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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 9, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00, san francisco police set up crime tape and search all over for evidence. the scene they responded to overnight. also ahead this morning, a tough decision for hundreds of local kids. which new backpack to pick at the annual giveaway this morning. 3,300 kids will show up for that. >> always good to look good on the first day of school. >> it makes a difference. good morning everyone. it is friday, august 9th. i'm kumasi >> i'm snoonatasha zouves. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. did you like the back-to-school days, mike? >> that was the one time of year i didn't have to wear hand me downs. everybody wants the feel good going back to school.
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feel good, look good. here is a look at what's going on. what is this? that's what we were talking about yesterday. this is verga. it's way too dry below 14,000 feet for this to make it. it's mainly cloudy out there. you can see some of the stars through them as we look from the exploratorium camera. mid 50s to 60 at 7:00. 65 to about 80 with increasing sunshine this afternoon. a gorgeous evening on tap, silkts to low 70s. hope you enjoy it. here is frances. >> as you mentioned, you can see some of the stars through san francisco. here is a live shot at the golden gate bridge. no fog this morning. there we go. there's one car. we've got friday light traffic right now. we'll head to the south bay and check out a live shot of 280 and highway 17. headlights are on northbound 280 looking good through cupertino. that's highway 17 moving across your screen.
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problem-free as you come out of the santa cruz mountains. we check out drive times. westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze is 16 minutes. across the bay bridge, ten minutes as you continue the ride on southbound 101 on san francisco to sfo, nine minutes. all bay area bridges looking good. san francisco police are investigating reports of a shooting in the western edition neighborhood. this is video into the news room overnight. earlier this morning officers scoured the area with flash slights on scott street between turk and eddy. when we get an update, we'll let you know. developing news this morning out of springfield, missouri. a man in military-style clothing and body armor walked into a walmart with guns sending customers running, until an off duty firefighter sprang into action. all this following the deadly mass shooting at a walmart in el paso. here is abc's gio benitez. >> this morning police in
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missouri say this is the man who set off panic inside a springfield walmart. they say he entered the store wearing a bulletproof vest armed with an assault rifle. he grabbed the shopping cart, walking the store filming himself on his phone. >> i heard someone to my left saying "is that a real weapon? >> an off duty firefighter spotted the man being held at gunpoint until officers arrived. >> when sfpd arrived, there were a lot of people hiding outside. >> i'm still shaking. it was just terrifying. >> reporter: this video shows the moment outside the store as you can see the suspect, hands raised with his phone in his hand recording every moment, approaching police where he is eventually arrested. police not yet saying what his motive may have been. >> what's happened in texas and dayton in the last seven days is
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on everybody's minds. new information out of allen, texas, where police confirmed the mother of the el paso walmart shooting suspect did call to report her concerns that her 21-year-old son owned an ak-style rifle weeks before the massacre. >> the information that the caller relayed did not any additional enforcement activity. >> reporter: geo ben neat tesz, abc news, new york. >> it's 5:04. in the wake of that deadly mass shooting at the walmart in el paso, the retailer is removing violent video displays and signs from stores. "usa today" said they were told to take down video game displays, turn off hunting season videos and make sure no movies depicting violence are playing in the electronic section. walmart said this week the retailer would not stop selling
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guns. hundreds of u.s. mayors signed a letter demanding the u.s. senate do more to stop gun violence. >> they're urging leaders to call the senate back from the august recess. bills require tougher background checks for gun buyers. they have received bipartisan support. more than 200 mayors signed the letter including from san francisco, san jose and oakland. the san jose sharks are planning several effort to help people affected by the gilroy garlic festival shooting. that includes donating $10,000 to the silicon valley foundation. they'll also hold hero's appreciation night this january to honor first responders. the gilroy foundation established a special fund for victims of the garlic festival shooting. we have a link for you on our website, happening today, president trump is scheduled to attend a pair of campaign fund-raisers in the hamptons. one is at the home of stephen ross, the chairman and founder of a real estate development
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company that owns equinox and soulcycle. critics around the bay area and the country are calling for a boycott for the fitness companies. in the north bay, crews cleaned up a rock slide along highway 101 in marin. this was the scene around 8:00 last night. golf ball sized rocks first came tumbling down around 6:30. people who called 911 reported several cars were hit. fortunately no one was hurt. in the south bay more than 3,000 bay area students are signed up to receive new backpacks and school supplies. >> there's help coming from teachers, too. abc 7 reporter amy hollyfield is live in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. first let me show you all the backpacks these darling kids will get to choose from. lots of color, lots of fun. good looking backpacks for them to hand out today. they'll beanng o 3,3 /* 00 of them.
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the teachers, too, need help. >> teacher kids are brand new this year. we heard about reports that teachers spend up to $50 out of their own pockets to supply their classrooms with tissue boxes, markers, dry erase markers, things like that. so our goal is to help these teachers with the financial strain by providing them with a basket that contains those supplies. >> reporter: here is that basket. look at these scented markers. i'm dying to open those up and smell every one. this gets you excited for school. i'm sure teach rs are drooling over this. these will be handed out to teachers. so that's pretty exciting. the doors open at 8:00 a.m. that's when all the children will come streaming in and get to pick out their backpacks. it's an exciting time at sacred heart. this is their 17th year to do this. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> so important. that's great amy.
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so many teachers spend their own money on school supplies for their classrooms. so just great. awesome to see that basket. thank you. i want to smell every one of those markers except the licorice one. remember the -- my pallet wasn't developed enough, mike, to appreciate that. i wanted strawberry, the grape -- >> the sweet ones, absolutely. as long as you didn't try to eat them. >> well, that's another story. >> my mom is a retired teacher. there's always that one kid who tried to eat them. >> back-to-school time. we'll have a lot of those forecasts coming up next week. antioch back this week. pa skask 55, 57 in daly city. a lot of 60s on the peninsula side. 60s along the east bayshore. 63 in concord. 55 in napa. looks like they're out early grooming the sand already. if you're out and about, still
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comfy. afternoon sunshine at our beaches and small craft advisory north of the bay bridge. north bay, under cloud cover and 60s through 11:00. we break out into sunshine and mid to upper 70s this afternoon. east bay, in the cloud cover. mid and upper level clouds through 11:00 with 70 degrees. sunshine and mid 70s this afternoon. for san francisco, we're under that mid and upper level cloud deck and low 60s through 11:00. mid to upper 60s with a whole lot of sunshine. so clouds start to roll fwhak at 7:00. here is frances. >> mike, you know what i was tempted to try? the erasers. they smelled so good. i wanted to chew on them when i was a kid. they don't taste so great. anyway, a new crash reported on the peninsula north 101 at oyster point. no injuries reported there. so probably cleared quickly. northbound 880 is slow as you make your way out of san leandro into oakland because of road work scheduled until about 6:00.
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lanes are blocked. the slowest stretch of traffic is westbound 205 out of tracy. it does start to pick up once you get past the altamont pass. >> thanks, frances. after five days of deliberation there's still no verdict in the ghost ship trial. jurors went home for the weekend and will return on monday. derick almena and max harris are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter, one for each person who died in the december 2016 warehouse fire. the defense argues it was an act of arson. thieves in berkeley are damaging cars to steal catalytic converters. police arrested two suspects and say more people may be involved. when officers made the arrests on wednesday they found burglary tools in the suspect's possession. investigators say more than 30 cars have been targeted since late last momgt. happening today, officials in mod des stow are set to decide whether there will be a straight pride parade. >> if this group of people are
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allowed to express their fiery and haitlfe get hurt. >> opponents packed the city council on wednesday. they say the people organizing the parade >> we're a totally peaceful racist group. >> critics say up until a few days ago the straight pride coalition's website promoted white supremacy. coming up next t 7 things you need to know as you start your day. >> a bay area favorite, but it turns out oysters are in trouble. what's hurting the local population and their prices. a mini gol
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it's 5:14. if you're just joining us, theer are the seven things to know this morning. san francisco police are investigating reports of a shooting in the western addition neighborhood. officers searching the area with flashlights on scott street between turk and eddy. we have a call in to san francisco police. we'll keep you updated. a gun scare on the san jose state university campus. the campus was put on lockdown as officers search for a man with a gun.
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officers sound the suspect on the third floor ceiling hiding in the duct work. there will be heightened security as the first day of outside lands kicks off in golden gate park. no standard size backpacks or large bags will be allowed unless they're clear. after five days of deliberation, still no verdict in the ghost ship trial. jurors went home pour the weekend without coming the a consensus. starting the weekend with below average temperatures. eventually it will get summer hot again. until then, we have a couple of chances of showers today and again tomorrow. number six, traffic is light this friday morning. a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza shows a minor wait. number seven, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. what i want to tell you about the sacred heard community service in san jose. take a look at that. a wall of new backpacks. organizers will be giving away 3,300 backpacks to families in
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need. kids not only get these backpacks but also a bag of school supplies and a gift card for new shoes. here at abc 7 news, we're working to build a better bay area. that includes the environment. this morning there's new concern about how climate change is affecting our local oyster population. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen has the solutions that scientists and business owners are working on together. >> reporter: calfornia oysters are in trouble. >> this winter was not a good year for native oysters. we've seen significant die-offs as a result. >> reporter: he spent the past three years researching how climate change is affecting oysters. the study, published this week, focuses on oyster habitats and applies to the entire california coast. >> the estuary is getting squeezed both on the oceanside and riverside. >> reporter: he says it's increasing ocean acidy
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sierra nevada varlt of winter storms which flood the estuaries with too much fresh water. >> it means some areas of theest era may not be able to support oysters in the future. >> reporter: he's creating habitats for the mollusks in the east bay. john finger is the ceo of hog island oyster company which produces 3 million a year and sells 6 million, many at their san francisco restaurant. in order to offset climate change, hog island's owners are spending millions to increase the oyster population. >> we're investing a lot of money in hatcheries so we can breed animals that can be resilient. the cost for keeping oysters on the plate are going up. >> which means the cost of your oyster may go up as well unless more people contribute to favorable oyster growing conditions. kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bare area. you can share them by joining
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our group on facebook. churches are exploring fun new ways to increase attendance. a historic cathedral installed a giant indoor fair ground slide, giving visitors a chance to see the roof up close. it's scheduled to remain until august 18th. a different cathedral in rochester built a golf course. >> i think it's a good idea. looks like fun. >> it does look like fun. >> mike, catholic school, i know this is part of your background as well. those hard pews, i would have enjoyed a putting green. i would have enjoyed a slide. >> yes, as a kid, absolutely. that' c definitely adulting. i've been so some of those.
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>> that's so historic. 62 degrees in san jose under a partly sunny sky. take a look at your highlights for today. we're going to have clouds then sunshine. no summer heat today. there's a chance of drizzle, even a stray shower tonight through tomorrow morning. summer heat starts sunday. let's head down to the south bay. mid to upper 70s, like 79 in san jose, usual low to mid 80s around los gatos, morgan hill. low to mid 70s along the peninsula. low to mid 60s on the oceanside. mid to upper 60s downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. mid 70s and low 80s as you head northbound through the north bay. 71 at oakland. everybody else in the mid 70s. as you head inland, low to mid 80sment tonight with the extra humidity in the air, temperatures in the upper 50s to mid 60s. here is a look at this morning's verga, evaporating before it reaches the ground. notice the clouds coming in. tomorrow morning we'll have a great chance of drizzle along
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the coast. stray shower across the north bay. that's it. i think most of the activity is going to stay well to the north. tomorrow is going to be even cooler than today. look at that quick turn-around sunday and even upper 90s and mid 80s bay and inland by sunday. frances? >> a couple new problems. one in san francisco southbound 101 near 280. a crash blocking one of the lanes. traffic is slowing right now as you head towards southbound 101 towards 280. but no injuries reported. this one should clear quickly. also northbound 101 at oyster point, another crash as well. we're seeing minor slowing right now. again, since no injuries have been reported in these crashes, they'll clear fairly fast. the ride on 880 is slow because of road work out of san leandro into oakland. only one lane northbound until 6:00 this morning. in today's "gma first look," the hidden dangers of grilling. >> if you're cleaning the grill
5:21 am
with one of those wire brushes, you could end up in the hospital. >> i felt a pain in the left side of my throat. i couldn't talk. >> that pain the result of this, a more than one-inch metal bristle, unknowingly swallowed after it apparently fell off and got stuck to the hot dog linda was eating at a family picnic. >> i couldn't take another bite. i couldn't do anything really. i woke up in the middle of the night and could not breathe or swallow. i had no idea it was a wire from the brush. >> reporter: this x-ray shows the needle-like object embedded into her throat. i would take six months to find the right team of doctors to remove it. >> the emergency room doctor scoped my throat and saw scratches, but never saw the wire. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have more about pell lamb's medical history. with your "gma first look," stephanie ramos, abc news, new york. >> i can't believe she spent
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that long with a wire in her throat. >> that's really scary. hopefully they'll tell you what to do. you want to grill out and have a great time and not have to worry about -- >> don't clean your grill ever. >> let it cake up. impossible burgers may be coming the a calf tear yoo near you. the major expansion for the plant-based burger company.
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you want to play on the bay? it's going to be breezy starting at 9:00 this morning through 3:00 this afternoon. it looks like an even sunset cruise would be really nice. until then winds that gust 25 to 30 miles per hour. how about outside lands days? we've got friday, today, 63 degrees. a little breezy. it will be partly cloudy tomorrow with drizzle likely in the morning. starting out at 55. dryer and milder sunday, mid 50s
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to mid 60s. >> i found out today two of our producers have flown this semiprivate regional jet line and here i am happy with a second bag of pretzels on southwest. this private air service is now going to be called jsx for all the fancy people out there. the revamped website complete with a new logo. the airline calling itself a hop-on jet service that tries to bring, quote, joyful, simple experiences. they fly out of oakland and concord. kumasi, they're trying to tell me the prices are comparable. i can't imagine this instagram model life. >> let's just plan a trip. let's do it. >> clearly. >> i fl left out, too. jc penney may be removed from the new york stock exchange because its stock has been trading below $1.00 for too long. the new york stock exchange warned the company it would be delisted if it doesn't get the
5:26 am
stock above that $1.00 markuggls more and more people shop online. attempts to revive the business apparently haven't been working well. sales at established stores have been falling over the last three-quarters. impossible burgers are coming to 1500 college kitchens, cafes and hospitals around the country. it's the latest business for the redwood city-based business. they announced a partnership with an illinois meat processor to increase production. that came on the same day burger king said it would roll out its impossible whopper nationwide. i'm excited about this. >> i'm all about plant-based. also going back to the private jet. apparently we can go from oakland to burr ban for $169. >> i think that's nice. >> let's do it. >> we could have been traveling, living the best life this whole time. we could have been instagram models taking pictures on the
5:27 am
jet. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, why you may have to go to a different pickup point on monday for bus commuters. coming up next, what you need to know about the heightened security at outside lands. cught on camera, the unexpected
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now at 5:30, a scare at san jose state after a man armed with a gun is spotted on campus. where the suspect was eventually found. the trump administration is defending two mass deportation raids that separated families. the heartbreaking plea from one child. music, food and security are top of mind for everyone at outside lands kicks off in san francisco today. good morning. it is friday, august 9th.
5:30 am
i'm kumasi aaron. >> i'm natasha zouves. we have frances dinglasan here. hopefully quieter today. >> much quieter, it's friday. >> meteorologist mike nicco is with us. >> let's show you some mid level and upper level moisture that's streaming through. you can see the clouds, also, that they're falling from. too dry below 14,000 feet. sprinkles possible. it will evaporate before it reaches the ground. it will help keep us cooler than average today. you can see the stars from the thin layer of clouds, the exploratorium camera at pier 15. 63 at the coast, 65 at 4:00. we're in the mid 70s around the bay and inland at noon. upper 70s to low 80s at 4:00. a comfortable day outside. how about the commute? here is frances. there are a few new problems, one is westbound 580 heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge.
5:31 am
there's a stalled car at canal. we're starting to see a bit of slowing on southbound 101 in san francisco. there may be two accidents as you make your way on southbound 101 approaching 280. traffic is slow. you can see there's red spots there. an earlier crash on northbound 101 at oyster point has been cleared. so traffic there is looking green right now. >> frances, thank you. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating reports of a shooting in the westerntern edition neighborhood. early this morning officers canvassed the area with flashlights on scott street between turk and eddy. we have not heard back yet from san francisco police about what happened here. when we get an update, we'll let you know. happening today, the first artist will take the stage for outside lands. >> while there's always excitement about the music, with the recent mass shootings security is also top of mind. abc 7 news reporter liz kreutz joins us at golden gate park with the new changes this year.
5:32 am
good morning. >> reporter: outside lands is not messing around when it comes to security. i want to show you behind me, you can see the bag policy listed here. no standard size backpacks or large bags will be allowed unless they're clear and see-through. you can bring small bags in. you should check the dimensions before coming in. they're listed on the outside lands website. we're in one of the locations where in past years people have tried to jump the fence to get in illegally. this year they're putting up a double fence to try to prevent this. we spoke to a security guard this morning. >> everything is going to be on lockdown. if you're trying to get through, you're not going to be able to get through unless you go through the front. this is 30th and fulton, this is going to be locked down for sure. >> reporter: aside from security, earlier i mentioned something else people are excited about here. that's for the first time you'll be able to consume marijuana
5:33 am
legally. it is the first u.s. festival in the country really to do this. there will be an area called grasslands where you can buy and consume marijuana. a lot of changes this year at outside lands. live in san francisco, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. >> the mayor warning that if grasslands doesn't go well, they'll be reticent list permits to other festivals. in the south bay a man is in custody following a gun scare at san jose state. >> police first got reports of a sighting around 5:00 last night. the campus was put on lockdown. san jose police say someone reported a man brandished a gun a few blocks from campus. when officers got there, they spotted the suspect who then took off toward the campus. for hours officers searched the spartan complex floor by floor, room by room. eventually they found the suspect in the third floor ceiling hiding in the duct work.
5:34 am
a handgun was found in the area, too. >> i'm thinking about all the things that have happened in recent weeks, and i think there have been numerous things we've been worried about in the area recently. >> police say there were three women inside the complex. two were immediately escorted out. the third student barricaded herself until it was safe to exit. this scare came on the same day san jose police announced new rapid response team. the department will place officers around the city. their sole job is to respond to active shooter events. >> we need to be vigilant. but it's not a cause to have our community scared to come out to different a little sryo eve w. knowing there will be somebody there, that kind of brings you a little more comfort. >> the rapid response teams are expected to cost $3 million which will come from the police department's over time budget.
5:35 am
a newly unsealed search warrant is revealing more details about the 19-year-old who went on a shooting rampage at the gilroy garlic festival. "the mercury news" reports that police discovered a second semi-automatic assault rifle in the shooter's home. they also found three magazines holding about 30 rounds each. a search of the 19-year-old's car turned up a passport and a gilroy garlic festival pamphlet. officers also found a clown mask and open bottle of jack daniels. a motive for the attack that killed three people and wounded 16 others is still unclear. meanwhile, san rafael taking a symbolic step against gun violence. mary gary phillips ordered flags to remain at half staff indefinite indefinitely. the mayor says they will remain n at way until congress suf ministrati g the immiatn raids in nearly 700 people into custody on wednesday. many of them were parents who
5:36 am
were forced to leave their children at home. >> it's breaking my heart that my parents -- >> 40% of the people who were detained have since been released. the acting secretary of homeland security spoke exclusively to abc news. he says releasing parents was a top priority. >> the biggest challenge is the fact we're seeing so many vulnerable families and children crossing the border. >> the raids in mississippi were the largest to occur since president trump took office. the number of people in i.c.e. custody hovers near all-time highs. it's 5:36. in the north bay a neighborhood remains evacuated this morning as crews battle to control this wildfire. sky 7 flu ew above lake county. the gulf fire broke out yesterday afternoon along the cod9 bui ern shore of. damaged so far.
5:37 am
according to the press democrat, pg&e cut power near the area as a precaution. the wait is over for thousands of commuters. ac bus transit is resuming service. limited service will start this weekend and the full commute schedule starts on monday morning. a krnchtsz transit has been using a nearby temporary terminals while crewed repaired cracked beams in the transit center. buses will use the upper deck sky bridge to by pass traffic coming off the bay bridge. new rules for pets on planes. what you need to know if you plan to fly with your animal. san francisco, notorious for its cool summer nights. that is slowly changing. a live look at our embarcadero. that is coming up. first let's get a check on the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning. welcome to friday. we have upper 50s to low 60s through the tri-valley. 63 in concord, mid 60s, pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. mid 50s in the north bay. upper first on both sides of the
5:38 am
peninsula until you get down to mountain view at 63. low 60s along the east bay shore and into the south bay. a little warmer because of the cloud cover that's out there. it's mid and upper level ouds. o idge as we look to the west. 61 degrees here. sprinkles possible in the north bay. that's it as far as any adversity for driving. cool to warm mass transit. breezy conditions, same spot as yesterday. they'll stop at 3:00 this afternoon. give you a nice, calm evening to be out and about. look at the cloud cover. normally this would be the marine layer clouds. this is mid and upper level cloud cover through 11:00. mid 80s this afternoon. same thing for the peninsula. mid and upper level clouds through 11 kwlok and upper 70s and sunshine. for the south bay, we've got those mid and upper level clouds through 11:00. sunshine and nearing 80, even low 80s during the afternoon hours and a sunny 74 at 7:00. the system that's bringing us a chance of a drop this morning may produce one more chance of a
5:39 am
shower. i'll show you that coming up before the summer heat returns to the forecast. we started with friday light. that would be good, but not anymore. >> we have one accident. >> just will clear quickly because no injuries have been reported. knock on wood. southbound s slow through the hospital curve because of an earlier crash. it was in the left lane, but it looks like it's starting to recover quickly now. it's turning to yellow instead of orange earlier. here is a live shot of interstate 80 through berkeley. headlights, crowded westbound as you make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. so far traffic is flowing well out of richmond, down to the bay bridge toll plaza where there are no metering lights on yet. looking good into san francisco. so the drive time, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 17 minutes. across the bay bridge, ten minutes. then that southbound 101 ride from san francisco to sfo is recovering. it's now down to 11 minutes and that is green.
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best chance of thunderstorms north of us today and tomorrow. that's why we have the high fire danger. notice it's spread since yesterday and lasts through tomorrow. watch out if you're heading out that way for thunderstorms with lightning, but probably no rain. that could start some fires. look at these temperatures.
5:43 am
sacramento 86, chico 83. eureka 65 and a chance of showers today. cloudy and 69 in monterey. more sunshine around san diego and los 75 and81. 70s in high country today. 71, blustery and cool. 65, a touch of autumn tomorrow. 74 for the warmest day sunday. >> thanks, mike. the man accused of a stabbing rampage in southern california is expected to be in court today. police say zachary castaneda killed four people and hurt two others in garden grove, santa a ana. disturbing video shows one of the stabbings on wednesday. the suspect holding two knives attacked a woman at an office. investigators say the man stabbed and robbed his way through several businesses. in the east bay police arrest add woman they say confessed to writing anti-muslim graffiti on a muslim-owned store in concord. the woman was caught on surveillance video vandalizing
5:44 am
international market and grill on treat boulevard. she wrote "no muslims, going away to hell." >> police arrested maria disney. she said xi had an argument with a muslim person last week and was still angry. she will not be charged with a hate crime. instead she's charged with vandalism and property damage. >> i was concerned. like i said, i was shocked, to see something like that happen, especially in this beautiful community. >> the store owners says business has been bustling since this incident and people are turning out as a show of support. >> this morning there are new rules for planes and pets. amid recent controversy overpass jers abusing the policy for emotional support animals. according to the u.s. transportation department, airlines are allowed to determine if an animal is safe to travel on a case-by-case basis. carriers can't i'm place a ban on entire breeds like pit bulls. airlines can require advanced notice from passengers who want to travel with an emotional
5:45 am
support animal, but can't demand that from people who use service animals like guide dogs. multiple cat naps cut short when a magnitude 6 earthquake hit. this is from a home security camera. it captured the reaction of eight cats that were hanging out in the apartment yesterday morning. you can see them wobbling a little bit, wondering what's going on. according to the owner, one cat really didn't seem to care, but the others, they were shaken up. >> aren't animals, mike, supposed to be able to sense these things in advance? >> there's a low frequency wave that moves out ahead of the wave that we can feel that they can feel. >> apparently not these cats. they were sleeping. >> they were like, whatever. >> this is a minor ays unbother >> we're cats. >> we'll survive. >> it's all good. we've got nine lives. there's definitely that wave.
5:46 am
if a dog starts barking and the cats start acting crazy at our house. we're like, earthquake? we know it's not a thunderstorm. they can do that, too, sense the pressure change. 5:46 on this friday. here is a look from the ooet bay hills. about 55 degrees up there. increasing sunshine today. no summer heat, at least not for a few days. stray shower and drizzle possible tonight. the summer heat starts sunday. today's temperatures, the warmest, low to mid 60s los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. mid to upper 70s through the rest of the south bay. 70 to 75 is our spread along the peninsula. 62 to 64 along the coast. mid to upper 60s, close to average downtown, south san francisco across the golden gate to sausalito. still breezy across the golden gate. not as foggily as the last couple days. low to mid 60s north bay, the coast with more sunshine. low to mid 70s most of us along the east bayshore.
5:47 am
the breezes will keep richmond at about 69. in the east bay, no air conditioning needed, low to mid 80s. tonight's temperatures, cloud cover. extra humidity will keep us in the upper 50s to mid 50s. we'll see increasing clouds as the sun sets. ought to be a gorgeous, colorful sunset. sunrise tomorrow, you can see the drizzle and showers off the coast. some could roam inland, especially across the north bay during the afternoon hours. definitely our coolest day tomorrow. look at monday. it is going to be scorching hot, nearly 10 to 20 degrees warmer. frances? mike, we are off to a good quiet morning right now. here is a live shot of 680 in walnut creek. there's no major problems, southbound 680 as you make your way toward highway 24 and to the bay bridge toll plaza which is very light right now. across the san mateo bridge, it's a little moretf hayward in but so far, so good.
5:48 am
b.a.r.t. reporting no delays right now, and just a heads up, you may want to consider b.a.r.t. this weekend if you're heading the the raiders game, pistahan far read and fest ral and outside lands. they'll be running longer trains and no single tracking for the special events. a great way to get to these places this weekend. no delays as well. no more e-scooters after dark. that's the new rule in atlanta. the city has had four recent deadly scooter crashes. all happened after sunset. riders can't rent scooters from 9:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. tonight. bird, lime, lyft and spin all operate in atlanta. google flight says it can save you money. the company is guaranteeing the ticket you buy through them is the lowest available. if the price goes down, you'll get the difference back.
5:49 am
google flights unveiled the new travel-related features yesterday. there is a catch. the price guarantee officer is only available between august 13th and september 2nd. >> that's the best part of it. isn't it the worst feeling when you go back and you're like, gosh. >> should i book it a week out? >> too much stress. new at 6:00, the impossible whopper is now for sale. bur burger king really wants you to try it. antonio brown is still dealing with frostbite after getting into a cryo therapy machine. what we've learned about the popular treatment. a warning if you suffer from migraines. the link doctors have found to caffeine. a live look at 5:49 in the
5:50 am
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and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit
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lap pi birthday smoky bear. the fire prevention icon turns 75. smoky is the longest running public service campaign running in the u.s. he still wants to know only you can prevent . here is a look at what's going on. small craft advisory starts at 9:00 this morning and goes through 3:00 this afternoon. for the evening hours, if you'd like to go out and watch the sunset on a boat, it's going to be much calmer. really peaceful. phillies and giants, 7:15 first pitch. 63. dropping down to about 61
5:53 am
degrees. not as breezy as normal. raiders taking on the rams at the coliseum tomorrow. 5:00 kickoff, 72. 65 by the time we wrap up the first preseason game. you're watching them on hard knocks, there's flavor in that camp. friday, today. we've got breezy conditions and we'll have sun after the cloud cover this morning at outside lands. then tomorrow, a little drizzle in the morning and partly cloudy in the afternoon. low to mid 60s the rest of the weekend. frances? we'll check out the ride for folks heading into san francisco. there was an earlier crash on southbound 101 approaching 280 that has been cleared. lanes are open but we're seeing residual delays on the sky way. and we'll go to a live shot at the bay bridge where you can see it's a little bit slow as you make your way out of the east bay. so far at the bay bridge toll plaza, we're seeing very friday light traffic. so it's looking great here. and drive times also fine,
5:54 am
westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes and 11 minutes across the bay bridge. the fbi could be headed towards a showdown with facebook and other social media companies. it plans to hire outside contractors to monitor for online threats. the fbi began asking for proposals for an early alerting tool last month. i wants private contractors to use it to gather and feed user data to law enforcement. the tool would likely violate facebook's ban on using its data for surveillance. the fbi says it will protect users civil liberties and privacy. at 5:54 this morning, we're learning more about the popular therapy that injured raiders receiver antonio brown. >> brown is recovering from extreme frostbite after getting into a cryotherapy machine. espn reports he wasn't wearing appropriate shoes for the machine. >> the main one is pain
5:55 am
management and flushing inflammation from your body which a lot of elite athletes will do for post recovery workouts. >> it's not regulated by the fda. it can cause frostbite, burns and in extreme cases nitrogen-induced asphyxiation. summer nights are getting warmer in san francisco. scientists say it's because we're burning fossil fuels and losing green space. here is a live look at the city this morning. the embarcadero as the sky gets a little lighter. planet central found our overnight temperatures rose three degrees between 1970 and 2018. the national weather service says the average low temperature in the city is about 56 degrees. suests drinking too muchco t co py a for migraines. researchers looked at patients
5:56 am
who get periodic migraines. they found three or more cervix of caffeinated beverages a day had a 40% higher chance of experiencing a migraine that day or if next. drinking one or two cervix had no noticeable effect. this is the first study to find a link between caffeine and migraines. if you like that smooth jazz, it will be lighting up the south bay starting today. ♪ >> the san jose jazz summerfest is returning. some of the headliners include the o jay's, gregory porter and diane reeves. the jazz fest runs through sunday. new at 6:00, a royal family sailing event. kate middleton, prince william in the competition, but it was princess charlotte that may have stolen the show. >> absolutely. we'll show you that. also an armed man sparking serious panic at walmart. he entered the store with a bulletproof vest, an assault
5:57 am
rifle and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. which one is your favorite? i think i'm starting to lean toward the sparkles. it's backpack giveaway day. i'll have the story coming up. looking live from our
5:58 am
5:59 am
it's 6:00 a.m. good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm kumasi aaron. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike is here with us. >> good morning. hi everybody. say hello to live doppler 7 and radar returns. we have a lot of mid and upper level moisture that will be with us all through out the morning hours. you may get a sprinkle at best. here you can see breaks in the clouds. it's going to be a gorgeous sunrise.
6:00 am
this is from our south beach camera looking across the western span of the bay bridge. temperatures outside, mid 50s t afternoon. mid 70s at noon with the clouds hanging on. then it will rapidly become sunny. mid 60s, upper 70s to low 80s. comfortable evening on the way. we'll talk about another chance of rain coming up next. here is frances. we've hollywood a few minor incidents this morning. so far traffic has been flowing well this friday. it's looking good. here is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. no major problems coming out of the north bay. the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and light right now, no waiting at this point. a little clouded as you make your way into san francisco because of an earlier problem southbound 101 approaching 280. here is a live shot in san jose. headlights on northbound 101, a very different story this morning coming out of morgan hill and gilroy.


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