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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 24, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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i'm kate larson in san francisco at the scene of
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sunday's deadly tesla crash. what a former traffic investigator thinks of this wreck and the safety of this enterearsre trying to figure out where to put all the rvs parked on city streets. i'm amanda del castillo. a local trouble making squirrel is back on the city streets after terrorizing a downtown neighborhood. should people be worried? now, news to build a better bay area, from abc 7. [ indiscernible ] >> right now, emotions are running high in the east bay, where city leaders are debating the fate of rv dwellers. >> our reporter is live at tonight's city counsel meeting. lisa? >> reporter: larry, the meeting is still going on behind me. take a look and you can see that public comment ended about 45 minutes ago. it started at 9:00 with a packed
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house. >> this is a crisis. we need to do something now. and we need to look at all potential options. words from berkeley's mayor about a serious problem seen all over city streets. rvs with dwellers from the age of 6 to 60. city leaders want to find a safe space. >> while we provide a safe place for people to park, we have to provide services to get people out of their vehicles a and into permanent housing. >> reporter: many living here simply don't trust the city and its intentions. >> how can you run or tell people how to live when you don't even begin to understand what it's like to be out here? >> they need to stop playing games. if they're going to let rvs be here, just let them be here. they need to stop playing games. >> reporter: rvs were barked at berkeley's water front in a vacant lot, but it's owned by the state. now the city is considering asking the state for permission
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to use the land again. >> once you select the right people who are really oriented towards getting housing, and need the help and will take the help and use the help, this could be an excellent program. >> reporter: and the council is expected to ask the city manager to find rv parking. the mayor wants to have a plan in place by the fall. >> lisa, thank you. oakland's homeless population has skyrocketed since 2017. it's gone up 47% to more than 4,000 according to a new census from alameda county. this is even higher than san francisco. to keep up, city officials need about 2,000 more beds. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. new at 11:00, a third city in the bay area is moving forward with a ban on electronic
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cigarettes. the city council gave approval to a measure prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes. last month, san francisco became the first city in the nation to ban e-cigarettes. police would like to find the man you see right here in these surveillance photos. he illegally dumped only bags last week. city camera caught him in the act. now to the latest on the deadly tesla crash over the weekend in the tenderloin. kate larson spoke to a traffic expert about the circumstances of the accident and safety at the intersection. >> reporter: i spoke to a retired traffic inspector who says the speed, seen here in this video, is what makes sunday's wreck so concerning. >> this is a pretty unusualse. >>orr:n san fco f decade. but even he was surprised by
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this horrific crash sunday, caught on dash cam video. >> i didn't see any braking at all. something was going on with her. i don't understand why she would go through a red light so rate. >> reporter: she, mean 2g 1-year-old kelsey cambridge two peop one person was killed, another is in the hospital. >> they were on the curb and they started walking. then she comes up here, and they were in her lane and she just hit them. >> reporter: in the second it took for her to get to the cross walk, there's no time to react. >> no. they may have seen her a half a block away and there's no time to react. because she's going 45 miles per hour and she's covered 100 feet in a second and ahalf.
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this guy, why would he do that? >> reporter: but it wasn't hard to find people speeding on the streets. >> in san francisco, people shouldn't be driving faster than 25 miles per hour. at 25 miles an hour, if somebody were braking, they could at least bring the speed down. those are survivable crashes. >> reporter: i stood at the intersection and it appears to be safe. there's all sorts of clear traffic lights, even a new cross walk, all of which contributes to the safety of the intersection. so in his estimation, the accident was likely driver error. kelsey cambridge has been charged with misdemeanor involuntary vehicular manslaughter. we have a m new developments in the fight against the canyon fire.
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highway 128 has reopened. all evacuation orders lifted. we sent sky 7 there after that fire broke out yesterday afternoon. a fire is burning just south of the lake. it has burned 64 acres but it's 85% contained. a bay area mom says she was falsely accused of shoplifting at a kohl's. >> i come in here to shop all the time. i spend a lot of money here. >> reporter: the nurse and mother of four says she purchased one shirt and left the other six items in the dressing room. >> everybody should feel like they can walk into a dressing room and leave their belongings behind. >> reporte a woman was raped as she walked her dog near people's
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talk this morning. police arrested a suspect. >> you won't see lines at the dmv wednesday morning. in fact, you won't see anyone. field offices across the state will be closed until 1:00 p.m. to better train 5,000 employees on transactions. another story making headlines on our "abc7 news" app. it exemplifies our effort to build a better bay area. >> we told you about a man with also himer -- with alzheimer's disease. >> so that's your bike. >> awesome. >> reporter: what you're watching here is a very good day. delivered by a guy termed to a very good deed. >> what's different about this bike now is it has an alarm as well as a gps tracker. >> reporter: when francis lee saw on abc 7 that the e-bike he told john phillip was stolen, he
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sent this message -- >> my goal in life is to make a positive mark in this world. it would be my honor to give you a bike. it gave me the ability to accept something that i normal hi wouldn't. >> reporter: this kind of good day is something john and caramel don't take for granted. not since john was diagnosed with alzheimer's in 2017. >> it's so difficult. >> reporter: this is john before the diagnosis. he loved bikes, driving. now he doesn't work and he had to give up his driver's license. so this bike is really more than just a bike. >> it's my lifeline. it's not going to get better. >> reporter: lee designs, builds and sells these e-bikes. a san jose start-up that is his
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passion project. >> most people who purchase these bikes are looking for, you know, recreation. we didn't realize that it was serving somebody in such an incredible way. >> i'm just really thankful. >> give me a hug. >> reporter: chris reyes for "abc7 news." i'm amanda del castillo in santa cruz where there is concern after that trouble making squirrel escaped captivity. forever 21 under fire tonight. >> customers who ordered from the clothing store's plus size collection got way more than they bargained for. while the coast stays cool, we are tracking near triple digit heat for some cities inland. how hot you get in the forecast coming up. first, here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> watch this. or don't. but do.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. topping news. puerto rico's governor is
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expected to resign tomorrow morning according to puerto rico's top newspaper. his chief of staff stepped down today hours after a judge issued search warrants for the cell phones of the governor and other officials who are tied to crude and offensive online chats. for more than a week proshgs testers have demanded his resignation because of the messages and what opponents say is mismanagement of the government. we're only hours away from robert mueller's testimony before congress. mueller is expected to address his investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election in his report. whether there will be any bombshells remains to be seen. abc new also have a special report on the mueller testimony set to begin at 5:15 our time tomorrow morning, and we'll be streaming all of the testimony on imagine getting a diet bar in your online clothing order.
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that's what happened to people who received shipments from forever 21. customers were not happy. some who ordered plus size items thought they were being targeted when they received the atkins bars. forever 21 explains sometimes it gives customers free test products and sent the bars orders for all sizes. >> >> on to the case of the attack squirrel. the little critter went on a biting rampage in santa cruz and was captured. >> amanda del castillo has the story. >> reporter: a suspect standing just a few inches tall is making headlines, warning signs went up around this grapefruit tree friday. soon after, county officials were called in. >> there's an aggressive squirrel that's attacking people. >> reporter: you heard him right, a squirrel. this may sound nutty, but in he cent weeks, residents say this eastern gray squirrel by the name of emily became aggressive, attacking and biting anyone who came close. >> i've seen passers-by, the
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squirrel would jump on them or kind of assert its dominance. >> reporter: a team of firefighters, wildlife and animal experts worked to remove emily and her three kittens from the tree. >> today we were talking about this squirrel that kept on attacking people and i said she's protecting her babies. >> reporter: emery wasn't always aggressive. >> very friendly. as odd as that may sound. >> reporter: he says a neighbor rescued the squirrel in august and brought her here. >> it sounds like the squirrel was being interacted a lot more than it should have. >> reporter: amy redfeather and her colleagues were supposed to care for emily and her babies but emily bolted on her arrival. >> there's not much that you can do about a squirrel that wants to high tail it out of here. >> reporter: she says workers won't go looking for emily since
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she's back in the wild. her babies are being cared for. i'm amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." >> emily on the loose there. >> what about the babies? >> they're taking care of the babies. the forecast, really hot for critters of all sizes, drew tuma. >> especially in our inland east bay communities. tracking temperatures close to 100 degrees. live doppler 7 with satellite showing you patchy fog. a clear picture right now over the city of san francisco. beautiful length of the bay bridge, you have oakland in the background. we're just a calm night out there. temperature wise, we have fallen back in the 50s and 60s. the accuweather highlights, we are turning hotter tomorrow, especially inland, getting close to triple digit ratings. the coast will have fog keeping it cool in the 60s. however, looks like that will
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change over the weekend. we lose the marine layer, with a warming trend under way saturday and sunday. temperatures go above average both days the upcoming weekend. right now, down to about 59 in the city. 61 in oakland. 59 in santa rosa. 67 in livermore. and san jose, 66 degrees. overnight tonight, here are your numbers as we drop into the 50s to low 60s. 53 in the city tonight. 60 in san jose. 61 in concord. 65 the overnight low in antioch. tomorrow, carbon copy in terms of your sky conditions. early morning patchy fog along the coastline. it's a bright day. take the sunglasses with you. we are hotter inland, getting into the upper 90s. so let's take a closer look at the temperatures tomorrow afternoon. 89 for san jose, lots of sunshine. 94 for morgan hill. along the peninsula, 83 for
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redwood city. 76 the high in san mateo. downtown san francisco, early morning fog giving way to sunshine. 68 in the stichlt breecity. 99 in cloverdale, 85 in the east bay tomorrow, above average. 76 in oakland. 89 in fremont. berkeley up to 75 degrees. inland, it's hot tomorrow. a lot of sunshine, 892 in san ramone. 97 in livermore. next seven days, additional clouds on thursday and saturday and sunday, the coast near 70. hot inland. triple digit heat and cooling off by monday and into tuesday. >> all right. thank you, drew. unlocking a mystery in the north bay. what was found after all that flooding in guerneville.
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in the north bay, no, it's not a heist. they're trying to unlock the mistress surrounding this safe. "abc7 news" was in guerneville where the owners of the river theater were doing somesc a safe encased in concrete. the problem is they can't open it. >> $20 gold pieces, silver dollars, the deed to the town. [ laughter ] >> the mystery of it. it's a mystery. the unknown. >> it took two men four days of digging to free the 300 pound safe. they searched online. now the search is on for a safe cracker. what's inside? i want to know. >> i hope it's not empty. al capone's safe, remember years ago? that would be awful. anthony flores, the giants,
1:32 am
unbelievable >> anybody who thinks baseball is boring, they're not watching the a's or the giants. just ahead, loriano makes up with a clutch hit. and pandemonium. the hit by pablo sandoval
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it might have been the end of an era tonight at oracle park. madison bumgarner on the hill for what might be his last start with the giants. a lot of speculation about him being traded. giants and cubs. 2-1 cubs in the 4th. alex dickerson connects. an opposite field shot, this ties the game at 2-2. look at the catch by the fan. high five there. so it's tied at 2-2 in the 4th. two on for the giants. this is crushed to left center. barely stays in the yard. two runs score. 4-2, giants. mad bum protected a one-run lead in the 7th, strikes out david body for his seventh k of the night. he leaves the game, the game tying single to jason hayward
1:36 am
here. this game goes to the 13th inning, when pablo down to get this pitch. it's a walkoff homer. they're 24-10 in one-run games. the a's going extra innings. this time they solved the mystery of how to beat the astros. they had won 8 of 9 against the a's. 2nd inning, gurriel hits this to center. this goes under liriano's flogl. inside-the-park home run. os 9th. this was a huge home run. both in distabs and importance. a's take the 3-2 lead. astros tie it in the 9th. in the 11th, loriano redeems himself. the a's win it 4-3.
1:37 am
this is just the second win for the a's in ten games against the astros. a pair of a's pitchers are on the mend. they are both now in aaa. puck, who is recovering from elbow surgery, pitched two scoreless innings tonight. minaya is expected to pitch tomorrow for las vegas. if all continues to go well, he could return to the hill for the a's in august. more extra innings between the twins and yankees in the 10th. bases loaded. aaron hicks going full extension, and that is your ball game. yankees win 14-12. today almost over, so seven days left in the trading deadline. it's getting harder and harder if they're going to win madison bum garper. >> would you trade him? >> no, wouldn't do it. >> would you?
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all right. thanks for watching. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. for all of us, thanks for being here.
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tv's number one viral video show, "right this minute." >> guy hops into a cab. >> he was chilling and then he wasn't. >> the terrifying moment he makes a mad grab for the driver. best friends for years. tries some extreme >> they are now 20 years old. >> what's behind one whopper of a metamorphosis. >> i don't get this. >> talk about grace ushd pressure. >> i love how he had no shoes on for that. >> just taking a stroll in yo sim see teeth. and a fancy is red car. the car lovers who spot something quite right. >> it's a big part of our
1:42 am
day-to-day exactivity nowadays. this is by his friend after a night of drinking. he's had a good night. >> that was all just a ruse. he was pretending to be that drunk? >> no, he was drunk, but he was unawarp of what was going on. i us don't know where he wrapped his arms around the truck driver and would not let go. >> as he was driving. that makes no sense. >> they exchange words and he refuses to let go of the driver. now he's trying to fight back. >> this is terrifying. you can't gain an advantage on this guy. >> he


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