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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 22, 2019 2:30am-3:59am PDT

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good morning. i'm kenneth moton. >> i'm lana zak in for janai norman. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." iran is casting its takeover of a british oil tanker as retaliation for the uk's role in seizing an iranian ship. video shows iranian commandos dropping from a helicopter as they forced the tanker to change course in the strait of hormuz. robert mueller's congressional testimony is just two days away. democrats say they want to present the facts to the american people and highlight what they're calling substantial evidence against the president. in puerto rico, 1 million people are expected to hit the streets today demanding the governor's resignation despite his announcement he won't seek re-election next year. a strike is also planned. in the box office, "the lion king" says hakuna matata, no
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worries, smashing records after records in its domestic debut, the biggest july opening in history. those are just some of our top stories on this monday, july 22nd. >> a lot of people were indoors, in theaters. hakuna matata. ♪ i ain't going out into those temperatures ♪ is that what they were singing? ♪ it means no worries >> there it is. a big box office weekend for "the lion king." a lot of people saw it. >> it was a good weekend for it. like you said, the air conditioning. nobody wanted to be outside. good for the parent company. >> it was a hot one. very good for the parent company. >> hot. >> hello. go ahead. >> it was so hot -- >> how hot was it, lana? >> the cows were giving evaporated milk. >> oh, okay, that's a good one. >> it was so -- >> no, go ahead, one more. >> it was so hot this weekend. >> how hot was it, lana?
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>> the pens were giving -- >> okay. that's a good job. all right. more on the heat in just a moment. we do begin this half hour with the growing unrest and frustration in puerto rico. today the island is bracing for what many expect to be the biggest protest ever. >> that despite the governor's announcement that he won't seek re-election. he's also resigning as the leader of the new progressive party. >> none of that has satisfied his critics. today will be the 10th consecutive day of protests and more planned for this week. abc's victor oquendo has more now from san juan. >> reporter: mounting pressure for puerto rico's embattled governor ricardo rossello to step down as tens of thousands continue to take their outrage to the streets. the anger stemming from a group chat leaked more than a week ago between the governor and his inner circle. since then protesters at times swelling into the hundreds of thousands taking their demands near the governor's front door. in some instances clashing with police, tear gas deployed in response. when do you think these protests will stop?
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>> i think it will stop when ricky resigns. >> reporter: the governor reportedly meeting with leaders of key agencies. this after his press secretary resigned earlier, upset because she says she was called corrupt in front of her young son. others in the governor's inner circle leaving their posts because of those nearly 900 pages laced with sexist and homophobic language. in one exchange an aide mocking dead bodies piled up at a morgue from hurricane maria. >> people think it's just the chat. it's not just the chat. there is a lot of stuff underneath. corruption. the drama about maria. >> reporter: protesters prepared to up the ante. the island bracing for the biggest demonstration yet. the governor addressed the island sunday night saying he will not resign, but he will step down as leader of the party and he will not be seeking re-election. there is an island-wide strike. organizers expect about 1 million puerto ricans to hit the streets once again calling for his ouster.ctor oquendo, abc ne
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juan. president trump is still lobbing attacks on four congresswomen of color claiming that they're not capable of loving the country. >> and last night the president tweeted video of a fox news host railing against the freshman democrats. officials at the white house and the trump campaign continue to take aim at women and defend the president's record on race. but top democrats called him out. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> i believe he is -- yes. no doubt about it. when i hear those things, it takes me back. >> this is a guy who is worse than a racist. he's actually using racist tropes and racial language for political gain. he's trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself. >> look, i have worked with president trump for two years, and he is not a racist. >> the president did nothing while supporters in north carolina chanted "send her back" about representative ilhan omar. he disavowed the chant the next day. then he called the supporters in the crowd incredible patriots. as iran continues to feel
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the crush of u.s. sanctions, it's also facing off with the uk after seizing a british oil tanker. >> we're getting an up-close look at the moment iranian soldiers took over the tanker, a move iran is now acknowledging as retaliation. abc's brad mielke has the latest. >> this was a very serious moment in an increasingly tense environment. just one day after the u.s. brought down an iranian drone, iranian forces took over a british oil tanker. now we are seeing incredible footage of that encounter. this all happened in the strait of hormuz. it's very, very narrow. the only way in or out of the persian gulf. and here you can see iran's revolutionary guard corps boarding a british flagged ship. we've got audio of when these two countries were communicating with each other. elizabeth mclaughlin walked me through it. >> british officers pushing back. you can hear him saying that this is an international waterway. >> if you obey, you will be safe. >> this is british warship foxtrot 236 -- >> you are ordered, change your course to 360.
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360 degrees immediately. >> then finally when they realize that the iranians are going to board their boat, he actually says, please confirm that you are not going to be unlawfully boarding this ship. and the video is remarkable, brad. it shows a helicopter coming over the british ship and masked iranian navy officers coming onto the ship, rappelling down from that helicopter, and seizing the british ship. >> elizabeth points out iran does not just have beef with the u.s. here. the uk actually seized one of iran's ships last week for allegedly shipping stuff to syria. now the u.s. is trying to convince other countries to stage patrols in the area so that this sort of thing does not happen more regularly. we'll have a lot more on "start here" later this morning. listen on apple podcasts or your favorite podcasting app. >> thanks, brad. there's also a rise in
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tensions with venezuela with the u.s. accusing a venezuelan fighter jet of coming dangerously close to an american intelligence plane. >> u.s. officials say the jet aggressively shadowed the intel plane in international air space. the venezuelans say it happened over their territory. embattled president nicolas maduro remains in power despite calls by the u.s. and other countries for him to step down. now the extreme weather and a reminder about the dangers of fast-moving storms. >> one man in clearwater beach, florida is in critical condition after being directly struck by lightning. at least seven other people were also injured. authorities reminding the public to get indoors as soon as a storm approaches. a different storm lit up the sky in indianapolis. it was part of a front that helped clear out severe temperatures. some parts of the midwest will have below-normal readings today. >> what extremes, that's insane. the front will provide relief today to the major cities of the northeast which have been struggling through a heat wave since late last week. accuweather's adam del rosso has
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more. >> lana and kenneth, good morning. good news for the northeast, ret it cthcost oso severms monday afternoon watch for some damaging wind gusts and flooding downpours from new york back toward d.c. into parts of west virginia. some of those storms spilling into the mississippi river valley as well. ahead of it, remaining dangerously hot and humid with real-feel temperatures from the carolinas into the delmarva peninsula pushing 110. >> thanks, adam. a mass shooting in one of mexico's top vacation spots leaves five people dead. >> police say six other people were wounded when a gunman started firing at a bar in acapulco. a suspect is under arrest. the shooting came just days after police stepped up security for the tourist season. at least 19 people in costa ri have been killed alcol ov thea they believe that the alcohol was tainted with a toxic chemical methanol, which is used in fuel and antifreeze.
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the deaths happened in six cities around costa rica. 30,000 bottles of alcohol have been confiscated. r. kelly wants a computer so he can complete his latest album from jail. that's according to his attorney. the singer's currently in solitary confinement in chicago. he's facing multiple charges of child sex abuse and pornography charges. kelly's attorney says he needs to finish the record so he can earn a living. it's unclear if a formal request has been made. recreational marijuana is legal in vermont, but that doesn't mean that officials want it growing on the statehouse lawn. nearly three dozen plants were discovered among the flowers in front of the state capitol in montpelier. no one knows how they got there. state police have found marijuana plants on the grounds before, and they're not certain > your dream oowning ala may not island in belize for sale. it has two single cabanas, two double cabanas, both five years old.
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the price is a very reasonable $465,000. kenneth, my birthday's coming up. >> okay. >> okay. >> if you're looking for something. >> mine's a lot sooner. this month. >> so if you want to buy it, it's listed by a company called seventh heaven properties. >> seventh -- that's very nice. maybe that's where the former anchor of this show -- >> that's where janai is hanging out? >> no, no, the former anchor, who was sitting in this seat, he was from belize. maybe that's where he is. he's got an island. i never see that guy on tv anymore. >> what's his name? >> i can't remember. but he left tv. not even on tv anymore. completely gone. right, jack? he's gone, right? >> kendis, kendis. >> i don't know where he is. >> we don't know where he is. maybe he went back to belize, got an island now. >> island real estate. >> good luck to him. coming up, a shark encounter of a different kind. >> incredible video of a shark leaping to snatch a fish that
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a shark decided it wasn't going to let some fishermen take away its snack. it leapt out of the water in cape cod bay saturday and snatched that fish that was hooked and being yeah. you could be next, kid. the boat's captain described the scene as pretty cool, and the shark's tail slapped the vessel. he says something similar happened with a larger shark earlier this month. >> he's like, oh, that's a small shark. anyways, a terrifying bear attack at a popular pennsylvania attraction. >> a worker leading a safari tour was injured when a himalayan bear reached through a fence and bit the worker's arm. >> abc's erielle reshef has the details for us. >> reporter: wildlife officials investigating after a terrifying bear attack at a popular pennsylvania attraction. >> person has been mauled, attacked by a bear. >> reporter: an employee at the nemacolin woodlands resort conducuiar
2:45 am
a bear enclonkth h arm. >> employee has been bitten on her arm by a black bear. >> reporter: staff tells abc news other workers distracted the bear, which quickly let go. the victim treated on site then rushed by helicopter to a local trauma center, now said to be stable and alert. ♪ bears featured prominently along with other wildlife in this promotional video for the resort. on its website, nemacolin woodlands touting its 1 1/2-hour tours writing, don't forget the bear enclosure where we hear the bears enjoy eating marshmallows. management trying to reassure guests that the enclosure is safe, offering optional counseling to anyone who witnessed the harrowing incident. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. neutrogena is recalling its popular light therapy acne mask over possible eye injuries. >> the mask uses blue light therapy to target acne causing
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bacteria. it uses red light therapy to reduce inflammation. users should stop using the mask and contact the customer care center for refunds. the beauty giant says it issued a recall as a precaution. and coming up, two "world news now" legends, our very own barry mitchell and dick debartolo getting mad. >> they set the record straight over "mad" magazine here on "world news now." dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, test test
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♪ there's no words to follow there's no words to follow there's no words to follow in this song ♪ beloved by generations of americans, "mad" magazine is about to vanish from newsstands after almost 70 years. >> for many readers it was their introduction to satire in a preinternet world, and "world news now" has a special connection to "mad." giz wiz dick debartolo has written for the magazine since 1962. >> if that's not enough, "wnn" star power comedian and polka master barry mitchell visited with dick in his office to talk about this end of an era. ♪
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♪ why you must be wondering why you must be wondering why no words exist ♪ ♪ well the truth is mad the truth is mad the truth is mad was just too cheap to hire a lyricist ♪ >> i've been in every issue of "mad" for 53 years. >> and dick debartolo is going to show us the very first piece he ever wrote for "mad" magazine. >> okay, march 1962, and the article is "tv ads we never got to see." and the premise here is -- it's just wacky people that they would find if they didn't cut everything out. >> and show us a recent piece of yours. >> this is august. you know people who order those boxes where you make meals at home? >> right. >> this is the glutton gourmet package chemical carnival. sugar excess express.
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glutton for gluten that's good, that's very good. >> this is a lot of memorabilia from my office at "mad." this is when i was at a comic-con selling my books for half off. like in half a book. just kind of rare. only 150 of these were made. they were for our top 100 distributors. alfred's memo pad with just a tiny little space to write a memo. and the alfred watch. it's kind of fun because alfred's in a straitjacket. his feet have to tell the time. >> before "mad" magazine, who were your comedy influences? >> "the show of shows." sid caesar and imogene coca. when they would do movie satires i would laugh like crazy. then when i started reading "mad" i thought, this is like "show of shows." but i don't want to read it, i want to write it. >> now that "mad" magazine is no longer going to be publishing new content, what is "mad's" legacy? >> i think it taught young
2:51 am
people, actually everybody, don't trust authority. question the government. you know, early back then. question the government? what could they do wrong? question ads. question pretty much everything. and make up your own mind about how things are. and also, we love that servicemen always loved getting "mad" because they thought, i'm overseas but i feel like i'm back home and knowing what's going on. >> dick debartolo, thank you for corrupting millions of adolescents over the years. >> and you too? >> absolutely. >> great. ♪ sorry no words >> it's so great to see those two legends talking. and we also salute dick debartolo for his 57 years of contributions to "mad." just incredible there. you were looking through there? some giggles? >> i was laughing, i was laughing. >> also dick debartolo, one of the original writers for the
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...and protects from future stains. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ got to love new york, so beautiful. >> where'd we get this music from? what was the name of that song? >> you need more -- >> i feel that was like from some video game i used to play as a kid. pretty cool. all right, "avengers: end game" is making history, and as marvel is pulling back the curtain on its new cinematic universe -- >> the company has unveiled plans for new movies, new stars, the return of old favorites, all while celebrating a monster new record at the box office. >> our friend abc's diane macedo has all the details for us. >> reporter: avengers assemble.
2:56 am
>> we're in the end game now. >> reporter: the box office battle for the ages is complete. >> this is the fight of our lives. >> reporter: "avengers: end game" is topping "avatar" as the highest-grossing film of all time. >> iron man. >> reporter: making over $2.7 billion. >> i like this one. >> reporter: marvel studios president kevin feige broke the news at comic-con in san diego. >> it is surreal, honestly. and it is something we never thought about happening. we wanted to -- we wanted to add to ourselves is all we wanted to do and compete with ourselves. but it's a testament. it's a testament to every filmmaker that worked in the mcu. >> reporter: but that wasn't marvel's only big news. the studio is also revealing plans for disney plus and a slate of new movies. and with the announcement of another "thor" and "doctor strange," fans can expect to see more of their favorites featured on the big screen, including the long-awaited "black widow" movie. >> let me put you on hold. >> i feel like i'm in a weird
2:57 am
dream land. it's very, very strange and very exciting. >> get ready to see some new star power. phase 4 of the marvel cinematic universe will include angelina jolie, mahershala ali, and salma hayek to name a few. >> they said no more surprises, but i was hoping to pull off one last one. >> our thanks to our friend diane. the marvel's chief also teased a "guardians of the galaxy 3." also said "captain marvel" getting a sequel. then he says, we didn't even tell you, by the way, we're making a "black panther 2." >> are you still angry at stephanie for spoiling? >> stephanie ramos, when she was here, a major, major spoiler for me, i'm still upset about that. i'm not upset with you, thanks for being with us.
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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather. >> as a searing at moving in, storms bringing lightning, injuring several people at the beach. accuweather has your forecast. also this morning, turmoil in puerto rico. the island's leader won't step down, but he also won't seek re-election. what this means for puerto rico's future as protests continue to grow. murder mystery, an american woman and her boyfriend found dead in canada. hear what a witness of the strange case is telling police this morning. how hollywood is joining president trump in his quest to free asap rocky from swedish prison. justin bieber, jada pinkett smith, and more are weighing in this morning. it's monday, july 22nd. good morning, everyone. happy monday.
3:01 am
it was sweltering this past weekend. and it's hot in here right now because lana zak is here, everybody! filling in for janai, who's off today. >> well, it's good to be here. >> i guess janai's not here because she's somewhere cooling off, i don't know. >> she's too cool for this hot weather, janai. >> i guess so. it's great to have you back. >> thank you. >> looking great. >> my bestie, kenneth moton. >> thought you were going to say my boo. >> my boo. >> that's how close we are. >> we are very close. >> my bestie buddy. it's great to have you back. it was a hot one this weekend. >> what did you do this weekend? >> i stayed inside. the blinds, they were closed. it was dark. the air conditioning was like literally running on fumes. >> lucky you had air conditioning, so many people didn't. >> they did not, they did not. actually, that is where we're going to begin right now, with that extreme weather. there will be some relief for millions but it comes at a cost. >> these houpowth coastsuay, teeratesee
3:02 am
philadelphia. it felt like 106 degrees here in new york. >> scorching temperatures like that create strains on power supplies. new york's main electric company asked customers in certain areas of brooklyn to conserve energy. that request came as thousands of people were without power. >> around 3000 customers in detroit are still without power after severe storms moved through that area over the weekend. >> in clearwater beach, florida at least eight people were injured by a lightning strike yesterday afternoon. officials say a man was hit directly, suffering cardiac arrest. abc's kaylee hartung has more on the extreme weather. >> reporter: this blistering heat wave sending emergency crews rushing to a virginia swim meet. at least 20 people sickened by heat exhaustion. but in new york it was the first responders who needed help. extreme heat blamed for three firefighters' injuries. more than 94 million people from oklahoma to maine enduring potentially life-threatening conditions. many of them while at work even on a sunday.
3:03 am
at washington's dulles airport this sign reminding crews to stay hydrated. >> we don't want to see people having heatstrokes, we don't want to see people pulled off the ramp. >> reporter: baseball fans coming prepared to yankee stadium. this fan struggling before the game even started. we met keisha rodriguez outside. how good has business been for you today? >> it's been really good today. i've been selling more drinks than hot dogs. >> reporter: holding a cool, wet towel to her face, she's been out here since 8:00 a.m. and she may be outside for ten hours. when we spoke to her, the temperature near her cart was over 120 degrees. >> the sun's making it hot but this boiler is making you even hotter. >> even hotter. >> reporter: relief from the heat coming with a cost. in florida at least eight beachgoers were injured when lightning struck. and hundreds of thousands in michigan are still without power after strong storms whipped through the midwest. the symptoms of heat-related illnesses medical experts tell me, dizziness, confusion, nausea.
3:04 am
this heat wave will be over in the next 24 hours, but for millions, that's not soon enough. kaylee hartung, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to kaylee hartung, incredible journalist. she was on the heat beat this weekend. >> that's a rough start, kaylee, sorry about that. >> they threw her right on the streets, 110 degrees it felt like. >> you take this one. >> abc news doesn't take it easy on anyone on her first weekend on her debut there, congrats to kaylee, welcome to the team. time for a check on the forecast. >> accuweather's adam del rosso has that. >> some relief on the way to the plains and the northeast as cooler, less-humid air works in. all of the hot and sticky conditions pushed into the deep south with temperatures still expected to climb into the 90s there. this front is going to bring severe storms into parts of the northeast and the mid-atlantic with damaging wind gusts and
3:05 am
flooding downpours a possibility. some of those storms working into the mississippi river valley as well. out ahead of it, though, across the southeast, it's still going to be quite hot and humid. kenneth, lana? >> thank you, adam. right now evacuations have been ordered as two brush fires burn in the grapevine along the 5 freeway in california. hundreds of acres have been scorched. the north fire has burned about 75 acres and another fire about 200 yards down the road has consumed 150 acres. now to the unrest in puerto rico, massive protests and a strike are expected today. >> the island's embattled governor is refusing demands to resign, but he has announced he won't seek re-election. he's also stepping aside as leader of the new progressive party. >> that's not enough for demonstrators who want him out now. those protests fueled in part by leaked offensive chats between the governor and his aides. more now from abc's victor oquendo, who's in san juan. >> reporter: puerto rico's embattled governor, ricardo rossello, announcing sunday he will not seek re-election and will step down as head of the new progressive party, but still
3:06 am
insists he will not resign. >> he's just so stubborn, he just doesn't get it. and there is a lot of anger. >> reporter: he said he realizes apologizing is not enough and added he is open to the democratic process that may result in impeachment. hundreds of thousands of protesters have been taking to the streets calling for him to step down. at times those protests turning violent. police deploying tear gas in response. when do you think these protests will stop? >> i think it will stop when ricky resigns. >> reporter: the anger stemming from a group chat leaked more than a week ago between the governor and his inner circle. the sts containing nearly 900 pages laced with sexist and homophobic language and in one exchange an aide mocking dead bodies piled up at a morgue following hurricane maria. even some u.s. officials backing those calls for the governor's resignation. the current governor and his administration here are corrupt at their core. >> reporter: the governor's press secretary has already resigned. others also leaving their posts.
3:07 am
the governor addressed the island sunday night saying he will not resign but he will step down as leader of the party, and he will not be seeking re-election. on monday there is an island-wide strike. organizers expect about 1 million puerto ricans to hit the streets once again calling for his ousters. victor oquendo, abc news, san juan, puerto rico. now to the rising tension with iran where the crew of a british oil tanker seized in the strait of hormuz is reportedly being questioned by iranian officials. >> dramatic video released sunday shows iranian commandos in ski masks rappelling from a helicopter onto the tanker they accused of violating international maritime law. iran says its actions were justified in response to the uk's seizure of an iranian tanker for alleged violations of u.n. sanctions. the top democrat in the senate is calling on the faa to make epipens a requirement for in-flight emergency medical kits. minority leader chuck schumer says no epipen for serious allergic reaction could be fatal. under faa rules planes must have vials for epinephrine to use with a syringe but epipens are easier for flight crews to
3:08 am
administer with minimal training. there was an ice cream recall. a canadian company pulled two off of the shelves over concerns that they might contain metal particles. the brands of iceberg and augustin and were distributed nationally. canada experienced the same blistering temperatures that have hit much of the u.s. so it was so hot this weekend. >> how hot was it? >> thank you, thank you. yeah the heat wave created more than a few "it was so hot" punch lines. >> in nebraska, workers at the national weather service were actually baking biscuits in their cars. take a look at this. after an hour in the sun, their pan was at 175 degrees. >> is that bojangles or popeye's? >> you know your biscuits. would you have eaten those biscuits? >> i sure would have. >> it was so hot in braintree, massachusetts, police were asking potential criminals to cool it until the temperatures dropped. the department tweeted its request and blasting the ac and
3:09 am
bingeing season 3 of "stranger things." >> i've got a lightning round for you. it's so hot. >> how hot is it? >> i saw a squirrel picking up nuts with pot holders. i saw a funeral procession pull through a dairy queen. wait, wait, wait. it's so hot. i saw two trees fighting over a dog. like these bad jokes? one more. it's so hot -- >> how hot was it? >> the statue of liberty was asked to lower her arm. >> oh! these are terrible. >> i know, they really are. >> they're really terrible. >> they really are. but it was hot out there. >> maybe a viewer can send us better ones. >> abcwnn. let us know. tell us your hot joke. but we survived, we're getting a break soon. this morning rapper asap rocky is fighting for his release from a swedish jail. and now president trump is personally vouching for his bail. caught on camera, a toddler is trapped in a well. see the harrowing rescue to
3:10 am
bring him up to safety. a wild traffic stop, a driver trying to get away, taking an officer with him, dragging that officer in his pickup truck. how this all came to an end next on "world news now." dragging that officer in his pickup truck. how this all came to an end next on "world news now."
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new video shows a terrifying incident involving a new mexico police officer last month. two officers approached a pickup truck in albuquerque and saw a gun on the passenger seat. the driver wouldn't get out. instead he sped off with one officer trapped halfway inside. the truck eventually crashed into another vehicle. the driver was arrested. the officer is recovering. incredible video there. >> wow. >> yeah, i know. new video from china shows the moment crews pulled a toddler out of a well. >> firefighters lowered a rope into the hole to secure the little boy's hands. meantime, excavators moved dirt to try and expand the hole. crews eventually made their way into the well and got him out. the boy was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition or how he got into the well. things turned violent at weekend protests in hong kong. demonstrators were demanding official withdrawal of an extradition bill with china and democratic reforms. police fired tear gas and rubber
3:14 am
bullets into the crowd. protesters pelted the security forces with rocks and bottles. no word on any injuries. next to a murder mystery involving an american woman and her australian boyfriend. >> china dees and lucas fowler were found dead a week ago in british columbia close to the border with alaska. australian police have started to assist in the investigation. as abc's zachary kiesch reports, some witnesses are coming forward. >> reporter: new developments in the brutal murders of a young american woman and her boyfriend in british columbia. an australian news agency is reporting that a witness has come forward saying she saw a suspicious man arguing with 24-year-old china dees and her 23-year-old australian boyfriend, lucas fowler, before they were found dead last week. for the first time we're hearing from this woman and her husband, a mechanic who offered to help the couple. they were the last people to see them alive. >> we were there to help them. it just blows my mind that on that same highway, there could
3:15 am
be so good, but yet so evil. it just -- i don't know. >> reporter: police found the couple in this blue van they were driving on this stretch of road monday morning. investigators think the van broke down but don't know what happened next and aren't saying how the two were killed. dees was from north carolina. her family says the two met in croatia and shared a love for travel. police say they found a third body several hours away from where the couple was found killed. they have not made a connection between the two cases but right now they're working on a sketch for a suspect in the couple's death. zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to zachary there. a long-life resort worker is in critical condition from a bear attack. >> the bear reached through a wire fence and bit a woman on her arm. this happened saturday during a safari tour at nemacolin woodlands resort near pittsburgh. the worker was airlifted to a trauma center. she's not been identified. authorities say the bear was not euthanized and was placed in a separate pen.
3:16 am
there's a desperate effort to free an 18-year-old white whale, trapped at least two weeks in the gulf of st. laurens. eight of the whales have been found dead off the coast of canada this year. they are highly endangered with 400 left in the world's oceans. coming up in the next half hour, outrage over kid's school lunch. a school district is threatening parents with losing custody over their children over unpaid meals. first, president trump and hollywood are rallying around rapper asap rocky, detained in sweden. rocky, detained in sweden. that's next on "world news now." 60% of women wear the wrong size pad, and can experience leaks. you don't have to with always my fit try the next size up
3:17 am
and get up to 20% better coverage - day or night because better coverage means better protection always.
3:18 am
♪ ♪ there's a look at the nation's capitol on this monday morning. >> looked cool, didn't it? cooler than it actually is. >> when we're working in the booths there for abc news at the capitol we're like, it literally is like the smallest -- it's a cubbyhole. >> yes. >> -- that we have to work in. but it looks beautiful there on
3:19 am
this already 80-degree morning. >> 80 degrees. >> still pretty balmy. >> it's not right. we are back with the latest on an american rapper being detained in sweden, and now even president trump is involved. >> our own will ganss has the latest on how hollywood and the white house are efforting asap rocky's release. >> that is right, you guys. good morning to you and good morning to all of you. what started with kim and kanye now involves the prime minister of sweden, the president of the united states, and justin bieber? ♪ >> reporter: asap rocky, from music videos alongside rihanna, to the subject of international negotiations. the grammy-nominated artist under investigation and in jail since this june 30th altercation in stockholm. as shown in this video obtained by tmz. although he still hasn't been charged. president trump speaking to the prime minister on the phone this weekend, tweeting afterward, he assured me that american citizen asap rocky will be treated
3:20 am
fairly. likewise, i assured him that asap was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail. many saying that offer feels out of tempo in a criminal justice system that doesn't even offer bail. the swedish prime minister's press secretary saying in a statement, the government cannot and will not attempt to influence the legal proceedings. asap, who's behind bars along with two of his backup dancers, posting this video instagram, allegedly showing the moments leading up to that fight. >> following us. >> reporter: two men who have not been arrested appear to follow the artist and his group, throwing headphones at the musician's bodyguard. asap, whose real name is rakim mayers, maintaining he acted in self-defense. rapper g-eazy posting on instagram referencing his own arrest in sweden when he paid a fine and was released in a day and a half as shown here. the difference between me and rocky's treatment and process in sweden brings to mind two concepts that disgustingly go hand in hand, white privilege
3:21 am
and systematic racism. shawn mendes and jada pinkett smith, and tyler the creator vowing to never tour there saying, no more sweden for me ever. and justin bieber getting political tweeting to the president, i want my friend out. i appreciate you trying to help him, but while you're at it, can you also let those kids out of cages? president trump tweeting over the weekend that he and sweden's prime minister agreed to talk again within 48 hours. the prime minister disputing that saying follow-up conversations may take place but nothing has been planned. >> this is incredible. because yes, it's two different justice systems, two different countries. most people would say, act right when you're in someone else's country. but they were being followed, seems like the other people were being antagonistic as well. >> the other person hasn't been arrested? >> right, has been brought ivee either. he's sitting in jail waiting for any news at all.
3:22 am
>> hasn't even been charged yet either. >> right. >> wow. thanks, will, we appreciate it. e it. heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ausea, (vo) try new pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating. (flight attendants) ♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ (vo) get powerful relief with new pepto bismol liquicaps.
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time for time for "the mix" on this monday. we're going to start with the minnesota toddler who was born, born to be wild. a 2-year-old who disappeared on his tractor going 1.5 miles per hour. people didn't know where he was. police managed to find him down the road from his neighborhood at the county fair. >> at the tilt-a-whirl. >> he made to it the tilt-a-whirl. so authorities say the minnesota -- in minnesota found that 2-year-old boy who disappeared after he took his toy tractor. the little boy's name? kenneth. >> aww, that little troublemaker, that kenneth. >> we are troublemakers. >> love him. 1.5 miles per hour! >> yes, his john deere toy tractor. had his little trailer attached. drove to the county fair.
3:26 am
about three minutes after receiving the 911 call, authorities found him there, that tilt-a-whirl. he didn't get onto the ride but he obviously wanted to get on the ride. >> i like his adventurous spirit. >> after that wild ride to the county fair. red wine could be the secret to keeping us fit on mars, according to a new study. >> what? >> this is a report in the journal "frontiers in physiology." what they found is when you go into space, you lose muscle mass very quickly, that red wine is maybe the key to helping you retain your muscles. >> while you're on mars -- >> right. >> -- drink red wine. it's about to be a party on mars. if women are from mars, men, you better hurry up and get there from venus, right? >> so we've been preparing for our astronaut experience. >> we've been preparing for years. >> for years. >> this body is ready to be on mars for quite some time. >> all right. hey, if -- how about this. you're already married. >> already married, don't need this. >> when you --
3:27 am
>> when we renew our vows. >> when you renew your vows you can wear this great, great dress that the folks in chicago -- >> lovely. >> -- have credited. >> scroll down. >> a six-tier pizza cake and pepperoni dress. >> i thought it was actually made out of pepperoni. >> oh, no, no, just looks like it. frozen pizza brand chicago town, they launched a pizza bridal package for one lucky bride to be to enjoy this summer. does it come with pizza? the package includes a six-tier pizza wedding cake. >> i love the look on that guy's face when he lifts her veil. i want to see that one more time if we can. >> so apparently -- >> we're asking for too much. >> maybe we'll see it. there's a few stipulations. the competition is only open to couples getting married in the uk on or before december 21st, 2019. >> there we go, that's the look. >> he's like, yikes. >> that's what you do when you're marrying. >> on top of a mechanical bull -- >> oh, no, we love the man -- >> come on, come on, let's show it.
3:28 am
>> he rides the mechanical bull. he was supposed to shut down the party bu
3:29 am
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this morning on "world news now," top democrats are blasting trump for launching into a second week of attacks against four democratic congresswomen of color. who's coming to trump's defense. also this morning, dangerous weather as the scorching heat temperatures begin to tumble. severe thunderstorms and flooding downpours are threatening thousands of people. accuweather is tracking it all for you. new this half hour, a lunch money letter sparking outrage. >> a school district told parents their children will be sent to foster care if lunch debt isn't paid. thousands of dollars are owed. hear how parents are reacting. the third in line to the british throne celebrates the big day. what the royal family is saying about prince george on his 6th birthday. it's monday, july 22nd.
3:31 am
he's so cute. so cute. >> so cute. >> missing teeth. 6th birthday. >> what is it about missing teeth that seems so cute in kids? >> in kids, yes, in kids. if i had a few missing right now you might not say that. >> he does. you know, you don't see that off camera, they really fancy us up for this show. >> good morning, everyone, happy birthday to prince george. we'll get more on that and how they're celebrating in a moment. we welcome lana zak here for janai norman. good to see you here. you survived the heat. >> it's not over yet. >> d.c. over the weekend, i think it felt like 110 degrees or something. >> my car said 103 and the real-feel temperature is higher. >> enough to bake some biscuits. >> biscuits. >> you'll see that later on. we do begin this half hour with a new wave of tweets ongoing the feud between president trump and congresswomen of color. >> he sent mixed signals in reaction to the chants at his rally.
3:32 am
on sunday two top democrats blasted the president as a racist and even worse. abc's tara palmieri has the details. >> reporter: president trump back to his relentless attacks against four minority congresswomen. this time tweeting, i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. they are destroying the democrat party, but are weak and insecure people who can never destroy our great nation. the president sparking outrage for standing by while a north carolina crowd chanted "send her back" about minnesota congresswoman ilana omar. >> omar has a history of launching vicious, anti-semitic screeds. >> send her back, send her back! send her back, send her back! >> reporter: it was one week ago when the president tweeted that omar and three other congresswomen should go back to where they came from. despite all being american citizens. democrat and civil rights icon elijah cummings saying the tweet is a disturbing return to the
3:33 am
past. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> i believe he is -- yes. no doubt about it. when i hear those things, it takes me back. >> reporter: presidential candidate and senate democrat cory booker going further. >> this is a guy who is worse than a racist. he's actually using racist tropes and racial language for political gain. he's trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself. >> reporter: the president's campaign adviser rejecting the accusations. >> look, i have worked with president trump for two years. and he is not a racist. >> reporter: one of trump's top advisers saying the attacks are justified. >> let me just cut to the heart of the issue. these four congresswomen detest america as it exists, as it is currently constructed. they want to tear down the structure of our country. >> reporter: for their part, those congresswomen say even if they disagree with the policies, they still love the country. >> we don't leave the things that we love. and when we love this country, what that means is that we
3:34 am
propose the solutions to fix it. >> reporter: president trump heads to washington this week where there will be a highly anticipated event. special counsel robert mueller will testify before the house judiciary committee. president trump says he won't be watching. tara palmieri, abc news, berkeley heights, new jersey. now to the big week in washington. former special counsel robert mueller is scheduled to sit back down for hearings wednesday on capitol hill. >> and judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler is hoping those hearings will highlight substantial evidence to make the public case for president trump's impeachment. mueller has said he won't speak beyond the findings in his report in the russia investigation but democrats say the facts must be presented to the american people because no president is above the law. many republicans have claimed the mueller report is one-sided. the uk is trying to figure out how to respond to iran after it seized a british oil tanker. >> newly release video shows iran's revolutionary guard taking over the tanker. a british warship tried to intervene, but it was too far away to help.
3:35 am
abc's stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: new details on that dramatic capture of a british-flagged oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. new video released by iran appears to show the empty deck of the british vessel and an iranian flag hoisted from the ship's bridge. the 23-person crew, nowhere to be seen. iranian speed boats seen circling the british tanker near the iranian port where it's being held. in this newly obtained audio, listen to the exchange between the crews. >> if you obey, you will be safe. >> stena impero, this is british warship -- >> you are ordered, change your course to 360. 360 degrees immediately. >> reporter: the ship was captured friday as masked iranian commandos dropped down from a helicopter onto the tanker. iranian officials say the british vessel violated international maritime laws. the british government says iranians call this retaliation
3:36 am
for the uk's july 4th seizure of an iranian tanker it believed was headed to syria, a breach of eu sanctions. >> they see this as a tit for tat situation following "grace one" being detained in gibraltar. >> reporter: iranians say brits boarded their ship just as dramatically. a top iranian official is speaking out, hinting the seizing of the british tanker is retaliation. he says the british pirated an iranian tanker a few weeks ago and the revolutionary guard's response on friday was appropriate. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to our friend stephanie. puerto rico's governor will not seek re-election next year. the announcment follows days of protests demanding the resignation of ricardo rossello. those calls were sparked by leaked offensive messages between the governor and his staff. >> the governor plans to complete his term. he's also stepping down as president of the new progressive party. more protests and an island-wide strike are planned for today.
3:37 am
two of europe's biggest airlines canceled flights to cairo, egypt. this after the british government warned of a, quote, heightened risk of terrorism against aviation. saturday british airways canceled flights for seven days. german-based lufthansa did the same but only one day. weather, the extreme heat we were talking about. >> areas of the midwest and northeast that felt like over 100 degrees yesterday will be in the high 70s and low 80s today. >> the cooler readings in new york arrived as thousands of people in brooklyn hope to have their power restored today. >> the scorching temperatures and humidity yesterday were brutal on first responders. the heat was blamed for three firefighters' injuries. >> at least eight people were injured in clearwater beach, florida by a lightning strike yesterday afternoon. officials say a man went into cardiac arrest after being hit directly. >> temperatures plummeted in minnesota after powerful storms rolled through, creating flash flooding and bringing down trees and power lines.
3:38 am
adam row del rosso has a look at the forecast. >> lana and kenneth, good morning. some relief on the way to the northeast but this front that's going to bring in cooler conditions is going to fire more storms, some of which could be strong to severe into the afternoon and evening. we need to watch for damaging wind gusts as well as flooding downpours. some storms spilling into the southeast as well into the mississippi river valley. out ahead of it remaining hot and humid along the east coast. from the carolinas toward the delmarva peninsula, we're talking about accuweather real-feel temperatures upwards of 110. a busy sports sunday was highlighted by six men joining baseball's immortals. >> an estimated 55,000 people attended hall of fame induction ceremonies in cooperstown, new york. hitters harold bains and edgar martinez joined pitchers the late roy halladay, mike mussina, lee smith, and former yankee closer mariano rivera. the all-time saves leader is the first unanimous election to the hall. in golf, the first british open to be held in northern ireland in 68 years goes to an
3:39 am
irishman. shane lowry won by six strokes. coco gauff received a hero's welcome as she returned to florida. she's back home after her stunning run at wimbledon. >> so awesome for coco gauff there. now it's time to return to school. she's like, oh, i played in wimbledon, broke history, yeah. >> brought down one of her idols. >> i know. >> just anything. >> back to that hall of fame, roy "doc" halladay who died in a plane crash in 2017, he was represented by his wife brandi who made an emotional speech. she gave that speech saying, thank you to mlb for allowing us to grow up, to fail over and over, and finally learn how to succeed within your organization. halladay played for the blue jays and the philadelphia phillies. big, big moment there over the weekend. coming up in "the skinny," it's a big day for a little royal. future king of england, george, is turning 6 today.
3:40 am
we have new pictures. over outstanding lunch bills. a school district is under fire for sending threatening letters to the parents. for sending threatening letters . .
3:41 am
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3:43 am
this is a paraglider crashing face-first into a swiss mountain, yep, ouch, ouch, ouch. >> oh, it's hard to watch. >> wings collapsed on the gliders, sending greg overton into a cliff. the washington state native managed to get up in a few minutes and landed normally. he walked himself and his gear to a train station, then went to the hospital. he suffered some cuts and bruises but is expected to be okay. >> oh my goodness. students in oregon now have something we could all probably use, mental health days. >> under the new state law, students can have up to five absences excused in a three-month period. it's believed to be one of the first of its kind in the nation. supporters say it's in response to the mental health crisis in schools. suicide is the second-leading cause of death among oregon residents between the ages of 10 to 34. utah passed a similar law last year. and a consumer alert this morning. target and fresh market are recalling sandwiches and salads over possible listeria contamination. affected products include thai lobster salad and several brands
3:44 am
of egg and tuna salad and deviled egg sandwiches. so far no one has gotten sick. check the fda's website for more details on the recalled products. now unpaid school meals are sparking outrage in pennsylvania. >> a school district is under fire for sending a threatening letter to parents demanding they pay their children's outstanding lunch bills or risk them being taken away and sent to foster care. >> here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: a school district under fire for serving up that threat to parents, pay for your kids' lunch or you could lose them. >> this to me is terrorizing children and families. it was just so unnecessary. >> reporter: the notice sent out by a northeastern pennsylvania school warning families who may have an outstanding balance for meals their kids may be placed in foster care. some who received the note owing just $75. a school solicitor questioning parents' priorities. >> where'd that $75 go? to cigarettes, alcohol? >> you don't know. >> that's right, we don't know that. >> reporter: some members of the
3:45 am
school board saying the harsh messaging was a mistake. child should have to imagine the horror of being ripped away from their parents because their family is struggling economically. since firing off the threat the school district has received just $500 of the $22,000 owed. >> it could have been toned down. >> reporter: that school board divided. some still standing by the rhetoric. >> failure to properly provide for your minor child's nutritional needs certainly seems to me on the scale of relativity to be a more serious offense. >> reporter: by law the school is required to feed its students no matter how much the families owe. some of the $500 paid back to the school was actually given by anonymous donors. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> a lot of people saying, a little drastic there. our abc affiliate that covers this school district near
3:46 am
scranton, reports the man who wrote that letter for the school district is the director of federal programs. they're owed $22,000 by roughly 1,000 students, four accounts show parents owe more than $450 each. >> i don't understand what authority they have to say that their children would be taken away. >> they're trying to say that, well, we'll take you to court, and then court -- through the legal process that somehow they could be taken away. they're not saying they will take them directly away. but the whole thing is just -- seems a little -- >> i also want to know, how did the parents receive this letter? did they go to the kids, in their backpacks? >> it's a good question, the kids reading this saying, wait, they're going to take me away? yeah, that's really a good question about that. >> people need to pay their bills, obviously. >> they do. >> but that seems -- >> yeah. >> more than extreme. >> there are a lot of officials there who say they overstepped. when we come back, the records broken at the box office. plus it's a big day for birthdays. "the skinny" is next. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
red dress on the first day - bold move. same red dress today - even bolder. fight the fade and keep your red dress red. is it new? no, it's washed in studio by tide.
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3:49 am
for our parent company disney, it means no worries at the box office. "the lion king." it had a box ovictor >> i love this movie. simba, nala, and the whole gang making fans proud from pride rock. biggest domestic launch ever for a pg pic and the biggest july opening of all time. >> the film has roared its way to $531 million globally and despite mixed reviews from critics, fans have given the film an "a" on cinema score after seeing the live-action remake. i saw it -- at this point, viewers know i saw it. every time we even talk about "lion king," i saw it. i did see it a week before it opened. my family saw it down in south carolina. they loved it. i mean, everybody's talking about it. >> i can listen to this music all the time too. >> you really could.
3:50 am
another record broken, "avengers: end game" became the highest-grossing film all-time in the box office. >> captain america, iron man, and the superheroes super squad soaring to $2.79 billion in worldwide grosses in 13 weeks beating out james cameron's "avatar" which earned a meager $2.789 billion. >> the "avatar" earnings haven't been adjusted for inflation. the head of marvel studios says cameron will likely hold the record again one day soon. they're all playing nice. >> i like the smack talk, right? >> but -- i can't even fathom this. highest-grossing of all time? all time. >> long time. >> that's a long time. >> that's a long time. >> a lot of movies. >> jack, do you think they're going to break it? >> i'm sorry? >> do you think they're going to break it? >> break the record? >> maybe in the next year? >> yeah, i mean, something will break it sometime, you know. >> that's true. >> between now and whenever. >> cameron, he likes to break
3:51 am
his own records. >> right, that's very true. the stars aligned in los angeles for a presidential hopeful, kamala harris. the democratic candidate attending a fundraiser. >> this photo, katy perry, demi lovato, and ariana grande is getting a lot of attention. >> scooter braun's in the news for a feud with taylor swift. what would those swifties say for kamala harris? we'll see. prince george looking so grown up and brand-new photos from kensington palace celebrating his 6th birthday. >> the pictures were taken by his mom, duchess of cambridge, in the family garden. you can see the third in line looking cute in a soccer jersey. >> george is reportedly enjoying the big day with his family on the island of mystique in the caribbean. >> the duchess is trying to get a picture of him in the garden, hold still, hold still! this man is celebrating his 79th birthday this morning. question, who is alex
3:52 am
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okay, this is getting a little weird. enjoy the go! with charmin! ♪ ♪ look at new york, looking so pretty. a firehouse outside atlanta made one young firefighter's dream come true in a big way. >> spencer carradine was born color blind, something he recently shared with his colleagues. he admitted he always wanted to see the american flag in its full colorful glory, so he did. his fellow firefighters chipped in to get carradine special glasses worth hundreds of dollars that will help him see colors. carradine was overwhelmed with emotion and brought to tears as he saw that red, white and blue. good hugs there. nice. if the hot weather has you headed out for some ice cream, try not to take it for granted. >> one couple is now cherishing every last scoop together. here's abc's tom llamas with a
3:56 am
sweet story of life and love. >> reporter: for more than 65 years george and norma perlman have shared life, love, and ice cream. >> every night i say, i want ice cream before i go to bed. >> reporter: at 90, norma can no longer leave the house. she's been in hospice care for months. the couple refusing to move out of their buffalo home where they raised their family. >> we're going to pass on, we pass on right in the house we love. the area we've loved. and with our family. so here we are. >> reporter: but norma had a craving to go out for ice cream. too weak to leave the house, her son-in-law had an idea. >> maybe i can find an ice cream truck who could come by and bring the ice cream store to norma. i called sweet melodies and told them that not only is this one of norma's wishes and she's no longer able to leave the house, but it's george's 91st birthday today, and they said, we would love to help you out.
3:57 am
brineporter: the truck pulled but also a lote rm gons tha and this makes me feel much, much younger. >> reporter: norma ordering two scoops of her favorite. >> chocolate and coffee. >> reporter: the whole family able to enjoy, even laugh a little during this tough time. >> now i'm sure she's not going to have dinner. so who cares? >> reporter: for a couple getting ready to say good-bye, one more moment to savor. >> our thanks to tom llamas and many blessings to norma and george sharing that sweet moment there. >> happy birthday. stories of love that just last through the years, it's really fantastic. >> very sweet, touching. >> what a good son-in-law. >> i know. >> he's going to get bonus points, right? >> he made it happen for her, good job there. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> we'll have more news next, stay with us. stay with us. ith us.
3:58 am
♪ every day it's getting closer ♪ ♪ going faster than a roller coaster ♪ ♪ a love like yours will surely come my way ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ every day it's getting closer ♪ ♪ going faster than a roller coaster ♪ ♪ a love like yours will surely come my way ♪
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♪ hey, hey, hey babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks, which means babies born even a few weeks early can have breathing, feeding, and learning problems. if your pregnancy is healthy, wait for labor to begin on its own. a healthy baby is worth the wait. did you know that people born from 1945 through 1965 have the highest rates of hepatitis c, but most don't know they're infected? people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems. if you were born during these years, the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life.
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know more. making news in america this morning, the sizzling heat now fueling powerful storms. lightning strikes a packed beach sending several people to the hospital. >> all of a sudden i heard people saying that people got hit by the lightning. >> where is the weather threat today and where it could be 30 degrees less than it was this weekend. dramatic seizure at sea. iranian soldiers rappelling onto a british oil tanker taking control of the ship. >> you are ordered, change your course to 360, 360 degrees immediately. >> the new audio and video raising tensions in the region. not backing down, the governor of puerto rico refusing


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