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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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news to build a better bay area, this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning. it is saturday, july 20th. let's startith quick look at our weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there. good morning to you. wake evening up to the usual low clouds and fog. we are looking at a pretty thick blanket here, but this weekend we are featuring a warmer day and a cooler day, and today is the cooler day of the weekend. 64 right now. pretty mild with the south wind in oakland. 59 in novato. throughout the day we will have some sun. the fog will peel back to the shoreline, so waking up to the 50s and 60s. by noon time we are in the upper 70s in the inland valley. low 70s around the bay, cool at the beaches, partial clearing an
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and today the temperatures will be warm. below average with temperatures in the 80s. still cool around the coast with upper 70s bay side. we will talk about the warmer day the second half of the weekend coming up. >> we are getting our first look at the man accused of killing two men on the peninsula. malik been released. he is accused of killing these two men. investigators say he lured them to a remote section of skyline boulevard in san mateo county on two separate nights last month. earlier this week he was in court for a hearing. the judge reviewed his medical records and note it that he was laughing randomly in court. all criminal proceedings are on hold until doctors can examine him. a hearing is set for august 30th to hear the results of the evaluations. >> this morning all lanes of interstate 880 through downtown
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oakland are back open after crews had to repair this giant pothole. ec it is four feet by three feet hole. it formed in the middle of the lane just before noon yesterday. dozens of cars hit it. an the proble caused a of grid lock during the evening commute. cal trans had to close three left lanes just to patch it up. a suspicious package in san jose turned out to be nothing inators ge the all clear around 7:00 last night after this briefcase was left on a tree branch near the santa clara county government center. investigators released this x-ray of it. they say it was just full of clothes. you can even see the bullet on-s and the zippers inside. a desperate plea from an east bay women's shelter has been answered. the community came together to help the serenity house in oakland meet a deadline today, but the future is still unsen. the program owns $14,000 in back rent by the end of today.
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we have the story. >> reporter: donations are pouring in. they have to pay their landlord $14,000 in back rent by end of day saturday. >> our rent had been $2,000 and it went up to $3,500. it is tough. >> reporter: serenity house has been offering shelter to women in west oakland for the past decade, but this rent hike was too much. the center is four behind paying rent. >> after looking around we just don't have it. >> reporter: valerie harper is a board member whose sister was in the program. >> if you think about it, $14,000 is not a huge amount of money with the money that you see in the bay area, so why is it so hard and why is it such a struggle for us to pay the rent? >> and the gofundme has completely taken off. one anonymous donor gifted them
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$5,000. but $14,000 won't solve all of their problems. they're expecting to soon get money from grants will still, has housing costs rise the challenge to pay rent won't end there. >> it has been this whole systemic struggle for us to be able to just stay here and continue to do the work that we need to do here. >> reporter: so what is the plan in the long term? well, that's still to be determined. >> but the thing is we need to be here because as long as the people are here, we need to be here. >> reporter: liz kreutz, "abc 7 news." >> thanks, liz. if you would like to help donate to serenity house we have a link to their go fund my page on our website, in our effort to build a better bay area we are taking a closer look at recreation. the city of palo alto is considering a new, inclusive park, accessible to people of all ages and abilities. as abc 7 reporter amanda del castillo tells us, designers are using another popular palo alto playground as a blueprint.
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>> this park is accessible to people of all ages and ability. it attracts people from all over like melissa and her family from san francisco. >> we have one on the autistic spectrum and it has been important to me that my kids are interest greatest with children who have other needs that they may not be aware of. >> reporter: this recipe for all inclusive recreation caught the attention of county supervisors. santa clara county set aside $10 million in grant to put these all inclusive playgrounds in each of the five districts. >> good quality, very safe, very durable. yes, i would love to see more of these types of parks around. >> reporter: palo alto is planning for a second to be built. designers will draw inspiration from the magical bridge playground. plif private donations mainly funded the $4 million park. this is the woman behind magical bridge. she spent 20 years in tech and pivoted to parks with her two
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kids in mind. >> i did not want to take my kids to two different parks. i wanted them to have great time at the same park. so for me it is very personal. >> reporter: because of her effort to build a better bay area, others will soon have more options to share space and play with people of all ages and abilities. >> increasing the awareness about that and the urgent need to include everybody in a community as opposed to calling parks special needs or ada compliant. no, it should just be a community part. >> reporter: in palo alto, i'm amanda del castillo, "abc 7 news." . >> thanks, amanda. a celebration at san francisco international airport. you are invited to a sneak peek of terminal one. inside the terminal you will find a massive exhibit telling the story of harvey milk's live. sfo spokesperson doug akel visited "abc 7 news" to explain why the opening is so special for the bay area. >> this is really the first airport terminal in the world to be named in honor of an lgbt
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leader. it is significant. you have a facility that's brand-new that will really allow millions of people from around the world to learn about harvey milk's story, learn about his life and his legacy. >> nine gates officially opened tuesday for southwest and jet blue customers. eventually there will be 25 gates. the public is invited to the sneak peek celebration at noon today. it includes games and chances to win prizes like plane tickets. today the world celebrates 50 years since the apollo 11 lunar module landed on the moon. there are many celebrations to mark the event. one is in alameda where the "uss hornet" is stationed. that's the ship that recovered the astronauts from the ocean once they returned to earth. abc 7 talked to several ship mates who took part in that important mission. >> apollo 11, this is hornet, hornet. over. >> apollo 11, we read you loud
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and clear. >> we were looking at all of a sudden it was coming down right above us. my name is john mclaughlin and i was one of the swim teams on the apollo 11 recovery. back here is where we were. this is where we went out. we would go out and jump in, we would go from here. our job was to put the caller on the command module after it splashed down to keep it afloat in case something went wrong. >> when it came down the astronauts had not cut the power chutes and the wind caught them and turned the command module upside down. >> the engineers were prepared for that and they had bags they inflated from inside the command module that up righted it. the helicopter would hover 20 to 30 feet and they dropped us close to the command module. one swimmer would go out and put a sea anchor on the command module. then the other two of us would jump into the water and put the collar around the command module and keep it afloat. then another swimmer came down to do the decontamination of the
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astronauts. >> the decontamination swimmer threw decontamination suits into the astronauts. it was believed they would breathe in the moon dust. >> it was an excerpt from a digital story. you can watch the full version on some of the local events today include a celebration at the "uss hornet" museum in alameda and the chabot space and science center in oakland. both event start at 10:00 this morning. is it a nice day to get out and do stuff today? >> it is. i want to welcome you to the morning show. >> thank you. >> we're happy to have you. >> thank you. >> it will be nice. if you are looking for it to be warmer, it is going to start tomorrow, that warming trend. today pretty much where we've been, the warmer morning, cooler afternoon. the camera is shaking from emeryville, where temperatures are in the 60s. so starting mild and finishing below average. i will have the details next with the accuweather seven-day
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forecast. >> thanks, lisa. traveling abroad for more than a vacation. the medical procedure more millennial women are looking to do outside of the u.s. it is extra rental income that involves practically no extra work for homeowners. the company that wants to rent your backyard to someone else.
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dluckily her dorm iss heabout 10 minutes. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit oakland fire local 55 released video from a helmet camera from a firefighter racing into a burning building. >> mcintyre, 230 apartment. >> we have a fire on the second floor. >> oakland fire mcintyre command, start an ambulance -- >> wow. those are firefighters from station 8 responding to a fire last saturday in a two-story duplex at 109th avenue and
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mcintyre street. six engines and two truck companies responded to this two alarm blaze. according to the union, the crew's aggressive attack limited destruction, potentially stopping more than a million dollars in damage. check this out. two women accused of stealing all of this stuff from stores in the south bay, now they're under arrest. this is just half of the $5,000 worth of merchandise santa clara county sheriff's deputies recovered from the suspect's vehicle. a deputy saw two women leave the walgreen's in cupertino with large bags on thursday. the store manager ran out and told the deputy the women had stolen merchandise. more and more women are traveling abroad, not only for a vacation but to freeze their eggs. the fertility treatment can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars here in the u.s., but it can be a fraction of that elsewhere. "abc 7 news" reporter luz pena spoke with a san francisco woman who just got back from spain. >> reporter: traveling through
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spain is not the main reason carmel au flew to spain two weeks ago. >> this is for you, my future babies. >> reporter: you heard right. that is carmel dreaming and taking steps towards being a mother one day. she traveled abroad to freeze her eggs. >> we're part of this generation that has huge college loans like never before. we are also part of this generation that came kind of age in the recession. so there were just financial implications that make it a lot harder to start a family. >> reporter: carmel is not alone. she traveled along with five other women who chose where in spain they wanted to go while making some pit stops at fertility clinics. >> 12 days, and in the last six days two shots a night. you are giving it to yourself in the belly. first time i actually did it to myself was the second night at the hospital rallied a group of women to do it with me. >> reporter: bay area-based carmel and the ceo at the clinics. >> we assumed until we try it things are suppose itly fine.
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>> reporter: in the u.s. freezing eggs can cost anywhere between 15,000 and $25,000. she says they charged between 500 and $4,000, not including the trip. >> why spain? >> the reason for spain being one of the best places in the world for fertility treatment is in the early 2000s they passed a law, i think around 2006, that is one of the most inclusive health care laws in the world. >> reporter: the day carmel wants to get her eggs back she can get them delivered to the u.s. or go through the insem nation procedure in spain. >> yeah, i'll leave them there for now. >> reporter: freezing your eggs in the u.s. is not always covered by insurance, but tech companies like facebook, google and apple are using this procedure as part of their benefits for employees. in the newsroom, luz pena, "abc 7 news." >> thanks. a surprise in san francisco for a nurse that went above and beyond the call of duty when he was off duty. nurse jayson benson was on vacation in hawaii when a nearly
5:16 am
80-year-old man collapsed nearby. jason performed cpr which likely saved the man's life. >> thank you. >> jason was recognized for his efforts and he got a chance to face time with alf, the man he helped save. jason is a nurse at kaiser pe permanente and they sent us this video. "abc 7 news" anchor dion lim shows us how this could ease our housing crisis and build a better bay area. >> reporter: the housing crisis is very real in the bay area because here in san jose the average cost of represent for a studio apartment is just under $2,000. joining me are the founders of represent the backyard, brian and spencer. >> wt rent dow n therenter
5:17 am
is we build a studio apartment in your backyard at no cost to you, rent it out and split the rental profits with you 50/50. >> how big are these and how does it actually get made easily? >> yes, so these are about 320 to 450 square feet, depending how big your lot is. they get made fairly easily, in a matter of a handful of months, and minimal disruption to the homeowner. >> reporter: there's a lot in rent the backyard's favor. the mayor set forth an ambitious goal in 2017 of building by 2022. ever since a 2016 law passed reducing regulations on adus to make more affordable housing statewide, the number of permanent applications skyrocketed. rent the backyard serves the caterith shorter t says cities permitting times are right now most ideal. the owner of this home is mimi trans zimbetti. give me an idea why you wanted the site visit done right now.
5:18 am
>> it seemed a no brianer. me andave been financial savvy. i got into e .additional rental income without hassle on my part seemed a done deal. >> we think we can get most home owners $10,000. in some places more expensive like san francisco, you could get close to $20,000. >> reporter: the co-owners of rerpt the backyard say they anticipate their first adu going up in about a month. in san jose, dion lim, "abc 7 news." >> pretty cool idea. let's go to meteorologist lisa arjun for a look at our forecast. hey, lisa. >> hey, kamasi. starting out with live doppler 7. low clouds and fog blanketing the coast and inland many we will be looking at a sunny and pleasant day today, although, yes, you feel temperatures should be warmer for this time of the year. but as we look at the nation, as a whole you heard about the heat wave. look at the dark colors here.
5:19 am
high temperatures in chicago. mid 90s. 97 in st. louis and they're dealing with 100 degrees in washington, d.c. it is going to be hot. if you factor in the humidity, it feels like 105 today in chicago. 100 in cleveland, and, of course, the hot weather down through texas. the good news is by next week it looks like they will get a break, while on the other hand looks like we will warm up, especially inland with perhaps some of our own triple digit heat into the middle of the week, but that will be outside of the shoreline. so typical warm-up for us headed our way, but for now we're looking at numbers in the 50s and low 60s. we certainly have the south wind aligned for slightly milder weather in the east bay, the south bay, but cooler in the north bay in the 50s. here is a look at san jose. fog near the coast and bay. as we go throuon we get a lot of sunshine but the warming trend is going to take place tomorrow. today will be a narrow spread with 60s, 70s and 80s, and
5:20 am
looking at the sizzling heat inland next week. that means the coast certainly going to stay comfortable and cool. the look ahead for santa rosa today, the coolest day of the week, at 79 degrees. the average here, 83. we will get there tomorrow. upper 80s on monday, and then the 90s arrive, even lower 90s by the middle of next week. it looks like the cooling trend getting under way by the end of the week. as we look at our highs today, notice we're in the narrow range with 60s, 70s, 80s. 76 in pallet owe. 75 in vallejo. 82 for you in san jose. some numbers near average or slig slightly below average going into your sunday. a few 90s arrive well out towards the delta, fairfield, antioch and 70s and the bay again. little change on tuesday. notice the pinks and the reds getting even closer as we get towards the middle of the week. here we go with the upper 90s in store for us around antioch.
5:21 am
97 in livermore for wednesday. it could be 100 degrees in clear lake, but notice the 60s and 70s stay with us with the afternoon sea breeze keeping the coast comfortable and cool. the accuweather seven-day forecast then. today it will be coolish for mid to late july, but, you know, it has been the trend for numbers to be cooler than average. 60s, coast. upper 70s, around the bay. mid 80s inland. download the accuweather app and keep track of the temperatures hour-by-hour. into the 90s tomorrow with a typical summer spread, and slowly getting warmer by monday and tuesday. then by wednesday and thursday, yes, certainly getting hot around here with numbers close to 100 degrees. so if you want the heat, it is coming inland but in a couple of days. >> you know. >> not a fan? >> it is worth the wait. i love the heat, i love the sunshine so looking forward to those days. thanks, lisa. up next, eyes on the prize. a south bay man is hoping to take home some major money on the next episode
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it seems we all get them in our mailbox, those catalogues from retailers we don't want. well, now a marin county teen is helping to build a better area by helping friends and neighbors put an end to the unwanted mailings. "abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> i think it is ridiculous how many catalogues we get. >> reporter: this 14-year old agrees. >> it is a lot of paper wasted. >> reporter: at the post office recycling bins full of junk mail and catalogues nobody wants. >> it is a waste of resources and energy and paper. >> reporter: so for an 8th grade class project last winter she offered a free service to help friends and neighbors unsubscribe. jackie set up this got junk mail
5:25 am
envelope in the post office where people can leave the back covers of catalogues with names and customer numbers. she manually contacts the retailers and removes it from the mailing list. she is doing something right. so far jackie helped 70 people unsubscribe to 400 catalogues. >> it feels amazing to know i'm making a difference. >> reporter: why can't more people be like jackie and unsubscribe to the catalogues they don't want? short answer, it takes a while. let's say you want to stop receiving pottery bond and you scroll to the bottom and they give you a choice of how many you want to receive or none at all. then fill out your name and address and submit. and done. we sped up the process, but in real-time it took me 3 1/2 minutes to unsubscribe. imagine repeating the step five to ten times for other
5:26 am
catalogues. she is getting lots of kudos. she recently got a letter from senator maguire. >> impressive. great work, jackie. >> reporter: she hopes to inspire other teens in the area to recycle and redouse the amount of unwanted catalogues. >> bravo. fantastic. >> repor jackie. in marin county, cornell barnard, "abc 7 news." >> thanks, cornell. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. in the south bay innovation was the word for dozens of girls. "abc 7 news" was in santa clara at walmart labs for the hack-a-thon challenge. 50 girls were task with coming up with creative solutions to the gender gap in science and technology fields. the winner receive chrome books, air pods or tickets to sporting events. there was also a panel discussion. "abc 7 news" reporter amanda del castillo served as the moderator. a south bay man is competing on a game show in hopes of
5:27 am
taking home $100,000. >> it is a church, gomon -- mormon goes to a different country. >> a church. >> missed it. it was missionary. >> we could have come up with a few clues for that. >> cameron kim of mountain view is playing with susan watson and chris sullivan from the show "this is us". you can watch this episode of "the $100,000 pyramid" tomorrow night at 9:00 on abc 7. still to come on "abc 7 mornings", a heat wave hitting nearly 170 million people across the country. the dangerous conditions in 29 states. a little boy's life forever changed after a tragic incident on his 10th birthday. why his neighbor is now in custody.
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours,
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or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings". good morning. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather.
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here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, kumasi. good morning to you. hi, everyone. starting out with mount tam, you can see how pretty this is, the low clouds, the fog and that sun, in about 30 minutes officially up. 64 in oakland. we have mild readings with the southerly flow from redwood city to san jose. otherwise cool in the north bay. another vantage point from east bay, walnut creek this morning with the clear sky. fog not making it to our inland valleys but we are looking at another cooler afternoon today. it is 60 in concord. 58, livermore. as we go through the early morning hours, 50s and 60s. getting set at 11:00 to see mostly sunny skies with 70s to low 80s, and that should be almost where we stop because the numbers will climb to the mid 80s. we will talk about the warmth headed our way tomorrow. kumasi. >> thanks, lisa. > developing news. multiple states are under excessive heat watches this weekend. many are gearing up for temperatures in the upper 90s
5:31 am
and hugh humidity making it feel in the triple digits. organizers cancelled the new york city triathlon and crews are inspecting roads threatened by intense heat. high temperatures could cause pavement to blow out and roads to buckle. >> you are talking about body temperature rising three to five times faster for children than adults. >> correct, way faster than you and i. they're smaller and can't regulate their temperature like we can. >> power officials are confident the griddle hold after last weekend's blackout in manhattan. three burglary suspects in custody after this high-speed chase in los angeles. it happened yesterday. at times speeds topped 120 miles per hour. the driver hit three cars, and all of this ended when the driver pulled into a shopping center in sherman oaks. a 27-year-old compton man is in custody after handing his young neighbor a firework. it blew up, causing the boy to
5:32 am
lose his arm on his birthday. >> they lit the fire work and then they gave it to me. it ended up being -- the fuse wept down and it popped in my hand when i was right going to throw it. >> 10-year-old aaron says two neighbors gave him a homemade firework that exploded in his hand. his sister says the impact caused five car alarms to go off. doctors at uc irvine stitched the boy's left arm into his stomach to regrow lost tissue. >> they're going to make an arm and then totally going to have only two fingers. it is going to be the thumb and this one. >> the suspect has pleaded not guilty. his bail has been set at $630,000. people at uc berkley protested plans to build a telescope at the top of a volcano in hawaii. the university of california is one of the main funders of the $1.4 billion telescope. it would be installed on manh au
5:33 am
kea, hawaii's tallest mountain, home to telescopes. some hawaii natives consider the mountain to be sacred. 50 years ago neil armstrong took one small step for man and a giant leap for mankind. the world watch the historic moon landing and it forever changed space exploration. abc news reporter maggie rulli is live at the johnson space center in houston. good morning. >> reporter: kumasi, good morning. the excitement is building here and i a cross the country. there are celebrations planned from the national mall and times square, but arguably the biggest one will be going on here at the johnson space center where it all wept down during the apollo mission. the excitement, like i said, you can feel it from everyone. they're expecting thousands of people here today, thousands were here yesterday. but what is wild, kumasi, is to think that this monumental moment in history almost never happened. 50 years ago this morning the entire nation was holding its
5:34 am
breath. >> the drama of watching the apollo 11 in the summer of '69 is, can they do it. >> reporter: after more than four days apollo 11 was about to enter its final descent on to the moon. >> the first part went pretty well, just about textbook stuff, except suddenly they reported, uh-oh -- >> 12:02, priority display alarms came out. >> i first thought, oh, gosh, we're not going to make it. we're dead in the water. >> reporter: the space shot over shot its landing and was burning fuel faster than expected. >> i think many americans some time in their life have driven when the gas gauge in the car red empty. that's the condition we were on. >> reporter: for the astronauts it became a life or death situation. armstrong manually guided the lunar lander known as the eagle carefully to the moon surface. >> base here. the eagle has landed. >> reporter: that moment was made possible in large part because of the men and women sitting in this room. this is the new fully-restored
5:35 am
mission control from apollo 11 and everything is exactly as it was on that day. >> i look at that landing as really some of the finest piloting i have ever seen in my life. >> reporter: an entire nation now captivated by what the future could hold. >> with the success of the moon, there's nothing to stop us from -- like the vice president said, mars, you know. >> right now we can only be certain that 4:17 p.m., july 20, 1969, a.d. is an end and a beginning. >> reporter: well, since apollo 11 the u.s. has sent five other manned missions to the moon, and a piece of the last one is actually behind me. this is the real command module from apollo 17, the last manned mission to the moon in 1972. today nasa is saying they plan to send people back to the moon by 2024, only this time they might go all way to mars. kumasi, are you in? i feel we both could go. it would be exciting. >> let's go.
5:36 am
you ready? let me take off the microphone. kidding. awesome. that is so exciting. so much awesome history. thanks, maggie. well, we have more videos on the fool moon landing as it happened on our website. go to and you will see the story on our home page. well, still ahead on "abc 7 mornings", attending college debt free. the local woman who was able to do it all thanks to cheesecake. and the san francisco zoo celebrates disney's new "the lion king". the family event even includes a roaring contest. check this out. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. lisa argen will be back with our full forecast in a few minutes.
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♪ how nice. well, this weekend is your last chance to enjoy flower piano at san francisco botanical garden. the 12-day run comes to an end tomorrow, and if you visit you will find 12 pianos scattered around the garden, and anyone can play them. there are also scheduled performance. the annual event is free for san francisco residents.
5:40 am
the botanical garden opens at 7:30 this morning. san francisco zoo is hosting a special lion king themed event this weekend that includes a roaring contest for kids. okay. don't get too excited. the zoo partnered with disney and other wildlife conservation groups for "protect the pride" event. the goal is to bring awareness to the declining population of wild lions and help save them. the event runs from 11:00 to 3:00 today and tomorrow. disney is a parent company of abc. that seems like a nice event to check out. >> yes. >> especially with the weather we are expected to have. >> that's right. a little cloudy at the zoo today, but we're going to warm it up a bit at the coast as we go through the next several days. you know, this is the time of year we like our fog to stay with us. a live look outside from walnut creek. we can see it is going to be a sunny start to the day. numbers in the lower 60s right now. so we'll talk about the cooler day, the warmer day, and the heat that is expected to come our way next week. that's all next.
5:41 am
also next, the giants got a grand total of three hits last night, but they are finding ways to win. the mets helped them out in an extra inning again to make it seven straight wins. larry beil will have the highlights coming up in sports.
5:42 am
5:43 am
hea in sports, the a's and giants are looking for another win today. the giants take on the mets this afternoon. first pitch at oracle park is at 1:05. the a's are in minnesota battling the twins. the first pitch there at target field is at 4:10 p.m. . the giants are on a seven-game-winning streak and are finally back at .500. here is abc 7 sports director larry beil with more in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. another pitcher's duel and another extra inning win for the giants. they have everything rolling right now. let's be honest, it helps, the mets are just terrible.
5:44 am
beautiful night coffee cole out for a sail. tyler beede sailing along strikes out conforto. to the sixth we go. runners at first and second. stevphen vogt had tenks. sandoval pops up. it is the husband and wife lack of communication. austin dickerson running from first. relay throw home to no one in particular. giants win again. 1-0 on a walk-off error. it is their seventh straight victory and they are all the way back to .500. how about the a's and twins? 94 degrees in minneapolis and i want to be wearing a body suit and a mafbl. a's start with a bang. siemian leading with his 15th homer of the season. an early 2-0 lead. twins retake the lead with a big
5:45 am
swing of the bat. third inning, gonzalez, up, up and away, two-run bomb off bassett. 3 las vegas 2, twins. matt olsen, two out knock in the fiflt. siemian scores and tied at 3-3. a's tack on two more runs in the sixth. khris davis, that run gets down. oh, let me get the mask off. i need some air. i need some water. hydration. a's win 5-3. surprising news. no suspension for tyreek hill. a shocking ruling from the nfl. the chiefs' wide receiver can report to training camp. he was heard on audio tape threatening his former fiance. there were allegations he broke the arm of his 3-year-old son. the nfl in its ruling said they did not have enough evidence to warrant a suspension. back to the field. kick it. battle of l.a., galaxy star gets the pass, volleys to himself and msasnce ask whats goal.
5:46 am
getting his wife fyas latan. his galaxy win, 3-2. finally, top-ranked boxing -- or top heavy boxing, cashes cheney. he pummels an out of shape joe through the ropes and to the floor. that's 255 pounds coming at you. we should say cadle got up to get in the ring but lost by tko. hello. cheney remains undefeated. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> thanks, larry. a check of the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> cue morning. you see the fog behind you and there's a lot here as you look at mount tam but it will clear and we will get sun at the coast, allowing for a partly sunny day there. temperatures have been fairly consistent, but we will switch it up for the second part of your weekend. today will be the coolest day of
5:47 am
the week where temperatures will be anywhere from the 60s to the 80s to you tthe inland valleys . we continue to see the low clouds and fog at the coast, keeping it comfortable there. the hot numbers arrive inland where numbers could be flirting with 100. look at santa cruz with the clouds out there. temperatures later on in the 70s. they were in the 60s yesterday. here is sfo. you can see not a lot of fog on the peninsula. this is what we have to look forward to, more sun, comfortable readings in the 70s for many cities from san mateo. upper 70s, redwood city. here is live doppler 70, and the fog across the bay. we will look at this clearing throughout the mid morning hours. right now it is 59 in san francisco. 61, redwood city. 60, san jose. we had the persistent south wind allowing for milder numbers through the south bay, but 50s in the north bay. north of the golden gate the fog
5:48 am
and low clouds. 56, santa ropes au. 58, napa. southwest wind up to 32 miles per hour, keeping it comfortable with 80s today inland. s i concord. 58, livermore. looking at another view of the beaches today. you will notice the fog pulls back. cool. ocean beach, 62. the winds out of the west, up to 20 miles per hour. 64, half moon bay. 70 today in santa cruz. so pretty comfortable there. elsewhere in the south bay, look for 82 in san jose. 78, milpitas. on the peninsula, low 70s from san mateo. how about 77 in mountain view, menlo park. 4:00, how about 75 degrees. 66 downtown. in the north bay, 77, sonoma. mild readings through napa with 78. if you will be this afternoon in the east bay, notice that just low 70s for berkley. head out towards castro valley, 76 degrees. inland, the oranges and reds well out to the central valley. we will top out around 80 degrees in san ramon.
5:49 am
83, livermore. 86, brentwood. so the accuweather seven-day forecast today with 60s at the coast, upper 70s around the bay, mid 80s inland. it should be pleasant if you like it on the cooler side of average, but the trend will be for warmer weather, especially inland. we will keep the low clouds and fog and the comfortable numbers at the coast. download our accuweather app and temperatures slowly climb through the middle of the week, but it is towards the thursday, wednesday time period where we warm it up. it has not been that warm for july, so even with the summer spread, we could use a little more heat. >> yeah, i'm welcoming it. >> all right. it is coming. >> all right. . so today is the final day for teachers to take advantage of target's 15% off deal. the company is offering a discount to help teachers get ready for the new school year. the discount can be used on things like school supplies, disinfecting wipes and food storage bags. all you have to do is go to to get
5:50 am
the coupon e-mailed to you. you show that and your id when you check out. all right. so are you ready for a new smart diaper? the lumi by pampers will allow parents to monitor their baby through an app. the baby's sleep patterns will be recorded and detect when the diaper is wet. it was designed by a google-owned company and newark-based logic tech. it is expected to hit shelves this fall. a young woman's love for baking cheesecakes is helping her build her future. anna maria morales is headed to berkley this fall completely debt free. here is how she made it happen. >> cherry cheesecake, i love cheesecake. i have cheesecake earrings. >> hi, my name is anna maria morales. i am the college confectionista. i am baking my way through college one cheesecake at a time. i have raised up enough money to
5:51 am
put myself through uc berkley, which i will be attending in the fall. i will be going to college completely debt free. thank you to the cheesecake. i started it when i was a senior in high school. i just made a cheesecake for christmas and it was the first cheesecake i had ever made. all of my co-workers were going nuts over it and then a friend of mine said, can i get that recipe. so i asked annamaria and chef like, no, i'm not giving her the recipe. then she is like, i'll make her one and i will sell it to her. >> and she gives me $40 and i thought, wow, that's kind of a lot of money for a cheesecake. >> a light went off, and it was like, i'm going to start selling cheesecakes. >> i knew that my parents didn't have the money to pay for my college education. i made a facebook post and i said, i'm going to be selling my
5:52 am
cheesecake for $40. all of the profits go towards college. by the first month i had one order every single day. i always introduced three new flavors each month. the most cheesecakes i have single handedly made were 324 for chase. >> she would put herself out there and let people know, hey, i'm trying to raise money to go to college. everyone wanted to pitch in, local farms with ingredients, anything she needed for her cheesecakes. >> we have an over abundance of lemons each year and she called to ask if we could have them and we were thrilled she wanted them because we want to support her. >> i got into a few pretty good colleges after high school, but i knew that i would go very deep into debt. so instead i chose to go to santa rosa junior college. that was a very hard choice for me. >> i remember the night she decided that she wasn't going to go to the four-year college. it was a big decision. she cried a lot.
5:53 am
>> the first two years of the jc i completed most of my education, which allowed me to work on college confectionista, taking orders, doing some homework, picking some pictures, baking, writing an essay. >> and i paid for every single one of my books and classes. >> we're talking about mexican-american, young girl, so determined to be the first in our family to go to college that she set it upon herself to raise money on her own. it has brought her to the point where now she is able to transfer to cal berkley. >> i will be majoring in business. i will be going to college completely debt free, which was my goal, and i am so proud and excited. we're excited for you. you can check out abc's new brand at it is on facebook and on
5:54 am
instagram. the world's largest bounce house is here in the bay area this weekend where you can go to check it out coming up.
5:55 am
5:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $154 million mega millions drawing. 16, 18, 28, 33, 67, and 14. nobody matched all six, so tuesday's drawing goes up to 16 million. happening today in the south bay, you can jump into the world's biggest bounce house. the big bounce is more than 11,000 square feet. it is filled with a 900-foot-long obstacle course, giant slides, ball mights, mazes and a lot more. it will be at the morgan hill soccer complex this weekend and next weekend. it is going to stop in santa rosa next month, then in oakland and san francisco in september. you can read more about the bounce house on our website,
5:57 am next on "abc 7 mornings" at 6:00, a first look at the man accused of killing two people in a remote area of san mateo company. he is in custody. but investigators are still asking the people for help this morning. also ahead, a celebration at san francisco international airport today. the pun's sneblic's sneak peek the harvey milk terminal one. oh that's so good, that's unfair.alth'so . c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh!
5:58 am
try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheese
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that lea the aa laon le likehe feeinlif movemes,ig ofr warmed bg sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. ♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >> news to build a better bay area, this is "abc 7 mornings". good morning.
6:00 am
it is saturday, july 20th. i'm kumasi aaron. we will start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, kumasi. we have fog in the livermore valley this morning. it is still clear in the south bay, but that persist ernt southwest flow has allowed for some milder temperatures in the south and east bay. look at the north bay, from mount tam, tons of fog there. temperatures are cool. 59, san francisco. 60, san jose. morgan hill, upper 50s. walnut creek looking clear right now, but there are a few patch else of fog around the east bay with 57 in santa rosa. cool numbers continue in the north bay with about 60 in concord right now. we are going to see pretty much the same with temperatures a little cooler than average today, but we'll continue that climb. the fog peels back to the coast with 60s there, mid and upper 70s around the bay. we will have the mid 80s inland. so the more comfortable today today. the he the heat arrives tomorrow.
6:01 am
i will detail it coming


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