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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 8, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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breaking news. multiple people are dead after a
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stabbing spree in california. >> tonight, what police are saying about a motive. i'm amanda del castillo in gilroy, where the community is coming together for the first time since the deadly shooting. i'm kate larson in san francisco, where people have had reports that the gym's owner is throwing president trump a re-election fund raiser. "abc7 news" starts now. >> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> that breaking news is a series of stabbings that left at least four people dead tonight in orange county. police are investigating seven crime scenes. robbery appears to be the motive. the victims attacked randomly. >> it started at an apartment where two people were killed. the man with the knife then held up a subway shop, killing a worker there. across the street, the man disarmed a security guard who had a gun and stabbed him to death. he was arrested at that store. >> i've worked here for 30 years. this is the first time i've ever
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seen something like this. it's pure evil when this happens. this is one of those things you see one time in a career. >> a woman at an insurance company was stabbed along with a man at a gas station. police say they have a 33-year-old man from garden grove in custody. new at 11:00, luxury gyms and equinox are facing backlashes after reports surfaced that the chain owner is throwing a fund-raiser for president trump. >> kate larson is live with the story this evening. kate? >> reporter: well, dan, ama, we're at market and castro, a symbol of love and tolerance. avn ownership doesn't represent their values. protests targeting soul cycle in san francisco, this one in castro.
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>> those two ladies support kids in cages. >> reporter: a boycott spread across the country monday, after reports surfaced that the owner, steven ross, is holding a fund-raiser for president trump's re-election campaign this week. >> people need to snap out of it. >> they can cancel a class or a gym membership or make a phone call, boycott with their dollars. >> reporter: celebrities on twitter said they were canceling memberships. and once riders learned of the trump connection, many started back pedaling on their loyalty. >> i don't want to support donald trump in any way. >> there's other companies that do just as good a job. so i'll give them my money instead. >> reporter: they put out statements saying they have nothing to do with the political fund-raising event, that no company profits are used to fund
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political campaigns. the distancing, however, did little to deter the pro-tests. >> we want corporate america to stop funding donald trump and his hatred. >> reporter: all right. so steven ross put out a statement that says he has known donald trump for 40 years, and supports leaders on both sides of the aisle. he said he's an outspoken champion of racially equality, inclusion and diversity. he made no mention of his fund-raiser or the boycotts against his gyms. i'm kate larson, "abc7 news." in the south bay tonight, a community still reeling from the garlic festival tragedy is hosting its first major event since. organizers of the gilroy rodeo are expecting a sellout crowd again. amanda del castillo is live in gilroy. amanda? >> reporter: organizers brought back the gilroy rodeo last year after a more than 60-year
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hiatus. people we spoke with today say the event is helping them through the healing process. ♪ o, say can you see >> reporter: there are plenty of reminders throughout the grounds. shirts, signs, all reading gilroy strong. the strength of the city was tested with the garlic festival shooting. >> this coming so quickly after the gilroy garlic festival, this is exactly what we need. >> reporter: singing the national anthem to crowds coming together for the first time since three innocent people were killed. the stands here are able to hold 6500 people. >> i don't think it's going to slow anybody down. i think we are gilroy strong. i think it's going to be a great show this weekend. >> reporter:his weekd, me tmatch. over the last six months, security teams prepared contingency plans. >> since the events have occurred, we have revisited our
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plans and increased security for this event. >> reporter: more officers on patrol and more eyes on the perimeter will be most visible to rodeogoers. guests say they're not worried and they refuse to stay in hiding. >> there's always something going on that really challenges our existence as americans and our freedoms. [ applause ] of course, for safety reasons, the safety director isn't able to disclose all security measures. part of keeping gilroy strong is keeping gilroy safe. amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." >> thank you, amanda. the gilroy foundation established a special fund for victims of the shooting. we have a link on our website. racism should be out of the white house. >> today, president trump visited el paso and dayton,
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ohio. the two cities affected by mass shootings this past weekend. in each city the president was greeted by protests. president trump's press secretary says in hospitals, the president was greeted "very warmly." new at 11:00, residents in san francisco also held an anti-racism rally and vigil today. they say to show support for the el paso shooting victims. "abc7 news" was there at the event at a b.a.r.t. station in the mission district. they want officials to denounce white supremacist violence. similar events were held nationwide in oakland. in the east bay, it was a full house on a meeting for gun violence. with concerns that engaged and enraged the crowd. >> repeal the second. >> we need the right wing and left wing to soar high.
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>> reporter: for nearly two hours, one question after another. a crowd full of concern, but conflicted over solutions. >> i want us to look at what is the root cause of gun violence. i think that's the root before talking about assault rifles. >> don't attack this from a gun issue. attack this from a mental health issue. >> reporter: swalwell was clear on his position. a corner stone of his brief run for presidency. >> the american people, they already know what us to do. overwhelmingly they support background checks and assault weapons ban. it's just getting a congress to do it. >> reporter: the congressman said one of the reasons he called this meeting is because 44% of his constituents born outside of the united states, many are feeling targeted. >> it is pretty much like a ticking bomb that is in every parent's head who are with different colors or different backgrounds. >> it's hard for me to see so
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many outlines out here speaking on these issues. >> reporter: that seemed to be the common thread in this crowd, a deep sense that inaction is not an option. even if all that means right now is speaking up. >> you have to do step by step. so that's why we're here. >> reporter: chris reyes for "abc7 news." employees at corporate walmart offices in san bruno and other cities staged a walkout in hopes the company will stop selling guns after a shooting in walmart in el paso saturday. tom mahomas marshall organized protest. >> we're simply tired of living in a country where we're sphering for our lives. it truly breaks my heart people are walking in to stores of ours afraid. >> "abc7 news" reached out to walmart for a response but haven't heard back.
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walmart ceo down mig millen promised to respond in a thoughtful and positive way. new developments. the ski mask rapist will not be getting out of prison any time soon. 58-year-old george sanchez was deniedparole. he could have been paroled under a new law that made eligible some elderly prisoners. he'll be eligible for another hearing in seven years. buying a home in san francisco can be crazy expensive. >> in an effort to build a better bay area, we talked with experts about what first time home buyerks expect. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. you may be seeing more than a drop in temperatures before the weekend. first, a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks, dan and ama. what you're about to see is made in america entertainment. ly get things done if it's the last thing i dill do.
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"oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave. just stopping that irritation.... that burn that i get. i wouldn't use anything else" ♪ you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. all this week, "abc7 news" is focusing on the housing crisis and the challenges of buying a home. >> it's part of our effort to
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build a better bay area. with the average price per square foot around $1100, the challenge can appear daunting. >> but as dion lim finds out, first time home buyers need to think outside the box. >> reporter: in a city where the average home price is $1.7 million, try making the american dream happen, when you're on a teacher's salary and moving to the bay area from wisconsin. >> it was at that point where we thought it might just not be possible for us to ever own a home here. >> reporter: christine mcdonald is one of the lucky ones. in san francisco, more than 40% of homes sell for over asking price. christine made offers on multiple homes over the course of eight weeks, and outbid by sometimes a dozen or more buyers, all have larger down payments or pay cash. >> one was a $750,000 condo, less than 800 square feet, no garage, built in the '60s, ugly.
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and it went for $1.17 million. 45% over asking. >> reporter: with the help of her real estate agent, she found this condo for just under $800,000. >> i felt lucky and fortunate that i did have a little bit of savings and my family was able to help out a little bit. but after cashing out most of my retirement account, it's been a risk and exciting at the same time. >> reporter: realtor rebecca white says there are ways to get a leg up on the competition, like thinking outside the box. >> i learned this when i started in real estate 30 years ago. find a home with 80% of what you like, 10% you can change and 10% you can live with. >> reporter: for christine because of her small down payment, her interest rate and closing costs were exceptionally high. but because it was under litigation over construction issues, fewer people were willing to bid and this gave her
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an advantage. >> if you find something with problems, other people won't want it. >> it's overwhelming and competitive. and we are trying to build something special at our school where our teachers can stay for the long-term. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lim, "abc7 news." >> >> earlier today, michael finney hosted a home hotline where questions were answered on how to navigate buying and selling a home. go to and click on the big image for housing crisis. you'll find all of our stories and easy way to share your own story. we've received many submissions already. for the first time, the music festival will include cannabis sales and a smoking area. the both the city and state granted approval tonight.
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outside lands opens this friday. a sheriff's car looks like this because of an sies o start following bear. these images were posted on facebook. they say the vehicle was struck by a falling bear, then hit an embankment and caught fire. both the deputy and bear got away fine. i mentioned the outside lands music festival this weekend. what is the weekend going to be like? >> it's going to be nice this upcoming weekend. it starts on friday as you know. let's take a look at live doppler 7. we're going to talk about what it looks like now. we have a few low clouds. not everyone is seeing it. here's what is going to get interesting. tracking a system off the pacific northwest here, keeping an eye on this carefully, because this weekend, we may be seeing raindrops out of this. watch the computer animation.
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fast forwarding to friday as the system approaches going into saturday morning. you see a few green drops there. so we may be looking at a couple of showers saturday morning into the early afternoon. best chance in the north bay. i want to emphasize it's not a done deal. it is well to our north. and the way it's working out right now, here's the way the weekend forecast looks. in kalts ycase you're making slight chance of showers, 60s to 80s. sunday, mid 60s to mid 90s. i want to show you a live look here, as we look towards the port of oakland. visibility is good. temperatures in the 50s, 60s. a live look here, and you can see just a few clouds there across the san francisco skyline. so limited low clouds tomorrow ara days and a slight chance of showers on saturday. your hour by hour planner.
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some clouds, temperatures in the 50s. 7:00 a.m. will need a light extra layer. you'll see the sun by noontime. below average for the afternoon, and it is going to be breezy and cooler. so first thing tomorrow morning, temperatures in the low to upper 50s. you'll see a few clouds around in the bay side communities and along the coast. download the accuweather app and track the temperatures any time you want. 64 in san francisco tomorrow. 69 in oakland. 77 in san jose. 83 in concord. fairfield, 76. 83 in santa rosa. and another breezy one is on tap. your accuweather seven-day forecast. cool by august standards for your thursday. still below average friday. this is where that slight chance of a few showers comes in on saturday. temperatures bottom out here and then back to summer on sunday. mid 60s to mid 90s with the temperatures coming up, especially inland valley where is it will be steamy.
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mid to upper 90s. the heat holds on through midweek. as we get used to this idea of a refreshing breeze and cooler than average conditions, bam, here comes summer. >> coming back. tomorrow on "good morning america" ben stiller talks about dand steaks aren't just for and right now we can have both for less because with choice sirloin... denny's is elevating its new steak and eggs for just $10.99. it's new and it's a pretty big deal. see you at denny's!
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good evening. giants were on fire in july. they have gone stone cold in august. they have been in a freefall since alex dickerson got hurt and swept by the nationals today. junior is all dressed up. hands off the lens, son. para started the season with the giants. they let him go after a month. payback in the 3rd. para deep off of shawn anderson. nationals up 4-0. joe ross, born in berkeley, dealing in the city. six scoreless, struck out five. things go from bad to worse. steven duggar, going to dive to make the cash. lands hard on his left shoulder. the same shoulder he had surgery on. he will need an mri. giants swept, 4-1. they have dropped seven of eight. the a's fans joining a little beverage at wrigley.
1:36 am
a's scored 11 today. cubs returned the favor today. this is high, deep, and aloha means grand slam off of homer bailey who gave up seven runs. three-run bomb here off of trevino. cubs take two of three from the a's, 10-1 was the final. the date is august 7th today. 8/7. dwight clark's number. the 49ers honored him who passed away last year from als. tonight, they remembered a dear friend. >> how he made me better is that he showed me when he was vulnerable. he showed me that when he was vulnerable he could still be a champion. >> he cared about everyone. he was wonderful with the fans. he never said no in terms of talking about and enjoying the moment when he engaged them.
1:37 am
he was one of a kind. >> kevin durant told yahoo sports the warriors did not pressure him to come back early. k.d. added nobody was responsible. it was just the game. durant will rehab next season as a member of the brooklyn nets. from ax throwing to cherry spitting to dodge ball, espn2 turned into the -- oh, look out. team usa and canada, this was vicious. if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. and just like a movie, team usa trailed big, but came back to win in overtime. usa, usa, usa. >> remember that as a kid? >> i was going to say do you remember your last dodge ball game? >> i don't remember my last one. >> we can have one after the
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tv's number one daily viral video show, right this minute. it's hard to make sense of their midair moves. >> it's all just so mind blowing. >> why this stairway to heaven is really alone. >> the stuff you see. >> they waited to find out the gender of their baby and now -- >> congratulations you're having a -- >> congratulations your having a -- >> how friends, family and even dr. drew are building the suspense. >> congratulations, you're having -- >> a passenger is questioned about suspicious cargo. why it takes a lot of nerve to bring bees on a plane. >> what are they? >> and they're pulling out all the stops. >> why the secret to this experience is more than good food and fine
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the term is a term that you would normally hear rock climbing but i feel like you can also use that term in this svie of a plane. two jp out repelling down is team sky vibration. the video being shot, check it out. it's like he's a spider dropping down. it's all mind blowing. >> what is he doing? what's his plan? >> well, the plan is this. after he gets toward the end of his line, he takes sort of a sitting position so he can some what land on another


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