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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 11, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. the search for answers this morning after accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein's death in federal custody. the calls for accountability and the outrage after epstein's death by apparent suicide. the investigations under way as his alleged victims speak out. >> just wanted him to be held accountable. >> how his death will affect related cases for those seeking justice. taking on gun violence. democrats in iowa calling for change. >> we are going to pass gun safety laws in this country. >> pitching their plans with emotions running high. >> i have a 6 and 3-year-old boy. imagine. >> will voters go for their solutions? caught on camera. ambulance accident. two emergency vehicles responding to the same call on a
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collision course. the lifesavers who needed help in this ugly crash. and breaking overnight, miley cyrus splitting from husband liam hemsworth. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> the break coming less than a year after the couple tying the knot. their statement on the news and million miles. >> everybody give a big cheer because we just did something pretty impossible. >> a grandfather takes his entire family to hawaii. 33 in all, whisking them away on the vacation of a lifetime using only his frequent flyer miles. what made this trip so special. good morning. dan is off, but we're very happy to have tom llamas again this morning. we begin with the latest on the death of jeffrey epstein. attorney general william barr
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said he was appalled to learn of the death while epstein was being held at the federal detention center in new york city. >> yeah, it comes less than three weeks after the multimillionaire and accused trafficker was taken off suicide watch. at least two federal investigations are being open to look into the circumstances surrounding epstein's death. >> stephanie ramos with the search for answers this morning. stephanie. >> reporter: hey. good morning, guys. while the justice department announced two federal investigations into the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein here at this correctional facility. one led by the fbi. one led by the inspector general. there are also other federal investigations into any possible wrongdoing at this facility. multimillionaire financier and accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein is dead. after an apparent suicide at a new york city jail. but his accusers still want justice. the 66-year-old was awaiting trial on federal charges. accusing him of sexually abusing
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dozens of underaged girls. he was likely to go to jail for the rest of his life had he been convicted, but three weeks ago, he was put on suicide watch after being found unresponsive in his cell. abc news has learned a week later he was taken off. some of his accusers, including michelle licata, are angry at the news of his death. >> i never wanted anybody to die. i just wanted him to be held accountable for his actions that he did. >> reporter: his death comes less than 24 hours after 2,000 pages of new documents were made public for the first time. with accusations leveled against epstein and other prominent men. >> screaming on the inside and you don't know how to let it come out. all you do is obey. that's it. >> reporter: the 2015 defamation suit by virginia roberts guiffre is now settled was unsealed. the suit by her was against ghislaine maxwell. a long time epstein associate
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and british socialite. in court filings said giuffre said that maxwell recruited her while she was a locker room attendant, and was groomed to be a sex slave to epstein, adding, she was later directed by maxwell. and epstein to have sex with many, quote, powerful men including numerous prominent american politicians, powerful business executives and other world leaders. in deposition testimony included in the trove of documents, guiffre alleges that she was directed to have sex with british royalty prince andrew, former governor and u.n. ambassador, bill richardson and and former influential senator from maine, george mitchell. all three men have strongly denied the allegations. in statements both mitchell and richardson say they never met miss guiffre. in an interview with "the miami herald," guiffre spoke of what epstein and maxwell would instruct her to do. >> give jeffrey what he wants. a lot of this training came from
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her. it trickled into one, and then two, and then before you know it, i'm being lent out to politicians and to academics and to people that -- royalty. >> reporter: maxwell hasn't been charged with any crimes. she has consistently denied the allegations. her lawyers writing that guiffre had utterly failed to substantiate her patently incredible claims of being trafficked to well-known men. her lawyer who represents other alleged victims the fact that epstein took his own life within 24 hours of the unsealing of detailed documents is no coincidence. whit. >> stephanie ramos, thank you. the matt -- manhattan u.s. attorney general saying the criminal case against epstein doesn't end with his death promising the alleged victims that the investigation will continue. tom, you interviewed many of these victims. where does it go from here? >> it's far from over. as you mentioned the u.s. attorney in new york they still are going to investigate. because they have a conspiracy charge here. you also have the attorneys in
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new mexico where epstein had an estate, they're still investigating. and because of that conspiracy charge, what that essentially means is there could be other people involved, and we just heard it in stephanie ramos' report, that accuser saying epstein was not the only alleged monster in this case. there were people who helped him get these underaged girls. now, u.s. investigators will be looking into this. but the really sad part about all of this, we spoke to some of those victims yesterday they say they were tortured for years by jeffrey epstein and now with this suicide he kind of tortured and tormented them one more time because all they wanted was justice. they wanted to see him rot in a jail cell. they went to his bail hearing, and testified to make sure he didn't get bail. they won there, and we have to remember jeffrey epstein beat this case once before, so this was their second shot at it, and now they feel so disappointed and let down that this was able to happen. >> this is far from over. also breaking news in the search for an escaped inmate in tennessee. wanted in the murder of a prison employee.
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abc's will reeve has the very latest there. will. >> reporter: eva, good morning. we have just learned there was a sighting of curtis ray watson very early this morning. the department of correction releasing these photos taken by a resident who notified authorities. watson had been seen on their property. this is the very first sighting of watson. you can see he has changed his clothes and he's now wearing overalls, a hat, carrying a backpack. this property is in the same town as the prison in tennessee. overnight, investigators also ini increasing the reward for his capture to $57,000. state investigators have released pictures of his tattoos, adding that he also has one on the left side of his neck. watson disappeared from west tennessee pen ten -- penitentiary on wednesday, officials say he sexually assaulted and strangled a longtime employee of the prison, killing her, before fleeing on a tractor. authorities are urging residents to be alert and vigilant. tom.
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>> a chilling it just like m. all right, will. thank you. a frightin bronx, when two nyfd ambulances rushed, colliding. it was all caught on camera. take a look. you can see the ambulances coming from different directions there. one plowing into the other. that ambulance losing control, bringing down a street sign, before flipping on to its side. the four emergency workers inside all seriously injured. but expected to survive. now to arrests in several states as investigators crack down on those who are threatening violence. some doing so on social media. the fbi now issuing a new warning in the wake of back-to-back mass shootings. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi warning americans of a possible increase in hate crimes after several threats in the past week. yesterday police in new haven, connecticut, arresting 53-year-old jeffrey hansen, accused of posting a threatening message of a festival. elsewhere, two alleged white
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arsting 23-year-old connor forn clymo. >> if there is a possibly determined enemy, we have at least the means to deal with it. >> reporter: seen here in this 2016 video from affiliate ktnv, acting as a neighborhood crime fighter. investigators say he communicated with a dangerous neo-nazi group. while searching his home, agents say they found illegal guns and bombmaking materials as well as a notebook outlining plans for an attack. >> once you start talking about actually harming people, then law enforcement can come after you. >> reporter: and in florida, authorities citing an alarming facebook post leading to the arrest of 26-year-old richard clayton. investigators say the post red, -- read, three more days of probation left. then i get my ar5 ck dot o arnext wee afterent dlyotgs
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ache country, amica on wah. the fbaski for the public's help to stop potential threats. the fbi is also offering states and their local authorities' help with any of these investigations. gun control is a hot topic on the campaign trail in the wake of those massacres in el paso and dayton. head-on. abc's senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is in des moines with what they are telling the voters. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eva. this fair is a campaign rite of passage. a fun chance for the candidates to connect with voters. but this year, we're seeing a very different tone. the candidates eager to keep up this conversation, making their pitches on how they plan to tackle rising gun violence. at the iowa state fair, the democratic candidates taking their case directly to voters. >> all right, i'm hot and sweaty but i'm happy to answer questions. >> reporter: taking in the sites. >> i just want a pork chop on a stick. >> you're going to get one. >> reporter: and working the crowd. >> we got this. >> reporter: but front and
7:11 am
center the debate over gun reform. >> we need reasonable gun safety laws in our country including universal background checks and a renewal of the assault weapons ban. >> reporter: the candidates eager to keep up the pressure, pitching their plans to tackle gun violence. >> we are going to make change, we are going to pass gun safety laws in this country. >> i have a 6 and 3-year-old boy, and just imagine -- i was imagining it was one of them that got shot and the other saw it. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: back in washington, the president is pushing for stricter background checks. do you believe the president when he says he wants to see some kind of meaningful reforms? >> i find that's fascinating when he says he's going to check with the nra. >> reporter: do you get a sense this time around things are different? >> democracy is starting to show a little muscle out there and i
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think mitch mcconnell is just getting a little bit worried. my view, he ought to be a lot worried. >> reporter: now, voters we talked to here at the fair say it's time, they do want to see change on this issue. the challenge for these democratic candidates is going to be keeping this conversation front and center, keeping up the pressure because of course, congress isn't back in session for another month. tom? >> mary, camped out for us. mary, thanks to you. let's bring in our chief anchor, george stephanopoulos, hosting "this week" later this morning. this was important week for the campaign. i believe, and we saw the ssi tir attacks on president trump, but we also saw a split, some who held him accountable for the shooting in el paso because of the president's comments on undocumented immigrants and mexicans, and called him a white supremacists, but others didn't want to go that far. tough talk in 2016, is that what democratic voters want?
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>> they want president trump to be called out. i think the risk for the democratic candidates is, how do you call -- the question for the candidates, how do you call out president trump without appearing calling all of his supporters racist and white supremacist. there is no question that plays with the democratic base. >> speaking of the president, he said he want meaningful background checks. he also said he was going to have senator mitch mcconnell on board, but he has flip-flopped on this issue before, and he made it a point the say the nra would be represented and respected. is there any reason we should believe he's committed to this issue? >> the president is going to have to choose. i think there's no question about that, as you point out. after past shootings he's come out for background checks and then backed away from it. most notably after parkland. it's a fantasy to believe that the nra is going to sign on to background checks. the president is going to have to choose. he can be for background checks, and the overwhelming majority of american voters as well who say
7:14 am
they're for them as well, and cut the nra loose. if he sticks with the nra we're not going to get background checks. george has a big show this morning. he'll go one-on-one with cory booker, as 2020 candidate campaigns in iowa, and he'll also have the latest analysis on jeffrey epstein's suicide. plus. powerhouse round table coming up on "this week" on abc. now to violence overnight in jerusalem, clashes breaking out between israeli police and palestinians at a holy site there. abc's julia macfarlane is following the developments from our london bureau. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. that's right, the clashes began early this morning when tens of thousands of muslim worshippers went to the al aqsa mosque for prayers. however, this morning, police allowed several dozen jewish worshipers leading to riots. palestinians say 14 people were sent to the hospital for treatment and israeli media
7:15 am
report four police officers were injured. >> julia, tensions were already high, because today is a holy day for both the jewish and muslim faiths. >> reporter: exactly right. today is a holy day for both of those religions. it's the first day of the islamic religious festival of eid al-addha. it's also a day of mourning in judaism. with both these religious dates today's gotten off to a violent start. meanwhile, overnight in a separate incident, israeli troops shot and killed a palestinian gunman after he opened fire at them across the perimeter fence around the gaza strip. whit? >> julia, thank you. eva. president trump revealing more details about that letter he says he received from north korean leader kim jong-un recently. the president saying that kim wants to meat again to restart negotiations. the two leaders have already had three meetings about
7:16 am
denuclearizing north korea. trump also stating that kim offered him a small apology for his recent missile test. just hours after that revelation, north korean officials issued a report that kim has personally supervised the recent missile tests. a brawl broke out on the basketball cart when the phoenix mercury took on the dallas wings on saturday. phoenix's brittney griner and dallas wings' kristine anigwe -- griner starts chasing her down the court. both players are restrained. others joined in, and in the end, six players ejected from the game. dallas ended up winning, 80-77. by the way, that night was griner bobblehead night too, so she was out there on the hunt on her bobblehead night. >> that was intense. >> could have been worse. >> not something you exactly see in basketball.
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>> right. all right, rob marciano not here. out in the field, orlando. not getting into any fights last time we checked. but he has the forecast for us this morning out in disney springs. rob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it's bobblehead morning down here in orlando. good morning, guys. speaking of the wnba, the nba that works perfectly to one of the reasons we're here, the experience is happening here in disney springs. that's opening tomorrow. more about that in just a second. it's warm and muggy as it here in the morning here in august, but it shouldn't be too shabby a day here this afternoon. where it was even rougher yesterday, where it came down like cats and dogs was in tucson, arizona, flash flood watch out for this area. monsoon flow, and they had just a little less than an inch of rain, but it all came down at once. flash flooding there. where they had even more rain, little rock, arkansas, setting a record there, more than 2 1/2 inches of
7:18 am
rain falling, more than 3 inches of rain falling during the day yesterday, and they had heres well. lot of moisture in the atmosphere. here where is the radar is putting it down. topeka, kansas, about to get some of this action today. where i think it will be more intense is farther to the north at least for today. flash flood watches are posted for nebraska, kansas, rapid city, mt. rushmore may get a little bit wet this morning. this we're weaves its way north and east. strong storms during the daytime and nighttime tonight. it moves off toward the east tomorrow. getting towards minneapolis, or just south of minneapolis, maybe chicago as well, locally 5 inches of rain. severe weather threat across the northern plains today. that's a check of what's happening nationally here from
7:19 am
it is steamy here in orlando in the morning, but we get cooling afternoon showers, a nice balance for folks who are attending walt disney world. one of the star players of the orlando magic, mohamed bamba magic mo as we like to call him, joined me yesterday, all 7 feet of him to explore the nba experience. we'll share that story with you a little bit later on in the program. >> what could possibly go wrong there? >> rob, did you bring the kids with you to disney? or are you just doing solo dad trip this time? >> i brought one of the kids with me and she got over-sugarified. there were some intestinal
7:20 am
issues last night. we'll just say that. >> this is a morning show. >> good morning. >> everybody's excited for breakfast now. >> disney world. thanks, rob. >> poor thing. it's the trip of a lifetime for one family, a grandfather taking his brood to hawaii after racking up enough frequent flyer miles to whisk them all away. when we say all, we mean dozens. diane is here with this story. >> reporter: 33 people. this man flew 33 people to honolulu after racking up a million points on his southwest credit card. he came from florida. some came from virginia. they all had a lot to celebrate, and the whole trip is giving a whole new meaning to family vacation. family vacations often create special memories, but this grandfather's gift to his loved ones turned a getaway into a massive family reunion. >> everyone give a big cheer because we just did something pretty impossible. >> reporter: sam pratt was able
7:21 am
to take 33 family members to s. >> i couldn't think of a better gift to give than travel. because not only do you get to travel but you get the memories that go with that. >> reporter: while in honolulu the family ranging in the age from 2 to 72, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and a gender reveal party. >> when you have 33 people you're celebrating something all the time. >> reporter: plans for the trip came after sam got some good news, following a yearlong battle with cancer. >> when the doctors said the word remission and he would be able to live with this type of cancer, and then he got cleared to fly, we were just jumping up and down. >> reporter: the family says the trip has been a dream come true for everyone. >> never in a million years did we would think this would be possible. >> this is dream. it truly, truly is. >> pratt's daughter said her dad was in the hospital waiting to be well enough to fly. this trip was very special to
7:22 am
that's amazing. >> 33. >> that's true ohana. stands for family. >> had to get it in. >> thank you, diane. appreciate it. still ahead here on "gma" -- an award-winning equestrian fighting for her life. after being shot multiple times at a horse training farm. the olympian she named as the shooter in her dramatic call for help. "good morning america" sponsored by ancestry dna. discover the story only your dna can tell. ancestrydna can reveal where in the world you're from. and with new features and richer stories, it can lead you on an unexpected journey... ...that brings you closer to home... it's only $59 to discover your heritage... so instead of telling stories of where you went... can tell the story of where you come from. get your dna kit (now)
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that's why there's new frontline we all want our dogs to live long and healthy lives. oral defense, daily oral health chews. it works two ways. it scrubs down to the gum line, then the heart shaped center coats for a whole mouth clean. new frontline oral defense. good morning. i'm kumasi aaron. san jose police are investigating a shooting that left a man dead. officers responded before 10:30 to story road near king road in front of a wells fargo bank.
7:28 am
the victim was taken to the hospital where he died. it's not clear what led to the shooting and identities haven't been released. they are asking anyone with information to contact police. frances dinglasan is here with the forecast. good morning, frances. >> good morning. thick fog in the north bay where there's a dense fog advisory, less than a quarter mile visibility. see it here live shot golden gate bridge. temperatures 50s and 60s right now. this afternoon it will warm up. a few more degrees compared to yesterday with more sunshine. near 70 in san francisco, 83 in
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visit right now or call during business hours. welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now -- the search for answers after accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein was found dead by apparent suicide. while in federal custody. calls for accountability and justice as his accusers say they are angry that he won't pay for his alleged crimes. epstein was on suicide watch just three weeks ago after being unresponsive in his cell. at least two investigations are being opened to look into the circumstances surrounding his death. and we start this half-hour with a former u.s. olympian now facing attempted murder charges. the equestrian accused of shooting an award-winning horsewoman on the grounds of hiss sprawling farm. abc's marci gonzalez joins us now with this bizarre story.
7:31 am
marci, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say they have been called to that property multiple times for problems between the suspect and the 38-year-old victim. we're told she is in stable condition this morning. investigators now looking at her social media for possible clues about a motive. this morning, a former u.s. olympic athlete charged with attempted murder, accused of shooting a woman who trained and lived at his new jersey equestrian facility. >> we have one person down with a gunshot wound. >> reporter: according to the police report, the victim called 911 last wednesday saying, michael barisone shot me. i've been shot twice. >> it looks like two gun shots to the chest. >> reporter: officers responded to barisone's farm finding the woman identified by a friend as lauren kanarek. woman bleeding on the pavement. >> our police responded within minutes. they took mr. barisone into custody rapidly and immediately began providing treatment, first
7:32 am
aid to the victim. >> reporter: police said barisone who competed in the 2008 olympics in beijing was the victim's landlord. >> it's two people who had a disagreement. they were going on for a little while, and unfortunately it just did not end well. >> reporter: published reports highlight multiple facebook posts from kanarek that highlight from her days before the shooting. she wrote, i'm being bullied by a 6'3" man to the point that i'm afraid. she said she was also told to sleep with one eye open. kanarek's family attorney could not confirm the post with abc news. police say barisone also shot at a man kanarek lives with but missed. that man police say then restrained barisone until authorities arrived. this morning the olympian is being held on two counts of attempted murder. whit. >> strange story. marci gonzalez for us in los angeles. thank you. a family is trying to end the nightmare that all started when they bought whamet th. they never moved in. when creepy letters started arriving from a mysterious writer known as "the watcher." abc's trevor ault joins us with
7:33 am
this family's latest move. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. we have been following this story for years. a family trying to put down roots in their tredream home, a they have their lives upended from these anonymous sin letters from "the"the"the"the"the"the instead of moving in, the family is moving on. this morning, a new jersey family's closing the chapter on years of fear. instilled by a neighbor they don't know. they bought this idyllic home in westfield, new jersey, for $1.3 million back in 2014 but because of a creepy series of letters from the stranger known as the watcher, the family never moved in. now giving up their dream home and $400,000 in value. our gio benitez spoke with the family lawyer just over two years ago. >> that's a great house. this is a total tragedy, and nightmare for my clients. >> reporter: that nightmare began just days after threatening diatribes angry about renovations to the home,
7:34 am
and detailing the movemoors all watch you and track you as you move through the house. another saying, i watch and wait for the day the young blood will be mine again. the family later tried to sue the old homeowners who allegedly threw a letter away from the watcher a week before closing and never mentioned it. in an skber interview with "new york" magazine last year, derek said, it's like cancer, we think about it every day. despite surveillance cameras, private investigators, security firms and authorities, the watcher has never been found. >> our police department conducted an exhaustive investigation.eango charges being filed. >> so the whole thing is so unsettling it feels like it's from a scary movie or a tv show, and now it's about to become one because netflix bought the rights to the story last year. tom?
7:35 am
time now for weather. back out to rob in disney springs. rob, great to see you. >> good to see you, tom, you know, this is sort of your stomping grounds. you're coming down to miami later on in the week. it gets steamy in august. the clouds roll in the afternoon, and it's a nice balance. it's a nice way to come down and enjoy summer. lots of folks on vacation, that's for sure, and vacation out west, and they have to deal with different sorts of weather. getting into fire season, too. that's the bad part of this deal. in idaho, they got 2,800-acre fire that only has about 18% containment there. so that situation is being dealt with. red flag warnings are posted for parts of the west. the heat is obviously an issue with the wind and the dry weather. the heat dome across texas is just not going anywhere. we're rolooking at another day where temperatures are going to feel like up and over 100 degrees. heat indices will be up over 110, that's dangerous heat. it's not going away for at least
7:36 am
a couple days. >> this report is sponsored by tuff shed. this weather report is sponsored by tuff shed. more sports, not really when i'm playing it, we got a professional with us later in the program. guys, we'll do some basketball. see you in a bit. >> rob, quick question, that thing on your arm, that blue spot we noticed on the other arm -- you had that yesterday. >> this one? >> the other thing. >> that's paint. my vacation was me painting the kids' furniture. come on, leave me alone. >> we're not judging. >> you had it yesterday. you did bathe in the last 24 hours?
7:37 am
>> we only use lead paints. it's going to be with me for a while. >> i love it. you just called him out. >> thanks, rob. coming up on "good morning america" -- splitting up. the announcement from miley cyrus and liam hemsworth, less than a year after their wedding. stay with us. us. a year after their wedding. stay with us. what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today
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at ross. yes for less. breaking hollywood news breaking hollywood news overnight. miley and liam no more. news of the split coming after fans clued in on a missing piece of jewelry on an instagram post. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: overnight, it came in like a wrecking ball. the news of miley cyrus and husband liam hemsworth, separating. the duo calling it quits less than a year after their intimate wedding. the split heartbreaking to fans. a rep for cyrus confirming reports of the separation to "people" magazine. saying, the pair has decided this is what's best while they both focus on themselves and careers. ♪ >> reporter: rumors of the split beginning saturday morning when the actress posted this picture on instagram. followers quickly noticing that the star was not wearing her wedding ring. ♪
7:42 am
>> reporter: hemsworth appearing on "gma" shortly after their wedding. >> it was very intimate. it was pretty much just immediate family, couple other close friends. it was a really special day. >> reporter: the pair's on again and off again relationship beginning in 2009 after starring in "the last song." hemts hemsworth proposing to cyrus back in 2012, the couple breaking up a year later. the two reconciling in 2015 and tying the knot last december. the couple is known for their love for animals. they have adopted several together, so a rep saying the couple will continue to remain dedicated to their pets. on another note, today is your anniversary. >> some marriages go very well. 12-year anniversary today. my wife andrea. i'm lucky she hung around. >> she's wonderful woman. >> she's a wonderful woman. coming up on "good morning america" -- rob checks out the slam dunk fun at the nba
7:43 am
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and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit welcome back. welcome back. we're just a day away from the grand opening of the nba experience at disney springs. fans will get a chance to walk in the footsteps of nba and wnba players. rob has been checking it out so far. we know you got game, were you able to dunk? >> oh, come on. i can dunk on any 6-foot basket there is. that's the beauty of this place. they have all sort of activities. you know i have no game and i can't dunk. are you kidding me? i can barely dribble this ball right here. there are 13 basketball-related activities around here, geared
7:47 am
around the nba experience. you get here, and you get the experience of being a rookie, going through combines, going into locker rooms and playing in front of a virtual crowd, but all of those activities, you know i did none of them well. mohamed bamba, nice to meet you. >> how you doing, man? >> big mo, all 7 feet of him. check him out. fresh off his rookie season. can you show me around? >> absolutely, let's go. >> cool. >> all right, first thing we got to do is type in your age. your age is 22. >> that's about right. >> favorite team? >> okay. be careful with this one. >> well, look, you're from new york. i'm a knicks guy. >> come on, dude. >> all right, nba combine time. nothing but net. did you hear that? nothing but net. >> there it is. >> finally. my nickname should be -- so this feels real. we got a crowd here. they're already heckling me. >> they want to see something. they want to see what you got. good.
7:48 am
>> oh! >> oh, man, that was just as bad as you. >> best one all day. >> oh, yeah. >> there you go. >> this, i like. this -- take out all my frustrations. >> are you okay, buddy? >> i'm all right. i'm okay. >> need a hug. >> sorry. >> sorry. >> i'll get better. i promise. the nba experience will help. >> there you go. >> my 7-year-old daughter versus mo bamba at 7 feet tall. my money is on her. >> there it is. it's the battle of the "m"s. >> we have a winner! >> it's rigged. >> i know you didn't do so good, but this will make you feel better. >> thank you. ears and a basketball hat. >> when all else fails, when you fail at everything, you're a winner in some ways.
7:49 am
thank you for being sweet to me. i love my basketball ears. they're pretty cool. i like your ears, too. >> thank you. >> this is the size ball that i might have a chance with. all right. >> basketball! >> so she dominated me yesterday, guys, with even this basketball game. so, obviously, there's attractions for kids -- nice shot. again, that's two in a row. that's three in a row. she's on fire. that's four in a row. all right, four in a row! all right, so, wnba, look out. madeline marciano with the ears coming your way in ten years -- i'm hoping for a scholarship. >> madeline coming to the rescue there. brick marciano for us. thank you, rob. stick around. "pop news" with diane macedo up next. diane macedo up next.
7:50 am
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♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm. talk to an agent today at 800-state-farm. time now for "pop news" and diane's back and there's a breakfast theme here. but i'm not going to reveal too much. >> yes. we're going to try to zip through this as fast as possible to get the last pod. you'll see why. we'll start things off with happy birthday wishes to kylie jenner who is now 22. there is a megayacht she rented in italy. there's more. check out -- she has a bling fest around her neck. she also apparently woke up to an avalanche of balloons and how about a little serenade. let's listen to that. ♪ happy birthday dear ♪ mommy ♪ happy birthday to you >> happy birthday! >> there's been some talk of her wedding to boyfriend travis scott on the trip but so far no sign of that. now at 21 kylie was named by "forbes" as the youngest ever self-made billionaire.
7:55 am
we'll see what 22 holds for her, no pressure. >> can't believe she's only 22. she's been doing this awhile now. >> she started well. k-pop fans are going over a bts surprise. they just reasac in england, tom. with accompanying video. check it out. ♪ >> it includes memories from his past tour across the u.s. and europe. it's the first time they have tried writing lyrics in english, and the bts army is loving it. the video already has 8 million views on youtube. >> so, now, there's an opening in the group, tom. >> all right. >> yeah. well, if that doesn't work out, another dream job. the west coast restaurant chain, farmer boys is looking for a bacon intern.spend l tad rating
7:56 am
applications will be accepted for -- >> that's not an internship, that's a job. >> it's a dream. >> this is amazing bacon. >> diane, thanks for the bacon. george has a big show today on "this week" and tom llamas on "world news tonight." have a great weekend. george has a big show today on "this week" and tom llamas on "world news tonight." i'm kumasi aaron. four people recovering after being shot in the san francisco western addition neighborhood. it happened after 11:30 at the intersection of fillmore and golden gate. you can see the crime tape around the mcdonald's on the corner. all four victims taken to the
7:57 am
hospital. their conditions are unknown at this time. police do not have any suspects in custody. the commute into san francisco from the east bay will be a bit different tomorrow. you'll really downtown near sales force transit center. ac transit will resume service today, the first versery of the original grand opening. it was shut down six weeks later after workers discovered cracks in steel beams. the beams were fixed and the center reopened july 1st. with the main tenant ac transit, some muni routes have been using the ground floor for a couple weeks now. ac transit will be the first agency to run buses along dead indicated bus ramp to the center's third floor. time for a check of our forecast. frances is here to let us know what to expect. good morning, frances. >> good morning, kumasi, good morning, everyone. you're waking up to thick fogs. national weather service issued dense fog advisory through parts of the north bay. less than a quarter mile visibility right now. you can see it here with live shot. golden gate bridge, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s but we're
7:58 am
going to warm up a few degrees compared to yesterday with more sunshine and high pressure building. look for a high of 70 in san francisco, 77 in oakland, san jose 83, the warmth builds and continues. we'll be near triple digits by the middle of the workweek for inland areas well above average by about 5 to 10 degrees. around the bay mid-80s. a great day to head to the beaches along the coast. we'll see upper 60s to near 70 then the cool starts on thursday and continues into next weekend. >> all right. thanks, frances. alright, so this is how you are going to say... you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet. and you even get this. mike, you're on balloons. sarah, you're gonna high five everybody. ben, you're gonna be wowing them with your dance moves.
7:59 am
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. justice denied. >> jeffrey epstein has died in an apparent suicide overnight. >> the financier found dead in jail. while faces charges of sex trafficking. why wasn't epstein in suicide watch after a previous attempt on his life? who's to blame for the system's failure? will justice be served? conspiracy theories put to rest. our legal experts analyze it all. and -- the candidates demand action. >> we need universal background checks. >> president trump and congress under pressure. >> we don't want guns in the hands of the wrong people. >> as the latest maz shooting focuses new urgency in the fight against domestic terror and new scrutiny of trump's rhetoric.


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