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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 19, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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aerospace companies, but one of the companies, pretty unique, a bra and girdle maker. their role made for one of the most iconic parts of the mission. >> david kerley has that story. >> it's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: neil armstrong's first step captivated the world. most alive at the time can remember exactly where they were. where were you? >> i was in mission control, houston. >> what were you thinking? >> we've got the safety of the whole mission in our hands for six or seven hours with our equipment and the world is watching. >> reporter: that's because sonny ream was part of the team that spent years building the space suits the astronauts were wearing. >> we came in peace for all mankind -- >> reporter: their first full systems test was this moonwalk. while others celebrated, sonny and his team nervously worried, especially when buzz aldrin started jumping around the
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landing site. >> when buzz aldrin is talking about kangaroo hops and starts hopping around the moon, what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking, make that silly bastard get back in the lem. we're successful. we can declare success. we can declare it right now but they're not inside. we've done everything we wanted to do, i don't care how many craters buzz wants to look at, get him back inside. >> reporter: they were unlikely constructers of the pressure suit that would protect astronauts on the moon. the company, ilc, was part of playtex. >> try on a new playtex at your favorite store. >> this is a company that basically was making women's undergarments. yeah, they made girdles and bras and industrial gloves. >> expandible fabrics, things that could give a little bit. >> stretch in one direction and not the other. their background for the basic fabric of a basic spacesuit was there in playtex because they had that technology.
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>> reporter: in an effort to secure contracts a couple of engineers on the team, enthused about space, decided to make a play for the contract to build the space suits. they produced a film of their suit in action. >> we made a suit and sent a video to nasa of the suit walking. when they saw that they go, i don't know who done this but this is the suit we want. >> reporter: 21 layers meticulously sewn together. they even helped create fabrics. the outside layer teflon and a type of glass to protect from micro meteorites. >> the space suit and backpack that was our spacecraft on the lunar surface, we'd like to give a special thanks to all those americans who built those spacecraft. >> it was my life achievement. i think it was a great accomplishment by some people from a consumer products company
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that wouldn't say no. they had a goal, and they were insistent on doing it, and they did it. >> reporter: sonny ream, one of those who made the walk on the moon possible. i'm david kerley. >> whoo! it's all about presentation as well. the fact that they landed that contract. and it was so important. the space -- obviously getting them there, important. >> right. >> but the fact of obviously living and breathing outside of that space shuttle was just as important. >> and that's the thing that we have seen throughout the week as both davids, david muir and david kerley, have brought to us these amazing pieces. the feat wasn't just getting them to the moon, it was the effort to get them there, to get them, you know, out and then have them safe and protected while they were there, getting them back home. so much effort had to go into it. so many people played a role. and it's fascinating to see the role that playtex played in it, who would have known? >> maybe in a girdle up there in space to keep them in there. >> girdle and bras, right.
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>> save the world. coming up, the artist that taylor swift calls the perfect pop star. >> we're catching up with hayley kiyoko next on "world news now." starting a business means i have to be well rested, every night of the month. always overnight pads have up to a 2x larger back for up to 10 hours of protection. it catches leaks, so you can catch zzzzs. because my morning starts, before morning starts. always.
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♪ i wish i wish i wish i found love ♪ that is singer hayley kiyoko, who's having a moment winning the amaze, performing in packed arenas, singing alongside her pal, taylor swift. >> we sat down with the 28-year-old california native to talk about her blockbuster success and what it means to be out and proud. >> it's been a crazy journey. >> off to the next city we go! >> reporter: the past year it's been very busy. went on tour in europe. twice. >> living the dream. >> it just is a nice reminder that we're all the same. >> reporter: push artist of the
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year goes to hayley kiyoko! >> this validates any queer woman of color that you can follow your dreams. >> i've always known who i was since i was 5. and as someone who's gay or in the community, there is a stereotype. one person can't represent the whole community. i'm trying to break that wall and that stereotype because we all are very different. ♪ i know exactly what i'm feeling ♪ >> last time we spoke again, it was like, okay, i can't wait to hear everything. now it's about elevating it. being more involved in the mainstream. >> hayley kiyoko is here tonight. ♪ touch touch touch touch touch ♪ >> i was shocked when taylor swift reached out and it was the first time i've ever been in front of 70,000 people. and it's an overwhelming feeling. ♪ you are somebody that we don't know but you're coming at my friends like a missile ♪
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>> choose to be in the video? i chose. it's taylor swift! >> you made it so fun. she shot an arrow through a lighting rig. >> yeah, i broke some equipment, you know. go big or go home. >> it's the best three seconds ever. there's not a lot of videos out there that have so many people a part of the community, literally, in three and a half minutes. ♪ no you don't like that i do what i want like all the time ♪ >> so i have a new single called "i wish" out. ♪ i wish i wish i wish >> i directed a music video. ♪ i don't know where we're going to go from here ♪ ♪ i don't >> people love watching me dance, so i was like, all right, let's do a whole dance video. we have incredible female dancers and also very rare to just see like women just kicking ass in a music video. ♪ you're selfish with your
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affections ♪ >> when you don't have love for yourself and you lose love from others -- >> who does that? how could you be so selfish? >> having friends or a circle of people to be able to hold your hand through it, they can't necessarily fix your heart or mend you, but they can help you through it. the music video was born upon that idea. ♪ i wish i wish i wish >> what's next for me? shooting music videos, getting the content ready, and getting ready for that next explosion of songs, et cetera. so see you next time. >> great piece there. >> yeah, big shout-out to one of our extraordinary producers katie for bringing us that piece. >> absolutely. >> we said this was a moment that she's just really reveling in. it feels like more than a moment. >> right. >> she's so talented.
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that's a nice suit there, kenneth. >> hey, thank you. >> time for insomniac theater and the remake of "the lion king" from our parent company disney that's now in theaters. >> it has an all star cast with donald glover with the voice of simba and beyonce as the voice of nala. if you've been living under pride rock, the story takes place on the african savannah where simba, the future king, is born. ♪ ♪
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>> simba idolizes his father, king mufasa, but not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub's arrival. scar, mufasa's brother, and former heir to the throne, has plans of his own. the battle for pride rock ultimately results in simba's exile. ♪ >> run away, simba. and never return. ♪ >> you must take your place in the circle of life. >> rotten tomatoes is giving "the lion king" a 56% rating.
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one critic says, calling it a worthy successor would be a stretch. but another says, just when it starts to feel too familiar, the eye-popping animation saves date. >> some people wasted no time and made sure they were the first to see it. we caug u >> it was a brand-new take that lets this classic story live on for generations to come. >> it was everything i ever could have imagined. >> a perfect film. >> she bought the soundtrack before the movie came out. >> i would say 35 out of 10 for sure. >> 100. 110. >> straight from the fans there. "the lion king" is already setting ticket presale records and getting some oscar buzz. kenneth, you saw it. >> i saw it, i thought it was great. we gave some of the reviews there. the most important reviewer, my mother. mama moton sent me a text that says, saw "the lion king," it was good. i said yeah, it was really good. she said, yes, it was, can't
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stop singing hakuna matata.
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they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle.
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like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. this morning on world news now, bracing for life this morning on world news now, bracing for life-threatening temperatures. >> from the midwest to the northeast, millions of people are facing dangerously hot temperatures with major cities declaring heat emergencies. accuweather has the forecast. drone shot down. president trump says an iranian drone was destroyed by a u.s. warship. see how this is refueling tensions between the countries. frequent flyers, an airline has revealed life-saving information. where to sit on the plane so you're least likely to die in a crash. learn the look. for men and women, even michelle obama embracing their natural hair. there's a learning curve that comes with it. the advice from the experts ahead on this friday, july 19th.
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good morning, everyone. >> friday! >> it's friday. we have got a major, major update on our free the curls >> we sure do. we're talking to the experts. no matter what they told us we couldn't get his curls to grow back but he's trying. >> there was really nothing. we tried a chia pet solution. scissors, please, let's share. >> already starting a hot mess this friday. >> good morning, everyone. we do begin with the dangerously stifling conditions that have triggered excessive heat watches and warnings from the rockies to the east coast. >> most of the country will see actual temperatures in the 90s today. 99 in denver and chicago. 98 in washington, d.c. but when you add extreme humidity, the heat range, heat index, will range from 100 to 115 degrees.
3:02 am
>> forecasters say those conditions will last through sunday and they estimate that at least 87 million americans are living in cities that could hit record highs. >> authorities are warning about the importance of keeping cool, saying the combination of heat and humidity could be life threatening. here is alex perez. >> reporter: the heat wave has more than half the country sweltering. after lightning-packed deadly storms rocked the northeast. torrential downpours turning new york's subways into waterfalls. and sending thousands at this outdoor event scrambling for safety. in connecticut a lightning strike sending a large tree limb crashing onto a car. the driver rushed to the hospital. he did not survive. this as heat, humidity, and stifling air smother much of the country. >> feels like 108. maryville 109. this is serious. >> reporter: in wichita it felt like 108 degrees wednesday.
3:03 am
a bad day to be laying hot asphalt. >> when it does get hot like this out here, we do take plenty of breaks. >> reporter: chicago roofer john widell facing long hours exposed to the sun. >> it can be a lot hotter up there with the direct sun beating down on us. >> reporter: the city's mayor warning residents. >> these are life-threatening temperatures and conditions, and we all have to work together to remain safe. >> reporter: even commuter trains ordered to slow down to ease stress on the hot tracks. new york city bracing for 100-degree temperature this weekend. after last weekend's blackout, officials say the grid will hold up. >> we've got over 4,000 crew members on the ground ready to respond to outages as they occur. >> reporter: friday is supposed to be the hottest day of the year here in chicago. feel-like temperature is expected to be about 110 degrees. and that's just the beginning. the oppressive heat is expected to linger through the weekend. and the cumulative effect is the most concerning. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> our thanks to alex. this comes as noaa has released new data showing the last month
3:04 am
was the hottest june on record for the planet. nine of the ten warmest junes have happened since 2010. so dangerous heat out there. and several big cities, including philadelphia, boston, and new york, have declared heat emergencies and that's forcing the cancelation of several outdoor events including the new york city triathlon. >> accuweather meteorologist chris nallan joins us now with details. >> kenneth and janai, we're talking about widespread heat here. chicago, indianapolis, des moines, iowa, then of course the big cities here. the excessive heat watches that continue as we roll into your friday. but take a look at this. the last day of 100-degree heat for boston, new york, philly, baltimore. we're talking about at least five years ago. and of course we're going to be flirting with the triple digits. and the real-feels. factor in that heat, humidity, plus we're talking about real-feel numbers anywhere from 105 to 110 from d.c. through philly, just outside of new york, especially further inland. we're talking about the heat to be quite dangerous, so drink plenty of water. kenneth, janai? >> very good tip, chris, thank you.
3:05 am
now to another spike in tensions between the u.s. and iran after an american warship destroyed an iranian drone. president trump says it was an act of self-defense that happened in the same busy waterway where iran shot down an american drone last month. as martha raddatz reports, washington is piling on even more economic sanctions. >> reporter: the "uss boxer," an amphibious transport ship, the president says an iranian drone approached the "boxer" coming within 1,000 yards. >> the boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone which had closed in to a very, very near distance, ignoring multiple calls to stand down, and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew. >> reporter: the drone was not shot down. the marines brought it down with counter-drone jamming equipment. it was less than a month ago
3:06 am
that iran shot down a far more sophisticated and expensive u.s. drone. and just before that iranian drone was destroyed, iranian state tv says its revolutionary guard forces seized a foreign tanker and its crew, accusing them of smuggling fuel. the reaction from iran has been muted. the foreign minister saying he had no information about losing a drone, but did point out in a tweet that the persian gulf is off iran's coast, implying the u.s. should stay out of its neighborhood. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to martha. staying in washington, president trump has disavowed an ugly moment at his rally in north carolina saying he's not happy with supporters who chanted "send her back." the chant was aimed at representative ilhan omar, one of the four congresswomen of color at the receiving end of the president's racist rhetoric. the president paused for a full 13 seconds while the crowd chanted there, but he told abc's jonathan karl that he tried to cut them off. >> why didn't you stop them, why didn't you ask them to stop
3:07 am
saying that? >> well, number one, i think i did. i started speaking very quickly. it really was a loud -- i disagree with it, by the way. but it was quite a chant. and i felt a little bit badly ain? ould say that i was not happy with it. i disagree with it. >> republican lawmakers have condemned the crowd, but they did not blame the president. omar called him a fascist saying she and her colleagues will not be deterred or frightened. democrats are now discussing security arrangements for the four congresswomen. southwest airlines is once again extending flight cancelations of the boeing 737 max jets this time until november 2nd. this will remove 180 daily flights from southwest's schedule. it follows similar schedule changes by american and united airlines. the planes have been grounded since march after two fatal
3:08 am
crashes within five months. the person who runs the twitter account for one airline is probably getting some extra training after a head scratcher of a trivia question. >> so klm india put out a tweet about the safest seat on a plane in a crash. for those wondering, the middle of the jet is the worst. the rear third is the best. the answer included an image of a single seat sitting on a cloud. yep, the tweet was pulled after about 12 hours. klm apologized tweeting, quote, it was never our intention to hurt anyone's sentiments. >> hurt anybody's sentiments? wait a second, is there a safest place on a plane? let's be real. >> i think the reason they felt the need to tweet out that apology is because it seemed a little -- maybe in poor taste. especially in light of recent incidents that have happened. >> well, that's absolutely true. >> but on twitter, people really reacted. >> as they always do. >> in a kind of comical way. >> yeah. somebody said, if i'm going to die, it's going to be in first class, lol.
3:09 am
>> yeah. we'll leave it at that. coming up, how one of florida's largest cities was left without water. plus so many women are joining the natural hair movement but it's easier said than done. this morning i get to the root of how women can manage their natural hair. first another empowering story you have to hear. a student headed to college on a full-ride scholarship. it's how he overcame his living conditions that has everyone talking this morning.
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we're ba we're back with this dramatic escape from a fire in a 19-story philadelphia highrise. that man is safe after climbing down 15 stories. people were forced to evacuate the building as heavy smoke filled the hallways. several residents and three officers suffered smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. authorities say the blaze started as a trash fire on the first floor. water service has been restored to ft. lauderdale after a massive water main break. the 42-inch break left about 220,000 customers without water for much of the day. >> authorities say it started when a subcontractor accidentally struck a pipe that supplies water to a treatment plant, cutting off the city's water supply.
3:13 am
a patch should hold until the broken pipe is replaced. a homeless teenager in new mexico whose whole life was in his car now has a new life waiting for him thanks to a full college scholarship. >> 18-year-old edgar sarseno recently graduated from santa fe high school. he'd been living out of his old car since his junior year and no one in his school or at his three jobs knew. he said he didn't want to bring anyone else down. >> it was really hard to like not be the person that like makes everybody sad. now i have the chance to, you know, chase whatever, whatever's in my heart. >> edgar's english teacher learned about his situation when she edited his college essay. the community helped him get a new car. he also has a full ride to bates college in maine. >> three jobs, good grades, works at a nonprofit, giving back, reading to kids, incredible, edgar.
3:14 am
>> i looked this young man up and the story that our affiliate there, koat, did on this one in covering him, he's incredible. he's giving back his time. also, i looked up numbers when it comes to the homeless youth. >> staggering. >> each year roughly 4 million youth and young adults experience homelessness of which 700,000 are unaccompanied minors. so i hope that this also brings more attention to homelessness for the youth as well. >> a huge problem across the country. >> congrats to him for really overcoming. this morning there's a movement growing, literally. >> women are returning to their roots, embracing their curly and natural hair. but it's not as easy as it appears. i'll show you next. appears. i'll show you next. starting a business means i have to be well rested, every night of the month. always overnight pads have up to a 2x larger back for up to 10 hours of protection.
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it catches leaks, so you can catch zzzzs. because my morning starts, before morning starts. always. the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and,
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if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] ♪ the more things seem to change the more they stay the same ♪ ♪ oh don't you hesitate stop put your records on tell me your favorite song ♪ ♪ you go ahead let your hair down ♪ here on "world news now" we
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talk a lot about curls. it's a nod to the natural hair movement encouraging all different types of natural hairstyles. >> it's even led two of the largest states in the country, california and new york, to pass laws banning discrimination against natural hairstyles. >> for women, men, and stylists, caring for natural hair and curls comes with a learning curve. we went to the experts to show you how. >> got relaxed when i was in the fourth grade. it wasn't until after college i really started to get curious about my hair and i understood the detrimental effects of having a relaxer. >> for more than a decade, courtney danielle used harsh chemicals to straighten her natural hair. she describes the emotional process of reversing years of damage. >> it was definitely when i cut off all my relaxed ends, i didn't like it at all. i hated my hair. it took time to fall in love with my hair. >> reporter: courtney is part of the growing natural hair movement, empowering woman and men to embrace their natural hair. >> i see it all the time in television, in ads.
3:18 am
people are just embracing what they were born with. >> reporter: a big part of that is curls, which is what led courtney and so many others to deva curl products, the deva salon and stylists like brian. >> at deva curl we want to be inclusive. we love all hair types. we sit there and train you on using the products properly and embracing and loving what you have. >> reporter: one of the biggest challenges for clients walking into deva is knowing how to care for, style, and maintain healthy curly hair. it was a challenge for me as i mentioned discussing why i decided to free my curls. >> i hadn't nailed down my routine or found the right products, and i was so self-conscious. and there's progress to be made. like making sure that we're supported with hairstylists who know how to do natural hair. >> reporter: brian says it's not just clients but even many stylists are at a loss when it
3:19 am
comes to curls. >> there's no training in cosmetology school for curly hair. >> i have been a deva curl supporter and product user for a while now. >> reporter: even celebrity stylists, like the one behind michelle obama's hair, trained with deva before the former first lady showed off her curls at essence fest. >> curly hair's a different beast. super curlies, we need more moisture. the curlier the hair, the more dehydrated it is, just naturally. >> reporter: brian filled us on some of the basics of caring for curls and walked us through how you can do it at home. first, shampooing. ideally with a cleanser free of parabens, sulfates, and silicone. >> give a nice, good scrub. how's the pressure? >> oh, good. >> this is what actually breaks down the dead skin cells, the dirt trapped on the scalp. the next step is adding conditioner. the decadence 1 condition to the
3:20 am
ends of the hair first. these are the oldest hairs and they need the most hydration. >> reporter: he uses his fingers to rake the product through my hair section by section. >> starting at the ends, working my way to the scalp. you want to detangle like that. it helps the hair not break off. >> reporter: two important things to remember for defined frizz-free curls. apply products while your hair is soaking wet. >> the reason is because your hair is nice and defined. and it's free. that's what you want to preserve as it's drying. >> reporter: and once you apply the products, hands off. >> since you're touching it, you're extracting the moisture. that causes frizz. >> reporter: it's that kind of care at deva curl that courtney says helped her embrace her curls. >> it was a progression of trying the products, having a salon experience, having another salon experience that got me here. >> reporter: as an instagram influencer, encourages others to do the same. >> it may not be for everyone. it is a lot of work. but i feel it's definitely worth it.
3:21 am
it definitely takes you through a journey of really self-discovery because you have to learn to love yourself over again. if you are natural or just recently natural, just be patient with your hair. be patient with yourself. takes a lot of time and a lot of effort but it's totally worth it in the end. >> so in signing that bill into law, new york governor andrew cuomo said in part he was hoping to correct history saying, people of color, particularly women, have been marginalized and discriminated against because of hairstyle or texture. again, the natural hair movement is about embracing natural hair in all its glorious forms from curls to locks, braids, twists. the one thing i loved about deva is how inclusive and diverse it is, from loose, wavy hair to the tightest, kinkiest coils. >> i love the focus on hair but i feel it's about more than the hair. it's about being yourself, true to yourself, challenging the norms. when it comes to this movement that i really think you've been an incredible leader on, it's really exposed a lot. probably more than we've ever
3:22 am
thought and we've seen a lot come from this. i love how it's allowed people to really be who they are. even our colleagues wearing those curls and freeing them, it's incredible. urls and freeing them, it's incredible. the pain of this loss was only made worse cecilia vega, wearing those curls and freeing them, it's incredible. i don't want to leave my children with the same cost. do you know if there's a life insurance company that could provide me with affordable coverage at my age? i'm 68. sincerely, overwhelmed in ohio. (phyllis) dear "overwhelmed in ohio," i'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband and the financial burden that followed. my mother had similar concerns and she found a plan she liked, so she called colonial penn life insurance company. she said they've been providing people age 50 to 85 with guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance for over 60 years.
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it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. tide free and gentle. safe for skin with psoriasis, and eczema. time for "the mix" on this friday and it is comic-con time. >> yeah! >> san diego, started 1970, going strong ever since. it is a major, major event where people dress up as their favorite comic character. it is the comic-con and it is in full swing this weekend over there in san diego. and we've got some of our favorite costumes. this cosplayer dressed as a blowup t-rex dressed as deadpool dressed as pikachu. we've got a young girl dressed as princess leia from "star wars." we've got somebody from "wreck it ralph." this is a big event. >> their costumes are pretty weak compared to that first one that was four things. >> they come to play.
3:26 am
>> i guess so. oh, look at that. >> at comic-con. >> speaking of coming to play. some police officers, hands behind their backs, ready to eat some doughnuts. >> look, ma, no hands. >> no hands. >> whoa. >> yeah, right? >> what's this for? >> okay, it says embracing the stereotype. i didn't want to be the one to be like, you know what they say about police officers and doughnuts. there you go, a doughnut-eating contest. i'd love to get in on that. gobble up the doughnuts at record speeds. >> so this is a training session apparently in preparation for a community event. training. >> right. >> training. yeah, right. >> right. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> polka! ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack ♪
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♪ do the "world news" polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal ♪ ♪ do the "world news" polka >> polka's going to be very jumpy. make sure we have relaxed knees, okay? travel. one and two, one and two, one and two. ♪ who cares what the bosses think they're a goofy crew ♪ ♪ if you make us call the cops here's all you have to do ♪ ♪ when they yell it's half past three you can say it's news to me ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ they make us work the graveyard shift that's why we go for broke ♪ ♪ why not tune in abc and join our little joke ♪ ♪ you'll know that the weekend's here when our little tune you hear ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ a ♪
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send her back, send her back, send her back! >> this morning on "world news now," the president is asked about not stopping that chant at his rally. hear his response as fellow republicans voice their concern. also this morning, heat emergencies in effect in several major cities. people in the northeast and midwest are bracing for blistering hot temperatures that will last for days. new this half hour, a roller coaster rescue. >> dozens of people were stuck high in the sky during a ride at a six flags park. see how this came to an end. and it's the perfect morning for a duet with jennifer hudson. we're getting our first look at the oscar winner in the highly anticipated movie musical "cats." that's in "the skinny" on this friday, friday, july 19th.
3:31 am
♪ a new life will begin here, kitty, kitty, kitty. >> friday morning. >> excited about "cats"? >> a little bit, to be honest. i think it's very cool what animation can do or whatever they did. >> i like we are seeing all these live action really come to life. i know "cats" is very popular. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> broadway show. >> their human faces of the cats? i'm a little uneasy but very excited to show you guys that. we do begin this half hour with president trump attempting to distance himself from a chant that erupted at his latest campaign rally, supporters shouting "send her back" as he took aim at congresswoman ilhan omar. >> the president claiming he wasn't happy and tried to stop the crowd but the video shows otherwise.
3:32 am
>> reporter: president trump disavowed the words of his own supporters that turned his tweet suggesting four democratic congresswomen go back to the countries they came from into a chant. >> send her back! >> reporter: the chant was loud and long. >> send her back! >> reporter: i asked the president why he let it happen. >> why didn't you ask them to stop saying that? >> well, number one, i think i did. i started speaking very quickly. it really was a loud -- i disagree with it, by the way. but it was quite a chant. and i felt a little bit badly about it. >> you'll stop them if they try to do it again? >> i didn't like that they did it and i started speaking very quickly. >> reporter: listen for yourself. as president trump criticizes minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar, the chant plays out for 13 seconds. the president doesn't speak again until it dies down. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic
3:33 am
screeds. >> send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back, send her back -- >> and she talked about the evil israel -- >> reporter: the president disavowed the chant after a growing outcry from his fellow republicans. a republican congressman from north carolina who was at the rally tweeted he quote struggled with the chant. and that the words were quote painful to our friends in the minority communities. republican house leader kevin mccarthy told reporters, quote, those chants have no place in our country. but then he defended the president. >> he never joined in it, and you want to try to hold him accountable for what something in a big audience -- are you going to hold him accountable for whatever protesters or something else do? i think that's an unfair position. >> reporter: outside the capitol building congresswoman omar was swarmed by cameras.
3:34 am
>> this is not about me, this is about fighting for what this country truly should be and what it deserves to be. >> reporter: the president heard from several key republicans concerned about the chant and the vice president got an earful at a breakfast meeting thursday morning with republican leaders in the house who told him they were disturbed by the chant, worried about the political blowback, asked vice president pence relay that message directly to the president, which he said he would do. that said, there really is no indication that i have seen that the president has any regrets over his own words or any plan to tone down his rhetoric. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> our thanks to jonathan there. and congresswoman ilhan omar the focus of that attack by the president and his supporters received a rousing reception as she returned home to minneapolis last night for a town hall event. >> omar was greeted at the airport by more than 100 cheering supporters. they broke out in a very different chant than what we heard at the trump rally.
3:35 am
>> welcome home, ilhan! welcome home, ilhan! >> they said, send her back. they didn't know i was already going back to have a beautiful conversation about what it means to create progress for all of the people in our country. >> from send her back to welcome home in minnesota. omar slammed the president as a fascist. she said his nightmare is seeing a somali immigrant refugee rise to congress, and she vowed to continue to be a nightmare to him. turning to a new clash with iran, this time a u.s. warship has destroyed an iranian drone. president trump said the "uss boxer" and amphibious assault ship took defensive action after the drone closed in and ignored calls to stand down. it took place in the strait of hormuz, the vital oil passageway where an american drone was shot down by iran last month. president trump has announced that he will nominate eugene scalia to be his next labor secretary. scalia is the son of the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. he's a long-time labor lawyer
3:36 am
and currently a partner in a washington law firm. scalia served as the labor department's top lawyer under george w. bush. if confirmed he'll replace alex acosta, who resigned over his handling of a secret plea deal for accused child molester jeffrey epstein. president trump has weighed in on the protests in puerto rico calling for the governor's resignation. the president tweeted that the people of puerto rico are great but much of their leadership is corrupt. meanwhile the island's largest public employee unions are calling for more protests today. this all started with leaked chats of the governor and his aides making crude jokes about women, gays, and those who died during hurricane maria. philadelphia plans to fire more then a dozen police officers for making offensive facebook posts. 72 officers were placed on administrative leave following allegations that they posted hateful or racist content online. after an internal investigation, 13 will be fired. the rest will face disciplinary action ranging from reprimands to 30 days' suspension. the lineups for the next democratic debates are set. cnn will be broadcasting
3:37 am
two-night event from detroit july 30th and 31st. the network drew names randomly, assigning 10 candidates for each night. >> senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders will headline the first night. vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris will face off the next night. a potentially life-threatening heat wave is threatening 175 million americans in 33 states and forecasters say the oppressive heat conditions will last through sunday. >> actual temperatures will be in the 90s but the real feel will range from 100 to 115 degrees. those numbers have sparked excessive heat warnings and heat emergency declarations in major cities. >> and we can't emphasize enough the importance of beating the heat. drinking plenty of fluids, of course if you're already thirsty, you already need more water than you think. stay indoors with air conditioning. get a break if you're out in the ut of the suand fi
3:38 am
yourall the wateecking on elder and residents, family. just making sure everybody's okay out there in that heat. >> wait, you're telling me it's okay for me to stay inside all weekend and do nothing? >> look, i'm right there with you. >> watch the movies? >> netflix and chill, literally. >> all i have to do -- can i drink more than water? >> if you wish, if you wish. all right, now to a health alert about coffee and cancer. drinking coffee every day has no impact on the overall risk of developing cancer. >> the study backs up the recent research by the fda that reached the same conclusion, and this is clearly good news, especially for people like us who work the overnight shift. can i get a hey-o? go ahead, kenneth. go ahead, kenneth, ruin the fun. kenneth doesn't drink coffee. >> i don't drink coffee. >> he doesn't have amazon prime. >> what else. >> you don't eat pizza crusts. >> i like drumettes. >> he likes drumettes.
3:39 am
mystery meat in the hot dogs. and you don't drink coffee. tha. i'm not going to let that insult stand. >> fine, fine. >> go on to the next story. working has mental health benefits for moms. >> researchers at ucla found mothers in the workforce have slower rates of both memory decline and loss as they get older compared to stay at home moms. experts say it's not which is harder. they believe it's based on the way the brain is stimulated outside the home. >> data in australia showed women who worked harder through middle age had higher rates of cognitive decline. but this is good news. >> it is. i'm still upset with you, though. coming up, dozens of people looking for a thrill ended up stuck on a roller coaster. we'll show you. first, we got the need, the need for speed. >> yeah. >> the first look at the "top gun" sequel is here. wait til you see what maverick is up to now. plus this.
3:40 am
we're going to get the final rose! >> did you see how young tom cruise looked? auditions for "the bachelor" are under way. we're talking to the hopefuls, some who came from other countries. that's coming up in "the skinny." of 40 years. the pain of this loss was only made worse by the cost associated with his death, like his medical and funeral bills. i don't want to leave my children with the same cost. do you know if there's a life insurance company that could provide me with affordable coverage at my age? i'm 68. sincerely, overwhelmed in ohio. (phyllis) dear "overwhelmed in ohio," i'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband and the financial burden that followed. my mother had similar concerns and she found a plan she liked, so she called colonial penn life insurance company.
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roller coaster riders roller coaster riders outside washington, d.c. had more excitement than they planned for. the firebird got stuck at the top of a dip at six flags maryland. officials called it a controlled stop. riders were trapped more than two hours. crews eventually got them to the catwalk and brought them down. no one was hurt. the ride is being inspected to determine what went wrong. a freak accident at a church carnival near chicago has left at least one child injured. >> two rides collided in midlothian, illinois. a piece of one of the rides, called the pharaoh's fury, fell to the ground and hit a 9-year-old boy who was standing nearby.
3:44 am
he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. no one on the ride was hurt. now to a terrifying close call for some texas children heading home from summer camp. >> their charter bus exploded and burst into flames. more now from abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: the children from a texas church who escaped from this burning charter bus were coming home from summer camp in san antonio when they say it started wobbling and smoking and fell smelling like burnt rubber. the driver stopped and told everyone to get off. a driver passing by recorded this video of the fire on a cellphone. >> i seen all the girls like crying and freaking out. made me freak out more. >> reporter: everyone got out just in time. for reasons that aren't yet clear, the bus exploded. traffic on u.s.-21 in blanco county was blocked in both directions. black smoke filled the sky and could be seen for miles. six of the children had to be treated for smoke inhalation. it took firefighters two hours to put out the flames. the church says this was likely an engine issue and they've worked with this charter bus company before, but probably
3:45 am
never again. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. when we come back, the major milestone for big bird, elmo, and the rest of the gang from "sesame street." plus our first look at "cats: the movie." "the skinny" is next. milestone for big bird, elmo, and the rest of the gang from "sesame street." plus our first look at "cats: the movie." "the skinny" is next. dishwash. so what does the dishwasher do? (vo) cascade platinum does the work for you. prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. (mom) wow! that's clean! (vo) cascade platinum.
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3:47 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny "skinny" time. the highly anticipated first look at "cats: the movie" based on one of the most successful broadway musicals of all time. >> the cast is star studded including taylor swift, idris elba, james corden, jason derulo, and jennifer hudson. take a look. ♪ look a new day has begun >> are you going to try for a different life? ♪ a new day has begun
3:48 am
>> so the internet is divided on how they feel about that digital fur. you can decide. i don't think we're divided. i think we're on the same team, kenneth and i. you can decide yourself when "cats" hits theaters in december. >> i like how shady we are at "world news now." we've got brilliant or cat-astrophe. >> fair question. >> still shady. >> all the shade. >> we love it. if you've got the need, the need for speed, then we've got just the thing. a first look at the "top gun" sequel. >> so this newest film is called "top gun: maverick" and seems to throw in a lot of the original movie's themes. motorcycles, shirtless beach parties, and the classic aviator glasses. >> yeah, bro. tom cruise returns as maverick. the film hits theaters next summer. and you know what, no shade here for tom cruise. >> yeah? >> he looks real young. like tom cruise is aging pretty well.
3:49 am
>> he is. it might be all the "mission impossible" movies. >> it might be scientology. >> it could be. the man does not age. also "top gun," did you watch the original? >> i did, actually. >> i actually did not. i only know like the big popular, you know, phrases from it like "a need for speed" and somebody died in the original, tom cruise was yelling, i don't know. >> so you don't really know that much about it. hannah's season may not be over yet but "bachelor" nation is already looking ahead. >> hundreds of hopefuls lining up here in nyc to audition for next season of "the bachelor." will ganss went all the way downstairs to see what it's all about. >> we're going to get the final re you going to ma urself stand. no one else can do what you do. >> the perfect man is? >> kind, funny, and it would be
3:50 am
a bonus if he had washboard abs. >> a great smile. really funny. passionate. >> tyler c. whatever he is. >> this is a little bit of a family affair. you're auditioning, is that true? >> yes, she is. >> i'm telling you right now, tyler c., if you're watching. >> yeah, the women there in the line, they seem hopeful that tyler c. might be the next bachelor. >> you know, i was coming into work, i passed a group of them. and i asked them how it was and one girl was like, well, i don't feel so unique anymore after 500 other girls like me showed up. >> yeah. >> well, good luck. >> we know those producers will find the right ones. >> they've got an eye for talent. so you've heard of "carpool karaoke." steph curry is making it a family affair. the nba all-star sharing this video jamming out to "hamilton" with daughters riley and ryan. ♪
3:51 am
♪ da da da da da da da da da ♪ >> look at those curls. in addition to hitting the high notes with the girls, dad also surprised them with ice cream cones. >> i love it, love it, love it. >> so cute. and we all remember the 21st night of september. but add december 8th to your calendar too. that's when earth, wind, and fire will be recognized at this year's kennedy center honors in washington, d.c. >> and "sesame street" is the first-ever television program to be honored with the prestigious award tied to the show's 50th anniversary. the kennedy center chairman said, quote, "sesame street" continues to revolutionize how children and adults learn about our world. >> the other recipients include actress sally field, singer linda ronstadt. >> turn that earth, wind, and fire up! it's friday, everybody. ♪
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♪ mie ♪ behind a little smile bring it on, bring it on, lean into those notes. ♪ my cherie amor by stevie wonder, one of the top ten songs this day 50 years ago. >> 50 years. that anniversary is just as big as the news stories from the past five days. here now your "friday rewind." >> the administration was supposed to launch coordinated raids in 10 major cities over the weekend aimed at deporting 2,000 immigrants. >> so far there are no reports of widespread arrests. >> hurricane barry bringing even more water to this state.
3:56 am
>> up to 10 inches of rain swamping mississippi. the torrential rains inundated roads, homes, and businesses. the tombstones of this cemetery entirely submerged. some areas facing up to 15 inches. look at this wave action off leless.urgina llay a good 3 feet of water still pushing into this neighborhood. >> all engines running. liftoff, we have a liftoff, 32 minutes past the hour. >> 50 years ago, history was made with the launch of apollo 11. so many remember where they were when the mission to the moon began and the moment neil armstrong and buzz aldrin landed, taking those first steps ever on the moon. >> amazon prime day under way. consumers expected to spend $5 billion worldwide. it's not just amazon. now many rivals also offering their own black friday in july sales, no membership necessary.
3:57 am
>> "game of thrones" going out with a bang. the show ending its run with a record 32 emmy nominations including one for best drama series, despite criticism from many fans over how the series ended. that's the most nominations ever for a single season of any show in tv history. >> did you notice a familiar place there? is that the grand canyon? >> the grand canyon? >> yeah, like we think that she shot in some of the areas out in the desert. >> oh. >> did you not pay attention? >> i was looking but i wouldn't have guessed the grand canyon, i would have thought it was all shot in africa. did you make that up? >> no, go google it. >> you googled it? circle back and let us know on twitter. >> and yeah, it was in the desert, arizona. >> kermit fingers looking it up. >> beyonce shut down the desert. >> shut it down. >> shut down the grand canyon. >> shut it down. >> "spirit." this is stevie. 50 years. 50 years. ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
happening now in "america this morning," the life-threatening heat wave sweeping the country is just warming up. it could feel like 116 degrees in chicago. nearly 200 million americans on alert. the biggest concern and new figures showing how historic the heat has become. welcomed home. [ chanting "welcome home, ilham" ] >> the congresswoman at the center of president trump's controversial comments fights back in front of her crowd while the president claims he tried to stop that racist chant during his rally. [ chanting "send her back" ]


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