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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> the shooter's exact motivation is unclear still at this point. but an analysis of his digital activity uncovered various targets. >> they are religious, government, political parties, both sides of the house. so, there, again, it's a fractured interest in targets. >> his family said family said y indication he was planning an attack. >> the parents have not only lost a child in the worst possible circumstances you abbu before he died killed three beautiful innocent people. we are hearing tonight about an a a a a a a
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chaos. this is a story you'll only see on abc 7 news. chris? >> reporter: good evening, dan. good evening, ama. last week they were strangers. today nick and kim greeted each other like family, bonded by a profound experience. >> glad to see you. these are for you. this is my mom, sherry. she wanted to say hi. >> reporter: the last time nick mcfarland and kim thompson saw each other, it was here. a bullet had just hit nick in the leg. kim was running for her own life. but when she saw him, she knew she had to help. she's been a nurse for almost ten years. >> i didn't even think about it wasn't a safe, i shouldn't have been there, i just did what i felt like i needed to do to get him safe. >> you were my angel that day. i don't know why, but you were. and i guess you could be a complete stranger, but you can save people's lives. >> reporter: you can see the makeshift tourniquet that kim used from an apron and his tee
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shirt. then she got on the phone with 911. >> is he awake? >> he's awake, oriented. i'm a nurse. he got grazed in the right hip and gunshot wound to the right leg. we've treat with the a tourniquet as best we could. >> an ambulance is on the way. >> [ bleep ]. >> they're on the way. okay? >> they're talking about us. definitely us. >> that's the call i made. >> reporter: is a survivors. >> knowing he's okay's brought closure to though that what i did do helped him in some way. >> for me, just knowing that i was going to see pretty much my hero, my angel for that day, it was just putting the biggest smile on my face. we may be family friends for the
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rest of our lives. i want to say thank you again and god bless you, because you were my angel for sure. >> reporter: it can be very traumatic to relive these experiences. so we're very mindful of that. we wanted to make sure they only wanted to share what they wanted to share. both of them told me it was very important to tell the stories of the heroes and helpers. chris reyes, abc 7 news. 12 year old leslie is one of the youngest survivors of the gilroy shooting. >> she says she saw the gunman, ran and was shot in the leg and kept running. now she faces a long road to recovery. >> she spoke to >> reporter: she's walking, but that doesn't mean she's recovered. >> when i walk, it hurts. where i got shot. >> reporter: a 12 year old, talking about getting shot is
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unthinkable. and to her, it still feels unreal. she plays back and forth the minutes prior to the shooting, captured by her mom in this photo. >> we were eating popcorn. and then we heard this big shot, and we were confused. >> reporter: leslie's family was right across from where the shooting began. she ran away from the gunshots and stopped when she got to the fence area and met up with her cousins, right around here. she says she jumped over the fence and hid quietly. moments later she noticed this. >> there was blood on my hand. i got shot. >> reporter: her parents hid under these benches, hoping their daughter was safe and praying quietly, as the shooter approached them. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: the third magazine he loaded was going
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directly to us because he was right across. in that moment the police shot him. >> reporter: he began to ran toward the fences to look for his daughter where he found her crying out for help. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: my husband jumped the fence to get her. i started screaming and crying when i saw my daughter. i told her everything would be okay and not to worry. >> reporter: now there's a bullet in her leg, but that doesn't mean there's no residue of what it did to her. governor newsom visited leslie at the hospital. and a week later she wants answers. >> like why would they come to a festival? >> reporter: for now, the family is counting their blessings and combating hate with more love. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: i hug and kiss them both. also, before we go to bed, i tell them how much we love them, and we thank god for being together. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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liz pena, abc 7 news. the gilroy foundation has established a special fund for victims of the garlic shooting. we have a link on our website on how to donate as well as how to help victims in el paso and dayton. the gilroy police chose to delay tonight's national night out event because of the shooting. gathering were taking part across the country for people to come together, which is especially needed after the string of mass shootings. we're live at one night out party under way now. lisa? >> reporter: we're on bohna street. it's a u-shaped neighborhood where just about everyone knows their neighbor. if they don't, tonight is the night to meet. take a look behind me. the national night out party has been going on for more than a decade. everyone agrees in light of the recent shootings in gilroy,
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dayton and el paso, it's more important than ever to get to know those around you. >> it's always important for me. for me, i really like to know who my neighbors are. we're a really diverse block here. i think there's five or six languages. and different countries. it's really important to get to know each other >> in light of all that's happened recently, i think it's very important, because this would be a way of letting other people see how diverse our neighborhood is and how we all get along together and always have. >> reporter: oakland city leaders will be coming by to meet the neighbors, and many plan to ask about the city's emergency plan due to recent events. the purpose of national night out is to get to know your neighbors and police and take back the night from crime. oakland's chief of police is out visiting different block parties as well.
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neighbors typically leave their porch lights on as a symbol to let people know they are taking a stand against crime. abc 7 news. >> and if you're at a national night out event, share your photos reque photos with us. recycling benefits our planet of course, but it stopped for a business, and now hundreds are looking for work after losing their jobs. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: this was the last thing they expected. >> what? >> reporter: the lot? or the sign. saying replanet has closed all 284 stores across california and is not coming back. if you arene the people who trul of plastic bottles and aluminum cans you were out of luck. >> for myself, i can get a good
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$25, maybe $50. >> that's my grocery money, yes. >> reporter: initially, replanet went into business to help californians reclaim some of the $1.5 billion they deposited on plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass. in reality, californians claimed about half of that. they just didn't know. >> that's the fault of the state! the state has an obligation and also has funds. millions of dollars, that it could be using to educate consumers about their options. >> reporter: we spoke to lisa tucker today at her consumer watchdog business in los angeles. she said weith prices for raw materials dropping, the profits didn't pencil out. it is good news only for recycling companies who pick up our trash and collect your profits for those bottles and cans. >> this hurts recycling in the state of california. it hurts consumers' pocket books. it increases litter.
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>> reporter: and four nr now at least, it has left trunks of california cars overflowing with unclaimed riches. abc 7 news dedicated a week of coverage to recycling, because this is a complicated a lot of ways each of cuss help bui us can help to build a bay area. our focus is on the housing crisis. >> we dig into a fake vacation rental listing in bodega bay. you'll hear from the real owners and make sure you don't book a fake by mistake. >> you can call in to the hotline, 415-594- >> our temperatures will be dropping, we have the forecast coming up. i hope it puts an end to the myth that only white people are
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for keeping the murals. black people are for keeping them as well. >> what do you think about it? get out your phone and go to abc 7 to weigh in. the live poll is up and run ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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dand steaks aren't just for and right now we can have both for less because with choice sirloin... denny's is elevating its new steak and eggs for just $10.99. it's new and it's a pretty big deal. see you at denny's! tonight, some through voices are weighing in on the debate surrounding a mural around george washington high school. >> and we're asking what you think. is the mural a piece of history? or is it time for a change? >> votes are changing at the bottom of your screen as we speak, and we'll leave the poll
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open while leanyanne melendez brings you the story. >> reporter: this group of activists is at odds with the san francisco school board who voted a month ago to paint over the controversial mural entitled "life of washington." >> what we are saying to the school board, be true to the history of this country. >> reporter: it shows the dead body of a native-american man as his land was taken from him. another panel shows enslaved african-americans owned by george washington. >> they should require that the discussion of this mural is a part of every incoming freshman's requirement. >> it's painful to know that the only way we're traytra portrayed is dead. >> reporter: another mural was created called "multi-ethnic heritage." today he defended victor's work.
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>> you don't destroy african-american history or native-american history. i want to see those africans were enslaved. i want their pictures to be in front of me. i want the world never to forget. >> reporter: so, when these civil rights leaders talked about the dangers of whitewashing history, i decided to take a visit to holocaust center. it documents survivors. yes. we can talk about the talk moments but focus on the inspiring stories that they have taught us. >> reporter: supporters of the mural say they will start a city-wide petition if the school board does not change its mind. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> let's look at the results.
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94% say it's a piece of history. >> very interesting. keep voting. we'd love to hear from you. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area, and the oafocus now is the housing crisis. >> we talked about a family that lost their home and had to live in their car. housing scams like this one are not limited to long-term rentals. >> melanie woodrow found the same thing can happen when it comes to shorter term vacation rentals. >> exactly. this story came about as i was reporting on another story in bodega bay. while i was there, i noticed a home with signs warning people if they were on vacation and had paid to rent that home they had been scammed. we did some digging. not every rental you see online is real. bodega bay, home to blue skies, beaches and breezes, a visitor's paradise. unless you're someone who paid
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to rent a home here that wasn't actually for rent. leaving you out of cash and with no place to stay. >> terrible. they've been duped. nobody wants to feel that they've been duped. >> reporter: they own this bodega home property. it's their second property for lazy weekends. they bought it in 2017 and suspect someone took photos of the house from a real estate website and created a craigslist ad listing it for rental. sure enough, people who paid to rent it showed up at the doorstep. >> showed me a receipt. >> reporter: but they have never rented their home. >> of course they were very disappointed. >> reporter: the couple reached out to craigslist. >> craigslist got the message that they better take it down, so they so they did. >> most of the time the suspects are from out of country. >> reporter: the chances of finding those responsible? >> slim to none.
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>> reporter: it can be far worse than a spoiled vacation. in june we told you about the gonzalez family. they paid someone $10,000 to move into a south san francisco home, not knowing that person was posing as the property owner. when the real landlord found out shall t out, the family had to move out. for several days, they lived in their van. it's recommended to rent through vrbo or airbnb. >> if you want to do a craigslist, have them give you a list of people who have rented before and get those reviews to make sure you're dealing with a credible source. >> reporter: i found seven bodega rentals on craigslist. two responded to my inquiries. one was able to provide me with three references with phone numbers of guests who had previously rented the property. two of the tlepeople called me k and shared photos about their
6:19 pm
stay. one said good day. the payment option is paypal or bit coin. we have a website for secure booking. when i wrote back asking for the secure booking web sootsite and talk on the phone about the rental i never heard back. signs on every entrance to their house that read this property is not for rent. you may have responded to an ad in craigslist the you have been scammed, deceived into prepaying rent for this property by criminals. their home a respite from city life but not from the issues that sometimes go along with it. craigslist did not respond to my immediate request, but on its website lists tips for avoiding scams, including to never provide payment to someone you've not met in person and never rent sight unseen. that's a hard one. craigslist says be on the lookout for poor grammar or spelling in e-mails and a
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refusal to meet face-to-face to complete transaction. >> those are red flags for sure. >> the best tip i think we got was to ask for references. people who have rented previously and ask for photos. >> who they are and who they say they are. >> and hopefully there's no scam on that part. >> you sound very skeptical. >> i'm very skeptical. >> join the conversation. go to abc 7 bay area and click on the big image for housing crisis. you'll find all of our reports on this subject and an easy way to share your own story. >> make sure you do all those checks. we're checkin' on the weather now. >> spencer christian is here with the weather. >> the usual evening fog developing along the coastline. and this is the view from mt. tam. you can see it's fairly bright sky over the bay right now. forecast features low clouds and fog. cooler than average the next few days. heat returns inland over the
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weekend. look for low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow highs pleasantly mild but below average. low 60s coast, low 70s around the bay, and low 80s inland. we're going to be locked in this pleasant but cooler than average pattern through sunday. the warming begins especially inland. look for highs in the mid to upper 90s, low to mid-80s along the bay monday and tuesday and mid to upper 60s on the coast. before we get there, we'll have a case of the chilies. >> chilies. all right, let's check in with 7 on your side's michael finney. >> you have any questions about rental laws? your landlord, rent control? we've got the answers. the 7 on your side rental hotline
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seven on your side is part of our efforts to build a better bay area. >>. >> we're going to be here until 8:00. 415-954-7621. we've been talking about rental laws throughout the bay area. now we want to talk about maybe sharing a place to live. tori shepherd is with home match. >> people who have an available
6:25 pm
room in their home and people who are looking for an affordable place to live, we help match them. >> you guys are a non-profit. what makes you different than just going to craigslist? >> we guide people through the process, learning what they're learning for, we do run screenings and help people with the rental agreement as well. we're really there to support people and make sure they find the compatible match right for them. which is a little more than you would get going out on your own on the internet. >> a lot more. so, let's say i'm a dog owner who works swing shift. can you deal with that? >> yeah, so our application process includes a lifestyle questionnaire, and we meet in person with all of our participants to really try to understand what people are looking for, what their lifestyle preferences are so we can make that compatible match. and, you know, we do ask questions like pets and smoking and guests and all those kinds of things to hear what's important to each person.
6:26 pm
>> now, if i have, do you inspect the house? is that's a question that comes to mind. >> yes, we do, we do home visits. we see the space. we meet everyone in person and make sure everything is habitable and comfortable and discuss what rent might be. we also have an option called the service exchange. so someone who's offering the room would like extra help around the house. and we can help with reduced rent for the person who moves in to help with those things. >> the website is? >> home match or you can go t >> we're going to be here until 8:00 tonight taking any questions you have about rent or renting or any of the rental laws statewide. just give us a 415-954-7621. i'm michael finney. >> great info tonight.
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coming up next, an i-team exclusive from italy. >> only dan noyes got the father of a bay area teenager to sit down and tal
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the father of a bay area teenager held in the stabbing death of an italian police officer has given his first interview to an american journalist, and that interview is an abc 7 news i-team exclusive. the i-team's dan noyes has been working the story in rome since the incident happened 11 days ago. >> the police officer died. he had been stabbed multiple times. two bay area teenagers have been behind bars, held as suspects. >> reporter: i spent more than an hour with fabrizio this fabri he got quite emotional when he talked about seeing his son in jail for the first time. after days of discussions i went with our translator to the
6:31 pm
office of the attorney for fabrizio. the past 11 days have been very difficult, especially for his son, 18-year-old gabriel. fabrizio says he's exhausted, frightened, trying to make sense of it all. he gave new details of the moments leading up to the incident. july 24, fabrizio's brother claudio needed to pick up a car. gabe asked to drop him in rome when he heard from a friend and wanted to show him around. fabrizio says he'd never heard of finn before. finn's mother got a room for them using miles. that day out was unevent fful. july 25th, gabe texted his u u for restaurant recommendations. he went to the hotel to find
6:32 pm
police swarming. the family found out gabe had been arrested when this photo flashed on the news in rome. he said it was the deepest discomfort. i was frightened myself. you feel an emptiness. it feels like the whole world is crashing in on you. it took five days be days be dad freeze y fabrizio was able to see his son. he burst out crying. we hugged each other. he started telling me he had no idea about the stabbing. he had no idea the other boy had a knife. he had no idea it could turn out that way and repeated it over and over again. the officer suffered 11 wounds. then, this photo got leaked. police had handcuffed and blindfolded gabriel before his interrogation. fabrizio tells me, certainly didn't feel good to see that photo. >> i want to find out exactly how long it took the young men.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: they talked to me because of the legwork i've done. they're using i-team reports in part to prepare their case. fabrizio says they're convinced of gabriel's innocence and that when the truth comes out it will serve them well. and to the officer's widow and family, he says it is a tragedy. they lost a human life, i feel their grief. in truth, there is nothing i can say to make their pain less excruciating and i appreciate that. they returned to the hotel room where the young men stayed. prosecutors brought a forensics team for another examination. in his first public statements on the case, finn's attorney is pressing prosecutors to
6:34 pm
swra surveillance video. >> we're confident video exists. >> reporter: he told the reporters, finn didn't know he was a police officer and lashing out with this knife was a reaction because finn felt he was being strangled in a drug deal gone wrong. >> this quote is in the official report. >> reporter: police claim the suspects were clearly under the influence of beer, liquor and drugs, but they admit police did not collect blood evidence. there is no independent proof the young men were impaired. dan noyes, abc 7 news. >> you can follow him on twitter to get the latest developments. @dan noyes. he explained some of the differences between italian and american law. >> here in rome, any time someone from this case wants to go and see something lawyers from all sides have to be there. so here at the meridian hotel
6:35 pm
this morning the prosecution has asked to take another look at the hotel room where the two young men stayed. so attorneys from both sides, plus, the widow are here. >> dan has been in italy for more than a week for this case. you can find all of his reports on abc 7 coming up next, you'll meet a former beauty quieen who's abe to smile again after a stroke. concerned with your rental agreement? we have
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and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. new at 6:00, a new addition that could help warriors fans. mayor breed helped cut the ribbon. it sits between ucsf mission campus and the warriors home court. it is part of a larger effort to get fans to take public transportation to games. >> well, we got bike share. we got plans with muni. we have so many incredible opportunities for people to choose a ferry service and
6:39 pm
transit options first, and our goal is to get the word out and to hopefully sha, when we firstn this amazing place, we'll seatons see tons of people getting off right at this platform. >> fans will be able to use their warriors ticket as a free day pass on muni. a former beauty queen is thriving. >> now she can smile thanks to the ucsf surgeon whose skills restored her smile and a lot more. >> reporter: julia hernandez had everything going for her, pretty in13 wn she was 21, her e. world collapsed. >> a cluster of blood cells that burst in my brain. >> reporter: a massive stroke crippled her. worst of all, her beautiful smile was gone. it paralyzed the left side of
6:40 pm
her face. >> i looked in the mirror, and i saw my face for the first time. and i was shocked. >> reporter: but gradually, with the support of her family, among them, her sister and father, julia found strength and inner peace. she also found dr. daniel knot t whose speciality is difficult facial reanimation. she went through the surgery where he transplanted muscle. she came back to see her doctor. it was also the first time we saw julia since surgery. >> julia? >> yes, hi! >> oh, himy goodness.goodness >> reporter: dr. knot told her today she looked great. a big change from the time he performed surgery. >> she couldn't close her eyes. she couldn't raise her eyebrows. she couldn't smile. >> reporter: she still has a lot
6:41 pm
of work to do to work out the muscles in her face. that's because she had another setback after her surgery. >> in august last year i had another stroke. >> reporter: after that surgery, even more months of physical therapy while the left side of her face was healing well. through it all, julia discovered that old adage, beauty is only skin deep. >> finding that inner beauty within you is the ultimate gift that you can give yourself. >> reporter: vic lee, abc 7 news. >> amazing girl. julia's second stroke actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because surgeons removed that tumor that caused both strokes. >> at first they believed it was inoperable, but it turned out better than expected. >> coming up, we're going to check in with michael finney to see how the hotline for renters is doing. is doing. >> you can call into the
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they're hosting a hotline
6:45 pm
right now specifically for renters. >> let's check in with michael finney. >> we've been getting a lot of calls. if you're a renter or about to be a renter, give us a 415-954-7621. we have experts from all over the bay area, like mark here, he's from project sentinel. what is project sentinel? >> it's a non-profit organization that has contracts with several cities and counties located throughout the bay area up into sacramento and as far east as modesto. >> what do you do? >> well, we do basically three things. landlord tenant counseling and what they call hud counseling, we're a hud-certified counseling entity. first-time homebuyer counseling. >> let me give you a question. you guys know everything. that's what i know about you
6:46 pm
now, mark, which is, people always complain that they put down a security deposit, and then they can't get it back. what are the rules? how do they get it back? >> a landlord is required by state law within 21 days after the tenant vacates the property to either return the entire deposit or provide a detailed accounting of any deductions from the security deposit, including receipts or invoices. if the landlord doesn't do that within 21 days, there's actually a case law that says a landlord loses the right to keep any of the deposit. >> so you have to go to small-claims court? is that where you end up? >> ultimately, we advise the tenant to make every effort they can to contact the landlord, sometimes the landlord will say i sent it to you, didn't you get, that sort of thing. but if the landlord refuses to return the deposit the ten tant
6:47 pm
will have to go to small-claims court. >> mark and i are going to keep talking on facebook live. if you have questions, now's a good time to go over to facebook live and start asking your questions there. for everybody else, we're going to be here taking phone calls until 8:00 tonight, 415-954-7621, reporting live, i'm michael finney. >> thank you. let's get one last check on our weather. spencer christian standing by. >> you can see clouds becoming a little more evident in the sky. high clouds up above, and we've got low clouds at the coast and breezy out there all across the bay area. gusty companies no gusty conditions now. we're seeing lots of blue sky. it's 61 in san francisco, oakland, 68. upper 70s in morgan hill and 59 at half moon bay. a different view from our camera in downtown san francisco. looking at the fog about to swallow up sutro tower.
6:48 pm
78 at santa rosa. upper 80s in fairfield, concord and livermore. here are our features from mt. tam. low clouds will expand near the coast and bay. cooler than average touemperatus for the next few days. there may be some spotty drizzle along the coastal areas, but the fog will burn back quickly to the coastline, giving us a relatively sunny day away from the coast with highs from the low 60s at the coast to mid-80s inland and cooling continues. thursday afternoon, temperatures inland low to mid-80s. below average for this time of year. that pattern continues through saturday but then things will change. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures bounce back inland. tuesday we'll see mid-80s around the bay. and maybe even on the coast near
6:49 pm
70 degrees. that's a nice warmup coming, but first we get through the little chili spell. >> thanks. a little coming and going in baseball. >> changes for the giants, from world (music throughout)
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
good evening. the 49ers had hume hopes for
6:52 pm
mckinnon last year. but the man nicknamed jet was grounded before he took off because of a torn acl. today he was back on the field for the niners, cleared to practice. and he is not going to play saturday in the first preseason game against the cowboys. this video from last year. niners want to ease him back. kyle shanahan says they'll give him plenty of time before putting him in a 11 and 11 situation. >> i know he's probably got a lot of butterflies going out for the first time. he's able to do individual and stuff like that. we'll watch it again on the tape when we get in and evaluate it, but he's been looking good for a little bit on air. it's nice to get pads and get him with the team. we'll keep doing a day by day, hopefully sooner than lathe wit what happens wn camp? shawn poindexter, look out,
6:53 pm
predictable results. you just hope nobody gets hurt with stupid stuff like that. the raiders' first episode ayers tonig airs tonight on hbo. you'll see aprntonio brown. still getting used to his teammates as well as his >> play for the raiders. that's my quarterback. what's his name? >> derrick carter? >> derek carr. >> they'll figure it out. the kids are really cute. ezekiel elliott is sitting out of cowboys camp and hoping to get a new contract. he says he will n play in 2019 without a new deal, playing a le'veon bell who bolted for the jets as a free agent. zeke has two years left on his
6:54 pm
contract, not one like bell. now to baseball. joe panik became an instant fan favorite. but injuries and a steady decline in production made him expendable and was designated for assignment today. 2014 world series, starting that glove flip double play against the royals. panick hitting .235 this season. panick will be placed on waivers. he thanked the giants and fans saying in my heart i will always be a giant. the giants are playing the nationals tonight. as and cubs as we speak at wrigley. check out that wind there, taking on one-time jon bloop, scoring mar scoring marcana. they just acquired him a couple days ago. so 4-0.
6:55 pm
then pascotty adds adds adds ads 11 runs in four innings. it's 11-0 in the sixth. a lot of the best players in the world decided they did not want to play for team usa in the world championships, so they're not in vegas for practice. they like the challenge of getting this group of stars on the same page. >> take a group of players who compete against each other, put them on one team and try to form a team and, you know, a quick six-week period is really a fun challenge. it's great to get to know everybody. to coach with this staff. so it's a lot of fun, and obviously, we want to win, so we've got a lot of
6:56 pm
>> hey, you cover. your last dribble was right here. but you shot at the top of the key. can't nobody stay in front of that. >> steph curry spending part of his time coaching. that's a basketball showcase featuring elite players from across the country. they'll play tomorrow in oakland. they have seven girls in that camp competing as well. how fun would it be to be coached up by steph curry? that's once in a lifetime. fantastic. thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 11:00. >> i'm in san mateo where time and technology haven't taken out captain video. that story at 11:00. >> and tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, catch "bachelor in paradise" followed by mess this mess and bla "black-ish." >> jimmy kimmel live comes on at
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11:35. >> look for breaking news whenever you like on the abc 7 news app. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, including michael finney, we thank you for being here. remember, our 7 on your side's renters hotline is open until 8:00 p.m. 415-954-7621. >> experts are standing by right now. we'll see you at 11:00.
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