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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 19, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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especially near the coast in the higher elevations. temperatures cooler inland this die during the morning hours. a little milder around the bay. we go from 56 to 62. we're going to see sunshine a little faster. grab those sunglasses if you're heading out for lunch. 74 to 77 bay and inland. cloudy at the coast. even you will see pockets of sunshine this afternoon with below average temperatures. 60s around the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s inland. alexis. good morning, mike. out in the tracy area we have a crash on the countercommute side, eastbound lanes at grant line we have a crash with a vehicle fire blocking one lane. sounds like debris is scattered all over the roadway as well. typically you don't have issues getting into tracy. is causing onlooker delay on the westbound side. check this out. 6:00 a.m. we still zront the bay bridge metering lights on. you can tell it's friday and you can tell it's summertime. we have breaking news. a 5.3 magnitude quake rattling
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people in and around athens, greece this aft greece. so far no reports of damage or injuries. lyft and uber drivers are ready to make some noise this want to b considered employees and enjoy all the benefits. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan live at uber headquarters. good morning, anser. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, uber and lyft drivers don't want to be considered contract workers anymore. they said if they were made employees, they would likely get more benefits and higher pay. the drivers have been protesting for the past several months. today is very specific to california state assembly bill 5. several years ago the dynamex corporation was sued, they were
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sued because they were accused of wrongfully classifying workers as independent contractors. we spoke to an uber driver back in may. he says he makes about $200 a day. but after expenses, he claims it's just not enough to live on. >> i love this industry. i love the driving. i love meeting people, a living wage. we're asking for benefits, you know, such as medical, dental, you know. >> reporter: back in june uber ceo and lyft co-founders wrote an editorial. they say turning independent workers into employees won't fix the problem. one of the solutions the company is proposing is to form a drivers association with lawmakers and labor groups. the protest is set to begin out here at 10:30. reporting live, anser hassan, abc 7 news. new developments in the case of a man san francisco police called the ride share rapist.
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a judge has yet to decide whether dna taken from the suspect can be used as evidence. police used dna to link lazo to attacks on four women. investigators say he posed as a driver for a ride hailing service. a public defender says police illegally got a sample of his dna during a traffic stop last year. after more than three days of arguments, a judge announced yesterday he'll issue a ruling yesterday. in the east bay a man involved in the theft of an amazon delivery truck near el sobrante has been arrested. the truck was stolen last thursday. a man jumped in the truck and drove it to a home where chp says steve ackelbein helped unload 71 packages on the truck. chp says the man they believe stole the truck, 48-year-old charles farmer is still at large. only one of the 71 packages has been recovered. in the north bay, santa rosa
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police are offering a $2500 reward for information on this man. surveillance footage shows him robbing people inside a shell gas station. it happened around 1:30 sunday morning. the robber took money and other items before running north on corby avenue. iran says no drone of theirs has been destroyed by a u.s. warship. >> president trump said yesterday "u.s.s. boxer" took defensive action after an iranian drone came within 1,000 yards of the ship. iran's deputy foreign minister tweeted today that iran has not lost any drones. the incident marks a new escalation of tension between the countries less than a month after iran shot down an american drone. president trump has nominated gene scalia to become the next labor secretary. he is the son of late justice antonin scalia. a white house aide says the nominee came in for an interview yesterday. former labor secretary alex acosta resigned last week over
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his handling of a plea deal of jeffrey epstein who is in jail accused of sex trafficking. there will be a protest at uc berkeley over the placement of a telescope? hawaii. the university is one of the main funders of the large telescope. they want to place the telescope on hawaii's highest peak. locals say it's sacred. one san francisco woman is flying to hawaii to join her family for a protest that's also taking place there. >> our elders are leading us to this front line, we need to follow them and we have to go. >> 33 hawaiian elders were arrested wednesday during protests. besides today's protestsality uc berkeley there's also a protest at stanford tomorrow. a truck driver arrested after a deadly kim kardashian in san francisco. the hit-and-run investigation at three different scenes. also ahead this morning, millennials on the move. san francisco is a popular
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choice but it's not the top city drawing the most young adults. the sun is up and it's a colorful sunrise and one with a lot of texture thanks to the cloud cover. let's take a look at what's going to happen today. oakland a little above average at 73. san francisco pot on at 66. the rest of us,
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it's 6:09. i thought we'd start with inland
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neighborhood temperatures. in the low 60s about everywhere, pleasant hill and livermore in the upper 50s. 64 in oakland, thearnl spot. 59 in san jose and also san carlos, novato. you can see mist and drizzle on the snn cruz camera. our best chance is along the coast. in the afternoon, temperatures still in the low to mid 60s. if you're out and about, mild this morning, warm this afternoon. light breezes on the bay, at least compared to the last couple days. enjoy the tranquility. 57 in the north bay through 7:00. hanging out in the mid 70s this afternoon with total sunshine. 66 by 7:00. east bay, in the 60s through 9:00. faster sunshine, helps us reach the upper 70s by this afternoon. locked into the 50s through 9:00. we'll hang out in the mid 60s this afternoon. take a look at the weekend forecast next. how about that commute. alexis? >> we're still pretty light in most areas. in fact, our camera decided to
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freeze up because every time i put this one on the aur, that's what happens. san jose 101 and 880 doing okay. inbound still nice and light through downtown. south of there we have a crash vofing a motorcycle. everything is off on the right shoulder. drive times looking good here, southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek in the green about six minutes. westbound 24 walnut creek to highway 13. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, that's not bad for that stretch. still in the yellow at 36 minutes. a 65-year-old truck driver is facing serious charges after a hit-and-run that killed a 54-year-old man in san francisco yesterday. the victim who a pierce to haee been homeless was hit. the truck dragged him two blocks to fifth and market. the suspect, oaratsinbo mile an manslaughter and failure to yield to a pedestrian.
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this crash marks the 20th death on san francisco streets this year. coming up, a new listing for a unique air bnb. a bay area city let's
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yeah. you got yyeah?omework?
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in the south bay people are bringing a bochy ball court back the weeds are out grown and the courts unused. >> the area used to be predominantly italian and portuguese neighborhood. so the bocce courts were put in to serve them. >> reporter: north side neighborhood president association says back in the 40s and 50s every day this space would be filled with people. a gradual lack of interest is how we ended up here. >> it's one of the few places in san jose where you can play bocce, but the courts fell into disrepair a few years ago. >> they haven't been utilized in over five years. that's a long time for such a kbutful park to go neglect ed. >> reporter: after spending hours on his own working to get the courts back in shape, he posted this. >> jose posada has taken it upon himself to revitalize the courts, clear out the weeds.
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there were some gophers in also had its share of issues. carmen with downtown enrichment says the park has had a reputation of rampant homelessness and drug use. >> there was also several homeless people living alongside the bochy ball courts. >> the community effort to bring new life into the courts is one way they hope to build a better bay area. >> if neighbors don't rally together and look for resources and support each other, it doesn't happen. >> reporter: amanda del castillo, nbc 7 news. home prices are going up in san francisco. the median price of a house sold in the city last month $1.7 million. that's up nearly 9% from last year, this according to the california association of realtors. interestingly san francisco is the only county in the bay area to see their prices go up. prices are actually down everywhere else year over year. keep up this graphic. we want to tell you about the new study that says san
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francisco is not the top choice for millennials. we're up there, number four. a recent gallup poll says portland, oregon, comes in at number one. just up the road from portland, seattle comes in number two. denver -- i consider these to be sister cities. portland, seattle, denver, and san francisco as well. they have a lot of similarities. san jose combined with sunnyvale, they come in at number eight. >> reggie, we clearly want to move on to this next story. >> i wasn't done talking about that, but that's fine. >> what you have to say does not matter. >> if you like hot dogs, maybe you'll like this. you can relish a stay in the real oscar meyer weiner mobile. it's about to go on air bnb. for one night only, you can have the opportunity to eat hot dogs, dream of hot dogs, live in this hot dog. it is $136 for two guests, one night. there's a mini fridge stocked
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with oscar meyer hot dog treats. if you want to book a stay, you have to wait until next week. reservations officially open on july 24th. >> i'll let you guys talk about this because i don't feel like this is a safe space for me to talk about what i want to say regarding that. >> you mean what you said earlier? >> yeah. >> you're right. you can't say that. >> will you post it on social media. >> no. >> not even there? >> no. i still like that paycheck. >> i like how they say, hey, idaho potato, we're coming for you. >> sure. >> what would it be the hot dog or the potato? where would you stay? >> i want both. i want starch and i want -- >> i want that hot dog, cut that potato into fries. >> i want that $1.50 hot dog from costco that comes with a drink. >> i like that. then take it outside. it's going to be a great day. reggie, you're so quiet, i'm stunned. >> so much restraint happening to my right. >> i'm so impressed.
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wow! 61 at sfo where we have delays this morning. let's talk about our accuweather highlights. even at the coast, a little bit. coolest highs moving forward. we have a warming trend going forward. in between that we'll have mostly cloudy and a little drizzle at night. the overall jet stream, you can see it dips down to just near us, allowing us to have cooler weather slip in. we'll start the gradual warming trend. mid to upper 70s in the sboi with morgan hill and gilroy around the low 80s. not quite as warm in santa cruz, 67 degrees. 77 in redwood city, then we drop to 68 in millbrae. quite a spread along the peninsula where it won't be as beezie as it has been. mid to upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. quite a change, cloverdale, lakeport, ukiah, mid 60s to low 90s for you. 70 in richmond, 73 in oakland, 77 in fremont. as you move into the valleys, 80
6:19 am
to 86 degrees. you can keep that air conditioner off one more day. look at tonight. cloud cover, a little drizzle. a lot like the cloud cover this morning. here we go. it's not going to be an abrupt change. it's going to be very gradual. a degree or two here or there. by the time we get to the 90s inland, low 60s, on our way to upper 90s. mid 80s and mid 60s by thursday. have a great weekend. checking out the commute this morning. want to take you into the oakland area where we have a sig alert but it's not causing any delays, sort of an unusual one. typically for a crash, but this is for disabled construction equipment that caltrans was using for work on westbound 580 around high street and 35th. sounds like they're not able to move that equipment. they're hoping to that have out of lanes by about 8:00 this morning. they issued the sig alert. one lane is blocked. so far we're staying in the green in that area. definitely helping that it's friday morning. check out the bay bridge toll
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plaza. so far no metering lights. that means we may make it the entire morning commute without them flipping those on. enjoy it while it lasts. 48 b.a.r.t. trains in service. all trains are on time. that is great news. gge z new york no delays for city with a look at what's ahead on good morning mayor. >> so nice to be with you on friday morning. you know some of you are if only cool ones across the nation. anywhere east of the rockies weave got the heat advisories, excessive heat warnings. if you haven't seen these numbers, i think even you will be impressed. some of the numbers like des moines, 116 it feels like this afternoon. the core of the heat slides to the east, though. if you're coming to the east coast at all this weekend, get ready to just be sweltering. we're talking about feels-like in the 105 to 115 range. the hospitals are preparing, folks are preparing. we'll tell you what everyone is doing, even in new england where
6:21 am
some folks don't have air conditioning. before you see this video, we do love gio benitez. we'll show you how dangerous this heat can get especially in the car. he's going inside with the windows closed, no ac. closely monitored by a paramedic the whole time. we'll see what happens so all of us can understand how critical it is to make sure that children, pets are outside of that car. we have some new technology, too, by the way, to help keep your family safe. plus we've got a new report about duchess meghan said to be struggling with the intensity of a spotlight. her role as a royal and a new mother. it's friday, get ready to rock. blink 182 performing in the park. it's all coming up right here on gma. >> we are here with you ginger. we think it's so cool. a major milestone at star
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wars galaxy edge weeks after it opened. apple music hosting its summer concert series in seven cities around the world. one is in san but me and crunchy here make a great team. we even finish each other's...
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a nail biter and it took 16 innings. giants take on the mets once again at oracle. 61 at 7:15, dropping down to 57 degrees. have fun. >> thanks so much, mike. it is your voice, your vote. we're learning new details about the next democratic debate. senator kamala harris and joe biden will have another chance to face off later this month. during the last debate harris called out biden for supporting lawmakers who did not support busing children to help integrate schools. 20 candidates will participate in the debate. yesterday they announced which will appear on the 30th and 31st. abc news will host the third democratic debate in september. happening tonight, apple music is bringing its concert series to san francisco. this summer apple says it's celebrating seven new artists on the brink of massive success, hosting seven shows across seven cities around the world.
6:26 am
the monthly concert series is called up next live. tonight soulful singer and songwriter omar apollo will perform at the opinional store in union square. a bay area police department is investigating another possible mountain lion sighting. a standoff in the it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's. it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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now at 6:30, the man accused of killing a teen at an east bay taco bell is still on the run. the new images police just released in hopes of catching the suspect. the battle over a navigation center for the homeless in san francisco, the setback opponents suffered in court. a major milestone at star wars galaxy's edge just weeks after it opened. why these visitors got a surprise. mike, can you do chewbacca? >> on cue? no. when you go that deep, you have to -- >> you have a few minutes. >> before 7:00 a.m., if you stick around, he's going to do it. >> are you writing checks i can't cash? >> we have faith. >> he wouldn't do it last time. we tried to talk him into it. >> come on, mike. >> depends on how great the anniversary thing is in the next segment. >> let the spirit move you.
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>> yes. let's talk about weather. 6:30 on the dot. you can see the cloud cover out there. it's just about everywhere but the south bay and the east bay. the sea breeze is letting up just a little bit. we have a cooler air mass over top of us. that's why temperatures are going to be below average today. we start off in the upper 50s to low 60s. hang out in the low to mid 60s at the coast. 73 to 77 around the bay. lunchtime temperatures, 78 to 82. look at that evening. 70s. a great day to be outside. alexis. good morning, mike. tracy area, countercommute, eastbound 205 around grant line road. we had a three-car crash. one of the vehicles caught fire. it sounds like they're in the clearing stages. a 22-minute delay down to 16, 17 minutes. i think these lanes are back open. we're in the clearing stages. one new issue for the bay bridge commute. still don't have metering lights. as you make your way into san francisco, disabled vehicle past
6:31 am
treasure island. a bridge crew helping them change a flat tire right now. a s.w.a.t. and police standoff at a milpitas apartment building has ended. it started at a complex on north temple and calaveras. police responded to report of a man as sultingsaults a woman wi large knife. after a four-hour standoff police used flash bang grenades to stun the suspect. the woman is expected to be okay after sustaining non-life-threatening injuries. a man accused of killing a 16-year-old. >> the 21-year-old suspect has been on the run since the shooting last monday. jobina fortson live with the new pictures police just released. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. a memorial still sitting here outside a taco bell in livermore where police say that 16-year-old was shot by
6:32 am
21-year-old jorge luis tellez. these pictures were taken before the homicide. investigators say on july 8th tellez was involved in an argument with the 16-year-old here at the taco bell. police say during the verbal altercation, the suspect pulled out a gun, shot the boy in the abdomen and ran off from the scene. the 16-year-old was rushed to the hospital and later died from his injuries the next morning. a s.w.a.t. team searched tellez's home after that. he wasn't there and hasn't been found. police are thanking people for all the tips they received and are hoping the pictures will lead to an arrest. live in livermore, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. an update to a story we know a lot of you are interested in because you're clicking on it for days on police arrested two more suspects in a shooting at a san bruno mall. officers arrested deandre grant
6:33 am
after a vehicle chase. a 14-year-old boy was also taken into custody in san francisco. gant faces a charge of attempted murder for the july 2nd shooting. two teenagers were hurt. both are recovering. new developments in the fight over a homeless navigation center along san francisco's embarcadero. >> a judge in sacramento has declined toish yu an injunction to stop it. instead the judge sent the lawsuit and temporary restraining order request back to attorney dennis herrera. the lawsuit was filed nine days ago and hope to stop construction of a 200-bed center located on the embarcadero near the bay bridge. so far no further hearings are scheduled. >> in the east bay the police monitor and police commission are calling for five officers to be fired for their roles in a deadly shooting. the incident was captured on body footage cam. they shot pollack after he
6:34 am
refused to drop a pistol lying on the ground. the police commission says he appeared to be sleeping or drunk and was slowly getting up. the union representing the officers is blasting that decision saying in a statement, quote, the commission's decision is obviously born from a desperate, politically driven need to prosecute police officers regardless of the facts. station 30 will be closed. the city council says the station receives one-third of the calls other stations receive and that closing the station will help the city close the gap on a serious budget deficit. firefighters say its closure court put public safety at risk, increasing response times from under four minutes to more than six minutes. neighbors have mixed reactions. >> i guess if it's saving taxpayers money, then perhaps the city made the correct decision. >> i don't think that's a good idea. i think it's pretty useful
6:35 am
it serves nearby places. station 30 services newark, so that city will be impacted by the loss, too. >> santa rosa named a new police chief. captain rainer navarro will replace chief hank schreeder. navarro has been with the police department for 27 years. during his career he started a gang, resistance education and training program. officials say he has extensive experience working with the community on issues including gangs, hopelessness and youth violence. happening today, the director of the cdc will join a local congresswoman to talk about the ongoing fight against hiv and aids. dr. robert redfield will join representative barbara lee in oakland. despite huge strides made to address hiv and aids, communities of color are diagnosed at much higher rates. san francisco muni trying to figure out why a drainage syste inside the embarcadero station. you may have been here yesterday
6:36 am
morning when we showed it to you. abc 7 mornings was the first to break it to you as breaking news yesterday. a deluge of water from muni fire sprinklers poured onto the b.a.r.t. platform one level below. muni says the fire system malfunctioned during the test. the muni platform was closed until 3:30 yesterday afternoon. b.a.r.t. service was disrupted for only a short while. a late night for the giants paid off with a comeback. >> solano shoots one past alonzo into right field. crawford comes home with the winning run. >> it was a late game against the new york mets last night. san francisco gave up a run in the top of the 16th before scoring two in the bottom half to win it. and in case you have your sports almanac out -- by the way, look how empty the stands are. people had to go home. this is the first time the giants have won a game after trailing in the 16th inning or later since 1958.
6:37 am
that was a game against the dodgers. madison bumbarner pitched nine innings in what may be his final start with the giants. the warriors may be leaving, but steph and ayesha curry remaining committed to oakland. the new effort they just launched and the sweet surprise for hundreds of kids at the inaugural event. live at the big board this morning. we're starting up. we'll see how the markets are doing in just a few minutes. first, you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we're turning towards the weekend. what do we have in store? >> cool today, closer to average this weekend. we'll get really hot next week, especially inland. all that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. let's go local this morning, down around cupertino, santa clara, saratoga, 57. we have a 61 in mountain view for the warm spot. mid 50s to low 60s everywhere. here is a look at the san mateo
6:38 am
bridge. on the hayward side, 63. spotty drizzle still possible in our higher elevations and near the coast through the morning commute. you need a jacket if you're on mass transit this morning and out on the bay today, not choppy at all. east bay valleys, quick sunshine, 66 at 9:00. hanging out to near 80 be mid 80s with sunshine this afternoon. 73 at 7:00. in the peninsula, faster sunshine today, pushes us into the mid to upper 70s starting at 11:00 through 6:00. you'll be around 71 at 7:00 this evening. in the south bay, 59 under a partly cloudy sky. total sunshine this afternoon. low to mid 80s, by 7:00, 75 degrees. if you're like our family that goes out maybe once a week on a friday to relax, it's going to be gorgeous. we'll talk more about that coming up. you had a pretty quiet commute to talk about. is it still going that way? >> sti pretty much staying that way. we're hoping we're not jinxing anything here, mike. we're looking at oakland area where we have a sig alert.
6:39 am
it's not really your standard one. not due to a crash. westbound 580 at high street, caltrans has disabled equipment. they were working there overnight. can't get the equipment out of the way. the left lane is blocked and saying probably will be that way until about 8:00 a.m. it has not been a big issue. it has not caused any delays to far today. i feel like i can't show this enough times. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. i think we're going to make it through the morning commute without turning those on. you can tell it's summertime and it's friday. looking at the friday light commute. a little bit of heavy traffic westbound highway 4 antioch to concord, in the yellow at 21
6:40 am
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it's hard to know for sure, but heat is most likely the number one killer in weather. we've been talking about how 87 million people east of the rockies could suffer record high temperatures this weekend. guess where it's all coming? it's coming back our way. it's something we're not that unfamiliar with. about 70% chance of above average temperatures next week. we have great temperatures this weekend and air. let's take a look around the state. if you're traveling, cooling down in sacramento, 88. look at the sunshine, 70 in eureka, same temperature as san diego. l.a. 76. 108 in palm springs. 7 in tahoe. it's 42 right now. as we head through the weekend, temperatures warm in the low 80s with just about total sunshine. mike, thank you.
6:43 am
ooh, what a precarious position. this six flags coaster in washington, d.c. is closed this morning after it got jam pd last night. the firebird coast ever came to a controlled stop at the top of the hill yesterday around 6:00 in the evening. officials say it took about two hours to escort passengers off of the ride. can you imagine being in that position at that angle for that long? the coaster will remain closed for inspection. reggie this is the scenario that runs through my mind any time anyone invites me to go on a roller coaster. happening today, lyft and urer drivers are planning to picket once again. they want to be considered employees and enjoy the benefits that go along with it. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan live at uber headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. uber and lyft drivers say they no longer want to be considered as contract workers. they say if they remain employees, they'll likely receive more benefits and higher pay. they've been protesting for the
6:44 am
past several months, but today is specific to abab 5. a bit of background, several years ago the dynamex corporation was sued for wrongfully classifying workers as independent contractors. ab 5 would ensure they're entitled things like minimum wage and worker's compensation. back in june, uber ceo and lyft co-founders wrote an editorial, they say turning independent workers into employees won't fix the problem. one solution they're proposing is to have drivers form a drivers association with lawmakers and labor groups. the protest is set to start here at 10:30 in the morning. reporting live, anser hassan, abc 7 investigating an armed robbery. two men stopped in the parking
6:45 am
lot of the stanford shopping center. a suspect pulled out a gun and took the victim's phone. he's described as hispanic male in his 20s, wearing a red polo shirt and gray pants. this morning president trump is working to distance himself from supporters who mirrored his racist rhetoric about three congresswomen. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screens. >> send her back! >> his supporters taking aim at congresswoman ilhan omar during his north carolina rally. that chant lasted 13 seconds. the president tells abc news he tried to stop it. >> i was not happy with it. i disagree with it, wu again, i didn't say that. they did. >> many gop lawmakers also publicly condemned the chant without denouncing the presidenpresident house minority leader saying
6:46 am
it's unfair to hold the president accountable for the words of his supporters. a big cat seen near a back yard in the belburn neighborhood. the family said it saw the mountain lion stroll up the driveway around 7:30. while usually harmless. they can be especially dangerous for children and pets. now to your morning money report. dress barn will close dozens of stores this summer. >> 53 stores will close in august. nine in july. two locations in the bay area are part of this round of closures including campo and antioch. all the rest will close by the end of the year. gift cards, rewards and coupons will continue to be accepted. boeing is putting aside nearly $5 billion to compensate airlines that have suffered from the grounding of the 737 max plane. that comes out to $8.47 per share.
6:47 am
the aerospace giant is set to report second quarter earnings next year. boeing faces lawsuits seeking compensation from families of the 346 people who were killed in two crashes. a live look at the new york stock exchange this morning. you can see we're up about 70 points. fewer iphone users are sticking with apple. a company that lets you sell your used phone and upgrade to a new one collected data from 38,000 people. it's called bank my cell. it says 18% of iphone users were trading in their phone for a samsung device in june, the highest they've ever seen. samsung loyalty looks to be much higher with under 8% of people switching from the galaxy s9 to an iphone. it's important to note these numb gers don't reflect apple store sales or carrier store sales. google transformed the mo javy desert solar farm to honor one of the unsung heroes of the apollo 11 mission. the company injured more than
6:48 am
53,000 solar mirrors so they reflect a portrait of margaret hamilton. she led the m.i.t. team that built the flight software for the first lunar land wear. the portrait covers 1.4 square miles and is almost as large s d golden gate park. making the worst seat on the plane more comfortable? a colorado-based company is pitching it. one of the seats is slightly lower and slightly behind the aisle and the window seats. the middle seat is also a little wider. the companyay movhe middle seat back will give everyone more space, and they hope to have these available starting next year. hmm. okay. we'll see if airlines buy it. >> isn't that part of being in a couple, you have to decide who is going to take the middle
6:49 am
couple now? >> sure is. >> how does that conversation go? >> sometimes no that well. star wars galaxy's edge has already had its 1 millionth rider. disney cast members and chewbacca welcomed the ridgeway family from mississippi. 8-year-old jonathan climbed on with his mom, dad and little brother and the significant milestone comes just weeks after it opened. disney is the parent company of abc 7. how nice for them. >> that is fun. i think i'm still the only person who has been on it. >> yeah, that's right. you said it was incredible. >> i loved it. so immersive. >> you have discerning ride tastes. we've arrived at the moment where we ask you to do your chewy impression. we'll see if you will oblige. >> producer says we don't have time. so sorry. >> i knew you wouldn't do it. we tried to get him to do imt six months ago and he wouldn't. 6:50, time to move on.
6:50 am
let's take a look outside -- come on, director. i'm waiting. thank you. all right. here we go. this is the way it looks on mt. tam this morning. now i'll put up the particulars. 63 degrees. alexis, you know me so well. brighter today, cool this afternoon. clouds, patchy drizzle at night and the summer spread that will get nearly 40 degrees next week. for now, look how comfortable it is in the south bay. mid to upper 70s about everywhere. santa clara 77. 80s around morgan hill and gilroy. 67 in santa cruz. let's head up the peninsula. 77 at redwood city. ending up with about 68 in millbrae. low to mid 60s along the coast. we'll see more sunshine along the coast. it's not going to warm at all. low 60s in the north bay. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. mid 80s to low 90s.
6:51 am
east bay shore, comfortable day. hercules 74. san leandro at 75. check out the low to mid 80s in the east bay valleys. the same cloud cover this morning, check this out. nearly 170 million people could be dealing with dangerous heat today, tomorrow and sunday. heat index values 120 in the shade. 87 million people may experience record heat this weekend. it's slow getting here. by next week, above average temperatures with low to mid 80s along the bay. wu new issue for the bridge westun, right two-car crash with injuries. i've seen an ambulance go by along with chp and the fire truck. left lane is blocked.rtg t fl in. we'll zoom in on the traffic maps. i think the backup a little
6:52 am
worse than what it's showing. it takes the maps a couple minutes to catch up. we have one lane down on the san mateo bridge. if you want to fully avoid that, it's not terrible yet. you could head down to the dumbarton bridge instead. a quick check of drive times, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 21 minutes in the green. westbound 80 across the bay bridge about 13 minutes, still no metering lights. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo in the green at 12 minutes. happening today, a key hearing in the city of oakland's antitrust lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl over the team's move to vegas. lawyers for owner mark davis, the league and its owners will ask a federal court judge to dismiss the suit filed by the city last december. oakland city attorney barbara parker called the move to vegas illegal. she claims the team and the league brazenly violated antitrust law and the league's own es wnhett team ownerspprovn
6:53 am
seas there abc news is committe building a better bay area and it looks like steph and ayesha curry are committed to building a better oakland. nearly 1,000 kids had a special day with steph and ayesha curry. eat, learn, play are the three pillars of the new foundation kicking off at lakeside park. >> obviously for me the nutrition side of things is very important. i feel like that gets the ball rolling for them to have a great education. >> the sports for me, obviously i learned about myself, building confidence and meeting people. >> every single child at that event received a special surprise. a pair of steph's und in the north bay, new life for a former restaurant owned by rock musician sammy hagar. a note on the door from hagar
6:54 am
said after seven years of running it, it became too time consuming. it will open at paseo, a college bistro. the original restaurant dated back to 1947. now we get to "cats." the trailer for the live action adaptation of the musical is horrifying the internet, and all you have to do is take a look for two seconds to find out why ♪ so easy to leave me all alone with the memory ♪ >> who asked for this? the reviews have been less than stellar. i'm just talking about the trailer because no one has seen the movie. we ain't kitten. the big screen adaptation of andrew lloyd webber's musical boasts a furmidable cast including taylor swift, idris elba, dame judy dench and jennifer hudson. many were left confused about oscar winning director tom
6:55 am
hooper's recreation. it can't explain it so i'm not going to even try. it's set to be released in theaters in december. >> i think a lot of people reacting do the leotard plus the human teeth and the fur and the weird tail. jennifer hudson sings the heck out of that song. >> she sure does. this is not the one to take your boyfriend or husband to who doesn't like musicals. >> because it will turn them
6:56 am
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whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. number one, a standoff is now over in milpitas. we'll tell you more about this later today. two, livermore police released new photos of a man suspected of shooting and killing a 16-year-old. 21-year-old jorge tellez is on the loose and considered armed and dangerous. iran says no drone of theirs has been destroyed by a u.s. warship despite u.s. claims. president trump says the "u.s.s. boxer" shot down a drone that came too close. number four, check out the sunshine above the fray of clouds which is a little deeper this morning. temperatures will be below average, 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s elsewhere. number five, embarcadero
6:59 am
station is back to normal this morning after this huge leak stopped both b.a.r.t. and muni service yesterday morning. officials blame a drainage issue during a fire system test for the flood. number six overall, really light this morning. still no bay bridge metering lights. hopefully we can make it the rest of the morning commute without them. number seven, top gun is back. this is the trailer for the new movie. tom cruise is now an instructor at the top gun school. "top gun maverick" hits theaters next year. >> is iceman going to be in it? >> is iceman alive? >> yes. goose is dead. >> goose's son i believe makes the appearance in the movie. that's the whole idea. >> lake tahoe is in it. >> that's cool. >> what? is it? >> yeah. >> okay. gma is nex good morning, america. nearly 200 million people bracing for extreme heat as the
7:00 am
hottest weather in years closes in. heat emergency. a life-threatening heat wave hitting right now from chicago to philly and d.c. new york now canceling its triathlon. 33 states in the hot zone. where it could feel like 115 degrees. ginger has the latest. backing down, president trump now trying to distance himself from that rally chant. [ chanting "send her back" ] targeting congresswoman ilhan omar, now claiming he was not happy with it. what's behind his shift? rising tensions. the president says a u.s. warship downed an iranian drone. what the iranians are now saying this morning.


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