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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 8, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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one is seven to ten achers and seems to be not contained but it's in the an area where they're not as concerned about it escaping as they were an hour or two ago. they're keeping it to a minimum of ten acres currently. as long as the winds don't pick up and become a hazard in itself, they should be able to have something under control here in the next couple hours. we're hoping. there's an additional fire that started about a mile or so down the road. it's about two acres and that's one of the fires that -- one of the reasons they decided to do the evacuation in the rivera west community. there's only one way out of that community. that's obviously a concern we have anytime there's a fire such as this in this area. >> we're showing live pictures from sky 7 and you can see a lot of smoke coming from the hillside. there are also a number of homes
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in that area. how many structures are in danger at this point? >> the area evacuated is around 650 homes. there are other communities along that corridor about 12,000 residents live in that area. that particular association has about 650 homes and the one to the northwest of it is about the same number of it residents there. they're concerned about any of those residents and communities that are uphill from that area. it's very steep and so if you, as you can see, many of those homes it's so steep one home can look over the top of the home in front of it and could be able to see the lake so they all have a lake view. very steep terrain. areas that are not developed, the last fire through that mountain that was in 1961 i believe and so just decades and decades an of fuel loading since then and there's tremendous potential for fire in that area.
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it's the highest risk in our county. it has been for many years even before the past fires we've been experienced. this is identified as one of the highest risks. >> for the viewers at home watch our live look right now there was a plane that came through and dropped retardant. you've been working on an event just for this purpose to try to clear out some of the vulnerable areas so that a fire like this wouldn't be devastating. >> correct. we've been working on this for the past few weeks. i have an event planned called 1,000 hands where we're trying to get 500 people that want to come along. we're closing off the road for 60s moles, closing off the southbound lane to allow people to park and work in there in order to clean all the vegetation and hazardous -- >> it sounds like we just lost rob there. we'll keep you posted on this
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situation. obviously, they're doing everything they can to keep it under control and make sure none of the homes are threatened. but there are 650 houses and they are doing evacuations. we'll be following this all afternoon long. with that, we say thanks for join us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. >> spencer has a look at the weather conditions going on there right now. >> i'm going to take you down to kelseyville near the fires. these readings are from kelseyville, not the exact locations of the fire. conditions should be close. 81 degree right now. it's not hot there. it is quite dry, relative humidity only 28%. it's breezy. the steady wind is out of the west-northwest at 14 miles per hour with gusts to 23 miles per hour. of course, even if the steady wind remains unchanged or decreases, the gusts from time to time could be strong enough to make it difficult for the firefighters to contain the fire. at the moment, again, not hot but it is dry. it is windy and gusty.
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i'll monitor that for you if anything chicagos, i'll let you know. >> thank you, spencer. today in new york, one of the vips of the gilroy garlic festival was laid to rest. a funeral was held for 25-year-old trevor irby in his whoem hometown of romulus. paul bearers were jerseys from his favorite team, the steelers. today police said people who need to retrieve vehicles at christmas hill park can do so there. the assistance center closes tomorrow. the gilroy foundation established a special fund for victims of the garlic festival shooting. we have a link on our website, abundance 7 >> in the wake of the mass shooting, the san jose police department is launching a new program to beef up active shooter response. >> news reporter chris nguyen live for news san jose to explain with more. chris? >> reporter: the program will revolve around schools throughout the city as well as
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large scalen standby ready to respond at a moment's notice. >> gilroy, el paso and tragic e couple weeks have left many of us on edge. >> it's hard to keep -- -- -- -- bad thinking because you want your kids to meet people, socialize. >> reporter: today a new effort aims to provide another layer of protection notice nation's tenth largest city. >> we need to be vigilant but it's not a cause to have our community scared to come out to different events. >> the department will now place officers around the city whose seoul job is to respond to active shooter at events. offirsille assigned to provide support throughout the school day when students return later this month. the school guardian program is expected to cost $3 million in the first year and paid for by the department's overtime budget. >> we all have to keep our eyes
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and ears aware. if we hear or see thing an that is strange on social media, the student is being depressed or changing behavior, they need to report it to the school like th summer jazzfest downtown will also see an added security presence. >> having everybody on the same page has given us a strong sense of confidence for making sure we have a great weekend and people can enjoy the fest and feel safe. >> a community hoping to regain a sense of normalcy. >> the idea is a little scary to go to these events now. but knowing that there will be somebody there that kind of brings you a little bit more comfort to know they're ready to respond. >> reporter: the chief hopes that the extra presence will help deter anyone who is planning an attack. we're live in san jose this afternoon, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> thank you. in the north bay, they flags are flying at half-staff today, an unprecedented move from the
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mayor to push congress to solve the issue of gun violence. >> wayne freedman joins us live outside city hall with more. i understand the mayor just wrapped up a news conference. what was the message today? >> reporter: well, it's a very strong message. what he started here stands a very good chance of becoming a national movement if other towns and cities step in line. it's all about gun violence and congress and you can see the signs of it over my shoulder. and that waving flag. flags at half-staff, they're never a good sign, never good news. and in marin county san rafael this week, they have become a symbol of protests. >> are you first the city in the country to do this. >> i think so. i don't know of any other that has. >> that is mayor gary philips explaining the connection between flags at half staff over seven city buildings and how he ordered the measure to send a message to congress about gun violence. he wants action now. >> i'm completely fed up with congress not taking action that
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has resulted in so many tragedies throughout our country. 250 mass shootings thus far this year. >> san rafael has never suffered from the impact of a shooting that such a protest would proba least political place in mariner that i can think of. >> with flags at half-staff bob city hall, the fire stations, the community center, even the bocce ball courts, san rafael has become political now and started a discussion. >> we have to start place and we have to remind people this is an ongoing thing for the last 30 years. >> at one time i was in fact a member of the nra, but there's so many gun violence and too many guns on the streets, now i rescinded my membership and am in favor of comprehensive gun control such as the japanese have. >> two constitution is guarantees the freedom to bear arms and freedom of speech. there is red, white, and blue as the flags flying at half-staff
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here with no apparently happy medium. so there's a logical question. why does the mayor believe san rafael should be doing thissing? he says the answer is simple. san rafael represents a lot of american cities, nobody wants to koubtd their dead. they want to see an end to this. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. northbound 101 is back open this afternoon after a fiery crash killed one person. >> that collision happened at 3:30 this morning on 101 north of bailey avenue in san jose just south of highway 85, four vehicles were involved. news reporter amy hollyfield has the details. >> reporter: this huge fire erupted in south san jose at 3:30 this morning. five cars were involved in this fiery crash. it was something veteran officers had not seen in their careers. >> yeah, i've been an officer for 17 years. and i don't think i've ever had
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as many vehicles you know, on fire at one point. >> there were so many cars and drivers involved, officer chris ma selly had to refer to his notes during our interview. he said it started with one car crashing into the center divide. >> the first vehicle was a station wagon, unknown make and model at this point. the vehicle was completely burned and so you know, it will take some time to figure out exactly what make and model the vehicle was. >> reporter: then along came a ford fusion that hit the first car. then a toyota yarus, then a tacoma, next a subaru. they kept coming and crashing. the backup stretched for miles. all but one lane was closed for lynx five hours reopening a little after 8:00 a.m. the driver of the first car died. so we may never know why he hit the center divider. police are asking for wit anies to give them a call. >> this was early in the morning.
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it is the commute direction for our area. you know, and hopefully we'll have more people come forward. >> reporter: the chp office in gilroy is handling the investigation. the officers here say each car only had a driver, no passengers. they did take two of the drivers to the hospital suffering from minor injuries. in gilroy, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> the wait is finally over for thousands of east bay commuters. ac transit service returns to the salesforce transit center in san francisco this weekend with a fuel commute schedule slayed for monday morning. the buss have been using the temporary terminal nearby while repairs to a cracks beam were finished. officials say riders can look forward to a much smeether entry into the city via the upper deck of the sky bridge. >> if you take a bus from oakland now, you'll cross over six busy congested treats in san francisco and go right into the transit center. it will be easier for commuters and visitors and we're excited to reopen it to the public. >> they also announced new
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destinations for hungry commuters at the transit center. three new tenants are moving in including chinese and mexican restaurants and a chocolate retailer. >> enough, the magazine taking a stand in the fight against mass shootings and the bay area artist behind it. vape warnings. the new reports of health problems including seizures among teens ho vape. and buying a home. how fi - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> a live look once again from sky . this is the breaking news in lake county where a wildfire has broken out along the shore of clear lake. the lake county sheriff ordered
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evacuations for about 650 in theay supervisor telling us there's one road going into and out of the community so getting out now is really important. wind conditions with gusts up to 23 miles per hour. so far, ten acres have burned and a separate two-acre fire nearby. it's going to be interesting when investigators piece this together how separate fires broke out nearby. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you the latest throughout the evening here on abc7. >> this week abc7 news is focusing on the housing crisis and the challenges of buying a home as part of our effort to build a better bay area. >> the average price per square foot is around $1100. this is just insane. the challenge can appear to be daunting. as news anchor dion lim finds out, first time home buyers need to think outside the box. >> reporter: in a city where the average home price is a mind
4:16 pm
boggling $1.7 million, try making the american dream happen. when you're on a teacher's salary and movhe bay area from wisconsin. >> it was at that point where we thought, it might just not be possible for us to ever own a home here. >> reporter: christine mcdonald is a luck one. in san francisco, more than 40% of homes sell for over asking price. christine made offers on multiple homes over the course of eight weeks. and was outbid by sometimes a dozen or more buyers. all had larger down payments or could pay all cash. >> one of them was like a $750,000 condo in the valley. less than 800 square feet, no garage, no inunit laundry, built in the 60s, ugly went for $1.7 million. >> reporter: ultimately with the help of her agent, she found this condo for just under $800,000 in san francisco's bay view district. >> i feel fortunate i had a little bit of savings and my
4:17 pm
family was able to help me out a little bit. after catching out most of my retirement account, it's been a huge risk and at the same time very scary in many ways. >> reporter: this realtor rebecca white says think outside the box. >> i learn this had when i started in real estate over 30 years ago you. find a home with 80% of what you like and 10% you can learn to change and 10% you can learn to live with. >> reporter: for christine, the bay view isn't quite noye valley. and her closing rate and interest rates were exemptionally high. because it was under litigation over construction issues fewer people bid and this gave her an advantage. >> if you find something with problems, other people won't want it. >> reporter: she has this message for the city. >> it's competitive and we're trying to build something special at our school where our teachers can stay for the
4:18 pm
long-term. >> dion lim, abc7 news. >> man, what a process she went through and the risk. we've dedicated this week to th from the challenges like living in a closet or more than a dozen roommates to solutions like high density and prefabry indicated homes. we held atown halls about renting and ownership. find them at bay area and share your own story. >> we are just four weeks away from the official opening of the brand-new chase center. we learned when the warriors will play their first game at the new arena. preseason kicks off october 5th against lebron and the lakers, the first nba game in san francisco since 1971. the warriors are playing the lakers four out of five games this preseason which seems odd. tickets for the warriors' three preseason home games go on say august 27th.
4:19 pm
the oracle signs are coming down. the tech giant's 13-year 0 sponsorship of the building came to an end in june when they moved to san francisco. the arena an fect natalie became known as roaracal, and a source tells abc7 news a search for a new sponsor is under way. i am thinking there the spencer center. >> has a ring toing it. >> you need somebody with a lot of money. >> to put their name on there. well-known in a place people will love to go. >> i think you're thinking of a different spencer. i would love to see my name up there. i can't pay for here's a look at live doppler 7. mainly sunny skies right now. a few high clouds moving by. it is really windy all across the region. gusts to 33 miles per hour here in san francisco right now. 28-mile-per-hour gusts in novato, 31 fairfield, 25 at hayward, 24 san jose all around
4:20 pm
the aream our roomtop camera. you can see the trees and leaves and limbs shaking in the breeze right there. 64 in san francisco. 71? oakland and redwood city. 77 san jose, morgan hill 75, 64 half moon bay. the view from mount tam looking down onto the city. it's 81 degree north of santa rosa, napa 78. 81 fairfield. livermore 75. and looking northward along the golden gate bridge, nice blue sky mainly over the golden gate right now. our forecast futures cool for august, will continue for the next few days. warming trend begins on sunday and turning hot inland early next week. here's our forecast animation taking us through the late night hours. high clouds passing by. lots of high clouds in the early morning hours. and during the day, it will continue high clouds will
4:21 pm
continue to pass through the area but skies will be bright certainly mostly sunny over the bay and intand tomorrow with a few low clouds lingering at the coastline. overnight lows mainly in the upper 50s except cooler at the coast. mid 50s there. north bay valleys low to mid 50s. tomorrow's high about 64 at half moon bay. oakland 71, 66 in san francisco. down the south bay, a high of 79. san jose up in the north bay, 82 in santa rosa, 76 at vallejo. east bay, 82 livermore, 84 at antioch. this, there you go, is moving now as i take you into saturday. not much change. sunday, the warmup begins. low 90s inland and on monday highs butch into the upper 90s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. high temperatures move up into the low 90s inland on sunday. we'll see some 80 degrees readings around the bay shoreline. mid 80s around the bay on
4:22 pm
monday. mid-90s inland. upper 90s tuesday and wednesday. 98, 99 degrees in some inland locations mid to upper 80s around the bay. temperatures start to moderate going into the end of the week. >> thanks, spencer. >> still to come on abc7 news at 4:00, a somber moment for a family from texas fulfilling a loved one's final wish.
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three sisters are helping build a better bay area by taking care of some of the youngest and neediest residents, kittens. >> justin dorsey shows us how the trio are helping humans well. >> i'm ti. >> i'm twa and we're building a better bay area. >> we rescued 80 kittens out of
4:25 pm
our house. we decided we need to find a place to have our kittens be adopted and be seen. >> cat town officially opened june 8th. mini cat downtown is part adoption center and part kit condition lounge. every year when it starts to get warm around march, april, something called kitten season starts. that's when cats start having babies. >> the san jose animal care center gets about 5,000 orphan kittens a year. essentially, kittens that are under a pound at the shelter can't survive in a kennel by themselves. they're a life that can't survive without us. that i we're basically the first step into the next part of their lives. >> we take them when they're bitty and raise them and adopt them out. everyone's working together to save lives. >> i like the opportunity to have my granddaughter interact with the kittens and to understand they're not toys. >> i don't have one at home or don't have any large animals.
4:26 pm
it's nice to pick them up. >> they're cute and i love how soft they feel. i like playing with them. and i get to really learn how to take care of pets. >> we've adopted out about 85 since we've opened which is blows our record out of the water from last year. we did 80 the entire kitten season. >> mini cat town is on track to save 300 kittens. seeksly we need 300 homes. i'm relieved and satisfied when people walk through the door and say i want a kit. >> and it's important to help them because they wouldn't otherwise survive. we as a rescue be the kittens in our community because it's important to us that somebody helps them. and we just we're just that somebody. >> how cute. >> they're all, every one is like -- that's my favorite. no, that's my favorite. >> the new effort to make you
4:27 pm
safer in the air especially when you come in for a landing
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now to the latest on the investigations following those two deadly shootings in el paso and dayton. 31 families are now planning funerals as authorities learn more about the suspects and a possible missed opportunity ror
4:30 pm
scott. >> reporter: in following the president's visit, grief has touched to mounting anger and frustration. as authorities work to clear the crime scene. >> don't want to get gory but the scene is picking up human remains actually there. >> the president and first lady touched down in dayton and el paso yesterday. the two communities who just hours apart were devastated by those deadly mass shootings. > all over the world they're talking about the job you've done. >> reporter: the president welcomed with a mixed reaction. some protesters lining the streets in both cities blaming his rhetoric for inciting the violence. authorities say the suspected shooter in el paso sent out to the kill as many mexicans as possible. inside that walmart, elsa men doeza, a teacher killed in the shooting. her remains were returned to mexico. abc news is learning there's evidence of a missed opportunity to stop the shooting. the mother of the el paso
4:31 pm
suspect patrick crucialious contacted police to express concern about the assault rifle her son had bought weeks before the massacre. her lawyer says she was transferred to a public safety officer who told her that because her son was old enough to buy weapons, there was nothing the police could do. in ohio, the other state ravaged by violence, police are still searching to find out why that gunman open fired on a busy entertainment district in dayton. >> my focus is getting something done around gun control so this terrible tragic incident in dayton may not have to happen in other places. >> reporter: and since the two deadly shootings, support is growing for gun reform legislation. but the halls from congress are empty. lawmakers on an august recess. any immediate action on the issue will be put on hold. rachel scott, abc news, washington. >> "time" magazine just released its new cover today with the
4:32 pm
word enough emblazoned on the middle coming more than a year after the magazine published a cover with five teens from the parkland shootinwith theame you can clearly see gilroy in the front. t cover. you may remember him from last years's christine enblassy ford cover. >> terry mcauliffe says it is pst time for the united states to address racism and prejudice. he appeared on midday live here today promoting his book "beyond charlottesville, taking a stand against white nationalism." >> how did we get here? how do you feel you could walk down a city street and tell someone i'm going to burn you alive. we've got to start teaching how to deal with one another, respect one another. we don't do this and we have
4:33 pm
racism in the country today. we have inequities in schools, in housing, in criminal justicev i pardonened a guy who stole $535. he was a drug addict. no one was hurt. two life sentences plus 130 years for $535. >> he believes president trump's language and rhetoric makes him cullable for the climate in the united states saying hate groups feel emboldened by him. >> a new development in the largest immigration raid in a decade. an official says nearly half of the 680 people arrested in yesterday's massive sweep at seven food processing plants in mississippi have been released. the official says they were let go for quote humanitarian factors. officials did say yesterday they would release detainees who met certain conditions such as pregnant women who are those who hadn't faced immigration
4:34 pm
proceedings previously. >> where's this guy going? he's on the taxiway. >> a terrifying close call for hundreds of passengers at sfo back in 2017. that's when an air canada jet nearly landed on a taxiway where several other planes were waiting to take off. it missed one of those jets by only 60 feet. there's a new bill unveiled at sfo today to help make flying safer. eric thomas joins us with a loo look at the safe landings act. eric? >> reporter: and larry, this act was sponsored by congress mark desaulnier from the east bay. he said the 83% increase in runway incursions. the incident you're talking about that was almost so deadly, it didn't involve a runway. it involved a taxiway and that was the problem. every day at sfo, pilots make this look so easy.
4:35 pm
but on a july night two years ago, a nearly botched landing could have killed hundreds. >> where's this guy going? he's on the taxiway. >> reporter: on that night, the pilots of an air canada jet were heading for a landing on what they thought was a runway. it was a taxiway with four jets lined up containing 1,000 passengers. seconds before disaster, they pulled up. >> we have made aviation safe enough that we can no longer define safety solely as the absence of accidents. >> retired airline pilot sully sullenberger of danville stood alongside mark desaulnier as he unveiled a new bill, the safe landings act. he's known for his miracle on the hudson landing his stricken plane on the river with no casualties. dee season yale says he culted sulenberger, and safety experts before introducing the bill. >> it's human factors, looking how we make sure the pilots as well trained as they are continue to use the technology
4:36 pm
to make sure what happened here han came very close to being a huge disaster doesn't happen again. >> his bill would require airlines use existing systems or install new ones that alert at pilot and air traffic control when a plane is not properly lined you on a oneway and new safety technology be developed along with best practices training pilots to better use existing and future tech. in a statement, and the faa today told us they're already working on it and said "we are modifying existing radar systems to issue an alert when an aircraft is lined up for a taxiway rather than a runway." faa says it's already in use at ten airports and soob to be 12 more. his bill would allocate $20 million to get the ball rolling. the republican-controlled senate is another matter. >> unfortunately, common sense is not very common in the u.s. congress right now. >> reporter: congressman dee season yea expects pushback from the aviation industry who may
4:37 pm
not want to spend money on what they consider to be an already safe system. sullen lerger's reaction to that was you haven't seen any a fata accident. live at sfo, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> thank you. a new climate report out today. the warning and what you might want to start avoiding. > plus a little boy with an unusual career. what he's doing at these cemeteries. >> i'm spencer christian. the view from mount tam looking down into the city. absence of low clouds by a absence of low clouds by a presence of strong it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now. and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting.
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fossil fuels alone is not enough to limit warming from climate change. experts say dee frerstation and agriculture must be addressed since half of all methane emissions come from cattle and rice fields. continued to damage to land and forests will further undermine goals to hit it the ideals of the paris client accord. >> a check on current weather, i think we're warming up for the weekend. >> it's going to be hot. >> we've got a couple cooler than average days coming our way. overnight look for an increase
4:41 pm
in low clouds near the coast and high clouds. lows in the upper 50s. tomorrow another day much like today. breezy at the coast. bright skies. cooler than average. mainly low to mid-70s around the bay shoreline and low to mid 80s in the warmest inland areas. once again, another day like tomorrow coming on saturday. >> very little change in the temperature on saturday but warming begins on sunday. we'll ceelo 90s in the inland areas on sundays. yourer 70s close to 80 around the bay. on monday, even hotter. the accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see that the heat begins to build early next week and by tuesday and wednesday, we'll be looking at highs inland in the upper 90s, close to 100. mid to upper 80s around the bay and near 70 on the coast. ama? >> thank you. a michigan boy started his own unique business in a cemetery. he charges $20 to clean head stones in need of a little tlc.
4:42 pm
>> nobody should have that dirty of a headstone. >> reporter: na vene's unusual like his name. >> start scrubbing again. >> he doesn't think about what other people think about it. >> my target age is 50 plus because they have more money and they have more busy schedules. it's very fun. seeing the dirty become clean. trough my city it, i got this feeling when we move. >> we found a grave. it was oka towns. i wanted to know if i was related to him so my na na started looking online and figured out he was the first judge of the county.
4:43 pm
>> his five-time great uncle. >> then we figure out the whole row, like this side of him was his family. so we started cleaning their head stones. >> the next one, the next one, the next one. and who esare we related to and who else needs their headstone cleaned? his grandpa helps him with the financing. he'll be cleaning a headstone for him in return for the logo. >> we have a water sprayer. two bottles of d2. we have three soft bristle brushes. and some jugs of water. it's very fun. seeing the dirty become clean. i get to learn history about my family tree. my na na doesn't want me to do
4:44 pm
every headstone just like ones that i get called for. >> people want their headstones cleaned and maybe can't do it, don't have the time or don't have the material, somebody purchased that headstone for them because they believed they were worth it. he wants to keep it clean because he thinks they're worth it. >> sweet story. >> absolutely. nice young man. >> i'm going to get he's not going to have a lot of competition in that line of business. >> probably not. check out abc's new brand at and also on facebook and instagram. >> new warnings about the dangers of vaping. more than 100 reports of seizures. the investigation that's now under way. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. how a big tax
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jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next? the fda is now investigating new reports of health issues including seizures in people who vape. and many of these cases involve teens and young adults. abc news reporter marci gonzalez
4:48 pm
has more on that and other concerns linked to e cigarettes. >> mounting concerns over the rowing vaping trend. over the nearly 130 people including children reporting seizures after vaping. some also fainting or experiencing tremors. the cases reported between 2010 and this year now being investigated by the food and drug administration. the fda says while it's unclear if the e-cigarettes caused the reported seizures it's asking the public to report any unexpected health issues after vaping. > this is the biggest medical or health story of the summer and the caption here is what we don't know may in fact really hurt us. >> according to the cdc, more than 3.5myon middle and high school students use e-cigarettes. on friday, health officials announced three young people in illinois and 11 teen and young adults in wisconsin have been hospitalized with severe of lung disease after reporting they had recently vaped. >> many millions of middle and high school students getting
4:49 pm
addicted to these vapors because of the nicotine and may or may not over the long-term suffer adverse he had the consequences. >> last week, researchers from yale and duke universities published a study looking into chemical reactions to the liquids used in vaping devices. after assessing certain flavors jooulz they concluded creme brulee favored by teens asuaje i tos in the liquid and aerosol which they say can prompt inflamations in respiratory system. juul saying those conditions in the lab would never be found in the real world. some of the reported issues were in first-time users. fda researchers are asking people to contact them if they have any health problems after vaping. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> consumer news, ford recalling thousands of suvs because of concerns they could roll away even flip over. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has the details. >> model barely out.
4:50 pm
they caught this quick. ford is recalling almost 14,000 2020 ford explorers and lincoln navigate persons there are two issues. first some of the suvs might be missing the manual part release cover which can cause a lever to be activated by accident and possibly set the car in motion. the second is with the instrument panel. some of the suvs might still be in factory mode which disables warning alerts and sounds. if you have one of these suvs, contact your dealer. the irs is warning those with significant tax debt their passports may be in jeopardy.rf may even revoke current passports of someone with seriously delinquent tax debt. who is that? those who owe more than $52,000. if that's you and you're planning on traveling outside the u.s., you might want to
4:51 pm
contact the irs for expedited processing in order to get your passports. consumer reports is urging the federal trade commission to take action against hotels charging resort fees not revealed in the advertising room rate. ba 12 2013, the ftc sent warning letters to hotels and travel agencies that did not adequately inform customers of these fees. consumer reports recently followed up on those letters and they found that 31 of the 34 hotels be abten of the travel agencies contacted were still failing to disclose those fees to customers up front. that's a major gripe we get all the time. there's like two dozen of these fees now. >> you see it at the bottom of the bill when you're checking out. >> when you check out. >> what? >> thank you, michael. >> the impossible is proving to be very possible for redwood city baseds. today a major food service
4:52 pm
company announced impossible burgers will be made available about 1500 college it's the latest business coup for the maker of the plant based burger. last month is announced a partnership me meat producer. >> just two episodes left of "family food fight." reggie an we can talked with one of the junes cat cora today. she has six boys. he asked her about her own family food fight. >> who is doing the cooking arrangements on a nightly basis at home? >> i have to say even though i do this for a living, i love cook at home if i'm not traveling. if i'm at home and we're all at home, i'm definitely cooking. but my wife is an amazing baker and started baking and she does
4:53 pm
a fantastic job. she's a good cook. we have the kids. we have several of the kids really starting to lecookg. andea we lot. i love family food fight. as the a chance for viewers to also get together with their family, turn off technology, except for tv, and then have this bonding time and this quality time around food and family. i think it's so important and so special. that's why abc got it right. >> you can catch "family food fight" 9:00 right after holy moly" tonight here on abc7. >> warnings aren't enough. there was good news for one family whose car was broken into. >> car break ins at cliff house are so common, there are signs everywhere warning people not to leave anything in their vehicle. you won't believe what one family got stolen and how police got it back. >> new at 5:00, the straight
4:54 pm
pride parade that is splitting one city apart and pitting mother against son. plus, making sureco at point re. a controversial plan and gun control. those stories
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
the business of family time... ...and downtime. ...and you time. ...and forgetting what time it is...altogether. modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business is making time, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at a family from el paso, texas, flew to san francisco to spread their loved ones ashes and somebody stole them from their car minutes before the ceremony. >> tonight though, a happy ending for the family.
4:57 pm
news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: william thomas brennan and his sister grew up in san francisco. playing as children in the cave near cliff house. >> whenever i come into town, i feel like it's my second home. >> reporter: also where brennan asked his son to spread his ashes. >> my dad loves the city. >> reporter: the family parked their rental car here. >> we went in for drinks and fa there. >> reporter: when they came outside, they saw the window smashed the backpack with the ashes stolen. >> i lost it completely. >> can you imagine? can you imagine? i mean, oh. >> i lost my dad all over again, i lost him twice. >> reporter: it's a pain another family visiting san francisco for the same reason felt in 2017, their ashes stolen from a rental car as fisherman's wharf. police responded after abc7 got involved and recovered the scatter tube. it only took one call to sfpd. >> they came right away. >> reporter: while william was
4:58 pm
looking for the ashes police officers found them on top of a vehicle wrapped in a sbaet shirt. >> i'm so thankful for them. >> it was like one of those really, really bad days that mi. >> reporter: after losing him, and finding him, the family spread william thomas brennan's ashes fulfilling his final wish. >> he's free at last, free at last. >> thanks two twos san francisco police officers who showed up and made a difference. >> we gave them too many hugs and kisses and took lots of pictures with them. >> we did a really, really long journey to get here. and hey, they made it happen. they saved my dad. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank goodness they were found. >> yeah. >> and the family flew home to el paso today. william brennan says a speaker and some other items were not recovered but he doesn't care. he's gad he got his father's ashes back. >> especially if you're in a
4:59 pm
tourist area, don't leave valuables in your car. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. abc7 "news at 5:00" starts now. >> breaking news as fire crews work to contain a fire in the north bay, it is strong. also. >> absolutely come out. absolutely come out. we're not going to live in fear. >> san jose's police chief says the show will go on. he says the jazz festival will be safer than ever before. >> to know your exits before going into the festival. >> concern about festival security is top of mind in san francisco. 200,000 people will see differences at outside lands. >>en an in the east bay, mess anchz hate have one store owner on edge. >> now from abc7 had, live breaking news. >> that news is a wildfire burning near the shore of clear lake. cal fire crews have attacked the flames from the ground and the air. >> that's right. the lake county sheriff ordered
5:00 pm
evacuations in the riveraria west area in parne road leading into and out of that community. you can see the air drop of the retardant there. >> you're looking at the fire center sky 7 in that area. a lake county supervisor tells us there are about 650 homes near the fire lines and there have not been any significant -- there not been a significant wide neier in that area since the 1960s. >> you can now see this map showing the area where the fire is returning. so far flames have burned at least 15 acres. let's check in with sandhya patel for the latest on the conditions firefighters are facing. >> the winds are going to make it challenging for the firefighters. the current conditions right now, 79 degrees. winds out of the southwest to 12. gusting to 18 miles an hour. it's the wind gusts and also this change in wind direction over the next 24 hou t


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