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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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shooting, there will be candles to help people deal with their grief. this is a very close community and the garlic festival, which is a three day festival that draws 100,000 people year, world famous in its 41st year this year brings together 4,000 volunteers every year from this community to help stage this event. it's very much the pride of people in gilroy. this tragedy not only cost lives but it also cost a little bit of a sense of innocence of this community and family friendly event. a vigil and royceoyce -- roycos scheduled. we have live team coverage. a lot of information from our team of reporters help you make sense of the tragedy as we try to piece together the circumstances and events that led up to and after this terrible tragedy. we'll begin with the very latest from police at the local, state and federal level.
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abc 7 news reporter kris reyes is here with me at the gilroy police department with the very latest, kris? >> reporter: good evening, dan. police and the fbi have secured a perimeter around the festival site that spans acres. there will not be any public access for days. that's what we were told at news conferences held today. officials wanting to remind those who are looking for answers that this say huge crime scene, that it's a complex investigation that they are only beginning to piece together now. >> it was used to drive near the festival. we have obtained a search warrant for that vehicle. they are not process of serving that warrant now. we also obtained a serge warrant f -- search warrant for a residence in gilroy associated to that suspect and that search warrant was served today.
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>> reporter: we also know that a twitter post circulating of a man claiming to have shot up the garlic festival is a hoax. police tracked down the owner of the account and taken him into custody and concluded he was not part of the shooting. the chief was joined by the mayor and fbi to give details what happened in the moments before the suspect began firing. >> they were there and engaging the suspect in less than a minute. the suspect was armed with an assault-type rifle and he as soon as he saw the officers, he engaged the officers and fired at the officers with that rifle. >> our principle concern at this point is motivation, i le ideological, was he affiliated with any group.
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>> our prayers are with those injured and kills in this senseless shooting. we'll stand with you and provide whatever assistance we can in the days and weeks ahead. >> now it's worth noting while the police have been able to share details, there are many unanswered questions for example, there are no leads on that report of a second shooter. the police have also not been able to confirm that the bullet wounds of the victims actually belong from the bullets of the suspect's gun. we are waitin for those answers. a police briefing will be held here again tomorrow. the fbi asking that if you have videos or photos you can share to upload it to we'll put that information on our website, i'm kris reyes, back to you. >> kris, thanks very much. today very active day for law ene enforcement. this morning law enforcement this 19-year-old teenage rofile
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suspect, this disturbed young man who committed this crime. melanie woodro is in the neighborhood in gilroy just a stones throw really from the gilroy garlic festival where this gunman lived. >> reporter: dan, since we spoke to you at 5:00, we've changed locations to where law enforcement officials have sure rounded what we believe is the gunman's vehicle. we're on the 7500 block of laurel drive. that's about a mile and a half from the gilroy garlic festival, and about three mills from the home where we were earlier and where investigators spent the morning searching for evidence. we have some video to show you from sky 7 right now of what is happening here on the 7500 block of laurel drive where there are not only gilroy police officers but also the santa clara county sheriff's office and the bomb squad. a short time ago, we saw what
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appeared to be a robot aside, alongside rather the vehicle that we think may be the suspect's vehicle, of course, law enforcement looking for all of the evidence and clues that they can find to piece together what happened the other day. we know that law enforcement officials are looking into his instagram profile, which has been deactivated but investigators were looking at those posts as part of this on going probe. we can also tell you that he graduated from gilroy high school and previously attended a christian school in watsonville before transferring to gilroy high school for his senior year where he then graduated but again, you are looking at video right now on the 7500 block of laurel drive a mile and a half from the gilroy garlic festival and three miles from the home where investigators appear to have located a vehicle of interest perhaps the gunman's
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car. they have now roped off this area, closed a section of laurel drive here as they are obviously looking into this vehicle and also looking into this vehicle with a bomb squad concerned perhaps about what if anything they might find in this vehicle. so obviously, a very active scene. one that is continuously lly unfolding and this is what we heard gilroy police saying last night. that once in the light of day they would be able to further investigate what happened at the garlic festival. they expect it to have a lot more answers and information and obviously, this is part of that investigation as they have now located what appears to possibly be the suspect's vehicle. live in gilroy, melanie woodro, abc 7 news. melanie, thank you very much. the progress investigators are making now is great in speed. they are really making a rapid
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progress as that he ey begin to more. more than a dozen people have been wounded and many treated and released from area hospitals. of the five still at valley medical, three are in serious or fair condition. that's an improvement from this morning when one patient was in critical condition. so encouraging progress there. two patients we understand are not allowing information about their condition to be released to the public, which is of course their prerogative and we respect but those people who were wounded are still very much in the thoughts of all of the people here behind me who are gathering for vigil that will begin shortly to honor those killed and those wounded. abc 7 news anchor kamasi joins us with conditions and treatment of those injured. >> reporter: dan, doctors told me the patients are doing well and improved significantly since they first got here. we were able to talk to the family of a 12-year-old girl
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shot and her family says she's doing much better and she was one of four governor knnewsom stopped and talked with. he stopped to talk to reporters after talking to four of the victims. instead of bringing them comfort he says. >> they gave comfort to me. >> reporter: he said the victims shared what happened when shots rang out at the festival. a 12-year-old girl said she was jufri jumping in a bounce house when she was shot but today she was smiling when i came in the room. >> i said why are you smiling? you were just shot. she started describing the courage she was running away after she was shot and kept running. and here she is, you know, comforting the governor. >> reporter: he spoke with the grandmother that lost her 6-year-old grand son and a woman shot along with her husband. a loss for words, speaking with people he called courageous. >> by saying i'm inarticulate,
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nothing i can say can change what happened. i don't know what i can say to make you feel better except god bless you and i'm so sorry. >> reporter: at the hospital the doctors say the challenge of treating victims with injuries of high-powered bullets there may be more injuries than when you initially see. >> you have to have your radar high to look for every bit of energy -- of injury whether that be from direct contact with a bullet or just a shock wave. >> reporter: still, they are grateful they were repaired to care for the wounded. doctors say one of the reasons they were able to treat patients so effectively was because of relationships with other hospitals, especially st. luiz. one doctor say relationships save minutes and minutes save lives. dan? >> thank you very much. we appreciate that. let me show you this picture. she talked about the governor being in town today. here he is with one of the young
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victims in the hospital at santa clara valley medical. he spoke passionately today about this crime that took place at the gilroy garlic festival and spent some quiet moments with one of the patients there. we are learning a lot more about the people who were killed. the youngest victim just six years old. steven romero. you'll see his smiling young face tragically killed. he was at the festival with his mother and grandmother, all three shot. sad to report stephen died. this little 12-year-old girl, her name is kayla salazar. she live in san jose not too far from where we are here also killed. a young man 25-year-old trever, here is a picture of him from his facebook page. he graduated in knock in 2017 with a degree in biology. his young life and career just
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getting underway cut down yesterday. 24 hours and roughly 25 minutes ago when the gunman started shooting on the last day of the gilroy garlic festival. to learn more about the victims, we want to go to luz pena. she has that part of the team coverage tonight, luz? >> reporter: we speak to two heart broken grandmothers over the phone, we spoke to trever's grandmother in new york. she explained to us to her, trever was her best friend and the last time she spoke to him was saturday. the last words they said to each other were i love you. he was scheduled to go back to new york this august to visit and that will never happen. in the middle of the chaos, this grandmother went to san luiz regional hospital. when she arrived, she was too late. >> i went from hospital to hospital looking for him but my son said he was over here. we came over but when we got
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here, he was already dead. >> reporter: his mother and maternal grandmother were also shot at the festival. >> so we run out looking for them, my son was the first one to get notified where they were. >> reporter: 6-year-old stephen romero died with 13-year-old kayla sal azar and 25-year-old trever. >> he was a good kid. >> reporter: inconsolable, juanita spoke about the 25-year-old raised by his grandparents and trever and his fiancee decided to attend the festival as a last-minute weekend outing. >> yes, he called me every ni t night. it's going to be bad. every night he would call me and tell me he loved me and i told him i loved him. >> reporter: 13-year-old kayla
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sal l salazar's life was also cut short. she was with her family during the shooting. going back to trever's grandmother. she said her grandson was the perfect child any parent would wish to have and i spoke to his parents over the phone. they said they are mourning and hoping to take their son back with them to new york. >> luz, thank you very much. our thoughts, your thoughts no doubt with those who are still recovering from wounds tonight. we'll continue live team coverage from gilroy and the aftermath of the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in a few minutes but for a minute, let's go back to san francisco, ama is standing be i there. >> thank you. coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00 a report from rome by dan following the case of two bay area teenagers suspected of killing an italian police officer. i'm spencer christian.
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once again, you're looking live at pictures behind the gilroy police department at a park where hundreds of people have now gathered for a vigil for those injured and killed by the gunman at the gilroy garlic festival yesterday. you can see as we pan across this park so many people have come together. there will be candles and apparently a choir and of course, moment of silence, all in remembrance of what happened here yesterday to honor the victims. we'll continue to have live
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coverage here but for the moment, there is some breaking information that you should know about regarding the investigation. melanie woodro, our i-team reporter has been covering this extensively today and she is live now from the spot where they found the gunman's car and has some late breaking information, melanie? >> reporter: dan, that's what we believe is happening here on the 7500 block of laurel drive. a moment ago we saw atf agents going door to door here likely trying to interview homeowners perhaps about what if anything they may have seen. we're just about a mile and a half from the gilroy garlic festival and three miles from the home we were earlier today and where investigators spent a good portion of this morning searching for evidence but late this afternoon, we shifted and came over here to the 7500 block of laurel drive. you're looking video now from sky 7 and this is not only gilroy police department but also the santa clara county
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sheriff's office as well as the bomb squad that surrounded this vehicle that we believe may be the suspect's vehicle again here on the 7500 block of laurel drive, about a mile and a half from gilroy music festival and three miles from the home. we saw what appeared to be a robot alongside the car perhaps a bomb robot, again, we've seen atf agents here and certainly, we've seen members of the bomb squad. so investigators obviously being very meticulous as they examine and search this vehicle because they don't know what they might find inside but certainly still an active scene here on the 7500 block of laurel drive. we're going to stay here and bring you the very latest of course both on air and online.n >> all right. very good, melanie, thanks very much. again, late breaking information that's been happening quickly today as investigators had a full day to get to work looking
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into exactly what p hahappened. more coverage as this hour continues but for this moment, back to san francisco, ama is at the desk. >> thank you. we'll check back with you in a bit. coming up, we want to check with spencer and a look at the seven-day forecast as we get a break from heat. heads up, this morning's episode of "the view" did not air here on abc 7 because of the live coverage of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. you can watch today's episode in
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the weather was quite hot but seems like we're getting back off from the heat. spencer christian is here with the week. >> welcome relief. let's look at the blue skies. these are our forecast features. that excessive heat is gone and will remain gone for awhile. the coastal clouds and patchy bay fog will develop overnight and no intense heat this week and looks like a slight warmup coming our way at the end of the week. overnight as we get a little bit of development of patchy low clouds and fog, low temperatures mainly in the mid 50s. tomorrow sunny skies, breezy at
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the coast, highs from only about 60 at the costa lows around the bay to low and 80ist s inland. a gradual warmup on wednesday, temperatures bounce down again on thursday, back up to maybe 90 inland friday and a warming trend but nothing extreme or excessive. nice mild to warm midsummer weather. >> we'll take that. >> absolutely. >> thank you, spencer. >> a four-month trial over the ghost ship warehouse trial that killed 36 is nearing the end. final arguments started today, the last step before it goes to the jury. leslie brinkley was in the courtroom. >> prosecutor james solemnly read the names of the 36 victims as family members wept openly in court a few breaking down into sobs as he described them trapped on the second floor of the ghost ship, quote, suspended in smoke with the bottleneck of 80 people at the only exit out. >> the way it was put, left in
6:24 pm
suspension of smoke not easy to hear. yeah, yeah, i think, you know, it's still something that hurts. >> reporter: james said the two defendants, max harris and derick almena acted with criminal negligence and failing to get permits, failing to install sprinklers and alarms and storing vehicles in a residential building that was originally leased as a storage facility. >> i keep wanting to jump up and down and scream that's why max is innocent. max didn't sign the lease. he didn't form the lease. he didn't found the goes ship warehouse. >> reporter: he says his client was depressed. >> those are the situations that are most fought with the possibility of miscourage of justice when the prosecutor is too, you know, eloquent and he
6:25 pm
was. >> reporter: this woman who escaped from the fire was upset. >> the thing about this trial is that it's not going to bring anyone back. it's not going to fix any of the problems that contributed to this trogty. >> reporter: among the eight women and four men on the jury and four alternate, one juror often gazed at the defendants and another quietly wiped tears as the judge am amononiched the not to let bias or sympathy saye their decision. the case could go to the jury in the next couple days. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. team coverage of the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival will continue at 6:30. a look at the layout and trace the path the shooter took. i'm dan ashley reporting live in gilroy tonight with our team of reporter here cover thing story for you. behind me, hundreds of people,
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the crowd continues to grow have gathered for a vigil that gets underway any moment. i'll bring that to you and more coverage as we continue live from gilroy. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues. our thoughts are of course with gilroy today. so we here at abc 7 created this badge to honor the shooting victims. we shared it on our
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right now gilroy police are searching a search warrant on the vehicle they say the suspect grove to the garlic festival. sky 7 was just on the scene and our cameras caught atf agents nearby. 19-year-old santina legon is accused of killing three. the victims killed have been identified as 6-year-old stephen romero and 13-year-old kayla and 25-year-old trever. the ages are 12 to 69 years old. >> patients who came here to
6:30 pm
access state of the art trama care are all doing very well beyond our support for the care of their physical injuries. we're trying to surround them with the community and emotional support that our entire community needs from this. >> several of the injured patients have been released from hospitals. we want to go back live to gilroy where dan ashley has been all afternoon as a vigil is underway there, dan? >> reporter: yes, ama, good evening. the vigil about to get underway. hundreds gathered behind the gilroy police department where i'm standing to honor the victims of the shooting. those killed and those wounded. you know, they say it's only in darkness you can truly see light shine and right now you're seeing a great example of that in this very close community. we are at the vigil organized in honor of the victims of yesterday's shooting. this vigil apparently organized by members of the community, hundreds have gathered.
6:31 pm
one of two vigils tonight. there is another scheduled at a church not far away. in the meantime, as the community kind of comes to terms with what happened and begins the process of grieving the loss and this tragedy investigators spent their day getting very hard to work trying to figure out exactly what happened, what led up to the shooting and the investigation has moved fast and furious. we're getting a clearer look now at the suspect today. this 19-year-old gunman who caused so much chaos and lose of life yesterday. abc 7 dion lim shows you how close this gunman lived to the grounds of the gilroy garlic festival and the path he might have taken to get inside to beat the security system in place, to get inside with that ak-47 assault weapon and start shooting. here is dion's report. >> because of the large coverage area, we want to give you a bird's eye look of the garlic festival and surrounding areas. look from google earth studio.
6:32 pm
this is the neighborhood where the shooter lived. it about a mile and a half away from the venue where the festival is held. we don't know how he got to the festival will you it only takes about five minutes to drive or if he decided to walk about half an hour because of the heavily wooded areas. christmas hill park is about 50 square acres with numerous trails and picnic areas. we don't know the exact location, gilroy police, they say the gunman circumvented security by cutting a hole in a chain link fence that borders a creek around here. now that shooting happened at about 5:45 sunday night in this area. that's where a band was playing their encore. they have a first-hand account of the chaos. >> there were at least 20 shots after that initial burst, and it was close. in fact, one of the sound guys under the stage with us said he saw the bullets hit the stage. >> as you can see from this map,
6:33 pm
the magunman was in an area whe there was a lot of vendors selling food. many of them described the terror of hiding under tables not knowing if they will make it out alive. police responded to the shooting very quickly taking down that gunman within just one minute perhaps it is because the police were stationed very close to the stage. >> remarkably close and it's really interesting now to see as authorities piece together how this guy moved. the question everyone wants to know and obviously he's disturbed and has some problems is why? what tripped hip om off? that will come in time. right now the focus is on the victims and for investigators, piecing together the circumstances that surrounded this terrible act yesterday. of course, as is every case with mass shootings and there have been literally something like 280 has shootings in the united states so far this year of various descriptions, the issue
6:34 pm
of gun control comes up and that is certainly the case here and will continue to be for the next few days. california has the most proactive strictest gun control laws in the country yet it still happens here. the weapon police say was used could not be sold or transported into california. it was purchased in nevada, a state with fewer gun control laws. so once again, this shooting fell through the cracks and authorities are talking about the lapses in our gun control laws as a result of what happened here in gilroy, abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has more on the gun control issue. >> the reach of the california law ends at our borders. >> reporter: it was a statement made by the attorney general following confirmation by police the rifle in the gilroy shooting was purchased in nevada. >> i can't put borders up, speaking of borders in a neighboring state where you can buy this stuff legally. how the hell is that possible?
6:35 pm
gavin newsom championed a law for a background check for anyone buying ammunition, a measure voters passed in 2016 and only recently went into effect. yet some people think they can by pass that by ordering their ammunition online except that a person cannot have their order shipped to an address in california. it's also illegal to import, sell, give, trade or lend a magazine that holds more than ten rounds of ammunition. nelson is a former sfpd officer in charge of active shooter training. he says the ak-47 type assault rifle used in the gilroy shooting is easy to shoot. >> it's relatively easy because of the design absorbs most of the recoil. so the weapon doesn't jump as much as you would normally do, you know, with such a high caliber. >> reporter: so you can shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot? >> correct. >> reporter: despite the shooting, california's gun
6:36 pm
control laws are instrumental in lowering the gun death rate from 5,500 in 1993 to 2935. that's a decline of 56%. the latest california department of justice stats show that in 2016, there were 1,368 gun deaths in califoria. >> if there is ever a time for a scream for our national leaders to do something, how much louder must we yell? >> in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 the gun control debate will rage on in the wake of this tragedy in gilroy. behind me hundreds of people have gathered, you can hear an announcer now as the vigil begins to get underway. here just outside the gilroy police station, hundreds of people have gathered to remember and honor those victims as the
6:37 pm
camera pans around you get a good look how many people have come out to honor and remember those who were killed and those who were wounded. as these folks come together to grieve and to comfort one another, police continue working extremely hard to piece together the events of yesterday. stay with us,
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you're looking live at a vigil in fwil rgilroy. the crowd has grown to about 1,000 people. the gunman killed three people. 6-year-old stehphenstehphenstehn 13-year-old kaley and now as you hear, the "star spangled banner" a rpefu distancaway. gilroy police created a phone line for anyone looking for family members at the festival. 408-846-0584. this vigil officially now underway. our coverage here live in gilroy will continue but for the
6:41 pm
moment, let go back to ama. ama >> dan, thank you so much. very somber day there. somber day in italy as well. that's where the country is mourning the loss of a newlywed and police officer who authorities say was killed by two bay area teens. the i-team's dan noyes flew to cover the story and he's been tweeting to document the jury. here is his full story from rome. >> i've spoken with close friends of both suspects back in the bay area. they said drugs were part of their cycle in high school and the first year of college. italian police say it was a drug deal gone bad that led to the death of this officer on this street in rome. ♪ ♪ >> in the same church where he was married just over a month ago, 35-year-old officer mario was laid to rest. hailed as a national hero with politicians attending the
6:42 pm
funeral. the site where he died is now covered with throwers, the newlywed officer bled to death, stabbed 11 times police reports show, security footage show suspects fleeing the scene. documents released today and identified by local media say the murder weapon was a seven-inch long serrated knife similar to the one used by marines. 18-year-old gabe and 19-year-old fin are responsible from the bay area, both recently graduated in 2018. gloria keely is one of the neighbors. >> i've known him since he was born. i'm no shock. he's one of the nicest neighbors i have. >> reporter:? in a recorded confession he admitted to stealing backpack. today they are sitting in this prison as police investigate to photo showing a teen blind folded and handcuff. ed police admitted it was a mistake to cover his eyes.
6:43 pm
blind folding a suspect is illegal and not allowed. investigators found overwhelming evidence in the teen's hotel room including the supposed murder weapon concealed with a ceiling title and bloody clothing. the family is completely focused on working with the state department and gathering the facts they need to proceed. an attorney for finn says the teens are in good condition but facin faces a complicated trial. they will try for an early release but not much chance of that the judge said. they pose a flight risk. >> an italian judge says finn elder is claiming self-defense fearing he would be strangled. wayne freedman spoke with an expert on italian law to put the difficulties of this case into context. >> reporter: in millvalleyll
6:44 pm
eyes to the future for members of the football team as they worked out on the stairs today. that as two grads from 2018 face a tougher more uphill battle in an italian court. >> they are being charged with murder of a policeman. >> reporter: the story broke last weekend. 19-year-old finn elder on the left and 18-year-old gabriel made international headlines after a drug deal went bad after they vacationed in rome. they stand accused of stabbing to death a 35-year-old newlywed policeman and surveillance helps to back it up. by skype, we asked italian legal expert to put their case into context. >> this say front-page case in italy and it's going to receive a great deal of media attention in addition to what it has. >> reporter: at the home in mill valley, his brother opened the door but did not answer any questions. overseas the case is playing out most publicly. police claim to have found a
6:45 pm
knife hidden in the hotel room and said they have a confession. attorneys will fight for every legal point. >> as far as the murder weapon, you know, whose prints are on the weapon? who had access to the room? who had access to the ceiling? there are all sorts of issues that a good defense lawyer is going to take and is going to use to raise reasonable doubt, which is fund mentally the same standard as applied in the united states. >> there are some differences. this trial will take roughly 18 months and after it's over expect the losing side, the prosecution or defense to appeal, that process could go on for five years. in mill valley, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. we will stay on top of this case and so can you. follow dan noyes on twitter to stay up to date on the latest developments from italy. we'll have his reports throughout the week on abc news
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jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next? and let me give you a live look at this vigil well underway for the shotting victoting vict gilroy police department. about 1,000 people have
6:49 pm
gathered. the mayor of san jose who hard to say is a friend, as well. i spoke with him as he arrived to pay respects. i assume he'll be speaking as well. he with everyone else in this community grief stricken by what happened, angered and saddened. this is one of two vigils tonight. there is another scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. with a church service at st. mary parish about a mile away from where we are now on first street. this vigil just getting underway in the last few minutes. now, while people here are grieving and honoring and remembering those who were hurt and killed, police are very busy today investigating this young gunman and abc 7 news i-team reporter melanie woodro has been working that story hard. she's live near the scene of the investigation where police have found the gunman's car. melanie, what are you hearing
6:50 pm
now? >> reporter: that's right. that's where they have fixated their search. this is about a mile and a half from the gilroy garlic festival and three miles from the home where investigators had spent the morning searching for evidence. right now, you're looking at not only gilroy police department investigators but the sheriff's office and the bomb squad. we have video from sky 7 to show you that was taken a short time ago. you may be able to see a robot alongside the vehicle as investigators are meticulous and careful to make sure there are no explosives or a bomb potentially inside of that vehicle that they have now been spending a lot of time looking at this afternoon. people that live in this neighborhood tell me that atf agents have been going door to door not only interviewing people that live here but also looking for specifically for surveillance video.
6:51 pm
they want to see who left this vehicle here and whether or not that person was alone. that's something that we've heard investigators answering or attempting to answer quite a few times today, a question reporters have and a question tht people that live in gilroy have whether or not there is potentially a second suspected gunman or some sort of accomplice that might still be on the loose and of course, if investigators are able to get surveillance video of who brought this vehicle here and whether or not they were alone, they might be able to answer that question but absolutely a very active scene here live in gilroy, melanie woodro, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. we'll continue to check in with melanie all evening. for the moment, we'll go back to san francisco. i'll be back in a few minutes to wrap things up but ama,
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we are taking a live look at the vigil takes place at the gilroy police department tonight it began not long after 6:00 as we remember the victims and those injured in the gilroy garlic festival shooting yesterday. we of course continue to monitor this and be sure to join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. we're going to have a closer look at a community coming together to heal. right now, again, we are at a vigil that is just getting underway for the victims. we'll hear from the people there and hear what they have to say
6:55 pm
as this community begins the healing process. now coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 8:00, it's "the bachelorette" followed by grand hotel and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00 and jimmy kimmel live will be on at 1 1:35. for now we want to go back to dan ashley at that vigil at the gilroy police department, dan? a >> reporter: ama, thanks very much. finally a few thoughts about what really matters. what's supposed to be happening today was the cleanup from another successful car rigarlic festival. instead this, instead of this small and special community beginning get back to normal after playing host to 100,000 people this weekend, it is ripped open by tragedy all caused by one disturbed guy with a gun. but keep in mind, gilroy may be ripped open but be sure it's not ripped apart.
6:56 pm
it's united in grief, anger certainly but also determination. i'm already hearing from people i know here, determination this senseless act will not define gilroy and will not change it, at least not fundamentally. this commune tity has come toger to stage fun, food and family assuming and hoping there will be a 42nd garlic festival next july. the people will come together as never before. as we have seen time and time again in the bay area whether by violence, wildfire or earthquake, bad things happen to good people sometimes. but what really matters is that each and every time good people rise to the occasion with grit and grace and they persevere. and they will here, too. for all of us, our terrific team here at abc 7 news out reporting here in and around gilroy today, for ama daetz, i'm dan ashley. appreciate your time. join us for coverage later this evening, but for the moment as
6:57 pm
we listen to this vigil behind us for those hurt and killed in yesterday's shooting, good night from gilroy. parents with fears in their eyes po focused on calm for young children andof you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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