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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 5, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, mass murder in america. and what authorities have just revealed right here in el paso. what happened in the moments e paso now sing and what we have just learned. law enforcement officials now telling abc news what the gunman allegedly did before he entered that walmart. what he quietly and methodically did, they say, to prepare. the police chief telling me there is a reason he came to el paso. and tonight, the families ripped apart. the young mother killed shielding her 2-month-old son from the gunfire. and tonight, what we've now learned about the young father, too. we take you inside the hospital tonight, the lead trauma surgeon. and this young uncle who watched as his nephew was shot and killed right in front of him. also tonight, president trump before the american people
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today, his speech condemning the attacks in texas and ohio. what he said about racism, bigotry and white supremacy in this country. and tonight, former president obama now weighing in. and in dayton, ohio, tonight, new images of the horror. customers diving for cover to escape the gunman. the lists he allegedly once had, who to kill, who to rape. and ohio's governor drowned out by the crowd, chanting "do something" about gun violence. the other major news this monday night, the stock market plunge on wall street, we're live. the breaking news coming in from north korea. what they have now done. and two pilots arrested, accused of being too drunk to fly. they were headed to newark. and the other headline, the emergency landing. the smoke filling the cabin. and good evening tonight from el paso. we arrived here over the weekend as this country comes to grips
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with yet more carnage. two mass shootings, 13 hours apart. and new demands from so many in this country that our leaders do something. that they offer more than words. i have talked with so many families here and it never gets easier. their lives have been destroyed forever, and this time, everyone wondering here, when will it end? the death toll rising tonight here. at least 22 dead now. and in dayton, ohio, nine more people losing their lives. tonight, what we have just learned about the gunman, who walked into this walmart with that assault-style rifle. what he did right beforehand. this surveillance obtained by ktsm. the families diving for cover. thousands running in fear. in so many cases, i heard about the children who ran out on their own. tonight, president trump addressing the nation. what he said about racism, about white supremacy. placing much of the blame on mental health, video games and the internet. but we begin tonight with what happened here, what we did not know until now. >> go, go, go, come on!
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>> reporter: tonight, a startling revelation. what they believe the suspect, 21-year-old patrick crusius did, before this moment, before he entered the walmart with his weapon. this surveillance obtained by ktsm. tonight, law enforcement officials telling abc news that before the chaos broke out that they believe the suspect had been looking for a good place to target and shoot mexicans. law enforcement officials telling us, crusius entered the walmart on saturday morning, first, with no weapon, apparently to case it. then, they say, satisfied with what he saw, up to 3,000 shoppers inside, he left the store, armed himself and then returned. tonight, we are hearing from the survivors who crawled across that floor when he came armed with that assault-style rifle. sylvia saucedo on the floor with her 91-year-old mother. she pulled out her phone and began recording, in disbelief over what she could hear, what she could see. they were in the cafe, having coffee. now they were on the floor, and
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she says he came toward them, turning around when he heard customers run past him to get out, and gab firing at them instead. this is her video as she lie on the floor with her terrified mother. the shots kept coming. you see someone run by to escape. while a worker croucotioning, signaling to others. then, the rapid fire began -- and then silence. >> the lady at the cash register said, everybody down. there's firing. so, i got under the table and i pulled my mom, because she's lying on the seat, and i was trying to pull her down. so then, we were just hiding there. so then i saw the guy. i just saw the guy walking from the knees down. >> reporter: sylvia telling me
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she believes they are alive only because the gunman heard people run past them. what were you saying to your mother? >> we were praying. she was praying and she was crying. and i was holding her hand and i was like, i can't believe she's so calm. she's 91 years old. so i need to stay calm, too. >> reporter: and what you rarely see is what happens when there is finally a break in the gunfire. sylvia makes the decision that she and her 91-year-old mother should get out. >> they're gone? >> reporter: she grabs her mother, not sure it's over. "we have to leave," sylvia says. >> where do we go? >> outside. >> reporter: from inside their car -- >> oh my god. >> reporter: she realizes the horror. an officer carrying a child. they see a man who has been shot. these women running out with children, one in their arms. tonight, the death toll still rising. at the dell sol hospital this evening, the lead trauma surgeon
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says that what he has seen here reminded him of his time overseas. reminds you of afghan and iraq? >> yes, very much so. >> reporter: inside this room, octavio lizarte, who was in that walmart. he was shot, but he survived. thank you for letting us come talk to you. his nephew, just 15, was shot and killed right in front of him. you can't unsee it now. >> close my eyes, i still see it. >> reporter: he and his nephew were at the bank inside the walmart. he tells me they knocked on the door to get behind the clerk counter, but the door would not open. and they turned and there was gunman what did he look like? what did he sound like? >> he had glasses. that's all i could remember. >> reporter: those tactical glasses. and he didn't say a word? >> no, he didn't talk at all. you could see it in his face, his intentions. >> reporter: we look at a photo of his nephew, javier rodriguez.
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i'm sorry. he tells me, he wishes he had one last chance to say something. what would you have said to him? >> that i love him. like i -- i can't be without him. he's like my son. >> reporter: he is heartbroken over his nephew. and there was one more family we have been following here. the story of this young mother, 25-year-old jordan anchondo and her husband, andre. we knew the young mother died while holding onto her 2-month-old baby. they beleive she was trying to protect the baby, and she did. and now we have learned that the father, andre, was found in that walmart, too, right near his young wife and his baby. jordan, you knew that she had tried to save her baby. >> yes, we did. >> reporter: and you think that she actually paid with her own life to save her child? >> both parents, from what we understand, both parents, it sounds like. >> reporter: their baby covered
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in blood, but alive. >> the baby had bruises on his head, broken fingers and he was full of blood. and everybody was scared and panicked that it was the baby's blood, but it happened to be his parents' blood on the baby. thankfully, he's okay. >> reporter: tonight, three young children without their parents. the baby, paul, 18-month-old victoria and skylin, who turned 5 the day she lost her parents, on saturday. the family is determined to raise them, to keep the children together. >> to pull them apart would be the ultimate tragedy. i think together, as a family, we'll remind them who their parents were, what they did for them, the love they had for them and clearly displayed the ultimate sacrifice for them. >> that family determined to raise those three children and to keep them together.
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just one example of what the mass shootings do to families all over this country. and the police chief here, greg allen, telling me there's no question in his mind the gunman traveled 600 miles here from outside dallas because of the makeup of el paso, because of its proximity to the u.s./mexico border. president trump will come to el paso on wednesday. he did address the nation today, condemning racism, bigotry and white supremacy, pointing to mental illness, the internet, social media and video games. but there is growing scrutiny on the president and on the rhetoric in this country when it comes to race and to immigrants. tonight, president trump, what he's now saying, and former president obama now weighing in, too. abc's kyra phillips tonight at the white house. >> reporter: president trump making his most forceful condemnation of white supremacy in his address to the nation, following those mass shootings in el paso and dayton. >> in one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.
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these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. >> reporter: before his remarks, the president tweeting, "republicans and democrats must come together and get strong background checks." but his speech failed to include a call for stronger laws, instead focusing on mental health and the internet. >> the perils of the internet and social media cannot be ignored and they will not be ignored. >> reporter: the president making his point crystal clear, gun control will not be the focus of his efforts. >> mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun. >> reporter: his speech calling for a new tone. >> now is the time to set destructive partisanship aside. so destructive. >> reporter: but just three months ago, at a rally in panama city beach, florida, the president asked what to do with illegal immigrants. someone in the crowd yelling, "shoot them." >> but how do you stop these
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people? you can't -- s only in the panhandle you can get away with that statement. >> reporter: our terry moran asked the president in march about the danger of white nationalism in this country. >> do you see, today, white nationalism as a rising threat around the world? >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. >> reporter: tonight, president obama with a rare rebuke. not mentioning president trump by name, but clearly referencing his rhetoric, writing, "we should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments." >> and kyra phillips joins us live from the white house. and you talked about that tweet from the president that appeared to propose tying new gun laws to immigration reform. that drew immediate criticism, and you have new reporting tonight on why that didn't end up in the speech?
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>> reporter: yes, david. white house officials telling us tonight that they walked him back from that idea, as democrats ridiculed the notion of tying gun control to illegal immigration, especially with regard to the el paso rampage, where that gunman was allegedly trying to kill as many mexicans as possible. david? >> kyra phillips at the white house. kyra, thank you. and there is also news reporting tonight on the deadly attack in dayton, ohio. the gunman and the alleged list he used to keep, who to kill, who to rape. and we have chilling new surveillance tonight, showing people running from the gunman. but he still had plenty of time to kill. and abc's eva pilgrim is in dayton tonight. >> reporter: tonight, chaos. new video from inside a bar shows the moment a gunman tried to get inside. the gunman on the ground. plainclothes police tell patrons to get back. surveillance people show people in dayton's packed entertainment
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district early sunday morning running into that bar to get away from 24-year-old connor betts, who was shot right by the entrance. back inside that bar, patrons holding each other in shock. it was over within 30 seconds, but not before nine people lost their lives, including the gunman's own sister. >> it seems to just defy believability that he would shoot his own sister. >> reporter: police say betts was carrying these two 100-wound capacity magazines and fired at least 41 times. as authorities scour betts' background for a motive, former high school classmates tell abc news he was suspended from school for writing a hit list of classmates he wanted to kill or sexually assault. >> a list was found that he had of women that he said that he wanted to hurt. >> reporter: abc news confirmed the reports with their parents. stories of bravery emerging.
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holly redman helping perform cpr on 30-year-old logan turner. he did not survive. >> we did everything possible to save him, like, everything. and three people were on him. i was there when he took his last breath. >> reporter: at a vigil at the ohio state house overnight, anguish turning to calls for action. the crowd at one point drowning out the governor, shouting "do something. >> do something! >> reporter: that vigil powerful, featuring that call for action. there is a vigil tonight in the shooter's hometown, 20 minutes from here. that community coming together, as many of them are now asking how this could happen. david? >> eva pilgrim in ohio tonight. e eva, thank you. you heard that crowd chanting "do something" at the rally in dayton. those calls directed at lawmakers everywhere, including the u.s. senate tonight. legislation passed by republicans and democrats in the house that would strengthen background checks for all gun sales was already passed, it's
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been sitting in the senate. and this number tonight. 94% of americans favor stronger background checks. so, let's get to mary bruce, live on the hill tonight. and i know the hallways of congress are empty right now, leaders home on recess, but there have been growing calls for mitch mcconnell to call the senate back from vacation and take action. >> reporter: democrats are trying to up the pressure on republicans, demands that mcconnell call lawmakers back to washington to act on these bills that have been sitting on mcconnell's desk since february. but so far, mcconnell is resisting those calls. instead, in a statement tonight, he is encouraging top republicans to, quote, reflect on the subjects the president raised and engage in bipartisan discussions of potential solutions. but david, that is not going to satisfy democrats, who tonight are quick to point out that mcconnell's statement does not mention background checks or gun safety measures. david? >> mary, i know you'll continue to report this out on the hill. thank you. and the other major story playing out this monday night. the plunge on wall street. stocks in a free fall today.
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the dow falling nearly 3%, closing down 760 points. the worst day this year. abc's rebecca jarvis is live on wall street for us tonight. rebecca, a big move fr, china labeled as a currency manipulate toy tonight. >> reporter: that's right, david. consider this a major escalation. the big question on wall street tonight is how much longer this game of chicken lasts. u.s. businesses acknowledge they would like to see a more even playing field with china, but this latest round of tariffs means consumers here in the united states, as well as businesses will be paying a higher price for everything from toys to clothes to shoes to phones to computers, david. >> and rebecca, so much of this trade war and this tension with china is what's leading to this uneasiness on wall street. any sign that's going to ease any time soon? >> reporter: no, absolutely not, david. the volatility looks like it will continue here on wall
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street and around the globe as far as stocks are concerned, david. >> rebecca jarvis live on wall street for us tonight. rebecca, thank you. meantime, overseas tonight, north korea reportedly firing off a new round of projectiles. south korea's military reporting that the forth fired two unidentified projectiles in the east sea. this one, on the day that joint exercises between the u.s. and south korea started up. one american official tonight saying the u.s. is monitoring the situation and is consulting with our allies. there is still much more ahead onto "world news tonight" this monday. the emergency landing. smoke filling the cabin of a passenger plane. the images coming in tonight. we also have news on two pilots arrested, accused of being too drunk to fly. that flight was headed to newark. we'll have more on that. and then, the pictures coming in this evening, the massive explosion at a military ammo dump overseas. the extraordinary images. a lot more news ahead tonight. a lot more news ahead tonight. we'll be right back. ...patients get theiy back...
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arrest, accused of being too drunk to fly. the flight has been canceled. abc's david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: two united pilots are, tonight, preparing to appear in a scotish court, accused of being over the alcohol limit for aviators. age 61 and 45, the two men were arrested before boarding the saturday 9:00 a.m. flight from glasgow to newark. the flight was canceled. united says it is cooperating with authorities and that it has a "strict, no tolerance policy for alcohol." it was nearly three years ago to the day that two other united pilots, scheduled to fly that same route, were arrested for being over the alcohol limit, as well. one sentenced to 15 months in jail, the other to ten months. tomorrow morning, in this most recent case, the two united pilots are expected to be in court, where the charges will be read out. as of the last word, both pilots were still in jail. david? >> david, thank you. when we come back, that passenger plane filling with smoke. and that massive military
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(announcer) you can quit. call 1-800-quit-now for help getting free medication. finally tonight here, two american cities, more than 30 lives lost. mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. friends and loved ones. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> we remember them all and we can never grow numb. thank you for watching. i'm david muir. good night. >> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from abc7.
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>> we have like we'een hunted. because of our color, skin color. >> grips in the entire community following the deadliest meanwhile gilroy is looking at trying to move forward after a gunman killed three people and wound more than a dozen others % at the garlic festival. >> i think the primary question is am i safe. >> it's a question a lot of us are asking these days. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. and all 34 people have died in mass shootings in the past week. the three in gilroy, 22 people were killed saturday in el paso, then yesterday in dayton, ohio, 9 people were killed when a gunman opened fire in a popular entertainment district. >> the gunman got off 41 shots in 30t could have held50 rounds.
4:00 pm
investigors say it targeting anyone in particular. in fact, his sister was among those killed. her boyfriend was wounded. >> in el paso, two more people died today bringing the total dead there to 22. eight of the dead are mexican citizens. mexico's foreign secretary says his government considers the shooting an act of terrorism. >> today the autopsy results were released from the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. two victims were shot in the chest. 6-year-old stephen romero was shot in the back. the gunman died from a gunshot to the head as we reported on friday. he took his own life. >> abc7 news reporter chris reyes is live in gilroy where counselors have been helping hundreds since the festival shooting. kris. >> reporter: they have. good afternoon, ama, good afternoon, larry. i am standing in the victims assistance centern


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