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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 20, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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there's so much more to think about. ask your doctor about jardiance today. good morning, america. the heat wave affecting nearly 170 million americans turns deadly. the summer scorcher putting more than half the country on alert for dangerous heat. indexes reaching triple digits. this nfl player dying of apparent heat stroke. roads buckling in the soaring temperatures. new york city's power grid under strain just days after a blackout. >> take this very seriously. >> what you can do to stay safe. ship seized. iran capturing a british flagged oil tanker, detaining the crew. tensions rising in the strategic strait of hormuz, a critical channel for the world's oil shipments. president trump's reversal. walking back his disapproval of racist chants at a recent rally. >> those are incredible people.
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those are incredible patriots. >> and launching a fresh attack against congresswoman ilhan omar. spider-man moves. a man scales an apartment building on fire in a daring f odelse was in that situation they would do the same thing. >> why he risked his life to scale that building. and one giant leap, the historic walk on the moon happening exactly 50 years ago today as those involved in the mission reflect on this major landmark in space exploration. good morning, everybody, let's show that historic video again. 50 years later the images of neil armstrong descending that ladder down to the lunar surface. these images still have the power to amaze. here's an amazing number, 600 million people around the planet watched this moment live. coming up, we're going to talk
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to two people who played a key role in our mission to the moon. >> that's such a cool moment in history and i should warn you guys, i have a little bit of a summer cold i'm fi i feel fine. >> you're hanging in there though. >> yeah. so just bear with me this morning. >> of course. first though, we start with that dangerous heat across much of the country. look at the map. heat alerts in 29 states from new mexico to maine. this really is a dangerous situation. at least one person has already died. >> and we have these images from the sweltering subway platforms here in new york city. this intense heat is putting a train on the city's power grid. we begin with kaylee hartung who is inside con ed's emergency response center. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. officials from con edison telling me this morning they are very confident new york's power grid can handle the stress. while the forecast has been preparing people across the country all week long for thesen beear.
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this morning, more than half the country is on alert for dangerous heat. new york, one of 29 states with soaring temperatures. overnight, thousands of subway commuters were forced to wait in sweltering this strain coming just one week after a blackout affected manhattan. con edison dedicating 4,000 crew members to respondinny issues that might arise. >> we expect demands this weekend to rival all-time weekend peaks. >> reporter: in baltimore as the heat index reached triple digits, thousands were without power while crews worked to get the lights back on, the loss of electricity under investigation. in chicago, firefighters were called to rescue a 6-month-old baby who was trapped in a hot car for at least ten minutes. temperatures reaching 112 degrees, the baby expected to be okay. in arkansas, former nfl lineman and super bowl champion mitch petrus died of an apparent heat stroke thursday night after working outside in brutal
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conditions all day. as temperatures broke 100 in kansas and iowa, roads buckling. in wisconsin, first responders battledwo massi fires, enduring 90-degree heat before getting the flames under control. the combination of heat plus humidity could make it feel 5 to 10 degrees hotter, even harder on our bodies. airlines taking extra measures for outside employees, providing cooling stations and cooling neck bands. hospitals on heightened alert. >> what are your concerns in these extreme temperatures? >> the body's normal mechanisms which usually regulate temperature fail to work. this can lead to multiple problems, inflammation, cell death and eventually organ failure. >> reporter: here in con edison's emergency response center, they're monitoring the usage of the more than 9 million customers they serve. you can see on the screen behind me, the highest usage in brooklyn and queens. that is to be expected on a weekend. dan, officials tell me they're glad this isn't hitting on a tuesday because that would mean higher usage in manhattan when you think about all of those office buildings, the air
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conditioners and the elevators they would use. >> speaking for me and eva, we're glad that the power seems to be working because we lived through a blackout last weekend. kaylee, thank you very much. we also want to acknowledge this is your first time on our show so we would like to welcome you to the "good morning america" family. >> thank you guys for that. i'm thrilled to be part of the team and glad to be indoors with power at the moment. >> thanks again, kaylee. >> kaylee and i used to work together as well years ago so i can vouch for her. not sure she can do the same for me though. we won't give her that answer. kaylee, good to have you on the team. we want to transition to the u.s. tensions with iran after iran seized a british oil tanker. stephanie ramos is in washington with the latest on that story. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. tensions between iran and the u.s. have been escalating since president trump withdrew the u.s. last year from the nuclear
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deal and imposed economic sanctions on iran but this latest move by iran, seizing that british tanker, is possibly one of their more significant escalations since may. iran making its next move, seizing a british flagged tanker with 23 crew members on board traveling through the strait of hormuz. iranian officials initially said it violated international maritime laws but now say the british tanker collided with an iranian fishing boat. a liberian flagged tanker was also briefly seized but later released. president trump responding to the bold move friday. >> we don't have very many tankers going in but we have a lot of ships there that are warships and we'll talk to the u.k. >> reporter: the british foreign secretary says he's extremely concerned by the seizure, calling it unacceptable, even telling u.k. shipping to avoid the strait of hormuz for now. president trump calling out iran. >> this only goes to show what i'm saying about iran.
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trouble, nothing but trouble. >> reporter: this incident comes just two days after the u.s. claimed one of its warships downed an iranian drone in this same area. iran says, however, it did not lose an aircraft, releasing this video to prove it, claiming the video is from the drone the u.s. supposedly destroyed. the timestamp, however, is after the hour the u.s. says the drone went down. >> we shot down the drone yesterday? there's no doubt about that, right? >> no doubt about it, no. we shot it down. >> military officials say the u.s. has intensified air patrols over the strait of hormuz and in response to this latest tanker seizure, the u.k. says they're not looking at military options but instead looking at a diplomatic way to resolve the situation and add that if the situation is not resolved quickly, there will be serious consequences. eva. >> stephanie ramos for us in washington. here at home, president trump is doubling down on his criticisms of four democratic
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congresswomen while defending attendees of his rally who chanted "send her back." abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri live with more. good morning to you this morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, eva. the president seems to want it both ways. just this morning he tweeted about the controversy again saying that he didn't lead the crowd on into this racist chant. he said that he wasn't happy with the chant either but then goes on to call his supporters patriots and said they did it because they love the usa. this morning, a defiant president trump. >> you can't talk that way about our country, not when i'm the president. >> reporter: walking back his disapproval of these racist chants. [ send her back ] >> reporter: directed at four minority congresswomen. instead, defending his supporters. >> those are incredible people. those are incredible patriots. >> reporter: and doubling down with another attack against minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar. >> but i'm unhappy when a congresswoman goes and says i'm
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going to be the president's nightmare. she's lucky to be where she is. >> we are going to continue to president. his policies -- because his policies are a nightmare to us. >> reporter: this reversal comes ju one day told reporters that he felt uncomfortable with the uproar at that rally in north carolina where attendees echoed these earlier tweets from nearly a week ago after telling alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida talib, ayanna pressley and ilhan omar to, quote, go back to the countries they came from, the president has railed against the congresswomen for days. >> they hate our country. they can leave, they can stay, but they should love our country. >> reporter: all four lawmakers are american citizens. three born in the u.s. and omar born in somalia. another voice has joined the public outrage, former first
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lady michelle obama who had this to say. what truly makes our country great is its diversity. we must remember it's not my america or your america. it's our america. this latest firestorm might be a sign of what's to come in 2020. the president embracing a campaign based on racial divisions and identity politics. it's not unlike how he started his first campaign by calling mexicans rapists. dan? >> tara palmeri in new jersey, thank you. a lot to talk about so let's bring in abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd who joins us from texas. what's your take on this flurry of comments from president trump about the "send her back" chant? is he walking back his walk-back from thursday or do his new comments in any way nullify his apparent disavowal from thursday? >> to paraphrase john kerry, he was for it before he was against it before he was for it again. i think all of us know donald
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trump. we've known him since he came down the escalator when he called mexicans rapists. i don't think donald trump can walk away from it not only because of his constituency but because of who donald trump is. this is who donald trump is. i think we have to be clear about that but i think donald trump tried to get credit for a walk-back but again, within 24 hours he was right back in the middle of it. >> so, tara palmeri was saying a few moments ago from new jersey where the president is spending the weekend that she thinks this is the way he's going to campaign in 2020. i'm just wondering, from the standpoint of a cold clinical political calculation, do racially charged comments help or hurt the president with the voters in the key states that he needs to win in 2020? >> well, one, i think the president just does these things as guttural. i don't think he has some grand political strategy, but i think with the president, ever since he took office, has not made one step to expand his constituency.
7:12 am
every day he goes without expanding his constituency when he started with 46 and he's dropped is a bad day for the president. i think it helps consolidate his base but it doesn't do anything to expand his constituency to get to a point where he can again take michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. he has a solid base and he continues to solidify that but it's a smaller and smaller base. one thing i'll point out on this day of the lunar landing, dan, is that the democrats have to not go small and divisive. they have to go big, just like the landing. for thousands of years men and women looked at the moon in awe and curiosity and then from being unified through the common good, through working diligently, we were able to send a man to the moon 50 years ago today. so democrats need to go big like that and not be small and divisive as the president seems to have a strategy of. >> more democratic presidential debates coming up very soon. matthew dowd, we really appreciate your analysis as always. thank you, sir, and have a great day. whit, over to you. >> dan, thank you.
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other stories we're following this morning, more protests in puerto rico as u.s. officials and presidential candidates join the calls for the governor to resign. governor ricardo rossello's official residence under siege as thousands of puerto ricans have taken to the streets over the last several days after a series of private chats between rossello and his associates were leaked. the governor allegedly insulting women, his political opponents and even victims of hurricane maria in those chats. scary moments aboard a cruise ship on its way from alaska to seattle. the celebrity solstice had to make a u-turn and return to port following a power outage shortly after it took off friday evening. the coast guard helped guide the ship back to port where they say power came back on. no one was hurt. the celebrity cruise ship will have to undergo an inspection before it can head back out to sea. now to a murder mystery on a highway in canada. an american woman and her boyfriend killed during a road trip. marci gonzalez is in our los angeles bureau with what that woman's family is saying.
7:14 am
good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning. they are of course heartbroken saying the two were brutally killed. while police aren't sharing many details, the big concern is that the killer is still on the run. this morning, an urgent manhunt in the mysterious murder of an american woman and her boyfriend in canada, their bodies found along the side of a rural highway. >> i don't know who would do something like this. >> this was someone's son, someone's daughter. >> reporter: chynna deese's mother says the 24-year-old from charlotte and her boyfriend, lucas fowler, had just set out on a road trip to see canada's national parks when they were killed some time between sunday evening and monday morning, their van found parked nearby. >> this is an international murder case in canada of an australian and an american, and still no large public travelers notice or anything.
7:15 am
>> reporter: police are also not saying how they were killed. now urging anyone o s that stretch of alaska highway 97 in british columbia and may have dashcam video from the area to call investigators who are desperately scouring for leads. >> we're trying to comb thros s free. this morning they are pleading for answers. >> it doesn't add up and it's concerning, and we're never going to get full closure on this. it's going to hurt the rest of our lives. >> fowler's father is a senior police officer in australia. this morning his colleagues say they've learned both victims were shot to death. investigators in canada are also clarifying that this does not appear to be connected to any other cases and they call finding this killer their top priority. dan. >> let's hope it is. marci gonzalez, thank you very much. moving on now, an american man is under arrest accused of being an isis fighter. prosecutors say 42-year-old ruslan asainov is facing terror
7:16 am
charges, is in federal custody. he's a naturalized citizen. left brolysya in013. b ta and he trainer of new recruits. he was arrested after allegedly enticing a person who turned out to be an nypd informant. to join isis. equifax is reportedly nearing a deal to pay out close to $700 million to settle numerous data breach. investigations by federal and state agencies as well as a class action lawsuit. the investigations were sparked by a hack in 2017 that exposed millions of americans' personal data including names, social security numbers and birth dates. the settlement would allegedly establish a fund to help those harmed by the breach and require equifax to make changes in how it secures data. let's get back to the weather and that dangerous heat brnyangood morning to you. that dangerous heat wave
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continues all across the country. check out our heat alerts.m newl the way towards maine. we have a heat advisory and an extensive heat warning. that means we could see an extended period of those dangerous real-feel temperatures. speaking of that, this is what it's going to feel like heading throughout this afternoon. oklahoma city up to 105 degrees. check out washington d.c., it's going to feel like 110. then also further to the north, cleveland, 101 degrees. to make matters worse, these lows, we won't see any relief throughout the overnight hours. we'll have those low temperatures struggling to get below 80 degrees. even early sunday morning it's already going to feel hot. it's going to feel like 87 in charleston. look at washington d.c. it's going to feel like 91 degrees. then still very hot throughout sunday afternoon. heat index values in the 90s and the triple digits once again. that's a look at what's happeng good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen, waking up to
7:18 am
this beautiful view in our east bay. a little bit of fog in the livermore valley, so low clouds and fog to get going. but then looking at a warmer day for your sunday. today we're still keeping it on the cooler side of average. 77 in fremont. 70, richmond. look for mid 60s, san francisco. low 80s in concord and livermore. we warm up inland tomorrow, getting quite hot by the middle of next week. so just very hot again today but we do finally have some relief heading into next week in the way of a cold front, so we just have to be patient. >> just get through the weekend. >> yes. >> i'm so happy to have you here because today we actually outnumber the men at the table. >> hey! >> i just noticed that. i was like, for once. >> a little girl power. >> uncomfortable smiles. >> we just smile and nod. >> yes, yes. >> great to have you. >> thank you. >> a feel-good story this morning for us to focus on. a man in philadelphia risked life and limb as he climbed up
7:19 am
an apartment building on fire and now we're learning more about why he did it. abc's diane macedo is here with the story. good morning. >> good morning. this man, jermaine, works in construction. he's used to climbing but he never expected he would use that training like this. when he arrived to a burning building and learned his mother was trapped inside.hen he arriv building and learned his mother was trapped inside. it's a heart pounding and heartwarming tale of bravery. >> he's climbing all the way up the outside of the building. >> reporter: a man scaling a 19-story burning building in philadelphia with the hopes of reaching his mother trapped inside. >> i'm not just going to sit there and let my mom die. i'd rather risk my life falling than let her sit in there and die. >> reporter: some time after 9:30 p.m. jermaine received a call from his sister saying his 65-year-old immobile mother couldn't make it out of her apartment on the 15th floor. jermaine rushed to the scene but police had blocked off the front door. >> they was like, the elevator is not working. i'm like, no problem, i'll take the steps. i want to make sure my mother --
7:20 am
my mother is sick, bedridden. i need to get up there. >> reporter: but police wouldn't let jermaine in. so despite having fractured his hip earlier that let adrenaline take over, climbing the building's fenced-in balconies, wire cutters in hand. >> i was going to cut a hole in the fence to next door and then let her go through. >> reporter: the fire was contained by the time he reached his mother's floor. she reassured him from the balcony that she was okay and back down he went. >> she's not surprised the things i do for her. she knows i go over and beyond for her. >> reporter: officers were waiting for him below but under the circumstances opted not to arrest him. >> i think if anybody else was in that circumstance they would do the same thing. don't nobody just want to sit outside and lose their mother. >> for those who think jermaine must be crazy, residents said from the ground level you could see people on their porches waving flags and trying to get help. he said there was no way he could just sit there on the gr >> when he said that's up there and she's bedridden,
7:21 am
it's kind of hard to think he's crazy in that context. >> that's why, i mean, in the context, police could have arrested him but he said when he got down and talked to the officer, the officer kind of just understood the circumstances and said, okay, we're just going to let this one go. >> the fact that he had to climb all the way back down -- >> oh, you're okay, great, bye. >> why didn't he use the wire cutters then? >> i like the description of his mom's reaction. initially she was shocked when she saw him and then was like immediately, of course he climbed up the building. of course he did this. >> she raised him well. >> no doubt he loves his mama. the vatican unsealing two containers this morning found in a tomb, could they hold the answers to the mysterious disappearance of a teen nearly four decades ago. and the rapper asap rocky getting help from high places in his legal battle. he's trying to get out of a jail in sweden. even president trump is weighing in on this case.
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"abc 7 mornings". >> all news, all morning. >> good morning. all lanes of interstate 80 are back open this morning after crews repaired a jiept pothole. this four feet by three feet hole formed in the middle lane yesterday. dozens of cars hit it and the probable caused major grid lock during the evening commute. caltrans had to close three left lanes to patch it up. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. looking at mount tam, check out
7:28 am
the fog here. waking up to gray conditions. mild in oakland, 63 there. it is 59 by the delta. 60 in livermore today. comfortable out there. 64, half moon bay. 83 in concord and livermore. looking at the warmth coming into play inland, tomorrow through next week. kumasi. >> all right. thanks for joining us. the news continues right now with "good morning america". ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter?
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this saturday morning. happening right now, summer scorcher, the heat wave affecting nearly 170 million americans turns deadly. a former nfl player dying of apparent heat stroke. more than half the country on alert for dangerous heat as heat indexes reached triple digits. the extreme heat causing roads to buckle in kansas and iowa, while in wisconsin, first responders battling two massive fires, enduring 90-degree heat before getting the flames under control. the heat also putting a strain on new york city's power grid just days after manhattan experienced a blackout. the forecast is coming up. spoiler alert, it will get better eventually. first here, the efforts to solve a mystery on top of a mystery in vatican city -- whether bones just discovered belong to a teenager who vanished more than three decades ago or to two german princesses, or maybe there's another explanation. abc's will reeve is in vatican city this morning where two containers were unsealed just this morning.
7:31 am
will, what did they find? >> reporter: well, dan, we're not exactly sure just yet, and we spoke to family members of emanuela orlandi who were present or who have knowledge of what exactly they're unsealing and they said there are a lot of bones, more than they were expecting, so they're going to take a while to sort through all of it. it's just another turn in the mystery of the disappearance of emanuela orlandi. this morning, vatican officials unsealing human remains found underground within the city walls. forensics experts will now try to identify whose bones they are and whether a decades-ole miss stree will be solved. two containers holding bones examined on site away from any media. 15-year-old emanuela orlandi vanished in 1983. her family searching for her ever since. representatives of orlandis are present for today's unsealing.
7:32 am
outside the vatican in a t-shirt bearing orlandi's image, one orlandi supporter, part of a group of thousands across italy, said they seek truth, justice and the release of a purported vatican file on the disappearance. >> any time there's a mystery, a potential scandal with any hint of a vatican involvement, it's going to take on a life of its own. >> reporter: last week vatican investigators acted on an anonymous tip that orlandi's remains might be buried here, prying open the tombs of two 19th century german princesses, an angel pointing right to it. orlandi's brother telling reporters no remains were found in either tomb. the excavation taking place at the pontifical teutonic college right next to st. peter's basilica. those empty tombs prompted officials to keep looking nearby where they soon found the containers of remains. by unsealing those containers, the holy sea bringing the
7:33 am
orlandi family one step closer to closure. now, that examination is taking longer than we expected and now that we've learned from the orlandi family that there are more bones than officials thought there would be, it's going to be a while until we find out whose bones they are, how long they've been there, and the mystery will continue and we will keep you updated. >> thanks, will. so many questions as far as that story goes. >> bizarre story. >> very bizarre. time now for a check of the weather and brittany bell in for rob. it is hot out there. >> yes, very hot. i work in north carolina and i thought i was going to get away from the heat. that's not the case. i'm sorry, i think i brought the heat with me. on top of the heat, the other big story on top of that are severe storms. we had severe weather yesterday moving throughout portions of the northern plains, also stretching throughout the great lakes. that's all due to a cold front that will help us out in just a little bit, but first here's a look at some of that video. that severe weather led to damage of a barn that was
7:34 am
on top of that, straight line winds knocked over this truck. that accident could have been much worse. that shows you t 70 miles per hour. they had power outages all across the area. that cold front led to that severe weather. more of the same today. there is a slight risk from ohio, stretching from iowa all the way to sections of michigan. that includes portions of chicago, milwaukee, also detroit. the main concern will be strong winds and large hail and they could see a few tornados. that same front though that will finally cool us down, we'll get a break from this major heat wave, looking at temperatures getting down into the 80s. that's a look >> good saturday morning. waking up to partly cloudy skies. temperatures will climb through the 70s inland today, from mid 8 ons and around the bay, upper 70s by about 4:00. the coast stays cool but
7:35 am
>> and this weather report has been sponsored by walgreens. >> so nice to have you here. >> thank you. so excited to be here. >> you want to stick around for "pop news?" that's where things get really serious. >> yeah. i'm all about "pop news." >> you'll get to see us at our best. i'm not serious about that. i am serious about you sticking around though. thank you so much. coming up here on "gma" on this saturday morning, the rapper asap's rocky's fight to get out of jail in sweden. will president trump's efforts do the trick? and steph curry's family sing-a-long. go along for the ride. diane has that for us in "pop news." go along for the ride. diane has that for us in "pop news." ♪ ♪ ♪
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high profile support and that includes from the white house. this morning he's being held in a jail in sweden and president trump says he's ready to help. erielle reshef is right here with the story. erielle, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. the pressure is mounting for u.s. officials including the president to step in on behalf of jailed rapper asap rocky, the artist ordered to remain behind bars for a third week in sweden while awaiting a court date following a fight caught on camera.
7:40 am
he's the grammy nominated american rapper and fashion trend setter with multiple platinum hits. ♪ i put new york on the map asap rocky now ordered to spend a third week behind bars in sweden as authorities investigate this fight on the streets of stockholm. this morning his overseas legal battle reaching the white house. >> i have been called by so many people asking me to help asap rocky. >> reporter: tmz obtaining the video of that june 30th altercation, the 30-year-old entertainer, whose real name is rakim mayers, and two members of his entourage arrested. >> we don't want to fight y'all. we not trying to go to jail. >> reporter: but the rapper who was on tour at the time posting this video allegedly of the moments leading up to the confrontation. >> we don't want no problems with these boys. they keep following us. >> reporter: two men seen arguing with his bodyguard, throwing headphones at the group and following them as they try to walk away. >> they begged and pleaded to be left alone and as he explains, they came into a situation where
7:41 am
he acted in self-defense. >> reporter: asap has not been charged with a crime but was remanded in swedish custody after he was determined to be a flight risk. his detention sparking outrage in congress. >> injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. >> reporter: and among celebrity friends like justin bieber and diddy. kim kardashian and her husband kanye west apparently imploring president trump to intervene. trump in turn tweeting friday, i have spoken to the swedish prime minister w assured me asap would be treated fairly and i assured him that asap was not a flight risk. and the man seen fighting with the rapper in that video is under investigation but remains free this morning. asap will remain in custody until his hearing on july 25th when prosecutors are expected to decide whether or not to press charges. in the meantime, this petition for his freedom has
7:42 am
gained tens of thousands of signatures. so many people paying attention to this. >> it's so weird because sweden is usually viewed as this paragon of liberalism but now everybody is questioning their human rights and racism. >> right. he's sitting there without charges almost three weeks now. >> the video is really interesting too, perspective. erielle, thank you so much. coming up here on "gma," celebrating one of america's greatest achievements, astronauts walking on the moon. what some of those people involved in that mission recall about that special day. chantixu quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking,
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7:46 am
david kerley joins us with how that moon walk is being remembered now. david, good morning. >> good morning, whit. there are events all over the country. if you're really interested in this you can probably find one today. here it is though. this is exactly the same kind of lunar lander, an ungainly machine. two parts, the bottom part to land on the moon, the top part to carry the astronauts and get them back into orbit. they were thought to have a 50/50 chance of surviving what became a remarkable achievement. >> the eagle has landed. >> reporter: as neil armstrong made his way down that ladder -- >> i'm going to step off now. >> reporter: -- 600 million people around the world were watching on television. the single biggest event ever televised. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: it took 400,000 people working on everything from spacecraft to computers to space suits, and some of those people became legendary, beyond the astronauts.
7:47 am
>> cap com, we're stay for t-1. >> reporter: in mission control houston, flight director gene kranz. >> the people who lived here and worked here, the room talks to them and you can remember the calls that cap com made. >> flight controller is going to go for landing. >> go. >> go. >> go. >> go for landing. >> reporter: armstrong and aldrin battled alarms and dwindling fuel but made it to the surface, which for two and a half hours was their work area. aldrin placing a reflector, the only experiment still working 50 years later, allowing scientists to bounce lasers off of it, recording measurements. doug curry was a young scientist involved now and back then. >> my big thing was, buzz, quit jumping around like you're doing and get to work. >> reporter: the three astronauts returned heros, mission accomplished, moon dust and rocks. mike collins, the command module pilot, left some doodles behind.
7:48 am
this smithsonian 3-d look inside the capsule of apollo 11 revealing the message collins left twice. >> there's a story that you went back in with a marker to make it permanent. is that true? >> i just didn't really want to say good-bye to columbia without saying good-bye, and that was my way of saying good-bye. >> reporter: five decades later, we all remember or reflect. >> 50 years later, what did landing a man on the moon and bringing him back safely mean for the country and the world and for gene kranz? >> it really demonstrated the power of free and open society. all of a sudden we quit. it's a theme for america to wake up, get moving, build the energy and passion and say what america can will, america can do. >> i heard that a lot from folks in nasa who were involved, some of the astronauts as well, that it was quite the achievement 50 years ago but why do we stop
7:49 am
really going to space. we've been in low earth orbit but we haven't reached further. we haven't gone back to the moon. there are plans to do that in 2024. at least that is the talk at this point. guys, it's a remarkable anniversary. there are all kinds of apps out there if you want to follow the final moments here as they happened 50 years ago, including abc news live with lots of coverage of what happened on the moon. >> david kerley, incredible reporting, incredible story, thank you so much. really appreciate it. and we will be right back with something much more serious. it's called "pop news" with diane macedo. keep it here. keep it here. hi, most people know me for my award-winning comedy, but i also used to be a doctor. it's just like most people know state farm for home and auto insurance. we've also won five j.d. power awards in a row for life insurance. um... i don't know how you got those in there, but uh... i'm impressed. now what? i don't know.
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7:54 am
off with "game of thrones" stars making their final appearance at comic con. waiting for them as they took their seats, coffee cups, a joke referencing that misplaced coffee cup that viewers spotted in one of the episodes of the final season. that blew up on social media. john bradley is also defending himself about that other out of place item, a water bottle, saying, he's right-handed and he would have put it by his other foot if it were his fault. i don't know if we're buying that. earlier this week the show earned 32 emmy nominations, a single year record, so coffee cup and water bottle had no affect on it. >> i didn't notice any of that stuff. >> controversy notwithstanding, it's still a great show. >> i was watching most of it like this. steph curry and family have a new skill to show off. car karaoke. the golden state warriors star took his daughters riley and ryan for a spin in a new youtube series called "life, lived" with his production company and infiniti, sparking a "hamilton" sing-a-long of "you'll be back." take a listen. ♪ da, da, da, da, da, da, da
7:55 am
not bad at all. i can see alexander doing this with you. >> so cute and i love that song. that's the king. >> there you go. >> that had had brittany bell singing along. >> we're all swaying to that one. finally, what chinese meal is complete without a sneak peek into your future. we are celebrating national fortune cookie day and the folks at tao in new york city provided us with some delicious looking mega sized versions. they're glammed out. they've got chocolate mousse and a fortune. >> you chisel it from the side. >> you're supposed to use a fork to crack it. >> wow, nice. >> was that too aggressive? let's see what we got. help, i'm stuck in a fortune cookie factory. oh, that was a prank. >> this is really good by the way. >> what's your fortune? >> forget the fortune. frourwe'w morning. thanks, everybody.
7:56 am
"abc 7 mornings." >> all news, all morning. good morning. i'm kumasi aaron. a suspicious package in san jose turned out to be nothing dangerous. investigators gave the all clear around 7:00 last night after this briefcase was left on a tree branch near the santa clara government center. investigators released this x-ray of it. they say it was full of clothes. you can even see the buttons and zippers inside. building a better bay area means giving you more ways to get around. san francisco just got its first hybrid electric bikes. so that means you can dock them at stations or lock them to any bike rack.
7:57 am
they're part of the lyft's bay wheels program formerly known as ford go bike. they have debuted in san jose and oakland and eventual will supreme to emeryville and oakland. uber owns the redd dockless bikes. you can represent them through the uber app. lisa, what is going on with the weather this morning? >> you have the clouds behind you, kumasi but we have sunshine here. you can see outside where we're partly cloudy skies with temperatures on the mild side, low to mid 60s, east bay. southbound, 59 in the city. from the airport, nice and sunny mostly on the peninsula with upper 50s, santa rosa. the fog au l petaluma. today 60s and 70s and the bay with low 80s inland. we will look at a warm-up for the second half of the weekend. not everyone will feel it but, boy, things will start to get hot in the inland valleys next week. we will have a detailed look at that in a few minutes, kumasi.
7:58 am
>> thanks, lisa. up next, this is a man accused of killing two people in a re-mose area of san mateo county. he's in custody this morning, but investigators are still asking the public for help. also, ahead, a celebration at san francisco national airport today. the public sneak peek inside the harvey milk terminal one.
7:59 am
>> news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings".
8:00 am
good morning. it is saturday, july 20th. i'm kumasi aaron. we are going to start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, kumasi. good morning to you. live doppler 7 showing the fog into our inland valleys. just within the last hour, really feeling its presence over into livermore but it clears quickly. here is a look from emeryville where the temperatures have been in the 60s this morning from the east bay to the south bay. so 62 in san jose. a little cooler in the north bay, but this is walnut creek where you see a lot of the clouds there. it is going to be a nice today though with temperatures in the 80s there. right now it is 58 in petaluma. as we go through the next several hours, you will notice upper 70s by noon time inland. low 70s around the bay. it stays cool at the coast, some sun there. today the c


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