♪ it's all right >> he was initially scared of playing a string instrument until his teacher, miss miller, presented him with this and he started to experiment. ♪ >> after recognizing how good he was, they suggested that he join the school talent show. but there is something you might
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not know by just watching this video. ♪ here comes the sun >> he is blind and has autism. ♪ here comes the sun >> but he's not letting any of that hold him back. ♪ it's all right >> the beautiful thing about this is that for him, he found something to put his energy and focus into. ♪ sun, sun, sun here i come >> so imagine what he's going to be like when he hits 10,000 hours of training. i'm sure he's going to be incredible. >> he has range. he has range. >> his mom is recording this whole thing and she says his love of music just makes her emotional every time he performs. ♪ >> here we are. it's a little bit late at night. it looks like the delivery van
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has finally driven up to this business. although, i don't know if too many deliveries that involve crow bars and power saws. you know where this is going. >> bad news bears. >> right. >> these guys work diligently and seem to take all the time that they need to cut through the front doors and bars on this business. you'll see the sparks nig as these two guys do their best to gain entry. first one door opens, then the second door opens. and then after about five minutes into this video, you'll see what they were after. >> oh, no. >> you've been with me long enough to know, here comes one dirt bike out. a couple of in the end. but in the end, they wind up jamming five new brand new dirt bikes into the back of that van. >> they close the doors on the van and disappears into the back of night. meese are looking for these two suspects. now over to the÷veñ
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after the guy. sadly, he got away. >> did you see how easily he jumped over that rail? it was like so smooth. i have a feeling he has done it before. >> opportunities, desperation, whatever, it worked for him on this day. >> it's full video is freaking epic just from a visual standpoint. >> take me there right now. drop me off. >> there is turner falls in canada. we have the gorgeous sea plane that lands on the water. >> they could just drop me right
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off. >> and then can you do this. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. see what these guys did. they have a crew of more than 17 people, 16 liners and, of course, the pilots that actually took these guys to this area. they set up the lines, four of them. and they're going to stretch both lines across the canyon with that gorgeous waterfall in the background. and in this shot, you can barely make the lines out as they're stretched across the canyon. the lines extend from about 131 feet to 1640 feet. some of them did the shoreline. some had skills. they make it across the longest one. and it wasn't in one shot. the video says it took them several sessions to be able to make it across the longest line. >> it looks like a beautiful
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experience. it was actually shot ba of h >> uve du. >> showing out. >> yeah. >> you can see that he is strapped on to a line. and they're going to take off. >> wow. that's scary. >> right. >> holy cow. >> shenanigans make david very popular on the internet. some guys think he is getting a hair cut and then -- but today, he takes us to science class. he invited nick to his house. he is famous for rollerblading and also a scientist. they're going to do a little experiment in the house. they're playing with liquid ni crow general. what could possibly go wrong? >> that old nitrogen. >> oh, god, get out of here already. >> i don't have time to be hearing this. let's go. >> nick is going toou combine
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quii crow g wiotatr. it probably doesn't belong in the house. >> nick starts pouring it into a bucket. let's get natalie involved. they get a big dumpster and they pour the liquid nitrogen in. >> see? right off the backyard. why in this beautiful house he purchased with his hard earned video money. >> because that would make way too much sense. >> it wouldn't make such a good video. okay. >> let's get the reaction after this explosion. >> i just went to heaven. >> needless to say, there is no hole in the roof which is a good thing. but a good time was apparently had by all as usual. >> i thought i lost my h >> a farmer spots something up ahead. >> you have to stop. >> the sweet reason behind that little one's big scene
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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>> closed captioning provided by -- you shall not pass award goes to this mom right here. i know you're wondering, where is she? she's right there. you have shown a path. it's a bird. >> yeah. yeah. some of these birds will nest on the ground. so she truly is like, no! don't run over my nest. >> you have to stop. >> yeah, do you have to stop. nick exactly right. mom laid her eggs right there.
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she pans over. >> i got my three eggs and you got your tractor. you have to stop. it's not me, it's you, buddy. >> and i got to get video of this. >> she is standing her ground. >> not my babies. >> not today, farmer boy. >> we had similar birds in our horse corral. so i would go around and put cone by their nest so we didn't run the horse over their nest. >> that is so sweet. >> yeah. >> so when the farmer went back some time later, the shells were broken. momma and babies were gone. we believe the hatching went as planned as by nature. >> and in canada, the people got called in because of a bird problem. >> in the bathroom. they went to this vet van and taking a look inside and realize, okay, we just got to push them out. so he's got one buddy on onehe . and nowou'r singhufha ttle chirping. again
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he does grab a little bird out. he said this thing is almost ready to be out on its own. they're going to get it go. but they're also going seal up that area so birds can't fly back in. >> motor racing is something i loved since i was a kid. many people get into the sport when they're a kid. there is always something i wish i could have been involved in instead of just being a spectator. this driver here has been involved in racing for a long time. the adrenaline struck him when he was just a kid. >> i'm philip and i'm 83 years old. >> philip is still racing at 83 years old. he spent 60 years in the motorsport world. winning nine different championships, countless different races, and still to this day enters about 20 races a year. >> people don't realize how
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physical motor racing is. to get the race license every year, you have to be very, very strict medical. >> he also says you don't have to be rich to be a race driver. he is definitely not rich. >> i'm not rich at all. perhaps i wouldn't be if i didn't race cars. >> and when asked what his greatest achievement out of these 60 years of racing is? >> surviving, you mean? i think winning the northern special championship with my lotus. >> he has a few other close calls through his racing career. >> i've been on fire twice. i don't like that. that's an occupational hazard. >> you don't say? he certainly lost races. but his greatest loss -- >> my wife is a big loss. at the race meetings, it was always my wife and two babies. she polished cars. she was always standing there with a stop watch in her hand. it's great fun. >> that was his homie. she had a h. his back. >> he has absolutely no plans to
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retire any time soon from motor racing. >> people that are this passionate, they'll do this until the day they die. >> if you're on the edge, you appreciate life more. >> when you buy an ipad and you've got that gorgeous screen you think you're going to get an amazing colorful device and then you open it and it's just black. >> it's up to you to be creative. >> funny you say that. because sketchers is doing that exact thing. boring tablet? not for long. taping off the edges to protect the sensors and the camera. he takes a stencil out and starts spray pained ago way. >> can you do amazing stuff if you're artistic. >> he's essentially creating a really colorful, beautiful galaxy. >> a lot of people can you put a case that might look like something like that on your ipad. it's special to have your own. >> watch. this he removes the tape. it starts revealing the final
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promotional consideration provided by -- if there is anyone you need to have confidence in, it's the contractor. cutting down the old tree out back. >> whoa! whoa, whoa, whoa! >> i mean whoa. >> this keeps getting worse. the chain saw got stuck. he called out for the colleague for help. that's when this woman goes up to give him a little bit of help. >> dude, that thing came right at her arm did you see how it
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landed? >> i imagine if it's stuck in that braj, it's probably not running. even if it is idle, the chain wouldn't be spinning. so that's good news. but the branch could have taken her out, the ladder. >> they're insanely lucky. >> you're still ducking over there. >> i saw her arm being chopped away by that thing. i can see it in my brain. >> let's head over to miami, florida. we find tyree and his brother andy doing a little hard core. >> back flip and over the >> he's like all right. let's keep it together. >> he got bruised. he is walking away with some dignity. >> don't worry about it. >> and we know for sure he didn't mean to do it that way. >> something tells me nobody needs to get their arm and back banged like that. >> let's kick this one off withh
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a little home. >> summer time. a little welcome to heat. recommended. nick. >> translation, nick introduced me to a thing called a wolfam stick. >> i found the wolfam stick over at the overland expo a couple months ago. he was this bad boy and it is a new take on roasting marshmallows. >> over the campfire. i can't bring a campfire. but i have a little fire. we're going to try over that. >> instead of march much mellows, you use biscuit dough and mold it over the rod. you roast it slowly over the campfire with the built in r rotisserie. >> you have a little campfire song. >> going to cook it. >> i love her dedication to rotating. >> you have to be even. >> once it feels good and done
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yushgs done. >> she spoons in sloppy joe mix. you can put anything into this biscuit dough. so let's try itout. >> yeah. >> come on in, jessica. what do you got? >> hey, guys. >> campfire in the studio. >> okay. so can we start cooking? >> let's get the fire started. >> this created by teenage brothers tanner and spencer harris. it has a hot dog attachment too. >> with these knobs, the inside is not going to cook as fast as the outside. you want to have even heat going. >> you have get to the bottom going there. >> i think i'm going to call this good. it is nice and fluffy and golden. >> so let's take them off and put them on the plate. >> put them inside the cups. there is chocolate syrup. >> we're starting with chocolate syrup. >> we're goin to put cookies and cream. and then line it. if you can sput some whipped cream on top of that. >>ae cup
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>> ye easy. >> we're putting this together at a campfire too. >> this is very good. >> if you want more information or the recipes, go to our website or go to the mobile app. tiffany jenkins is trying to beat the heat. >> she's got some sweat hacks. >> but why looking that cool is not so
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toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play.
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everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at [female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. >> it is handy dandy. >> yep. test me with juggling the jenkins who is in florida. and right now she is a little hot. >> summer time here in florida which means it's officially hotter than channing tatum's. [ beep ] in one and two. >> she has sweat hacks. i have to say, some of them are pretty genius. >> first thing you need to know, i have the hacks at the dollar store. momma is falling on a budget. >> nothing wrong with that. >> first hatch, sweat band.
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good for two reasons. one, it helps hides the post part em hair lice and it catches the sweat before it melts my eyebrow into my eyeball. >> design flaw. >> she also says get a spray battle. fill it with water and give yourself a little spritz to cool off. >> now we've seen it before. you put baby powder in your shoes so you don't get sweaty shoes. she has another hack. >> take dry shampoo, spray it in. >> isn't that expensive? >> there are different types. >> this way when you get home from running around, your feet won't smell like dirty hot garbage. >> ladies, those ladies that have ample sweat. it is hot out here because we are not okay. >> there is a hack for that. >> take your bra and a maxie pad. >> like a liner. i haven't seen that hack before. >> i'm wearing a few right now. i'll leave it up to you decide
2:08 am
where. >> okay. >> i love this one. take some of the cotton pads that you use for makeup remover, put them in water, freeze them. >> and you have little ice disks. >> put them under the headband, between the cleavage, cool everything off. >> i'm wearing a few of those right now. you decide where. >> last but not least, possibly my favorite hack of all time. don't go out there. >> thanks for partying with us today. we appreciate it. check out for lots more stuff to make you smile. >> our contestant, andrew bloomberg from madison, wisconsin has a passion for beer and has toured breweries around the world. you know what buys a lot of beer? a million dollars. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ how you doin'? ♪ welcome to the show.
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are you guys ready to play today? [cheers and applause] andrew bloomberg, ready to play from madison, wisconsin. >> yes. >> i love the fact that basically, we need beer money. that's what we're playing for. >> exactly, yup. >> let's keep it simple. >> all right. let's do it. >> let's set the board up and get going. 14 questions between you and that $1 million. three lifelines are up there if you need 'em. the bank is empty. let's fill it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ good luck. $500 question starts us off. [applause] in his nomination acceptance speech in 1932, franklin d. roosevelt famously said, "i pledge you, i pledge myself, to a new" what "for the american people"? >> you know what? as fun as the jay-z album option is, i'm gonna say a, deal, final answer. >> a new deal. that's right. good for $500.
2:10 am
good start. here's your $1,000 question. ♪ doing it over 200 times since the 1940s (and not afraid of the needle), 95-year-old beatrice "granny bea" janyk is known as canada's oldest what? political donor, blood donor, food donor, organ donor? >> all right, i don't think you be an organ donor 200 times, so i'm gonna go with "b," blood donor. that's my final answer. >> of course. blood donor. 95 years old. [applause] $2,000 question. ♪ the advertising for which of the following often features the tagline, "as much fun to make as it is to eat"? >> all right, i think that you would stand by a microwave
2:11 am
watching popcorn pop. i don't think you would watch the campbell's soup heat up in there. i don't think you would watch water freeze. and spam is from minnesota. i originally am, too. and it's not very much fun in any way, shape, or form. so i'm gonna say, "c," jimmy pop popcorn, final answer. >> that's what we were looking for, for $2,000. [applause] moves us up to our fourth question worth 3. ♪ though he never did in fact fall down a well in any of the 500- plus episodes, which of these classic tv shows starred a young boy named timmy and his collie friend? >> all right, so i know that lassie was a collie, and i know that the falling down a well thing was a classic part of that, so i'm going to go with "c," lassie. that's my final answer. >> so it turns our timmy was never stuck in the well? never stuck in the well! come on! >> who knew? [applause]
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>> i always heard that line. i thought he got stuck in a well, but apparently, it's never happened. you don't care. you're at $3,000, and you're going for $5,000. so shut up and move on, host boy. [laughter] here's your $5,000 question. a dusting brush, extension wand, and crevice tool are all common pieces of what? an art kit, a vacuum cleaner, a magic set, scuba diving equipment? >> all right, so i don't think that art kit... [muttering] there's one that's jumping out to me. i think that on a vacuum cleaner you would use the crevice tool to get into corners, extension wand to kind of get under furniture, uh... so i'm going to say "b," a vacuum cleaner. that is my final answer. >> there you go. $5,000. well done, andrew. ♪


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