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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 8, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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. tv's number one daily viral video show, right this minute. like all police chases, this chase is going to come to an end. >> the suspect that got wrangled by the around about. he's doing something he has never done why these 12 steps mean so much. spectacular footage of f-15 twists and turns. >> a rare
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we're breaking down the best on the web including the perfect solution if -- >> you don't have a loved one -- >> a couched companion to make its way into your heart. >> let's see it again. footage from australia, it's so different because in this case, the dash cam is mounted inside the vehicle that has been stolen and currently driven by the thief. pretty soon, this is going to come to an end. because he approaches the round about right here and it's a bit too much and then --
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>> oh. >> yeah. >> now this particular thief had quite the busy day actually early in the morning. turned into the back of his truck. then got his struck stuck and then eventually stole this car. and this accident pretty much wrecked him. you can see it right there on top of him. we have a second by second record of all of his violations. >> yes, in fact, he has been charged with a number of offenses. i could list them but the show would be over. >> you can see him taken away a little bit later on, but that's because he stopped it. >> the universe desperately needed to bring it to a stop. i'm glad nobody was injured because that was dangerous. >> it's not so great.
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>> yeah, that sucks. >> that's a . >> happy byyo how old are you? [ screaming ] >> and right there you get to see how excited she is about seeing her grand son, james says his great grandmother raised him since he was three months old and it was very important for him to be there. got lots of surprises from justin. first up, tom and irene. grandpa tom is happy to see him.
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grandma irene is happy to see him and the hug fest goes on and on. but not the only people. they have been told there's a package and just a girl thing. so happy to see him. and last but not least -- >> another one? >> oh, yeah, one more. those are his actual two siblings right there. isabella and >> you're at home, and you smell smoke and start to panic and in this case he grabbed his camera and he ran outside and noticed his house wasn't on fire, it's
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the neighbor's house. you do hear more sirens. it takes a moment for the fire engines to arrive. he said something about everybody being out of the house. >> according to the homeowner everybody is out thoe. informaon that the firefighters have and begin to set everything up. >> look at all of that damage. there's nothing that you can do. you have to watch the fire engulf everything. >> this is the prince george's fire department in maryland. they're a volunteer organization. what's making this video more interesting is this particular moment right here. the camera pans around to the right. what do you notice in the background. >> a fire department. >> there is a fire department right across the street. according to a statement from the prince george's fire
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department they say at the time of the fire, station 17, the one in the background was unavailable due to lack of staffing. >> maybe you watch the video tape and you'd like to get involved in the fire department. he is caring for his elderly parents in his house that you can see sustained damage on the outside. everybody was >> well, if you're mentally strong, anything is possible. sit in a wheelchair his entire life and he's about to do something he has never done before and he's going to do it in front of his good friend wiz khalifa. little by little, step by step. >> yes, sir.
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>> and you can hear him in the background. take your time. >> this is the first time that he has been able to take 12 steps. waiting for the moment where he can catch up with his footing so he can impress him. >> yes, sir. >> and one foot in front of the other. >> i wanted to take him from backstage to the stage. he's part of the hip hop community and he performs, he's well connected and he just really wants to inspire people. on top of all of that he started an organization because he wants to bring awareness to people with cerebral palsy and provide
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support and wheelchairs for them and their >> that's a lot of work. a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work. >> little isaiah saw dad trimming his beard. how dad gives him the cutest close shave >> and a party trick that is next level. >> see the perfectly balanced way to take it down. >> what are you doing? >> brought to you by yoplait. for the big little win. yoplait, for fueling independence. for big little wins. yof your daily routine.lf so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job
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>> the united states air force took a little trip to wales in the u.k. and put on one heck of a show. oh, the glorious sounds of an f-15. one interesting thing that is happening on this day is that there wash moisture in the air and it's creating the trails off the wind and it doesn't happen very often. >> there's a couple of places in the u.k. where you can go do
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this. >> in the united states, death valley national park is a huge place for these guys to train up. >> imagine what it looks like. well, little man wants to be just like daddy. isaiah saw his daddy and is getting in on the action. he's like, let me clone you upright quick. >> hey. >> he looks in the mirror and he likes what he sees. >> he's cute. >> there's a huge problem and he
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better be on top of it. hide those clippers real maybe do this. >> if they're watching this at home right now. >> until it's time for debate. oh, you know how it goes. what? >> and then turns it on. >> what? >> yes honey. >> it's out like a light. >> is that really a
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>> pretty much all of us at one point have chugged a beer. just one. just the one. the thing is that i never realized that when it came to chugging a beer -- >> what. >> you're about to see it. i was expecting to see something like that. >> no, this guy is next level. >> look, look, look. >> this is actually a dui people see this video and you can do this one quick.
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get the beer. >> and there you go ladies and gentlemen. the olympic gold gold gold goldd >> can you trust the boat driver? next right this minute. and still to come, an up close look at some tiny little things. >> but what do you think that might have gone. >> the surprising place these creepies are crawling. >> already crawly. >> plus an impressive mountain bike ride. oh, wow. this guy is just so fluid. why he don't need any thrills to appreciate his skills. ♪ the best lunch option is more options
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not sorry. reese's. promotional considerations provided by. pain thinks it can over power you. it obviously doesn't know you. icyhot. icy to dull, hot to relax. rise from pain. icyhot. >> it's a little
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bug. >> that's a mite. do you know what it's on? >> a bee. >> you're right. this was a bumblebee. we had his video from microscopic world on before. >> just to think that bugs have bugs, that's creep pi. >> they're in our eyebrows right now. >> eyelashes or something like that. >> some of us have more than others. >> that's somewhere else, okay? >> he shot this with his iphone. >> stop. >> my skin is already crawling. >> he has a little device that he puts on his iphone so he can film what's going on in his microscope. some of them do carry his friend bought him a bee that
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was deceased and has a has a a microscope to check things out. this is a video that you'll never see recreated. she is about to look at something very, very big and something that some people think is very, very scary. >> oh. >> that's true. but notice the little girl. her dad is so proud of her and that's probably why she is not there. >> but clearly it's not dangerous. >> these are not dangerous. we have thrown around the turn jedi. i don't even think yoda, obe one and luke skywalker together could ride that bike. oh, wow, this guy is just so
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fluid. film maker rupert walker, they put together this track for the most recent raw 100, it's chapter five but what does it mean? >> it's a natural sound. >> sounds like being chased by a swarm of angry bees as he puts down this line. super cool video by red bull. asmr for mountain bike guys. if you're lonely and in the mood for love, how you can get a
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monthly boyfriend hug
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you can do it. >> going home to my mom this weekend. >> adorable >> are you in the mood?
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>> wow, i missed that. >> say that you are but you don't have loved ones. we've got you >> i'm not here yet. >> that's the thing choking you out. >> how do you get it? >> these aren't just arms of a burly strong man thing, they're speakers. so not only will it hug you, but it will also say sweet nothings to you. >> you smell so good today. >> i love that they built these arms that just kind of stop
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short of the head. >> maybe you could replace it with whatever head you want. there is a caveat here. there's only one. it's created by a japanese company, they're going to be raffling it off as part of a promotion if their upcoming game hero of maiden. there are different ways that you can enter to win this. the deadline is august 9th, so literally coming up. >> what is this? >> i feel like there's a flaw here right? >> no way. >> that's weird. you got to get up in there. >> so yeah. >> hope you enjoyed the show
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today, right this will keep you smiling for
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the deadly stabbing sprees. four killed, two more wounded. victims apparently targeted at random. and in another attack, a man stabbing and slashing two them. what police around the country are saying tonight. also, have you seen this man? the escaped inmate suspected of killing a high-ranking prison employee before busting out. officials warning he's extremely dangerous and he could be anywhere. the sweeping i.c.e. raids. hundreds of undocumented immigrants taken into custody. the images of children whose parents were taken away. some in tears. what the head of homeland security said after our reporter showed him those images. the backyard plane crash.
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a family killed when their


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