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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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vigils tonight in dayton and el paso. the
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this is "abc7 news." ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah >> tonight, vigils in dayton and el paso to mourn the 29 people killed in mass shootings this weekend. >> i mean, it could have been my friends, it could have been me and my family. >> the two shootings, separated by 1600 miles and just 13 hours. the victims, from both sides of the u.s./mexico border. [ speaking foreign language ] >> amid the grief, anger and calls for tougher gun laws. >> all this as president trump promises to address the shootings in just hours. >> hate has no place in our country.
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>> residents of gilroy, remembering their own mass shooting just one week ago are also offering prayers. >> we have to pray for each other. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. here's what we know about where the shootings stand now. in el paso on saturday, 20 people were killed, another 26 hurt. six of the dead are mexican nationals according to government officials there. a suspect was taken into custody. no word on when he'll appear in court. the justice department says it is treating the attack as an act of domestic terrorism. sunday morning in dayton, ohio, a gunman killed nine people, 27 more hurt. officers killed that shooter. our reporter is in el paso with the latest on the investigations into both shootings. >> reporter: eric, we're outside of the crime scene where a gunman opened fire at a packed walmart this community coming together to mourn those lost. tonight, two cities in mourning. both rocked with violence and
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both banding together. in el paso, a parade of mourners carrying sunflowers. ♪ stand, stand by me >> reporter: and in dayton, the community turning out to pay their respects at a candle light vigil. officials say 21-year-old patri patrick crusius killed 20 and injured dozens. >> horrific could be unserving as far as what that scene looks like. it will leave an impression you'll never forget. >> reporter: authorities believe this shows the moments after crusius was taken into custody. as the country was reeling for that tragedy, another massacre in dayton, ohio, when 24-year-old connor betts opened fire, killing nine and injuring 27. >> he had a vest on, earmuffs and started shooting everywhere. >> reporter: video showing people running for their lives, and police engaging with the suspect. officials say the gunman was shot down in 30 seconds.
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the suspect's sister is among those killed. investigators are still looking for a motive. here in texas, patrick crusius is facing capital murder charges and the death penalty. >> we are learning more about both suspects tonight. the grand parents of the man arrested for the el paso shooting released a statement. it was read by one of their neighbors. >> we are devastated by the events of el paso and pray for the victims of this tragedy. patrick is our grandson. he lived with us in our house in allen, texas, while he attended junior college. he moved out of our house six weeks ago and spent a few nights here while we were out of town. his driver's license and maili that connection has made us a focus of the media, of course.
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we are talking only to law enforcement agencies and will not make further statements to the media. >> in dayton, former classmates of connor betts are coming forward after police say there was nothing in his background check that would have prevented him from buying a rifle. two former classmates said betts was suspended after a hit list was found at school. the former principal confirmed that account. another classmate knew him for 20 years and that he was "a nice kid." we are learning more about the el paso attack. among them, a mother who came face-to-face with the gunman. >> he shot eight rounds. i had to pretend i was dead. and all i can say is, god, please take care of my children. >> she was hit in the arm and foot and continued to -- the gunman continued to fire at others, including norma's daughter and son-in-law. her grandson also witnessed the
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carnage. >> the lady and the parents getting shot. my mommy got shot. >> the victims describe the gunman as calm. he didn't say anything, just radiated hatred and anger. and in dayton, information about the shooting victims is emerging slowly. hundreds of people remembered them at a vigil in downtown dayton. many were horrified by what they saw. >> i was walk thing way and felt like i was going to throw up. >> when police opened this night life area, crowds trickled in to pray nor the community and the nation. for some, it was relief to know a loved one was safe. one woman says her daughter was nearly at the scene. >> she was supposed to come. i really truly believe i found three dimes this morning, and i feel like they were watching over her. >> the nine victims have been identified, ranging in age from
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25 to 57. we have information on how to help the victims and how to donate to victim's funds on our website at president trump offered his condolences to the victims of the dayton and el paso shootings. he said his administration has done a lot on gun violence but said perhaps more has to be done. >> two incredible places. we love the people. hate has no place in our country. but just on behalf of our first lady and myself, condolences to all. we have to get it stopped. this has been going on for years. for years and years in our country. we have to get it stopped. >> president trump said he would make an official statement on the shootings tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. pacific time. members of congress are also continuing to weigh in. democratic congresswoman barbara lee was born and raised in el paso, texas. >> i'm heart broken, and i'm
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angry and i think that this is a moment that needs action. members of the house and senate will fight for the safety of our country by supporting gun safety measures. >> we have more reaction from politicians on both sides of the aisle. also on our website at tech companies are also beginning to respond to this weekend's shooting. the shooting in el paso is the third this year in which the shooter is believed to have posted to websites ahead of an attack. tonight, tech provider cloud flare posted a statement online saying they are pulling their support from 8chan and mentioned the other two shootings in christ church and powway, california, saying they have proven itself to be a cess pool
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of hate. now to gilroy, where grieving and healing continue and how people are offering prayer force two other cities. one week ago today, a gunman killed three people at the gilroy garlic festival. cornell bernard has a look at the impact of these latest shootings. >> reporter: one week after a gunman opened fire, there are now more victims for jamie day to pray for. >> we've got to make each other stronger. >> reporter: now two more mass shootings, in el paso, and dayton, ohio, leaving dozens dead and wounded. >> it keeps coming and coming, but we're going stay strong. >> reporter: here in san jose, there's a birthday party happening for kayla salazar, who lost her life at the gilroy garlic festival. >> just really sad. >> reporter: this party now a
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celebration of life for kayla. >> every day we're seeing another shooting and we're wondering what's happening with the world. we feel like we're not safe anywhere. >> reporter: in gilroy, officials say 500 people have sought help. many with psychological trauma from the shooting. >> they've already been living through it, and now they see it again in other areas. >> reporter: this community now trying to heal. >> we have to pray for each other. it's stupid for people to go around killing other people. it's senseless. >> reporter: cornell bernard, "abc7 news." still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, continuing our coverage of this weekend's mass shootings, we hear from experts about how to help you and your family cope with the fear that these attacks can cause. and you can see the flags blowing in san francisco. the marine layer is deepening. the on shore flow increasing, meaning cooler temperatures for your neighborhood. i'll let you know what you can
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victims of the mass shootings in el paso and dayton were remembered today. "abc7 news" was at grace cathedral where people came to remember all those killed and injured. the dean says we need to take action and have better gun control. >> our main message to the world is let's do something about this. this is not -- we don't have to just accept these shootings, and there's something we can do to make the world safer for the future. >> the dean says grace cathedral
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has a gun violence altar, and staff victims who have been the victims of gun violence. after the shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton, many are fearing anxiety about their safety. >> reporter: many people we spoke to today said these shootings are happening way too often. making it more difficult to process and professionals we spoke to said everyone copes differently. james and miguel were born in different generations, but their sentiment is the same. >> disappointed and it's so much different, our country, than the way i grew up. >> it's not the way i expected growing up to be. >> reporter: tonight, miguel and his sister drove to the supermarket to buy ice cream. but to them, after last sunday's shooting in gilroy, followed by the shootings in el paso and dayton, it felt different.
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>> as i turned to him, i was thinking the last time it happened at a walmart. it could happen a safeway. >> reporter: these acts of violence can happen anywhere, even in her safe district. >> they're so random. there's no place you can say i just don't want to go anywhere. >> reporter: thomas plant is a college professor and says everyone processes these shootings differently. >> it's variable. it depends on people's background. people who have had a history of violence in their own experience. >> reporter: plant recommends -- >> talk about it with caring others. be careful about exposure to all en.these reports with young >> reporter: but a >> i'm a hit eve deckeexyou know, vehoht of bere. >> reporter: now, professor plant also recommends to speak
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to a health professional and take time off if needed. >> thank you very much. now, violent incidents take an emotional toll on all of us. we have a list of resources on our website, look for the take action thumbnail to find your ally and get linked to professionals and groups that can help. we are in a typical summer-like pattern. fog and low clouds at the coast. here's live doppler 7 with the satellite image. the extensive cloud cover reaches across the bay and into parts of the east bay and some of the valleys. visibility is limited in half moon bay, down to seven miles. elsewhere, the clouds over the bay area. you can see it here with this live shot as we look towards downtown san francisco. temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s right now. oakland 63. san jose, 64 degrees. and this is a really pretty shot as we look out towards the bay
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bridge. winds are lighter now, but they'll pick up again tomorrow because of that increased on shore flow. temperatures in santa rosa, napa, currently 58 degrees and hanging on to the mid 60s in fairfield and concord. livermore at 61 right now. here's what we can expect for tomorrow. cloud cover will move in overnight tomorrow morning. we'll wake up to the clouds once again. so an overcast gray start and we'll start to see high clouds in the afternoon and evening hours. and the stronger sea breeze and onshore flow and deepening marine layer will bring us slightly cooler temperatures for the inland areas. it dropped today, the trend will continue over the next few days. overnight lows will be in the mid 50s to low 60s. we can see drizzle again especially at the beaches of half moon bay. daley city, you've probably had to use your wipers. the same goes for tomorrow. by the afternoon, we'll get more
11:19 pm
sunshine once again with high clouds and filtered sun schein through parts of the south bay. temperatures coming down a little bit in some interior areas like morgan hill. santa cruz 73. look for upper 70s through redwood city, palo alto, mountain view at 70. breezy at the coast, winds up to 20 miles per hour in the afternoon and the fog sticks around and the clouds as well at the beaches all day tomorrow. that's why the sunset district up to 62. downtown, a little more sunshine, but cloudy throughout the day, hitting 66 in the afternoon. and some low 80s through petaluma and nevado. sonoma up to 79 degrees. mostly sunny conditions in the north bay. berkeley at 71, with that sea breeze. warmer in fremont at 78. and the inland valleys come down a few more degrees, so we'll see
11:20 pm
low 90s and upper 80s for tomorrow. pleasanton 89. concord, 90 degrees, as well. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. we have the cooling trend. you'll notice it is going to impact the inland temperatures. that's going to be coming down tomorrow and it's going to be coming down every day through wednesday. thursday, a cooler day, below average, and more sunshine, mild to warm for next weekend. and a warmer and sunnier day by sunday. and then we'll be close to where we started. and i hope you enjoyed the weekend and maybe you can enjoy the cooldown. a little bit of relief for the inland areas. >> francis, thank you very much. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, a new campaign is encouraging child athletes to not retire. what that means
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youth sports participation rates are on decline nationwide. espn has partnered with the aspen institutes project play to launch the don't retire kid campaign to get and keep america's kids involved in sports. >> i'm here to announce my retirement from sports. baseball, basketball, all of them. i feel like it's time. the pressure that it takes to play at my age is just too much. i said i would play as long as i was having fun. now it's time to call it quits. >> along with this announcement, espn networks will air a series of vignettes with sports stars like kobe bryant discussing if you want to get to the pros, you have to start as a kid. >> that's right. and be supportive. player support for two of the newest members of the oakland a's. just ahead, the new guys propel the a's to a win.
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they wore the number 21 jersey at practice today because of what cliff branch meant to the raiders, and really kids like me. growing up, my brothers and i would play catch this the street and always start by saying go long, go long. no doubt because of branch. he put the fear in opposing defensive secondaries and revolutionized the deep passing cars. branch died yesterday at the age of 71. he played his entire 14-year nfl career with the he
11:29 pm
was a part of all three of the raiders' super bowl winning teams. last night, the raiders watched some film of branch, and those new to his story were definitely impressed. >> it's crazy catches he was making. he was making some catches like tough, that most people can't do. that was probably the best thing i seen. >> he was a good friend, good friend of mine and has been over the years. good friend of everybody's. i never saw cliff branch when he was down. he was always upbeat. great player. i think our players had a good respect for what he was. >> two new faces couple up big in their a's debut. gusten garno back and tanner roark. he was sitting in an arby's parking lot when he found out the reds traded thoim thim to t.
11:30 pm
he had control issues early, but struck out six. top four, the solo home run, breaks up a scoreless tie. he went five, gave up just one run. bottom four, two outs. it's the other new guy, with a two-out, two-on double, and he approves of that. bottom six, some insurance. that's his 15th of the year. 4-2 the final. the a's are now a season high 16 games over .500 thanks to the new guys. >> i could hear the a's fans like chanting "oakland" and i was getting fired up. so they helped out bigtime.gtim. the fans get you to a different level of intensity. that helped me out. >> it's huge.
11:31 pm
i just try not to suck and get a win for the team that's what we both did today. it was a fun time out there. >> giants and rockies, fast start in denver. second pitch of the game, solano knocks that one out of the yard and 1-0 giants. but the rockies answer in the bottom half of the frame. second batter, trevor story, two-run shot. 2-1, rocks. two batters later, it's the giants' nemesis, nolan arenado. 3-1, colorado. top three, solano again, second homer of the game. second career two homer game. giants within a run, but bottom five, arenado again. 24th of the year. giants fall 6-2. they have lost six of the last ten. but there's a bright side. only 2 1/2 games out of the wild card spot. this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. tomorrow, they will host washington. they begin 2 1/2 games behind
11:32 pm
the nationals, the team they are chasing. it's time to get going if you're the giants. >> you're also right in that the gold standard for speed in the nfc was bob hayes and cliff branch of the afc. >> on my street, it was cliff branch. much more to come on sh"abc news." say goodbye to the paper ticket on b.a.r.t. plus, as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we're spending a week focused on
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, two mass shootings have left two cities in mourning. authorities are working to see if a racist manifesto posted yesterday in el paso was written by the suspected shooter patrick crusius. police arrested him and charged him with killing 20 people and injuried 29 others. and in dayton, police say 24-year-old connor betts opened fire, killing his sister and eight others. officers say they shot and killed betts within 30 seconds. it was one week ago today that a 19-year-old opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival, killing three people and woulding 16 others. the gunman died from a self-inflikself-i
11:37 pm
self-inflicted gunshot wound. we'veeen focusing on transportation a to build a better bay area. b.a.r.t. says this is better for riders and the environment. kate larson explains how and where the system is going paperless. >> reporter: out with the paper, and in with the plastic. b.a.r.t. is ending the sale of paper tickets at oakland's 19th street station on monday and will only be selling clipper cards. >> i'm not used to the clipper card. >> reporter: he says switching from paper to clipper feels like a big change. >> it's going to make it harder and very unfortunate for a lot of people. >> reporter: he was trying to load his clipper card with money, but the machine rejected his payment, so he was forced to pay on the paper fare machine. >> it would be nice so you could
11:38 pm
do it multiple timest. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says since th that added clipper cards, it has gone up to 86% usage. b.a.r.t. is transitions away from paper tickets will reduce waste and save riders money since there's a 50 cent surcharge on every paper ticket trip. the paperless rollout continues on august 19th at the embarcadero station in san francisco. then the downtown berkeley station on depth 24th. b.a.r.t. expects all station also be clipper card only sometime in 2020. kate larson, "abc7 news." >> all south bound lanes of highway 101 were closed for about six hours this morning
11:39 pm
following a fatal crash in palo alto. officers and the fire department were called to a solo vehicle crash at about 3:30 a.m. near the embark dacadero off ramp. >> it was almost perpendicular, it went towards the center divider. >> no firefighters in the truck were -- in the truck when it was hit. alcohol and drugs were not involved. the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital where he later died. haz/mat crews worked to clean up 100 gallons of diesel. three people escaped injury when their small plane went off the runway in oakland airport. oakland fire tweeted these photos. the single engine found at t end of runway 3-3, with its nose gear collapsed. this happened at 10:30 this morning. the able to walk away.
11:40 pm
the faa is investigating the incident. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we're focused on issues that matter to you, including housing. in the east bay, we look at the one town considered to be a microcosm of what's happening all over the bay as it faces pressure to build more apartments, fast. winds are light as we look outside towards the bay bridge, but they will pick up tomorrow, that on shore flow and sea breeze will bring cooler temperatures to the inland areas. i'll let you know how cool it will be. and inspiring stories we're sharing. this week the futcher is in the past. see how this community is coming together to restore an ancient hawaiian village. >> what is the site before us here? >> this site right here is based on an old ancient hawaiian village. when i first got started in this project, it was to prepare for a journey.
11:41 pm
it's my responsibility as the chief of maui is to see if we can fuse these ideas by bringing the people together and how important these sites are for future generations. >> when hawaii became a part of america, it took away the language. so it disabled the people to understand the true meaning of who they are. >> hawaiians say -- [ speaking foreign language ] the future is in the past. so we have to look into the past on how our ancestors did it then to survive on an island.
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"abc7 news" is committed to building a better bay area and giving more attention to issues that affect our quality of life. this week, we're looking at housing and the desperate need
11:45 pm
to build more homes fast. that's led to a lot of pressure on suburban towns to allow more building, especially apartments. but some residents believe it should not be up to them to solve the problem. the own of lafayette in contra costa county is a microcosm of what's happening all over the bay area. lafayette is a suburban oasis of mostly single family homes with great schools, great restaurants, and very little affordable housing. >> the price is just way too high. i have a son, and a single mom. >> she has worked at this restaurant for a dozen years. she used to live in up to, but the rent got too high, so she moved to pittsburgh. sometimes it takes her well over an hour to goves her job and cu but -- >> nobody knows how hard it is to come here and do our job, when we're thinking about gas prices and good prices and rent and the commute and the time
11:46 pm
away from our family. >> there are an estimated 9400 jobs i lafayette, but figures show only 700 of the people who work in town live here. that's one reason dennis o'brian says it's the perfect place for an apartment complex. he wants to build here on deer hill, on the north end of town. you could see it from drone view seven, a 22 acre parcel that used to be a quarry. it's along highway 24, a hil d and -- a mile and a half from a b.a.r.t. station. lafayette was dued by one sides. one group that wanted to stop the development, another that wanted to make it bigger. the city reached a compromise to allow 44 new homes. but voters turned that down. so now the developer is reapplying for 313 apartments, 60 set aside for low income residents. >> we're building it under the
11:47 pm
housing accountability act that. has been strengthened over the last number of years. >> reporter: a group called save lafayette is still fighting to stop the development, demanding a new review. >> it's the worst possible location, the busiest traffic. and it's a very high fire zone. >> the developer disputes all that, and says the continuing battle highlights the extreme challenge of building housing in the bay area. >> generally, people that live in single family homes are against having multifamily or apartments nearby. >> numbers show 3% of california cities and counties are building enough housing to meet their state required goals. and the former city manager says it's no surprise. >> city council members are responding to the voters who live in their communities now. not to the voters who haven't moved there yet.
11:48 pm
>> the -- should the should thet given more power to force local communities to build housing? lawmakers are considering a range of bills to do that, but battle lines are being drawn and many bay area cities expect to fight back. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area, because we're continuing our housing coverage into this week. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. time now for one last check of the weather. >> good evening, everyone. you may have noticed the cooler weather. we'll see more of that in the next few days. here's live doppler 7 and the satellite image. we have the low clouds moving in across the bay, into the east bay valleys. but the clouds stick around the coast all night and tomorrow morning where we'll wake up to temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. we could see some drizzle as well. you might need to use your wiper a few times and temperatures
11:49 pm
tomorrow will be a little cooler for inland areas. we'll see 60s once again at the coast. 70s around the bay. and only low 90s inland for tomorrow. still a warm day. plenty of sunshine in the north bay. we'll see some filtered sunshine with high clouds passing through. so the cooling trend continues through the middle of the week. we'll be below average thursday, friday and warm up for next weekend. warmer and sunnier by sunday. >> thank ou very much. oakland raider fans may remember a 43-year-old quarterback named george bland, but he didn't start. >> no sign of slowing down for tom brady. how much of a raise he's getting after signing an extension. and the warriors turn over the key to the castle.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
welcome back. this week the warriors were given the key to their new castle, the chase center in san francisco. now, it still needs a few finishing touches, but that didn't stop the team president from giving the sports director larry beil a sneak peek inside the w's new home. >> this is the key to the chase center. >> today, you can probably take a picture of that and create one with a 3-d printer. so we ought to take that away from you. >> what does it mean to you? >> it should be fancier. >> it should be fancier. >> it should be a little more exciting. here we are in the plaza. >> oh, my goodness. just take a look at this. this is a big deal. this is the key to chase center. >> we're humble people. >> this is the moment. >> you have raymond inside. it worked. awesome. look at that. >> nice. this is the ceremonial key. the impact of this moment -- i
11:54 pm
mean, this is kind of a bit obvious. >> that was real. that was cool. >> so what does this mean in terms of the culmination of your efforts, when you think about how many years have gone into this, you and the organization? >> it's a culmination of the organization's efforts. this was a crazy dream eight years ago. and everybody literally everyone in the organization has touched this project over those eight years and made a contribution. so i look around here and i see the cumulative efforts of our rks, it just shows that you can have a dream and make it work, even a dream this awe day shouse in san francisco, which is a hard place to get something like this done. >> what else can we see right now? >> right now? we have a little media blackout. >> okay, okay. >> as the final touches are being put on the inside of the
11:55 pm
building. so you're lucky to get this far. we don't let anybody else inside the doors. >> all right. i'm so thrilled that you invited us on this. we need to pose. >> with the giant key. >> looks like it came out of a cartoon. this is out of a bugs bunny cartoon. i'll hang on to it for now. >> no hard hats. a day after turning 42, the pride of sarah high, tom brady signed a two-year extension with the patriots. brady will make $23 million this year, an $8 million raise. although it's officially a two-year deal, it's basically set up as a player option. so it's up to brady how longe keeps playing. no quarterback has ever started all 16 games during the regular season after turning 342. final round of the wyndham
11:56 pm
championships. going for his first pga tour win. hasn't had a bogey all week until 15. the tee shot in the weeds. had to take a drop. it was his first bogey of the week. he would finish third. that opened the door for j.t. poston, shot a 62. didn't make a bogey all week, and wins it 22 under par. in san jose, for the finals of the classic. she takes the first set 6-3. just her second wta finals. match point, and she double faults. so only lost one set this entire tournament. she gets her first wta win in straight sets. and usa swimming nationals at stanford this lochte repeering
11:57 pm
first meet after a 14-month yesterday, and the black cap in the middle of the pool and he wins the national championship in his first meet back. 1:57.76, 11th fastest time in the world this year. would he make the 2020 olympic team? we shall see. this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. if you are wondering, michael phelps, one year long
11:58 pm
that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you,
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...and "bachelor pad" winner natalie.


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