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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. welcome to august 1st on this thursday. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mke is here with a look at the day ahead. >> let's look at what's going on with live doppler 7. extensive cloud deck this morning has more juice to it. don't be surprised if you run into drizzle and a little fog through the north bay especially 101 through the khost. in san francisco i had to use the wipers several times. frances said she did, also. 55 to 60. maybe a degree or two milder than yesterday morning.
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hardly noticeable. 58 to 74 at noon. mid 70s to low 80s with the breezes picking up. slightly cooler than it was yesterday at that time. low to upper 70s at 7:00. feels pretty comfortable. all right, mike. we'll show you a live shot of the san francisco skyway. this is traffic heavy coming off the bay bridge heading into san francisco. also the headlights head to the lower deck of the bay bridge. there's a problem before you get there, and it's an earlier stall in san francisco that has turned into a crash northbound 101 connecting on to east bay 80. you see the red there. traffic is heavy approaching that three-car crash in san francisco. not a great start for san francisco this early morning. here is a live shot at 680 in walnut creek. that's southbound traffic on the right-hand side. you can see it's getting a little more crowded. a new crash reported northbound 680. we'll keep you posted on that as well. >> developing news this morning, community groups are gearing up to provide more support to survivors and those impacted by
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the garlic festival shooting. >> whether over the phone or in person, the community is coming together so no one has to go through this healing process alone. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is in gilroy this morning. jobina. >> reporter: good morning. most community members here in gilroy can agree that sunday's shooting completely shattered any sense of safety that they had. these meetings held last night were for people at the festival, maybe people who knew someone at the festival or anyone in need of healing right now which is a whole lot of people. community solutions and children services opened the center. community agencies like the department of behavioral health and gilroy united school district collaborated with the groups. experts say sometimes healing requires family, friends and even professionals. therapy dogs were on hand last night as well. >> this is such a horrific trauma and something we've never experienced around here, there's
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no one way to respond, but it's really important to be able to step into the healing process to not stay in isolation. >> there are plenty of resources available for people who couldn't make the meetings last night. that includes anonymous counseling over the phone as well. we have information on those resources on our website, that's we also have that on the abc 7 news app. live in gilroy, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. stick with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the gilroy shooting. we are posting updates at and on our abc 7 news app. lyft has yanked its entire electric bike fleet in san francisco after two of them burst into flames. the first happened on saturday in the city's south of market neighborhood. another caught fire earlier yesterday in the earlier haight.
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cornell barnard has the details. >> reporter: anybody trying to rent a lift will see these warning lights. that means it's off-line. all of them will be until the company can trouble shoot possible issues with the batteries that may be causing fires. joan howe says smoke was coming from a bike dock, electric ride share bike on fire. she took these pictures as firefighters responded to put it out. >> even the firefighters took a step back i. had the snapping and popping of the battery going, i guess explodinexplodin >> this is all that was left of the charred bike. on saturday, another electric bike seems to have mysteriously caught fire at folsom and second streets. the e bikes are operated by lift under the name bay wheels. the company told abc 7 news, out of an abundance of caution we are temporarily making the e bike fleet unavailable to riders while we investigate and update our battery technology.
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thanks to our riders for their patience. we look forward to making e bikes available soon. >> thank got nobody was hurt. >> reporter: supervisor matt hanie told us he wants more safeguards in place before the e bikes can hit the streets again. >> if it's a fundamental flaw with these bikes, we need to see their plan, have them share it with us and make sure it's fixed before they continue to put these out there. >> the lyft e bikes returned to san francisco streets weeks ago following a legal battle with the mta over exclusivity rights. lyft's e bikes were pulled last spring after brakes sent some riders crashes. they say it's unclear whether the bikes or batteries were vandalized or tampered with. unclear when they'll be back on the streets again. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. pg&e is denying a "wall street journal" report it knowingly delayed repairs on a transmission line blamed for
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sparking last year's deadly camp fire. the utility claimed the tower blamed for the camp fire is not one of the six towers needing repair. stating it spent nearly $2 billion between 2006 and 2018 replacing acting lines, poles and towers. the company explained why it paid out $5 billion in shareholder dividends before filing for bankruptcy, saying the payments were essential to the utility's ability to continue to attract the capital needed to make safety improvements. it's your voice, your vote. after a heated debate in detroit, the democratic presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail. last night ten candidates took shots at each other. representative tulsi gabbert challenged senator kamala harris' record as a prosecutor. >> she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. >> as the elected attorney general of california, i did the
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work of significantly reforming the criminal justice system of the state of 40 million people which became the national model for the work that needs to be done. >> harsh criticism also came from the crowd. the audience interrupted former vice president joe biden as he talked about immigration. >> secretary, we sat together in many meetings. i never heard him talk about any of this when he was a secretary -- >> -- >> please respectful. please be respectful in the crowd. >> for a detailed fact check of the statements said last night go to we have an article on our home page. abc 7 news was in san francisco where the kamala harris campaign held a watch party. you could hear the supporters cheering the senator when she sparred with vice president joe biden right out of the gate. the room went quiet when tulsi gabbert challenged harris on her record as attorney general of california. harris supporters say they hope
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the eventual nominee will have the suppor of all the candidates. the third debate is scheduled for september 12th and 13th in houston, texas. here is a look at the temperatures in san francisco. 57, 58. that is it. that's a degree or two milder than this time yesterday. we've got 57 and 58 also around richmond and san leandro and american canyon and fairfield. healdsburg on the low end at 52. pittsburg and tracy, 62 on the high end. a look at the golden gate bridge. just because it doesn't look very foggy, that is going to change. there's a list mist and drizzle hanging in the air right now. that's what's going to allow the cloud cover to come down on top of the deck by the end of the commute. bay play today, we've got a small craft advisory, cool and breezy on our beaches. if you're running errands, seasonal today. let's break it down. starting at the peninsula. you can see the cloud cer
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decreasing as the temperature increases, breaking out of the 60s by 11:00. mid 70s this afternoon. south bay we have clouds gathering right now. they'll hang around through about 8:00. we'll break out in sunshine mid morning, hang out around 80 this afternoon under total sunshine. east bay valleys, if you didn't need the air condition yesterday, definitely won't need it today. start in the 60s. end up in the low to mid 80s. weekend forecast up next. here is frances. wef another go quite a few problems on the roads right now. in san francisco, started as a stall north 101 connecting to east bay 80 heading to the sky way. traffic is slow at the scene. in fact, minor injuries reported as well. six miles per hour. it looks like with injuries out there, it could take extra time to clear. you'll also notice slowing, the orange coming off the bay bridge. here is a live shot at the san francisco skyway and what it looks like when things are slowing down heading into san francisco. also in the danville area, northbound 680 at el sarah, a
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new solo car crash as well that may be blocking a lane. we'll head to the south bay. another new accident just report ed. we're seeing a lot of slowing in the south bay. you can see the emergency crews heading to the scene right there. those lights blinking. that's on southbound 280. it looks like they might even be heading to the right-hand side or doing a round-robin. traffic is light enough because we'll keep you posted if things change in the area. an effort is under way to clean up after a major fuel spill. crews converged on a dry creekbed off lucas valley road where a tanker spilled 2100 gallons of gas on sunday. drivers are still facing delays because of one-way traffic controls. we're still waiting to learn if the driver of the tanker has been cited for taking his 50-foot rig on the road where vehicles over 36 feet are
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number one, 15 people arrested after an overnight protest in san francisco. all but one have been released. protests expected in front of i i.c.e. avenue reday this month. this afternoon, gilroy police, the fbi and other law enforcement agencies are holding a press conference to update the investigation into sunday's garlic festival shooting. tonight a candlelight vigil is planned at 7:00 p.m. in downtown gilroy. >> number three, at least one person has died after a gas explosion in kentucky. investigators say a 30-inch gas line rupp tufrd overnight. several homes caught fire and residents in two towns were forced to evacuate. number four, democratic presidential candidate return to the campaign trail. ten of them got into a heated debate last night in detroit. we have a fact check posted on number five, you're probably going to hear this a lot today. is it fogust already? it is. the sea breeze is out today. dealing with drizzle this morning and temperatures slightly cooler this afternoon. number six, an early morning
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accident with injuries in san francisco on north 101 connecting to east bay 80 causing delays approaching the scene. it's slow in the other direction as well. number seven, the warriors will unveil the sign for the newly named warriors way near chase center. the new state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex opens next month. investigators are trying to find out what caused a fire that damaged a structure next to a house in brentwood. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon off anderson drive. crews are trying to determine if the fire started in the structure and then spread to vegetation near or if it happened the other way around. luckily no one was hurt. fire officials say the house had just been sold in the last month. the popeyes is back open after san francisco health inspectors found a cockroach infestation. the department of public health posted a notice saying the violations posted an immediate danger to public health or safety. the restaurant quickly fixed the issue and now has a clean bill of health.
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abc 7 is committed to building a better bay area including helping the homeless. >> the number of homeless has gone up in seven of the bay area's nine counts. san francisco has the highest total number, nearly 10,000. it's why one organization is helping them reunite with their loved ones using social media. abc 7 news reporter lee yanne melendez has the story. >> reporter: a year ago a group of volunteers working with miracle messages ran into wayne cornett, a man who had been homeless for 19 years. using a cell phone they recorded him sending a message to his family. >> hello mom. i've been locked out about two years. got out for a while. then they locked me back up. >> reporter: using the last name cornett, volunteers located a possible match, jasmine, his niece, who was notified through social media. >> about an hour later i was at
5:17 am
the powell street b.a.r.t. station. we looked around for about an hour. we found him. i walked up, and the first thing he said was jazzy, i'm sorry. >> reporter: cornett immediately face timed with her family. that was august. >> august to now he is off the streets. he's in mercy house and in a very nice apartment. >> reporter: miracle messages is the creation of kevin adler. with the help of his team, mainly volunteers who call themselves digital detectives, they've been able to reunite 235 families. >> being able to see people reconcile after 20 years disconnected and show compassion, understanding, open arms, that's incredible. >> reporter: miracle messages now has people helping in five major u.s. cities with the goal of bringing back those who have been left behind. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. okay.
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i hope you're ready for this. in-n-out is officially out. a new survey finds they're no longer america's favorite fast food restaurant. more than 7,600 peemd filled out a survey looking at food quality, dollar value and staff friendliness among other things. while in-n-out scored an overall rating of 73, chick-fil-a scored 79. people are very defensive about their in-n-out. i've learned that firsthand. i'm going the keep my mouth shut and i'll let you all discuss. >> you want to tell us what your favorite is? >> i don't really go to fast food. >> you're so healthy, reggie. >> i have an issue because i don't eat meat. i eat veggie burgers. it's hard to find them at fast food places. burger king has them. i'll try that. >> there's a place i was trying
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to get, because burger king got it, they didn't get it. >> shake shack used to have -- >> i can't go anymore. >> they have some now in the bay area. >> oh, okay. >> book end by carnivores. nothing like a good white castle, morning, afternoon, late at night. any time for me. let's talk about the weather outside. maybe this is comfort food weather. it's kind of drizzly, misty, cool this morning. here is a look at sfo where the temperature is 60 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. we'll keep an eye on it. there could be delays. welcome to fogust. cool the next couple mornings we'll start with looking at the cloud cover. it goes all the way in to the central valley.
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sacramento is going to be cooler today because of a more stout sea breeze. as we head towards noon, you can still see plenty of cloud cover from the richmond-san rafael bridge down to about the oakland airport and over towards sfo. so it's that mainstay that could stay a little cloudier than the rest of us during the afternoon hours. the coast looks pretty cloudy, too. let's see what it does to our temperatures. we're going to be right around 80 in santa. average high is 82 or 83. 74 in santa cruz. average high in redwood city is about 82, also. you're the warm spot on the peninsula, 78. gichs you an idea what the rest of the peninsula will be like. mid to upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and over towards the coast. mainly low to mid 80s through the north bay valleys. santa rosa flirting with near 90. 70 in berkeley because of the sea breeze. everybody else in the low to mid 70s along the east bayshore. mid to upper 80s in our east bay
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valleys. my skoouf we have a bunch of accidents this very early morning, all around the bay area. we'll start with the one in san francisco. it's on north 101 connecting to east bay 80. traffic is improving. said 11 miles per hour, earlier was at six. sluggish traffic in the opposite direction. metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza, starting to back up towards the 880 overcrossing. another injury accident in the south bay. this is southbound 280 at meridian. all lanes temporarily blocked right now. trying to clear the crash. here is a live shot near the scene. taillights are on southbound 280 underneath highway 17. you see flashing lights in the distance. i think that's part of the accident. we'll see if we can zoom in on that later. here is another accident in the east bay. we've got a couple actually.
5:22 am
northbound 680 at el sarah in the danville area. there's an injury crash, a crash blocking the lane that they're trying to clear. also a new accident just reported in the union city area, northbound 880 at alvarado miles road. in today's "gma first look," friends of cameron boyce are speaking out about the disney star's death. >> we or family, too. we've been through a lot together. >> in this morning's "gma first look," an abc news exclusive, remembering cameron boyce. >> when he walked into the room, the light changed and the energy shifted. >> one, two, three -- >> reporter: for the first time since his death, co-stars spoke. >> he was the first person if you needed to talk to somebody. he was always there. he was that person for everybody. he was that guy.
5:23 am
he loved art and creating -- >> and the world and people and humans. >> helping. >> and life. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., their emotional interview, how they remember their friend and the one thing cameron boyce told them that they will never forget. with your "gma first look," kenneth moton, abc news, new york. a pop-up pay phone with a special message. >> everybody who picks it up walks away with a smile. cutting down on waste. the
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summer king tides continue. watch out for minor flooding around the bayshore and the manzanita park and ride, even though our parking deck here and our studios, there's water when we have the king tides. this morning earlier is when we had our highest. you can see them slowly taper to actually being gone by sunday. couple more nights of
5:26 am
potentially wet weather near the bayshore. >> thanks, mike. an orange public phone is spreading smiles in raleigh, north carolina. it rings randomly. anyone who answers the call hears a positive message. people can record their own words of encouragement. a local church is behind this and said they wanted to combat all the negativity. there's nothing religious in the messages, just pure love. you can't do anything to get me to answer a public phone on the street. >> there could be such a good message waiting for you. somebody might need help and you'll be the only person that can help them. former college football player and army veteran has come up with a tasty way to transform imperfect produce. >> ben moore started the ugly company south of fresno. he says in that area up to 2,000 tons of fruit are thrown away every day because it's not market lk.
5:27 am
his company takes the fruit that would normally be tossed out and turns it into dried fruit to sell. >> he went, let's go throwback. our brand is ugly, doesn't matter if our out book is ugly. it is one of the best tasting dried fruit you've ever had. >> they're now only sold in the l.a. area and online. >> not everything is ugly is bad tasting. >> you can make a smoothie. coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the mystery in golden gate park. where have all the homeless people gone? >> police make arrests in front of san francisco's i.c.e. building overnight. we'll have the story coming up.
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now at 5:30, a tense confrontation overnight between i.c.e. protesters and san francisco police officers. thousands of people are set to attend the county fairs in sonoma and santa clara county. security is being heightened for both in the wake of the gilroy shooting. personal political attacks highlight night two of the democratic debates. joe biden is the number target. >> no attacks here. just information. a friendly good morning to all of you on this thursday, august 1st. >> of course you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. what do you call it? >> fogust. >> is this your first for ray into fogust? >> yes. it's already foggy. >> at least today, maybe tomorrow. over the weekend it will lighten a little bit as we warm up. let's take a look at show you what's going on. you can see the stout sea
5:31 am
breeze. we're back to double digit wins in oakland. concord 23. fairfield 22. watch out for that headwind. look at the thick cloud cover letting go of mist and drizzle. don't be surprised if you need to use the windshield wipers. we'll in the upper 50s and low 60s along the breezy coast with limited sunshine. the sunshine will be slower do break free of the clouds elsewhere. that's why we're 72 to 77 at noon, 75 to 80 at 4:00. a comfortable evening in the low 70s. let's get over to frances and check on the commute. good morning, mike. a busy morning with lots of accidents. we'll start off with better news in san francisco. an earlier injury crash that started out as a stall, then turned into a three-car crash on northbound 101 has just been cleared from the lanes. they moved everything off to 7th street. we have yellow traffic, moving around 20 miles per hour. that's going to pick up. we also have an injury accident in san jose, southbound 280 at
5:32 am
meridian. this is causing some problems. you can see here in this live shot, we took our southbound 280 camera and zoomed in a little bit. it looks like the right lanes are blocked, but the left lanes are getting by on southbound 280. at this point traffic is light enough to get through the area. northbound 680 in danville, another accident blocking lanes. we'll tell you about another accident in my next hang nowe watched as police arrested people demonstrating at i.c.e. headquarters. >> abc 7's amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: police cleared out a protest encampment and blocked off washington street in front of the i.c.e. headquarters here in san francisco. we've got video of what happened overnight. take a look. police started clearing out the camp at 1:00 this morning. these protest es had been here since tuesday. i asked the sergeant on scene
5:33 am
why they decided to make the arrests now. he said he got the orders from his captain. it was a command staff decision so they moved in. police say the arrests were peaceful. members of this group tell me 15 people were arrested. they say everyone but a minor has been released, the jail was waiting for his mother before releasing him. this group is called ak pyo oh abolish i.c.e. sf. they are not part of the group that has organized protests every day for the month of august. those will be taking place in front of the i.c.e. building. they're set to start today at noon. they're separate groups, separate protests. so a lot of activity at the i.c.e. headquarters. the sergeant told me they do plan to open up this block, take these barricades down when the day shift arrives. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. developing news in san franciscs mission district. police are investigating a shooting that left two men with
5:34 am
life-threatening injuries. >> officers responded to a report of a shooting at a parking lot on mission street near cesar chavez. so far they haven't arrested anybody. investigators are on scene looking for possible witnesses, surveillance video and gathering evidence. today we should learn more about the investigation into sunday's garlic festival shooting. >> gilroy police and other law enforcement agencies are holding a press conference at 4:00 at police headquarters. the medical center is planning an update at 2:00 p.m. tonight a candlelight vigil is planned in downtown gilroy. a loner slowed in mystery. that's how he's described. it was rumored he was a white supremacist. the fbi says it appears the 19-year-old read literature from
5:35 am
the left and right. the gilroy foundation established a special fund for victims of sunday's shooting. we have a link on our website if you care to donate. the santa clara and skount fairs start today. security measures are a top priority. santa clara county supervisor dave cortese tells abc news he received a confidential memo that details a security plan developed between the fair's management and the santa clara county sheriff's office. cortese didn't reveal the details but said the plan will ensure that fair goers have a safe and enjoyable time. the fairgrounds are located on tully road in san jose. the fair runs through sunday. ? sonoma county there are upgraded security measures when that fair opens today. vis doors will have to go through a metal detector. every truck has to be inspected. the fair is spending $150,000 on security. that inclouds a contract with santa rosa police. the fair runs through august
5:36 am
11th. it is your voice, your vote. democratic presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail after a heated debate in detroit. >> last night the ten candidates threw punches at each other's records. abc 7's trevor ault with the hghlights. >> reporter: good morning. the canndidates covered a lot o ground last night. in talking about who would be best for the future, they were very quick to criticize each other's pasts. night two of the detroit democratic debates featuring all the policy of night one with a lot more personal political brawling mixed in. senator kamala harris returning to her attacks from the first debate early on. >> the vice president has still failed to acknowledge that it was wrong to take the position that he took at that time. >> reporter: this time biden punching back and later criticizing the senator for changes to her health care plan. >> you can't beat president trump with double talk. >> reporter: other candidates
5:37 am
eager to jump into the crossfire, senator cory booker taking aim at the former vice president over criminal justice reform. >> since the 1970s every major crime bill, every crime bill major and minor has had its name on it. >> you had a police department that you went out and hired rudy giuliani's guy and engaged in stop and frisk. >> mr. vice president, there's a statement in my community, you're dipping into the kool-aid and don't even know the flavor. >> tulsi gabbert calling out senator harris for her record as a prosecutor. >> when you were in a position to make a difference in these people's lives, you did not -- >> reporter: biden defending the policies of the obama administration, julian castro calling him out. >> it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us haven't. >> your time is up. >> we need politicians with guts on this issue. >> i have guts enough to say his plan doesn't make sense. >> reporter: over the past two nights there were a lot of
5:38 am
candidates on stage who likely won't see the stage again in this presidential election. the next democratic debate is in september in houston with much tighter restrictions. there's likely only going to be a about the half the number of candidates at most. in detroit, vtrevor ault,ault,a, news. >> if you want to do a fact check, you can check out our website. new details emerge in the case of the bay area teens accused of killing an it tannian policeman. california is beefing up its effort to fight wildfires. the order governor newsom just signed. taking a live look at the bay bridge this morning. it is gorgeous. we've checking in with mike to see what the rest of the day will look like. >> thank you, coupkumasi. showing you temperatures on the peninsula, 56 in daly city. everybody else 57 to 60 degrees. a degree or two milder than this
5:39 am
time yesterday. low to mid 60s along the east bay shore. 58 in livermore, 60s around concord and also in antioch and mid to upper 50s in our north bay valleys. here is a look at walnut creek, 59 degrees, looking south towards 24. your commute, watch out for fog and drizzle, not all of us, but in higher elevations and near the coast, that's where we're going to run into that. that means because of the drizzle out there, it can be a little damp at some of our mass transit stations. we have a small craft advisory on the bay today. the east bay, 7:00 and cloudy. sunshine at 11:00. we break free of the 60s after that and hang out in the low to mid 70s this afternoon. the norkt bay, the fog around through 9:00. almost total sunshine and near 80 during the afternoon hours. as we head to san francisco, we're going to be plagued by more cloud cover than we lad yesterday. it's going to be a little breezier with temperatures in the low to mid 60s.
5:40 am
an update on the weekend forecast, i'll show you the newest numbers. hopefully will make people happy. what's going on with the commute? >> so many accidents this morning, mike. quite a few. we still have an injury crash in san jose, southbound 280 at meridian. we took our 280 camera and pointed it at the crash. you can see the right lanes are blocked there. traffic is still light enough to get by. not impacting headlines moving northbound 280 towards highway 880 and 17 on the lower part of your screen. another live look in san jose, headlights moving northbound on 101. tat's looking good. a little slowing as you make your way past julian up towards the 880 area. also, there's another accident in the east bay, northbound 680 at el cera. you can see northbound 680 through danville. ovrturned accident, northbound 880 at alvarado miles road. it looks like it's off the freeway. a car spun out and overturned.
5:41 am
it's out there. right now a little slowing in the southbound direction. that could be regular slowing. drive times for you southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek. there's lots of and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit
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if you have plans to be outside, looks like the air quality will remain on the positive side. let's take a look at what's happening today. you can see the sea breeze reaching sacramento, mid 90s yesterday. only 89 today. look how stout the c the c the c is. triple digits in fresno, palm springs, 85 in yosemite today. near 80 in tahoe today, today, tomorrow and mid 80s with high clouds and sunshine this weekend. homelessness in san francisco may be up 30%, but we're seeing fewer homeless people staying at golden gate park. the examiner reports the number of homeless people at the park dropped from more than 300 in 2017 to about 80 people this year. park officials say more park rangers are trying to connect the homeless to shelters. in actuality the homeless may simply be moving to other neighborhoods. the examiner reports the homeless population in districts
5:45 am
surrounding the park increased 40% over the past two years. a former jail in downtown oakland may soon become a homeless shelter. the alameda county board of supervisors growed to leasing the building for $1 a year for 25 years. the jail was shut down in june because of budget concerns. the idea to lease the jail to the city was brought up last week when the board of supervisors hosted mayors of 14 cities in alameda county to address the homeless crisis. this morning an attorney for one of the local teens accused of stabbing an italian police officer to death is criticizing the investigation. >> i'm convinced at this point there's a pretty good chance that the police don't know what happened. >> craig peters is dismissing a photo posted to finn elder's instagram account. it was shown on rome public television yesterday. it shows him in san francisco
5:46 am
before his trip holding a knife that appears to be the same style as the murder weapon. you can see the full interview on our website, you can follow dan on twitter to get the latest developments from italy. his handle is @dannoyes. we'll have his reports on abc 7 news, and our abc 7 news app. happening today, governor newsom and former governor arnold schwartz neg her highlight the state's increased investment in firefightering technology. they're meeting at mcclellan air force base. the governor signed an executive order boosting the staffing. the state is adding 13 new fire engines. last year was the worst fire year on record. more than 100 people died. flames burned nearly 2 million acres of land. a united airlines flight from sfo finally took off yesterday afternoon more than six hours late because of that
5:47 am
slight. it deployed suddenly on the boeing 757. passengers had to get off the plane and wait for the slide to be repacked. flight attendants believe the slide deployed because of, quote, maintenance. not really sure what that means. i'll use maintenance as the reason for everything. >> maintenance. >> you know what that was, mike? it was maintenance. >> nice of maintenance to bringg that added amenity. mt. tamalpais, winds gusting up to 24 hieps. that means once the atmosphere starts to overturn, some of the winds will deep down it's going to be breezier today. slower sunshine so the highs are roll back a couple degrees compared to yesterday. the summer spread, it will widen a little bit this weekend. we're watching this area of low pressure, this trough sinking down towards us, having more of a greater influence on our forecast today.
5:48 am
that's ushering in that fogust, if you will, that we're dealing with this morning. wide range of temperatures in the south bay, 87 in morgan hill. 74 in santa cruz. 80 at sunnyvale. a little narrower on the peninsula. redwood city to about 78. low to mid 60s along the coast and into downtown san francisco. we'll have mid to upper 60s along the north bay coast into sausalito. low to mid 80s in the north bay with sunshine. the breeze will keep berkeley and oakland around 70. the rest of us in the mid to upper 70s. as you move inland, mid to upper 80s. my accuweather forecast, i think you'll notice the warmth this weekend. a slow tapering next week. frances. be extra careful this morning. we've had quite a few accidents. we'll head to the east bay, union city, overturned crash on the alvarado niles road on-ramp.
5:49 am
they're saying the vehicle is overturned and lodged between some trees. that is not impacting 880 itself. it's on the on-ramp. earlier crash, danville 680 el cerro, there's still an accident southbound highway 17 near meridian. here is a live shot of the scene. the crash is blocking the right lanes. traffic has been light enough to get by. northbound 280 unaffected at this point. we'll take you to the san mateo bridge. traffic there flowing well in both directions. the right-hand side is westbound leaving hayward heading towards foster city. a little more crowded. >> thank you, frances. actress selma blair getting candid amid her battle with multiple sclerosis. >> she admitted she underwent a stem cell transplant, long considered to treat cancers of the bone marrow and blood. now doctors are using it to attempt to reboot the immune system in ms patients, hoping to stop the attack on the brain and spinal cord.
5:50 am
they say at most medical centers, this transplant is still in criminal trials. >> newer therapies are higher efficacy than the older therapies we had. i think that's very promising. it makes us want to continue working on this. >> the risk of infection is high. doctors may monitor patients in the hospital for months while the immune system rebuilding itself. while it needs more study and not yet considered a cure, many doctors are hopeful. >> we wish her all the best. new at 6:00, bad timing. why a swimming pool in the south bay is now closed, likely for the rest of the summer. first, a warning about a pet treat that can cause major problems for people. and it's not limited to just one company or brand. paul simon has a surprise for his bay it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about
5:51 am
moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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5:53 am
this weekend more than 3,500 bay area grocery workers are planning to strike. that's according to the "san francisco examiner." union representatives say a deal to increase wages and benefits was dropped in their on going negotiations. the two sides have been negotiating since last year. the union president says a tentative deal was reached. save mart pulled the agreement off the table last week. save mart has not commented. you'll likely be able to pick up impossible burgers at the grocery store. impossible foods got fda approval for a key ingredient, the color additive that gives the plant burger that red cooked meat color.
5:54 am
the redwood city company hopes to have its burgers in stores by september. the fda and cdc are getting involved in a recall of pig ear pet treats which have made people sick, 100 of them. the agency es recommend if you have any pig ear treat from any company or brand, throw it out. it's not the case that people are eating the pig ears. the case is these people are getting sick in 33 states including california because the pets get sick and then they pass the illness on to their humans, even when the animal isn't showing any symptoms. a southern california neighborhood is on edge this morning after a mountain lion was caught on a security camera hanging out in the bark yard of a house. it was first spotted monday night in tarzana. the homeowner says the big cat just wandered around there for about an hour. not far away from that home, a family says their dog disappeared sunday night. the big cat is being tracked by the santa monica mountain
5:55 am
conservancy. the tracking isn't in realtime, so they don't know exactly where the animal is right now. that's not comforting. >> but that back yard is gorgeous. i can see why it's hanging out there. i hope the dog -- i hope it's a coincidence the dog is gone. let's talk about what's going on. a's and brewers, they decide the series today. both each taking the game. 12:37, grab the sunglasses and the sunscreen, you'll need it. burn time about 15 minutes. almost the entire big island, nearly 94,000 people need to worry about flash flooding from now through saturday at noon. you can see the tropical storm warnings. fastest winds on the east side. the high surf -- i should say on the west side. high surf on the east side due to erick. that's the impact it brings. it's not nearly the storm it was yesterday. about 230 miles away, still a category 1. watch as we head throughout the
5:56 am
weekend, it's going to slide south which means it's going to keep things pretty breezy, squally weather, but not a direct hit. it is going to weaken. if you're thinking about going there or planning to go there, it may be bumpy getting there. but once you get there, you'll be so happy you went. frances. asible injury crash in fremont northbound 680 at ought stow mall parkway. in the south bay there's been a major accident, southbound 280 just past highway 17. we have live camera shot near the scene. right lanes still blocked. three left lanes getting by. you'll see traffic light enough. in fact, northbound traffic not impacted at all. this accident has been out there for a while. the bay bridge toll plaza backed up past the 880 overcrossing at this point. we've had a lot of accidents. give yourself extra time or consider mass transit. a.c.e. train 1 is running seven minutes late. train number three so far is on
5:57 am
time. a chance to spend an evening with paul simon next friday. the rock & roll hall of famer announced a special hop-up show august 9th at the fox theater in oaklandment online presale tickets go on sale at 10:00 p.m. he'll be headlining the out lands music festival next weekend. new warrior jordan pool is a dad to two new pets. a sweet adoption story. a massive fire in kentucky overnight. one person is dead. we'll tell you what caused it. >> reporter: i'm jobina fortson in gilroy where a community is working to regain their sense of safety after sunday's tragic shooting. i'll have
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. welcome to august 1st. we have made it. >> fogust, right, mike?
6:00 am
>> yes. >> definitely living up to its name. here is a look. this is one vantage point from live doppler 7. i've overlaid the clouds. gray just about everywhere. there's patches of mist and drizzle this morning. look how low the clouds are. can't even see the top of the salesforce tower there. here is the way our first day of fogust breaks down. 56 to 61 through 6:00, upper 50s to low 60s and a breezy coast. 71 to 74 with slower sunshine. slightly cooler conditions this afternoon and a little fast ever breeze than yesterday, 74 around the bay to 82 inland. here is frances. all right, mike. we have a new accident just reported. this is on westbound 80, san pablo dam road. it's blocking lanes. that one just came in. again, quite a few accidents this morning. one on northbound 680 in fremont, auto mall parkway. that may involve injuries. a carver suss a big rig or


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