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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 9, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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beyond. over 20 engines out here. two hand crews, three doziers. they hit this fire with everything they had, cal fire bringing in four air tankers, dropping retardant, one helicopter dropping water. i'm told that eight to ten homes on doolan road were evacuated. they attacked this fire with everything they had, started out at fiveacres, accelerated up to 250 acres right now. it was spreading and threatening some dense housing subdivisions out here. and people, as you can imagine, were scared. >> anxiety. definitely the smoke was very thick when i was coming off the highway. of course, when you see black where there's usually golden rolling hills, that's worrisome. and then you wonder how did it start. >> reporter: and as you heard, people worried rushing home from work, rushing in this direction to make sure their homes were
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okay. from what we understand, two structures threatened and again, fear about the fire spreading into these subdivisions. media briefing is about to get under way. i hope to get more information for you and to be able to bring that back to you later in the show. reporting live out here in dublin, lesley brinkley, abc7 news. >> thank you. we will check back with you. numerous abc7 viewers provided video of this afternoon's grass fire. it put up smoke visible for miles. it spread quickly which is why homeowners were told to be ready to evacuate. this video shows how close it came to houses even from across the freeway. it put up a thick white cloud of smoke. this picture was taken everybody quiet a distance from the fire, giving you an idea of just how big it got in a short amount of time. >> let us quickly go to spencer christian with a look at conditions in the area in particular of the wind. >> wind is the main concern.
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in terms of weather conditions. only 79 degrees in dublin right now. it's not hot, not very dry either. humidity 50%. steady wind out of the southwest at nine miles per hour with gusts to 16 miles per hour. there may have been occasions when the gusts were stronger. these are our current conditions. except for the occasional gusts conditions are favorable for containment. if anything changes i'll give you an update. >> now we want to get to that news conference happening on that firearea. >> response with cal fire. cal fire had a first alarm response, as well along with our first alarm. thereafter, we called a second wild land response and quickly escalated to a third alarm. we had winds blowing from the west. there was immediate threat. we contained the fire just east of the structures for this portion of the ze of dublin right now over to doolan canyon
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ad held it at the road there. e uilyalated 240 acres. tt we had the full containment within an hour of the original fairly cloo the structures. however the wind was blowing it away from the structures. we sent a full alarm to the structures and made sure that protecting those houses and giving those residents reassurance that we had units in place to protect all those homes in the furthest part of the city of dublin. the fire currently is under investigation with the alameda county fire department, with assistance from cal fire. and we will have units here late into the evening and periodically checks. >> is there any more response?
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>> aerial response, a full response from cal fire with air tankers and also helicopters and from cal fire and also the assistance from the east bay regional parks helicopter. when we escalated to a local third alarm from our local a co re, a escalated within fire, livermore plea fremont and east bay regional parks assisted us with the fire smoke was pretty heavy at one point, right? >> yeah, that did hinder us with responses from units but the smoke was the pretty much lifted straight up and it was blowing eastward. it didn't impact on the traffic but it did create a lot of folks looking and watching the smoke versus paying attention to their driving into talk about how dangerous. we are all geared up, we're just starting to get into the peak fire season.
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i know everybody's on edge. a couple of fires in contra costa fire this week, now this. >> it's always as it gets advertised in the news and with all the fires recently and as we continue to build homes into the ce wet confirmation of a ging c working fire from multiple calls and or the first unit, we escalate additional units immediately. >> and again, we were listening in to a live news conference happening on a grass fire burning near dublin. it is at full containment now. >> close to ten hours later, firefighters are still on the scene of a massive warehouse fire in oakland. the flames are all out.
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now crews turned their focus to figuring what led to the blaze. it destroy the warehouse at 23r avenue in the fruitdale district. it housed an artist work space. eric thomas is live in oakland. >> ama, the good news is it destroy the moxie artist collective and warehouse. you can see occasionally wisps of smoke coming out of windows there. there are still firefighters trying to put out hot spots as you mentioned. this may look like an industrial area but in reality, it is mixed industrial and residential. and that was a complication for firefighters. >> at its height the flames were eating through the moxie artist collective so fast neighbors could see it and feel it. >> flames were shooting up high. the building was so red and sitting on my porch, i could feel the heat on my face. it was a very hot fire.
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>> reporter: her husband richard is superintendent of the building and they live 20 yards away. he did not talk on camera but cindy says he got a phone call just after 6:00 this morning telling him the building was on fire. >> my husband runs across the street and around to the front of the building. no shoes on. he runs in there and hollers for everybody to get out because it's on fire. >> james philips works in a cold storage business across the street and made the first call to 911. >> we smelled something that was burning and looked out the door and immediately saw the fire through the windows in the building. >> the early notice insured that the half dozen people inside escaped without injury. micah was one and says he couldn't help but think of ghost ship while evacuating. > trauma from that is you know, hits -- strikes a chord with us here. >> reporter: unlike ghost ship, no one lived inside this warehouse. instead, more than 30 businesses operated, seven lost. it could have been worse. some of the propane and welding tanks inside did not explode.
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>> no fatalities, no one was living here. a very clean, well maintained work space where artists create beautiful artwork. unfortunately, that was lost. >> the businesses ranged from metal working to cabinet making. that's why there were some of the an see the lean torch materials and things like that can that did not explode. there were also very expensive pieces of equipment. a brand-new router that cost $80,000 was destroyed in this fire today. once again, firefighters looking for the exact cause, official cause but they say at this point, it appears to be accidental. live in oakland's fruit vail district, eric thomas. >> a fire overnight caused significant damage to a synagogue in pleasanton. sky 7 was over the tri-valley and caught the aftermath. you can see the outside of the building was scorched. abc7 news spoke to the rabbi who learned of the fire around 1:00
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a.m. firefighters it managed to save the tora scrolls. however shabbat services may be held elsewhere. the fire does not appear to be arson. >> a dog undergoing emergency surgery after shot by a b.a.r.t. police officer this afternoon. this happened around 1:10 on the steps of the civic center b.a.r.t. station in san francisco. police say the dog was a "pitbull" type. it aggressive lunged toward the officer. witnesses say the officer's first approach because they wanted the homeless man the dog was with to get out of the station. >> i saw that, stood up, started barking. the officer started yelling more, saying get your dog, get back. and then started backing up. the dog then came out. >> video shows the chaotic scene after dog was shot. b.a.r.t. police are investigating this incident. this comes just over a week after a san francisco police d last wednday, police say
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advanced on an officer in the tenderloin. that officer retreat and fired at the animal which had to be euthanized as the a veterinary hospital. officers is detained the person responsible for that dog. >> tonight the official kickoff to the gilroy rodeo. a memorial has been set up near the grounds across town from the rodeo. there will be heavy security fog the festival shooting. news reporter unser hassan joins us with more and the fun getting underway there. >> yeah, ama, earlier today the junior cowboys and cowgirls got things started off. i don't know if you can see but some of the horses were out here a few minutes ago, those are the horses used in the bronco riding competition. this is the first major event the city's hosting since the garlic festival shooting. many organizers say the strong turnout is a sign that gilroy is starting to heal. >> there you go.
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ready? go. >> reporter: don't let zakaria's ha a lot o confidence and that was my first win. >> reporter: the 13-year-old trained four years for those eight seconds. >> the main key is lean forward and just lots of confidence. >> reporter: he got a big hug from dad. he broke his arm falling off a bull earlier this year. >> this is his first rodeo backing from injury. it's the first win. we're excited. >> reporter: there was a lot of excitement in the crowd and a special sense of community. the rodeo is the first major event in the city since the fatal shooting at the garlic festival. more patrols and security measures are in place. >> you can't let one person ruin tradition. i feel safe. there's a lot more security out here. >> reporter: christmas hill park, the site of the garlic festival, remains closed another few weeks.
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police are advising people to pay respects at a makeshift memorial set up at the intersection ofuvas, one of th mai entnc to park. the rodeo queen says the strong furnout is a strong sign of gilroy strong. >> it was amazing to see that and made my heart happy to see that gilroy is coming back together. >> now, the gilroy rodeo is also a fun raising event. a lot of the money will be used to help local schools. they've set up a fund to help victims of the gilroy garlic festival. ansar hasan, abc7 news. >> what about security though? are authorities eyeball to tell us what might be different this year. >> reporter: yeah, if you make it out, you can feel it. there are metal detecters at entrances, everybody's bag is being checked. earlier we saw drones flying up above. i spoke with the head of security who says they're beefing up the perimeter which at the garlic festival was one of the problems.
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ama? >> thank you so much. full at home would like to help victims of the shooting, you can find a link to the gilroy foundation on at messagef this design to tell about his latest work. >> it's more than a concert. outsidelands kicking off in san francisco's golden gate park today. officials promising tight security coupled with changes to make the event more fun. and the buses are back at the salesforce transit center that is.
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outside lands music festival kiged off today. the three-day festival will feature paul simon, child shd gambino and case i musgraves. >> one of the manor actions today, wayne freedman. joining us live just outside the gates. hi, wayne. >> good afternoon, larry. take a look at all these people waiting to get in. this crowd has been growing after awhile on a day when people came for fun. it seems a shame to talk about security but these are those kind of times. let's start with that part. then we'll get to the fun stuff. >> hereafr days,wes, maybe even months of prep, how time flies and you may feel as if you're with the tsa as you pass through security gates. >> pretty standard for the ampts i would say. >> reporter: speaking of flying high, departure gate begin in
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the grasslands attraction. enter a cannabis it's a point of purchase system. they market the stuff like wine now. >> it's a little earthy. a little peppery. a. he rememberry finish. >> reporter: an for music it begins at noon till 10:00 every night. organizers expect almost a quarter of a million people. >> three days, what did your tickets cost you? >> 400 bucks. >> reporter: that's a lot of money. how did you get that. >> my parents. >> reporter: at least they know he will be well fed. restaurant row features booths from 85 local restaurants who will serve hundreds of thousands of meals. chris prawner is the burger man from oakland. he has multiple shifts working. they had better be fast. >> we're planning for 8,000. >> 8,000 burgers?
4:18 pm
>> correct. >> how do you make 8,000 in three ys? >> just don't stop. >> reporter: and that's the best advice we've heard all day. this is the vip line. these are acoert. thave toait a. there's a lot of security here. live at golden gate park outside the polo grounds and outside lands, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> lucky wayne. how do they get the name outside lands for this concert? >> well, it turns out we're in the outside lands or at least what they used to call the outside lands till about 1850, when the city of san francisco took over the san do you knows in this area and turned into what we see today. this whole region in the richmond district used to be called outside lands because it was not inhabitable or so they said. there's a little trivia for you. >> interesting. wayne, thank you. my daughters if you see them, say hi.
4:19 pm
i told them please stop and a big hug for uncle wayne. okay? >> nice. >> thanks, uncle larry. >> all right. see you, wayne. >> b.a.r.t. is going to run longer trains and additional trains for those traveling to the music festival. longer trains will run during the noncommute hours today and schedule with additional trains after 7:00 on sunday. >> the south bay, get a taste of tonight. added security including fewer entrances in the wake of the gilroy shooting. it runs through sunday. centered around plaza de cesar chavez park in downtown san jose. >> good news for east bay commuters. ac transit resuming is service to salesforce transit center in san francisco. it has been using the temporary terminal down the street since cracked beams were found last year. it will offer limited service starting on sunday and return to a fuel commute schedule monday. that means people coming into san francisco for work monday morning will be dropped off on the third level of the center.
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>> so much going on this weekenr? >> it's going to be half of the weekend a little cooler than average and the other half warmer than average. let me show you which is which. right now, here's live doppler 7, mainly sunny skies. although there are high clouds passing by, it's breezy with surface wind about 15 miles per hour right now with gusty conditions up to 20 miles perco. 24-hour temperature change, it has warm up several degrees in many locations from this type yesterday. so six degrees warmer in san francisco, 4 in oakland, san jose is 4 degrees warmer than this time yesterday, as well. the view toward san francisco from emeryville, 69 degrees in the city. 78 redwood city. 81 san jose, gilroy 84. we've got blue sky over the golden gate right now. other temperature readings for you, 80 santa rosa, low 80s at
4:21 pm
napa and petaluma. 88 fairfield. and here is how it looks at santa cruz beach which is pretty active for a day not quite as warm as it is this time of year. it's cool for august again tomorrow or it will be. patchy morning showers are possible tomorrow. mainly in the north bay and warming trend begins on sunday. that's the other half of the weekend warmer than average. or forecast animation, notice little patches of green showing up mainly near the coast. there will be some spotty sprinkles during the overnight and early morning hours and even into the daytime tomorrow, spotty showers developing in the mt. hamilton area and in the santa cruz mountains, as well. mainly a sunny day. overnight lows tonight in the low to mid 60s. pretty mild overnight. tomorrow's highs mid 60s at the coast, low to mid-70s near the bay. it warms up rather sharply on sunday with inland highs upper 80s and low 90s.
4:22 pm
monday hot inland. mid to upper 90s, also on tuesday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice that after that three-day or -- three days or so of fairly substantial heat in our inland areas it will start to cool down a bit on wednesday. heat eases then. then breezy and noticeably cooler thursday and friday. the warm spell in the middle of the seven-day forecast period. but cooling down toward the end. >> thanks, spencer. >> enjoy the weekend. >> if you enjoy music and harry potter this weekend is for you. how the two are mixing right here in san francisco. >> plus, dating in california. it can be cost you a pretty penny. it will cost you more to find
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>> this weekend, you can catch a very special showing of harry
4:25 pm
potter with live music. the audience will see harry potter and the prisonr of azkaban on the silver screen while a symphony s the sound track. the 85-piece orchestra will be freelance, composed of some of the best musicians in the ar. there will be a 65-piece choir. the conductor spoke with kristen sze on midday live today. he wants to show the next generation how important the orchestra is to the film experience. >> this case for the thousands of people there if not all of them, most of them are seeing it for the second time, third time, 20th time. but the shared experience is that everyone i think'ses that film music plays an incredibly important role in film in a heightened way when you're experiencing it in this live environment. >> he has conducted for the harry potter movies as well as star trek, godfather and "lord of the rings." >> it is tough to find a cheap date in california. an entertainment website called
4:26 pm
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investigators say the 21-year-old man accused of carrying out a mass shooting is inside an el paso last weekend said he had been targeting mexicans. 22 people were killed in the attack. about two dozen others were wounded. many of the dead had latino last names. police arrested patrick crusius soon after the shooting and say he confessed. >> police in missouri identified the man who walked into springfield walmart. he is jailed on suspicion of first degree making a terrorist threat. police say he was carrying another gun and 100 rounds of ammunition and intint on causing chaos. he surrendered after stopped and head at gunpoint by an off-duty firefighter. >> walmart is removing all signs and displays that show violence
4:30 pm
as well as video game consoles that show violent games out of respect for the incidents of the past week. all hunting season videos are being pulled from the sporting goods department. games that show violence are being pulled fromlves and they aren't making any changes to their gun sale policy. >> president trump thinks he can bring republicans and the nra to supporting stronger federal background check laws. democrats are skeptical there will be new action on guns. here's trevor alt. >> after two more mass shootings left 31 dead, there are signs republicans may be ready to take some action on gun control. >> i think we can have some really meaningful background checks. we don't want people that are mentally ill, people that are sick, we don't want them having guns. >> that will be a welcome change for gun safety advocates.
4:31 pm
two bills expanding background checks were passed with bipartisan support by the house in february but held up by the senate. while senate majority leader mcconnell is still not bringing lawmakers back for action, he is open to reviewing new measures in the fall. >> background checks and red flags would probably lead the discussion. those are two items for sure will be front and center. >> reporter: the nra is warning republicans expanding background checks would not be popular with members but president trump says he's not worried about the gun lobby. >> i have a lot of respect for the people at the nra and i have already spoken to them on numerous us occasions. this isn't a question of nra, republican or democrat. >> some democrats worry the president could change course again. >> we cannot hold our breath and hope that it will. all of us need to come together and provide that pressure to insure they will. >> i expect that probably what's going to happen is
4:32 pm
gon back prochess to push for tougher measures2018 park florida phedsg this time is different. trevor alt, abc news, washington. >> and this week, "time" magazine released its new cover with the word enough and the names of all the cities involved in mass shootings this year and the artist behind that cover is from here in the bay area. john mavroudis. tell me about the latest work. it's so sad that you have enough cities here to fill up a whole cover. >> yeah. so i got a call over the weekend i had been working on ideas because i was just kind of psychologically recovering from the gilroy situation when all of a sudden dayton and el paso happened. i spent the weekend basically working on ideas. i sent them off to time fashion and on sunday, they got back to me and said, let's talk on
4:33 pm
monday. they didn't go with my ideas but they wanted to use kind of the style that i use a lot which is the type graphic portraits that you see and they wanted to sort of fill in. they were key on having the word enough there to reflect something they've used in a previous type cover with the parkland students. and so i went back to that cover and used the same typography basically as negative space, put the major pieces in and kind of filled in around and that took the better part of two and a half days. >> did it surprise you at all you had so many cities to put on the page. >> yeah. at first, i thought the it might be like just the big events over the last five or ten years. but when they said it was just going to be 2019, i envisioned something reasonable. then they send me the list and i see approximately 250. it became 253 at the end and it's kind of stunning.
4:34 pm
i'm going through at first trying to fill everything in in different areas. and then you have to take a step back and pause because like i hit san jose, i'm a san jose kid. and you step back and realize you siva lay ho, richmond, oakland, you see san francisco. you see cities that are in red states, cities in blue states. you see major cities, small cities and filled it completely and you realize behind every name is a story and people and friends and family who are all affected. i think in a lot of ways this was hopefully a message to put everything together and show the totality of how bad it is. so you could take a look and see the cover and see some of the big names but then the inclination is to kind of look for your town or your city and see where it is. >> are you doing this by hand or software program. >> yeah, i use an ipad and i use an apple pencil and i hand draw
4:35 pm
in all the names using that. so it's a lot of working around it, drawing in, taking out, seeing what fits where best. i described the process kind of like a jigsaw puzzle talking about the christine blasey ford cover. this is sort of the same thing. you're trying to fit things together so they have a look you're pleases with at the end that tells a story. >> you came in right after christine bylachris blasey forward that situation became headline news. what feedback did you get from that when everybody saw is on "time." >> you mean this time. >> no. >> it was remarkable. i wasn't ready for it. the people at "time" are aware how big of an impact their covers have. i thought i knew what viral was but my twitter mentions went from 40 to 4,000 in a day. i got like the same impact here if not even more on this one. it touches a lot of people.
4:36 pm
>> the hope would be that art can send a message. >> right. yeah, because we have an event, we're traumatized by it. we try to cope. we -- another event happens about some other news cycle and we kind of grow numb to it. this is a way to compile all of it and really grasp at the enormity of what's happening in this country. hopefully, something will be done via our leads people who claim to be our leaders that have done nothing about this problem for so long. >> thanks for coming in again. i hope you never have the opportunity or the need to put together another cover like this. thanks again for your time. >> i hope so, too. >> john mavroudis. >> still ahead, a study about your feline friends, especially when they give plheayig know very t.m mt. tam on a
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4:40 pm
it's been that like my whole lifetime. it still is like that. i'm daniel budd. i'm a local attorney and the asion. porichre anded back here and set up ffice about seven olo kom in a large metropolis. you're going to find the hotel mack is a long-standing business here. the now brezzo restaurant formerly the baltic was built in 1904, probably one of the oldest standing buildings here. the fire station was built a couple years later. it was the first jail was the richmond jail. it's now an attorney's office. richmond plunge, natatorium is a fairly famous swimming pool. natatorium i believe is a greek revival style built in the 1910s i believe. the story behind it is the -- there was a guy looking for oil. thoil, he
4:41 pm
struck water. we've got a great climate here. we've got richmond has more waterfrontage than any other city in the bay area. point richmond has a lot of that. a lot of homes on the bayside have great views of san francisco. with bay area track these days, i find myself not leaving this place often. it's good it's a good place to be. >> i just love the perspective that you get from the drone. >> it's neat looking. > so tranquil. >> it is. >> speaking of tranquil. >> droning. >> i know that was.coming. oh, well, i can't win today. here's a look what's going on overnight, an increase in clouds. high clouds and low clouds near the coast. possibly spotty drizzle or showers mainly in the north bay. overnight low pretty mild, low to mid 60s. tomorrow, there may be some spotty showers down in the santa
4:42 pm
cruz mountains and the mt. hamilton area. generally bright skies with passing clouds tomorrow. it will be breezy at the coast. highs from mid 60s at the coast to mid-70s near the bay to low and mid 80s inland. starts to warm up on sunday. we'll see a few low 90s inland. it will get even warmer still on monday and tuesday with upper 90s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after that three-day warmup, temperatures will start to moderate around the middle of next week, thursday and friday temperatures coming back down into a more comfortable range. great beach weather starting on sunday. so enjoy. >> all right. thank you. >> droning on and on. >> tranquility now. >> there you go. >> happy birthday, smokey bear. the fire prevention icon turns 75 today. >> only you can prevent forest fires. >> smokey is the longest-running public service campaign in the u.s. cal fire tweeted a picture of
4:43 pm
its mascot captain cal shaking hands with smokey and wished smokey a happy 75th. >> we have seen a 14% decrease in human caused wildfires from 2011 to 2018. last year, 89% of wildfires were caused by humans. remember smokey says this about camp fires. if it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave. he also says only you can prevent forest fires. >> gearing up for b to school. backpack giveaway helping kids what they need for the school year. >> i'm michael finney. plain to make car title loans a little less o♪ ozempic®! ♪ oh! oh! (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults
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new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. skak red heart community service? san jose is distributing school supplies to thousands of students ahead of the new school year, part of the pack a back program. amy holy field has the details. >> reporter: sparkle or subdued. super hero or hello kitty. >> theremaking going on in this today at sacred heart community service in saj. >> between these two backpacks, a white backpack with blue flowers.
4:47 pm
>> paul law struggled as she tried to find the perfect backpack for her 7th grade year here with her brother, sister and two cousins or backpack abschool supply supply giveaway. >> my sister got a unicorn backpack. >> that comes with a lunch box and keychain. my brother is still thinking about harry potter or spaceshipone. >> the #is it starts with a backpack. >> we're supplying them with backpacks. that's the beginning. a lot more goes into supporting a kid through the school year. >> they have a resource fair with non-profit services offering help with the housing crisis. >> we connect homeowners, if they wanted to rent a room in their apartment or their homes with people looking to live here in the county but can't afford a place of their own. >> back to the backpacks. paola decided on the green one
4:48 pm
and now looks ready for seventh grade and she is grateful this is here for her family. >> these are really nice that styles we can't get. it's helping a lot of people here. >> reporter: and new this year, they created teacher kits to give away 500 of these school supplies because teachers are known to spend their own money on the supplies for their classroom so they want to give teachers a little love the school year, too. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> support the teachers, right? >> consumer news. the feds delaying a new rule tat would make some loans less ricky for consumers. >> michael finney is here with that and other stories. >> consumer voces are bummed. they're bummed about this one. the consumer financial protection bureau is pushing back a rule that would have made car title loans less ricky. the underwriting provision would have required lenders to make sure borrowers had the ability to repay the loan. the rule has been delayed 15 months and now the trump
4:49 pm
administration wants it killed. car title loans are like a payday loan only a car is put up as collateral. robocall blocking apps may be more harmful than helpful. a researcher with a cyber security firm found many of the apps violate user privacy. they apparently send user data to third pares without user consent. not all of them but some. the researcher looked at mock the most plarm robo block card appears. >> some canadians with major credit card got a major reprieve. chase bank announced all of its canadian customers have had their debt cancels. chase closed all canadian credit card accounts in march of last you're as part of its move to exit the canadian market. at the time, customers were told to continue paying their debts. chase says now it's decided to fib the debt in order to move their exit along. chase did not give a total of
4:50 pm
how much debt was forgiven. i'm trying to sign up for a canadian chase card today. >> get your maserati. >> unbelievable. >> it's got to be millions, tens, hundreds. >> i can't imagine what's going on there. >> interesting. >> thanks, michael. >> pizza hut is planning to close up to 500 of its dine-in n locations. deliver and takeout businesses instead. there are about 7500an in the united states. not clear which ones will be closing down. it is owned by yum brands which also owns kentucky fried chicken and taco bell. >> one of san francisco's sweet startups is ditching its store fronts going all digital. dope featured on "shark tank" is closing up pier 39 and oracle park locs. here's where you come in. if you say the pier was dope at checkout or hello dope, you'll get 40% off your purchase through the weekend. i'm trying to sound like i know
4:51 pm
what i'm talking about only available at the pier 39 on. ke cookie dough recipes since 2017. >> in an area of juicing an other health crazes an old stand by in the produce section may eating blueberries daily could help your blood pressure and cognitive function to help the brain work better and improve multitasking especially in children and adults over 60. eating a cup every day improved blood flow and blood pressure. the studies appear in the journal of gerontology. >> have you ever wondered if your cat is ignoring you or just doesn't know its name? researchers from japan wanted to find out. this pressing question. so they played audio recordings of the cat's owner and strangers saying nouns similar to the cat's name. and then finally the cats actual name. most of the cats reacted when their names were spoken. they move their
4:52 pm
their ears up a little bit leading researchers to believe cats are indeed able to distinguish their name from other random sounds. they just choose to ignore you. or to come hang out. they're so adorable. >> they are. super cute from afar. >> what do you get when you combine manure, cow hornets and the cosmos? >> apparently a great glass of wine. >> kristen has what's coming up at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, trump on kaepernick. what the president is saying about the quarterback's return to the nfl. >> before he was a poet, the life and times of lawrence burrellen getty and the crime w mouth full. those stories and more when i join ama for abc "news at 5:00."
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fifth annual empowerment event. at 9:00, "what would you do"
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followed by 20/20 and do not miss abc news at 11:00. >> an east bay winery is taking wine making to the next level. unusual methods including the cosmos. melissa pixar gives us a taste. >> i'm right next to the page mill winery where they're taking wine making to a new level in what some would call a bizarre approach. it involves the cosmos and cow manure. it's biodynamic farming. >> with this compost and this preparation we'll try to visualize and understand the vine as an organism. you would revitalize the soil with soil acat this time straighter made out of manure and different plants. >> my dad was selling lasers
4:57 pm
around the world and decided he was spending too much time away from home. he wanted to start a home-based business. he had seen some family operations in in germany, a wine region in jeerm and thought i want to give that a try. >> when i moved here i discovered the quality and value of the grapes in the livermore valley. >> this has been like six month ago. >> this preparation specific planetary aspect, preparations in the springtime and in fall. so two to three times in the fall. >> but once it's settled, then we can really see difference instead of harmonious like growing and fruit producing and subtlety of the aromatics and food, the concentration, we can find it in wines a few months
4:58 pm
late ser going to be totally different. the biodynamic wines are immense and renowned to be more vertical. that's why we talk about verticality. you feel the wine getting into your body. it's meant to be more therapeutic than the conventional ones you see. wine is all about patience. that's for sure. >> the winery has a variety of tasting events. you can check out their website to get more information. and you might be able to get that wine delivered to your home faster than ever now because amazon today filed an application in california for a license to deliver wine purchased online. and actually, it's not just online. the seattle-based retailer is hoping to open a store in san francisco to sell wine, beer and spirits. interesting that the online king amazon would go to the brick and mortar route to sell those goods. see how it works out. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. abc "news at 5:00" starts right
4:59 pm
now. >> we very winds blowing from the west. so there was immediate threat. >> so fire crews threw everything they had at this fire in the east bay. we're live with the epidemic of car break-ins, five bay area cities are get much needed help. >> this morning's warehouse fire in oakland. investigates are making progress regarding what happened. >> an attack on a san francisco native in the philippines. advocates say it was assassination attempt. >> plus a rare government mandated government dee segregation in the middle of marin county. >> now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> when fire broke out in dublin this afternoon it, didn't take along for it to go up in flames. we captured a helicopter dumping water over the heads of firefighters. fortunately the fire fight was intense but also kristen sze.
5:00 pm
>> it was north of interstate 580 in the hills above dublin. viewers sent in video as the flames quickly spread leaving some wondering if they were going to have to evacuate. >> news reporter lesley brinkley joins us live from near the fire line. lesley? >> reporter: this fast wind-driven fire gave everyone about 60 minutes of i anxiety today. behind me you can see is the scorched black hillside where the fire move through. crews attacked this fire aggressively. right now, they're working on extinguishing burning eucalyptus trees down in the canyon behind here as well as bull goez dozing in the area i'm in. the view from sky 7, a huge plume of smoke visible throughout the tri-valley and east bay between 1:30 and 2:30 today. the smoke


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