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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 6, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is "abc7 mornings." at 5:00, el paso authorities revealing what the gunman did moments before going inside walmart. >> you are never more than 7 nutes away accuweather 7-day forecast.
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here's mike nicco. the cloud deck is not as extensive or moist, and have not heard of drizzle except along the coast. the sea breeze is letting up, and a little more sunshine this afternoon and temperatures about the same as we were yesterday. 56 to 61 at 7:00. we'll hangout in the 60s along the coast for the better part of the afternoon hours. 73 to 79 with a little bit more sunshine at noon. 77 to 90. if you ran the air-conditioner yesterday, you will need it again today. sounds like we're off to a rough start in some areas. this is a live picture of the bridge, and we have a crash with injuries in hayward on westbound 92 before industrial. that's lead into the bridge there. there's word that there's a woman on the ground in front of the vehicle, so be mindful of that if you are headed that way.
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also to staying in the east bay, this is in san leandro, and investigators are trying to figure out if a deadly crash in san leandro was the result of some sort of alcohol or drugs, and the vehicle slammed into a tree just before 12:30 this morning. new this morning a police chase in napa ended with one person dead and another hurt. police say they got a call last night about a driver passed out behind the wheel. when medics arrived the driver took off and would not follow police orders to pull over, and the driver swerved and crashed killing a passenger. the driver was taken to the hospital. >> thank you. now to developing news about the deadly mass shootings in el paso and dayton. >> today the governor of ohio is set to introduce his proposals to address gun violence and mental health issues. a friend of the dayton shooter
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cutie this year because he talked about shooting up a bar among students. selling we have more on what we learned about the suspect. >> reporter: good morning to you. authorities say the suspect in the el paso shooting first cased the store looking for mexicans to kill before coming back later with a gun. the classmates of the alleged shooter in dayton say he had a hit list. pain turning to the empire state building lit orange for gun violence awareness, on monday president trump focusing the conversation on mental health and the
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internet rather than background checks. the horror began when the gunman opened fire in gun mart, -- -- - walmart. seven of the deceased victims were mexican nationals. among the dead, a santa fe native who was on the phone with one of her daughters minutes before the shooting. >> i hope that maybe somebody next to her held her hand or she was not afraid. >> the suspect first entered the store without any weapons and then left to arm himself. in dayton, new video showing people running into trying to escape the officials are still searching for a motive, and former high school classmates tells abc news
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betts was formerly formerly fory high school because of a hit list. >> he always had a love affair with guns. >> reporter: the el paso shooter is charged with capital murder, and federal authorities say there could be more charges coming. meanwhile president trump is expected to come to el paso tomorrow, and his visit is getting mixed reaction from people here. >> thank you. "new york times" facing criticism after this headline on today's paper. on the left is the old version that reads trump urges unity versus racism, and this comes after the president addressed the nation. the democratic presidential candidates slammed the headline callingi calling it unbelievable.
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the newspaper has not said if the headline was changed because of the online criticism. there's a push to create a tax on the sale of firearms in california. abc news spoke with one assemblyman that said he will introduce the legislation with a emergency clause meaning if it is passed it will go into effect immediately. >> as much as we can, and that's why i wand to fund the violence prevention programs to give people a path and show there's not only violence that can ease their pain. >> that same bill failed to pass a committee in may. violent incidents take an emotional toll on everybody even if you are not directly impacted and we have a list of mental resources on our website, get linked up with professional
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groups that can help. the woman killed livermore was walking in the street nearly 100 feet away from the nearest crosswalk. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. a gofundme account was set jury deliberations resume in the ghost ship trial. court resumes at 9:30 this morning. san francisco police say a sp fnd in th turned out to be nothing dangerous. the streets were shutdown for hours yesterday while the bomb squad investigated. the roads re-opened around 7:00 last night. the trade war with china is
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taking a toll on the stock market. the s&p was down 3% yesterday. it happened after china devalued it's currency in retaliation to the new u.s. tariffs, and last week president trump announced a new import tax on chinese goods which will take effect next month. clouds are increasing along the east bay shoreline, and temperatures range from 57 in richmond and fremont to oakland at 62 degrees. pretty cool to mild morningsco, and mid to upper 50s in the northbound. some of the milder conditions, low to mid-60s. antioch, you are have a sea breeze at 13 miles per hour, but it's going to let up this afternoon. no small craft advisory so good
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news if you are going to be out on the bay. if you are going to do yard work, put it off a day or two until it's more comfortable. here here's the east bay valleys, and a few clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the 90s. for the peninsula, we have 60s through 9:00 and cloudy and then transitioning from low clouds to high clouds and from the 60s to mid-70s. in the south bay, 60s through 9:00, and 70s through 11:00, and mid-80s this afternoon. look how quickly you drop off to 76. we'll take a look at the cooling trend and warmer weekend coming. here's jobina. there are two reports of possible mateo bridge coming from the hayward area. the chp is sorting out details right now but if you look at the
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map and see the speed down to 9 mles per hour, so not too good if you are coming from that way, and at least one lane is blocked right now. in san leandro, we have the all clear from this morning at dutton avenue leading into east bay 580. coming up next, seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> and one woman explains her decision to run her san francisco-based business from across the country.
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if you are joining us, here are the seven things you need to know this morning. number one, authorities say the gunman in the walmart shooting cased the store before shooting looking for mexicans. a gunman opened fire in dayton early sunday morning killing nine people, including his sister. gilroy police and fbi agents are scheduled to give an update on last sunday's shooting at the garlic festival. that update is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. and we will stream it live on and jury deliberations resume in the ghost ship fire
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trial this afternoon. it's a average day for some of us like san rafael and redwood city, and then san jose and concord, temperatures five degrees above average. cooling trend is coming, just not today. following reports of two possible crashes on the san mateo bridge right now, and the chp is trying to work out the details, but you can see right there it's nine miles per hour if you are coming from hayward. and then disappointing news from treasure island's festival, it will not be happening and the future is uncertain. organizers say they can't put on an event that meets fans' expectations. abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area, and that includes housing or lack of housing. some of you have incredible stories to share. our reporter spoke to a woman named annie and is building her
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home on the east coast while running her business in the bay. >> dance is about flexibility and movement, and she has had to master the two skills not only for dancing but also for living. >> i was living in the bay area paycheck to paycheck. >> she left for a bigger place in santa rosa, but when she came to buying a house, that was not an option. >> there was no hope and i decided i would get out of there, and it's sad, it's very sad, because i love the bay area. >> home values here in san francisco, we're talking about oakland and san mateo county and marin, it's about $950,000 for the median home. >> she looked east, and we're not talking about the east bay,. >> to see what i could afford in new hampshire.
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>> she made her dreams come true. this home is her paradise, the price tag 215k, plus 40k in repairs. according to this, other bay area natives are doing the same. >> what are the trends you are noticing? >> california, especially those in the bay area are moving away to more affordable places. reno is an example, and las vegas is another one. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> wow. annie told us her story and we want to know yours. go to
5:17 am the cast oermaid ts ar fro disney live action movie. this will be a live stage production made for tv. starring as aerial, you might know her as mow ana. the little mermaid live will air on abc. >> i think we are excited to see how conceptually this can happen. >> will she be flying in the air? or are they going to put them on roller states? >> i could tell you put a lot of thought in the production. i appreciate it. >> this is all we have been talking about. >> i am just trying to find my
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dingell hopper. >> oh, hi. shocking to hear that. >> did i say it right? it's the comb or mirror? in san mateo, 61 degrees. it's brighter today, a few high clouds, and then maybe just a little warmer than average. the cooling trend arrives about a day later than what we talked about yesterday. here's a look at the cloud cover. it's pretty extensive late. i mean, it's late arriving and going to be quickly moving away. notice yesterday we had the thick canopy of high clouds, and not the case today. that extra sunshine, let's seem. we wil start in the south bay, and looking at the mid-80s here, and low 80s around milpitas and sunnyvale. we have 80 in redwood city, and
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everybody else in the mid to upper 70s in the peninsula. a little more cloud cover than yesterday along the coast. 70 downtown, and the north bay. 75 in berkeley, and a few 80s around castro valley. and hot inland, 90 to 97 degrees. mist and drizzle this morning, not a lot unless you are near the coast. it gets hotter sunday and monday of next week. chp has finally sortedll o crash from hayward on to the san mateo bridge there, westbound 92 before industrial. there are reports
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before the crash. the bridge is filling in. it's tuesday. >> thank you. in today's "gma" first look, two airline pilots are set to be in court in scotland. they were arrested for too drunk to fly. >> the 9:00 a.m. united flight to newark on saturday morning never took off. this morning the captain and the first officer scheduled to be in court to answer charges they had too much alcohol in their systems. before they made it to the cockpit, breathalyzer tests led to their arrest and the flight canceled. >> i can think of no rational reason why any airline pilot should show up for duty with any amount of alcohol in the blo
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bloodstream. >> strangely, nearly three years ago to the day two other united pilots were arrested in glasgow ready to fly the same flight, and both serving time in a scott issue jail. why does it keep happening and how are airlines combating it? we will have a look at 7:00. spacex hoping to launch the rocket from florida today. the launch was supposed to happen on saturday but it got delayed so crews could do an extra static fire test. coming up, krispy kreme teaming up with a classic candy bar for two brand-new donuts. >> also, identical twin sisters weeks of each other.ey neveryd a live look
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let's head back to hawaii and talk about flossey, and it's north of the big island. will kick up surf up to 20 foot. as we head through the day today and into tomorrow you can see it pulls away and keeps heading to the north. the trade winds will take over in the usual wind pattern and thunderstorm patterns will develop as we head towards thursday, friday and saturday. hopefully a little more of a calmness after a couple weeks of tropical storms trying to bear down on a set of identical twins have been diagnosed with breast cancer within weeks of each
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other. while mata lives in kansas city and hanna lives in san francisco, they say they are more identical than ever. >> we are as close to being a clone. >> she has a mass on her left side and i have it on my right side. >> both women have the gene mutation that gives them a 70% chance of getting breast cancer in their lifetime. victoria secret hired their first openly transgender model. the model says she will be featured in the new pink campaign. she has been posting behind the scenes videos from the campaign. she previously made history as the first transmodel to pose for "vogue" on the cover of "vogue paris" in 2017. >> this has been a long debate
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coming for the company, and she's stunning so a no-brainer. krispy kreme has a new doughnut, teaming up with reese's. >> it depends on this peanut butter cream. how is that going to be, you know? >> more likely to try the cream with peanut butter on top, versus the peanut cream you not a lot of? >> i have concerns. >> both of us are not a huge fan of the chocolate. >> it doesn't usually taste like chocolate. tase sugaey krispy kreme, we'l it. >> okay. and we'll be honest.
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( ♪ ) (martial arts cry, thunderclap) never mind. you're ready. from the makers of babybel cheese. tasty new babybel mini rolls. saved it! tasty new babybel mini rolls. sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. news to build a better bay area. this is "abc7 mornings." now at 5:30, new details in the mass shootings in el paso and dayton. what we learned in both investigations. in the north bay, anger and anguish at a rally against gun violence. pg&e puts it's power shutoff
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plan to the test today. the practice neighbors can expect in one east bay neighborhood. why you may be receiving random text messages. >> you have done this? >> random text? no! >> we will explain in a minute. i am here for it but have not done it. >> i am afraid. i need details. >> we'll get there. >> i have a work phone. i don't know if it's going to work with a work phone. >> you know, mike, don't do it. >> yeah. >> reggie just don't want me texting him, that's what it comes out to. >> that's not it. just trust me. we'll explain why and you will understand. >> let's talk about the weather. we do have low clouds increasing, and not
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yesterday. expect temperatures about the same, a little warmer than average away from the coast. we will stay in the 60s. we warm from 73 to 77 around the bay, but 79 to nearly 90 inland from noon to 4:00. let's get over to jobina. >> thank you, mike. good morning. we have another issue that popped up this time in the try y vall try valley area there. you can start to see the yellow and orange peeking through there so the slowdown is coming, everybody. be ready. over here we have got in the awohayward area, and thep is reporting there were cars swerving before they crashed and the right lane is blocked. the highway patrol is trying to figure out the cause of a deadly crash in san leandro, a van went off the road from 580 to slam
5:32 am
into a tree. the female driver was the only person in the van. the chp is trying to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. the dutton avenue off-ramp is still closed. pg&e is planning to hold a power shutoff drill in duh. >> reporter: look up today and you will see patrolli patrolling arinda. we saw yesterday them getting ready. they showed off their wildfire preparedness center yesterday. this is the safety operation center in san francisco. it's about a year old, but they
5:33 am
have added upgrades, like a video screen that gives them a view of high-threat areas, and they staff the center 24/7. >> we are framing our public safety program around the elevated or heightened fire risk and the concurrence of a weather event like the santa anas of northern california. >> reporter: these are the signs pg&e looks for in deciding to turn off the power, a red flag warning declared by the national weather service, and a forecast of winds above 25 miles per hour and wind gusts of more than 45 miles per hour, and then also dry fuel on the ground. they would shutdown the power in an effort to prevent the fire. lights will stay on in
5:34 am
today. two cities remember the lives loss over the weekend in mass shootings. >> here's what we know. in el paso two more people died bringing the death toll to 22. eight of the dead are mexican americans, or mexican citizens rather, and the mexican government says they consider the shooting an act of terrorism. the gunman cased the store looking for mexicans to kill before he came back and unleashed a barrage of fire. in dayton, ohio, nine people were killed, and if the magazine heas full it could have held up to 250 rounds. it does not appear the gunman was targeting anybody particular. two days after the shooting the gunfire of ohio is expected to introduce his proposals to
5:35 am
address gun violence and mental health issues. friends and family held a vigil for the dayton meghan betts was the youngest victim and also the sister of the >> megan was the brightest person in the room no matter where she was standing. >> megan's boyfriend was also injured in the shooting. it's still unknown if the gunman targeted them in the shooting. >> we will hear from gilro police shooting last month. police have had difficulty finding all the bullets.
5:36 am
we are going to carry this morning's update on "midday live," and stream it live on and our app. a service willing held today for shooting victim salazar in san jose. her family says she was excited to start high school in just a few weeks, and they say she was always smiling and could make conversation with anybody. in the north bay a group of parents are calling for an end to gun violence, and stronger gun safety laws. the group moms demand actions say its mission is more clear after the three recent mass shootings. liz russell was at a rally in napa and survived a shooting last year at a veteran's home, when a gunman killed three employees. >> i was there that day and it was just one more tragic reminder that gun violence is too prevalent in this country, and we miss our colleagues dearly.
5:37 am
>> moms demand action says its priority for now is pushing for universal background checks for firearm purchases. and governor newsom discussed ways to stop gun violence yesterday. he says a legislature is working on bills to strengthen california laws on ammunition and gun purchases. one measure would impose a $25 tax on sales of all handgun and semiautomatic rifle sales. it's national night out, an annual event strengthens trust between police and the people. bay area cities including oakland and san francisco are taking part. this is video from a previous night out in san francisco. the event in gilroy has been postponed this year out of respect for the shooting victims and has been rescheduled for october 1roanraisco died in the cliff collapse in encinitas on friday.
5:38 am
her family is now in san diego. engineers say that area is still dangerous. crews have been working to reinforce the beach and extra lifeguards are on duty. dan noyes has information about the two bay area teens facing prosecution in rome. a peacock predicament. why kevin is searching for a new home in the bay area. yes, mike, we confirmed from last time, kevin is named from the bird in "up." and it's a female. >> pea hen -- >> when did you look that up? >> my mind, it's a strange place. >> wow, hash tag, impressive.
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low 60s along the east bay shore and down into the south bay. los gatos, 69. low 60s for the rest of our east bay inland neighborhoods, and mid to upper 50s, cooler in the north bay. it's 60 in walnut creek. not as much cloud cover as yesterday. most of the mist is near the coast. it will be hot if you are headed back to the inland neighborhoods this afternoon, and we're locked in the 60s in the east bay in 9:00. mid to upper 70s this afternoon. a very nice 67 under sunshine at 7:00. north bay, we go from 50s at 7:00 to 60s at 9:00, and 70s as 11:00, and 80s at 1:00, and we don't go to the 90s at 3:00, and we stay in the 80s. san francisco, look for more sunshine today and temperatures in the mid-70s to -- excuse me, mid-60s to near mid-70s in the
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afternoon. look who is with us? you have had such a great time. you have been very busy. >> people are driving like crazy, but that's okay. we are going to make it on this tuesday. i have another issue to talk about. >> okay. >> a minor crash towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we cannot see the crash, and the metering lights did come on at 5:30 this morning. now as we head over to the try valley air yea, we still have an issue going on over there. a three-car crash blocking the second to the left lane and sounds like there are injuries, but so far have not gotten too many more details on that, but there's a backup, southbound 680 before andretti. also, our drive times this morning. let's look at them. i was mentioning the bay bridge earlier, and we have a 14-minute slowdown.
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us through friday. look at the triple digits. chico, fresno, palm springs, 96 in sacramento. we have cloud cover along the coast, and mid-60s, eureka. more sunshine around san diego and los angeles 76 and 85. 88 in yosmite. temperatures will dip to 68 degrees on saturday and breezy conditions, but we will rebound to 76 and sunshine on sunday.
5:45 am
this was a rough landing for passengers on this light from london to spain. smoke filled the cabin yesterday. passengers had to evacuate using the emergency chutes. british airways says there was a technical issue and fortunately nobody was hurt. abc7 i-team reporter dan noyes is in rome and learning more about the case, the two bay area teens accused in the stabbing death of a the teen argues he was being strangled and lashed out with a knife, and the defense teams and prosecution came back to the hotel room for a forensic exam. >> reporter: here in rome, anytime somebody from this case wants to go and see something,
5:46 am
lawyers from all sides have to be there. here at the meridian hotel, the prosecution asked to look at the hotel room where the two young men stayed, both sides are here as well as the widow. the recycling center chain has closed, including in san francisco, alameda and san jose. this is a big deal for 750 people that just lost their jobs. a company spokesperson said it's been too expensive to operate the centers. in the south bay, a long-time resident is looking for a new place to roost. we are talking about a peacock that has to be moved. his name is kevin and he has a facebook page and he's named after kevin from the movie "up,"
5:47 am
the tall tropical bird in the pixar film. the problem is kevin has become too popular. >> a couple of the neighbors in my complex noticed people and going. >> property managers asked kevin's caretaers to stop feeding the peacock hoping he will soon fly the coop. >> why is this kevin's fault? >> yeah, hopefully he hands on his feet. >> because kevin is a beautiful peacock. >> gorgeous. say hello to your number neighbor. it's a modern spin on the traditional pen pal. >> people are tti pple with p n jusnghe last digit, on or one dow some number neighbors have become fast friends. others found their number neighbors are not at all interested in talking to them, but one man actually found
5:48 am
another man to adopt his dog. he was, like, hey, i can't keep my dog. he said, are you kidding me, i always wanted a dog, and now sadie lives with his number neighbor. >> that is weird. i think that is so weird, guys. no. >> not into it? >> no, not into it. >> i was just going to suggest that we all do it, and then i thought, it's 5:40 in the morning. >> if our friends don't want to hear from us at 5:40 in the morning, so -- >> yeah, our phone numbers are all pretty close. >> yeah, that's what i was telling you, mike, do not do this, you do not need to wake up bob eiger right now.
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>> would you do it, natasha? >> i am kind of thinking about it. it could go well. 98% will not go well, but we will see. >> i will follow you on instagram while you do that. let's get on to the weather and see what is going on. san jose, partly cloudy conditions and 61 degrees. brighter than it was yesterday, but temperatures about the same, which is warm than average. clouds vary with isolated fog and drizzle the next couple of nights. the more clouds you see will be near the coast. the cooling trend arrives a day later than what we talked about yesterday. down in the south bay, we start at 90. 72 in santa cruz. most of the peninsula today, 60 to 63 degrees along the coast where it will be breezy and sticky with the clouds. near 70 downtown.
5:50 am
we're near 80 to about 85 degrees through most of the north bay valleys. north of that we get into the 90s. along the east bay shore, mid to upper 70s. as you start to h inland we get to the 80s. the 90s are all over the east bay valleys, just like they were yesterday. tonight we will drop to the mid-50s to low 60s. one more day of 90-degree temperatures inland, and then we are hanging out in the mid to upper 80s until sunday and monday when summer heat will reach all neighborhoods except for the coast. good morning, everyone. i am going to take you to oakland where i am following a two-car crash here, and blocking the second to the left lane on northbound 880 before 23rd avenue, but according to the little green signs here, not a y 12 miles per hour, that's the slowdown we are looking at there. there's a three-car crash
5:51 am
blocking the three left lanes and it is not very good. a real quick look at the drive times, tracy to dublin, 54 minutes. >> thanks. new at 6:00, a heads up from muni riders, the work that will shutdown the subway service. >> this thirsty dog rescued from a hot dog the moment the man busted the window to get that dog out. and we have a hotline set up from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. to help you out on topics like landlords and security
5:52 am
and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit
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hot car rescue happening in albuquerque, new mexico. a good samaritan broke a window to free a car in a hot car on sunday. the dog was trying to breath and cool off. at the time it was around 90 degrees, after a high of 94. the temperature in that car was dangerous. the dog owner because of that faces animal cruelty charges. 90, in just 30 minutes, how long that dog was in the car, 124 to 130 degrees. that's very dangerous, even leaving the window cracked a couple inches will not help that much. should not leave anybody, anything in a car when it's that hot. we have had 25 vehicular infant deaths because of heat. average is 38. giants game tonight, washington still in town to take on the
5:55 am
giants. 63 dropping down to 60. not as breezy as yesterday. cooling trend for tomorrow, 60s change but we get to the weekend, and when it gets hot it will get really hot. we are talking 90s to near 100 inland on monday. let's get over to jobina. >> good morning, everybody. happy tuesday. we're taking a live look right now at the richmond san rafael bridge. looking pretty good. smooth over there, and now to our drive times. we have got tracy to dublin, 54 minutes. antioch to concord, 21 minutes. san rafael to san francisco, 17 minutes. >> thank you. the luxury department store barney's filing for bankruptcy. they have taken a $75 million loan out to find a buyer to avoid liquidation. it will focus on running five
5:56 am
select stores. the san francisco store will also stay open at least for now. here are three words you may not think of together. mariah carey and camping. >> as a mariah fan, i knew this. she has been doing this for 25 years. she has been the main benefactor for a program that sent thousands of lower income inner city kids to camp. >> kids should be able to go to a camp where they feel safe and they feel like they can learn something, and this is a career awareness camp, so the kids learn about all the different options that they have growing up, because a lot of kids never even left their own block. >> that is only half the story. hear how she almost did not make it to camp on "gma"after "abc7 mornings." >> that's cool. >> i like it. she obviously have been doing it for a lot of years.
5:57 am
people give mariah carey a lot of stuff, but i like her. i'm team mariah. she made one of the best last year and everybody slept on it. >> okay. the growing vacation trend and how you can make it work for you. we are live in el paso, texas, this morning, and new details about what the shooter did in minutes before he open fire inside that walmart.
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is "abc7 mornings." remembering the victims of the deadly shootings in dayton and el paso. vigils being held across the country from texas to virginia, and even the empire state building honoring the lives lost. ♪
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>> we are live in el paso this morning with new details emerging about the two men of o effort to end gun violence in california. good morning on this tuesday, august 6th. >> glad you are with us. also ahead, we know how crazy the housing costs are here in the bay area. we will introduce you to a woman that moved to new hampshire to afford a home and now is commuting cross-country to run her business from san francisco. >> we are getting you ready for the day first with your weather. >> we're starting with a mixture of low clouds and high clouds this morning, and the low clouds are moving to the east slower than t


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