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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 19, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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ilhan. tonight, the heat merges. it's now turned deadly. more than 30 states, oppressive heat. it will feel like 115 degrees in places. the nursing home. the air conditioning failing. the emergency evacuations. the fompler pro football player dying of heat stroke. the fire. and new york city, the black out just days ago. ginger dee times it out. president trump says he is no longer upset with those who chanted "send her back." what he is saying now. and first lady michelle obama tweeting late today. break news at this hour, the u.s. military ship
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through the strait of hormuz after two more ships seized by iran. the american sbom her boyfriend on a road trip discovered dead. authorities before the cameras moments ago and what they have revealed. a 737 crashing in the ocean. the computer warning the two pilots they were two low. the rapper under arrest, claiming self-defense and what the video shows. a missing wife. 69 years old. her 4uz breaking down, insisting the police are looking at him as a suspect. and if the heat is getting to you, try the yankees manager who lost it. the choice words and the punishment tonight. good evening. great to have you with us on a friday night. so many of you dealing with the
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brutal heat and it's turned deadly now. and 34 starts, more than 200 million americans under alert right now. look at the numbers tomorrow. the heat index. feel like 111 in d.c. 110 in philadelphia. 108 in new york city. the midwest, already seeing numbers that high. tonight, the fompler pro football player who died of heat stroke and a power station exploding leading thousands without power. and several subway lines shut down here in new york city. gio benitez leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, the heat and the high alert. who is most at risk? >>en anyone is at risk. >> reporter: there is a reason parents need watch their kids. you are talking about children, and the body temperature three or five times faster than us. >> correct. they cannot regulate the
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temperature like you or i can. >> reporter: not far away. elderly residents forced to evacuate when they lost power. >> describe what it's like in the apartment? >> it's 95 degrees. >> reporter: in chicago -- >> the heat will be so intense today, it could be light thetenning. >> reporter: a heat index of 105 degrees. pushing the limits infrastructure. >> the high temperatures can cause pavement blow outs or roads to buckle. >> reporter: former offensive lineman nick petris dying after working outside all day. he was just 32. new york city san keling the tria triathlon. and worryinged about the black
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out. >> we expect id to rival all time weekend peeks. >> reporter: new york city's mayor is asking the residents to turn the them stat up to 78 degrees to help save power. today, we are looking at index of 104. the number can go to 113 over the weekend. we just learned in new york city, several subway lines have shut down. we don't know if that is heat related. there are major concerns over infrastructure. >> thank you. the real concern in new york after the black out days ago. in madison, wisconsin, tonight, look at this. a state of emergency after an explosion at the city's main power center there. it felt like 109 in madison today. the flames shooting 150 feet in the air, knocking out power to thousands. here is abc's steve osunsami.
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>> reporter: the timing of this explosion at a power station in madison, wisconsin is so terrible. the state's governor has declared a state of emergency as thousands are having to get through the miserable heat without power. >> there was an explosion -- explosion and a large fire, now. >> reporter: there's an excessive heat warning in the area. today it felt like 109 degrees. >> you think it's 60, a fight? >> reporter: government employees at the state capital were told to leave their hot and humid offices and head home. >> we're checking in with any place that we think may have young people, have seniors, have folks that are likely to be without air conditioning in this heat. >> reporter: adding insult to injury, a second substation caught fire. authorities believe both were caused by mechanical issues. the power is back on tonight but power companies from madison to the east coast are watching for the breakdowns in this heat. david? >> steve and gio, thanks to both of you. let's go to zinger zee live tracking it all for us.
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hi, ginger. >> reporter: hi. some of the hurs, sheldon iowa, 121 and look at the excessive heat warnings and advisories froms the oklahoma to vermont and maine. the core of the heat, 115, iowa city, 117 over omaha. that is right now. the core, watch as it slides east. it's going to make its way and settle in the northeast on saturday. that's the hottest day. philadelphia to norfolk, feels like 110. 111 washington, d.c. and hartford, connecticut. a severe thunderstorm watch from cleveland to binghamton, new york. >> we are thinking about the millions in the path of the heat this weekend. ginger, thanks to you again tonight. the president no longer says he is unhappy with the crowds chanting "send her back." calling them incredible
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patriots. and when asked about it, the president said i'm joining in the fight. and what he is saying now. and michelle whoeb did not mention the news directly but though she weigh in tonight with a tweet. here is abc's kyra philips tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president trump defending his north carolina supporters who chanted this about minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar who came to the u.s. as a child refugee from somalia. >> send her back! send her back! >> reporter: the chant was inspired by the president's racist tweet suggesting four democratic congresswomen "go back" to the countries they came from, even though all are american citizens and three of them were born here. under pressure from his own party, the president said he felt "a bit badly" about the chant and was not "happy." today, a different tune. >> you know what i'm unhappy with? i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can hate our country.
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those people in north carolina, that stadium was packed. it was a record crowd. %-p. those are incredible people. those are incredible patriots. >> reporter: later, i pressed him. the chant, "send her home," is it racist to you? >> say it? >> reporter: the chant, "send her home --" >> no, you know what's racist to me? when someone goes out and says the horrible things about our country, the people of our country. i think to me, that's a disgrace. and we should never forget it. we're dealing with people that hate our country. >> reporter: tonight, michelle obama speaking out. the former first lady doesn't mention the president by name. but her aim is clear, tweeting, "what truly makes our country great is its diversity. whether we are born here or seek refuge here, there's a place for us all. we must remember it's not my america or your america. it's our america." >> let's get right to kyra phillips at the white house
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tonight. world leaders are weighs in on the chants and how the president is dealing with it? >> reporter: indeed. and references the president's racist tweet, justin saying the comments were hurtful and prong. and the german prime minister angela merckel says she stands in solidarity with the four congress women. david. >> thank you. the u.s. military is monitoring a container ship traveling through the strait of hormuz. let's go to martha raddatz. what do we know about the seized ships? >> reporter: iran had seized 23 violated kreerp rules. the british foreign secretary saying he is extremely concerned
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about the seizure, calling it unacceptable. david, this is a series escalation. >> martha, in the meantime, the u.s. saying it destroyed an iranian drone, and iran is showing video they claim proves it. >> reporter: that's right. they aired video they claim came from the drone the u.s. says it destroyed. the video has a time stamp that would be after the hour the drone went down. there is no proof that the time stamp is accurate. and the white house today said there is very clear evidence the iranian drone was destroyed by the u.s. military. >> all right, martha, thank you. tonight, an american man accused of being an isis tighter is in federal custody. 42-year-old citizen born in kazakhstan. he joined isis and became a
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sniper of trainer of new recruits. he recruited a nypd informabt. an american woman and her boyfriend discovered on the side of the road in dan. they were found on the side of a remote canadian highway, in fact, they believe the couple was murdered. here is matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, canadian police know that this young couple's road trip ended violently on a lonely stretch of the alaskan highway. what the don't know is who murdered, 24-year-old american chynna deese and her boyfriend lucas fowler. >> it's not yet clear whether lucas or chynna were targeted or if this was a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: without revealing how they were killed, police recovered the couple and that blue van on the side of the road in british columbia sometime between sunday and monday night. >> we are trying to comb through
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the evidence at the scene at this point. >> reporter: family members tell us they believe their van broke down. chynna deese, who was from north carolina, met fowler in croatia. he is the son of an australian police chief inspector. they couple was taking a road trips heading to national parks and alaska. news, "this southern gir they were just so in love and both loved traveling." the couple was found near a popular tourist site and they are working in a 24-hour window. they are asking motorists with dash cam video to come forward to narrow down the time line. david. >> thank you. there is no cockpit video showing a 737 skrashing into the ocean. the pilots were warned by computers they were too low when they slammed in the water. the u.s. navy team rushed in to help save the passengers. david kerley with the new video e mirnlging with the terrifying
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crash near guam. >> reporter: in the september crash, short of a runway -- we saw u.s. sailors racing to the 737 jetliner to pull passengers out of the aircraft. tonight, a highly unusual recording inside the cockpit. >> approaching minimums. >> reporter: as the jet was trying to land in bad weather near guam -- >> minimums. >> reporter: that is the computer warning the two pilots. >> sink rate. >> reporter: that they are too low. and their flight path -- means they will not make the runway. investigators say the pilots ignored the warnings and had done so in the past. buit on this day, the weather meant they couldn't see the runway. the last warning. they are 100 feet above the water. >> 100. >> reporter: the jetliner bounced on the water of the lagoon several times before settling and filling with water. originally, it was thought everyone on board survived. 35 people were rescued. but three days later, divers found the body of another passengers in the fuselage. investigators had harsh words
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for both pie lights. incident. >> david, thank you. there is an american rapper being hold in a swedish jail and famous names, the president and first lady are involved in it. asap rocky is held. and he says it was self-defense. tonight, here is erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight mounting anger after swedish prosecutors announce that grammy nominated rapper asap rocky must remain behind bars while their investigation into this fight continues. tmz obtaining the video showing the 30-year-old performer whose real name is rakim meyers and members of his entourage fighting in the streets of stockholm on june 30th. but the rapper posted this video allegedly of the moments just before. >> we don't want no problems with these boys. they keep following us. >> reporter: two men can be seen arguing with his bodyguard, throwing headphones at the group and following them as they try to walk away.
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>> they came into a situation where he acted in self-defense. >> reporter: the grammy-nominated artist and two backup performers now beginning their 3rd week in a swedish jail. asap deemed a flight risk. their detention sparking outrage from famous friends like justin bieber and kim kardashian. and today, president trump said many including the first lady have asked him to intervene. >> i have been called by so many people asking me to help asap rocky. >> reporter: the man seen fighting with the rapper remains free. after speaking with kanye west, the president plans to call the prime minister. david. the urgent search for a missing wife, 69 years old. her 4husband breaking down in front of the camera saying she vanished in the desert. he insists police are now looking at him. the daring high-rise e cape. the man who climbed down 15 stories to get out of a bumping building. tonight there is more to the story and what we learned now. if the heat is getting to
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you tonight, and it probably is, try the yankees manager who lost it, very choice words. we have to bleep half of them. and the punishment. a lot more news ahead. stay here.
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i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. we turn next tonight to the search of a missing wife in the mohave desert. her husband breaking down, pleading for her return. here is will carr. >> reporter: tonight, authorities are desperately searching with k-9s in one of the world's hottest places for 69-year-old barbara thomas. she vanished, according to her husband, a week ago in the mojave desert wearing only a black bikini and a red hat with a beer in hand. he says he stopped to take a picture. and when he looked for his wife, she was gone. >> and she rounded the corner. and i lost sight of her. >> reporter: he believes someone kidnapped her.
3:49 pm
>> and we always tell each other before we go to bed at night, how much we love each other. so who ever has her, please release her. no questions asked. >> reporter: but he swears he had nothing to do with his wife ice disappearance. police wont comment on if they have any suspects in this case. they say they are treating this as a missing persons investigation, david. >> what was with the apollo 11's. and the man climbing down to get out of a fire. t er me to it in a ment. the fiber. month after month, and i still have belly pain and recurring constipation. so i asked my doctor what else i could do, and i said yesss to linzess. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is not a laxative, it works differently. it helps relieve belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. do not give linzess to children less than 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage.
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talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. finally, our persons of the week in apollo 11 mission control. 50 years ago tonight, they were already on their way to the moon. and tomorrow marks the day. neil armstrong, 10:56 p.m., opened that hatch. >> i'm going to step down now. >> reporter: and stepped foot on the moon. >> that's one small step for man. one giant
3:57 pm
>> reporter: 19 minutes later, buzz aldrin too. and back in houston, apollo 11 mission control, many wiping away tears. do you feel it when you're in this room? >> i do. you can feel it. >> reporter: this week, they allowed us to broadcast from that room, a first. sandra tetley was charged with restoring apollo 11 mission control. >> you see the lights, what's on the screen and just realize something big happened here. >> reporter: they took out the consoles and sent them to hutchinson, kansas, to be restored at the space museum, cosmosphere. underneath the consoles, they found cigarettes from that time. they used photographs to place items right where they were 50 years ago, the rc cola, the winstons, the apollo 11 flight plan. and when you search you archives, you see it, the miniature apollo 11 spacecraft. then and now. right where it once sat. and remember this week, they even showed us the heartbeat. they were monitoring the astronauts. they had neil armstrong's vital signs right in from of them the entire time? >> absolutely.
3:58 pm
>> reporter: and all of those images of the flight director, gene krantz, 50 years later, history still being made. now two women in the top roles, the chief flight director and deputy flight director, emily nelson. already looking ahead to the moon again, and then mars. >> getting to put boots back on another surface away from earth, again, that will be incredible. >> reporter: they hope to launch that mission in 2024 from florida, where there is another woman, regina spelman, helping to lead the way. >> they started with a blank piece of paper. and how they were able to do that is awe-inspiring, what people can really do when they put their mind to it. >> reporter: and until the next mission, preserving that other mission 50 years ago. the woman and the team who saw what was left here and thought we should save it. most people would say, "what a mess!" but you thought, i've got history. >> oh, it's treasure. it was treasure. it was history. absolutely.
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