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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 31, 2019 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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suspect's motives. yesterday we reported to you that the fbi told us that they had not zeroed in on any one reason behind the suspect's actions. however, there are some reports circulating on line that the suspect identified w specific ideology. well, today, the fbi held an impromptu briefing right here to set the record straight. >> the information that's out there that it's being reported that there's white nationalism or any type of those that is not the determined. i wanted to knock that down. >> reporter: authorities searched a vehicle and two residences connected to the 19-year-old shooter. the fbi confirming some literature and writings have been found and than fbi profilers from all over the country have been dispatched to gilroy to make sense of the evidence. >> right now, the search warrants and information we're collecting is conflicting literature that we're finding on there and it's everything from left to right so there is no ideology that we feel is
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something that we can put this person in a box. >> christmas hill park, the site res ofndhrotinis b still, that has not stop people from dropping by the site, some to leave flowers and teddy bears. this group dropped off cookies and had a simple message. >> thank you so much. >> that's nice of you. >> can i get a hug. >> what was your message? >> thank you for keeping us safe. >> reporter: why did you feel the need to bring the family here today? >> just to show our support to not just the local law enforcement but for everybody. >> reporter: some vendors have been able to pick up their vehicles. dd mcdonald and kriste had a booth selling spiritual art and crystals. they've returned despite knowing they can't pick up belongings yet. >> they're just things at this point. you know? it's not what's important. we're here. >> i think the first couple days you're in shock and then yesterday it kind of really hit
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me. but no room for anger because that's what got us here. >> those two women also dropped off cookies. they told me they intend returning in the near future to perform a cleansing ridgeal to take back their park. they're not going to let this tragedy claim their space. i can only imagine the rest of the community here in gilroy feel the same way. chris reyes, abc7 news. >> thank you. today vendors and volunteers got another chance to retrieve cars left hinds at the festival. abc7 news reporter jobina fortson has those details an. >> sandra and her husband roscoe are the couple behind the famous garlic ice cream. the truck they serve out of and their car was left behind as they evacuated christmas hill park sunday. >> we left the windows down. everything's in our vehicle and now it's been three days.
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we couldn't even get into our home. >> sandra still can't get the ins of the tragedy out of her mind. >> the commotion started happening, all the shots and everybody running and stuff. we put as many people, you know, as many people as we could e w safe. truck to make sure >> at least 20 people inside. >> the police came with their. >> assault rifles. >> assault rifles pointing at us to get us out of our car. >> they loaded into a shuttle with other festival attendees finally on the way to get their vehicles trapped inside the crime scene. their first big step toward normalcy. police allowed access to only two porking lots wednesday. no property is being released. they're happy to get anything they can. and thankful this is the only thing their family has had to worry about. >> i feel really bad for the people that died. i mean, this is something that's going to take awhile to get
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over. >> people can come in and pick up their carneytime between n and 6:45 tonight. you need your license, your proof of registration, and insurance for them to release your car.ilroy foundation has established a special fund for victims of sunday's shooting. gilroy garlic festival victims relief fund will help families of the victims and non-profits providing a link. we have a link for more how you can donate on your website. >> i fant hospitalized in fairfield after newborn twins were discovered behind a shopping center. police were called just 4:00 yesterday toompb pittman road. a woman was there with two infants who appeared to have been recently birth. officers found the infants and unfortunately, one of the babies was pronounced dead. the mother was found around the corner. she was detained and taken to the hospital for treatment.
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>> california has a safely surrendered baby law first created in 2001. now, this law aims to save the lives of newborns at risk of abandonment by encouraging parents to safely surrender the baby within 72 hours of birth, no questions asked. safe surrender sites are hospitals or other locations like fire stations. as part of abc 6's take action campaign, we have resources available if you're facing a personal crisis. go to action. >> he's these young men and women who went to the ghost ship that night didn't know what they were walking into. >> they were just lost too soon. >> my family life has changed. my life has changed. >> three and a half years after the devastating ghost ship warehouse fire, the case is in the hands of the jury. deliberations began this be afternoon to decide the fate of derek all mane and max harris, the two men on trial in the
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aftermath of the dead lie fire. we have a look at all of the victims. 36 in the ghost ship warehouse fire. they were friends, musicians, artists, students came from all walks of life. the victims ranged in age from 17 top 61. >> and abc7 news reporter laura anthony has been following the trial and joins us live now with the latest development in this face of the trial. laura. >> reporter: hi, kristen. well, the jury is wrapping up their deliberations for the day. they are set to be off at 4:00 this afternoon. before that, this morning, the prosecution had the last word. the chance to rebut what the defense claims was a flawed prosecution. now, it is all in the hands of the jury and for the families for everyone involved, the wait could be agonizing. >> we're here for accountability. >> reporter: so the wait begins for the family who have lost so much and who long for some an ure of justice.
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inferno inside a warehouse known as the ghost ship. >> it's nerve-racking. but you just have to wait and hope for the best. it's just day by day, hour by hour. >> reporter: the trial ended with a closing argument from prosecutor autry james telling jurors derek al mayne began breaking laws within days of signing the lease for the empty fruitdale warehouse in late 2013. he was indifferent to the consequences of his actions. it is not a defense that the defendant did not know that he was breaking the law. james also told the jury that al mane lied repeatedly about the fact that people were living in the ghost ship. >> the final argument of the prosecution was an emotional tirade. emotional tirade is the last refuge of a dieing cause.
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>> jam aoold that the defendants' claims that arsonists set the dead lie fire dino enerate a m and hais f creating a dangerous condition inside the warehous t the ghost ship and the three dozen vips. if it was so safe, why aren't those 36 people with us here today? because it was a death trap. the relatives of the victims told us many of them are now extremely close. >> i'm so thankful to all of you. >> yeah. >> this is our larger family. >> and a guilty verdict won't bring our loved ones back but it will give us some peace. >> reporter: now, the jury began deliberating this afternoon about a half hour ago, they did have a question, a couple of questions for the judge. it was around the definitions of tenant, leaseholders, those sorts of questions. there is a lot of law for the
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jury to consider. so they wll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning. >> laura, are the verdicts for both defendants going to be read at the same time? >> yes, larry, there's been speculation about that but i confirmed with the court this afternoon that the both defendants have separate charges against them, 36 of involuntary man slotner both cases. it's conceivable the jury could decide on one before the other. if that happens, they will wait till both of the verdicts or the decisions made on both of the defendants are ready before reading them in open court. of course, there are a lot of possibilities in this case. 36 counts of each defendant involuntary manslaughter. they could be guilty, not guilty and they could be a hung jury. >> all right. so they could have different results. we'll find out at the same time or we expect to. thank you so much. a little history now. the fire happened december 2nd, 2016. during a friday night electronic
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music show at the warehouse. prosecutors announced charges against al mane and harris june 5th, 2017. lawyers on both sides agreed a trial would be expensive and lengthy. a judge encouraged them to reach a settlement. it happened july 3rd, 2018 when both al mane and harris entered a no contest plea. al mane would have gone to prison for nine years and harris would have been in prisoned for six years but that deal didn't last. family and friends of the victims asked the judge to reject the deal saying the punishment was not harsh enough. opening statements for the trial began april 30th of this year and now three months later the decision is in the hands of the jury. download the abc7 news app to get the latest and a notification when the jury reaches that verdict. be sure to enable push alerts. >> family matter. the family of the teens accused of stabbing a police officer have arrived in italy. our dan noise is there and he will have the latest.
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a vaping probe, is the popular san francisco vaping company is now facing an investigation. what's behind the move. and miracle messages, short messages with a large effect. how the people behind them hope it will end the homeless crisis. >> i'm spencer christian. a gradual warmup begins as the weekend approaches and august
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maybe you saw the smoke today at sfo. auated aft a sending smokey into the air. that will building is north of
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the airport. it did not impact flights but the plume of smoke could be seen all over the peninsula. unite sds assessing the damage. >> they evacuated us and they didn't tell us what it was. o smoke. >> officials say the fire appears to have been an accident. and started in a heating and air conditioning unit on the roof. nobody was hurt. a united airlines flight from sfo to chicago has finally taken off more than six hours after it was scheduled. the big delay was caused by this. an emergency slide deployed on that boeing 757. the passengers had to dee plane. the slide had to be repacked. flightainedents believe it deployed because of maintenance. >> governor newsom is hiring nearly 400 firefighters and adding 13 new fire engines. he signed an executive ordertai fire. cal fire and state firefighters union have said more firefighters are needed to face a fire season expected to be
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worse than last year's season ky 100 people. cal fire has around 6,000 firefighters. >> we're going to get a fourth member on these cal fire crews. i think that's going to help morale. it's going to help with rotation. it's certainly going to help with women and manpower as it relates to suppression efforts and mitigation efforts. >> now, the state budget assigned by newsom invests nearly $1 billion in emergency preparedness, response and recovery. >> an effort under way to clean up a major fuel spill in marin county. crews converged on a dry creek bed off of lucas valley road near san rafael today. a tanker spilled are facing de because of one-way traffic crows. we're still waiting to learn if the driver of the tanker has been cited for taking his pooh-foot rig on the road where
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vehicles over 36 feet are prohibited. the investigation is expected to take at least two weeks. exactly cost of the clean-up at there of point is unknown. >> the federal reserve did something today it doesn't done in a decade. it cut a key interest rate. they lowered the benchmark rate which affects many loans for household and businesses to a range of 2% to 2 1/4%. >> the outlook for the u.s. economy remains favorable. this action is designed to support that outlook. >> analysts see the move as an effort to head off a possible recession spurred on by global troubles and trade tensions. americans can expect to see lower rates for credit cards, home equity lines and auto loans. >> connecticut's attorney general is taking on the nation's largest e cigarette ak health claims without fda approval. this as vaping among teens continues to rise. >> here's abc news reporter
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serena marshall. >> reporter: a new investigation into the country's leading e cigarette company juul. >> the idea of going back to smoking. >> reporter: connecticut attorney general william tom wants answers to health claims made market. >> protection against products and marketing efforts that may be designed and targeted for children and that may be intended not to help you stop smoking but to produce dependency and addiction. >> reporter: the product especially popular with teens. the cdc found one in five high school students and nearly one in 20 middle school students vape. a 78% increase since be 2017. just last week, juul co-founder testified on capitol hill they never intended for their product to be used bid teens. >> juul labs isn't big tobacco. >> reporter: two teenagers told the same committee that a juul representative told their ninth
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grade class the product was totally safe. juul mains their products are not intended for teens but adults who want an alternative to the traditional cigarettes when trying to quit. it's that claim that prompt this had latest investigation. >> big tobacco's investment and a one-third share in this company, you generally don't spend billions of dollars investing when you're trying to get people to stop using your product. >> reporter: juul said they will cooperate with the investigation and reiterated their product is not intended to help people quit nicotine but as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. abc news, washington. >> the impossible is now possible for the bay area company behind a popular meatless burger. redwood city's impossible foods has reached a deal with an illinois-based food production company to help ramp up production of its plant-basedburg persons osi group is expected to help impossible quads rubel production by year's end.
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this is a huge boost for the local company. they struggled to meet booming demand from customers including white castle, burger king and spenceredit? dot to sound like their marketing machine but it is amazing. it tastes like meat. it's juicy meat. it's not even a meat. >> we have to do this at some point. >> saying we're going to do this. >> some day we'll do it. >> i may try this evening. > sounds good. burger grilling weather. >> it is. i was going to say, it's almost impossibly nice weather. no one's complaining because it's mild but not hot. it's been cooling down at night even on the coast. we haven't been getting a lot of fog on live doppler 7. let's take a view from mount tam looking down onto the bay on this sunny wednesday afternoon. final day of the month of july. 65 degrees right now in san francisco. 71 in oakland. we've got at redwood city, 79
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san jose and morgan hill. 359 half moon bay. with the golden gate, a little bit of low cloudiness. it hasn't dropped low yet. 76 degrees up at santa rosa. napa 73, 85 petaluma. concord and livermore both collecting in at 89. here's our view from the roof at abc 7 looking at blue skies over the bay. these are our forecast futures. some areas of follow near the coast and bay overnight. sunny and mild tomorrow. a gradual warming trend on friday and continue through the weekend. overnight look for a little bit of fog at the coast, a patch or two over the bay. overnight lows mainly in the mid to upper 50s. a little cooler near the coast. tomorrow breezy at the coast. lots of sunshine. lingering low clouds. highs range from mid 60s at the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay shoreline and mid to upper 80s inland. it's going to get a bit warmer on friday as inland areas warm up and the warmest warps up
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into the low 90s. then on saturday and sunday, a few mid-90s popping up in our inland areas. and then after sunday, we'll see temperatures starting to settle down into a more seasonable range. speak package of seasonal, this is hurricane season. we have one out in the pacific. hurricane eric. category 3 moving generally in the direction of hawaii. there's been some concern about its path. it's projected to continue over the next three days far south of the big island several hundred miles south in fact, which means it's affect effect on the islands will be rough surf, maybe rip currents. there have been no watches and warnings in terms of storm, hurricane force conditions issued yet. that's good news. onto the accuweather seven-day forecast. mainly sunny skies through the seven-day period. the weekend warmup with inland highs in the mid-90s on friday and saturday and low 90s on sunday. we'll see some low to mid 80s around the bay shoreline those
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three days and mid to upper 60s on the coast. early next week, we'll see temperatures gradually taper off a couple degrees or so. this is a beautiful pattern of weather i think going into the month of august. going to be lovely. >> you would be right. it's great. thank you so much. >> you two are both big baseball fans. trade deadline today. a bunch of moves out there. one of the big movers the fans >> plus, a bit later it's not a trash dump but it's what lies trash dump but it's what lies buy neath. so that early retirement we planned. trash dump but it's what lies buy neath. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang.
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sarah, you're gonna high five. ben, you're gonna be wowing them with your dance moves. ben, you're on balloons. -yeah, ok. don't miss the xfinity best deal of the year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. it's our best deal of the year, with huge savings of $600 over 2 years. plus, a speed upgrade to 400mbps, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. baseball trade deadline came and went today. madison bumgarner remains a giant. if the giants make a playoff push, the t ace. he became a legend for life back in 2014 when he led the giants to their third world series title in san francisco. his numbers have tailed off the
4:25 pm
past few years because of injuries and the team basically took a nose dive. so it was practically a foregone conclusion over the past six months that he was likely to be traded but when the giants made the recent surge and there were. few teams willing to part with big-time prospects, the director of baseball operations decided to keep bumgarner for the rest of the season. his contract is up. bumgarner is up after this year. do the giants try to resign him or let him go elsewhere. >> we'll see what happens. they trade aid few relievers but no gigantic move and look at you wearing your colors today. >> it was part of my whole praying to the baseball gods thing. he's a big part of the team heart and soul and for fans, we need him. so now it's like hey, this season isn't over. we've got a chance. let's do this. re back with him staying. > all they have to do is win, win, win, win, win. >> live up to expectations.
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>> you want to be wearing this in october. right? >> the yes. fingers crossed. it's been a big year at the box office for disney. abc7's parent company about the new version mohr norpd than $1 billion at the box office in two weeks. the fourth disney movie to do that this year. >> the stock is up. stock up. >> the other ones doing great "the an jers: end game opt captain marvel and the remake of aladdin. a fifth movie will likely joint list soon. "toy story 4" has made $920 million. two more films could cross the threshold later this year, frozen 2 and "star wars" the rise of skywalker which hits theaters in december. >> coming up, new details today about the bay area teens accused of killing a policeman in italy.
4:27 pm
. >> the family now in rome and dan noise caught up with one of the boys' attorneys in italy. those details up next. plus. >> night two of the democratic presidential debate is kicking
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
area from abc7. >> the fathers of the two marin county teens an accused of
4:30 pm
stabbing a police officer have arrived in rome to see their sons in jail. the father of gabriel natale jarth says he did not know his friend had a knife. dan noise was at the airport this morning when the family arrived and he's been sharing details of his investigation from italy. in an exclusive abc7 iteam interview, an attorney for the teen accused of stabbing that police officer is criticizing the investigation and also dismissing a social media photograph showing the suspect with a knife. dan noyes with developments from rome. a story you will see only on abc 7. >> reporter: >> well, you'll be able to follow dan's reports on twitter. we've got a technical difficult. we'll try to queue up that piece from dan in italy and let's go to that right now. >> reporter: ethan eldere todayr
4:31 pm
the first time since that is policeman died. fin elder is spending his sixth day in jail. >> ethan, ethan. >> reporter: the father of the san francisco teen suspected of stabbing to death a tallian police officer walked by the cameras waiting for lisa rival in rome but the family attorney craig peters spoke to us exclusively. >> looking forward to seeing their son. this is where they actually spent their honeymoon and they have a great love for italy and feel devastated that this happened here. >> reporter: peters is dismissing this photo posted to fin's instagram account that aired on the italian channel today that shows him in san francisco before his trip holding a knife that appears to be the same style as the murder weapon. >> the kid had a knife. at least in san francisco, certainly in america, that's not a super surprising thing. people carry it for protection. >> reporter: peters is questioning the police handling of the case complaining about
4:32 pm
leaks from the care bin eyrery. >> i don't know what happened. i'm convinces there's a pretty good chance the police don't know what happened. >> reporter: as for the other defendant, i tried to reach his grandfather at the seaside sill la where he spent several weeks each summer. no one came to the door. his italian lawyer says the suspect has been crying nonstop in his cell here in the center of rome. his father fra brisio natale seen on his linked in page declined an interview but issued his first statement that reads in part we are deeply upbet by his predicament while at the same time fully convinced of his innocence. he never imagined there will there would be a confrontation and did not know his friend was armed. he only became aware of what happened after his arrest. we learned a second investigation has been launled into why police handcuffed and blindfolded gabe before his interrogation. a tallian judge already called that illegal and unacceptable. >> reporter: lawyers for both suspect and the widow came back
4:33 pm
to the hotel where the young men stayed for them to look for new blood evidence. dan noise, abc7 news. >> you can follow dan on twitter @dan noise to get the latest developments from italy. his reports throughout the week on abc7 news, as well as the abc7 news app. >> american officials confirm the death of osama bin laden's son. details of the strike that killed hamza bin laden are scarce. u.s. officials are not releasing details where it happened. he was seen as an eventual leader of al qaeda. after osama bin laden was killed during a u.s. raid in 2011, two of his top lieutenants began prepareingham za bin laden for a top leadership role. >> detroit getting ready for night two of the democratic presidential debates. ig o ftu s elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and other moderates on stage.
4:34 pm
so what's ahead for tonight? abc news reporter maggie ruehle is there to break it down for us. >> reporter: with night one wrappeded all eyes are now on the next batch of ten presidential hopefuls taking the stage for night two of the democratic debates in detroit and the much hyped rematch between former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris. >> he recognizes he didn't have his best performance last time. that's a big challenge for him. she wants to show the policy chops. a lot is on her to build on what happened last time. >> reporter: after sparring over bussing and race relations in the first debate, rick klein expects it to take centering stage once again tonight. >> you can't get far away from a conversation about race in the democratic party. >> reporter: this time, we expect cory booker will joint fight. >> joe biden has on either side of him kamala harris, cory booker both of whom criticized the vice president's record and
4:35 pm
race. he has to play real defense. >> reporter: like last night, candidates are expected to go head to head over health care with harris releasing her new medicare plan for all on monday which was promptly criticized by biden and bernie sanders. kleine says there will be plenty of action from the sides of the debate stage, as well. >> i'm intrigued bying and drew yang and tulsi gabbard, two people not part of the major conversation but they continue to pop up in polls. >> reporter: new polls show biden seems to have recovered from the first debate and heads into tonight the front-runner. experts caution this race is far from over and he needs a lot more support to grab the nomination. maggie ruehle, abc news, detroit. >> we'll check out debate watch parties, bring you the latest right after the debate tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> a 3-year-old boy in china player callusly stibed a six-story plunge from a high-rise building. the heart stopping moment was captured on video. the toddler was seen clinging to
4:36 pm
that apartment balcony as quick thinking neighbors grabbed two large blankets. the boy lost his grip and fell into the blankets though. and guess what, he was not even hurt. a little bit. >> as a parent, watching this -- >> hard to watch. >> where are his parents? tnk g >> a moment turnin around. >> i know. >> thankfully the neighbors were there, thankfully. >> a community comes together in the face you have tragedy. the people who are supporting their neighbors, how they're staying gilroy strong coming up. >> i'm spencer christian. check out this view from mt. tam. what a beautiful summer afternoon. more coming our way. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
the community is coming together to help the victims and survivors of sunday's shooting in gilroy. >> abc7 community journalist justin dorsey show us how they're gilroy strong. >> reporter: following a tragedy such as the shooting it's the community that comes together to help those affects. including those at cal silk where they're giving back to show they're gilroy stronging. > gilroy strong means a community brought together. yes, we're a small town but we're a strong town. >> hits home. born and raised from gilroy and we are completely in shock that something like this would happen. >> everybody wanted to help. we didn't know what we needed to
4:40 pm
do. and everybody once we heard about the situation, every into. >> reporter: >> is the association approached to us make these gilroy strong. they're ought hot off the press. >> my mother gloria and norman macvicar did 9/11 shirts and gave back $30,000 to the red cross. that's what was instilled in me to always give back to our community and because of them, that's what i'm doing here today. >> it means a lot to me because i -- it's such a lobbing community. and so much tragedy, you know the community pulls together. i'm a part of that, as well. being a vendor there and i've seen a lot of people that were affected. it's personal to employee. >> this is my community and all the proceeds go to all the victims.
4:41 pm
so we just you have the to hold strong and continue to support our community. >> our thursday night community vigil is something that we're expecting all of gilroy to be at. and as a community, we're standing strong united. this is not going to break us. we are here to stay. our roots are here and we're here to help. >> there is humanity in this world so we just have to be humble and let our guards down and be able to show our kids that there is a better world other han what we're living at right now. >> the gilroy foundation has established a special fund for victims of sunday's shooting. the gilroy garlic festival victims relief fund will help those affects. we have a link on our website for more how you can donate. >> all this week, the office of emergency services in san mateo has been hosting active shooting training sessions for communities on the peninsula. vic lee attended one today. his story is coming up. before we show you this, i want
4:42 pm
to warn you because of all the news we've had in the past week, the scenarios you're about to see are graphic but this is only a training session. >> in this scenario, there is one shooter and multiple casualties >> help us. >> the victims are mostly in the school cafeteria. law enforcement and firefighters respond quickly. they clear the classrooms escorting students and teachers out while making sure the gunman is not hiding among the can haves. the injured are played by volunteers. the bloody makeup so realistic. >> please, we're back here. >> reporter: the make believe wounds on the body so hard to look at. the dead are mannequins. the rounds fired are blanks. but the scenarios are eerily realistic. police and deputies are doing multiple things here. thst're helping and protecting
4:43 pm
reders, they'reg e herhere the r >> nationally, the average alway prepare for e rst it a little bigger and better and add more challenges that happens to us in real life. >> reporter: the lone gunman runs through the cafeteria to a hallway. police chase him. >> i got the firearm. got the firearm. >> reporter: they get their man. this week, 143 agencies on the peninsula separaparticipated. so far 143 officers have gone through the training. vic lee, abc7 news. >> the timing of that, right? >> it's a shame but these events are happening. it's a fact of life now days. >> let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. it was warm and it was cool again and now it seems we're warming up. a bit of a seesaw.
4:44 pm
>> spencer here. >> not a dramatic seesaw. no extremes. here's live doppler 7. sunny skies giving way to more fog developing along the coast overnight andba in the mid to u 50s. tomorrow another mainly sunny day. highs from mid 60s at the coast to mid and upper 70s along the bay shoreline. inland areas warm up low to mid 80s for the most part. maybe up to 90 at cloverdale and ukiah. a little bit warmer on friday. we'll see some low 90s in the warri warm northwest spots. next week, early next weeks temperatures moderating again. that graphic changed finally. here's the seven oil day forecast. mid-90s inland friday and saturday. low 90s on sunday. mid 80s around the bay. early nex week temperatures drop off 1 or 2 degrees. this is what i call the comfort
4:45 pm
zone. mid 60s on the coast, low to mid-90s inland. that's almost ideal weather, don't you think? >> is there such a thing as too pleasant? >> thank you, expenser >> digging up treasure. along with the trash in the central valley, the dump turning side's michael finney. rdp hurcre
4:46 pm
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but a landfill in the central valley is steadily producing finds from the ice age. the landfill is in the town just outside madeira. a reporter from a sister station in fresno with a look at the latest fossil >> reporter: paleontologists follow each scrap of the scraper to see if any clues to the valley's past can be unearthed. >> we found one bone, one limb fragment from a large mammal. couldn't tellt was. >> paleontologist blake says camels are native to north america. a jawbone and tooth was also found. limb bone he found has been
4:49 pm
wrapped in plaster and burlap. many of the fossils is found here are 700,000 years old. >> this could be a little younger. it could only be about 450,000. >> reporter: crews from red rock environmental are digging a hole 30 feet deep for the landfill project. paleontologists are watching closely because so many fossils have been found here in the past. >> we found a little bit of mammoth, ground sloth with wid is about the size of my car over there. >> reporter: over 15,000 fossils have been recovered from the ite over the years. some tiny but a mammoth tuck was discovered in 1993. a life sized replica is now on display at the fossil discovery center across from the landfill. >> it's a continuing process. it's interesting. they haven't dug in five years. >> reporter: but more dirt is needed to cover the trash. the latest find came after just a few passeses. >> this place it's the largest
4:50 pm
on the west coast. >> reporter: crews will spend another month at this site. so the paleontologists hope they can find even more fossils date back to the ice age. abc7 news. >> wow. >> you just don't hear the word paleontologists when talking about a story out of the central valley, the fresno area very often. that's pretty neat. if you overspend with your credit card, it can lead to serious debt but is canceling michael answer. >> not necessarily. many think that the best way to stop overspending is to cancel their credit card. but is that really such a great idea? parting ways with plastic. now, it may seem like a good idea to avoid getting into further credit card debt by canceling your credit cards. but according to a recent survey by bank rate.come, that's a decision that can do more harm
4:51 pm
than good because canceling a card you've had for a long time shortens the average age after your scoring history. that means a lower credit score kund many models. just 42% of credit card holders surveyed knew about the negative impacts while 15% didn't think there was any effect at all. older generations are more likely than younger consumers to have closed accounts. 72% of baby boomers card holders have canceled at least onecard. that's compared to 61% of again x card holders and 50% of millennials. the most important reasons for cancel are having paid off debt, not using the card enough and high interest rates or annual fees. experts say instead of helping your credit score, canceling actually hurts that number. >> now, here's one final tip. keep old accounts open even if you don't use them. they help drive your credit score higher. i know it seems weird but that's the way it is. >> goofy system.
4:52 pm
thank you, michael. >> a report out of uc berkeley says many californians are in trouble when it comes to retirement. the center the for labor research and education says 48% of the state's private sector employees between 25 and 64 years old don't have dedicated retirement savings. another 54% are not currently building retirement assets and this means nos i.r.a.s, no 401(k) and no pension. >> speaking of retirement, a new study claims moving to certain locations in your golden years can add or take off years from your life. according to the national bureau of economic research, a move to yonkers, new york, increases can life span by an estimated 1 1/4 years. other areas to relocate to if you want to live a longer life, asheville and wilmington, north carolina. on the downside,e chles, louisianahortens life expectancy the most
4:53 pm
lavegas and saltis lak t lowering ofif cy hm >> we know hopelessness is on the rise in the bay area. now one group thinks it can help. up next, miracle messages. short videos that could help reunite the holeless with loved ones. >> dan is here with what we have coming up at 5:00. >> hoping for justice. a woman who says local police failed to test her rape kit for years and is taking her case to the highest court in the land. >> tonight's rare moon and why you shouldn't be alarmed if you don't see it. and the company with one message, buy ugly fruit. message, buy ugly fruit. those stories and ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. as part of our effort to help build a better bay area, abc news is teaming up with dozens of media outlegs for the san francisco homeless project, a joint effort that aims to hold leaders accountable for the city's hopeless problem as well as offering solutions. in the past two years, the number of homeless has gone up in seven of the bay area's nine counties. san francisco has the highest total number of homeless residents, up to nearly 10,000 now. news reporter lyanne melendez introduces us to a group trying to help reunite the homeless with loved ones through simple vid videos. >> reporter: a year ago, number of volunteer ran across wayne kornet, a man who had been homeless for 19 years. they recorded him trying to contact his family. >> i was going to see if i could
4:57 pm
find them but i'm waiting for my cial seccheck t kick in. >> using the last name kornet, volunteers located a possible match, jasmine kornet who was notified through social media, his niese. >> i immediately went in the room, called my family, showed them the mess haddage. we all said yes, that's him. >> we found him. >> kornet facetimed with her family once she found her uncle near the prowl street b.a.r.t. station. that was last august. >> august to now, he is off the streets. he's in mercy house and in a very nice apartment. >> miracle message is the creation of kevin adler witham, volunteers, they've been able to reunite 235 families. >> it's really important as a
4:58 pm
believer that we show people our faith not just tell them. so being able to see people reconcile after 20 years disconnected and show compassion, understanding, open arms, that's incredible. >> who do you want to reconnect with, your mom. >> yeah. >> reporter: it now has people helping in five major u.s. cities with the goal of bringing back those who very been left behind. >> find my family. >> reporter: lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> what a great cause there. the ability to find secure housing is a big part of the issue here. we're going to take a closer look at the bay area housing crisis starting tonight on our 11:00 p.m. news. we'll introduce you to somebody renning a closet. i said a closet for $1200 a month in san francisco. our series of special reports to help build a better bay area starting tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil.
4:59 pm
abc7 "news at 5:00" starts right now. >> yanked him out of the car, flopped him on the ground, reminded me of what someone might do with a dead animal. >> new questions about police use of force. did officers go too far when they arrested a man accused in a drug fueled rampage in mariner. >> security in the spotlight in the wake of what happened in gilroy, sonoma county takes a new look, us. >> aple that were there that night in las vegas, those sounds, they will forever be in your head. >> reporter: from someone who has been there. a woman who survived the mass shooting in las vegas now lives in gilroy and helping the newest survivors. >> a navy jet crashes in southern california. seven people are hurt. >> now had, news to build a better bay area. from abc7. >> and good evening. thank you for joining us. >> i'm kristen sze. we begin with the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival.
5:00 pm
today we learned more about the investigation and the suspect. >> news reporter chris reyes is live at the festival grounds still blocked by the police with the latest. chris? >> reporter: good afternoon, dan and kristen sze. why did the shooter do this? that's the question everyone is trying to answer. you can only see a couple tents behind me. further down, there are dos of police officers and fbi agents working this huge crime scene. early this morning, an impromptu press briefing for the fbi to set record straight on the suspect's motives. >> the information that's out there it's being reported that there's white nationalism or any type of those ideologies, that is not determined and i wanted to knock that down. >> authors have now searched a vehicle and two residences connected to the 19-year-old shooter. the fbi


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