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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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county supervisor rob brown who explained why the evacuation order went out so quickly. 66 >> one of the reasons that they decided to do the evacuation in the riviera west community, there's only one way out of that community, and so that's obviously a concern that we have any time there is a fire such as this in this area. >> we're taking another live look at sky 7 over the fire. weather always a factor for firefighters, of course. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. let's bring in spencer christian. >> let's look at the current weather conditions there. it is not hot. as a matter of fact, it's relatively cool for this time of year. 73 degrees, relative humidity is not terribly low. 47%. the steady surface wind is generally out of the west at about 5 miles per hour, so the steady wind is light, but there are gusts up to 12 miles per hour. now, we had some slightly stronger gusts a little bit earlier. it appears that during the late
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night, overnight hours, the wind will remain relatively light, below 10 miles per hour. but occasional gusts could occur that are stronger. at the moment weather conditions don't appear to be a major factor in fighting or containing the fire, except for those occasional gusts. but i'll keep monitoring this and if conditions change, i will let you know. dan and ama? >> spencer, thank you. >> to wrap up what's happening in lake county, again, the fire has burned at least 15 acres near kelseyville. >> so far there are no reports flames have burned any homes or other buildings. we also haven't heard of anyone being hurt. >> let's move on. we'll keep tabs on that. in the wake of three mass shootings in america, gilroy, el paso, dayton, communities in the bay area are not only continuing to mourn, but are taking action, too. >> today a funeral was held in new york for one of the gilroy victims. 25-year-old trevor irby. in total the three shootings left 34 innocent people dead. >> today in san rafael, the mayor has taken an unprecedented step to encourage congress to
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deal with gun sly violence. >> abc7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us outside of city hall. wayne, the mayor just held a news conference? >> reporter: well, the news conference was a little while ago. what he is doing is right over my shoulder. you are see the flag at half staff? mayor gary phillips is sending a mess taj with that flag and six others here in san rafael. flags at half staff, they're never a good sign. never good news. and in marin county, san rafael this week, they have become a symbol of protest. are you the first city in the country to do this? >> i think so. i don't know of any other that has. >> reporter: that is san rafael mayor gary phillips explaining why flags fly at half staff over seven city buildings. he ordered this measure to send a message to congress, take action on gun violence. why should congress listen to san rafael? >> i think san rafael is perhaps like so many other cities within the country, similar in many, many ways. regardless what city wants to have 20, 21 shooting deaths?
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>> reporter: san rafael has never suffered from the impact of a mass shooting that such a protest would happen here is somewhat out of character. >> actually san rafael is probably the least political place in marin that i can think of. >> reporter: but with flags at half staff above city hall, the fire stations, the community center, even the bocce ball courts, san rafael has become political and started a discussion. >> we don't need to kill each other. >> we have to start someplace and we have to remind people this is an ongoing thing. for the last 30 years. >> it's a good move. >> reporter: is it a proper use of the flag? >> sure it is, sure it is. >> reporter: two constitutional guarantees, the freedom to bear arms and freedom of speech now in a strange coexistence. there is red, white and blue as the flags flying here at half staff, though with no apparently happy medium. we asked mayor phillips how did all this start? he said the answer was really pretty simple. he got tired of all the
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tragedies, constantly raising flags and lowering flags, raising them and lowering. he just said, he's going to keep them down for a while until something changes. in san rafael, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne, any idea when the flag protest may end? >> reporter: well, no. there is no idea. for now the flags are down. they'll stay down until at least september. he's waiting for some kind of congressional action. they'll make a decision then, he said. >> all right. wayne freedman reporting live for us tonight. thank you. >> following the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival, the san jose police department is beefing up its active shooting response. the department will place officers around the city. their sole job is to respond to active shootings at schools. summer fest will see an added security presence. >> we need to be vigilant, but it's not a cause to have our community scared to come out to different events. >> the idea is a little, you know, scary to go to these
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events now. but knowing that there will be somebody there that kind of brings you a little more comfort. >> police believe having this extra presence could help deter anyone who might be planning to attack. the school program is expected to cost $3 million, which will come from the police department's overtime budget. >> we want to know what you think following several shootings. what are you doing? our poll is live now at >> you can see the votes on the bottom of your screen and they change in real time as more people vote. are you shifting plans? staying home more? feeling more vigilant, perhaps? doing what you always do? or living life to the fullest? >> again, go to to answer. we're going to keep the poll going while abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez joins us live from golden gate bridge where the music lands festival opens tomorrow. >> lyanne, something has been added this year, right? >> reporter: that's right. and i'll tell you about it, but i want to add to that poll because i went out to talk to people about that same subject and, you know, i remember what
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one young man told me and i want to share that with you. he said, the logical conclusion is to stay at home. then what? then fear has defeated you. that's what he said. now, the organizers of this event say there will be so much security here that you won't have to worry. the presence of the mayor and the police department's top brass was meant to reassure people that safety is of great concern at the outside lands festival. >> ultimately with the goal of keeping you all safe. >> reporter: here's some of the new security measures that will be in place this year. there will be officers intact cal gear, double fencing will be put up surrounding the event with more eyes in strategic places. there will be more barricades, but police chief william scott highlighted that it will be the added police officers that will hopefully reassure people attending the event. >> we've always had good security at this event, but i think we've enhanced it this year and definitely we're going
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to be very vigilant and make sure that we keep this event as safe as possible. >> reporter: that's reassuring to this these three young women whoa came from southern california. still, they were discussing their own safety plan. >> to know your exits before going into the festival and when you're in there, that's really important just in case anything happens. >> just to have a plan is very important nowadays. and it's sad that we have to resort to that, but it's what we have to do in order to be safe. >> reporter: police also said they have an evacuation plan in place. also a first this year is the sale of cannabis. vendors will be located in an area south of the polo fields called grasslands. but the mayor hinted, it was on a trial basis. >> if it works well, we might do this for other festivals. if it doesn't, then we're going to have second thoughts about issuing permits like this in the future. >> reporter: and, dan, there is your first. now, one of my followers tweeted
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that he will be working this weekend, and that the smell of marijuana gives him a headache. but i told him that grassland is in a separate area. that's where they will be selling cannabis. but again, people tend to bring their own. now, one thing very important that the organizers wanted to convey, and that is that people should not and will not be allowed inside with back packs. now, bring plas a plastic bag, anything where they can see what you're bringing, what items you will be bringing inside. stay safe. i'm live in golden gate park, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> great information. thanks so much. >> the result from our poll at, it looks like close, but doing what i always do seems to be winning. >> and feeling more vigilant. people responding in that way as well. so please, we'll keep this open, so please let us hear from you on how you're responding to these attacks the last few couple of weeks in america. >> that's right. for now, though, more news. new at 6:00
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a bicyclist fell from a cliff in pacifica. a north county authority tweeted this, a bicyclist at rockaway beach. no word on the bicyclist's condition or what caused that person to fall. a near miss at sfo two years ago that nearly caused one of the worst aviation accidents in american history has led to the introduction today of a new bill in congress. the safe landings act is responsered by east bay congressman mark dasonier with one of the best known names in flying. abc7 news anchor eric thomas is live at sfo with more. eric. >> reporter: and ama, that best known name would be sully sullenberger. you'll hear from him in just a moment. the bottom line here is you're not supposed to have two airliners on the same runway at the same time. that's called a runway incursion. the congressman says that's up 83% over the past few years. but what actually triggered introduction of that legislation and in a two-year search for answers happened here on a july night in 2017.
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most landings at sfo are routine. but on a july night two years ago, a near miss put hundreds of lives at risk. >> he's on the taxi way. >> reporter: on that night the pilot of an air canada jet miss took a tack taxi way for a runway and almost crashed into four jets with passengers on board. they barely pulled up in time. >> we can no longer define safety solely as the absence of accidents. >> reporter: retired airline pilot sully sullenberger of danville stood alongside the congressman as he unveiled his new bill, the safe landings act. sullenberger is known for his miracle on the hudson, landing his stricken plane on the river with no casualties. the congressman said he consulted with sullenberger, pilots unions and safety experts before introducing the bill. >> it's human factors. it's looking at how we make sure the pilots as well trained as they are continue to use the
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technology to make sure what happened here came very close to being a huge disaster doesn't happen again. >> reporter: his bill would require that airlines use existing systems or install new ones that alert the pilot and air traffic control when a plane is not properly lined up on a runway. and that new safety technology be developed along with best practices on training pilots to better use existing and future tech. in a statement, the faa today told us they are already working on it. they said, quote, we are modifying existing radar systems to issue an alert when an aircraft is lined up for a taxi way rather than a runway. faa says it's already in use at ten airports and soon to be at 12 more. the bill would allocate $20 million to get the ball rolling. he believes he has a good chance in the house, but the republican-controlled senate is another matter. >> unfortunately, common sense is not very common in the u.s. congress right now. >> reporter: so the senate is one thing. another thing that the congressman expects is push back
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from the aviation industry. this may cost them some money to put in these safeguards, and they may figure it's safe already to fly. it's one of the safest modes of transportation there is, so why spend that money? but they're hoping that common sense prevails because safety, well, after all, isn't that what we all want when we fly? live at sfo, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> think so. thank you, eric. >> all right. roller coasters are fun in the summer at amusement parks. not on the stock market. >> no. today things were up, far enough to wipe out some of the downs. >> car break-ins at cliff house are so common. there are signs everywhere warning people not to leave anything in their vehicle. you wouldn't believe what one family had stolen and how police got it back. >> i'm spencer christian. not only is it cooler than average for this time of year, but it's quite windy out side. how long will this pattern last? i'll have the answer in my accuweather forecast coming up
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back now to the scene of that breaking news, a wildfire burning near clear lake, you're looking at the scene live now from sky 7. the lake county sheriff has ordered people to evacuate from the riviera west area. that's because they live closest to the flames. and there's only one way for them to escape their community. the fire broke out around 3:00 this afternoon and the smoke has been visible for several miles, as you can imagine looking live again from sky 7. as you can see, at least one person used a garden hose to wet down a home, trying to protect it from hot flying embers. so far cal fire has not reported if any homes or other buildings have burned. the flames have burned at least
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15 acres. and firefighters have not confirmed it contained the fire so far. a fiery fatal crash shutdown south bay traffic for the morning commute. five people in five vehicles were involved. one driver died. two drivers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the collision happened at 3:30 this morning on northbound 101 near bailey avenue, just south of highway 85. it started when a station wagon hit the center divide. that driver died. then a ford fusion hit the first car followed by a toyota yaris, and a tacoma and subaru. the back up as you can see here from sky 7 stretched for miles. all but one lane of 101 was closed for almost five hours, reopening a little after 8:00 a.m. >> a family from el paso, texas, flew to san francisco to spread their loved one's ashes, but someone stole them from their car just minutes before the ceremony. tonight a happy ending for the family. melanie woodrow has the story you'll see only on abc7 news. >> reporter: william thomas
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brennan and his sister grew up in san francisco. playing as children in the cave near cliff house. >> whenever i come into town, i feel like it's my second home. >> reporter: it's also where brennan asked his son to spread his ashes. >> my dad loved the city. he loved the city. >> reporter: the family parked their rental car here. >> we went in for drinks and to wait for all the family to get there. >> reporter: when they came outside, they saw the window smashed. the back pack with the ashes stolen. >> i lost it completely. >> i mean, can you imagine? can you imagine, i mean -- >> i lost my dad all over again. i lost him twice. >> reporter: it's a pain another family visiting san francisco for the same reason felt in 2017. their loved one's ashes stolen from a rental car at fisherman's wharf. police responded after abc7 news got involved and recovered the scatter tube. this family staays it only took one call to sfpd. >> they came right away. >> reporter: while william was looking his father's ashes, they
6:18 pm
found them wrapped in a sweatshirt on top of a vehicle. >> i'm so thankful for them. >> it was like one of those really, really bad days that turned out to be like a miracle. >> reporter: after losing him and finding him, the family spread william thomas brennan's ashes, fulfilling his final wish. >> free at last, free at last. >> reporter: thanks to two san francisco police officers who showed up and made a difference. >> we gave them too many hugs and kisses and we took lots of pictures with them. >> we did a really, really long journey to get here, and they made it happen. they saved my dad. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. >> spencer christian is here with the latest. spencer. >> well, people have been calling it foggist this week because we've had lingering nothing and cooler than average temperatures for this time of year. that's about to change, but not for a couple days. hears a.m. a live look at doppler 7. mainly bright skies over the
6:19 pm
area. high clouds passing by, a few low clouds over the coast. a big deal with weather is the wind. we have some strong gusts at this moment. 31 miles per hour here in san francisco, also 31 miles per hour over at fairfield and many other locations in between have gusts around 24, 25 miles per hour. so it's breezy, but as you can see we don't have a lot of clouds at the moment. looking westward from emeryville, we see a few low clouds off in the distance. lots of high clouds but bright skies. 63 degrees in san francisco, oakland 69. 71 at redwood city. 73 san jose 80 gilroy 64 half moon bay. this is where the skies are bright. 78 right now at santa rosa. napa 72. 68 in petaluma, 76 at fairfield. concord 72 degrees. out over the bay from our rooftop camera, you can see how breezy it is out there. these are our forecast features. cool august weather will continue tomorrow and saturday. but warming trend begins on sunday and it's going to be quite hot in our inland areas early next week.
6:20 pm
here's our forecast animation for tonight and overnight into the morning hours. we'll see a continued flow of passing high clouds and a few low clouds developing near the coast, but it doesn't look like it's going to be a very foggy early morning tomorrow. then by mid-morning to midday we'll see skies getting brighter and brighter and some fog returning to the coast line, but staying there. overnight lowes will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s except up in the upper north bay valleys where it will be a little cooler with lows in the low 50s. tomorrow's highs will range from low and mid 60s at the coast to lower and mid 70s around the bay shoreline, 710 ekd, 76 fremont. low and mid-'80s for the microsoft part. not much higher than that. as a matter of fact, saturday might be even cooler in some of those inland areas where highs will reach the upper 70s as opposed to low 80s. looks like we'll get a few 80s in the inland east bay. sunday things change, we'll start to warm up a bit especially inland and near the bay. well see a few low 90s inland, especially the inland east bay
6:21 pm
on sunday. right around the bay shoreline mainly upper 70s. it gets even warmer still monday with highs in the upper 90s in many inland locations. we'll see some low 80s around the bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. looking at a warm week next week. starting with warming that begins on sunday. mid to upper 90s inland on monday and tuesday, and some mid-'80s around the bay shoreline. the wind will ease up a bit on wednesday. low 90s inland, upper 70s around the bay then cools down further on thursday. we have some very warm summer like weather coming sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, if you like the beach those are the days to go. >> hot but bearable. >> that's true. >> thanks, spencer christian. >> it's august. >> it is. >> coming up next, looking ahead. >> what north bay voters will soon be asked if they want to keep their new transit service running as usual. stay with us.
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if you've held off on checking your 401(k) this week, today isn't a bad day to look. all three indices are up. the dow gained 371 points. nasdaq added 176. s&p up by 54. today's gains erased the losses for the index. uber was up during the day, then dropped as much as 11% in after hours trading. it's because the san francisco ride sharing company released
6:25 pm
its quarterly earnings report showing a $5 billion loss after making stock pay outs following its ipo. we also got a look at the earnings for another san francisco-based company, yelp. it did better than investors expected and stock continues to rise in after hours trading. although it's still lower than last year. >> the bay area's newest transit agency is already worried about its financia. the north bay's smart trains run from sonoma county airport with the goal of ultimately connecting clover dale to ha larks burg. that is dependent on a quarter percent sales tax. they would be asked to extend that for decades. the chairman of the transit agency's board explains how it would help. >> purpose of that is so we can restructure the debt and over a longer period of time, requiring less cash flow, and therefore affordable. >> the mayor says services will be reduced if the measure does
6:26 pm
not pass. if it passes, service will continue as normal. >> taking scooters off the street, the city made a decision they think it saves lives. >> they're not gone for good. we'll explain the rule that takes effect tomorrow. >> and next, a muslim-owned store in the east bay was vandalized with hate speech. a woman is now under arrest but she's not being charged with a hate crime.
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>> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> no muslims, go away. that was the message spray painted on the walls of a muslim-owned business in concord. a woman admitted to the vandalism and has been arrested. >> abc7 news unser hassan has the store and i her response. >> reporter: the woman caught on video vandalizing a muslim-owned store. no muslims, go away 2 hill. >> i was shocked to see something like that happen, especially in this beautiful community. >> reporter: amid karbosi owns international market and grill,
6:30 pm
the target of the hate messages. he said he's never had any problems in the past, but the recent mass shootings had him concerned for his family. >> i was worried about it. you never know, there's a lot of stuff happening especially today, the past week all over the country. >> reporter: lori schiffer owns growing pains next to karbosi. she posted on facebook, she was sickened by what she saw. >> i wanted to post something about it that we would not be accepting that and not tolerating that. be support i have ive of him. >> reporter: police arrested this homeless woman and confessed. she had an argument with a muslim last week and was still angry. she won't be charged with a hate crime. a civil right activist says hate crimes against muslims are on the rise even here in the bay area. >> i'm so frustrated that, you know, the stupidity of people who are racist and willing to take action on it is on display
6:31 pm
in our own neighborhoods and communities. this woman didn't even know how to spell muslims correctly, but she hated them enough to attack their businesses. >> reporter: back at the shop, kabosi says business is bustling with people turning out as a show of support. >> this is where the community needs to come together, show some unity and send some love and support. >> reporter: and that's just what they're doing. in concord, unser hassan, abc7 news. >> new at 6:00, a suspected prowler arrested at the apartment complex where he used to live. palo alto police say michael fields had been seen on surveillance video more than a dozen times in the last few weeks peopling into windows of units of families where young girls lived. fields who lives in fremont was arrested for scharjs of lewd conduct in public, pooeping and prowling. a man suspected of stabbing for people to death is identified as a known gang member with a long history.
6:32 pm
33-year-old zackery castaneda is being held on a million dollars bail. police say the crime rampage started with an apartment break in yesterday in garden grove. it did not end until more than two hours later after a security guard at a 7-eleven was stabbed and killed and castaneda was arrested. >> four needless homicides happened here in garden grove in santa ana. the flags behind me are at half staff. that's for the needless violence that's happening across the united states. this violence has to stop. >> investigators say they're not sure of a motive behind the attacks, but that it appears castaneda did not know any of the victims. and some breaking news in san jose tonight, san jose state university police are telling students to shelter in place because of a possible man with a gun on campus. students received a text message alert. the report originates from spartan complex which houses the school's athletic facilities,
6:33 pm
kinesiologist department and indoor aquatic center. we'll keep you updated on this. stay with us and for any updates. >> no scooters after dark, that's the rule in atlanta. the is it i has had four fatal accidents lately and all of them happened after sunset. starting tomorrow there will be no renting or riding e-scooters or e. bikes from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. they are told disabled the devices for those banned hours.d lime and lyft operates in atlanta and bay area cities. "star wars" galaxy edge is opening at disney's world in florida this month. it is adding hundreds of new jobs. disney says it's taken 5500 short-term jobs to build the new exhibit and will require 1700 full-time jobs to keep it going. disneyland in southern california opened its own xye orhe weekend. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> well, there was a sad finale
6:34 pm
today for a musical icon on san francisco's haight street. musicians lined the block for a final close out sale on the historic haight/ashbury music center. the store provided high-quality instruments to stars ranging from carlos santana to jerry garcia. but its owners say competition from online retailers was finally too much. lucky customers like one man who told us his name was rick, were happy to get a deal, but sad to see the changes in the neighborhood. >> gentrification and the techies, throw the techies out, come back to the '60s and we'll be like we were in the past. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's all you get for your dime. >> the site on haight street has been there since 1972. the sale was his way of thanking
6:35 pm
customers for loyalty and support over the years. >> abc7's commitment to building a better bay area highlights people making this a better place to live not just for each other. >> next meet three sisters helping out some of the smallest and cutest four-legged members of our bay area family. >> a man pays off his mortgage, but his bank still takes a house payment out of his account. how does that let's get down to business. the business of family time... ...and downtime. ...and you time. ...and forgetting what time it is...altogether. modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business is making time, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at we're here for you. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or around the yard...
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happy international cat day! this picture from abc7 newsbc7 c meteorologist mike nicco is one of the most popular today. sunnyvale police department got in saying our claw enforcement unit. even the warriors joined in the celebration with this photo. >> cute stuff. well, on this subject, what started as a small kitten rescue operation in san jose has turned into a way for three sisters to build a better bay area. >> abc7 news south bay community journalist dustin dorsey celebrated international cat day at mini cat town. >> we're building a better bay area. >> my sisters and i rescued 80
6:39 pm
kittens out of our house, and it was just getting way too overwhelming so then we decided we needed to find a place to have our kittens be adopted and be seen. >> mini cat town opened officially june 8. mini cat town is part kit sen center and lounge. every year it starts to get warm around march, april, kitten season starts. that's when cats start having babies. >> the animal care center gets about 5,000 orphan kittens a year. so essentially, a kitten can't survive in a kennel by themselves. they can't survive would you tell us and we're basically the first step into the next part of their lives. we take them from anybody, raise them, and then we adopt them out. everyone working together to save lives. >> i like the opportunity to have my granddaughter interact with the kittens and understand
6:40 pm
that they're not toys. >> i don't have one at home or i don't have like any large animals so it's nice to be able to pick them up. >> they're cute and i love how soft they feel. i like playing with them and i get to really learn how to take care of cats. >> we have adopted out about 85 since we opened, which blows our record out of the water from last year. we did 80 the entire kitten season. >> mini cat town is on track to save 300 kittens, essentially we need 300 homes. so i'm really relieved and satisfied when people walk through the door and they say, hi, i want a kitten. >> it's important to help these kittens because they wouldn't otherwise survive. we as a rescue serve the kittens in our community because it's important to us that somebody helps them, and we just -- we're just that somebody. >> it's amazing what they've done. >> i know. those kitties are so cute. >> irresistible.
6:41 pm
all right, sunshine and a few clouds out there. >> spencer has
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
as you well know, the bay area is facing a severe housing crunch and abc7 news has been
6:44 pm
reporting on the shortage all week long. >> a marin county man tells the story of an unusual way he came to own his own home. >> he needed help from 7 on your side's michael finney. >> what a story. this is unusual. you might say it is the silver lining that came with a cloud. it involves homeland security, banking rules and the happy ending we wish everyone could have. michael white has something many bay area residents can only dream of. >> the full amount, paid in full. >> that's right, michael now owns his mill valley home outright. >> which is a great day for most people. >> it's just not what michael had planned. he was paying a monthly mortgage like most homeowners, when suddenly he got this letter from citibank. >> telling me my mortgage wasn't paid. that's really odd. >> odd because his mortgage was paid with automatic debits the past 20 years. why not this time? >> so i went to the bank and found out that my account was frozen. >> which was another shock. why would his bank suddenly
6:45 pm
freeze his account? >> they would say these words, national security interest and i have no idea what that meant. >> michael did recall receiving a mysterious call earlier from a citibank office asking all kinds of questions about his finances. >> they wanted to know my net worth, all my ownings, if i owned anything else, a boat or -- i said quite honestly it's none of your business. >> that's when citi froze froze account. however, he was so upset about the ordeal he marched off to the bank and paid his home loan. >> it was a big relief actually. >> but the problem didn't end there. after he paid off the loan, citibank took another house payment from his account, $2,600 gone. >> they took my money. they're not giving it back to me, and they can't find it. >> he contacted 7 on your side. we reached out to citibank and said michael never cancelled his
6:46 pm
ought ma automatic debits, but they found the money and gave it back. as for freezing his account, citibank said it was complying with the federal bank secrecy act which is intended to uncover financial crime. though michael was not under suspicion, the bank said we periodically review bank accounts to verify and update information. if customers don't supply it, we will restrict access to the account, including closure. for michael, it was an aggravating ordeal with a very nice up upside. >> it's fantastic. i get to own my little 10th of an acre. >> citibank said questions about michael's finances were purely routine and even though he's a long-time trusted customer, banks are required to update account holder profiles. now, i want to hear from you. if you have a problem with the bank or any other organization, my 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. the telephone number, 415-954-8151. you can also reach me at my facebook page, abc7 news.gom.
6:47 pm
he has a pretty nice 10th of an acre. >> he does indeed. regulations or not, it's frustrating. >> it's horrible. >> thanks, michael. >> we would like you to join the conversation about housing. go to bay area and click on the big image for housing chris. you'll find all of our stories an easy way to share your own story. we've received many smigsz already and are following up. >> we sure are. let's go back and update the weather forecast as we get close to the weekend. >> spencer is here. >> i think you'll like what's coming our way. the chill we're having this august, things are going to warm up on sunday. overnight look for lots of clouds, low and high clouds. lows in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow another much cooler than average day. skies will be bright. we'll see highs in the mid 60s on the coast, lower mid 70s around the bay, low to mid-'80s inland. on saturday, a similar pattern still below average temperatures, but we start warming up on sunday. notice the low 90s popping up on the inland east bay.
6:48 pm
monday upper 90s to near 100. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after that warming begins on sunday we can expect a couple of very warm days on monday and tuesday, especially inland where highs will be in the upper 90s both days. wednesday will still be warm but not quite so toasty. low 90s inland upper 70s around the bay and temperatures settling down to a cool range on thursday. couple days of nice warmth. nothing intense, just toasty. >> toasty is good. thanks, spencer. >> we like toasty. all right, some tough 49ers news tonight. >> yeah, larry. >> it's i think tense down there. they drafted nick bosa despite a history of injuries. hurt again. you won't see him at all this preseason. what about jarre
6:49 pm
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current eligible non-gm owners and lessees get 20% below msrp on most 2019 buick encore models. >> announcer: now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the 49ers haven't even begun playing their preseason games yet. already two significant injuries. first round draft picnic bosa, number two overall, and tail back jarrett mckinnon both out, and the niners probably won't see either of them on the field until the regular season. niners manager john lynch confirmed bosa suffered a high ankle sprain. the hope is he'll be ready for week one. defensive back jason barrett will miss the entire season with the dreaded ankle sprain. running back jarrett mckinnon days ago, had a plasma injection in his surgically repaired knee. that will cost him at least two more weeks. all this before they even played
6:52 pm
a snap against anybody else. kyle shanahan frustrated over losing key players so early. >> that's why i don't like to tackling. guys get hurt when you go to the ground. we had two guys go to the ground. two good players had serious injuries from it. we had body land on nick's knee. so it was getting his knee out of there, pretty freak thing. he was fortunate to come out the way he did. you absolutely don't need four preseason games. i'd rather have zero than four. i'd want to evaluate the people trying to make the team and want to knock a little rust off. >> on saturday night the 49ers host the cowboys. across the bay it will be the raiders and the rams. abc7's chris alvarez has more on raiders in napa. >> reporter: they are wrapping things up between the two teams. all in preparation of saturday's preseason opener. the most talked about feet in the nfl, a sore subject at raiders camp.
6:53 pm
>> i'm still gathering, i don't have any other information than that. >> is it frostbite? >> like i said, i'm not going to get into the exact nature of the feet. i'm just not. >> reporter: antonio brown was not on the field, but the crew of hbo's hard knocks was very present. and later remained unphased by the extra cameras. >> you don't notice them at all. you do a great job staying out of the way. you know, if you're that type of guy, you want to be in the camera, you want to be seen, you want to be heard, then that's when they ask -- mic you up and follow you around. >> reporter: the 2019 season will be the final year in oakland. with las vegas looming in 2020. >> goes to show you once a raider always a raider. we have very loyal fans. it's going to be heart breaking in some ways, it's going to be ultra exciting in others to see the future of this franchise. >> my heart rate is fans through and through.
6:54 pm
that's what i love about it. right now we're out here, have another year in the coliseum and we just go and embrace it and put on a show. >> reporter: kickoff set for saturday night 5:00 at the coliseum. raiders will close out week one of the regular season, that's monday, september 9th, a monday night home opener against denver. a game you'll see here on abc7. with the raiders in napa, chris alvarez, abc7 sports. >> thank you, chris. today was the first day of the fedex cup playoffs with round one of the northern trust. a storm hit new jersey this week that caused a lot of damage. it delayed the opening of the gates for fans. tiger woods actually started the day with no spectators watching him on the course. the serenity did not help. started on a back nine. was 4 over, double bogey here on 14. finished with a 4 over, 75, tied for 116th out of 119 players. his back is really acting up. rory mcilroy tied for 5th, 6 under 65, troy merritt started
6:55 pm
the fedex standings, 9 under, 62 will help him advance next week. he's the leader over dustin johnson. for now here's tiger. >> just didn't play well. it's one of those things where i didn't hit any good shots and didn't make any putts. other than that, added up to a round that broeke 830. >> an old chiropractor friend told me once you're a back patient, you're always a back patient. sadly that is the situation for tiger woods where he just doesn't know from week to week. he's not in good shape right now. other injury to be concerned about on the football side, jarrett mckinnon coming off an acl, they spent a lot of money to get him. hurt all last year, comes back, has a setback. now prp injection. you wonder when you are ever going to see jarrett mckinnon in a real game for the 49ers. the situation to keep an eye on. >> thank you, larry. >> well, join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. for more on our breaking news. >> we are on the way to san jose state where there is a shelter in place warning for a possible sighting of a man with a gun.
6:56 pm
>> also here tonight. >> coming up at 11:00, i'll introduce you to a group of teens behind a podcast helping high school students navigate through hardships. that's at 11:00. >> plus a new study finds tomales bay oyster being hit hard by climate change. how that could affect prices. >> coming up tonight on abc7 news at 8:00 it's steph curry's "holey moley." followed by ayesha curry's "family food fight." then reef break and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and jimmy kimmel is live at 11:35. >> that does it. stay with us and news any time on the app. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley for larry beil and spencer christian. we' we appreciate your time and we'll see you at 11:00.
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