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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 31, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air in the west. abc news confirming reports osama bin laden's son is believed to be dead. after that famous raid that killed bin laden's father, it was believed significant power had been handed to his son. our team standing by with late reporting tonight. the major explosion, the exxonmobil facility up in flames. more than three dozen hurt. families rushing to the scene. surrounding communities told to shelter in place. the u.s. navy fighter jet crashing in california. the search and rescue at this hour. reports of multiple injuries on the ground. late today, the powerful home explosion. authorities had just cleared the home. .everal hurt. a treacherous commute. flights delayed from d.c. to philly, new york city up to boston.
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the new image tonight, that delta pilot accused of trying to fly drunk. pulled off the flight just before takeoff. and what he allegedly did as he tried to pass through tsa. tonight's big debate. joe biden and kamala harris and the rematch. and what biden says he's now prepared for this time. and the breakthrough moments on night one. two dangerous rescues tonight. officers struggling to save two people trapped in the powerful current. one of them goes under. how they pull through. and 16 tourists, some of them american, on a boat when it catches fire. forced to decide, do they stay or do they jump into shfe good evening. and it's great to have youay ni. we're following several major headlines. and we begin tonight with the breaking news. abc news confirming reports that the son of osama bin laden is believed to be dead. hamza bin laden was seen as the eventual heir to his father's leadership of al qaeda.
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the u.s. state department, in fact, had offered a $1 million reward for his capture. tonight, the major questions here, how was he killed, when was he killed? and abc's james longman leads us off from london tonight. >> reporter: when s.e.a.l. team six burst into osama bin laden's hideout in abottabad, pakistan, and took him out, there was no sign of his son, hamza. but tonight, u.s. officials tell abc news they believe hamza bin laden is now dead. it's unclear exactly when he was killed, but a u.s. military source says it was sometime in the past two years, and that american intelligence played a role in the operation. papers found in the abottabad raid indicate hamza bin laden was being groomed for a prominent role in al qaeda. after his father's death, he promised revenge against the united states. his last public statements came just last year, when he abia wrcdertme off a $lln reward for his capture, calling him a key leader, possibly hiding out just as his father did, in the afghan/pakistan
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region, syria or iraq. no word yet on where he's believed to have met his fate. >> so, let's get right to james longman, he's live in london tonight. and james, hamza bin laden was believed to have been about 30 years old, we know. he was seen as someone that could recruit young people, perhaps a new generation to al qaeda. >> reporter: yeah, david. i think that's right. and you shouldn't underestimate the power of the bin laden name in recruiting more people to the cause. and particularly since al qaeda has been losing ground and members to groups like isis, this certainly does weaken its leadership. david? >> james longman leading us off with the breaking headline tonight. james, thank you. and back here at home, and to that major explosion and fire at an exxonmobil facility in baytown, texas, tonight. multiple injuries. families rushing to the scene. the community told to shelter in place. black smoke seen for miles. people told not to open doors and abc's marcus moore is on the scene for us. >> reporter: the fire at this exxonmobil complex in baytown, texas, started with an explosion just before noon. towering flames and a thick
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column of black smoke visible for miles. the fire burning in a facility that contains propylene, an extremely flammable gas. >> we're seeing it lean a little bit more, it appears. >> reporter: officials ordering area residents and schools to shelter in place, turn off their air conditioning and keep their windows closed. >> i just want him out. >> reporter: mary landry raced to the scene after an urgent call from her son. >> he said, "a tank blew up. i'm trapped in the back and i can't get out." he said, "kiss my babies and tell them i love them." >> reporter: moments later, our station ktrk finding her son, a contract employee, safe. >> you thought there was a chance that you were not goi >> 100%. >> reporter: off accounted for. >> we do not know what the cause of that incident is, but i can tell you, we're going to work diligently to figure it out. >> reporter: david, as you can see, the fire is out and officials are monitoring the air quality tonight.
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they say it is safe. it's been, in terms of the wind, relatively calm today, and that might have helped. in the meantime, investigators are still looking into what caused that powerful explosion and fire. david? >> all right, marcus, thank you. there's also a search and rescue under way at this hour after a u.s. navy fighter jet crashed in the california desert, right in a spot popular with spectators. there are reports of multiple injuries on the ground tonight. and here's abc's clayton sandell now. >> reporter: tonight, the search for a lone navy pilot -- >> possible plane down. >> reporter: -- missing after their f-18 fighter crashed in the california desert. >> just be advised, that is in the death valley national park. >> reporter: the fighter is based at naval air station lemoore, california, and went down around 10:00 a.m. in an area popular for military training flights and spectators. >> it is in star wars canyon. >> reporter: "star wars canyon" gets its name from the narrow terrain where planespotters with a need for speed get a front row seat, as military transports and fighter planes race below the canyon walls.
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just like in a movie. >> when pilots are conducting this kind of low-level training, they're worried not just about how low they are off the ground, but how close they are to the canyon walls, and when you're maneuvering at high speeds, 400, 500 miles an hour, there's very little margin for error. >> reporter: the national park service says a popular outlook is now closed. seven people on the ground were injured when the plane crashed. those injuries all minor. >> and clayton sandell with us live tonight, as well. and clayton, that area, we know, is popular with spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of these training missions. that was a real concern at first word today. and is there any word yet on the fate of the pilot? >> reporter: david, they've got search and rescue teams in the area. they're using helicopters, but there is no word yet on the fate of the pilot. but the navy just told me they will exhaust every effort to find him. the cause of the crash is under investigation. david? >> all right, clayton sandell tonight. thank you, clayton. and right now, severe storms are slamming the east. 50 million americans from d.c. to philly, new york city right
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up through boston. a massive bolt of lightning, this is at gillette stadium, right there in boston. this tree shattered by a bolt of lightning in philadelphia. tonight, flights delayed. a dangerous commute home. meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all, as he always does. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. been a rough afternoon with dozens of damaging storm reports and hundreds of flights canceled. a 74-mile-per-hour wind gust recorded at boston logan. you see it here on the radar scope, this watch box was issued at one point for ten states, a huge one. still have a few hours left to go, with rough thunderstorms still to come through. heavy rainmakers, as well. flood watches up for new jersey, even some warnings back through philly and baltimore. the front does squeeze through tonight and after that, we do look for somewhat cooler, certainly some drier, more quiet weather coming in tomorrow. david? >> rob marciano with us again tonight. thank you, rob. and late today, we got word of a massive explosion leveling a home outside pittsburgh. just extraordinary images coming in. this is the aerial footage showing the force of the blast, which happened just moments after the home was cleared by authorities. those authorities had just been
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called by the family. there are injuries on the scene, and here's abc's eva pilgrim with the pictures coming in now. >> reporter: tonight, investigators on the scene of what was once a home that exploded just moments after everyone inside walked out. >> audible units responding to an explosion off of park avenue, north franklin. >> reporter: splinters of wood and tiny pieces of debris all that remain from the blast. the home completely obliterated. >> i looked down through my backyard and i seen a fireman walking and i seen debris flying everywhere. >> reporter: police telling abc news the homeowner called authorities after smelling gas. the fire department and gas company quickly responding, trying to clear the home. emergency crews putting one person on a stretcher. at least four were hurt, including two firefighters, but all with non-life-threatening injuries. david, neighbors even saying they could feel the blast. some of them reporting damage. tonight, first responders remain on the scene. david? >> all right, eva pilgrim reporting in, thank you. new developments in the case
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of those two american teens accused of stabbing to death an italian police officer in rome. the father of finnegan elder arrived in rome today. he hasn't yet seen his son, who is accused of being the stabber. it comes as italian tv broadcast instagram photos, one showing that young american suspect holding a large knife and another image, possibly from just hours before the incident. italian police are examining the images. now, to the new image tonight of that delta pilot accused of trying to fly drunk. he was pulled off the plane just before takeoff from the minneapolis-st. paul airport. and tonight, what he allegedly did as he tried to pass through a tsa checkpoint. abc's david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: this 37-year-old delta pilot, gabriel schroeder, is grounded tonight, suspected of being drunk as he prepared to fly passengers. the pilot saw that minneapolis police were conducting additional random checks at the checkpoint. according to police, schroeder looked confused, told a tsa officer he wasn't ready to be screened and left the area. authorities say he's seen on
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surveillance video going into a men's room, where police later find an unopened bottle of vodka. the visibly nervous pilot does go through screening, but police are suspicious. and officers find schroeder in the cockpit for the flight to san diego. as passengers waited, schroeder's breathalyzer was well over the limit for pilots. he was arrested. >> for a pilot, he looked a little disheveled. like, his -- he had the white, with the snap, but it was in dire need of an ironing. you know, it was kind of a schleppy look. because the other pilot, you know, looked like he walked out of "gq." >> reporter: delta found another pilot. the flight was delayed for an hour. the airline says it has no tolerance for violations of its alcohol policies. the pilot has not yet been charged. david?>> davidy tonit.d,ha you > we turn next here to the life of death battle on a rushing river in des moines, iowa. police officers fighting to rescue two people whose raft had capsized, the surging waters then plunging them back under. here's abc's alex perez with the body cam tonight. >> hold the light.
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hold the light. >> reporter: the harrowing rescue captured on police body cam video. >> don't let go. >> reporter: watch as brave officers in des moines, iowa, battle a raging river to get two people to safety, their raft capsizing. using a rope, you can hear the officers struggling to hold on. >> get your head up! like -- give me some room! don't pull me! give me some. >> reporter: the man and woman in the turbulent waters near a dam desperately yelling for help until police arrived. >> raft upside down and people stuck under the raft. >> hey, hey, hey, stop, stop, she's under. stop! >> reporter: you can see the powerful current at the officer's feet. after a few nerve-wracking minutes -- >> get her, get her, get her. >> reporter: -- the officers finally pulling them out of the water. david, a good samaritan was trying to help before officers arrived. thankfully, those two people are okay. as for those officers involved, they dried off and went right
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back to work that night. david? >> alex perez, thank you. now, to the race for 2020 tonight, and a rematch of sorts tonight with joe biden and kamala harris on that debate stage. harris took aim at biden in the last debate weeks ago. tonight, what joe biden is now saying will be different this time. abc's mary bruce in detroit again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, as joe biden and kamala harris face off in their rematch, a battle is on for the future of the democratic party. >> democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible promises. when we run on things that are workable, not fairy-tale economics. >> i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. i don't get it. >> reporter: leading liberals elizabeth warren and bernie sanders clashing with their centrist rivals over medicare for all. >> medicare for all is comprehensive. it covers all health care needs for senior citizens. it will finally include dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses. second of all --
5:43 pm
>> you don't know that, bernie. >> second of all -- i do know. i wrote the damn bill. >> reporter: moderates argue medicare for all could doom democrats, because millions of americans won't want to give up their private insurance. >> at the end of the day, i'm not going to support any plan that rips away quality health care from individuals. >> reporter: but author marianne williamson declaring there are bigger issues at stake. >> if you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, then i'm afraid that the democrats are going to see some very dark days. >> reporter: mayor pete buttigieg with a warning across the aisle. >> if you are watching this at home and you are a republican member of congress, consider the fact that when the sun sets on your career, the thing you will be remembered for is whether in this moment, with this president, you found the courage to stand up to him or you continue to put party over country. >> reporter: tonight, round two. the pressure is on for biden after his lackluster first
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debate, when harris was on the attack. this time, biden is promising, "i'm not going to be as polite." >> all right, mary bruce with us live from detroit. and mary, i know you've been speaking to biden's campaign. so, what is the strategy tonight? >> reporter: well, biden's team says he is hoping to focus on trump, but that he's also learned hisle lesson here. i'm told he is not going to take any attacks lying down. if his rivals take a swing at him tonight, biden is going to swing right back. david? >> here we go. mary, thank you. after last night's first night of the debate, democrats talking so much about health care and drug costs, well today, the trump administration revealing that they're exploring a new way to reduce prescription drug costs. the plan would allow some fda-approved drugs to be imported from foreign countries at lower costs, especially from canada, though it could be months or longer to try to rewrite the rules. the federal reserve lowering its benchmark interest rate for the first time since the great recession in 2008, cutting the rate a quarter of a percent, citing slowing global growth and trade tensions, but signaling,
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no more cuts will be coming. the dow plunging 333 points on the news. investors had hoped for more. president trump had pushed for steeper rate cuts but fed chair jerome powell said today, quote, we never take into account political considerations. even with the cut, president trump unhappy tonight, tweeting, "powell let us down." there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. bidding farewell to a famous football player and paying tribute tonight to a legendary name on broadway. also, more news ahead. u.s. marshals launching an urgent manhunt tonight for two escaped prisoners, including a white supremacist gang leader. the men considered armed and dangerous. also tonight, 16 tourists, some of them american, on a boat when it catches fire, forced to. the wave pool machine causing a suddenly stops working. dozens of visitors to that pool are hurt, and much more news ahead tonight. much more news ahead tonight.
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now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? (nathan) secondhand smoke caused measthma attacks, infections and lung damage. and i never smoked. (announcer) if you or someone you know wants free help to quit smoking, call 1-800-quit-now. we're going to turn next tonight to those tourists, some of them american, forced to make an awful decision. they were on a boat when it caught fire.
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do they stay onboard or do they jump into shark-infested waters? and here's abc's kaylee hartung. >> reporter: these are the dramatic moments a small tour boat in the galapagos islands catches fire, forcing passengers to make a choice in the dark of night. >> i didn't know if i was supposed to stay on a burning boat or jump in the water with sharks. >> reporter: onboard, as the cabin fills with thick smoke, television producer lisa bartley of our kabc station. she keeps her cell phone camera rolling. >> follow me. come, come! >> reporter: as all 16 passengers evacuate, jumping right into shark-infested waters. >> next, next. go quick. >> why don't we all, like, go get together? >> reporter: the life rafts do not immediately deploy. their guide keeps them calm, instructing the passengers to swim towards the nearest island. >> keep together, grab each other's arms. we kick to the left. >> reporter: after an hour in the water, the life rafts finally inflate. two and a half cold hours later,
5:49 pm
a sailboat responds to their s-o-s call. all passengers and crew are safe. the tour company telling us tonight they're still investigating what caused that fire last week, but they say they've repaired the boat and it's back in the water. david? >> we're just glad everyone is okay, and kaylee, great to have you. when we come back here tonight, celebrating two famous names. a football hall of famer and a broadway icon tonight. and we'll have much more on that intense manhunt under way at this hour. two dangerous fugitives including a white supremacist gang leader breaking free. what we've learned in a moment here. what we've learned in a moment here. okie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fopa. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer go fast. get in or lose out on 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards.
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to the index of other news tonight, and the urgent manhunt for two escaped prisoners in jefferson county, arkansas, tonight. wesley gullett and chris sanderson escaping from the jefferson county detention center. both being held on federal charges there. authorities say gullett is the leader of a white supremacist gang. they reportedly put a dummy in their beds to fool the guards. both are considered armed and dangerous tonight. to that waterpark scare overseas. a malfunction causing a tsunami of sorts. look at this, in a crowded wave pool, this was in northeastern leastop wrt, several treated for broken bones. the pool has been shut down. they are investigating how this could have happened. we have two passings to note tonight. a broadway giant has died. famed producer and director harold prince, winner of 21 tony awards. a driving force behind so many musicals, including "west side story," "fiddler on the roof" and "the phantom of the opera." hal prince was 91. and football hall of famer nick buoniconti has died. he helped lead the miami
5:53 pm
dolphins to the only perfect season in nfl history, along with two super bowl titles. diagnosed with dementia, he promised to donate his brain to cte research. he was just 78. when we come back here tonight, america strong. and an incredible moment on the field. from the battlefield to the ball field, helping the children. children. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ finally tonight, our warriors and their young players. america strong. >> you're going >> reporter: he is just one of 17 coaches helping these children. and these coaches have seen so much, on this field and on the
5:57 pm
battlefield. they are wounded warriors, helping 17 children here at camp, each with a disability and each of them with a hero to look up to. >> point at your target. >> reporter: many of the children are missing a limb, and for some, it's the first time they're in the game. >> happy feet. there you go. >> reporter: they travel to virginia beach, virginia, and those warriors were waiting for them. retired lance corporate josh wigge, now a coach. >> i was in afghanistan and our vehicle hit a 20-pound ied. and it cut both my legs off with it below the knee. >> reporter: he is a member of usa patriots, america's amputee softball team. they compete around the country against teams with players that haven't seen war, who have not been injured -- and they play hard. they want these children know they can do it, too. kristy philgren drove from ohio to get her two children here. >> it's a powerful example to the kids. >> i don't put on socks and shoes in the morning, i have to literally strap legs to my body to be able to walk. so, i mean, life taught me perspective, and i can share that with anybody else that comes out.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: and those coaches who barely take a break did find time to send me this. >> hi, david! >> from the usa patriots, big hello, buddy. >> reporter: a big hello back. we are grateful to those wounded warriors and so are the families of the children on the field. >> they deserve the best. so, we get to bring them out, teach them how we've gotten through it, but we also learn from them, too. >> we salute the coaches and the players. good night. >> new at 6:0 ocho 0 tonight we're live as the coal hmmunity continues to grieve and heal. >> the ghost ship warehouse trial fire is in the hands of the jury. >> and i'll convinced at this point there is a good chance the
5:59 pm
police don't know what happened. >> the i-team is in rome and only dan nayes is getting answers from the lawyer of one of the boys accused of killing an italian police officer. beyond stuffed animals and candles, happening now a chance to heal following the gilroy garlic festival shooting and this is something people don't have to do alone certainly. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. two meetings are goingle to gat help. >> the shooting left three people dead 6-year-old stehpen romero, 13-year-old keyla salazar and 25-year-old trever irby. >> the festival grounds are closed off as the investigation continues.
6:00 pm
>> amanda community offering support. >> reporter: that second community support meeting is happening a short distance away at rebecca children's center. we know they are both getting underway now. the two meetings will have identical content following a program facilitated by the center for living or dying. they didn't have a space big enough for the group they are anticipating tonight. people still struggling tothradt that took the lives of three and injuring others. counselors will b on site to help those impacted by the shooting in any way. this is a collaborative effort involving county and community


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