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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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evacuations in the riveraria west area in parne road leading into and out of that community. you can see the air drop of the retardant there. >> you're looking at the fire center sky 7 in that area. a lake county supervisor tells us there are about 650 homes near the fire lines and there have not been any significant -- there not been a significant wide neier in that area since the 1960s. >> you can now see this map showing the area where the fire is returning. so far flames have burned at least 15 acres. let's check in with sandhya patel for the latest on the conditions firefighters are facing. >> the winds are going to make it challenging for the firefighters. the current conditions right now, 79 degrees. winds out of the southwest to 12. gusting to 18 miles an hour. it's the wind gusts and also this change in wind direction over the next 24 hours that be problematic. it will still be breezy to gusty
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at times. winds switching from northwest going to southwest at 10:00 p.m. that's definitely a concern for those firefighters on the fire line. hopefullifully they can get the fire under control. dan and kristen sze? >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> thank you joining us. our other top story, stepped up security at bay area -- at the gilroy garlic festival. >> both outside lands and san jose jazz festival are about to get under way. >> chris nguyen is in san jose. let's lee gin with lyanne melendez live in san francisco. >> reporter: well, i can tell you after what this nation has seen in the past week and a half, you can't help but feel a little uneasy. a lot uneasy. but the organizers of this event want everybody to know that there will be a lot of security here. so much that you won't have to worry. in fact, have a good time.
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>> today, i don't know, i've never felt so safe in my whole life. this is unbelievable. >> it was a timely ice breaker needed to dive into the complicated issue of security in light of the recent mat shootings. greg perl lof of another planet entertainment was surrounded by the people who make sure there will be no incidents at the outside lands festival. >> ultimately with the goal of keeping you all safe. >> reporter: here's some of the new security measures that will be in place this year. there will be officers in tactical gear, double fencing will be put up surrounding the event with more eyes in strategic places. there will be more barricades. but police chief william scott highlighted that it will be the added police officers that will hopefully reassure people attending the event. >> you're going to see a lot of police officers in the event around the event. we have a robust presence of police officers. >> that's reassuring to these three young women who came from southern california.
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still, they were discussing their own safety plan. >> to know your exits before going into the festival and when you're in there, that's really important just in case anything happens. >> police also said they have an evacuation plan in place. >> reporter: also a first this year is the sale of cannabis. vendors will be located in an area south of the polo fields called grasslands. but the mayor hinted it was on a trial basis. >> if it works well, we might do this for other festivals. if it doesn't, then we're going to have second thoughts about issuing permits like this in the future. >> and i'm sure the mayor knows that people here will bring their own. and i don't have to remind people in california that marijuana is legal in the state, of course. one more thing, backpacks will not be allowed here over the weekend. they want those clear bags just like last year. they want to see what's inside, what you're bringing into the festival and also it's going to
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be packed around this area. so muni will be adding buses. have a good time. i'm live in golden gate park, lyanne melendez, abc news. >> thank you. >> in the wake of the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival, the san jose police department is launching a new program to beef up active shooter response. >> chris nguyen is live in san jose to explain. chris? >> reporter: hi, kristen sze and dan. the program will center on schools in san jose as well as large scale events like the jazz festival you mentioned earlier. officers are ready to be on standby. they'll be ready to respond at a moment's notice to anything they see or hear suspicious. >> police in san jose hope to provide an extra layer of security launching what's believes to be a first of its kind program in the bay area. >> the quicker we have our men and women engaging a shooter, the more lives will be saved. >> the department will now place officers is around the sti whose
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seoul job is to respond to active shooters at schools. >> on the school side, 18 officers equipped with rifles and door breaching tools will be assigned to provide support throughout the school day when students return later this month. the school guardian program is expected to cost $3 million in the first year and will be paid for by the department's overtime budget. >> you can never practice and train enough, drill enough and so to have them that close is a great idea. >> events like this weekend's summer jazzfest downtown will see an added security presence. >> a strong sense of confidence great weekend and people can enjoy the fest and feel safe. >> a community hoping to regain a sense of normalcy. >> it gives can you a sense of security to know someone in the area is ready at any moment to handle something like this. >> a police force willing to do
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what it takes. >> we can't wait for legislation to try to fix this issue or problem. our residents want to know what their police department is doing. >> and the extra staffing for the big scale events will be handled on a case by case basis. live at san jose police headquarters, this afternoon, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> thank you. a newly unsealed search washington is providing new insight about the gilroy garlic festival killer. according to our media partner the san jose mercury news, authorities discovered a second semi-automatic assault rifle in the home of the gunman santino legan and found three ammunition magazines holding 29, 31, and 29 rounds respectively. a search of his car turned up a passport and a gilroy garlic festival pamphlet. they found an open bot ol of jack daniels. according to mercury news, the warrant provided no additional information as to what may have
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inspired him to fatally shoot three people and injury 16 others. the gilroy shooting is part of "time" magazine's latest edition that declares enough on its cover. the rest is filled with locations of two 53 mass shootings, the times says have taken place in the united states this year. that includes many cities in the bay area. san francisco, oakland, san jose and vallejo among them. >> a woman behind dar bars after admitting to spray painting anti-muslim graffiti notice concord. no muslims, go away is what she wrote. all caught on video. news reporter ansar hasan has the story. >> the woman in the hoodie caught on tape for vandalizing a muslim owned store with anti-muslim graffiti. no muslims, go away to hell she wrote. >> i was concerned. like i said, i was shocked to see something like that happen especially in this beautiful
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commute. >> amid karbasi was the target of the message. he owns international market and grill in concord. he says he's never had a problem in the past but the recent mass shootings had him concerned for his family. >> i was worried about it, yeah. you never know. there's a lot of stuff happening especially the past week all over the country. >> lawrie shiver owns a star next to his. she posted the graffiti saying she was sickened and disgusted adding she stands with her muslim neighbor and that "this kind of hatred will not be tolerated." >> i wanted to post something about it that we'd not tolerating that. and be supportive of him. >> reporter: police identified the woman as maria disney, a 58-year-old woman who confess. she told police she had an argument with the muslim last week and still angry. she is not being charged. a civil rights activist says
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height crimes and incidents against muslims have been on the rise even here in the bay area. >> the gilroy shooting reminded us white supremacy exists in our own backyard and this is a sign that no community is immune from this violence right now. >> back at the shop, he says his store has been packed with people showing up to support him. >> this is where the community needs to come together, show some unity and send some love and support. >> and they have. in concord, ansar hasan, abc7 news. >> jurors in the ghost ship trial ended their fifth day of deliberation and did ask to review one thing. abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live in oakland with what that is precisely. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. the jury here did just complete day five of deliberations and still no verdict. late yesterday, the jury did ask to review a particular piece of
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evidence that is a 3-d recreation of the ghost ship. what it looked like before the fire. one of the defense attorneys told us that it's hard to read a lot knew that. here is max harris's attorney tyler smith. >> maybe what this means is that since their first question was about something in the jury instructions and now we have something specific about an exhibit maybe it means they're going through all of the jury instructions first and now they're going through all of the exhibits one by one which there are a lot of exhibits. if that is the case, then they're going to be probably doing that for the rest of the day today. and they'll be doing that on monday still. >> now, derek almena's attorney show us this artwork he created while sitting at the defense table. we're told it's a stress reliever for al mane while he listens to what has been very difficult testimony regarding the 36 people who died in the
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ghost ship. the jury now has the weekend off. they will be back deliberating first thing monday morning. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thank you. we send out updates about the ghost ship case through the abc news app. download it now so you'll find out when the jury reaches a verdict as soon as we do. >> the right to free speech is being tested in a city just outside the bay area. at issue is a straight pride parade. it's flooding the city part and pitting mother against son. >> making sure cows and elk copis at point reyes. a new spin on gun control. >> and the problem of plastics is not just an issue for oceans. >> what happens when you lose $5 billion? uber is finding that out. >> and find out if we'll see sprinkles in the north bay. doesn't look
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a decision is expected in modesto tomorrow whether to allow the permit for a proposed straight pride parade. it's set for august 24th at a park in the city. opponents are asking the city to deny the permit saying such an event has no place in the community. one of the organizers is bay area cry row practice tore dan gunman. he spoke at the city council meeting, audience members booed him but started cheering him when he said this. >> we're a totally peaceful racist group. >> >> he said we're a totally peaceful racist group. that got last ter. now he says plys spoke. reporter joe khalil spokes with both sides of this controversial issue. >> free speech or hate speech? it's a question that packed modesto's city council chamber wednesday focused whether a straight pride event should be allowed in the city.
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>> this white supremacist rhetoric is not speech that deserves protection. >> critics say the coalition doesn't celebrate heterosexuality rather spreading a hateful anti-gay message and has white supremacist undertones. they claimed to support the entirety of whiteness and western civilization among others. >> 12 years alena summed up the group's positioning. > if this group of people are allowed to express their fiery and hateful rhetoric, people will get hurt. when you invite terrorist hate groups to an event and then the city stamps that approval, that's no longer protecting their first r first amendment. that's hate speech. >> everyone is trying to sensational this event. it's going to be like a church service. >> the cofouad erma linda meche says they're not a hate group. >> everybody likes to go and celebrate sodomy but we want to the celebrate heterosexuality.
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>> despite language toward the lgbtq community that some find demeaning, mason she says the event is based in love and what she calls speaking christian truth. >> we care about and love the homosexual community but there are certain sins like sodomy that lead to death. >> wednesday, the vast majority of voices were against the event. among melinda's opponents her own gay son matthew mason. >> i have personally heard her use hateful harmful rhetoric when describing the lgbtq plus community. >> this comes after the city of boston approved a permit for a similar event set for this month. cattle ranch ares will get to stay in the point race national seashore under a plan released by the federal government today and allow hunting of elk on more than 71,000 acres managed by the national park service. ranchers have argued that there is not enough grass to feed both
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the herds and the elk. naturalists contend it's the elk's private habitat and public ranching doesn't belong on the parkland. there is a chance that the opponents could try to stop it in court. >> facebook will face a class action lawsuit that claims the company illegally collected and stored biometric data. a federal appeals court in san francisco today rejected facebook's effort to undo the lawsuit. they allegedly gathered the data which allowed users to recognize facebook friends from previously uploaded photos. facebook is facing billions of dollars in potential damages and have not commented on the case. >> it was a rough day for uber stockholders. stocks took a dive today after uber report aid big loss in the second quarter. company lost more than $5 billn,an expected after making huge stock-based payouts in the months following
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its ipo. uber's ceo says it's not all bad. he said gross bookings and uber eats revenues are both up. he says things are also improvee improving for drivers. >> the oracle signs are coming down the at oakland arena. the tech giant's 13-year sponsorship of the building came to an end in june with the warriors move to san francisco. the arena became known as roaracal for being one of the loudest buildings in the nba. a source tells us a search is now under way for a new name sponsor. >> researchers at uc davis say microplastics have been found at lake tahoe. plastic hats has been well documented in the ocean. lakes are a different story. now scientists say if preliminary research at one of its clearest cleanest lakes in the world is any indication, the problem is widespread in fresh water systems, as well. davis researchers say the
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microplastics found at the lake are likely from improperly disposed of trash. >> looking to be a gorgeous day now. >> it is nice. >> right? what do we face coming up. >> sandhya patel is here. still a little breezy. >> absolutely. it is gusting to 32 miles an hour in san francisco. that wind coming off the cool ocean water. so you need a light jacket in your heading out. >> livermore gusting to 25 miles an hour and 21 in oakland. 23 in san jose. live doppler 7, the winds have had definitely mixed out the marine layer a bit. we are watching a system that has been spinning just off our coastline here as it continues to spin, it is drying up some moisture into the sierra nevada where they're seeing thunderstorms right now. just in case you're heading up to that ho to do some hiking, biking, camping, you name it, here's a look at the forecast. friday, isolated showers particularly in the morning with thunderstorms. sunny gusty on saturday. >> 69 degrees and on sunday, it is going to be warmer.
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sunny 76 degrees. should be nice weather. a live look from tahoe where it is bright and sunny at this hour. a live look from our mount tam cam. it's a bouncy view because of the wind. 64 in san francisco. low 70s oakland. redwood city, san jose 74, gilroy at 82. lovely day to be in santa cruz right now as you look, some people are enjoying the summer. 79 in fairfield. santa rosa. temperatures in the mid 60s to mid 80s. so some of the inland areas did drop a few more degrees. 72 in livermore. these temperatures not exactly where you should be this time of year. golden gate bridge camera, a few high thin wispy clouds right now. cool for summer the next two days. sprinkles possible on saturday. >> best chance in the north bay. the system spinning off coast that could bring sprinkles. the hour-by-hour forecast, an increase in not only the low clouds but high clouds, as well. especially tomorrow morning.
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so just a veil of cloud cover. it will filter the sunshine well into the afternoon hours. by evening, it starts to break up a bit and brighten up a bit, as well. first thing tomorrow morning, temperatures in the fifties. should be comfortable with the clouds cover and tomorrow afternoon, looking at mild weather inland. 84 concord, ante to, 79 in san jose. nice day palo alto, 71 oakland, 85 richmond. 6 san francisco, san rafael 79, low 80s around santa rosa and lake port. we'll hang on to breezy conditions for a few more days. seven-day forecast, below average friday. saturday when we may see a few sprinkles. it's not a situation where you have to make changes in your plans. note that for the early part of the day, warm on sunday. it is going to be hotter as we head towards next week in the inland valleys. mid to upper 90s inland. mid 60s coast. heat eases by midweek. thursday breezy and cooler
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again. so friday of weather coming your way for the upcoming weekend. kristen sze and dan? >> thanks, sandhya. >> okay. make your tires road trip ready. all you need is a quarter. we'll explain next. >> then at 5:30 on world news with david muir." >> coming up, the deadly stabbing attacks in two american cities. plus the manhunt for a dangerous escaped prisoner. he could be anywhere. he could be anywhere. and a famil ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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stepping into off-limits areas in places like the mariner head lands can not only be darnls but deadly. you're looking at photos shared by the southern mariner fire district of a rescue near the golden gate bridge. a person was hurt while taking pictures in an area closed off to the public. shouldn't have been there and they say this is a good reminder for everyone to stay on marked trails and never cross barriers
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especially on steep hillsides especially there. >> more of those cases. it's the instagram pressure. >> maybe. >> let's turn to consumer news and your tires. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with that. not only fuel efficiency but safety. >> absolutely. summer to me means road trip. road trip. so long with packing your bags and getting your cooler snacks together, just take a few minutes and check your tires. >> in proactiving about tire maintenance now can help with safety and also save you money in the long run. >> big changes in temperature from winter to sprik to summer can really affect tire pressure. check the air pressure level on your tires and adjust it to the number listed on the tire information placard found on the driver's door jamb. properly inflated tires last longer and make your car more fuel efficient. this is a good time to check the pressure on your car's spare tire too. >> you want to inspect all four
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of your tires to check for any cuts or cracks or blisters or any damage from hitting a pothole or curb. >> check ow worn your fires have become. >> you can check the tread depth using a quarter. put it head down into one of the grooves of the tire and if you can see the top of george washington's head, it means it's time to start shopping for new tires. >> worn tires tend to stop longer on wet pavement and hydroplane on water more fectly. if it's time for new tires, consumer reports recommends the michelin cross climate plus all weather tires. now, it may be time to rotate your tires. you'll find information about that in your car's owner's manual. regular rotations keep the tires wearing evenly. that's favor and also makes it last a lot longer. >> which is important. fires are so expensive. it's crazy. >> thanks, michael. >> there will be a tough of hollywood at
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i'm ama daetz. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, a bay area mayor orders flags flown at half-staff to demand action on gun violence. find out the target of his outrage. >> it could easily have been one of the worst catastrophes in the entire history of aviation. >> hero pilot sully sullenberger highlights a near miss at sfo  and the push for new measures to make takeoffs and landings safer. coming up in a half hour on abc news at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. >> two of hollywood's biggest directors will be at tonight's avengers game. the directors of end game, joe and anthony russo are taking
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part in the if activities. >> they were signing autographs and answering questions for front office staff. russo brothers are appropriating the digital and dvd release of avengers end game. >> they're mostly going to best buy stores. this stop is a real treat for them. they'll be on the field for pregame events but won't be throwing out the first pitch. >> did you want to throw out the first pitch? >> you know -- >> a lot of the pressure. >> you want to warm up. it's a lot of pressure there. >> a young child from make a wish is throwing out the first pitch. the russo brothers got their own special avengers giants poster to share with fans. that will be fun for tonight. >> what about the first pitch? couldn't they do some super hero's cgi with the iron man? >> fake it. >> i guess they could he have. world news with david muir is next. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> we'll see you again in half
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an hour at 6:00. tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the deadly stabbing sprees. four killed, two more wounded. victims apparently targeted at random. and in another attack, a man stabbing and slashing two women, killing one of them. what police across the country are saying tonight. also, have you seen this man? the escaped inmate suspected of killing a high-ranking prison employee before busting out. officials warning he's extremely dangerous and he could be anywhere. the sweeping i.c.e. raids. hundreds of undocumented immigrants taken into custody. the images of children whose parents were taken away. some in tears. what the head of homeland security said after our reporter showed him those images. the backyard plane crash. a family killed when their small plane slammed right into a


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