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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 9, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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but the results a month later showed rebecca's dad is not her biological father. >> how did this happen? how could something like this have happened? who is she biologically related to? >> reporter: dna tests are designed to show you where you come from, but joseph and his family are saying a dna test has thrown their family into turmoil. alleging in a new lawsuit the test showed he is not his 24-year-old daughter rebecca's biological father. they say a subsequent paternity test confirmed it. in the lawsuit the family from ohio claims a fertility clinic joseph and his wife jennifer used in 1994 fertilized his wife's embryo with sperm from a stranger. >> it never crossed our minds. and maybe it should have. but we -- we trusted implicitly, and maybe even blindly in some ways. >> reporter: now they're suing the christ hospital and institute for reproductive
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health who facilitated their ivf treatments. according to the suit the couple were told their successful pregnancy was a result of jennifer's eggs and joseph's sperm. according to the complaint, their daughter's biological father is likely, quote, one of a handful of individuals, one of whom worked at the christ hospital. >> was that shocking? >> yes. very shocking. very, very difficult to work through the emotions as you're doing this research and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. >> and has the fertility clinic or the hospital reached out to any of you? have they explained how something like this could have happened? >> they have not. > reporter: the christ hospital health network tells abc news in a statement they won't comment on ongoing litigation. the family attorney says this isn't the only time he's heard of a fertility clinic mix-up. >> unfortunately i get a call almost every day from somebody who's been the victim of
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fertility center misconduct. the amount of misconduct is staggering. >> reporter: but experts say as an increasing number of people use fertility services, the industry is lacking regulatory oversight. do you wish you hadn't taken that dna test? >> that's a difficult question because of all the emotions around this. i think it's better that it's out in the open for us to be able to deal with. and maybe some good can come out of it. >> such a fascinating story. >> it is. and carteloni tells us he wants parents to learn from their ordeal. he says when you go into a fertility clinic, demand transparency in the process. make sure you are absolutely clear on how things are working there. >> and we've been hearing a lot of stories like this. he says he's concerned that his sperm may have been used to fertilize other women's eggs. >> absolutely, a roller coaster of emotions for them. coming up, switching gears and heading into the kitchen. >> learning about the subtle art of preparing tuna tartare.
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herb a lchlpert's "a taste f ♪ "a taste of honey," one of the hottest records of the year in 1965. >> this morning it's not quite a taste of honey but a taste of tuna that we're craving. we're following "world news now" coordinating producer chris campbell into our "insomniac kitchen." steve, i'm looking around, where's the beef or the meat that we're cooking? another cheesesteak? >> no beef today, bro. i've heard you've never eaten fish really. >> never have in 33 years and don't intend to today. >> i thought if we were going to get you into eating fish we might as well start raw. >> you thought wrong. >> this is really high-quality tuna. >> reporter: i thought i made myself clear. i will only shoot these if i'm making something greasy or it's covered in cheese. >> we're going to make something
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inspired by my time in hawaii. rttween poke and tunaartare. >> showoff. >> this is easy, delicious -- >> i want you to chop so it small -- >> i'm going to do the instructing here. >> this is my greatest challenge yet. >> if i can make this happen, i'm feeling good about myself. you want nice red meaty tuna. you can see these white lines on one side of it. i actually don't want that. i'm kind of going to take that off for this. and i'm just going to use the perfect tuna to make this. >> reporter: we started our prep but i'd forgotten everything from the last time. >> oh -- why do we have to go over this? >> my fingers inside. >> but they're not. >> too big, too big. >> stop it. this hand is not to just pretend it's doing something. look at how my hand is. i'm in there, you've got to be in there, don't be scared. all right, i am actually looking.
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>> your knife is upside down. first thing i'm going to do, squeeze in half of a lime, just so it stops the oxidation and it's going to season it. >> god, it's like i watch him but at the same time when it comes time for me to do it, it's like i wasn't watching him and i forget everything. >> i can't see anything. >> good, keep your eyes closed. i think in one of you're other videos you told me if you cut them right you shouldn't be crying. and you're not crying at all? >> if you have a sharp knife it goes a long way. i might have been lying. just let it out. >> i know, i know. >> the more you hold it back -- it's going to come. >> it's been such a hard week, nobody gets it. i work overnights. >> everyone needs a good cry every now and then. >> oh my god, tell me about it, once a day. once a shift at work is what i do. >> reporter: we chopped scallions, micro planed some garlic, and added cilantro. >> now we've got a tuna. it's beautiful. it's cold. >> it's something.
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it's here. >> reporter: it was time to season the tuna. or as i like to say, disguise the tuna. we added our scallions, some micro greens, the rest of the onions, sesame seeds, soy sauce, hanzu sauce, and noodles. >> you can probably just stop, this two layers -- the seasoning you put in that smells incredible, though. >> that's why you're going to like it. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's my last chance to make a run for it. >> wow. incredible. i was kind of hoping it would fall apart and we'd have to leave and forget about it. but that's a good-looking dish, i'll give you that. >> here we are, beautiful tuna tartare stack, we made it home -- >> reporter: what is this weird sensation? i feel like i'm having some kind of out-of-body experience. >> round one!
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>> he likes it. >> that's really good. very, very tasty. >> are you grossed out in the least? >> no, but i will be honest why. one tuna. >> round two! >> it's done. >> it's clean. >> no, it is, it's not fishy, it is clean. it's just like a psychological thing. >> well -- >> i'm going to have to go on the couch and talk about it. >> texture it's a very big thing. >> thank you, steve, this was awesome. >> glad you tried it. that's the important thing about life, at least you tried it. >> give me a cheesesteak stat, please! >> oh, well good thing i got you covered. >> oh my god. holy [ bleep ], look at that thing. >> i don't want the cheesesteak but i do want that tuna. that tuna -- chris why didn't you bring it over here, come on. >> it looked good. so here's a quick tuna fun fact. tuna is a large fish.
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♪ ♪ let's go to the movies now. time now for our "insomniac theater," previewing two movies opening at the box office this weekend. >> this morning we're getting into the early halloween spirit. "scary stories to tell in the dark." it's based on the iconic children's book series. haunted mansion, a young girl with horrible secrets, and her book of terrible stories that's really terrifying. >> hey, what's going on? >> tommy's missing. >> tommy's name was in the book. >> there's no way it's actually connected, right? >> what happens in the book is exactly what's happened for real. >> augie? >> stella! >> you're in the next story. we're reading it right here.
2:56 am
>> there's a corpse looking for her missing toe. >> i want my toe! >> okay, so the stories are coming to life and that looks pretty scary. >> that looks so good. >> it does. critics are loving it. they're loving "scary stories to tell in the dark" giving it a solid 81% on rotten tomatoes. >> wow. >> it's effectively spooky, working both as a potential genre, gateway drug, and nostalgic catnip for readers of the original trilogy. and the perfect throwback to old-school horror and the nostalgia of sitting around a campfire and telling stories to freak each other out. >> that looks good. >> it does. >> that looks good. next to a highly promoted crime drama, "the kitchen." the wives of irish mobsters in the 1970s who take over organized crime operations in new york city's gritty hell's
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kitchen neighborhood after the fbi arrests their husbands. >> our husbands have 24 months left on their sentences. >> sorry, baby. >> this is the irish mob. organized crime. >> we're going to take care of you. you girls are going to be just fine. >> we got no money. >> can't even make the rent with what they gave me last night. >> they didn't want me in the family in the first place. >> 40 years you pay for protection and don't get nothing for it. >> they have been telling us forever that we are never going to do anything but have babies. a bunch of men that have forgotten what family means. >> so we remind them. >> so many people were excited about this but critics are hating "the kitchen," giving it only a 20% splat on rotten tomatoes. the women are game but there's not enough heat in the kitchen. it crashes and burns in spectacular fashion. >> that's so surprising. >> it is. >> they're mega stars. >> mega stars, everyone was excited about this movie. oh well. >> i'll still watch it.
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>> i'll still watch it. >> i will too, why not?
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this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now," a nation on edge. breaking news out of missouri. and a possible shooting averted. >> a heavily armed man is arrested at a walmart. police say the suspect had tactical weapons and body armor. full details ahead. also this morning the democratic candidates are taking on president trump. former vice president biden using his harshest language yet as some of the other 2020 hopefuls are flat-out labeling trump a white supremacist. plus the health alert this morning for people who suffer migraine headaches. the new study that suggests why they may want to pass on that get ready to get fancy. we're going inside one of the most elegant and expensive mansions in new york city. it is friday, august 9th, good
3:01 am
morning. >> and you just realized. >> i did not just realize, i did not just realize. i said august 9th and i'm like, august 9th! it's my husband's birthday. >> happy birthday to him. >> happy birthday. good morning, everyone. >> stephanie ramos is here. we saw that mansion. you just moved to new york from washington. >> yes, i'm not moving into that place. >> are you sure? all right, all right. >> we're going to check it out, it looks absolutely gorgeous. it's great to be here in new york city. >> it's great to have you here too, great to have you here. so we're very excited. we're going to begin now with a new case of gun-related terror at a walmart. >> just five days after a shooter killed 22 people at a store in el paso, police a few states away captured a heavily armed man at a walmart in missouri. >> detectives in springfield say the 20-year-old walked into the store yesterday carrying
3:02 am
tactical weapons and wearing heavy protection and military clothing. they aren't sure of his intent but say he had 100 rounds of ammunition. >> all we know is the facts, that he walked in here heavily armed with body armor on in military fatigues and caused a great amount of panic inside. he certainly had the capability and the potential to harm people. >> no shots were fired and no injuries were reported. regarding a motive, lieutenant lucas so far has only said his intent obviously was to cause chaos here, and he did that. police in allen, texas are now confirming that weeks before the el paso mass shooting they received a call from the suspect's mother. >> they say the call came in on june 27th from a woman asking if her 21-year-old son could legally purchase an ak-type firearm online, and the mother was concerned her son did not have the training and maturity to own this type of weapon. police insist based on what she
3:03 am
told them, no action was necessary on their part. >> there was never a mention made of concern for anybody other than that of her son. and the call-taker, the public safety officer, did on two occasions inquire, is this person suicidal? or have they made threats towards any other persons? to each it was indicated that they had not. >> police say they receive similar calls from parents on a regular basis. they don't know if the weapon the mother was worried about was the one used in the walmart massacre that left 22 people dead. as president trump faces growing allegations that the el paso gunman was inspired by his racially charged rhetoric, the 2020 democratic candidates are not holding back. frontrunner joe biden and the other presidential hopefuls are flocking to the iowa state fair, and they're being asked flat-out if the president is a white supremacist.
3:04 am
abc's mary bruce has more. >> reporter: joe biden smiling. >> good to see you. >> reporter: taking selfies at the iowa state fair. the early frontrunner greeting his supporters. >> can i get a photo with you? >> reporter: eating ice cream. >> anybody else want anything? >> reporter: using his harshest language yet to take on the president. as some of his rivals are flat-out labeling trump a white supremacist. do you believe that the president is a white supremacist? >> i believe everything the president says and has done encourages white supremacists and i'm not sure there's much distinction. as a matter of fact, it may be worse. >> reporter: several of biden's opponents have gone even further. >> is the president a white supremacist? >> he is, he's also made that very clear. >> reporter: in an interview with "the new york times" elizabeth warren reportedly responding yes when asked if she thinks president trump is a white supremacist. in iowa warren doubled down. >> he can't have it both ways. he can't keep trying to stir
3:05 am
this up, give aid and comfort, be embraced by the white supremacists, and then say, oh, but not me. no. he's responsible. >> reporter: after the hate-filled massacre in el paso, trump has insisted his rhetoric is not to blame. >> no, i don't think my rhetoric has at all, i think my rhetoric is a very -- it brings people together. >> reporter: and he's trying to turn the tables, insisting democrats are the ones who are racist, tweeting, the democrats' new weapon is their old weapon, one which they never cease to use when they are down or run out of facts, racism. they are truly disgusting. biden was not mincing words here. he told me point blank that whether the president is or is not a white supremacist, he believes that everything trump does speaks to them. biden says trump is simply too afraid to take them on now. mary bruce, abc news, des moines, iowa. president trump has named a new intelligence chief. just as the number two intelligence official announces her departure. the nation's top counterterrorism official,
3:06 am
joseph mcguire, will become acting director of national intelligence when dan coats steps down next week. coats' deputy, sue gordon, plans to leave the same day. dozens of children left parentless after massive immigration raids in mississippi. i.c.e. officials are defending the immigration raids at mississippi food processing plants, now saying that nearly half of those detained wednesday were released and parents were a top priority. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> please let him free. >> reporter: i.c.e. agents storming multiple food processing plants wednesday in the largest single-state immigration crackdown ever, nearly 700 people taken into custody, some of them parents whose children learned the news after their first day of school. >> i need my dad by me. my dad didn't do nothing. he's not a criminal. >> it's just very heartbreaking, especially to hear a child that's crying out for their parents, you know.
3:07 am
>> reporter: in an exclusive interview, acting secretary of homeland security, kevin mcaleenan, tells abc news 40% of the people detained in that raid have been released with parents getting top priority. >> the biggest challenge is the fact that we're seeing so many vulnerable families and children crossing the border. >> reporter: meanwhile thousands of migrants remain in facilities across the country, including this holding center in yuma, arizona. >> our border stations are really police stations, they're not equipped for handling humanitarian issues. that's why we built temporary facilities like this. >> reporter: for the first time homeland security allowing our cameras into this facility where our team witnessed detainees on mats wrapped in mylar blankets with access to clean showers, plenty of food, and medical facilities. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you very much for that, marci. get ready for more hurricanes than usual this year. government forecasters say the 2019 hurricane season may be busier than first expected.
3:08 am
they now expect 10 to 17 named storms, as many as nine of them hurricanes. hurricane season runs through november and so far we've had two named storms, one of them a hurricane. let's talk about something a little more fun. a loose lizard has residents near san diego on edge. >> there is concern because it isn't your garden-variety pet, right? it's what's known as a monitor lizard. right now it's at least 4 feet long and can grow to nearly twice that length. experts say monitor lizards are also very dangerous. so monitor them. >> oh, cute, all right. well, they're difficult to catch. they can hide in trees and apparently they can really lead to significant stitches and flesh wounds. you know, because they have a nasty bite. so just, you know, just be a little careful out there. coming up right here, the poisonous snake -- this is a reptile show tonight -- that's believed to be on the loose inside new york city's bronx zoo. first, the wildfire in
3:09 am
northern california that's triggering evacuations as the deadliest wildfire in state history claims another victim. plus, the health alert this morning for people who suffer from migraines. the study that points to a popular morning beverage as a likely trigger.
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evacuations have been ordered for about 1,200 people in northern california threatened by the gulf wildfire. the blaze is in an area about 90 miles north of san francisco that escaped the region's recent large wildfires. it may actually be two fires in the steep heavily wooded area. meanwhile the paradise wildfire already the deadliest in california history has claimed another victim. the 72-year-old man had been hospitalized since november. much of the northwest could see wildfires today because of the hot, dry weather. it will be hot and humid in the south with a heat advisory in effect until this evening. and we have a health alert about coffee and migraines. >> a new study finds that too much coffee triggers migraines. researchers say for migraine sufferers, drinking three cups of coffee or more increases the risk of an attack by 40%.
3:13 am
five cups of coffee increase the rusk by 161%. about 18% of women and 6% of men in the u.s. suffer from migraines. and a sure-handed dad made a great grab in the stands in phoenix, you can see this one. >> it happened on a foul ball during wednesday's phillies/diamondbacks game. the dad holding his infant daughter in his right hand snags the ball with his left, and he got a big cheer from the crowd. look at that. >> wow. >> i mean, good for the baby that it ended up in the left hand, but wow. >> skills there. >> good for him, that's amazing. no glove, nothing. get him on the team. >> he was ready for it. coming up right here in our next half hour, the flight attendant facing charges for allegedly being drunk in the friendly skies. what passengers say they had to do for her after she had trouble balancing and appeared to pass out. first we're getting a taste of the sweet life. our very own will ganss takes us inside one of manhattan's most elegant mansions. most
3:14 am
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♪ money money money must be ♪ money money money must be funny in a rich man's world ♪ and this morning we are taking abba's cue and stepping into a rich man's world to see what some money money money can buy if you have enough of it. >> our very own will ganss joins us now with a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. >> making it rain this morning, that's right, you guys. i'm in the market for a new home. i figured i'd take a look around. instead of the typical long island suburb with a two-hour commute or a hell's kitchen rental with no ac, this morning we're moving on up. ♪ we're moving on up to the east side ♪ >> reporter: looking for a new home can be a nerve-racking thing. luckily i've got a friend in the real estate biz. >> alison. >> hello, will. >> how are you? >> welcome to the decorator showhouse, come on in. >> reporter: she knows something simple and modest is just what a low-key guy like me needs.
3:17 am
>> right now we're on the upper east side of manhattan, a block from madison avenue with all the best shops and restaurants, a block from central park. this is a 40 foot wide townhouse. 19 rooms, 12 bedrooms, 10 fireplaces, and the list goes on. so this is just the epitome of luxurious living in new york city. all right. so look at this entryway. it's one of the most grand staircases in all of new york city. it's six flights, and it circles all the way up. >> it's amazing. >> let's go look at more? >> please, yes. >> we've got six flights of more. >> so i need to pace myself what is you're saying. >> reporter: what exactly waits at the top of that staircase? >> and this is the entertaining room. >> whoa. >> reporter: oh, and the asking price? $28,750,000.
3:18 am
cash might buy you.rsstop - >> this try and tou, the wor it you've got this fabulous mural on the ceiling. you've got this 1940s crystal chandelier. i'm speechless. >> it's a library but it's not spooky. >> no, it's chic. i'm just going to sit down. >> all right, yeah, you do you. >> did you forget your glasses? >> yeah, i left them at home. >> that's a good look, though. >> thank you. >> so we're heading to the dining room. >> this is out of control gorgeous. >> isn't it the most chic dining room you've ever stepped in? >> i'm not kidding you, i have chills on my whole body. >> it's a sexy dining room. >> three words i never thought i'd put together. if you could invite three people living or dead to your dinner party, who would you invite and why?
3:19 am
>> jesus. >> oh, yeah. >> oprah. george washington. whose would yours be? did you think about this, though? >> did i think about it? do i have this fully prepared? reese witherspoon. taylor swift. and mindy kaling. >> we have a date. >> reese, would you mind passing the gravy? jesus wants a little bit. >> reporter: after saying good-bye to our dinner guests, next stop on the grand tour, something else worth a closer look, the dog room. >> to man's best friend you've got a wall of portraits all featuring dogs. a whole snack bar. and a very chic dog bath that has a wall of faux grass. >> so fido's comfortable. >> yeah. >> so this pug eating pizza and having a beer? >> your spirit animal? >> we found my spirit animal. >> reporter: back upstairs alison's favorite room. >> i love it. you feel like you're just walking into another land in this room.
3:20 am
i mean, how could you better use a little closet than a champagne bar? >> brilliant. these are little filmstrips. >> yeah. it's all "breakfast at tiffany's." >> reporter: this mansion has a few places to wind down. >> if you want to come back for me in an hour? >> i'll let you relax. >> reporter: and back to the tour. finally reaching the top floor of the mansion, we realized we hadn't checked out the backyard. oops. >> do you want to take the elevator? >> there's an elevator? we walked up six flights and now you're telling me there's an elevator. >> bye. >> reporter: that yard, which is bigger than my current apartment by the way, an urban oasis. so this is shared with the neighbors? >> no sharing. just for you. whoever buys this house has a 1,400 square foot backyard. >> reporter: a palace like this all to myself? time to see if i can make this dream home a reality. >> so, will, what did you think of the house?
3:21 am
of a me. in $28,750,000? might be a little out of my price range. is there -- is there anything else you can think of? >> there is one thing i can think of. >> going up? >> reporter: will ganss, abc news, new york. ♪ money money money >> the amazing thing about this home aside from everything in it is they open their doors to folks who want to pay a few bucks to tour it and it benefits the boys and girls club. so i got a job as a bellhop, everybody wins, you know? >> so much detail in that house. okay, question. >> yes? >> is there a garage? >> yes, two-car garage underneath. i'm not kidding. >> so it has everything i need. >> you're ready, you're ready. >> you're just in time. >> $29 million. >> and this is a room -- he
3:22 am
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i love this segment so much. it's time for "the mix." i love this segment so much. it's time for "the mix." >> time for "the mix." all right, so here in new york at the bronx zoo, apparently there's a venomous snake that just got out of its enclosure, it's roaming around, just hanging out. so the zoo, they posted this. the staff at the zoo posted this warning telling visitors that the snake is out, it's missing, it's believed to be on the loose inside the zoo. right outside the jungle world exhibit. there's the snake. so if you're planning to head to the bronx zoo, be on the lookout. we were as a family. we're going to wait until they get that under control. let's show you these ducks real quick. everybody stopped as this giant line of ducks crossed the road. people were just saying, how special that was.
3:26 am
grounded in harmony, new york city's very own concrete acapella. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack ♪ ♪ do the "world news" polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal ♪ ♪ do the "world news" polka ♪ bop bop bop bop oh world news polka ♪ ♪ if you're up it's late you
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must be headed for the john ♪ ♪ wait one more minute while we get your polka on ♪ ♪ five days every week we're here with our tongues in cheek and the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ oh who cares what the bosses think they're a goofy crew ♪ ♪ and if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do ♪ ♪ hey it's news to me that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ oh do the "world news" polka ♪ >> i love how they did that. bum bum bum bum, there we go. before we go we have to congratulate a very special member of our team, "america this morning" senior producer tony mazuka and wife marisa on the birth of their daughter. >> that's baby lila may welcomed by mom, dad, and her big brothers. so adorable, our warmest congratulations to tony and his family. >> and isabella, our intern,
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the sweeping i.c.e. raids. hundreds of undocumented immigrants taken into custody, children left home alone after parents were taken away abruptly, some in tears. reaction now from the head of homeland security. also this morning, a deadly shooting on a houston highway. police are looking for a suspect. they're not ruling out road rage. and new this half hour, the flight attendant detained by police after her flight landed in south bend, indiana. >> she reportedly failed a breathalyzer test on the ground after passengers complained she appeared drunk on the united express flight. what we're learning this morning. and we'll be there for you. the fan favorite sitcom "friends" is getting ready to turn 25 years old. and the anniversary is being celebrated in some pretty playful ways.
3:31 am
that's coming up in "the skinny" on this friday, august 9th. and i'll be there for you, stephanie ramos. >> i'll be there for you as well, gio. oh, that song. >> so great. >> such a classic. >> that show never gets old, it never ages. >> we'll have that story coming up in just a little bit. we begin with the fallout from those sweeping immigration raids in mississippi, nearly 700 people taken into custody. >> i.c.e. is coming under fire for scenes of anguished children devastated on the first day of school wondering when mom or dad will come home. the agency says nearly half those detained have been released and parents were given top priority. will carr has more. >> reporter: some families are in anguish after the largest single-state immigration crackdown ever by i.c.e. agents.
3:32 am
>> please let him free. >> reporter: children coming home in mississippi on their first day of school heartbroken after learning a parent was one of 680 rounded up. >> i need my dad by me. my dad didn't do nothing. he's not a criminal. >> reporter: agents raided multiple food processing plants wednesday. in an exclusive interview we asked the acting secretary of homeland security about that raid. >> what would you say to that little girl? >> obviously the impact of enforcement of law can be devastating for families. i.c.e. is going to go through a case-by-case process. if she needs that parent for care tonight, they're probably already released. >> reporter: 40% of those detained in that raid have already been released, parents n meras for the first time inside a holding center in yuma,
3:33 am
arizona, built after a massive spike in families crossing the border. >> our border stations are police stations, they're not equipped for handling humanitarian issues. facilities like this. >> reporter: many lying on mats covered in silver mylar blankets. they have air conditioning, clean showers, plenty of food, and medical staff on site 24/7. the images are a contrast to a damning july inspector general report that showed jam-packed conditions inside five centers in texas, faces pressed against the glass. the report called one facility a ticking time bomb. can you guarantee all migrants in detention centers are in humane conditions right now? >> so that is a daily focus of everybody in our entire chain of command. >> reporter: mcaleenan claims there are similar sites to this yuma facility elsewhere which authorities say have significantly eased the pressure on detention centers. they have seen a dramatic drop in crossings.
3:34 am
he says we are still beyond crisis level, that congress needs to step up. in yuma, arizona, will carr, abc news. former vice president joe biden is under fire this morning for comments he made on the campaign trail. the frontrunner was in iowa campaigning when he began speaking about education and the plight of children from poor families. critics say he made a racial distinction during his comment. >> poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids. wealthy kids. black kids. asian kids. think about it. we think now we're going to dumb it down. they can do anything anybody else can do given a shot. >> biden's campaign did not immediately address critics of the comment. a heavily armed man is in custody in missouri after walking into a walmart carrying heavy weapons and 100 rounds of ammunition. >> police in springfield say the body armor-wearing 20-year-old suspect was also recording himself with a cellphone,
3:35 am
sparking panic in the store. he was eventually held at gunpoint by an ex-firefighter until officers arrived. in florida, days after a bogus threat to shoot up a walmart near tampa, a man drives a golf cart into customers at the same exact store. the suspect was caught after smashing into a cash register. police say it started when he blocked the walmart's liquor store with that cart. he sped off after officers confronted him. a number of customers suffered minor injuries. as authorities investigate the mass shooting at the walmart in el paso, we have confirmation the suspect's mother contacted police before the rampage. police in allen, texas say they received a call in late june from a woman worried her 21-year-old son had purchased an assault rifle online. abc's marcus moore has new details on the call, the shooting, and the president's visit. >> go, go!
3:36 am
>> reporter: weeks before that devastating massacre, the suspect's mother called allen, texas police concerned that her 21-year-old son owned an ak-style rifle. the family attorneys telling abc news she didn't leave her name or her son's but police told her he was legally allowed to own such a weapon and there was nothing they could do. the revelation coming as new video captures the chaos that followed a violent rampage at this el paso walmart. much of the video is too graphic to show but there are moving moments of courage amidst the carnage. >> stay still, stay still. >> reporter: you can hear the voices of those trying to comfort a man who's badly hurt. 22 people were killed, 27 others wounded in the alleged hate-filled attack. president trump visiting the border city wednesday but none of the eight injured being treated at one hospital agreed to meet with him. "some of the victims did not want to meet with the president, some wanted no visitors at all." and the first funerals have already begun. when you drive through el paso, all around the town you see signs that read, el paso strong. this was already a tight-knit
3:37 am
community and it seems this attack has only made the bond even stronger. marcus moore, abc news, el paso, texas. >> marcus, thank you so much. two men are dead after a gunman opened fire in the middle of a houston highway during rush hour. witnesses say the suspect fired an ar-15 multiple times into the victims' sedan. investigators are searching for the gunman and another suspect who fled the scene. police reportedly found a large trash bag filled with marijuana in the victims' car. police have not ruled out road rage but say it may also be drug related. now to a deadly plane crash in pennsylvania. the single-engine propeller plane was heading to ohio when it went down in a suburban area killing a family of three on board, two college professors, and their daughter. abc's diane macedo has more. >> reporter: witnesses say that plane skidded through backyards and clipped trees as it slammed into this residential neighborhood outside philadelphia.
3:38 am
>> there's no like explosion or anything, but i could hear a crash. >> reporter: the single-engine plane took out this shed, barely missing the surrounding homes. >> i heard it because our bedroom's right in the front. i heard it go over the house. >> reporter: officials say the beechcraft took off from philadelphia shortly after 6:00 a.m. but went down just three minutes later, killing all three people on board. a couple and their 19-year-old daughter. >> i don't know what the pilot was thinking or what he was doing, but it's a miracle that no homes were struck. >> reporter: the faa says on average there are about three small aircraft crashes a day in the u.s. this crash is similar to one in march when a twin engine piper aircraft slammed into an ohio neighborhood, killing the pilot. back here in pennsylvania, the ntsb is still on the scene trying to uncover what caused this crash. one big mystery, there's no record of any distress call from the plane. in hatboro, pennsylvania, diane macedo, abc news. u.n. experts say we need to change the way we eat and farm. the scientists say the way we
3:39 am
use land is making global warming worse and that in turn is causing a faster loss of land that can produce food. the panel says it's not too late to avoid a worldwide shortage of food, we should shrink farmland while increasing forests, waste less food which would cut greenhouse gas emissions, and eat more plants and less meat, which would also cut emissions. new video shows a recent raccoon rescue near boston. >> the animal's head was stuck in a storm grate in newton, massachusetts. fire crews used soap to try to get it free. >> they were able to lift the grate to get some more leverage, but the animal was pretty well wedged in place. >> finally after about two hours there, they got it free. animal control says that the raccoon appears to be okay. and that's what matters. oh, look at that. >> absolutely. i'm glad they spotted him and were able to come to his rescue, poor guy. >> so sweet, so sweet. all right, coming up later
3:40 am
in "the skinny," lady gaga's "shallow" back in the spotlight. why one songwriter is now threatening to file a lawsuit. first to the flight attendant arrested on the ground after her flight landed. what passengers say she was doing aboard the flight. brain freeze! no, it's my teeth. your teeth hurt? sensitivity. i should do something about it. 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately, at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh your teeth? no, it's brain freeze! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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a very close call for mechanics at a shop near austin, texas. a truck with a trailer practically flew off the highway, hitting vehicles outside the shop. one of the workers had just stretched out next to that big riding lawnmower. the driver said he got distracted. >> thank goodness those people there, they weren't hit, because they ran away from it right away. just incredible video right there. all right, the operator of a united airlines express flight
3:44 am
is investigating an incident in which the lone flight attendant was arrested facing charges after appearing to be drunk in the sky. >> that flight attendant then allegedly failed a breathalyzer test on the ground. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: this flight attendant is out of a job and facing charges of endangering passengers on a united express flight from chicago. some reported julianne march having trouble balancing, seeming to pass out. passengers fastening her seat belt for her. >> she was stumbling and kind of staggering back and forth, bumping into passengers. zig-zagging up and down the aisle. >> reporter: when the plane landed in south bend, indiana officers boarded. when she finally took a breathalyzer, her level was .2, five times over the legal limit for flight attendants. >> in the aviation industry, safety comes first. and we always take very swift action to correct when there is something that's unsafe. >> reporter: that swift action came from wisconsin air, which was operating the flight for united airlines, saying that the flight attendant is no longer
3:45 am
employed by the airline. she is also facing a misdemeanor charge. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. >> i mean, this is an incredible story because you look at that video and obviously there's reason to be concerned if you're on that flight. >> absolutely. so dangerous. and thankfully the passengers noticed. apparently one passenger was boarding the flight and noticed the flight attendant was leaning up against the galley rather than greeting passengers as they do when folks are boarding that plane. they sounded the alarm. she's out of a job now. >> so that investigation is under way right now. when we come back, why lady gaga may soon be facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. and central perk built entirely out of legos. "the skinny" is up next.
3:46 am
when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done.
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♪ i'm ♪ i'm on the deep end watch as i dive in ♪ ♪ i'll never leave the ground yes, that was not gaga, that was her. she was singing. >> i can't help but sing this song every single time, it's so good. >> it's an amazing song.
3:48 am
but now in "the skinny," this song is at the center of it all. because we all know that academy award-winning song "shallow" by lady gaga, but this morning another artist is saying she stole it from him. >> a songwriter named seabronson is threatening a multimillion dollar lawsuit alleging gaga stole "shallow" from a song he wrote in 2012. here's his song "almost." ♪ i can't feel that i've been gone too long ♪ >> all right, judge for yourself. gaga's legal team says ronson's song which had 205 total views on youtube sounds nothing like "shallow" and the three-note progression can be found in songs dating back centuries. >> "shallow" is well over the $1
3:49 am
million mark in sales and is the longest running number one in the u.s. with a female vocalist. you can hear it, you can definitely hear that three-note progression. >> and then that's it. >> i'm not a songwriter, so i don't know if that's something that's common or what. >> exactly. could it be pure coincidence, who knows. i'm sure they'll dig into this more. >> yeah, especially after the katy perry situation. >> exactly. >> with that lawsuit. >> right, so we'll see. no one told you life is going to be full of "friends" theme toys, right? the classic show is getting the lego treatment for its 25th anniversary. >> lego is announcing a mini version of central perk complete with the iconic orange couch and even gunther and the friends themselves in lego form. rachel, ross, joey, monica, chandler, phoebe with the guitar in case you want to recreate a rendition of "smelly cat." good writing there, producers. the limited edition legos go on sale september 1st. >> even pottery barn is celebrating with art and furniture.
3:50 am
i'm thinking the legos might be more for adult fans of the show? my son won't know or care. he could still play with it. >> he could have a little lego shrine to "friends," right? >> right, right. he won't know the show but i will, right? >> i love the characters that are right there, so good, with the guitar. >> very well done. next, 25 years before "friends," another super group was taking the world by storm with their album "abbey road." that's right, the beatles classic is now turning 50 this year. >> wow. to celebrate, universal music group is releasing a remastered special edition album featuring a new mix by the son of the album's original producer. and 23 session recordings and demos, most of which have never been heard before. >> you can get all of this new material on three cds, a deluxe vinyl box kit, or a digital platform, of course, on september 26th. the actual 50th anniversary of
3:51 am
"abbey road." >> classics there. maybe this next song will be a classic, who knows. "old town road." >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> finally, 18 weeks into "old town road" at the top of the charts, it feels like the song's popularity should almost be illegal. >> police in wellesley, massachusetts say street signs for the city's actual old town road have been stolen multiple times and they suspect a song by lil nas x and billy ray cyrus is to blame. >> gio, if i find a sign in your office, you're in trouble. canadian authorities have been having the same problem but they decided to capitalize on the problem, selling signs for $25 apiece. i think they're going to sell -- ♪ till they can't no more >> there you go. that's smart. i got to say that's smart, make some money off it, why not, why not. >> yeah, just -- you know, let's have a lot of laughs.
3:52 am
coming up, a vietnam veteran's long journey home.
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♪ ♪ and finally this half hour, we have two remarkable stories about two american heroes. >> we do. here in new york city the family of a fallen soldier, they were overwhelmed with the gift of a house on staten island, mortgage free. >> the family of u.s. army sergeant mario nelson was presented with the home by the tunnel the towers foundation which honors and supports 9/11 first responders, veterans, and their families. >> nelson was part of the recovery effort at ground zero before switching to active duty with the army. he was killed in iraq back in 2006. since then his wife mecca and young daughter mia have been struggling, moving from
3:56 am
apartment to apartment. but this morning they now have >>o them. i love their reaction when they walked into that home. meantime, a very special honor for a veteran from so many years ago played out aboard a southwest airlines flight. >> that veteran, a fighter pilot shot down in a mission in northern laos in 1967, has finally found his way back home. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: 52 years ago, like so many of his generation, roy knight jr. said good-bye to his family, leaving garner, texas to fly combat missions in vietnam. colonel knight would not come back, killed in action. this past february, decades later, his remains were recovered in laos. and on this southwest flight, colonel knight came home. the moment stopping an entire terminal at dallas love field. everyone stopping to watch, salute, and pay their respects. for the pilot of that southwest jet, this would be the most
3:57 am
important flight of his life. flying had always been his dream. ever since he saw his father take off 52 years ago. has it hit you yet? this was no ordinary dignified transfer. that pilot is captain brian knight, son of colonel roy knight. he was 5 years old when his dad left for war. now he's a man. wearing that lanyard with those immortal words for our p.o.w.s and m.i.a.s that ring so true. "you are not forgotten." >> i mean, just amazing. his family was forced to move on thinking they'll never find any closure. >> this is the closure they needed. and just to honor him in that way. i mean, that family has to be just overwhelmed with emotion. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. all right, don't miss our updates on facebook. we will be right back.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> lila and the family, congrats to all. happening now in america this morning, panic inside walmart. >> i'm still shaking. it was just terrifying. >> a heavily armed man in body armor enters this store in missouri while recording himself. how an off-duty firefighter jumped into action. meanwhile, with the nation on edge from a string of mass shootings, what president trump and mitch mcconnell are now saying about the push for tighter gun laws. new overnight, biden gaffe. what the former vice president said on the campaign trail about poor children and the backlash this morning. washer machine tragedy, a little boy dies after becoming trapped inside a front loading washer just like this one. the three things


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