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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 4, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it is sunday august 4th. let's start with a look at our weather. meteorologist nicco here for lisa. good morning. >> a look at me then the other side. temperatures mid-50s, low 60s. we do have mid-60s in concord, antioch and down towards san jose. now, this is the way it looks outside as we look at our tower cam. excuse me a second. let me go over her and try to get this thing to work, or not.
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let's try the other. third controller, there we go. that works. exploratorium looking foggy. down to a mile along the coast, into santa rosa. here is a lo the a winds. a little more south than yesterday. in fact, look at all that drizzle on the bay bridge. take a look at the planner next but let's get back to the news. >> breaking news, two deadly shootings in less than 24 hours in the united states. the most recent, daytona, ohio. nine dead, 26 injured. the shooter is dead but the identity has not been released. this happened ena historic area according oregon district. home to entertainment, bars, theaters. they believe police were able to stop the violence quickly, which
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police chief says is rare there. >> daytona is a very safe this is unheard of, very sad, tragic evening. we're very fortunate the officers were in close proximity. as bad as this is, it could have been much much worse. >> the fbi is assisting with the information. we're also learning more information about the deadly shooting in el paso, texas, at a walmart. 20 dead, 26 pounded and they range in age from 2 years old to 82 years old. the suspect has been identified as 21-year-old patrick he's in custody. he used an ak-47 style assault rifle. they are investigating if it was a hate crime and looking at posts on the social media to get a better look at the shooter.
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stories of heroism starting to emerge. a man heard the shooting while shopping at a foot locker. he said he's licensed to carry and had his weapon with him. he thought about running toward the gunfire but saw a group of children and focused on them instead. >> there was so many kids running around. i was thinking if i had a child and if i wasn't around how i would want another man to react with my child. i got as many kids as possible and made it out. >> in response to the praise he received oakley said his actions were, quote, what he's supposed to do. there was rapid emotional response to the shooting from politicians. democratic politician beto o'rourke cut a trip short and headed back to texas. once there, he visited victims in a hospital. >> so many families, so many extraordinary people, so much
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hope in that waiting room right now. so much strength in the individual icu rooms we got to be in. again, it makes me just incredibly proud of el paso and of those people, these survivors, but they are also asking us to do hispanic about this. yes, it's the gun laws, yes, it's the universal background checks. yes, we should stop selling war but we have to confront this hatred. >> dianne feinstein and speaker of the house nanny pelosi put out a statement condemning the shooting and culling for gun control legislation. president trump tweeted last night saying today's shooting in el paso, texas, was not only tragic, it was an act of cowardice. i know i stand with everyone in this country to condemn today's hateful act. there are no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people. melliania and i accepted our our
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heartfelt prayers. >> please join the texas rangers as we enjoy a moment of silence in honor of those that lost their lives for family members and fellow texans this lost loved ones and those that suffered injuries from the tragic event today in emme pass tex -- el paso, texas. >> last night's game startedoon somber note. the team honored victims of the shooting during the home game. back here at home san francisco police released a statement that says, "we stand by everyone affected by this incident and commend the bravery of el paso residents, the el paso police department and allied agencies." sfpd says there are no known threats to the city but officers will conduct passing calls through high traffic areas of san francisco. investigators say the dpupman opened fire with as many as 3,000 people in the shopping center. a busy saturday filled with many back to school shoppers.
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abc reporter in el paso with this developing story. >> good morning. police are still working to unite families and notify them about their loved ones. investigators are still out here where they say it is a still a very large crime scene inside of that walmart. el paso and the nation remembering the victims this morni morning. investigators are focusing on a hate filled mapfesto that appeared minutes before the first 911 call about the shooting. >> right now we have a manifesto that is a potential hate crime. >> patrick crusius opened fire in a walmart. >> he starts pop, pop, pop. he's trigger i think iffer, going, going, going. >> trying to get out of there,
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closing doors. people were starting to cry, calling their families. >> in chaos and confusion, some people are still trying to find out bhawhat happened to her mot. >> i want to know where my mom is. >> this woman searching for her brother. >> i'm worried. >> texas governor greg abbott said the community will heal. >> the state of texas is going to work side by side with the city of el paso and with all of these victims to do everything we can to help repair their lives and put them back on a path of hope. >> now, police say they still have a lot of witnesses to talk to. as far as that suspect, patrick crusius, he's in the been formally charged but police say he could face capital murder charges. an official fund has been
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established for victims of the el paso shootings. we have a link on the website, the massacres in el paso and daytona come a week after the mass shooting in gilroy. people are still arriving at the park, the scene of last sunday's tragedy at the gilroy garlic festival. they are trying to get their belongings. part of the venue a crime scene. teams of federal law enforcement are processing that area for evidence. residents say they are ready to clean up reminders of the violence. >> it takes a lot of effort and a lot of people have arranged their whole schedules to tear the festival down and get it ready to be a park again. >> three dead, a dozen wounded. on friday the coroner announced the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. in the annual festival of the arts, in the wake of the attack ungilroy, security was on the minds of organizers and police. special precautions taken
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including security cameras, officers patrolling the venue with higher firepower. organizers say the turnout hasn't been affected. the san jose earthquakes are trying to help the gilroy victims. the team had a silent auction during last night's game selling off player worn jerseys, season tickets and on field experiences. proceeds were matched by the quakes with all the money going to the victims relief fund. >> with any luck it helps a family who needs something now. i understand some people couldn't get their stuff back from the food festival for a while. so maybe for a little while. >> the team held a moment of silence to honor the victims. players wore a dark the flags at the stadium were also lowered at half-staff. a lot of news this morning but of course we want to know what the weather is like today. >> yeah. going to be a great weekend. nice. i think we'll repeat it today.
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kind of misty this morning as you can see from the floor to fe exploratorium temperatures. cooler temperatures coming up in the accuweather. >> also several brush
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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it's 5:12 on this sunday morning. can you hardly see it but this is a view of the golden gate bridge. it's foggy this morning. i think it will clear up and a nice week ahead but mike will be here with the details. >> we're learning mayor about the murder of an upd cover police officer. the father of finnegan elder returned from visiting his son in italy. he said he got to speak to his
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son for an hour two days. the latest on his visit. >> outside of their s francisco home, ethan elder, wife and daughter stood behind his lawyer and read a statement. >> we saw our son finnegan. he was okay. tired, remorseful, and scared. >> police in rome say elder and his friend from the bay area gabriel nataly july 26th went to the district to buy cocaine and the middleman directed them to a dealer. off duty soifrs interrupted the transaction. they say he stabbed the officer 11 times. >> officer rega, who we understand at the time of his death was acting as undercover plain clothed paramilitary officer is gone too soon. this is a tragedy. >> through the statement, the family confirmed they have obtained more information about the matter and returned home with a plan in place to get to
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what they described as the truth. >> the public has an incomplete account of the true versions of the events. it is said, however, the truth will set you free. we look forward to the truth coming out and to our son coming home. >> italian police a little that both elder and natale-hjorth confessed to taking part. they issued a statement saying the family is up seat but convinced of his innocence. abc i-team dan updates. follow him to get the latest on the case as soon as they happened. in the east bay firefighters had to move quickly to put out a series of brush fires. overnight fires started saturday into sunday morning forcing families to grab their belongings and evacuate their homes. abc 7 news reporter
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reports. firefighters scrambling to get ahead of the flames. cal fire brought in airstrikes to help 400 firefighters on the ground. these fires moved fast and eventually rolled into three larger fires called the marsh complex fires. >> these fires holding and we're up to 75% containment and crews have been doing a lot of good work. >> reporter: because the fire is under investigation some in the area claim to have heard small explosions. the fire started here and spread six square miles. it didn't cross marsh creek road over there because it's a natural firebreak. it did get within 300 feet of the community. everyone there forced to evacuate. >> as soon as i went outside, i could see the names in my house. as soon as i saw that i saw the kid and put them in the car seat. >> first responders went door to door waking them up at 4:00 in
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the morning. >> i heard somebody say, fire, you need to evacuate. >> hours later residents got the all clear sign to return home. the only things on their mind was gratitude. >> none of us were prepared for this. so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. you saved us. >> mop up and full containment will take several more days. near clayton, abc 7 news. today for the first time berkeley will hold city-led wildfire evacuation drills. the hour long drill will start at 9:00 this morning in the elmwood neighborhood near berkeley-oakland border. alerts will be sent out, police do door to door and sound an evacuation siren over a loud speaker. two more drills august 11th and 25th, which is all on sundays. you can participate in the drill as well. all you have to do is sign up for ac alert for directions. time is 5:16. mike nicco is here checking out the forecast. >> good morning, kumasi.
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the golden gate bridge tells the tale. a thicker marine layer, west wind at 15, reaching all the way into our inland neighborhoods. that's going to keep us pretty seasonal, a few degrees cooler than yesterday. if you liked yesterday i think you'll like today slow cooling starts tomorrow, then cooler. obnoxiously hot last weekend, not as hot this weekend and even less week for the weekend ahead of us. we're kind of stair stepping down a little bit. here is a look at cloud cover. you can see how extensive it is and how the moisture is along the coast, a little drizzle there. we head to afternoon hours. you can see that finger of fog rolling across the golden gate, alcatraz, angel island trying to reach to emeryville, berkeley and richmond. by 7:00 it starts to expand already which means we'll have a lot of cloud cover tonight into tomorrow morning. temperatures, low- to mid-80s for the south, 84 san jose, upper 80s to near 90 around los
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gatos, morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz, warmest and proprietariest spot along the coast. 75 millbrae, 70 san mateo, low- to mid-80s for the rest of the peninsula. stubborn clouds breezy along the coast keeping us in the mid-60s, upper 60s to near 70 for downtown, san francisco, sausalito. mid-60s north bay along your coast, 20 rm whatter in the sales. even warmer lake port, ukiah, low- to mid-90s. along east bayshore low- to mid-70s just about everywhere. fremont and hercules will try to hit 80. 81 castro, orinda 84. as we break into the east bay valleys upper 80s to mid nips-9 with a whole lot of sunshine. foggy and 70. out on the bay a craft advisory north of the bay bridge. a little choppy in the afternoon hours. going to the beaches cool and breezy except for santa cruz.
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if you want it beat the heat, watch out for strong sunshine if you're going to be at the pool today. other things you could be doing going to the santa clara fair, a toasty 86 at 3:00 and 79 at 7:00. now, we just talked about that fire. because we've got the sea breeze venting all of our air to the east, this is where the poorest air quality is going to be in the san joaquin valley. lows tonight mid-50s to low 60s with cloud cover and drizzle as some of us will be heading back to work tomorrow morning. all right. let's take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. i'm sorry, we're going to talk about hawaii. eric is gone, there's flossie. flossie is bringing high surf, 15 above average to 12 feet where the high surf advisory is. that's going to last to at least monday. back here at home you can see those temperatures, a couple more tomorrow, couple more tuesday, couple more wednesday. thursday a little below average with 60s, 70s, 80s. then we try to rebound back to
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average for friday and saturday. today one of the warmest days this week. >> enjoying it. >> i hop you are. good. that makes me happy. >> right. you're like when is tuesday getting here. abc's new brand localist is sharing inspiring stories in a weekly dim tal series called "more in common." this week the future is in the past. see how this community is coming together to restore an ancient hawaiian village. >> what is the site right before us here? >> this site her is based on an old ancient hawaiian village. when i first got started in this project, it was to prepare ourselves for a >> so my responsibilities to see if we can infuse ideas by bringing people together once again and looking at how important these sites are for future generations tomorrow. >> when hawaii became a territory so-called of america, it could away the language, so
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it disabled the people to understand the true meaning of who they are. >> so hawaiians say the future is in the past. so we have to look spot past of how our ancestor did it then to survive on an island.
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a class action has been filed among latest data breaches
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to make headlines. michael finney has been following the story and has more. >> reporter: millions of customers hacked bank, apology, fbi, blah, blah, blah. we've heard it all before. have we? ted rossman, an industry appear list for credit >> it's big. 100 million people were involved. by my estimation that makes it the eighth largest data breach ever. the good news is it could have been a lot worse. >> capital one and fbi caught onto this early before the stolen data could hit the black market. personal information like social security numbers, names and addresses were changing but no credit card numbers. fbi arrested a seattle software engineer paige thompson who said, "i've basically strapped myself with a bomb vest, dropping capital one stocks. >> it doesn't change my day.
5:25 am
it's something you've got to live with. >> reporter: he's right. as long as you abide by live with, hear about and ignore. >> we need to assume our information is out there. take smart precautions like freezing your credit, changing your passwords, and checking your credit report regularly. >> rossman says now is the time to freeze your credit not after you've been an identity theft victim. >> you can do it online or over the phone in just a few minutes. the next time there's a big data breach, and i'm sure there will be a next time, you can sleep a lot easier knowing you went ahead and froze your credit. >> capital one says it will offer free credit monitoring to those that had their credit hacked. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. "the los angeles times" records a uc student who was suspended for two years after being accused of stocking and sexual harassment has filed a lawsuit. it seems class action status and argues the uc systems process is
5:26 am
unfair and did not provide students due process. a cal state student filed a similar lawsuit last month. both said they believe their processes are fair. players, paddles and ping-po ping-pongs, took over the square in san francisco. yesterday abc 7 was in chinatown for the ninth annual ping-pong festival. dozens of enthusiasts compete from novice to advance levels even as sponsored by san francisco mayor's office and other city agencies as well as local businesses and community groups. a fishing trip in southern california turned into the photo shoot of a lifetime for one man. so check this out. ryan lawler spotted two killer whales off oceanside and north san diego county last week. he said they just swam up to his boat. they were not shy at all. it looks like they were ready for the camera, too. that's the ultimate selfie. still to come on abc mornings, much more on two mass shootings
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in texas and ohio. a witness describes a scene in downtown dayton where nine people were killed and more t
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good morning, everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. milgs mike nicco is here for lisa argen. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we're starting off in mid-50s to mid-60s. now, let's take a look at what else is going on. the sea breeze, pretty stout at 15, 20 in oeblgd, concord, 22 as you head into the delta. look at all the the cloud cover it's bringing. if it's not cloudy in your neighborhood, more than likely it will be over the next couple of hours. there is a possibility of drizzle closer to the coast and east bay hills. we do have a little fog around santa rosa, a mile visibility. that's going to hang around
5:30 am
through 9:00, 10:00 before it lifts. here is a look at downtown san jose where it is a 63 degrees right now. a quick look at your planner for today. it looks a like yesterday with clouds clinging to the coast. temperatures 60s, 70s around the bay and nearly 90 inland. we'll take a look at the full seven days of weather coming up. here is kumasi with the news. we have two mass shootings in 24 hours. nine dead and 26 injured in a shooting before 1:30 a.m. ohio team. police say the shooter was killed, taking him down pretty quickly. his idaho it wasn't released although we do know he was wearing body arm or. this happened in a downtown historic district called organ district. it's a popular spot. here is what one witness had to say. >> most of us couldn't get to our cars because there were bodies scattered all across the
5:31 am
street from the cars. people that were shot, hit, innocent people, we can't get to our cars and home to our families and now these people aren't going home to their families either. >> the fbi is assisting with the investigation. twenty people killed, 26 people hurt, and denies of others reeling from what they experienced during the mass shooting in a busy el paso, texas, shopping center. continuing our coverage one of those witnesses said she just pulled into the walmart parking lot when the unthinkable happened. >> we saw the shooter. she was walking towards the door. at one point he stopped and turned right and started -- he pointed his rifle down and targeted shooting at people that were there. he shot a couple times, maybe two or three times. after that he just raised his gun and he just walked into walmart very confidently. it looked like he was on a
5:32 am
mission. he was wearing some camel color cargo pants with a black t-shirt. he was carrying the rifle, a dark black rifle. he was very calm. he was just shooting randomly at people nearby. he looked to the right of me and there was a lady walking i believe to her car. she had her groceries in her car. all of a sudden she just fell back. at the end of it all, there was about five people in front of the parking lot, in front of the store just laying there. the first thing i was thinking of was my mom's safety, my son's safety, myself, but i couldn't stop thinking about those people that were laying in the park lot. when i saw the rifle and saw him wearing the earmuffs -- i don't know what you call them. the one thing i'll never forget is the way he walked into walmart, very confident, very -- he was on a mission.
5:33 am
that's when it hit me. >> oh, my gosh. it's so tough to hear her description. el paso police have arrested that suspected gunman. an official fund has been established for victims of the shooting. we have a link on our website, coming up on this week w george mulvaney has reached out saying tweets by trump were racist. this week starts at 8:00 right after "good morning america." authorities are making steps to make sure a cliff on a popular beach an hour of san diego are safe. this is after it collapsed on beachgoers below killing three people and hurt others. kalie har tong has the latest in encinitas where it happened. >> reporter: authorities still
5:34 am
worried about the vulnerability of the cliff and its surroundings. >> from what we've learned based off the geo tech that the area is active. he is concerned about the areas to the side. >> authorities reinforcing a plouffe after it suddenly collapsed friday without warning. >> we have three immediate patients. we could use the manpower down here. we still have one trapped victim. >> beachgoers immediately trying to clear debris by hand before first responders arrived. chairs, surfboard and shoes left behind. the critically injured were airlifted to hospitals. one woman died on the beach. two died later from their injuries. the area of the bluff that collapsed, 25 feet by 30 feet. debris as high as 10 feet. heavy equipment brought in to dig through it. >> it's just horrifying that the people underneath were there in the wrong moment. >> the homes oppon top of the a not affected. they say plouffe collapses are
5:35 am
common. >> our beaches are beautiful beaches. they just are naturally eroding. this is an unfortunate incident. >> extra lifeguards on duty as the beach reopens to the kal ka encinitas, california. celebrating one of the oldest living veterans in the country who served in three wars, retired master sergeant nathan allen jr. turns 100 years old august 12th. the soon to be centenarian joined and served in vietnam and world wars. >> i was a firefighter in the army for 27 years. if there was a fire, you do to the fire and do your job. >> nowadays allen spends time with his family. he has 18 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren, and 10 great, great-grandchildren. the war vet has also helped his neighbors in the last decade by pulling the trash bins from the curb. those neighbors wanted to show their appreciation by hosting an
5:36 am
early birthday party celebrating what they called a 100 year happy birthday. uc berkeley researchers created a cockroach inspired robot that's nearly as quic indestructible itself. it's about the size of a postage stachd and can take on the weight of a human or 1 million teams its weight and still function. this insect sized robot made of a thin sheet of material that expands and compacts by applying electric voltage and moves in leapfrogging. it can zip through tubes, climb small slopes. researchers hope to add a battery and gas sensors so they can use it to detect dangerous fumes. a chinese water park shut up to a tsunami pool after a machine malfunction created a massive artificial wave and hurt dozens of swimmers. cell phone video shows this pull just full of people, a lot of
5:37 am
people just hanging out on floats, when that giant wave just crashed into them. 44 people had injuries but they were not life threatening. several local agencies have launched investigations into this accident and have debunked rumors that it was caused by a drunken man. no word yet oppose when the pool will reopen. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area focusing on initiatives where we live. this weekend an effort in san francisco that's all about art. a mural called the spirit of fillmore made its debut on the exterior of rosa park senior ser center. it honors luminaries called western edition and fillmore edition hoechl. also featured activist mary helen rogers. still ahead on abc 7 morning. it seems like nothing can stop bay area housing prices from going up and up and up. we're going to break down these numbers and see how and why this
5:38 am
started. and we are taking a live look outside and mount diablo. looks great from east bay hills ca
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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school. thanks to san mateo businesses and community groups they will have these brand-new supply filled backpacks to take with them. this video from samaritan house, a nonprofit organization that helps low income in need. it handed out 2,000 backpacks at yesterday's annual event. filled with things like markers,
5:41 am
papers, rulers, pens and pencils all to help kids focus on learning. love it. it's good to be decked out when you head back to school the first day. that was nice to see. actually, everybody wants to look good the first day. >> indeed. what do we have in store today. >> a lot of fog and drizzle. as is the case in the summer, it will give way to sunshine even in santa cruz, 57, on the way to 76. we have 90s in the forecast but not for long. we'll talk about that coming up. >> also he's been called the heart and soul of the
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good morning, everyone. it is 5:43 this morning. oh, my gosh, a beautiful shot
5:44 am
this morning. nice, beautiful clouds from walnut creek cam. a great day in store this weekend. in sports this afternoon, the giants will wrap up their road trip with a chance to win their weekend series against the rockies. tyler takes the mound for the giants against colorado. first pitch at 12:10. a's pulls out home stand at 1:07 p.m. the warriors will be keeping their core that's been to five straight nba finals together. anthony has the details in this morning's sports. good morning, everyone. thearriors are keeping their championship core together. they agreed to an extension from gramd green. a four-year $100 million max contract stepgs according to espn. the new deal, which starts after next season brings the total length and value of green's contract to five years and $118 million. green cld ave made more money if he waited until after the season to signed a new deal. green is a three-time nba
5:45 am
champion and has been on the nba's all defensive first or second teams for five straight seasons. the warriors will be paying $129 million to just four players. green, steph curry, klay thompson and clang lo russell after next season. now that baseball's trade deadline has come and gone, mad bum taking the hill for the first time without having to worry about it being the last start for the giants. orange and black in colorado making friends with more umpires. first inning scooter ginette with his first home run as the giants makes it 4-0. giants are cruising. his only hit in the first start as a giant. this is colorado. remember. trevor story mashes this 449 feet as the rocks come back to take the lead. bmgarner not pleased to say the
5:46 am
least. check out steven dugger taking away the home run keeps the game at 5-4. hello, i'd like to report a robbery. whoa, nice catch. top eight, giants down one buster posey pinch hitting. that's a go ahead two-run double. giants with 6-5. they are 2 1/2 games out of a wild car. a's and cardinals, they are teaching them young at the coliseum. jumping out cardinal a's early. the two-run single in the first. a's put up four runs in the first two innings. ace on the hills for the a's and getting him. steven pes pes pes pes pes pes s list. went 5 1/3, gave up one run. chad pender puts it out of reach in the eighth. a three-run blast. a's win 8-3. they are just a half game out of
5:47 am
a wild card spot. raider nation mourning the loss of one of the greatest receivers to wear silver and black. cliff branch died. part of the team, 14 seasons, retiring after 1985 season. he was a four-time pro bowl selection. he still holds the team record for longest touchdown catch, a 99-yard bomb from jim plunkett against washington in 1983. cliff branch was 71 years old. that's a look at your morning sports, i'm anthony flores, have a great sunday. >> it is 5:47 this morning. meteorologist mike nicco here with our forecast." good morning, mike. >> let's see if anthony is right. a nice day behind me. mist and drizzle hanging in the air, emeryville camera. up in the hills weaver starting to see a little moisture make it into the rain bucket.
5:48 am
1 1/had n100. today dryer and brighter. maybe not at the coast. clouds and drizzle will come back the next several nights. then as we head into the middle parts of the week, we have a slow cooling trend that will bring our temperatures below average before rebounding back to average as we head into the weekend. so here is a look from our our camera. you can barely see the top of the bridge. that's how low clouds are hanging out. this is a way it looks from a forecast perspective. white cloud cover, green potential mist and drizzle. watch what happens as we head up into the lunch hour. still have plenty of fog and a nice, stiff west wind moving across the bridge, albany, richmond, emeryville. even a breeze coming through san bruno gap, a little cloud cover there. a small craft advisory north of the bay bridge all the way
5:49 am
through the delta during the afternoon. a little choppy there. you can see the breeze starting to push clouds into the coastal valleys as we head towards the evening hours and already back across half the bay. over in oakland, clouds will pull back just in time for the a's to try to sweep this two-game serious with cardinals. 12:37, 69, 83, feel warmer in the sunshine, burn time about 15 minutes. 80 milpitas to 90 in morgan hill. quite a spread. 84 santa cruz. 76 sunshine. warm spot along the coast. that would be santa cruz. mid-70s to 80s. millbrae 75, 83 on the peninsula. low- to mid-60s along the coast with mid-60s to near 70 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid-60s. look how stubborn cloud cover is. made 80s to 90s. a pleasant day along east bayshore line. 73 at berkeley, 76 hayward. fremont, hercules, 0, 1 castro
5:50 am
valley. the heat is going to be all across inland east bay neighborhood once again. near 90 to 95. heading around the state. 96 sacramento, 98 chico, 104 fresno, 114 palm springs. low to upper 80s from tahoe to yosemite. we've got because of the fires the marsh fire complex in the breeze is actually going to push the smoky away from us into the central valley. quef to be careful. air quality advisory. we lose a degree or two away from the coast monday, tuesday, wednesday and then the wednesday, thursday, friday are going he to be our coolest days. a touch below ample. then back to average for saturday. you look at that, today one of the rm whattest moving forward. >> i'm going to enjoy. maybe head out to the game and check it out. >> i thin you should, you'll have a good time. they are doing a lot to make it much better. the food is much better.
5:51 am
plus it's a's access, 25% off food and merchandise. >> okay, i'm there. that's all you needed to say. half off food. i can eat everything. >> $10 parking. good day to go. >> thanks, mike. as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we're spending this week looking into the housing crisis, everything from high prices to more in ventive ways people are choosing to live in san francisco. but how did we even get to this point to begin with? abc 7 reporter going back in time and breaking down the numbers to show how and why things have changed. >> all right. we all know home prices in the bay area are out of control. but obviously it wasn't always this way. >> you can't just turn back time. >> thanks for the advice, mark ruffalo. to understand what it was once like, we're going to do it. let's start in the '90s. those were the days, not just for campy tell fine, internet
5:52 am
was dialup, mark zuckerberg was in grade school. compared to now, it was pretty amazing time to buy a house. look at these numbers. in the mid-90 the median price of a home in san francisco was roughly $300,000. yes, that was more than the national median home price. if you try to get a home price now in the city, here is an example of something you might get. yeah. but from then on housing prices only went up thanks to -- drum roll, please -- money from tech. around 2000 first tech bubble, home prices did go up to a median price of more than 500,000. fast forward a little over 10 years. that's when things really took off. 2012 was the year facebook went public. the next year, twitter did. at the same time housing prices skyrocketed. in the past seven years, the median home price in san francisco has more than doubled. the same has happened in cities across the bay area. >> what did you say?
5:53 am
>> bottom line, enter the big ipos and bay area housing market has never been the same since. >> i guess i'm just a few years too late. but we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area because we are continuing our housing coverage into this week. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. fedex the annual celebration of jerry garcia where dead heads and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross
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5:56 am
the mega number 23. no one picked all six numbers in that drawing either. wednesday night's jackpot increases to $68 million. happening today fans of the grateful dead celebrate the band's founder jerry garcia. the 17th annual jerry day the be held at mclaren park. garcia grew up in san francisco's excelsior district. he died in 1965 but his fans celebrate every year. kick off at amphitheater. next, a pair of deadly mass shootings in less than 24 hours. late last night a shooter opened fire in downtown daytona, ohio. we'll have the latest. >> i'm t.j. parker in el paso, texas, where police are still trying to figure out what led up to a shooting where 20 people died and dozens of others were seriously hurt.
5:57 am
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dpoorng. sunday august 4th. i'm kumasi aaron. here's mike nicco in for lisa argen. >> good morning, kumasi, nice to b with you again. seems like we've been working a lot. it is sunday morning, starting off mid-50s to


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