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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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on abc 7 news at 5:00, breaking news. policeushe scene after gunman opens fire inside a texas mall. as many as 18 people killed. we hear from witnesses. staying safe, a festival in the bay area is taking a new approach following last week's garlic festival shooting. >> close to home, not one, several brush fires. what fire officials are saying about the possible cause. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. now, from abc 7, live, breaking news. >> go, go, go! come on! >> a scramble for safety.
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cell phone video showing pure panic during a shooting at a mall in texas. here's the latest from just minutes ago, the texas governor said 20 people were killed, 26 others -- >> an active shooter killing at least 18 people and jooriinjuri others. >> he's pop, pop, pop, trigger finger, he's going, going, going. >> reporter: police scour the mall, looking for the shooter. >> they're just kind of hidden away in the banquet room over there and calling their loved ones. >> reporter: el paso police have identified the single suspect in custody as 21 year old patrick crucias from allen, texas. >> we're not going to go into details. multiple fatalities. and several people that have been transported. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott thanking all first
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responders for their courageous response. former texas congressman and now democratic presidential candidate and el paso native, beto o'rourke on his way back to his hometown. >> i'm incredibly saddened. it's very hard to think about this. el paso is the strongest place in the world. this community's going to come together. >> reporter: president trump tweeted he's working with local and federal authorities and has pledged his full support. this shooting happened at one of el paso's oldest and most popular malls. >> today's shooting in el paso comes less than a week after a shooting in gilroy. parts of christmas hill park, the site of last sunday's shooting at the garlic festival remains a crime scene. today vendors and attendees returned to the park as they've done all week to claim belongings. for many volunteers, helping clean up is bringing back a
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sense of normalcy. >> i want to get it out of the way. everybody's got stuff there. you got, we got to get everything out of there so they can take the tents down and clean the park up and clean the whole place up. >> three people were killed in that shooting. more than a dozen others were hurt. the coroner said yesterday the gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. if you'd like to donate to the gilroy garlic festival victims relief fund, we have a link on our website. abc 7 news was in fremont for the annual festival of the arts. security was on the minds of organizers and police. special precautions were taken this year, including the installation of security cameras, a watch tower, barriers to stop speeding cars and officers patrolling the venue with higher firepower. organizers say turnout has not been affected. >> they're not going to let anyone inhibit their opportunity enjoy their life. they're not going to stay in their house. and they're not going to keep
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themselves from having experiences that are important, and they're not going to keep themselves from being out in the community. >> the festival continues through tomorrow, along walnut avenue and paseo padre parkway. several brush fires burn today near clayton on marsh creek and morgan territory road. people were evacuated, and we have team coverage tonight, beginning with abc 7 news reporter, lisa amin. they have a handle on these fires, right? >> reporter: that's very true, eric. crews are still on the scene, but the marsh complex fire is 50% contained. no homes are threatened. that wasn't the case earlier this morning when an entire mobile home park was evacuated. the fires moved fast, destroying 655 acres of land. air tankers doused the flames from above. there were reports of 12 small fires igniting before dawn at marsh creek road and brogdon way in clayton. the fires merged into three
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harm larger fires. it's not clear what started the marsh comple fire. some residents reported hearing small explosions, but authorities say they aren't ruling anything out. >> all fires are suspicious until we figure out and deem that they're not. it could be easily an accidental, mechanical failure or intentional. >> reporter: balls ecause of th marsh complex fire, there is an air advisory in place. a shelter in place has been ordered for those living off marsh creek road which will remain closed until tomorrow. the fires, meantime, are expected to be contained by tomorrow as well. the fire's forced some residents to pack up and leave after flames got way too close. abc 7 reporter cornell bernard has that part of our team coverage.
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>> reporter: firefighters battle brush fires from the air and from the ground saturday, for a time, a dozen separate fires burning throughout clay tton an into brent wood. >> there's multiple fires on marsh creek road. >> reporter: hundreds were told to evacuate this morning. >> as soon as i went outside and opened the door, i could see the flames behind my house. as soon as i saw that, i grabbed the kids, put them in the car seats. >> reporter: she took what she could. >> i grabbed birth certificates, my wedding ring. >> i hear somebody say "fire! you need to evacuate." >> reporter: hours later, the damage had passed. firefighters stopped the wildfire from burning any homes. >> i'm amazed at their response. >> reporter: a and forethat
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neighbors were grateful. >> thank you from the bottom of our hearts. you saved us. >> reporter: it's not the first time these folks have come face-to-face with wildfires. they've been evacuated before. but they hope this will be the last time. >> thank you! >> reporter: in clayton, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> of course that area is one of the hottest spots today in the bay area. our meteorologist has the latest on weather conditions, frances? >> we'll go to the current conditions right now. it's about 96 degrees right now in the area near clayton. relative humidity is low. temperatures dropped to 95 a few minutes ago. winds are coming from the north. so today was the hottest day, and over the next 24 hours we can expect gusts up to about ten miles per hour. not too bad in terms of wind. in terms of temperatures, the next couple days will still be quite warm. mid-90s, and then things will drop through the middle of the week. relative humidity will still be
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very low. there's also an air quality alert. because the winds are coming from the west, the san joaquin air control district has issue add alert at least through monday. that will be a problem for residents in that area. eric? >> francis, thank you very much. the app is sending updates on the fire as they happen and a report of progress this morning. download our app and enable push alerts to get instant notifications. the family of finnegan elder, one of the teens being held in rome for the stabbing death of a police officer are on the way back to san francisco. elder and the other suspect, gabrielle natale are accused of stabbing the officer 11 times, following what they say was a drug deal gone bad. the i-team has been in italy all week reporting for abc news and tweeting updates.
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follow him @dan noyes to get the latest on the case as soon as they happen. a day at the beach turned into a frantic rescue effort in san diego. >> it's just horrifying that the people underneath were there in the wrong moment. >> coming up, witnesses left in disbelief when a cliff collapsed, burying people below. what geologists are saying about the area now and the new measures in place to keep people safe. also a b.a.r.t. service alert. possible delays this weekend for some rid
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. . an update now on our breaking news. the mass shooting at a texas
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mall. police say 20 people were killed that afternoon at the mall in el paso. 26 others were injured. the wounded range in age from 2 to 82 years of age. police say they have a 21 year old han in custody, and they say they're reviewing a han fess toe linked to the shooter. we'll have updates on abc 7 and the abc 7 news app. new details now. geologists have determined a section of cliff side in encinitas will continue to pose a threat to beachgoers. three people were killed, two others injured yesterday when a large chunk of sandstone slid off the bluff at grand view beach. officials reopen parts of that beach north and south of the slide zone but advised visitors of the risk. >> we're not able to forcibly move people off the beach based off of us warning them. it's up to them. we want to make sure they're aware of what we know. >> a lifeguard has been posted near the cliff area, near the slide area, rather, to keep
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watch over the unstable cliff side. b.a.r.t. riders traveling through contra costa county today have been warned to expect delays of up to 30 minutes all day. the agency is doing track maintenance between the orrinda area. b.a.r.t. is replacing track and electrical equipment. this runs through october and on some upcoming weekends you may need to use a bus bridge to get around a planned full closure. a not-to-miss event for bike enthusiasts. we'll head there next. let's bring our community back, starting with this incredible project. >> san francisco's mayor have a special connection to a just-unveiled piece of public art that captures the spirit of community. and it was a gorgeous, sunny day around the bay area. temperatures really warmed up. we have cooling on the way, in fact, much more c
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abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area by focussing on initiatives and efforts to improve where we live today. in an effort to show san francisco it's all about art, a mural called the spirit of fillmore makes its debut today on the exterior of the rosa parks center. it honors some luminaries who call the western edition and fillmore districts home. >> i grew up here walking up and down these streets, where we had a thriving african-american community. and, it was so many people, so many amazing families. >> also featured in the mural is neighborhood housing activist mary helen rogers.
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in the east bay, abc 7 news was at oakland's jack london square for the ninth annual pedal fest. dozens of enthusiasts took part. bicycle and uni cycle stunt shows and a rodeo. it offered vintage commuter and hand-built bike displays and safety training. proceeds benefit bike east bay, a non-profit dedicated to providing safe and convenient biking. >> we're joined with a look at the weather forecast. it was 91, when i left the east bay, it was 71 when i got to san francisco. >> we got inland hot temperatures and the marine layer really influencing the coast. we'll show you live doppler 7. you can see with the satellite image we have the fog and low clouds at the coast and lots of sunshine everywhere else. this is impacting the temperatures. generally, though, a lot of places were warmer compared to yesterday, especially 24 hours ago. and we have areas one to six degrees warmer.
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so plenty of sunshine out there, except at the beaches. and here you can see this live shot from the east pbay hills looking out toward san francisco. why eric saw such a drastic temperature trainichange from he to san francisco. oakland is 70 degrees. places like morgan hill, 90 degrees and half moon bay 63 in the clouds. it was a gorgeous beeach day. there's a slight sea breeze. you can see with the flags blowing, but it's going to be another gorgeous beach day tomorrow as well. check out fairfield and concord. upper 90s. fairfield 98, concord 97 and livermore still at 91 degrees. i want to show you the forecast hain make. by:00, we'll see the kwloclouds the coast. then it will start to push in a little bit tomorrow morning.
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we'll wake up with cloud cover, overcast conditions in the bay and east bay. but by midday it pulls back to the beaches again and starts to creep in later on tomorrow night. but for other areas, it's going to be sunny and clear all day long. lows tonight will be on the mild side, in the mid-50s to even some low 60s out there in concord and in antioch. san jose 59, oakland 59, san francisco 56. tomorrow's going to be gorgeous and warm once again. low 90s through morgan hill and gilroy. santa cruz sunny, 76. we'll see some low 80s as well along the lower part of the peninsula. palo alto 80 degrees, but at the coast, only the mid-60s once again tomorrow. in san francisco, if you head to the sunset district, 64. but downtown with more sunshine, 68 degrees, and it's going to be really sunny as well through parts of the north bay, lots of
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mid-80s. really comfortable tee shirt and shorts weather. 80 in fremont and still hot inland. hanging on to mid-90s through antioch and brentwood. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. still hot inland tomorrow. in the mid-90s around the bay. sunny and warm in the 80s, but at the coast, that's where the clouds will stick around all day. we'll only hit the mid-60s. we start a cooling trend for the beginning of the workweek. we'll be below average by thursday, but still mild to warm on friday. but a slightly warmer day for saturday. so it's going to be gorgeous all week long. a slight dip in temperatures before we come back up. >> in other words, normal bay area weather. >> yes, of course. just ahead, what's keeping antonio brown from putting his best foot forward at raiders training camp. and more gre
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the warriors aren't waiting for next summer. they're locking up the third core member of their dynasty. the dubs have agreed to a multi-year extension with draymond green, a contract extension according to espn. the new deal, which starts after next season brings the total length and value of green's contract to five years, $118 million. now green could have made more money if he waited until after the season for a new deal.
5:24 pm
green is a three-time nba champion and has been on the nba's all-defensive first or second team for five straight seasons. the warriors will be paying $129 million to just four players, green, steph curry, klay thompson and d'angelo russell after next season. if you've ever had a blister on your feet, you know how tough it is to run. that's the problem with keeping raiders' star receiver antonio brown from practicing during training camp. now ooh, this is the picture ab post the on instagram. his feet are blistering and peeling. he didn't say how it happened. it's not believed to be long term. he was scheduled to see a foot specialist today. he began camp on the non-football injury list. he was limited in practice last tuesday and has not been seen on the field later this week. quarterback derick carr's anxious to get brown on the
5:25 pm
field to start building chemistry for the regular season. >> we wish the healing process of, you know, whatever's going on, will be fast. we want it to be fast, but at the same time, you can't, you know, rush things for training camp, when you know you have a season and hopefully a playoff run to think about, right? the trainers know way more than any of the players know. we just know that when he does show up we can't wait, welcome with open arms and hopefully healthy and ready to hit i running. >> and who says you can't learn from a rookie? 49ers veteran joe staley and second overall picnic bosa have been doing a little bonding at training camp. they have been going head to head at practice. the rookie defensive end wins the other. the two are pushing each other to get better. the niners are high on bosa, but almost more impressed, the old vet staley is picking up some new picks. >> joe staley is the, one of the best tackles in football because
5:26 pm
he's always doing his homework, always trying to find ways to get better. if you just look at a rookie and say ah, he can't teach he anything, we could all learn anything from anybody. i learn stuff from my kids every day, and my oldest is 8. so you should always be looking for knowledge, and it doesn't matter who you're getting that knowledge from. if somebody has something important to share with you, you can always learn. >> pj and north carolina for the wyndham championship. benn ben an going for his first victory. 3 under on the front nine. on 14, the birdie try, tracking, tracking, and bingo! with a 66 today, he leads by one over webb simpson. but there's a whole bunch of guys within three shots of the lead. the as host the cardinals tonight at the coliseum. back to antonio brown. i think he needs
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. new on abc 7 news at 6:00, see how sacramento is honoring one of the oldest living veterans in the country as he's about to celebrate a milestone birthday. a fishing trip turned into the photo shoot of a lifetime. he spotted two killer whales off oceanside earlier this week. lawler says they swam right up to his boat.
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they weren't shy, and it looks like they were camera ready. cheese! that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00, we'll see you right back here at 6:00. tonight breaking news as we come on. the deadly carnage at a texas shopping mall. law enforcement officials say at least 20 people shot and killed, shoppers running for their lives. victims covered in blood being treated right on the scene. now one of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. an eye witness telling us how it started. the killing beginning in a parking lot of a walmart, then moving inside the shopping center. a man armed with a rifle gunning down anyone in his way. parents running with their children trying to save them. also tonight, disaster at the beach. the massive cliff collapse, crushing beachgoers below. search dogs brought in. at least three people killed. what police are now saying.


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