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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 6, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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titus -- >> oh, that would have been nice. >> he was on broadway -- good morning, america. we appreciate you starting your day with us. as we come on the air, the demand for action growing as we learn new deta delyotings. the search for death toll climbs in those devastating massacres. in texas, authorities now saying the shooter cased this walmart searching for mexicans to target. and in dayton where nine people were killed new video showing the terrifying moments the gunman approaches. people racing inside a bar, trying to escape the hail of gunfire. the hero bouncer caught on camera saving people's lives. demand now growing for washington to act, as president trump denounces white supremacy and racism, but does not call for major gun control measures. and pressure grows for a vote on the background check bill sitting on mitch mcconnell's
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desk right now. will congress end their vacation and go back to work? wall street on edge after the dow faces its worst sell-off of 2019, closing 767 points down as that trade war with china grows. how the market is reacting right now. shark survivor. the diver in the right place at the right time, rescued by this charter boat full of nurses. how they saved his life. in court, the united pilots going before the judge this morning, accused of being too drunk to fly a plane full of passengers from scotland to newark. and an abc news exclusive. siegfried & roy breaking their silence about that fateful night when a siberian tiger dragged roy off the stage, nearly killing him, and responding to the recent allegations that he made mistakes that led to that accident only on "gma" this morning.
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good morning, america. and we're looking forward to that interview with siegfried & roy. it's a rare interview. haven't spoken in a while. >> deb got them to speak. >> oh, yeah. a lot of news to get to. keeping an eye on the stock market after the worst day of the year yesterday, a big drop. rebecca jarvis is on the stock exchange floor. >> we'll have more on that in a moment. first, we begin with the search for answers and solutions after those two deadly mass shootings. this morning we're learning more about the victims and heroes and now a plea from those who lost loved ones. marcus moore is in el paso starting us off with the latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the area around the walmart is still closed off as investigators try to recreate saturday's horror and this morning the grim news that the death toll has climbed even higher. the massacre at this el paso, texas walmart has now claimed at least 22 lives as officials announce more victims succumbed to their injuries. law enforcement also telling abc
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news the suspect, patrick crusius, had driven to el paso looking for mexicans to shoot. he initiunbee was hungry. satisfied with the crowd of thousands taking advantage of back to school sales at the busy walmart, just five miles from the u.s./mexico border, police say the shooter returned, this time armed and ready to open fire. >> we're dealing with a tragedy of 22 who have perished by an evil hateful act of a white supremacist. >> reporter: now we're learning more about the victims. arturo benavides was at the check out when the shooting started. family members say he was an army veteran and long-time bus driver in el paso. david johnson protected his wife and 9-year-old granddaughter. according to his family, he shielded them. the secretary of foreign affairs in mexico confirming eight of those victims are from mexico. our david muir meeting one of the survivors who talks of the haunting images of seeing his 15-year-old nephew being shot and killed right in front of him
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and coming face-to-face with the alleged gunman. >> he didn't say a word? >> he didn't talk at all. you could see it in his face, his intentions. >> reporter: the el paso incident is now the seventh deadliest mass shooting in the nation's history. this morning is the root of fear among some we met in el paso including alvaro meno, his 67 -- 78-year-old father juan valasquez dying monday. >> it's happening everywhere. you're not safe anywhere. we're afraid to go out. we're afraid to go out into the streets. we feel like we're being hunted i mean, because our color, our skin color. >> reporter: overnight el paso strong, the community coming together seeking hope and peace in the midst of madness. and i spent time yesterday at the international bridge that crosses over into mexico and some people told me they are very much fearful of being targeted as el paso tries to
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heal and also prepare for president trump's planned visit tomorrow. michael? >> all right, marcus, thank you. our thoughts are still with those families. now we're going to go to the shooting in dayton. new video this morning shows the terror inside the bar where the shooter was heading when police gunned him down. authorities there still searching for answers trying to figure out why the gunman murdered nine people including his own sister. eva pilgrim is in dayton with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, michael. you can see the memorial here growing. those terrifying moments, that shooter just steps from getting inside that bar. moments of terror. chilling new video from inside a bar that shows the moment that gunman tried to get inside. surveillance video showing people early sunday morning scrambling for their lives, ducking into that bar to get away from 24-year-old connor betts. police shooting him right by the entrance.
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>> we have, looks like, nine or ten shot. >> reporter: dylan arnold was trying to walk out of the bar as the shooter was rushing the door. >> you think you have time to react, you're going to do something cool, something macho, but you don't. >> reporter: in this video you'll see as he's flung across the room. dylan says the person who pushed him back saving his life, the bouncer jeremy granger. >> he kept looking around the corner. his main goal was to get as many people in the club. if he wasn't there and especially if the officers weren't there, i know i'd be gone. >> reporter: the shooter able to kill nine, injuring over a dozen in less than 30 seconds. strangers desperately seen trying to help, performing cpr. among the dead, the shooter's sister. police say the gunman was carrying these two 100-round capacity magazines which are legal to own and he fired at
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least 41 times. as authorities scour the alleged shooter's background for a motive, former high school classmates tell abc news he once made a hit list naming classmates he either wanted to kill or sexually assault. abc news confirming the reports with the girls' parents. >> he did make a list of women that he wanted to kill, many of whom i was friends with. >> reporter: now we spoke with the shooter's exgirlfriend last night. she told us she broke up with him last may after seeing some concerning behavior. george? >> eva, thanks. >> the president expected to go to dayton tomorrow as well. we are going to go to washington for more on how the white house and congress are responding to these mass shootings. the big question, will anything really change this time? want to bring in our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega and our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce and let's begin with president trump. here's what he said yesterday about the hate fueling the violence. >> in one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.
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these sinister ideologies must be defeated. >> so what more do we know about whether this is really going to be a sustained campaign from president trump? >> that's the big question, george. will those words we heard from the president yesterday match his words and his tweets going forward? the pattern in the past is that they haven't really -- the healer in chief tone hasn't lasted. right before yesterday he spoke, he tweeted, for example, that he wanted to potentially tie immigration reform to gun control. that got a ton of pushback even we're told from some inside the white house. >> they were surprised by that one? >> they were surprised by that. they knew it wouldn't fly. given the el paso shooter's alleged motives that he wanted to kill as many mexicans as possible, people were saying that's not going to fly. ultimately it wasn't in there. one of the more surprising responses we saw yesterday was from former president barack obama. you know this, he doesn't normally weigh in on stuff like this. we have his quote. he says we should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred and normalizes racist sentiments.
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he never mentioned president trump by name. he didn't have to. the president is responding to that this morning saying george bush never condemned president obama after sandy hook. >> he's back on twitter this morning. the president did not say anything more about background checks yesterday. do we know if they're planning any movement on gun control either by executive action or pushing legislation? >> we know in very general terms there is going to be some kind of push for gun control-related executive action, an order, something along that line but specifics we don't have. one thing the president did talk about was mental illness. it was one of the quotes that jumped out at a lot of people. he said mental illness pulls the trigger, not the gun. strong pushback on that even from the american psychiatric association. >> let's bring in mary bruce for more on this. mary, mitch mcconnell has been blocking, along with his allies in the gun lobby, any movement on this background check bill which passed the house and extended the waiting period, closed the gun show loophole. but is he feeling any more
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pressure this morning? >> reporter: democrats are certainly trying to up the pressure on him. they are demanding that mitch mcconnell call lawmakers back to washington to act on this legislation that would require universal background checks. these are measures that we know the overwhelming majority of americans support. but as you mentioned these have been sitting on mcconnell's desk since february. democrats now labelling him the grim reaper of legislation. instead of saying he'll bring congress back to act, mcconnell instead in a statement is encouraging are republicans to reflect on the subjects the president raised and engage in bipartisan discussions of potential solutions. but, george, he is now facing some growing calls from within the republican party to do something to boost background checks. >> mary, we're also seeing more evidence that this domestic terror has become as great or even a greater threat than islamic terror. any push in congress for new tools to take iorter:oness isng to tuidance but they could pass a statute that would empower the white house to label some white supremacist groups as
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domestic terrorists. but, george, officials also say there is some concern that would raise significant issues with the first amendment. >> mary bruce, cecilia vega, thanks very much. >> there are concerns about domestic terrorism, fears that the el paso shootings could inspire copycats. chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has more on that side of the story. he's there in washington for us. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. yes, there's deep concern. on a special conference call with all fbi field offices and state and local police across the country, the message from the fbi was clear, quote, the fbi remains concerned that u.s.-based domestic violent extremists could become inspired by this weekend's attacks and previous high profile attacks to engage in similar acts of violence. in other words, be on the lookout, robin. >> okay. so many people are asking why is not more being done to confront this, pierre? >> reporter: robin, there really are no domestic terrorism statutes in a way that there are a number of federal laws on the books that allow the fbi to pursue international terrorism suspects like isis and al qaeda.
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to give you a sense of how urgent the threat is, the fbi just this past spring launched a domestic terrorism hate crimes fusion cell that shares information with state and local bureaus to get a better handle on these kinds of threats. >> what else can be done? in addition to this, does the fbi need help in this regard? >> reporter: fbi officials say they're always looking for more support and tools and emphasizing right now that all of law enforcement needs to be sharing more information about domestic terror. but a number of retired law enforcement officials say that domestic terror needs to be put on the same footing as foreign terrorist threats like the kkk and neo nazis and that they need to be put on the same footing so they can be dealt with the way we deal with isis and al qaeda. >> people can't understand why that's not the case. what you said right there. >> they can't. >> thanks, pierre. >> pressure will be on congress to act on that when they come back in september. we move to wall street now after the worst day of the year and the stock market dropping
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more than 2% as the u.s. and china ramp up their trade war. our chief economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. rebec rebecca, that was starked sparked off by china's retaliation for president trump's threat. >> reporter: that's right, george. we've seen a major escalation in the rhetoric of this trade war recently. the u.s. overnight now labeling china officially a currency manipulator and the real question here on wall street is how much longer does this game of chicken between the world's two largest economies last? that has an impact on stocks but also has an impact on companies and prices in the united states. while u.s. companies agree something should be done to level the playing field, they also acknowledge that the u.s. consumer will bear the brunt of this trade war and prices as they rise as a result, george. >> farmers too. china says they'll stop buying u.s. agriculture and this new deadline is coming up september 1st for the president to impose new tariffs.
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>> reporter: that's right. 10% tariffs on $300 billion worth of goods, everything from toys to shoes to clothes, electronics. and, again, remember, the u.s. pays those tariffs. u.s. companies pay those added tariffs at the border and then it's up to those businesses whether they pass them off to consumers, george. we have breaking news. let's go to paula faris. >> we have breaking news, tony morrison has died at 88 years old. the author of "beloved" was the first black woman of any national tito win a nobel prize in literature. she was also the first female african american editor to work at random house and taught at princeton university. president obama awarded her the presidential medal of freedom, the highest honor awarded to civilians. she was born in 1931. her family saying she was an extremely devoted mother,
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grandmother and aunt who treasured the written word, whether her own, her students or others. she was most at home when wri r writing. we are grateful she had a long well-lived life. >> we now want to check in with ginger. severe storms and heat in the west. good morning. >> good morning. i want to show you pictures out of watertown, minnesota. that is giant golf ball-size hail but delano, minnesota just west of the twin cities was reporting up to four-inch hail bigger than a softball. now, in iowa there were several report, we're talking dozens, nearly 70 overall yesterday. flash flooding, funnel clouds and damaging winds. so who sees it today? i think anyone from bismarck to pierre could see it and then strong storms in cincinnati to indianapolis and it all moves to the east coast by tomorrow, robin. >> now we have a scare aboard a british airways jet. the plane heading from london to spain suddenly filling with smoke ten minutes before touching down. the terrifying moments captured on video. you can see the passengers there covering their eyes, their
7:16 am
mouths. some saying the oxygen masks never deployed. they rushed to the emergency exits jumping down evacuation slides to escape. thankfully no serious injuries were reported. michael? now to that rescue for a man who was in the right place at the right time. maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time but ended up in the right place at the right time because he was apparently bitten by a shark but saved by a charter boat full of quick-thinking nurses. abc's will reeve is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning. an unbelievable confluence of events. a spear fisherman attacked by a shark off the coast of florida. right nearby there is a boat. on that boat the exact people you would want to see. >> you know, blood from arm to foot. >> reporter: a frightening scene on board this charter boat off the coast of miami. on the deck a spear fisherman bloodied after an apparent encounter with a shark. >> he definitely said shark. he said shark a few times and just by looking at the bites you
7:17 am
could tell. >> reporter: first mate kyle evans says the man crawled onto the boat after diving into surrounding waters. miraculously on board a team of nurses immediately tending to wounds using the boat's first aid kit. >> i asked the nurses what to do. they told me not to do too much. i tried to keep him awake. i asked him if he needed any water or needed anything. he told me to rinse him down so i sprayed him down. >> reporter: the captain calling 911. rescue teams meeting the vessel on land. that spear fisherman surviving thanks to that boat and nurses being in the right place at the right time. the man remains hospitalized but that swift action taken by those nurses likely saved his life. eyewitnesses say that the victim did not panic which kept his heart rate down, which kept the blood flow down. crazy. >> right place, right time. we'll go with that. thank you so much. a lot more coming up including an abc news exclusive. las vegas legends siegfried &
7:18 am
roy are breaking their silence about the incident that nearly killed roy and responded to allegations that roy was the one to blame. that interview first on "gma" this morning. the united pilot in court accused of being too drunk to fly a plane to newark. we'll talk about that. but first let's go back to ginger. >> lightning started this impressive looking fire in idaho. now we have the heat to deal with there. so heat advisories from idaho to oregon, washington state to texas. look at the numbers. this after the day that las vegas and palm springs had their hottest day yet this year. your local weather in 30 seconds. first tuesday trivia sponsored by walgreens.
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good morning. i'm mike nicco. expect more sunshine today and temperatures just about the same as yesterday. clouds vary the next couple nights with isolated fog and drizzle, especially near the coasts. a cooling trend about a day later than we talked about later. today 60s along the coasts along san francisco. 80s in the north bay and south bay and 90s in the inland east bay neighborhoods. back into the 50s and 60s tonight. robin, i know tuesdays can be tough so i just wanted to help you out with this. >> aw. >> waiting for their dad to come home. all four of them. there you go. >> i needed that on a tuesday. any day. thank you, ginger. big time. we'll be right back. ginger. big time. we'll be right back. of a hairstylist.he hands or the calf of a cutie.
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talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. good morning to you. jury deliberations resume in a trial today. creative director max harris is charged with 36 could wants of manslaught manslaughter. pg&e puts the power shutoff to the test. a practice drill today with power remaining on. helicopters on the air and crews on the ground will be patrol the area. let's get over to a check on traffic. good morning, everyone. we're taking a live look right now at our bay bridge toll plaza camera. traffic is certainly filling in
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there. brace yourself if you are headed that way over the bridge this morning. once you make it through the toll plaza it's smooth sailing. metering lights came on at 5:30 this morning. and a look at the drive times. tracy to dublin, 49 minute slowdown. antioch to concord, 27 minutes. >> i'll take it for you. thank you. mike nicco has a shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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the 7-day. coolest friday, saturday, and sunday. when the heat comes inland, nearing t
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give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i said i need some slack on pump three! ♪ under the sea welcome back to "gma" and abc is going under the sea. some exciting news. later this year on november 5th, "the little mermaid" will be turned into a live musical right here on abc and some exciting casting news. queen latifah will play ursula and shaggy will be sebastian. >> that will be great. >> cannot wait. that will be fun. we have a lot of headlines we're following including calls for action that are growing after the deadly mass shootings in texas and ohio. overnight we saw the empire state building lit up in orange to remember the victims of gun violence. lots of eyes on wall street this morning after the worst day
7:31 am
of the year in the stock market dropping 2% as the u.s. and china ramp up their trade war. look at this video shot off the coast of san diego. tourists were out looking for orcas and saw something there. a humpback whale breached the water again and again. >> that is cool. >> my goodness. that is cool. now we have a rare exclusive interview with siegfried & roy speaking for the first time about those recent allegations surrounding the on-stage attack that ended their las vegas show in 2003 and almost ended roy's life. deborah roberts sat down with them both. >> good morning, deb. >> good morning, bin. what legends they are. they haven't said much about that night for close to 15 years but this weekend in the midst of a reunion with so many of their former cast membt and also reflected on their wildly successful show which earned them close to $60 million a year until that famous tragedy onste. they defined the glitz and spectacle of the las vegas strip. siegfried & roy hit the vegas strip like a meteor. they had never seen anything so successful.
7:32 am
what was the secret sauce between the two of you on stage? >> you know, i really don't know. first of all, we have been a very good team. siegfried & roy and the way how it always worked was we challenged each other. >> reporter: the biggest grossing act on the strip for more than a decade, siegfried & roy were the masters of magic and, of course, there were those white tigers and lions. had you over the course of the period of time when you were working had you ever had any little incidents or, you know, sometimes when people have animals, things happen. had you ever had anything that caused you alarm? >> but i must say with the animals was 45 years with animals on stage and really not -- nothing happened, what you can say, you know. >> nothing significant. >> nothing. only that one and that was an accident.
7:33 am
>> the accident happened on october 3, 2003. it was roy horn's 59th birthday. the audience packed with a-listers and friends. then mantacore a 400-pound siberian tiger pounced dragging roy by the neck offstage instantly ending the legendary show. how much do you think about that night now? >> you know, not that much at all anymore. it was an accident. it was not like the paper say. it wasn't attack because if a tiger attacks you, takes two seconds to take you over. >> reporter: to kill you. the duo have always insisted it was a tragic accident, that roy had a stroke on stage prompting mantacore to lunge in a nearly fatal attempt to help. just take me back to that night as best you can.
7:34 am
it was roy's 49th birthday. >> mantacore was waiting to jump on roy's shoulder and get his treat. and roy was down and he said no to mantacore. no, no, no and then mantacore went on top of him and he looked around and he didn't know like his face was what's going on? what you want? and then he grabbed him here and he carried him. he took -- mantacore took roy backstage. >> roy was near death and for siegfried the memory of seeing his partner in the hospital the next morning still emotional. >> he had all this stuff around him and i go in and i look at him. no move. just -- >> tears? >> yes.
7:35 am
>> he responded? >> so at that time i realized -- i'm sorry. >> reporter: but now someone is disputing the details of that fateful night. one of the trainers, chris lawrence, who says he now suffers from ptsd after the incident gave a different account to "the hollywood reporter" saying, instead of walking mantacore in a circle he just used his arm to steer him right back into his body. by roy not following the correct procedure it fed into confusion and rebellion. and another issue he says is that roy had spent less time with the tiger saying "i am positive that roy's diminishing relationship with mantacore was a key factor in the attack." you were saying that roy -- he collapsed even before this happened and that mantacore was trying to help him offstage. >> of course. now, it comes like a stroke is going that he was dizzy, goes back and said no to him. >> chris says that is a story to
7:36 am
protect the brand. why do you think he says that? >> i have no idea. he had problems with his life anyway. so something here has to -- i don't know. i don't know what goes on. i just know his life was full of problems. >> reporter: the details of that tragic night may never be truly clear but the performers have made peace with it. the two still greeting fans at the secret garden, a complex on the grounds of the mirage where visitors can see lions and tigers and sometimes catch a glimpse of the iconic illusionists. do you miss it? do you miss the stage? >> no, i don't miss the stage in vegas just by itself. for 40 years on stage, you know, we had the most successful show in the history of las vegas anyway. >> reporter: roy continues to work on his recovery. >> do you have any reluctance with the tigers now after the
7:37 am
accident? >> no. >> are you content? are you happy? >> very. >> roy does struggle a bit physically but still has a wicked sense of humor and says he is grateful for his life which he says is quite full, still interacting with animals. at 74 and 80 the two don't seem to be slowing down, you roy said we have to do another show. siegfried says, i don't know. we'll have more with this conversation in the coming weeks on "20/20." what legends. >> great job. thank you so much. now we turn to the search for answers in massachusetts where the kennedy family gathered to honor the life of 22-year-old saorise kennedy hill on monday. paula faris has the details. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the night before she died she had dinner with her grandmother ethel and finished a school essay. friends and family say that she seemed to be happy and in a very
7:38 am
good place. as investigators await the toxicology report that could offer clues into what caused saorise kennedy hill's death on monday her body was laid to rest, not far from the kennedy compound in massachusetts. family and close friends gathered outside our lady of victory church paying their final respects to the 22-year-old who was found unresponsive last thursday at the family's famous estate. the granddaughter of bobby kennedy was taken to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead. saorise's family who called her their irish rose posted warm memorials on their social media. >> don't break your ankles. >> uncle robert f. kennedy jr. posting a picture of a young saoirse with her mother courtney and grandmother ethel. saoirse who had previously written about her battle with depression was set to start her senior year at boston college later this year.
7:39 am
tim shriver said if you ever doubt whether god loves the kennedy family, never doubt it again, because he gave us saoirse. powerful quote from her cousin. saorise was the only child of courtney kennedy hill and paul hill. paul says she was a rebel but she was the love of my life. our hearts go out to the family. >> what that family has gone through. >> thank you, paula. coming up, the united pilot in court accused of being too drunk to fly. parents, growing up happens, grab those command strips and let's make it work. coming up, the united pilot in court accused of being too drunk to fly. and with that college life begins. i said, college life begins. oh dear, let's take that down damage free. stretch release and look no marks no mess, much more you. command. do. no harm.
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we are back with the latest on a pilot arrest before boarding a flight to new jersey. he was charged with trying to fly while intoxicated. the pilot is in court today and david kerley has the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. we reported on a couple of these incidents in the past week and you might be surprised. it happens more than you might think. the 9:00 a.m. united flight from glasgow to newark never took off. this morning the 61-year-old captain is scheduled to be in court to answer charges he had too much alcohol in his system. even before making it to the cockpit scottish police say someone noticed a smell of alcohol. breathalyzer tests led to the arrest of both pilots. the first officer was later released but the flight was canceled. >> i can think of no rational reason why any airline pilot should ever show up for duty with any appreciable ability of
7:44 am
alcohol in the bloodstream. >> reporter: united says it has a, quote, strict no tolerance policy for alcohol. strangely nearly three years ago to the day two other united pilots were arrested in glasgow ready to fly that same flight. both over the limit for alcohol, both serving two months in a scottish jail. just last week a delta pilot in minneapolis pulled out of a cockpit after acting strangely at a checkpoint. a bottle of vodka found in a rest room he visited. >> for a pilot he looked a little disheveled. >> reporter: that pilot has not been charged yet. on average about once a month in the u.s. a pilot is arrested for alcohol. a breathalyzer showed this pilot over the limit. but a blood test found only traces. the charges were dropped and this jetblue pilot who faced 15 years in prison three years ago for flying two flights drunk -- did you put 270 passengers at risk? >> no comment. >> reporter: -- avoided prosecution by giving up his pilot license. at last report he was working in
7:45 am
a grocery store. the alcohol limit for pilots is 0.04%. just half of what it is for drivers in the u.s. >> the lives of our passengers absolutely depend on airline pilots being stone cold sober at all times in the air. >> reporter: you've heard about no tolerance and the professionalism among pilots. it's often a tip-off of a pilot acting strangely or an odor that leads to some of these arrests. guys. >> i'm surprised it's not 0 instead of 0.04. >> i know exactly. that's surprising. >> any is too much for me. coming up we have our "play of the day." you don't want to miss it. ♪ celebrate good times heryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. home insurance trusted by more people than any other.
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7:49 am
♪ celebrate good times we are back now with our "play of the day" and one big league debut that this baseball player will never forget. here's what happened when one pumped up dad was midinterview when his son got up to the plate. take a look. >> we're extremely happy for him. >> is this an emotional day for you? >> very, very emotional. >> oh! oh! oh! oh! >> oh, i was going to say something but i'll let you hear him yell a little bit more. yell more, dad. he's going to yell like that for quite a while as he should because that home run could not have come at a more perfect time. that is isan diaz originally from springfield, massachusetts. his parents drove down to citi
7:50 am
field in new york to watch his major league debut. he's going to keep going. this goes to show whether you're a little league player or you're in the major leagues parents will always be your number one fans, kids, remember that. >> so proud. he is so proud. oh, my god. daddy looks like he could play. >> dad is probably saying he hit the home run. coming up, "real housewives" star denise richards' health scare, what fans noticed in this scene that led her to change her diet. come on back. her to change her diet. come on back.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
actually year round in oregon? go like max our meteorologist did upstairs. he was seeing all the skiers. they had a below average snow year but they pack it in there and it stays so only place in north america you can do that. denise richards' health care scare. what fans noticed that sent her to the doctor. >>. plus, resorts are making it easier to disconnect. speaking of going off the grid, we are going to camp with mariah carey. isn't it called glamp at that point? we'll find out. this segment sponsored by macy's. local news a
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by ge appliances. good things for life.
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good morning to you. mike nicco has your forecast. hey, mike. >> hi. much calmer on the bay. no small craft advisory. beaches are cool and breezy with limited sunshine. 72 at santa cruz. near 70 at san francisco. mid 70s to low 80s around the bay. much cooler by friday. >> we are following a motorcycle crash right now in san pablo. now to the graphic. the purple line, the major slowdown, three lanes blocked on westbound 80. if we check out the camera in walnut creek, it's filling in southbound. a crash earlier cleared.
7:57 am
but it is still a little slower over there. >> coming up on gma, denise richard's health scare. what fans noticed that made her change her diet. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes. the news continues with shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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good morning, america. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the death toll climbs in those devastating massacres. in texas, authorities now say the shooter cased this walmart searching for mexicans to target and demand is growing for washington to act as president trump denounces white supremacy and racism but doesn't call for major gun control measures. will congress end their vacation and go back to work? new this morning. health scare for denise richards. what eagle-eyed fans spotted on screen that led her to go to the doctor. what you should know. disconnect and detox from all those digital devices. it's the popular vacation trend that's growing this summer as more and more people unplug and unwind. tips and tricks to doing it with their kids starting right now. ♪ baby love baby boom, 36 nurses in just one hospital who all care for newborn babies and they're all
8:01 am
having their own baby this year. we're live from "gma" baby central this morning. ♪ always be my baby and one-on-one with mariah. the video shot as her car broke down. the store clerk awestruck to see his idol and she was on her way to our "gma" shoot. what she's revealing about music, kids, camping and that huge hit, "always be my baby," all ahead, and she's saying -- >> i'm mariah carey. good morning, america. ♪ i ain't going to cry >> easing into tuesday morning. good morning, america. hope you're doing well. >> yes, we do. we hope that we'll have a few dozen new viewers soon because there's a major baby boom, robin, if you haven't heard. take a look at this. 36 nicu nurses at mercy children's hospital in kansas
8:02 am
city are all welcoming their own babies this year. we cannot wait to hear from them. we're going to talk to them. the mothers, not the babies. >> we might hear from the babies. >> without a date. >> quite a play date. first we have a lot of news, of course, to get to starting with the search for answers after those shootings. so let's go back to abc's marcus moore who is there in el paso, who has the latest on the victims and heroes. good morning again, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning again to you. we have learned that investigators now believe the alleged gunman cased this store before opening fire on scores of innocent people. the massacre at this el paso, texas, walmart has now claimed at least 22 lives as officials announce more victims succumbed to their injuries. law enforcement also telling abc news the suspect, patrick crusius, had driven to el paso alto ng for mexicans to shoot. meas hungr satisfied with the crowd of thousands taking advantage of back to school sales at the busy the return, this time s from the
8:03 am
armed and ready to fire. >> we're dealing with the tragedy of 22 people who have perished by an evil, hateful act of a white supremacist. >> reporter: now we are learning more about the victims. arturo benavides was at the self-checkout when the shooting started. family members said he was an army veteran and longtime bus driver in el paso. david johnson died protecting his wife and 9-year-old granddaughter. according to his family, he shielded them and was found with three gun shells surrounding him. overnight, el paso strong, the community coming together seeking hope and peace in the midst of madness. and there are still many people in the hospital recovering from their injuries this morning following the massacre at the walmart you see in the distance. this as the town of el paso tries to heal and also prepare for president trump's planned visit tomorrow. >> okay, marcus, thanks very much. we will go to washington with more on the white house
8:04 am
and congress are responding to these mass shootings. the big question is what is going to change this time. i want to go back to mary bruce. the focus is on mcconnell and the senate, whether they'll take any action. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell is under increasing pressure to bring lawmakers back here to washington to do something to address rising gun violence. democrats are demanding that he hold a vote on legislation that they passed already in the house that would require universal background checks. these are measures that we know the overwhelming majority of americans support but these bills have now been sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk since february. mcconnell so far is resisting calls to take action on this, instead in a statement he is encouraging top republicans to reflect on these subjects and, quote, engage in bipartisan discussions of potential solutions. but, george, we are also seeing now a growing number of republicans saying it may be time to do something to boost background checks. george? >> mary bruce, thanks very much. >> at the very least. coming up, denise richards' health scare. what fans spotted in this "real
8:05 am
housewives" special that encouraged her to make a change. dr. ashton is here. and we're going to be showing you those 36 nurses in just one hospital. they all care for newborns and now they're having newborns as well, every single one of them. they're live from the hospital this morning. the woman who gave us carrie bradshaw and "sex and the city," candace bushnell, you see her right there. she is here to dish on her new book. cannot wait to talk to her. we'll be right back. right back. book. cannot wait to talk to her. we'll be right back. this is not just a headache.
8:06 am
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♪ [ applause ] we do welcome you back to "gma." what a wonderful audience we have. [ applause ]
8:10 am
that's trouble over there. you see "girls trip." that's trouble over there. i can sense it. >> they make that movie look tame. >> that's it. hey, tory johnson will be here tomorrow with a game day "deals & steals." but we have sara haines here with "pop news." [ applause ] good morning. we begin with the u.s. women's national team scoring more than goals lately. the fifa champs also scored an invite to attend the opening of "the kitchen." it stars melissa mccarthy, tiffany haddish and elizabeth moss. that resulted in one epic photo. the actresses performing or posing with the soccer stars alex morgan, megan rapinoe, ashland harris and crystal dunn.
8:11 am
melissa mccarthy taking to instagram writing i've never felt more excited and less athletic than when i met the u.s. women's national team. samesies. did i get those names right? >> no, you did not. >> you say it, robin. which one did i get? >> rapinoe. >> rapinoe. >> and fifa. >> not fifa. >> i like to go with the long "i" on the fifa games. i'm from iowa. >> we love you, sara. >> we love that about you. we also knew you could sense us over here going -- >> out of the corner of my eye, that's one, that's two. i love you guys. you keep me humble. >> you got it, you got it. >> had you not mentioned it, we would not have said anything. >> i was going to mention it. now we have a "pop news" exclusive. this is your first look at patriots quarterback tom brady covering the september issue of "men's health." the six-time super bowl champ is taking us inside his off-season training hideout in the bahamas. inside the magazine brady opens up about his family, his diet and strategy on the field. tom apparently hates being asked about what his cheat meal is but
8:12 am
he did reveal that if he's craving something he just eats it. however, even his off-season fridge looks pretty healthy. when asked if he could work out with anyone, who would he choose, i love this, he said his wife gisselle. >> oh, yeah. >> you can read even more about his routine when "men's health" fall 2019 guide to style hits newstances next tuesday, august 13th. [ applause ] as i sit with all of these athletes, i want to ask what was your cheat meal? >> popeyes. >> popeye's. >> popeye's. >> oh yeah. >> what do you order? >> two-piece white meat spicy. >> they thought about it. >> mine was pasta, alfredo sauce with bacon and all kinds of stuff thrown in there. >> george, you weren't included in my question. >> he was a wrestler. was an athlete. >> i was too but michael reminds me was only college and not at an elite level. >> how many times -- oop, that's one. that was a big one right there.
8:13 am
>> that's okay. go on. >> i am in the same cheat category. now this one for michael strahan. dakota johnson is in the news for making a change to her signature smile. >> what? >> the actress has been known for the gap in her teeth like someone else we know. now it appears, unlike him, she decided to say good-bye to the space in her pearly whites. during a red carpet appearance for her latest movie "the peanut butter falcon" a fan noticed her smile looked a little different and of course people on twitter had thoughts. one writing rest in peace to dakota johnson's tooth gap, a legend in our community. >> all i can say is we lost another one. i salute you. nice while it lasted. [ applause ] >> it takes away the unique. michael, leave it. >> she's still unique. >> she is. >> talented young lady.
8:14 am
>> and you have a really big gap so that would take longer. no, we love it. michael is the first one to start the gap jokes. >> wow. >> i haven't slept much. i'm breast-feeding. i need to take -- >> tmi. >> too much! finally we have a dog who is the embodiment of a tuesday mood or every day this week for me. she was clearly over her daily walk so she decided just this is it. no amount of prodding got her up. >> you can't even drag your dog when it's on its back. that's a smart dog. >> that's a big dog. >> oh, my gosh. [ applause ] >> thank you, sara. >> thank you but no thank you, sara. we're going to move on to our "gma" cover story now. that health scare for denise richards. thanks to sharp-eyed viewers the "real housewives of beverly hills" star learned she had an enlarged thyroid and decided to do something bit. diane macedo has the story. >> reporter: this morning denise richards, the actress known
8:15 am
for '90s cult classics like "drop dead gorgeous." ♪ look at her ♪ doesn't she look fine >> reporter: "wild things." >> you can trust me. >> reporter: and "starship troopers." >> reporting for duty, ma'am. >> reporter: is now opening up about a recent health scare after eagle-eyed fans spotted an enlarged thyroid while she was on bravo's "the real housewives of beverly hills" reunion. the 48-year-old mother of three writes on social media, a few of you pointed out after "the real housewives of beverly hills" reunion that my thyroid was enlarged. you were right. it was something i ignored until pointed out. enlarged thyroids can sometimes indicate graves' disease, hashimoto's disease or even thyroid cancer. in richards' case, she said she cut out gluten from her diet and although there's no evidence linking the consumption of gluten to thyroid activity, she said she's already seeing a positive change. but it's not the first time tv watchers have come to the rescue. earlier this year "inside edition's" deborah norville
8:16 am
underwent surgery after a viewer spotted an abnormal lump on her neck. she later revealed it was a cancerous lump. in 2013 "flip or flop's" star tarek el moussa underwent surgery after a lump was pointed out on his throat. richards is expressing gratitude to her fans, i thank all of you who sent me messages. >> our thanks to diane macedo. dr. jen ashton is here. let's take another look at the picture of denise richards and you can see that her thyroid is clearly enlarged. take us through what a thyroid is and what it does. >> let's go to some mini med school. the thyroid is a tiny butterfly shaped gland. it's part of our endocrine system. it's located in the neck, right here in the middle of the neck, about a normal size in terms of scale. it is the major hormonal regulator for our entire body. it gets signals from the brain and regulates our metabolism, body temperature, energy level, you name it. so it's a major part of our endocrine system. >> hers is enlarged.
8:17 am
it happens from time to time. why does that happen? >> a slew of reasons for this. but it is a good observation to make when you look at someone. sometimes the thyroid can become enlarged for benign reasons, temporary. it doesn't require any treatment. other times it could be because the thyroid is underactive, overactive. there can be infections there. there can be cancer there. so this is a perfect example of someone saying, i'm not sure what's going on but you might want to get that checked out and being receptive to hearing about that because that kind of observation can potentially be life saving. >> we have heard that from time to time. people will spot that. >> right, exactly. >> she has decided to go gluten free and said that's helping her. but is there anything medically linked to that? >> so here's the thing with diet and thyroid, it's not ready for prime time yet. we reached out to a number of thyroid experts yesterday who said there's really limited anecdotal data that supports that a gluten-free diet can help thyroid. i want to be crystal clear here.
8:18 am
going gluten free or changing your diet in any way can help you feel better for sure and as long as it does no harm, medically i'm all for it, but if you have a significant thyroid condition, that needs traditional medical management. sometimes with an endocrinologist. but again, i'm all about connecting the body part to the rest of the body. diet is a big part of it. >> that's it. all right, jen, thanks so much. george. >> thanks, robin. now to a popular vacation trend getting off the grid. more people are searching for tips to help them get away from it all and disconnect. becky worley has the story first seen in "the wall street journal." >> that's right. you want to get away, you got to get away from this laptop. you got to get away from this ipad. you got to get away from this phone. we just got used to getting free wi-fi at the hotel. now i have to pay extra for no wi-fi? ♪ >> reporter: vacation, rest, relax, rejuvenate. >> reach toward me. reach, reach, reach. >> reporter: but the latest way
8:19 am
to escape, total digital detox. >> people are now actually paying to have other people impose disconnection upon them which is a little crazy if you think about it. >> reporter: no cell service and no wi-fi is starting to mean no vacancy. with a 300-person waiting list this converted fire tower in rural oregon costs $200 a night, more than $400 a night on this island in the caribbean or $2,000 a night in alaska to really, really shut it all out. crazy, but necessary. near me the tree bones resort in california offers $300 a night yurts and, of course, a human size bird's nest and the fact that there's no cell service or wi-fi for guests. no service, no bars, nada. >> you should be aware the more you interact with technology while on vacation the less time you're going to be present in your vacation it it robs you of the experience that you presumably just spent a lot of money to have. >> reporter: it's not just for
8:20 am
adults. with growing rates of anxiety and depression in teens linked to devices, unplugging is for kids too. >> that's an extremely good thing for your long-term productivity, your ability to focus, all sorts of other aspects of your health, your stress levels, your ability to be present and happy in your own life in the moment. there's a lot of benefit. >> proving that we can use digital downtime to truly reboot. >> well, you look happy there but what if you don't want to spend all that money? >> that is something you can do in a regular vacation but have to take steps to shut it all off. i'm in the bird's nest and what do i do? i pull out my phone and send this text to my boss, oh, not delivered, duh. you forget. it's so ingrained. so one of the things you can do is send an out of office in your email and also you can do that on your phone. if i go to settings and then go to do not disturb, i can turn that on and then i can just make
8:21 am
a little auto reply that says, hey, this is auto reply from becky's phone, i'm out of range, people don't want to leave other people hanging. >> that makes sense. it seems like to make it work you have to leave yourself no choice. >> you do. the thing is location, location, location. so a lot of our cell coverage, their companies have maps. so you can see the adirondacks, green spots right there, no coverage. go there. also camping, camping, camping, camping because you just tell the kids no service. take the phones before you leave. >> nothing we can do. becky, thanks very much. let's go to ginger. >> to the adirondacks we all go. okay, how about we do a "gma" moment and have some fun? this one from florida. and i love this because one dancer is really not good enough. you always need a partner, right? watch this. ♪ ♪ lean back ♪
8:22 am
>> ethan and charlie, thank you for sending that good morning. i'm mike nicco. expect more sunshine today and temperatures just about the same as yesterday. clouds vary the next couple nights with isolated fog and drizzle, especially near the coasts. a cooling trend about a day later than we talked about later. today 60s along the coasts along san francisco. 80s in the north bay and south bay and 90s in the inland east bay neighborhoods. back into the 50s and 60s tonight. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] now to music superstar mariah carey like you've never seen her before at camp. the grammy winning singer took us behind the scenes of her passion project. for the past 25 years she's been supporting a camp in upstate new york that benefits low-income kids and t.j. holmes had a chance to visit her, to sit down with her. this is unlike we've seen you
8:23 am
before. you don't have on socks. >> i've been out in nature. i've been out in nature. never thought i'd say this sentence in my career, i went camping with mariah carey. yes. that was last week. [ applause ] campfire, s'mores, the whole thing. when you think of her you do think about the 200 million albums sold but also her resume includes thousands and thousands of kids helped. >> so just a typical day. >> reporter: mariah carey's latest tour was an unscheduled one of new york's upper west side. >> this is like surreal. a surreal moment. >> it's surreal for me too because i can't believe what just happened. >> reporter: what happened, her car broke down. and what's worse, she's on her way to a special audience she hates to keep waiting. 70 miles north of manhattan you'll find camp mariah. for the last 25 years mariah has quietly been the main benefactor for a program that has helped thousands of low-income city kids reach for the stars.
8:24 am
this three-week camping experience is part of a larger year-round career awareness thnonprofinization the 14 run by fresh air fund. >> how many kids can say they went to educational camp and had fun and learned how to swim, learned how to write resumes, learned how to show up for a job? >> reporter: they also get to meet folks like groundbreaking ballerina misty copeland who mariah personally invited to visit the campers. after a day of anticipation and a little delay, mariah finally made her entrance. after a chat with campers and an anniversary cake, time for the campfire. would you rather sneak in and out of here without a camera even seeing it? >> you know what, i'm always -- i'm camera shy, darling. haven't you heard? >> they did tell me. >> no, i think here's the thing, i'm glad that people are going to know more about it. >> why a camp? why did you want a camp? >> when i was first, first starting out in my career, i
8:25 am
thght abouvi aamuse kids s ae go to a camp where they feel safe and they feel like they can learn something and there's a lot of kids that have never left their own block where they're growing up. >> do you see yourself in these kids? do you see them getting opportunities you didn't have? >> a met a couple of the kids that had been here three years ago and now here and they said they wouldn't be who they were if it hadn't been for the camp. >> reporter: though it's called camp mariah, don't expect to see mariah necessarily camping. anywhere. ever. so you wouldn't necessarily consider yourself outdoorsy? >> you know, with the right bug repellant, hair, makeup and ensemble, i could be outdoorsy in a photo. >> reporter: this picturesque location was also the setting for the music video for one of mariah's biggest hits. ♪ "always be my baby."
8:26 am
>> i actually directed that as a young gal. i directed that video and i wanted to feel just free and easy and like summertime when you meet your first -- that first little crush that you have. >> ah, sweet. those were the days, weren't they? >> they still are. >> are they? >> yeah. >> last thing here, what would the parting message be to all these kids at this camp today? >> i would tell them like there's nothing too big for them to accomplish. ♪ >> so when i said we went camping, not exactly. just sat around a camp fire in the woods. she's been doing it for 25 years and not a lot of people know about it. but a passion project of hers. >> helping a lot of kids out there. t.j., great job. coming up, baby, oh, baby, 36 nurses, 36 babies all in one year. babies all in one year. s, 36 babies all in one year.
8:27 am
good morning. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui. communities across the nation will advocate for safer neighborhoods tonight. national night out aims to strengthen trust between police and the rest of us. this is video from a previous night out event in san francisco. this event that happens in gilroy every year has been postponed out of respect to the victims of the mass shooting. it will happen in october. we are following an issue in san pablo. it has been pushed off to the side. a motorcycle crash westbound 80 past san pablo dan road. the speeds are there. 17 miles per hour. not the greatest. it has been cleared. hopefully that picks up in a bit. and here's a look at the golden gate bridge camera.
8:28 am
it is quite foggy. no fog advisory and smooth going on the bridge. >> even though you can't see it.
8:29 am
a pretty easy morning traveling around. not as much mist, drizzle and fog. cool to hot if you're making mass transit from the inland neighborhoods. national night out 60s, seths by
8:30 am
7:00. >> another update in about 30 minutes. you can always find us on our news app and ♪ baby love my baby love [ applause ] we welcome you back to "gma." we have an incredible story. what if you and dozens of your co-workers got pregnant all at the same time? had babies all in the same year. well, for a very, very special group in kansas city it's their new normal. >> 36 of them are pregnant or had babies in 2019 and what makes this even more special, they are all nicu nurses the children's mercy hospital in kansas city and they are joining us in just a moment but first let's take a look at their story. >> i'm 31 weeks pregnant due with a baby girl in october. >> i am a nicu nurse at children's mercy and i am pregnant with our second baby.
8:31 am
>> i'm 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. >> it's a baby boom. >> it's kind of been crazy. i never thought that we would get to a point of 36 women just in our unit to be pregnant at the same time. >> oh, baby, yes. 36 nurses from the neonatal intensive care unit at children's mercy hospital welcoming their own bundles of joy in 2019. >> one of the first to start the baby boom. >> every year it's the joke of the unit how many pregnant women there are and how many babies but when we finally got together, i think we were all a little shocked that it was three dozen. >> reporter: they've become a big family, 21 babies born so far and 15 more expected. the nurses spend their day caring for babies in the nicu. now they are caring for babies of their own. >> you're kind of just like welcomed into this group of moms and i know going forward i will always have someone there to help me and support me. [ cheers and applause ]
8:32 am
>> joining us now from kansas city more than 20 of those special moms and some of their babies with their "gma" onesies on. hello, everybody. [ applause ] >> good morning. >> hello. >> and, melanie. >> good morning. >> good morning. melanie, we'll start with you. you touched on that support that you say you're getting from this group. so how has this group of friends and colleagues helped you along? >> this group of friends and colleagues has been really, really wonderful throughout this entire journey. every woman's journey to pregnancy is very different and also throughout their pregnancy everyone's journey is different so it's just been really great to have this group of women behind me here and all the other ones to help support throughout that and kind of pull from their experiences and there hasn't been a single question that i've asked that hasn't been able to be answered by one of these women and then i also know going forward thatst like immediately swept into this momma tribe.
8:33 am
you and your baby so it's just a fun group to be able to grow with and learn from and just always feel like you have someone in your corner that supports you and your baby. >> that's awesome. [ applause ] >> it's so much fun to see all those babies bobbing up and down in the picture right there. sara, you know, you all held babies when they need it the most as nurses. how is that preparing you for motherhood? >> well, i guess basically you learn a lot about like basic newborn care but we really take care of the sickest of the sick. bringing a newborn baby home there's a lot to learn and we really have to rely on each other to figure out how to care for your own baby when you go home because things are definitely different but it also prepares you in the sense that, you know, like i said you know a lot of the basic newborn care and how to deal with the crying
8:34 am
and teething and things that are bound to happen. >> sara -- ah, we're so happy your baby is doing well. a little fussy right now but doing well. we know at one time, though, sara, you were in the nicu as a parent, not as a nurse. so how did everybody help you get through that difficult time? >> yeah, it was definitely probably one of the worst moments of my life. ending up here in a level 4 nicu where the sickest of the sick babies go. you never imagine your baby will end up here and we were a patient and he had heart surgery when he was 8 days old. >> wow. >> i feel like these girls really -- these girls helped me get through this time in my life because they were able to support me even just by reminding me to eat and bring me coffee and being in the know as a nurse that i know what to expect with a baby with a heart defect like ben's.
8:35 am
they were able to help calm my nerves and, you know, when you are a nurse and you kind of know what to expect it can be a little overwhelming even more so and they were able to help me stay calm. really be there for my baby. >> beautiful is right. that is awesome. friends and co-workers around you is a blessing. we understand there is a big gender divide. a show of hands of boys versus girls. >> yeah, everyone with boys, raise their hands. >> boys. >> wow. >> okay. >> how about the girls. show us the girls. >> a few girls in there. but we understand melanie, you're going to flip those numbers a little bit. >> yes. i am expecting a baby girl mid-december and there's also i
8:36 am
think four women here that are expecting girls behind me and then there's a couple that don't know but we are thinking might be having little girls as well. >> we're so happy you joined us with your babies. we appreciate you so much. congratulations. and stick together. cannot wait to see some video of these play dates. all right, everybody, you guys have a great day. coming up, "sex and the city" author candace bushnell is here to talk about her new book, "is there still sex in the city? we'll be right back. [ applause ] "is there still sex in the city? we'll be right back. [ applause ] you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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we are back now with candace bushnell. she is the writer and creative force behind the hit series "sex and the city" and now she's got a new book out called "is there stilsex in the city?" it's loosely based on her life and follows a group of middle-aged women navigating the modern dating world. candace, thank you so much for joining us. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> and -- >> it's so exciting to be here. >> it's exciting to have you. we're all big fans of "sex and the city." >> thank you. >> i've seen it. yeah. [ applause ] but it's been almost 25 years since you wrote that. so i'm just curious if you were to write about carrie bradshaw today in the 2019 world, what would that look like? >> well, she would definitely be on instagram. and would probably do everything
8:40 am
on instagram. and people always ask me this question and i realized it's actually such a good idea that i think i may have to create a totally new character who really is 25 in this day and age and follow their dating escapades because it's really different which is one of the things -- one of the big things i discovered in writing "is there still sex in the city?" dating and mating rituals have really changed. >> absolutely and if anybody can write about it it definitely would be you. i'm just curious. are you surprised that almost 25 years later it still resonates with people the way it does? >> well, i'm thrilled and i think one of the reasons why it resonates is because "sex and the city" is really about a particular passage in women's lives. a lot of women really feel like i had those "sex and the city"
8:41 am
years and then what happens, of course, is many women who have the "sex and the city" years end up having a family. they find their mr. big or their mr. aidan and they have children and then "is there still sex in the city?" is what happens after the happily ever after because the fact is, life goes on. so "is there still sex in the city?" is a new cast of characters and it's really following this new passage when they are single again in their mid-50s as many women unexpectedly find themselves as i did myself and they have to navigate many things. it's not just dating, but, you know, they might move. they start a new career, all kinds of things. so it's a time of loss but also reinvention. >> these characters are loosely based off of your life and i want to ask you this question. you pose it.
8:42 am
is there still sex in the city? what's the answer? >> the answer is yes but less. i know. yes, but less, but actually for everyone. i mean maybe a little bit less for middle-aged people because they're middle-aged. but compared, though -- i know, there are people who are like, no, i'm still having a ton of sex. but younger people -- young people are having less sex. that's what is actually extraordinary. >> that's what instagram will do to you. all right, candace, thank you. >> or tinder. >> or tinder. thank you so much, candace, for being here. "is there still sex in the city?" it is out now and you can read an excerpt on our website. you know what, you guys, you don't have to wait for that because everybody here in our audience are going home with a copy for yourselves. how about that? ginger, we'll go over to you. >> all ears on that one. i'm all ears when you talk about the northern lights but what
8:43 am
about the southern lights? yes, these glorious images from new zealand of the light there building up and watch this, because seattle saw the northern lights just the other day. okay, i'm going to get my book like everybody else is obviously. good news. dryer morning today. and temperatures starting off in the mid 50s and mid 60s at 9:00. more sunshine. high clouds out there. temperatures about the same as yesterday. looking for cooler weather,r,r,, >> we've got some music and so much more coming up, robin. >> all right. we're just getting settled over here. a member of our "gma" family, linsey davis. [ applause ] linsey davis. usually covering the news stories but this morning she's here because she is also an award-winning author. has a brand-new children's book out called "one big heart." it is just out today. i have to say as the band is
8:44 am
getting ready over there -- that's right, that's right, that's right. drum roll, love it. [ applause ] i love controlled chaos. full disclosure, my family, huge fan of your books. this is your second one. my niece's precious little girl sally gave it two thumbs up. she was so excited. i think -- that's sally right there. she was so excited to see someone who looks like herself in the book. >> i think just as important as it is for children to see a child that they can relate to and say that looks just like me i think it's equally important to see children who don't look like them. quite often if you live in an area that the population is not diverse, your school or synagogue or church is not diverse quite often you have to find the books and the toys and whatever it is so that children can be exposed and be familiar to a culture, to kids who are different from them and we talk about this increased intolerance in our country and the hate crimes that keep increasing year after year, you have to look at
8:45 am
quite often it's based on fear of the unknown. quite often it's based on not knowing another culture, another people, a different background. >> exactly. exactly. you have your little precious ayden. >> ayden is here today. >> that's her little boy. [ applause ] he's giving it a thumb's up too. he was your inspiration for the first one. who was your inspiration for the second? >> i wrote this book with my mom which was fun. >> was it? >> she's a retired english teheanshe was my inspiration in general for me to appreciate writing and storytelling from a child and so it's interesting because the same kind of messages that she was trying to instill in me, 40 plus years ago, i'm now trying to instill in my own son and the children of this generation, right, and so the idea of acceptance and embracing diversity and celebrating that we're more alike than different. >> thank you. my mother always said that. we have more in common than not so why not celebrate those similarities instead of focusing on the differences. how was it working with your mom?
8:46 am
>> it was good. i mean, we just -- she can be critical. she can be critical but she may be watching so it was great. [ laughter ] but she's a great writer and so sometimes her writing is a little lofty for like a 3-year-old, 4-year-old and 5-year-old but it helped give me balance and perspective. really the first half of the book is basically, hey, we're different as far as our skin color, our likes, our dislikes. >> hair. >> hair and features then the back half of the book is but what do we have in common? what is it that unites us and god gave us all this one special gift of a big heart and that's the most important part because that's where love starts. >> that's where it starts and that's the underlying message. >> celebrating that we're more alike than different. >> can we just show, didn't you do a little flossing with your mom like during a writer's break. >> oh, yes, my mom is in the back right, so my mom and her sisters -- my son ayden and his cousin were trying to keach them how to floss and you can see it
8:47 am
didn't go -- it was okay. it was all right. they were trying. >> you write much better than that. >> so does my mom. so does my mom. i can floss. >> this is a beautiful book and the message is so -- we can learn from babes. we can learn from the mouth of babes. >> students become the teachers. >> that's right. thank you. [ applause ] and linsey's book "one big heart," i love that title, "one big heart" is out today. michael, what's coming up on "strahan & sara"? >> all right. robin, linsey does have one big heart and candace bushnell will be back with us. we'll talk more "sex and the city." >> and i know you love it when i freak out a little. i'm fleeking out because jennie garth and tory spelling are here with the details of the "90210" robot. >> and the "deals & steals" you need this week. >> we'll see you guys at
8:48 am
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good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. here's a look outside. >> cloudy in a lot of areas. the golden gate bridge here. if you're doing yard work, put it off until it's cooler. no small craft advisory on the bay. national night out, stuffy at 5:00. 50s, 60s and 70s by 7:00. cooler weather on the way through at least friday. we are following an issue that has sparked up in fremont. four-car crash. emergency crews are working to clear everything up. expect delays. southbound 880 before industrial parkway. a live look at our san mateo bridge camera. it's looking fairly good. there was a slowdown there
9:00 am
earlier. not too bad. >> time for live with kelly and ryan. see you at 11:00 a.m. for midday >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award winner julianne moore. and from the new comedy "sextuplets," marlon wayans. plus, skillet turkey tacos courtesy of the domestic geek as we continue our food fluencers week. also, jenna dewan returns for another day of cohosting. all next on "live!" and now, here are ryan seacrest and jenna dewan! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan:


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