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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 7, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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27-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman taken to oakland's highlands hospital. the suspect is 20 to 25 years old. we're told he got away on a bike. no arrests have been made. at this point police don't have anymore details for us on how the investigation is going. that is the very latest of what happened here in berkeley. live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. it is 4:30. if you're joining us, let's get that quick update with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning to you. look at the breeze. it's back. 12 at sfo, 17 in concord, 35 in fairfield. what a headwind you're dealing with coming to the west on 80. 61 and mostly cloudy at sfo right now. increasing clouds through the morning. most of the mist confined to near the coast.
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56 to 61 degrees. maybe a degree or two cooler than yesterday. by noon i think you'll notice a difference as the breezes start to pick up. temperatures near 60 at the coast. low to mid 70s for the rest of us. 60 at the coast, 73 to 83. may not need the air conditioner in many areas. by 7:00, almost needing the jacket, 50s and mainly 60s. here's frances. a live camera show of the san mateo bridge where we have a sig alert. for the headlights moving eastbound, i'm seeing lots of headlights slowing. westbound to the right-hand side. the accident we're talking about is on east bay 92 as you make your way towards haywardment it's an overturned big rig, only one lane open at clawiter. a sig alert has been issued.
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so this will be out there for a while. you may want to consider the dumbarton bridge as an alternate. also a new injury crash railroad east bay 4 at this point. we're seeing minor slowing in the westbound direction. we'll keep you posted on this as well. happening today, president trump will visit el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, both communities still in shock from the deadly mass shootings. his first stop will be in dayton where a gunman opened fire at a bar killing ten people early sunday morning. the president will then travel to el paso where a shooter killed 22 at a walmart. some say his anti-immigrant rhetoric fueled the violence. the family of gilroy shooter latino la gans says they're ime to reconcile this with the son
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we thought we knew. they released the statement soon after the fbi said they were opening a domestic terrorism investigation into the shooting. they say the shooter had a number of targets including courthouses and both democrats and republicans. they still believe his motive was hate. only on abc 7 news, an act of heroism amidst the chaos of the gilroy shooting. a man who was shot and the nurse who helped him. >> glad to see you. this is for you. this is my mom sheri. >> reporter: the last time they saw each other, it was here. a bullet just hit nick in the leg. kim was running for her own livment when she saw him, she knew she had to help. >> i didn't think about it wasn't safe, i shouldn't have been there. i did what i felt i needed to do. >> you were my angel that day.
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i don't know why, but you were. i guess you could be astt ce the li makeshift tourniquet kim used from an apron. >> is he ae wake. >> he's awake, oriented, he got grazed in the right hip and the right leg. using a tourniquet. >> everyone is on the way. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> they're on the way. stay calm. >> definitely us. definitely us. >> that's the call i made. >> this reunion is a happy one. make no mistake, it is a meeting of survivors, traumatized by a horrific event. >> i've had bad days, days that i just cry. seeing him and knowing he's okay, it's brought closure knowing that what i did do helped him in some way. >> for me just knowing i was going to see pretty much my hero, my angel for that day, put
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the biggest smile on my face. cn'aior thi familreur wt and god bless you honestly. you were my angel that day. >> reporter: chrisry yes, sir, abc 7 news. the family of shooting victim keyla salazar say they'll push for laws to end gun violence. her funeral service yesterday. - bishop oscar cantu says her death is the example of the great tragedy of gun violence. in the east bay jurors begin their fourth day of deliberations in the ghost ship fire trial. the jury meets inside the courthouse at 9:30, scheduled to deliberate until noon. if they can't reach a verdict, they'll take a two-hour break and deliberate again from 2:00 to 4:00. they're charged with 36 counts of inval tear manslaughter.
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we send out updates about the case through the abc 7 news app. download it now so you feel find out when the jury reaches a verdict. three 24-hour public bathrooms are being opened to try to keep human waste off our streets. public works staff will work 24/7 near eddy and jones street, a mobile toilet at 6th and jesse streets and another at castro and market. that pilot program scheduled to last through the end of november. dwight clark certainly one of the most revered 49er players ever. the team is giving fans a special chance to celebrate his legacy today. juul is launching a new e-cigarette aimed at stopping minors from vaping. bmhe the video rental store staying strong on the peninsula. first it's 4:36.
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. remember block blooet bbuster. >> i have a vcr. >> i have a combination vhvh player. >> that's up in the kid's playroom. i can't get rid of it. cooler in el sobrante at 57. 61 in oakland for the warm spot along the east bay shore. other neighborhoods, 50 in novato right now. 52 in santa rosa. 62 in concord. 63 in mountain view. here is a look at walnut creek, 59 degrees. look south on 680 towards 24, increasing clouds there. most of the mist will be confined to the coast today. mass transit is cool this morning but warm when you return this afternoon and evening. we have small craft advisory across all the bay waters today. that's one reasons we're seeingro in the 90s yesterday.
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mid 80s today after starting off at 61. total sunshine. the breeze will feel refreshing. for the peninsula, increasing sunshine after a partly sunny conditions and see sunshine rapidly. temperatures will start to flirt wth the 80s as we head into the afternoon hours, dropping down to about 70 by 7:00. so it's finally here, i'll let you know how long it's going to last. an update on the weekend forecast. frances, you said we're off to a rough start already? >> not one but two sig alerts. two hot spots this morning. we'll go to the maps and show you the problem areas right now. the first one is in eastbound 92 at clawiter. only one lane open at this point, the left lane. don't know how long it's going to be out there. for folks heading to the east bay, you may want to consider the dumbarton bridge as an alternate later on depending on how long this is out there.
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in the north bay in the saint helena area, highway 29 at zinfandel lane is closed in both directions. no estimated time of reopening this one either. they're recommending silverado trail as an alternate at this point. we're also checking out the ride on northbound 880, the middle bar there. the drive time has improved from 238 to the maze. it's 13 minutes. there was earlier road work this morning. that was causing ten-minute
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i'm watching the high fire danger, red flag warning north and east of mt. schat sta until 9:00 this evening. as far as the rest of the evening goes, not quite as warm in sacramento, the sea breeze also reaching that area. 102 fresno, 106 palm springs. most sunshine around l.a. at 81. tahoe there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm today. but that will be gone by friday. look at that 72. saturday 67, 75 sunday. that's not even close to average which is 82. our hottest days in tahoe are just about behind us. the average low 42 yesterday, 41
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today. natasha. a potentially dangerous wildfire burning in southern california is now under control. this brush fire in whittierd ar. firefighters said it could have quickly grown to ten acres, but they managed to get it under control overnight. a new addition could help make a fast break from san francisco to chase center. a new muni metro start on third street sits between the mission bay campus and the warriors new home court. the may says the addition is part of a larger effort to get fans to take larger transportation to games. >> we've got bike shares, we've inedle oorti d togoal to g the right at this platform.
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>> fangs will s will be able to their warriors ticket as free day pass. dre' clark wore 87 and is today 8/7, august the 7th. there will be first come, first served dwight clark giveaways. he died last year after a long battle with als. tickets are $5.00 and benefit the 49ers foundation. entrances open at 9:00 a.m. practice starts at 10:15. tickets are still available on the 49ers website. on the peninsula, the days of bustling video rental stores like blockbuster are a thing of the past. high tech has not stopped one san mateo shop from thriving for 35 years. amanda del castillo shows us how this store is surviving.
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>> reporter: an antique store, a decades old video shop with antiques of a different kind, bhs tapes, beta max, ira, the owner and only employee at captain video. he's running the sole surviving captain video in the country. he's been in business every day since march 1985. though he admits someone else ran the front desk the time he had surgery. >> i had jury duty which i couldn't get out of. >> reporter: bell for is how making business work. >> this guy here is the only one just hanging around and keeping it open. >> reporter: regulars like tony make it happen. people who prefer the personal exchange. customers who seek out dvds for extra behind the scenes footage and for some, behind the black curtain, adult films.
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>> probably 60/40 now regular to adult other others say it's nostalgia. rental rates haven't changed in 35 years. >> it's still to this day $2.99 to rent movie. >> reporter: that will remain the case until he decides to close up shop. amanda del castillo. abc 7 news. >> ira, good for you. i remember my silver screen video in san rafael, we'd go, and my mom and i would get our movies. >> fun friday night. when the new one comes out, there's a whole wall of titanic, but you still have to go everly to get one. >> still have to challenge people -- >> i don't know about your life, mike. here is a look at what's going on in the south bay. a little murky out there. at the coast 58 as we look back towards the western span ofre
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breezy to start our cooling trend. cooler tonight with a mix of clouds and stars. extra hot inland next week. here is a look at what's going on. you can see clouds over the coast heading south. that's the battle that's been brewing between those areas of low pressure and high pressure. the low winds today induces the sea breeze. look at the temperatures, how they drop to the mid and upper 70s for the south south souths heading up the peninsula, a lot of mid to upper 70s. 60 to 63 along the coast, 65 to 67 downtown south san francisco. sausalito 68. 62 to 63 along the north bay coast. we'll have a few 70s around sonoma, napa vallejo and san rafael. 60s richmond and berkeley. as you move into the east bay, low to upper 80s. tonight, look at the cloud cover
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out there and low to upper 50s. a few degrees cooler than this morning. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we stay below average tomorrow, friday, saturday. temperatures rebound back to average on sunday. forget that, let's keep going and get even holter monday and tuesday. frances. mike, we've got traffic alerts in a couple spots. one is coming off the san mateo bridge. a sig alert has been issued. you can see for headlights moving eastbound, they'll approach the sig alert crash. it's eastbound 92 at clawiter. apparently a tow truck went off the embankment to the side t. two right lanes whether be blocked. they don't know when it will reopen at this point. the dumbarton bridge could be an alternate. also highway 29 at zinfandel lane, highway 29 is closed in both directions. your alternate is silverado trail. apparently there's an accident
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with injuries and the car caught on fire and now they're saying possibly the fence caught on fire. it's going to take a while to clear that one as well. live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. just the cash paying lanes are backed up past the end of the parking lot. there is a possible new way to restrict e-cigarettes in and around schools. also uper and lyft admitting they are making traffic congestion worse. here are your tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, juul is launching a bluetooth connected e-cigarette. >> it connects to an android app. adult users must go through a verification process and it locks so no one else can use it. >> amazon self driving robots are coming to a los angeles suburbs. they'll be roaming the streets of irvine. >> they look like a picnic cooler on wheels and are about the same size. for now amazon workers will accompany the robots. uber and lyft are admitting
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what cities have been saying for years. >> a study says more than 10% of miles. in san francisco traffic doubled over a two-year period. my goodness. >> those are your tech bites. >> have a good one. coming up next, the oakland zoo mourns the loss of its fire king. the tough new fire rules the north bay is trying to to to too people about. today t "7 on your side" team will take questions from homeowners. we'll have a hotline from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. to speak with mortgage and real
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giants wrap up the series with the nationals with a day game today under a mostly sunny and breezy sky. we'll start at 60 at 12:45 and top out at about 63 degrees. burn time 15 to 20 minutes. take that sunscreen. >> mike, thank you. a lion who lived at the oakland zoo for 19 years has passed away. the zoo says lna suffered from arthritis and kidney disease. his health became so bad, zookeepers decided to euthanize him on sunday. he had been at the zoo since he was four months old. he was discovered at a home
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during a drug bust. in the north bay, mill valley used national night out to get neighbors up to speed on new wildfire prevention laws. mills alley is banning several plant species, it is also requiring homeowners to have three feet of hard scape around any structure. those are elements like stones, rocks or driveway. >> we know that fire in mill valley is not an if but a when. this is something we think of as really important for our community preparedness as a whole and a way to protect everyone's private property. >> the city decided it needed to come up with a new plan following the 2017 north bay wildfires. the new requirements will start in 2021. let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> some good news for the islands. look at this. what's left of flossie, moving north-northwest at 14. no more watches or warnings.
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the trade winds will take over and everything is turning back to normal in hawaii. back here at home, we're a little below average. that starts today. look at tomorrow. barely mid to upper 80s in antioch, clear lake, cloverdale. mid 60s to barely 70 around some of our bay neighborhoods. friday just about the same. look at this, even saturday we're still well below average. if you have outdoor activity, saturday is going to be a great day, a non-taxing day as far as temperatures being on the cooler-than-average side and light humidity, just strong sunshine if you're out and about. all this changes come sunday, monday, tuesday. i'll show you that in the next to frances. a photographic alert eastbound 92 at clawiter. a sig alert issued. i want to show you other spots around the bay area where we have better news. live shot of emeryville, headlights moving westbound towards the bay bridge. traffic is looking good
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westbound, 80 from highway 4 to the maze is 16 minutes. fine across the bay bridge and southbound 101 looking good on the peninsula. for folks heading to the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction on the right, traffic is flowing well. in the east bay direction as you approach clawiter that's where we have a sig alert because of an accident. only one lane open at this point. also, heads up for all a.c.e. train commuters. all trains running 10 to 15 minutes late this morning. that's due to speed restrictions due to track maintenance. plan for that as you make your way towards the south bay. apparently -- we'll get to this fridge story in a moment. i want to start with this. after much anticipation for raider nation and nfl fans all over the country, the very first episode of hbo's "hard knocks" from the team's training trainig aired. here is a funny excerpt involving antonio brown
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>> we play with the raiders. we play with derek carr. that's my quarterback. >> what's his name? >> derek carter? >> derek carr. >> "hard knocks" airs every tuesday night until september 3rd. now to the fridge story. what on earth. this man apparently thought it would be a good idea tos to a fridge down a hillside in spain to mock recycling. he recorded the stunt and posted it. spanish police saw it and figured out exactly who it was because they could see his license plate in the video. so he was fined more than $50,000 and they made him drag the fridge all the way back up the hill. coming up next at 5:00 a.m., a warning about the chipotle
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burrito bowls. the concerning thing researchers found about the bowls themselves. i'm liz kroits at sfo. after the shootings, count
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countries worrying about traveling to america after the recent mass shootings. what these countries are telling their citizens about the u.s. good morning on this wednesday, august 7th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi,


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