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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 9, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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camera looking across the western span of the bay bridge. temperatures outside, mid 50s t afternoon. mid 70s at noon with the clouds hanging on. then it will rapidly become sunny. mid 60s, upper 70s to low 80s. comfortable evening on the way. we'll talk about another chance of rain coming up next. here is frances. we've hollywood a few minor incidents this morning. so far traffic has been flowing well this friday. it's looking good. here is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. no major problems coming out of the north bay. the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and light right now, no waiting at this point. a little clouded as you make your way into san francisco because of an earlier problem southbound 101 approaching 280. here is a live shot in san jose. headlights on northbound 101, a very different story this morning coming out of morgan hill and gilroy. 101 looks great, northbound all the way up the peninsula into
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san francisco, just minor slowing westbound 580, the usual, tracy to dublin. not as bad as it normally is. san francisco police are investigating reports of a shooting in the western edition news room overnight. earlier this morning officers scoured the area with flashlights on scott street between turk and eddy. we haven't heard back yet from san francisco police about what happened. when we get an update, we'll let you know. it's 6:01. more fears of another mass shooting days after the rampages in dayton and el paso. it's easy to understand why police say this man set off a panic at a walmart in missouri. he walked in armed with guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. customers were sent running until an off duty firefighter sprang into action. here is abc news reporter gio benitez. >> a person with a weapon. >> reporter: police say he grabbed a shopping cart and started walking around the store, filming himself on his
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phone. >> i heard a voice off to my left saying, is that a real rifle? >> reporter: the store manager pulled the fire alarm. as shoppers were evacuating, an off duty firefighter spotted if man, holding him at gunpoint until officers arrived. no shots were fired. >> i'm still shaking. it was just terrifying. >> reporter: this video shows the moment outside the store as you can see the suspect, hands raised with his phone still in his hand recording every moment, approaching police where he is eventually arrested. police not yet saying what his motive may have been. new information out of allen, texas, where police confirmed the mother of the el paso walmart shooting suspect did call to report her concerns that her 21-year-old son owned an ak-style rifle weeks before the massacre. >> the information that the caller relayed did not warrant any additional enforcement activity. >> reporter: according to police, the call taker did ask if he was suicidal or made threats toward any other person.
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they say the mother said he was not. gio benitez, abc news, new york. in the wake of the deadly mass shooting at that walmart in el paso, the retailer says it's removing violent video game displays and signs from stores. "usa today" reports the retailer told its employees to take down video game displays, specifically ones with shooters. in addition, workers were directed to take down hunting shooting videos. walmart officials said this week that the retailer would not stop selling guns. hundreds of u.s. mayors signed a letter demanding the u.s. senate do more to stop gun violence. >> they're urging leaders from both parties to call senators back from their august recess to vote on two bills that have passed in the house. those bills require tougher background checks for gun buyers. they have received bipartisan support. more than 200 mayors have signed that letter including those from san francisco, san jose and oakland. the san jose sharks are planning several efforts to help
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people affected by the gilroy garlic festival shooting. that includes donating $10,000 to the silicon valley foundation. the sharks will also hold heroes appreciation night this january to honor first responders. if you would like to help out, the gilroy foundation has established a special fund for victims of the garlic festival shooting. we have a link for you on our website, happening today, president trump is scheduled to attend a pair of campaign fund-raisers in the hamptons. one of those fundrai-raisers is the home of stephen ross, the chairman and founder of a real estate development company that owns equinox and soulcycle. critics around the bay area and the country are calling for a boycott of the fitness companies. thieves in berkeley are damaging cars to steal catalytic converters. police have arrested two suspects and say more people may be involved. when officers made the arrest on wednesday, they found these burglary tools in the suspect's possession. investigators say more than 30 vehicles have been targeted since last month. in the north bay, crews have
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cleaned up a rock slide along highway 101 in marin. you can see the scene around 8:00 last night. golf ball-sized rocks first came down around 6:30. people who called 911 reported several cars were lit. fortunately no one was hurt. in the south bay, more than 3,000 bay area students are signed up to receive new backpacks and school supplies today. new this year, there's hope coming for local teachers, too. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in san jose. good morning, amy. >> reporter: which one are you? are you understated pink or jazz hands sparkly backpack girl? these are the decisions these kids will make today. look at all these choices. there's a lot. they'll be handing out 3,300 backpacks and school supplies today. this is sacred heart's 17th year to be doing this. they're not just handing out backpacks. they also are going to be
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connm through out the year. >> hasag is it backpa. a t goes in the education programs we have at sacred heart to help with tutoring, help parjts get connected with teachers and the school district as well. yes, we're supplying them with backpacks, but that's only the beginning. a lot more goes into supporting a kid throughout the school year. >> reporter: they'll have a resource fair with other non-profits here to help families with other services they need. here is video of last year's cuties selecting their backpacks. some walk in very decisively. others are overwhelmed by all the choices. all of the spots are full this ta lk a. teacher kids will be handed out. sacred heart will give away around 500 to help teachers who
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are known to spend their own money to supply their classrooms. sacred heart wants to help you out, too. which one? simple and understated or sparkles? >> i vote sparkles all the way, even if it doesn't go with any of your outfits the rest of the year. >> it goes with everything. >> a metallic her paid print. >> reporter: this is sweet and understated. >> it's because you're so classy, amy. you're making the right c rightc >> in this case your backpack does the talking for you. >> we love it. there was a recent data point that shows most parents spend $1,000 on average, especially when you have graphing calculators. let's talk about oysters, certainly a bay area favorite. they're in trouble in local waters. what's hurting the population and their waters. >> a central valley city is
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ntroversial straight pridepa ehz made a vy you're never more than minutes away from my accuweather forecast. what can you tell us, mike? >> we have an area of low pressure to our north. a slight chance of
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speaking of san francisco and those warmer nights, look at
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this. 58 to 59 everywhere this morning. let's check out other neighborhoods. we have 60s in richmond, belmont, union city, walnut creek. pittsburg 64. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see the marine layer trying to roll through. more mid and high clouds than low clouds this morning. that's why we're starting off mainly cloudy. afternoon sunshine at our beaches, also. temperatures will remain comfortable today if you're out and about. small craft advisory only through 3:00 north of the bay bridge. north bay, the clouds will hang around through 11:00. wow eel be in the upper 70s with total sunshine this afternoon. a comfortable 69 this evening. for the east bay, the clouds will hangar rounds through 11:00. mi 70s with sunshine this afternoon, and san francisco, we'll even see some sunshine and hit the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. frances? mike, it's a great commute so far. a few minor incidents. no big slowdowns, a live shot at the bay bridge. traffic is a little crowded
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heading into san francisco because of an earlier accident. still no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're checking out the ride across the san mateo bridge. that's westbound traffic on the right-hand side. you can see a stall there off to the right-hand shoulder, not causing a big problem for commuters this morning. there's also a stall here in the southbound 680 ride near north main and geary. traffic is smooth southbound 24. laying go is honoring the 25th anniversary of "friends" with a special set of blocks going on sale. a very unusual police chase ends in florida when this guy drives his golf cart
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all right you guys. another florida man story. a florida man is facing charges after plowing his golf cart into a walmart. >> this surveillance video shows deputying running after this guy. they say it started at a nearby liquor store. the man was blocking the entrance, demanding to speak with the manager. when deputies got there, he sped through the walmart, crashed into the cash register and was taken into custody. >> you're from florida. we're not trying to bash florida. a lot of strarng things happen in florida.
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>> i can agree with that. >> happening today, officials in mod des stow deciding whether to allow the strayed pride parade. >> they're requesting a permit for the event on august 24th. >> if this group of people are allowed to express their fiery and hateful rhetoric, people will get hurt. >> opponents packed the city council meeting on wednesday. they say the people organizing the parade are anti lgbtq, racist and filled with heat. bay area chiropractor is a leader of the straight pride coalition and he also spoke at wednesday's meeting. >> we're a totally peaceful racist group. [ laughter ]. >> a slip of the tongue? >> well, critics say up until a few days ago their website promoted white supremacy. jcpenney may be removed from the new york stock exchange because its stock has been trading below one dollar for too
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long now. pthe new york stock exchange warned the company it will be delisted if it doesn't get its stock above the $1.55 in the next six months. the department store chain has been struggling as more and more people are shopping online. attempts to revive the business haven't been working. sales at established stores have been falling over the last three quarters now. lego unveiled their newest set, a central perk coffee models after the same one in "freen "friends." builders can recreate the stage where phoebe played guitar. there's also a cookie jar, coffee machine, menu board and two studio rigs. this is a 1,000-piece lego set and you can get it for about $60. >> that's cute. i want a smelly cat lego. >> sing smelly cat with your
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angelic voice. >> we can't afford the rights to something like that. are you kidding me? get a bill in the mail. >> too bad. nice way of getting out of that. what took you so long, lego? a look at what's going on. you turned that so quickly. that was good. exploratorium camera, beautiful sunrise there. another one in san jose. very colorful, more colorful than the sunset possibly. we're going to try to get rid of these high clouds later during the afternoon hours. clouds and then sun, no summer heat today. cloudy tonight as another system comes in and brings us some drizzle and chance of a stray shower. the summer heat returns as quickly as sunday. in the south bay, as warm as it gets, 86 in morgan hill. cool spot, milpitas 75. 74 in santa cruz. redwood city 76 degrees. low to mid 60s along the coast
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with sunshine this afternoon. close to average in downtown south san francisco and even sausalito. if you're thinking about walking the golden gate, still breezy today. not going to be very cloudy this afternoon. low to mid 60s along the north bay coach. temperatures upper 70s to low 80s as we head through the north bay valleys. east bayshore 70 to 76. 79 in richmond. no air conditioning needed inland, low to mid 80s. tonight extra humidity, upper 50s to low 60s. our push of wet weather is evapora evaporating. you can see the clouds come in and tomorrow morning our best chance of a shower will be in the north bay and along the coast while the rest of us will deal with some drizzle. during the afternoon hours, maybe lake and mendocino county hit a stray shower. for sure, everybody will be coolest tomorrow. look how quickly we flip the switch sunday with monday and tuesday being our hottest days. in mountain view, a spinout reported on 237 to 101. i want to show you a live shot of the san mateo bridge.
6:20 am
we have a stall on the right-hand shoulder. tow truck is at the scene. you can see it's causing cars to break a little bit as you approach there. also a little bit under the speed limit on the westbound ride out of hayward. really no major problems this morning. in fact, you can see here at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is so light, metering lights have not even been turned on yet. it's looking good for drive times. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 20 minutes. westbound across the bay bridge slow because of an earlier accident, 13 minutes. southbound 101 looking good to sfo. if you're heading to any big events this weekend, you may want to consider b.a.r.t. they will be running longer trains and will not be doing any single tracking. it's looking green right now as well. no delays reported and a great way to go to avoid the traffic expected this weekend. >> i saw you already dancing when it comes to the weekend. thank you, frances. "good morning america" is
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coming up and ginger zee has a look at what's ahead. >> good morning. great to be with you this morning. here on a friday morning on gma, we're live with new details on a walmart scare overnight. a man wearing body armor walking into this store with an assault rifle and more than 100 rounds of ammo. that sent customers running for cover. there was an off-duty firefighter who detained him. also the morning, the new study on red meat and breast cancer. warnings that it may increase the risks. so the food you may want to eat as a substitute. dr. ashton will be here to discuss. we've got a grilling danger that scares the living daylights out of me. you might not think about it, a warning this morning after a woman ended up in the hospital. what showed up on the x-ray that took months to fine. superstar keith urban is live, one of the best celebrities out there. i always say it. keith urban is my top three. hopefully you'll be watching coming up on gma.
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let's talk sports for a second. phillies at oracle playing the giants. 7:15 first pitch, 63 dropping down to 61. not as breezy as normal. then we kick off the preseason. rams and raters, 72 at 5:00 dropping down to 65. all right, thanks, mike. here at abc 7 news, we are working to build a better bay area. that includes the environment. there's new concern about how climate change is damaging local oyster habitats. a marine biologist at uc davis published a study this week that says climate change is making the ocean's acidity rise and making winter storms worse and flooding estuaries with way too much fresh water. both of those conditions are bad for oysters. some restaurants are now take action. the hog island oyster company in san francisco is spending millions of dollars to increase the oyster population. >> e are investing a lot of money in hatcheries so we can
6:26 am
breed animals that can be resilient against what we think is coming and changing ocean conditions. the cost for keeping oysters on the plate are going up. >> it's possible that the cost will increase until people protect oyster habitats. we want to hear your ideas about building a better boy area. you can join our better bay area group on facebook. two little royals are making big waves for how cute they were at a sailing regatta. 4-year-old charlotte was found sticking out her tongue. you can see here next to her mamma kate. prince george was seen wearing a captain's hat. prince william and kate were skippers of the two events. they lost out to dv host and adventurer bear grylls. his sur rival skills extend to sailing, too. next at 6:30, more service headed for the sales force transit center. also, this scare at san jose
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child. a scare at san jose state after a man armed with a gun is spotted on campus. where the suspect was eventually found. >> reporter: i'm liz kreutz in san francisco. from security to marijuana. the big changes at outside lands you need to know about coming up next. google guarantees it has the lowest price for plane tickets and they'll pay you if you find a cheaper flight. sounds like a pretty good deal, unless you're on your private jet. >> you know, we are just learning about -- we'll get to this. there's a new service we heard about, a semiprivate jet. like $100 to fly out of oakland. where has this been all my life. >> only have to arrive 20 minutes before. >> good morning. it is friday, august 9th. happy to be with you this morning. >> kumasi aaron holding down the fort with us. frances is here.
6:31 am
let's show you live doppler 7. a spinningal at best as that will evaporate and become verga. a look from mt. tam, you can see the low clouds trying to make a late push. the finger of clouds pushing fransc theds san temperatures mid to upr0s even 60 around the bay. 63 to 76 our spread at noon. comfortable 65 to 80 at 4:00 with increasing sunshine this afternoon. 62 to 73, a gorgeous evening on the way. here is frances. we'll start off with the maps. we're seeing a lot of green this friday morning. there are a few problems you may want to know about. this is mountain view northbound 101 to westbound 237. a car spun off. not blocking any lanes. also, a new accident came in, on the ramp to westbound 4. that could slow things down on westbound 4, the usual slow and go as you make your way out of antioch to concord.
6:32 am
as we check out the drive times, the two slowest spots, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 42 minutes. not horrible. westbound 4 antioch to concord is 20 minutes. southbound 101 from san rafael to san francisco right now is 16 minutes. we'll show you a live shot of 101 and 880 in the south bay. that's looking great right now through san jose. >> thanks frances. 6:33. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating a shooting that left two people wounded in the western edition neighborhood. this happened after 11:00 on scott street between turk and eddy. investigators tell us the victims were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. they say the suspect fled the scene in a car. happening today, the first artist will take the stage for outside lands. >> there's always excitement about the music. with the recent shootings, security is top of mind. abc 7 news reporter liz kreutz joins us with the new changes
6:33 am
this year. good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning. in past year, p to gates like where we're at this year and tried to jump these fences. this year they're adding double fencing to crack down on that. it's one of the many things the festival is doing to tighten the security here. as always, you'll have to go through a metal detector to get in. an increased police presence, some even in tactical gear. there will be private security and they are adding restrictions on what you can bring into the festival. >> pretty much we don't allow no big bags. don't bring your own bags. if you get a bag, it's got to be a bag from in here. you're going to be searched real good too. >> reporter: check outside lands website if you have any questions on what you can bring in. it should be a safe event, a fun event. there's also the new grasslands area that people are excited about where people for the first
6:34 am
time legally bewe. z eutz, abc 7 news. in m is in custody following a gun scare at san jose state. police first got reports of a sighting at east santa clara at second street around 5:30. the campus was put on lockdown. officers searching for a man with a gun inside the spartan complex building close to south fourth and san carlos streets. san jose police say someone reported a man that brandished a gun. officers spotted the suspect and he then took off towards the campus. for hours officers searched the spartan complex floor by floor, room by room, eventually finding him in the third floor ceiling hiding in the duct work. a handgun was found in the area, too. >> thinking about all the things that have happened in recent weeks. there have been numerous things we've been worried about in the area recently. >> police say there were three
6:35 am
women inside the complex. two were immediately escorted out. the third student barricaded herself until it was safe. this scare came on the same day san jose police announced new rapid response teams. the department will place officers around the city. events like this weekend's jazz summerfest downtown will see an added security presence. >> we need to be vigilant. it's not a cause to have our community scared. >> the idea is a little scary to go to these events now. but knowing there will be somebody there, that brings you a little bit more comfort. >> the rapid response teams are expected to cost $3 million which will come from the police department's over time budget. breaking news right now that we're just hearing about in the east bay. we're taking a live look from our emeryville camera. you can clearly see that really
6:36 am
large plume of smoke, the column of smoke that's rising. oke coming from a warehouse inv oakland right now. we'll of course keep monitoring the situation. you can see the smoke rising in the air. we know firefighters are on scene preparing to fight the fire. this is the picture we have at the moment. we'll bring you the breaking details as we get them. that warehouse fire burning at 11th street and 25th avenue. it's been upgraded just now from a second alarm to a third alarm fire. we know that fire trucks are on scene, they're preparing operations there to deal with this large warehouse fire. we're getting reports it's on fire right now, third alarm. 11th and 23rd street is actually the updated location on this. >> saying truck two is preparing for ladder pipe operations. we know crews are on the scene
6:37 am
doing their best to get this fire under control. no details coming in about the fire. we know it has been upgraded alarm fire. you can see the heavy fire and smoke there from our oakland camera, just to give you a sense of how big this fire is. we don't have all the details right now. we do know firefighters are on scene working to fight this fire. i want to bring mike in to this as well. we're spotting this on our cameras just a few moments ago. frances seeing this on one of our traffic cameras. >> you can see there's an inversion up there. that's why the smoke is going up to about 1,000 feet and then stopping and blowing off towards the east. this is going to go into the east bay hills and make things murky there until they can get this under control. the fact it's still burning black, means it's burning the worst and most toxic elements in that warehouse. yes, we have a west wind. that means it's blowing to the east at about 7 miles per hour. because there's a cap on the
6:38 am
atmosphere, the smoke will quic. it will keep moving up along the inversion which is the top of the smoke and move into the east bay hills. if you move into the east bay hills, the air quality is going to rapidly deteriorate if you live to the east of downtown oakland. so places like piedmont, that's going to be an area that possibly could have really nasty air quality over the next couple hours as this smoke plume continues to move off to the east. >> thank you so much for that, mike. that third alarm being pulled indicates the sheer response that fire units in the area are having. it's 11th street and 25th avenue. we want to confirm that correct address for you. that huge plume of black smoke visible. this is east oakland, just east of highway 880 near the fruitvale neighborhood. we'll keep tracking that. this is going to impact air quality in that area as they get this warehouse fire under control. 6:38.
6:39 am
the wait is almost over for thousands of east bay commuters. ac transit is resuming bus service to sales force transit center in san francisco. limited service starts this weekend a and a full commute schedule begins on monday morning. ac transit has been using a nearby temporary terminal while crews repaired cracked beams at the transit center. buses will use the upper deck sky bridge to by pass traffic coming off the bay bridge. the trump administration is defending two mass deportation raids that separated parents from their children. you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're down about 18 points. we'll bring you another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. the taco bell hotel officially opened. if you didn't get a room, we're getting a look inside before the crowds show up. we'll continue tracking the breaking news of the warehouse fire in east oakland. first, you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. hi there, mike. here is a look at neighborhood temperatures. we'll start in the south bay,
6:40 am
upper 50s. low to mid 60s around newark, rtsz, san carlos, alameda. here is a look at the san mateo bridge. notice the lack of fog this morning as you look back towards the west, about 61 degrees here. sprinkle is possible in the north bay as we have moisture in the mid level trying to work through there. most of it is evaporating. cool to warm this afternoon. it will be breezy, but only up until 3:00 north of the bay bridge through the delta. our east bay valleys, the mid to upper clouds through 11:00 and total sunshine and mid 80s this afternoon, a comfortable 76 at 7:00. peninsula will have the same clouds through 11:00 and total sunshine and upper 70s this afternoon. for the south bay, the same thing, clouds all the way through 11:00 and under sunshine. we'll reach the 80s during the afternoon hours. dropping down to 74 degrees by 7:00. we've got a first push of sprinkles this morning. a better chance tomorrow morning. i'll show you that coming up in
6:41 am
the accuweather seven-day forecast. first i want to bring frances in on this friday morning for an idea of what it's like on the roads. traffic has been fairly light. but we are tracking the breaking news of this fire in the oakland area near 11th street and 23rd avenue. this runs just along 880 for that stretch through oakland. i think traffic will be slowing down in the area. we'll keep you posted on this, because it's going to be visible for drivers on 880 and will cause a distraction. you may want to consider 580 as an alternate. as we check out the drive time on northbound 880 from 238 right now to the maze, it's 16 minutes. it's been fairly quiet, southbound 101 to sfo and northbound 101 from highway 85 to the san jose airport. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza gives you an idea of how conditions have been this morning. it's friday light right now.
6:42 am
6:43 am
rodney: you know what my favorite part really is is when i greet students when they come in. because i know what great things we have in store in the classroom. marisa: when they come into my classroom, they're able to really get in touch with who they are. rosanne: my favorite part of teaching has always been this opportunity to make a difference. ever: every student has the right to quality education. no matter what neighborhood you live in. rosanne: we are cta. ever: we are cta. marisa: we are cta. narrator: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
6:44 am
15 minutes shy of 7:00. here is a look at outside lands. 63 today with increasing sunshine and breezy conditions. another drizzle tomorrow morning and then partly cloudy and mid 60s our warmest day sunday. here is a look at where the best chance of thunderstorms and the highest fire danger north of us, all the way by the border. this red flag warning through tomorrow. today, 83 in chico, 86 in
6:45 am
sacramento. much cooler there. mudd 60s along the coast with the chance of showers and thunderstorms closer to eureka and monterey. 75 to 82 around san diego and los angeles with sunshine. 70s in the high country, 71, blussterry. kind of cool in tahoe. 65. a touch of autumn. we'll be as warm as 74 on sunday. kumasi. back to this breaking news we're following. it is a large warehouse fire burning at east 11th and 25th avenue in oakland. you can see on this map where it's located >> the large plume of smoke growing larger. sky 7 arriving overhead and giving us a closer look at what is going on here. as frances has been noting, this is visible for drivers on 880, likely to cause a slowdown. as we're zooming in, you can clearly see how much smoke there is there and also ladders and
6:46 am
firefighters are definitely on scene trying to put w frances mentioning that 580 may be a better option as drivers slow down to take a look at what's going on here. this is a third alarm fire which indicates the level of firefighting presence, the units that are responding to the scene right now. abc 7 news reporter liz kreutz is on the way to this scene, to this warehouse on east 11th and 25th avenue in oakland. we'll keep updating the breaking news from you. we know we're about 20, 25 minutes into this incident. the call came in around 6:20 this morning. we saw the ladder trucks there, the hook and ladder trucks spraying this water on this fire, trying to put it out as quickly as possible. just taking a look, the traffic concerns, because you can see this fire from 880. if you're driving along that roadway, a lot of people probably stopping to look at
6:47 am
this. be careful about that traffic. firefighters working hard with the ladder trucks to put this fire out. >> you can see as sky 7 is moving closer to the scene as well and getting more on top of it. you could see the orange flames in the center of your screen and also the different colors of smoke here as firefighters are putting water on it from above with those trucks. they just managed to get those ladders up in the last few minutes. we know more firefighting units have been arriving on scene as well. as we're zooming in, the street is clogged with emergency trucks. traffic being diverted around arnow cing oaroun et 11t and 25th avenue. the smoke clearly visible from 880, making the air quality worse in this area as well. you may be waking up and experiencing or noticing that. frances noting that we are expecting a traffic slowdown. you can see traffic diverted on
6:48 am
the side streets and in the local area as well. perhaps an alternate route would be 580. sky 7 is above here. you can see our sky map 7 technology on sky 7 popping up to give you a better idea. this is east 11th and 25th avenue, and some of the other major streets as well. you see 12th street, miller avenue around there. the proximity to 880 on the bottom of your screen. it does appear traffic is still moving on 880. we'll be watching for that slowdown as well. firefighters working to keep this fire contained. you can see the houses really close to this warehouse. they surrounded this building just to try to get these flames out. so a lot that we're watching this morning as these firefighters work to get this fire under control. frances, we want to bring you in quickly. of course, the concern is since it's directly abutting the highway so closely there, what kind of slowdown are we going to be seeing with the morning commute? >> we're already seeing
6:49 am
slowdowns on 880 in both directions on our traffic maps. this is right along 880, because the flames are so visible, drivers are taking a look and slowing down. i'm expecting a slowdown on 880, right now the best alternate would be 580 if you can get around this because traffic is starting to really get heavy. i'll also be tracking the drive times form you. we're expectng closures as well on the roads along that stretch between 29th avenue and 23rd avenue, but slowing right now in both directions of 880. >> frances, it looks like oakland police have requested for traffic control on all the major streets surrounding this fire. so it's definitely going to have an impact on people. we'll keep you updated as we get more information in. more than 3,000 kids in the bay area will get a jump start on the school year this morning. >> they're getting backpacks filled with school supplies. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with the tough choices they'll have to make. pink, sparkles.
6:50 am
i can't deal. >> reporter: look at this one with the highlighted colors, the fluorescent colors. kind of an '80s vibe. you know me, i found the dallas cowboy color one. i think grade school amy might have chosen this one. you know i love my cowboys. for all you other kids out there, look at the choices they have. there will be 3,300 kids marching through to get a backpack and also school supplies. this is sacred heart's 17th year to do this. this year there's a twist. they also thought about the teachers. they have prepared a kit to help them. they're known to spend their own money on their classrooms. >> teacher kids are brand new this year. we heard about reports that teachers spend up to $500 out of their own pockets to supply their classrooms with tissue boxes, markers, dry erase markers, things like that.
6:51 am
our goal is to help these teachers with the financial strain by providing them with a basket that contains those supplies. >> reporter: and here is that basket. they'll give away 500 of these. this will surely help out the kids will be here at 8:00, ready to pick out their backpacks and start off their year. all the slotsz are full. they did the reservation process back in july. today is the day they get to see all the smiles. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> so needed, amy. i believe the backpack amounts to about $400 that each family can apply to something else, like rent. wef know how expensive it is here. those mr. sketch markers take me right back. kumasi apparently hasn't smelled them yet. we need to make this happen for her, amy. >> really amy? >> reporter: how is that even possible? i don't even understand. how have you gone through life without smelling green apple and
6:52 am
the cinnamon? i can't even. >> we can toss the cinnamon one right out. >> reporter: i'm going to bring these home. >> let's not steal from the teachers. but i'm sure we can take up -- >> i'll give them back. >> amy, thank you. it is 6:52. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike is here. >> the winds are blowing west at seven miles per hour. they're blowing the smoke right into the heart of oakland and also more likely up into the hills around piedmont. you can see the inversion, the cap on the atmosphere. there is cooler air above the warmer air. that is keeping us -- that's what's keeping us on this plane, the smoke is. that's why it's goings to move into piedmont. here is a look at gusty conditions that will develop later this afternoon. northwest wind 23 gusting to 40 on tam. that's going to eventually take away the low clouds and the high
6:53 am
clouds and bring us some sunshine. it's not going to let any summer eat develop. summer heat starts sunday. today we have low to mid 80s. that's los gatos and gilroy. low to mid 70s on the peninsula this afternoon. 62 to 64 along the coast with a lot mover sunshine today. mid to upper 60s downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. breezy across the golden gate % bridge. low to mid 60s along the north bay coast with mid 70s around san rafael and vallejo because of the winds blowing off the bay. we've got 70 to 76 along the east bay shore and low to mid 80s inland. our best chance for drizzle tomorrow will be in the hills and along the coast. that's also our best chance for a shower, the coast and the north bay. it will be coolest tomorrow. look at the scorching heat monday and tuesday. iveve takg also put on the sky s
6:54 am
with sky 7 so you see there, that's 880 s is slowing down in both directions because of all the smoke visible there from that 11th street and 25th avenue fire. now you can see sky 7 pans out, the backup is starting to grow. so i'll take you to the maps and show you where that is and why it's slowing down. you see a lot of red traffic there because of that fire. you may want to consider 580 as an alternate now. the smoke is probably visible from 580 at this point. the drive time on 880 northbound from 238 to the maze is growing. it's about 23 minutes right now. it will be expected to get worse. here is a live shot at the san mateo bridge. the reason it looks so light in the westbound direction the there's a six-car crash right after the toll plaza westbound blocking the three left lanes. we'll keep you posted on that as
6:55 am
well. expecting traffic to slow down heading towards the san mateo bridge. our news room tracking the latest information on that breaking news
6:56 am
alright, so this is how you are going to say... you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet. and you even get this. mike, you're on balloons. sarah, you're gonna high five everybody. ben, you're gonna be wowing them with your dance moves. don't miss the xfinity best deal of the year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get amazing tv and internet during our best deal of the year. with huge savings of $600 over 2 years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today.
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we're tracking a large warehouse fire at east 11th and
6:58 am
25th avenue. it's right along highway 880. >> we want to take you back live to sky 7 which is overhead right now. you can see how quickly the flames have grown. you can clearly see them visible through the roof at this large warehouse. this is very close to 880 and visible for drivers on that highway. there is a slowdown in that area. frances has been tracking that for us. it's a third alarm fire. right know there are two ladder trucks working to contain this and three engines fighting the fire as well. their goal is to stop the forward progress of that fire and to contain it to that building and not let it spread to the many warehouses that are next door. it is an industrial area. there are also glass solutions, dcl house broker, an auto center. it's also across the street from the alameda county sheriff's office as well. >> they've been fighting this fire since 6:20. that's when the first call came
6:59 am
in. we've seen a strong response from firefighters in that area as they try to keep the fire from spreading to other warehouses. looks like there are also houses in that area, too. frances, i know this is definitely having an impact on the traffic. i was just looking at the maps. traffic in the northbound direction is jammed right now from hague enberger up towards 23rd. southbound 880 traffic is starting to crawl from 980 to the scene. you can see as sky 7 is zooming out, you can see traffic backing up in bothrections. and you're headed to the oakland airport this morning. traffic will be backed up. 580 also a popular alternate. >> you can see the proximity to 880 north there. mike, i want to bring you in. this is going to affect air quality. >> especially in piedmont. the higher you are, the more likely your air quality will be
7:00 am
good morning, america.ll be as we come on the air this morning we're watching a growing wildfire threat and blistering temperatures for millions. extreme heat and dangerous winds are fueling more than 80 wildfires out west forcing families to evacuate. now a new heat alert stretching from texas to florida. ginger tracking the latest. breaking overnight, walmart scare. a man in body armor carrying an assault rifle and more than 100 rounds of ammunition into a store just days after the el paso massacre. the hero off-duty firefighter who stopped it. breakthrough? president trump and mitch mcconnell now saying they'll take up gun control, but refusing to call lawmakers back from vacation. this as democratic candidates descend on iowa and turn up the attacks on president trump. ur


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